The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 17, 1986 · Page 21
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 21

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1986
Page 21
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The Salina Journal Friday, January 17,1986 PageNS Martin Luther King's children are living up to their father's legacy ATLANTA (AP) - Yolanda King was 12 years old when her mother told her that her father would not be coining home from Memphis* Tenn. She was the oldest of Martin Luther King Jr.'s four children, and on that day in the spring of 1968, she wanted to hate the man who had fired a bullet into the right side of her father's head. "I hate the man who killed my daddy," she said to her mother. "Your daddy wouldn't want you to," Coretta Scott King replied. With tears streaming down her face, the girl said, "I'm not going to cry... because my daddy is really not dead and one day I'm going to see him again—in heaven." On Jan. 20, she will see an entire nation honor her father with a new holiday. She and the rest of the King family will join thousands of people on the streets of Atlanta in a march to keep her father's dream alive. On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in 1963, King said he dreamed "that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." In some measure, King's dream for his children has come true. But it hasn't been easy for his children to live with the dream—and the legend that their father has become. As a student at New York University, Yolanda King tried to escape the King legacy. "There was a period I really tried to escape any direct responsibility for what was left to us," she said. "But it was too much a part of me." After graduating, she and Attallah Shabazz, the daughter of Malcolm X, formed a theater group in New York called Nucleus. The theater group focuses on social issues in its plays. Yolanda, now 30, also serves as director of the Cultural Affairs Institute at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change here. Her mother serves as director. Her brother, Martin Luther King III, 27, serves on the center's board of directors. In recent years, he has been active in voter registration drives. Last year, he accompanied singer John Denver on a fact-finding trip to drought-stricken Ethiopia. As a result of his experience there, the King center will be host for a world hunger symposium in connection with the King holiday. "I think if my father were here today, his focus would be to end world hunger," he said. Dexter King, 24, named after the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Ala., where his father was pastor in the 1950s, is the King child who most recalls his father's facial features, resonant voice and inspiring cadence of speech. The voice has steered him toward a recording career. Last fall he teamed up with rap music performers for a record to mark the first celebration of the King holiday. "I wanted to do something inspirational as well as educational," he said. The lyrics to his recording include a dinstinctive rhythmic chant characteristic of rap music: "He had a dream / Now it's up to you / To see it through / To make it come true / Now do it." Dexter King plans an album and video and will donate profits to the King center. Bernice King, 22, the youngest, graduated from Spellman College here and plans to study theology and law. She also is actively campaigning against apartheid in South Africa. And when she speaks, she speaks with the King flare. In a fiery speech to students in Atlanta last fall, she said that "too long, we have allowed injustice to run unabated. Too long, we have kept truth in solitary confinement. Now is the time for us to speak up. We have a responsibility to our brothers and sisters in South Africa." On Jan. 7, Bernice and older siblings Yolanda and Martin were among 10 people arrested at an antiapartheid demonstration in Atlanta organized by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, founded by their father. 'liberty' to be sculptedin ice CRESTED BUTTE, Colo. (AP) — While the Statue of Liberty is being restored in New York Harbor, it will be frozen in Colorado. A master chef will sculpt a three-story-high copy of the statue out of 24 tons of ice as part of a fund-raising effort on behalf of the restoration. "It's going to be amazing," said Bob Haley, manager of the Crested Butte Mountain Resort, where the statue will be displayed. Haley said the resort is co-sponsor of the ice sculpture which will be located near a ski lift and will be lighted from underneath. FOLLOW THE COLLEGE BASKETBALL FORECAST EXPLANATION — The Dunkel system provides a continuous Index to the relative strength of all teams. It reflects average scoring margin combined with average opposition rating* weighted In favor of recent performance. Example: a 50.0 team has been 10 scoring points stronger, per garnet than a 40.0 team against opposition of Identical strength. Originated In 1929 by Dick Dunkel. MAJOR LEADERS N. Carolina 88.1 Ga. Tech 78.3 Syracuse 77.8 Duke 76.9 Memphis 76.1 Oklahoma 76.0 Michigan 75.9 Indiana 75.0 Kansas. 74.4 Kentucky 74.1 Louisville. 72.9 St. Johns 72.5 Illinois. 72.4 N.C. Stale. 72.1 G'town, DC 72.1 Notre Dame. 71.7 Mich. SI 71.2 Pittsburgh 70.7 Purdue 70.5 Auburn 69.9 Maryland 69.9 Nev. LasV 69.6 AlaBirm'ham. 69.2 Va. Tech 69.1 Navy 69.0 Ohio Stata .69.0 Cleveland. .68.2 Clemson 67.5 Nebraska 67.4 Alabama 67.3 Kansas St 67.2 Tennessee .67.0 Tex. EIP 66.8 Georgia 66.2 Virginia 66.2 St. Josephs. 65.9 Texas ASM 65.8 DePaul 65.7 Iowa 65.7 lowaSt 65.5 Arizona 65.5 T.C.U 64.9 Marquette 64.8 J'ksonv'le. .64.8 Washington. 64.5 S. Carolina 64.5 Western Ky. 64.5 Richmond 64.3 N. Mex. St 64.1 W. Virginia 64.1 MINOR LEADERS Hawaii-Pac. 61.5 Jax, Ala .................... 59.0 Webber. ................... 55.5 § .F. Austin ............... 55.4 mporla St ................ 54.4 S. Indiana ................. 54.3 W. Va. Wesl'n, ........... 53.9 Potsdam ................... 53.3 W. Va.St ................... 53.1 Tampa ..................... 53.0 Birmham-S ............... 52.9 T-Martin .................... 52.9 E. Montana ............... 52.6 Mldwestera .............. 52.2 Ft. Hays ................... 52.1 Ky. Wesl'n ................ 52.1 Drury. ....................... 51.8 S. Houston. ............... 51.7 Lioscomb. ................. 51.6 DC.U ........................ 51.6 Norfolk ..................... 51.5 CalP.SLO. ................. 51.5 Cumberl'd. ................ 51 .4 Aubu'nMontg ............ 51 .4 Whitewater.. ; ........... 51.3 Miss. Val .................. 51.2 Delta St .................... 51.1 Otterbein .................. 51.1 —PLUS— Predictions Each Week By The Following Businesses Last Week's Forecast Winner Warren Culley Cleve's Inc. 136 S. Broadway GAMES OF FRIDAY, JAN. 17 Brig. Young 59.3 Columbia* 55.5 Cornell* 53.4 Colo.St* 58.4 Brown 49.1 Yale 46.0 Virginia* 70.2 (0) Maryland 69.9 Oregon* 60.1 (2) Wash.St 58.5 GAMES OF MONDAY, JAN. 20 Cleveland* 72.2 (18) W. Illinois 54.6 GAMES OF SATURDAY, JAN. 18 Alabama* 71.3 (4) Tennessee 67.0 Auburn* 73.9 (8) Georgia 66.2 Cleveland* 72.2 (25) N. Iowa 46.8 DePaul* 69.7 (1) Ala. Birm'ham 69.2 G'town, DC 72.1 (10) SetonHall* 62.1 Ga.Tech 78.3 (7) Clemson* 71.5 Illinois* 76.4 (21)N'western 55.7 Kansas* 78.4 ((16)0kla. St 62.4 Kansas St 67.2 (7) Colorado* 60.3 Kentucky 74.1 (6) Florida* 67.8 (14: G'town, DC* 76.1 Louisville* 76.9 Navy 69.0 Notre Dame* 75.7 Pittsburgh* 74.7 Villanova 60.9 Cinc'nati : 57.7 Delaware* .49.7 Hofstra 45.4 Duquesne 53.8 GAMES OF TUESDAY, JAN. 21 J'ksonv'le* 68.8 Duke 76.9 Oklahoma 76.0 Memphis 76.1 Mich. St 71.2 Michigan 75.9 N.C. State 72.1 N.Carolina* 92.1 Navy 69.0 Nebraska* 71.4 (8 N.Orleans' 61.7 Minnesota* 65.4 Iowa* 69.7 Wake Forest* 60.7 Duke 76.9 American U* 52.2 Missouri 63.7 Fullerton* 61.5 69.H8) Notre Dame* 75.7 (14)U.C.LA 61.4 Ohio State 69.0 (2) Boston Col* 66.7 Oklahoma* 80.0 (15! Ala. Birm'ham 69.2 0 Ga.Tech* 82.3 5 Kansas* 78.4 2 KansasSt* 71.2 (8) Missouri 63.7 OTHER MIDWESTERN Kan. Wesl'n 35.1 (8) Bethany* 27.2 GAMES OF WEDNESDAY, JAN. 22 Auburn 69.9 (5) Mis'sippi* 65.0 Cleveland 68.2 (11) E. Illinois' 56.9 Nebraska. 67.4 Notre Dame* 75.7 Pittsburgh* 74.7 St. Johns 72.5 Syracuse* 81.8 lowaSt 65.5 Villanova* 64.9 Connect't* 66.9 Louisville* 76.9 S. Diego St* 60.0 Cinc'nati* 61.7 Pittsburgh 70.7 (6 St. Johns 72.5 6 Syracuse 77.8 1 Tex. EIP 66.8 7 Va. Tech. 69.1 7 OTHER MAJORS Wichita 59.8 (2) Indiana St.* 57.6 Kan. Wesl'n.: 35.1 (12) Bethel* 22.8 GAMES OF SUNDAY, JAN. 19 N.Carolina. 88.1 (19) Marquette* 68.8 Purdue* 74.5 (13) Wisconsin 61.5 Tennessee* 71.0 Vanderbilt* 67.8 Virginia* 70.2 Okla.St.* 66.4 American U 48.2 Boston Col 62.7 Fordham 53.2 Providence *.60.9 Miss.St 56.3 Alabama 67.3 ') Wake Forest 56.7 GAMES OF THURSDAY, JAN. 23 Ala.Birm'ham* 73.2 (20) Charlotte 53.7 Indiana* 79.0 (9) Purdue.. 70.5 Kansas 74.4 Kentucky* -..78.1 Maryland* 73.9 Navy. 69.0 Nev. LasV* 73.6 Ohio State* 73.0 S. Carolina* 68.5 Tex.ElP* 70.8 ( I C.I I 111 Missouri* 67.7 Georgia 66.2 N.C. State 72.1 Richmond* 68.3 N. Mex.St 64.1 Illinois 72.4 Clemson 67.5 Colo.St 54.4 SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! Levelor Blinds [Today's most fashionable colors.] 5O% OFF REGULAR PRICE MK CARPET WAREHOUSE Ice Fishing Equipment And Lures New Glastrons Are On The Way! 2816 Centennial 827-8755 Mon.-Sat. 9-5 Cleve's Inc. 136 S. 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