Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 17, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1907
Page 4
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eiXCUUATlON 4.DCfll TBLVHONMk I u vIR* la lal^ QM eity^ Lmj 'CM XoBtk, to advuMk .M GFFICli] FIPEB, GITI OF BIS. SET. MmiaWI r ASSOCIATBU Pit KM. ; TIM Ma O iny Raipcur la « «Mmbw of maAmtl^.M PrMt WM Rtoalvw tlw rmert' t that Mat newa eraanlu* far BM UiatM Mteraoan PuMlaaiUon IS IT INEFFICIENT? Genpral Analjrzi>s Primary l.a«. Tn'sent * "SmipSftt SUe Fair a Sacceas. ^ 4 ColnaJbtesVO., Oct. 17.—Tkat *> tfce Ohio State Fa'r th's Tear, * after paylne ail «xpi>oses, had * a Eturplus of over' $27,000 la • * attributed bjr tJM management largeljr to flnU^tetted: methods <• * of adrertlslns. The -appropria- * tion van sp^at In newspapers •> <• InRtend of fn morn or less fool- ^ •I* Ish Bchenjos. Billboards were •!• * abandoned altoKethor. •:• * + MISSOURI IS FOR TAFT Rrea 0 Cannon Snpporter Hayn His .Man Cannot ^rtn. : Tppeka, Oct. J7.—In his letter *" •; Congressman Anthony roganling the .boldtaig of a direct primarj' next year 'in Kansas Attomey General .Tuckson ! takes the position that tho Republican state central committee should br proper resolution urge'Governor Hoch to call a special sessioa of tho 'legislature to enact a primary law 'aind look after some other unfinish- lipd business. .Taclison then aslis Anthony to mal;e public his opinion on •that proposition. •• The attomey general says in part: ; "For more than two years prior to the last state convention I have ad- .vocated the passage of a state-wide primary, which should include as incarlj' as po.ssible un<?er the cpn.stitu- ;t:on the election of United States senators, : "It is adraittefl, I think, by almost everyone, that any prlmar>' that, can be held und.^r the present law will be •subject 1o all the objections of the convention system, except perliaps 'that of shiftinR a candlrtnte for on«' position to another after the convon- tiou in in session. ; "It is tru.-j tlint fairly satir.f.actnry results have been secured imder the present law in counties where there are no large cities, in county and district primaries, but the l;iw givc-.s luo- lection to shch primaries. It gives :none to one to nominate state ofllcers or delegates to the national convention. Practices which have prev.Tiled ;at the primari?s held in the larger cities le.ive no douln as to the in- 'Cfficiency of tho present law. "I believe the people of the stato .ar? for a primary under a law that 'Will enable them to really nominate .their candidates, and not for a pri- ;maTy which may prove in be a farce. For Exchaaee. Farming lands in the Panhandle j„ary. Texa-s, for farm lands or live .stock, or those who could be called ou a.s! work- Sf. Louis. Oct. 17.—A. I. Vorys, who I Is looking after the Interest of Secretary Taffs candidacy for the presidency, left St. Louis late last night well plea.scd with the sitnation in Missouri. He and Henry A. Williams, who is with him in the work for Taft, spent a busy day here, although Mr. Williams admitted that Kansas City kept them rather more busy than St. Louis. Thomas I. Adkins of the na- lonal commiiiee; Thomas K. Nled- rlngliaiis, until recently state chairman; Pcptlia Howe, chairman of the St. Louis city committee; Charles N'a- gcl. Judge Bert D. Nortoni, Otto Silfel and many others who are leaders In their districts, although less widely known, conferred with Mr. Vorys. The three republican congressmen of St. Louis, H. M. Condrey, A. Darthold and H. S. Caulfleld, were visitors this afternoon. Nearly all of these men gave positive assurance that St. Louis city is safely and certainly for Tafr. W. E. Fleutge of Cape Clrardean. who was the republican nominee for railroad .ind comml.s.sloner in lUon,. brought information that throws a -new light on the situation In the far southeast part of the state. Friends of Taft have been afraid thar section was less solid for Taft than the west of the state, but they did not know much about it. Herbert S. Hadley bad occasion to visit that district recently and brought back information^ which confirms Fleutgo's Idea that'the Thirteenth and Fourteenth districts are safe for Taft. Arthur Patrick Murphy, ex-congressman from the .'Sixteenth district, one of the few Cannon supporters In .Ml.-^souri, was here last night. I'm for I'nele ,Ioe,' he p.Tld. "but this state Is going for Taft. It's going n be delivered lo lilm solidly and there is no use kicking about II, thcngh he is not my flrst ebolre." Thoma.s .T. Adklns has a document that Is an oddity In its w.iy. He sent to Springfield for a list of the active Taft mcti In Greene county by precincts. If came back and looked more like a city directory than a list of political workers. E>'ery precinct In Ithe county is represented, some by as many as forty,names and very few by Ic8i» than ten. H is the re.suit of a careful canvass and is one of the most convincing docura<>ufs that could possibly be made np. It contains the names of as many person.^; a.^ would ordinarily vote at a repahtican prl- n was intended for a of Hi TOT otiiBl'about te dnaa. fiha •Aids It tboibficUyantr tBSiajbSBA gtraa It-a BBS batb to tweatan It! /3he knowa 'SESO. e at if h «r chnia is smr It will tat&t the Iter that 2s made in it. The stomach ia ft chnm. In the stemaeb and dlgAtlTa and nutritlro tracts are performed pro- ceasei Which are almoat exactljr like the ebumlng of butter. Ia it not apparent TDDRO E. H. Sarrlman Shakes Hsnds With Storreianr, Jr. Chicago. Oct. 17.—The meeting of the Illinois Central stockholders waa then that If thia atomach-chnm la foul It, called to order at 12 o'clock by Pres makes foul all which la put Into It? I,. » »T , „„ , _ . The evil of a foulstomaefa Is not alone ''dent Harahan of the Illinois Central the bad taste In the month and the foul breath caused by it, but the corruption of the pure current of blood and th« dissemination of disease throughout the body. Dr. Pleree'a Golden Medical Discovery Bakes the sour and foul stomach sweet. It does for the stomach what the washing and sun bath do for the churn—absolutely removes every Ulnting or corrupting element. In this way it cures blotches, pimples, eruptions, scrofulous swellings, j aores, or open eating ulcers and alt humors or diseases arising from bad blood. If you have bitter, nasty, foul taste in joiir mouth, coated tongue, foul breath, are weak and easily tired, feel depressed and despimdent, have frequent headaches, dl/./y attacks, gnawing or dla\re»s In siom- acb. constipated or Irregular bowel.x, .sour or bitter risings after eating and poor appetite, these symptoms, or tny consider- ^erely hie iiumbcrof them, Indicate that you are .qr at. about 400 poopio being in attendance. Fish was gre.->ted with applause when he entered Imt the smaller stature of Mr. Ilarnnhan .nllowed him to enter unobser\'ed. Soon after he arrived Mr. Fish walked over to where President Harahan was seated and. placing his hand upon Harahans shoulder, bent oyer and said a few words to hiro which were evidently of n pleasant character. President Harahnn. however, W.TS not in a mood for social grcMlngs, and threw off Mr Fish's hand with a manner of much impatience. Mr. Fish smiled and returned to lils R ffering from blliou8na<s, torpid or iazy er With the usual acoAmpanyIng indigestion, or dyspepsia and their attendant derangementa. UUamDU That this la absolutely true will be readily proven to your satlstictlon if you will liiit mall a postal canl renuest . to Dr. R. V. Plen-e.-Butfalo, N. Y.. for a Jiff c<tpy of his Umklct of .wtracts from the standard medical authorities, giving the names of all tho Ingredients entering Into his world-famed medicines and show* fng what the most eminent medical men of the age say of them.. TlIK ROY i.S RELK.iSEI). >'o Itrasen for Holding George Smiley the Prosecntor and Coroner .Suy* Kansas City, Oct. IT.—Goorge Smiley, the hoy who shor and kMled his nollier, Mrs. l.i/zle Shulfer, at their home 201.1 Myrtle avenue, Monday was released by the [ MIICO at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon on Instructions^ glv.-»n by George E. Thompson, county coroner. "T. n. Klmhrell, cotinty prosecutor, told me today that after looking into the case be could see no reason for holding the Iwy." Raid Dr. Thompson last night. "He said that It was his wish that Smiley be released. I was of the sam? opinion. W'e have absolutely nothing that disproves ih" boy's story that the shooting was an tiecidont The detorllves are sure that there must have been a burglar Ir. tho room. So wo had tlin boy ro- i«ii.->"d wiilioui Imiul on ht.> promlrtlnf! to appear at the Saturday morning at lu o'olool;. ; .After working on tlio rase .^II Any y«ht.'rday lawiNnc GhiMit .and S.-im- t!»'l \. Wilson dfteciiv(«<! had r.^^nched no eoneluslou a.s t.) the whore.tlinula of the intruder who catiscd all the trouble in the Shufler home. "I think it was a negro burglar, who entered ths house." said Wilson last night. "Wte are trying to get the num- *or lola. Gas City or La Harpe rentals. VMHTAKER & DON.VELL. KANSAS GETS REVENUE The >'ew Stale IVill Not Be Aftached to Arkansas Collection District. Wa.shini ;ton. On. 17.~Senator Curtis was informed today by officials of the treasurj- department that the new ^tat« of Oklahoma would not be detached from the Kansas internal revenue district. The commissioner of .Internal reventiC' recently decided to iFsue an ord ?r attaching the new iatate to the Arlcansas district. Sen :Btor Curtis convinced the commission •er that there was no good reason for .the change. If i( had been made the Kan-sas district Would have lost many ,3pb8. \ ers for Taft. Perhaps the fact that Taft six>kc at Springfield had something to do with it. Three months ago Springfield and Green county were not ab.solutely .safe. There was a chance of losing the county because of strong opposition Inflnenees. Taft's visit set the tide in the other direction. FItOM \V«M.V >r: VIF.WPOINT- Mrs. PILES OM iTMrxo luc Ap-il I bCEVi uklnrCuearau loceofwtlpftuon. i» tu« conraw «if »«taek 1 nottnd ShaMlm Ceton disunpeu' aud •» tba end of ai< VMU ttaer <ti<l.ii'>i,tr<Kil,lo sia at all. Caa»nMa 'tor* dnaa wooden r. Sctl liliaa near man." Ue<irce Kryder, Kapolwn, U ruif. I ain»utir»lrrarcdatMi PalataU*. PMM *. Tw«« Oood. DoOooe. tk. TtiB CMVlM MUM abuai-Ml COC. I««OT4r«a..CWca««arN.T. WU MMLSIIS, T|l HLUM BIIES AdUi E. Stevenson DLscns^M Itaee Sntrlde Problem. Dioomlngton, HI., Oct. 1?.—Xearly 300 delegates present "at the convention of the Illinois Federation of Women's clubs heard from Mrs. Adlal Stevenson,, wife of tha former vice- president, the "human" side of tho race suicide argument, "There Is no thoughtful woman in America," aatd Mrs. Stevenson, "who has not beea.roore than startlad b.v the appeal forvlarger famlliefl.. While this appeal has been most urgent, I do not recall that there has been one word In reference to the health or life of the mother, physically, mentally, morally, spiritually or flnancial- l.v, to rear children been touched uiKin. "The qestlon should not be how many children,' but their condition and what kind of citizens they will make. This plea for the little onea, that some thought should be given to prolonging tho life of the mother and thus protect the babes, should occupy first place ia the work of mother clubs. The size of the family Is of less importance." Mr, Fish occupied n seat at the left t r President Harahan, being surround c.l.hy his attorn?ys and advisors. Mr. Harriiuan, who left tho conduct of his affairs entirely to Mr. Cromwell, occupied a chair In the front row of tho stockholders' seats, sitting next to Governor Deneon of Illlnais, with whom ho conversed ch?erfully throttghntit the ;;ri'ajer part of tho meeting. ^ Next beyond CKivernor Deneen .sat the son of Stiiyvesant Fish, with whom Mr. Harrimaii cordially shook hr.nds as soon as he observed him. The meeting was finally adjourned l.ite in the afternoon until 9 o'clock In the morning. * So vote on the directors was tak en, and It Is possible that none will be reached before a Into hour tonior row. It is generally expected, how ever, that the early .session will seo the neviT directorate cst.ibllshed. The delay was caused by the inabil Ky of three election Inspectors, who were appointed to act as a commit tee on credentials in considering the proxies, to finish their work. The adjournment was taken after an car nest tilt between William Nelson Cromwell, Mr. Harrison's leading counsel, and .lames .\. Patt.'>n, a prominent member of the Chicago board of trade. Mr. Cromwell doslred that the meeting he adjonrned until S;.'10 at night, while Mr. Patten was set on having it tiilieii iinill 0 o'clock In the morning. Both sides ,Tre sflh apparently eon- Jident of the le.'siilr V.r. Fi^Ii raid: "i have gnat hopes hut we catinot Irll as yet." Mr. Harriman declared: "I cannot predict the resiilt.s of tho m.-^etlng but it may be said fh;ii it will be a clean cut fight. U we fall to vote enottgh stock to control the meetln.g. the Issue will he «p to tho courts." PnMIc Sale. , ^ , -Au.' Shiofclbinc will .^cll at pub- ber Of the watch which is .supposed a„e,ion at his place 1 mile north to have been stolen, au.l may in that and half mile of lol.i on Thnrs- way be able to trace the burglar, da.v. Nov. 7th. a lot of horses, o.attlp 11 rough the pawn shops." The greatest moving picture show on earth at the Grand tomorrow night. I .XSrnANCE COjrPA.NlES SCES. hogs and farming iniplf-incnts. on ground.H. Lunch What He Got Oat of It. The dog-catcher had just caught a little our dog and was preparing to put It in his wagon. A small hoy. They Refused lo Pay Claims .ieainst <lie.s.sed -"babily. was s.ttms on the I ifp of f nto I M P<vritfi/ .eu'ulng wtlh his bands over his ej-es, Llie Of L.nte I.. M. Perilns. Icr.ving Bohl.v. The dog's struggles bad attracted a small crowd and the spectators were watching the i)roceed- As the dos; was Topaka, Oct. 17.—Two suits grow ing out of the refn.sal of certain in- ing with interest, surancc companies to buy Insurance I lifted into the wagon the smari .boy THE C-A.RTHAGB stone which will be used In the erection of the new lola State fionk bolidlng, is ezpeotiod in this attemoon. After the stone la unloaded the workmen will begin erecting the walls. policies on the life of ^.. H. Perkins who fell from the roof of his home in Lawrence on June 1, claiming fha*: death was suicidal, wer.-» filed today In the federal court by the admlnlslrai-: or of lire Porhins estate against the CapltalNl ..ire of Deiivrr and the Aetna Insurance company. The two- claims aggregate $150,nnn TO SEE "K.VX.SAi^ lola People to Go (o Tonight. siWFLOWEn; La IIurp<' A largo number of lola people are going ont to La Harpe tonight to til- tend the production of the "Kansas Sunflower" by the I»cke company which is composed party of lola people. Carl Saylor. Tira Catiatsey, Liicilc Hoffman of Gas City and Mr. Rutherford, formerly leader of the Electric Park orchestra, are all members of the company. There Is talk of having a special car chartered to bring the lola crowd back. PISO'S cu yield tamedistclr to -- Cnrr. It ailan the IOIUID- matioo. Wopj tbe contti and liesi* ttie laceraled sar- face. Piio'a Cure can be de- pendedupoDlocirenukstlm- cfictaj resulu in all cooifta, cokU. branchhts and fmt afiectiau. By its (auUnl ose naa* advaaccd coBsaiaplite coans have baea I arose. He started awa.v, but was hated by a man's voice. "Is that your dog?" asked the man. The boy nodded. "Here," said the man to the dogcatcher. "I.«'i that dog go and I'll pay fh»' charge.s." The tlog W.1S leleascd and the man handed the dog-catcher a couple of dollars. The boy picked up the dog and ran away, after being told to go to the city hall for u tag. The man moved on with a friend. 'That was a kind act, Tom," said his friend, "but you didn't gain anything by It. The boy didn't even thank yoti." "I didn't gain anything by It?" replied thn man. "Let me tell you some thing, ^^^1en I was a poor boy I owned a little dog that I loved more than 1 have ever loved anything since, A dog-catcher got him, and I set about to earn the fee to get him out, I earned It and hurried to the pound. I was just two hours too late. They had killed hlin." The man's eeys were suspiciously j moist. "Don't j-ou believe I didn't get anything out of this today," he concluded. "Th eknowledge that I kept those two JItlle friends together will make me ahppy for at least twenty-four hoiirs—in spite pf all the business worries In the world.—Denver Post. FRANCE TO CO IT AlOXE. Vaketi Spain Cash OfTer for AH lU Xonx^a Interests. Tangier, Morocco, Oct. 17.— K start ling report Is In circulation this afternoon to the effect tbtit France with the consent of Sultan Abd-El-Azlz. Intends making Spain a monetary offer for all of her interests in Morocco, notably JtfeUlla and CenU. which poiiitB. if the deal Is made, will be the baas of operstlona against the pre*, tender to the throne of Uorncco. Here are some great values. Nowhere else in lola can Carpets and Rugs be found in siicli acceptable variety nor bought at better advantage. 9x12 Tapestry Brussells Rugs, $10.50 RUGS o?ci2 Axininster RtiRS, sold elsewhere for $28 ,00, here $22m50 and $25 9x12 Body Bn]s.sells Rijg.s worth $.^o. Here this week \.$27mS0 Ingrain Carpets Good Floral Pattern Ingmin, yd 30o T 'nioii Ingr.ihi, regular 50c yd. imw... .43o AH wool, with cotton chnin, only 5So 9x12 Bagdad Wiltons, usually $40.00 Now only $34%50 9x12 Wiltotis, regular $50.00 values.' Here for $45»00 All wool, iilling nnd cliaiu bJO INGRAIN, RUGS. Sizes from oxu to 12x15, from.. .$3mQ5 up E Quality Linoleum, 6 feet wide, per square yard, D Quality Linoleum, 6 feet wide, per square yard, 1 yard by i yard square, at Stove Oil Cloth Squares I 1-4 yd. by r r-4 yd. at ..BSa I 1-2 yd. by 1-2 yd. at.... 7Sa let ts FIfore Yocr Rooins for ixminster and Wilton Carpets with Border. lEelola Furniture Store LOOK FOR THE FLAG. A. W. BECK, Proprietor lOLA'S FALL CARBIVAL! AU8PI0ES Ot 0N£ BIG WEEK, OCTOBER 21 ta26 fieiieral View of the Street Fair Big Parker Shawsl A BIG WEEK OF FUN AND FROLIC Ferris Wheel, Oarry-us-all, Pharaoh's Daughter. Tyrolean Alps, aiid the World Renowned direct from the New York Hippodrome, will give TWO FREE 0UT.D00R EXHIBITIONS DAILY *1Ee Girl from Bagdad' Is the feature attraction of the Street Fair and is an entirely new production. It is a Musical Comedy, with the elaborate costumes and plot- Miss Clara May Adams is tho Soprano Singer. Frederick P. Miller, late of Florodora fame, is the Comedian; 30 others. EVERYBODY COME and HAV£ A GOOD TOOC

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