Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 24, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 24, 1908
Page 8
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STOMACH IS SOUR 2,000 OUT OF SCHOOL FERMENTATION 01 rNOHiESTEU iMMU) IS SIM; IT. , Lov/ Prices of Zinc Ore are Affecting Families in Joplin Mine District. HiindrcdN I of M«ii aail Woiiicii Arc l"iiiim>Mtril.v Siil 'i'iTliitr I'roiii Siuiiincli Troiiblf tiiiil liitliui-stioii. 'I'aki* .vo'iir Miiir hinia.ii'ii -nr inii> In' yon cull itj InilinosAildii, (l\i>|it>|ihlii, HJIH- trillH or ciiljiirli ol' si<iiiiii«|i; ii docHii'l iiiiitliT- -itilo* .Miiir .sKiniiK'li iroiilili- I Wi'iili City. Mo.. Oil. i than school cliiUlriTi L'^.—••More are beins llcrp I lorci'd to vcuKiin awiiy from the ' scliools oi' .lopllii liccnusf of the low IHJccs of zinc ore." recently declared SiiMi-rhuiMidoni C. V. niichiinnii of the .Inpliii imldlc schools at a inei.'tlnt; of the hoard of directors. Mr. niichanaii siild iiirtlit'r that If the prlccH of ore wiMi- to he reliiriied to the ordjiinry livfl lilt- eiu'ollllli'iit of the .lopllli lit :ioo!s would iiiuiihe!- nearly S.tiOO. Ai II «• |ire»ent llan* there ar< PIBLIt' SALE POSTPOXEI). The Raljdi Drake sale has been posipoued oil accuiiiu of bad weather and will he hold Friday. October SOih iat his place three and one-half miles south on Kentucky street and five and one-half miles norlUeast of Hum- bcddt. The followhif; property will be sidd: Eleieii Ilcud of llor .M -s uiid 3liilcs. One roan liorsi- years old. weisht IL'OO; one «ray horse 12 years old. wel;;hL MOO; one bay horse i:.' years «dd. welfjht 1100; one bay mare r.\ years old. wcl«ht 1000: one sorrel intire 11 years old, weight l.'iOO. In foal by..lack: one brown luiire IJ years oid, weight K'.riO. In f«ml b.v .lack, two .'.I iii'ln?; mule cfili.s, two VcanlinKs: I'll)- bay iiiiiiy niari< ii yiars uUl, sale ,'uv children iinywhere. TlilHecii lli'iid of CuKli'. n« many of the lUlm-rs have liei-ii thrown lilt of work. The slump in on- prici-s. it is de ore to the lowest possible point. This has caused tlie mine operators to be- siit the fight for ji tariff on zinc ore. which, if successful, will in a large tiKid is oul.v half iii;:i'slitl. uud von liecomi' affei'ted wiili los.s ol' appetite, pressure and fiilliuss after e.-itinK. vomiting nausea, heartburn. giipinK| i„,„orlations of zinc on in b<iwc)s. leiider!ie.'5S in the pit of -stomach, bad taste in mouth, constipation, pain in limbs, sleepiessness. belchinj: of jjas. biliousness, sick headache, nervousness, di'-cziness and many other similar symptoms. If your apiteiiie is fickle, and noili- iiig tempts yon. or you belch ^as or if you feel bloated after eatiiifi. or ymir food lies like a lump of lead on your stomach, you can up yoitr mindj that at the bottom of all this there is but one cause—fermeniatiou of undigested food. Prove to yourself after your ne.xt meal, that your stotnacli is :is good as any: thuti there is nothing really wrong. 'Stnj) this teruieniation and begi fea Al you. It is merely a matter <if iiow soon you take some niai)epsin. swi'(!|i rake, one Kiiglo hay press I4x IS. (jfie Cood Knongh l<i-inch riding , , •, , , Ip.ow. on<- 11-inch walking plow, one <lared. has becti cau.sed by the larj:e n^.„ s«:Iion siell harrow, one three imporlatiom* of zinc ore from Mex-|j.,.(.n„„ g,,.^, row. one harrow cart, ico and Canada by the big smelter j^,,^. ^,„„, „i,eller. three riding trusts, who. it is alleged, are fichting ,,5^..^,^,.^ ^„j,. walking cultivator, the mim- operators of this district. | j,,,^, vjuccess manure spreader, one trying to force the price level for zinc' ,-,.„„ ^vheeled-farm wagon, hay racks. liuiK'ock Fire Extin{;uislier Cu.—Aii> other ColliiiswooU Fire where :!0» children lost ihelr lives can't happen where luoper protection Is provided. Sliitisllcs show !< out of In fires are put uni as soon as discovered If means art- at hand. Ki|nip your schools. hoincK. barn.i. public buildings with l!Mbcu(;k eMJiiKuisherb and tear no tire disaster. Th<\y throw si ehem- Unl stream in times tis effective as water. .SO per cent of firi.'s are put out with chemical e.vilnguUbers. : M> jier <^cnt of iliem Kabcocks, l'ro\e!i b> (i:; years use. the most efficletil tind re liable. Can .von afford to taki* ilu-.-»- jjtwful fire risks wlM 'u loss of |>rf>ijert\ ami lives «if dear ones are imperiled? Wiite totlay lor ITtKK catalogue on fire intitcction and estimates for eiiulp ping any bnliding with ilabcuck apparatus. We want reliabb- men to a«i as agents—$100 a month made witii 'ini inlcrfiTlng with present bu.sines.^. \\'rit,e for particulars. . Itabrock Fin* ExtiiiuuNlicr Co. :;7:; Wabash Avi.'.. t iiicago. 111. THIS IS A FAST ONE I.\«EFE.M>E.\(E AM) TKll'LET.S WILL .MEET T(LMUltl{0\V. feed mills; one spring wagon, one carriage, one biigg,v. four scis (!" heavy work hariietis. light harne.-;s double ..,.i.,c-..,.„ I .u • ... 1 and single, one I(i-IG tongueiess* har- measne bar the Mexican ore in that ^j,^ shovel walk 1 11 bring (he cost up to the same j , j,,^^.^, y^,,. ,{laek Hawk corn plant I.'v.'l as the ore of this district. j ^^^^j^,, ^.1,^^.^ .,,„i ^^111: one Chejham I Fanning Mill with Bagger attachment; one two hundred egg. incubator Syphers make: and brooder; blacksmith ,, ^ , toul.s. carpenter tools and harness ihe.v M -rnt as delegates to the state jj^ols. one hl?b wheeled wagou with Helemtes .\re Home. C«l. .1. B. Atchison and .\. H. Davis returned yesterday from Salina where lmle |)eiuleiH -e One of Ftt >te >t Tninio In Sonthcu<»(ern kaii»u> - 'Irlplets ill Fiirni. .\. H. T. A. meeting. They say they nn eating What you want, without 'i"':!'' '"•"S". f, i","'""/" ""^ r of discoinf.irt or misery. I /^•\«'«' delegates and Uraost instant rdief is waiiit.g tor lost out. The Pittsburg peopb- iiriiinis.-d the delegates free use of lotig distance telephone, free rides on the <-ar line. etc. JJajberry at Emporia. Prof. l^. W. .Mayberry went to Km- poria yesterday to attend the meeting of Uie tiuperinteudents of city schools. Fnil ScliiDldt >Vas IIITC. l-'red Schmidt, tlie Humboldt ijisses- sor. was in town yesterday ou [business. ' ! Is an ordeal which all women approach with dread, for nothing compares to the pain of child-birth. The thought of thd suffering in store lor her rops the expectant mother of pleasant anticipations, thousands of women ha^e found the use of Mother's Friend lobs confinement of much pain and insures safety to'life of mother and child. I This Hnitnent is u God-send to women at the critical time. Not only d^es Mother's Frlsnd carry women safely through the perils of child 'birtii, but it prcfxires the sy|jteim Pr>r i! • coniing event; rtL-licvo::, "nicniing sickneks.'' rnd ether dis- COmrOnS. y^l ,„(^Jf ^^}ilritJuna^i. tioD mailed free. TBEB&ADnELD Rr.GULlTOR CO. Aflinta, Oo. good grain box and wiih a tip top box on it. Other articles too numerous to mention. Terms of Sale. All sums under $10 cash. On all stilus over that a credit , of twelve months with Tt iier cent interest if liaid when due. If not paid when due notes draw ten per cent Interest from date. Five per cent discount for ca»n. IIALPH DRAKE, ikil Chas. Bishop, Auctioneer. J. F. Nigh, Clerk. ' Lunch on Grounds. TURKEYS WILL BE HIGH. And the Cranberry Sauce Will Cost More, Too. Turkeys and crauberrles will be hisbcr this year than before, according to dealers. .According to the reitort of the "National Fruit Exchange" of New York a firm which handles about one-half of the product of the cranberry crop of the United States, the total crop of 1907 was 422,000 barrels, as against 287.000 barrels this season, making a shortage of 135,000 barrels. 4 Dealers iiave sold half as many cranberries this season as were sold }a^. ypar. at the same date. I^t yearit&we wai^ no fruit in this part ktf Kansas. All fruit used was shiiiped into the local market. But the product of the states where cranberries arc grown shows a yield last year far above the present season. From Wisconsin there shipped to market 150 car loads against CO car loads for this season. New .Jersey last year produced 50o car loads; this season 200 cars. In .Michigan and Cape Cod tlie difference was not quite so large. From these facts it would be reasonable to suppose that the price would at least be as high as the previous year. The big frnit crop here will make considerable difference in the sale of the cranberry, it is probable. It is therefore likely that th Thanksgiving dinner for the year 1908 will be about as expensive as tisual. Turkeys are flying high and will be hard to catch.. Pluggers Came Here. Tito other day two colored men from Topcka—one a preacher and the other a magazine jiublisher—were to hold a Democratic meeting among the negroes. They had three colored men In their audience when they started. One remained for the speeches. The pliiggers went from here to tola. A report from there states that at a meeting arranged for them there, not a single colored, man was present and the janitor of the hall turned the lights out at nine o'clock and closed the meeting.—Ft. Scott Republican. 'Ihe fuc-.t li.i/l game lietwien the Triplets and Mie IndependeiKe, Kas.. tram will be/played at Kleclric park tomorrow afbty noon as scheduled. The field is covered with grass and the re] Ol nt rains will It-avu it in good cou- jdiiiun.^ I Since lndepeiiden< •• has one of the best ttanis in souiheastein Kansas, one of the liest games of the season is anticipated. The Indeiieudincc bunch has made a good showing in the games they liave played so far this fall. Last Sunday they were defeated by a small score in an exciting and well idayod game by the fast Neodesha team. Uisi. year .Neodesha won th** state (-hampli)nship by defeating thfi I Chanute tJo-DevlIs on Chanute'0 !ground. I The sliowing made by the TrlptcU lapilnst the Kal|ia club team of E'\>rt iSciitt. Kas.. I|i the game last Sunday indicates that; they must bo reckoiiuA with before the statu championship I* deeidetl. The member.-* of the local tcjim wilt ! likely lineup the funw an last Bun* J day. Barker, left end: .lones. lefl tackle: lllneri left guard; Palmer. cn« ter: Daniels. ri.t,hl guard: Street, right tackle: "Kills.; right end: Itrcnuan^ i|uarter back: Campbell. left hal% Itankin and ikubinson, right half: A*^ len. full back! Superintendent Fox at t'hu»Mte. General Superintendent: Fox passed I through Chaiinte this morning on hla way from Topeka to Coffeyville adA Tulsa, the danger point on the Santa- Fe. His iirivatc car came in passenger Xo. 268. from Emporia, and was taken on a si>ecial south. He only remained in Chanute two minutes.— Chanute Sun. Ilestnood lo Hen*. O. C. Hestwood of the Kansas Port land offices- who has been in Wichita recovering from the effects of typholdj fever, is here visidng friends. Mr. Hestwood has not fully recovered and wili not return to bis duties for two or^ree montlii. ^ . My Young Sister writes ; MI-S . Maiy Hudson, of Eastman, Miss^ "tooK my advice, which was, to take Cardm. SKe was stayini? with me and was in terrible misery, but Cardui helped her at once. It wm Help "Last spring," Mrs. Hudson continues, "I wais ill a rack of paiXL The doctor did no good, so I began to take Cardm. The first dose lielpe<i me. Kow I ain in better health than m three years.'' Every girl and woman needs Cardm, JAJ-Cuzet irregularity, falling feelings, headache^ backaieh similaF female troubles. Cardui is ~ ^" sdentific. UTirr Oardui. AT ALL BBira STO: safe,

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