The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on November 19, 1964 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
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Thursday, November 19, 1964
Page 4
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I THILTIPTQN DAILY TRIfcUNEJi i ^ 1 ' Thursday, Nov. 19,1964 Burkhart All Third Team Tackle Second Team . Edns-Scott 'Miller, Elkhart; Paul Grant, Kokomo. Tackles-^John Williams, Gary Tolleston; Ken Goralczyk, South Bend Washington. Guards—Lou Lindinger, Gary Wallace; Stan RozmarynowsM, South Bend Washington. Center —Mike IFram, South Bend Riley. Backs —Dave Smith, South bend St. Joseph's; Max Elliott, Decatur; Cliff Hardy, East Chicago Roosevelt; John Blemker, Huntingburg. Third Team Ends—Tom Bilunas, Gary Ah- drean; Tom HiUigoss, Kokomo. Tackles—James Quantz, Gary Wallace; Dick Burkhart, Tipton. Guards—Bill Plummer, Madison Heights; Pete Iaria, Indianapolis Scecina. Center—Ivory Hood, Gary Tolleston. . ' Backs—Ed Bopp, Indianapolis Washington; Mike Deal, Hobart; Leon Troyer, Eastern; Mike Harris, Terre Haute Schulte. Honorable Mention Ends—Courtney, East Gary; Kuechenberg, Hobart; Dinkins, Sasse, Columbus; Rupp.'Evansville Memorial; Beasley, Alley, Elwood; Moffett, Lafayette; Price, Brookville; Faulkner, Richmond; David, Eastern; Robertson, Evansville Reitz; Barnett, Fort Wayne Central; LaRue, Royerton; Franks, Portland; Kirk, Bloomington University; Countryman, Indianapolis Cathedral; Short, Indianapolis Ripple. T^kles —Clipp, Nappanee; Mehok, Gary Mann; Burley, Evansville Reitz; Miller, Vincennes; Kress, Ryan, Kokomo; i Eichenauer, Decatur; Fraze, Winchester; Mumby, Portland; Brinkman, Columbus; Chafee, Shelbyville; Banks, East Chicago Roosevelt; Haley,"Indianapolis Cathedral. By KURT FREUDENTHAL United Press International INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) —A fast, powerful, and smartly-run Indiana high school football "All-State," led by Elkhart quarterback Mike Franger, was unveiled by United (Press International: today. Ten schools, from the Calumet in the Far North to Evansville in the Deep South, make up this dream team put together by Indiana's sports' writers and broadcasters, with undefeated Kokomo the only school with more than one representative. Franger, who piloted Elkhart to the mythical state title last year and to a tie • for NIHSC honors this time, is the only repeat performer. But two juniors crashed the first eleven this time —Bloomington end Jade Butcher and Ole Galloway, South Bend Riley's fleet halfback. End Jim Sniadecki represents South Bend St Joseph's state champions on the first unit. The; No. 1 tackle duo is Charles Huston of unbeaten Madison Heights and Harold Canady of ^Kokomo. Dunn at Center ' Alvin Schmidt of Merrillville and Mike Smith of Kokomo are the guards and Charles Dunn of Bloomington University is at center. Rounding out the first backfield are Steve Vessel of Evansville Reitz and Louie Lawson of Terre Haute Gerstmeyer. Both Franger and Lawson are expert .passers. Franger threw for 18 touchdown passes this year and 38 in his 3-year prep career. He also Bcored 65 points, including 23 conversions. Lawson has a Gerstmeyer career record of 49 touchdown tosses, 16 this year, I Many star performers had to | Guards — DeCraene, South settle for lesser honors, among Bend St. Joseph's; Hillenbrand, them backs John Blemker, i Evansville Rex Mundi; Kuntz, Huntingburg's all- time HoosierWest Lafayette; Gaddy Koko- prep scoring leader with 202 mo; Egly, Decatur; Notting- points, and Leon Troyer, who ham, Hartford City; Lewis," El- CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UPI)— has had a hand in every one wood; Tragesser, Lambert, Tip- Dr. Attilio Canzanelli, profes- of Eastern's, record 35 consecu- ton; Rogers, Evansville Bosse; sor of physiology at Tufts Uni- tive victories. McDonough, Indianapolis Sacred versity School of Medicine, died As usual, only the voting de- Heart." in.Mt. Auburn Hospital Wednes- termined the All-Star lineup. Centers —Simmons, Bloom-1 day. He was 66. ington; Money, North Vernon; Kinder, Kokomo; Hodgin, Richmond; Durr,.: Eastern; Merritt, Evansville Reitz; Tolle, Elwood. Backs — Szucks, South Bend Riley; Monroe, Merrillville; Hutchinson, Branch, Kokomo; Puckett, Revington, West Lafayette; Urban, Schuck, Brookville; Anspaugh, Decatur; Utley, Madison Heights; Fox, Shelby ville; Phipps, Columbus; Grover, Robinson, Elwood; Bo- maf, Peru; Bromley, New Carlisle; Easton, Bloomington; Jensen, Warsaw; Morton, Clinton Central; Hampton, Twin Lakes; Isley, Delphi. Holdren,- Winchester; Wilson, Cambridge City; Hampton, Richmond; Pickett, Eastern; Mehnensmith, Bluffton; Edgemon, Hartford City; Andrasko, Smith, Jeffersonvule; Faris, Bute, Madison Heights; Risk, Anderson Highland; Moore, Rumbaugh, Crouch, Tipton; Gil-' len, South Bend Washington; Gray, Bloomington University; Woods, Hobart; Maihoffer, Merrillville; Combs, Bloomington. Pierce, New Albany; Gilbert, Lafayette Catholic; Lowery, Lafayette; Rohrbacher, New Haven; Atkinson, Mississinewa; Birch, Greenfield; Pataluch, LaPorte; Hill, Southport; MeMa- hon, Indianapolis Scecina; Perry, Indianapolis Ripple; Lauck, Indianapolis Sacred Heart; Highbaugh, Indianapolis Washington; Lothridge, Ben Davis. LONG WAY OUT DENVER (UPI)—When Gary Scherzer, 11, of Dallas, Tex., decided he didn't want to tell his parents about a fight at school, he took the long way out. He stowed away aboard an airplane flight to Denver where his grandmother lives. It wasn't until after he arrived that officials discovered "him. His grandmother, Mrs. Bernard Goldstein, said he would fly back home later this week—this time with a ticket. ON THE SIDELINES BY HAM RIGG We haven't heard much mention of it, but there was a basketball game played Tuesday night that should have alerted everyone of the Tipton\ hardwood followers. The final score read CARMEL 87, Sheridan 54 When the Tipton Blue Devils lost their season football opener to Carmel 10-14, we were guilty along with a lot of others, of underestimating the Greyhounds and -attributing the loss to Tip ton's not being "up" for the game. As the season progressed however, it gradually became recognized that Carmel had football team of which anyone could be proud. We had a hunch then that the Greyhounds' had a pretty good group of athletes going for them this season and when that is true in one sport, it is generally also true in most others so we were particularly interested in that Carmel opener. The Blue Devils meet the Greyhounds in the Carmel gym in a regular season, game Dec. 19, and we doubt very much that coach Dick Barr -or any of his boys will be holding them too lightly on that occasion. Big Date Ahead At this writing, no one knows just where Tipton will be going in the 1965 Sectional but in case we return to Carmel, that Dec. 19 date on the Carmel floor might be a preview of the 1965 Sectional Final. Last winter, after watching a Carmel Junior High game, Barr told this writer that Carmel coach Bill Sheppard had an 8th grader son who was a cinch to make the Carmel starting five this year as a freshman and •Barr predicted the boy would, before graduation,, become one of the state's top roundballers. Great Start Against Sheridan, Scott McKinney was the outstanding individual with a school scoring record of 38 points which overshadowed everyone else, of course. But down in the game statistics we noted young Sheppard had 15 points. Think it over a second and then tell me hew many freshmen you know of who are good enough to make the varsity starting five. Then think some more and see how many such young men you've ever heard of coming up with a 15 point per- Style, size, sailings, selection The size is full. The selection, large. The style, obvious. The savings? Fantastic. Every Coronet model (and there are 17) is priced lower than every comparable model of ford and Chevrolet. And we mean a lot lower. The price savings are at least 104 dpUars on the six-cylinder sedan ... and as much as 604 dollars on the V8 sports convertible, the Coronet 500! That's savings in black and white* and doesn't even include the famous Dodge Boys' (leal. Check it out. The savingest, sellingest, full-size Dodge in history—Coronet. It's the most for the least. *FriudiSeriiKis bond on mgnufKhrir'ssuggidtlntonptiuslMCMipviMtDcfonJ Fod m«Ub,«Kb>hMf*bifiwaJs,dKtlMtl«iulur|ij,ditfiMd lecd lent, H inf.- CLYDE OVERDORF MOTORS Sfaje Road 28 East BOYS Inc. TIPTON formance. in his first game in a varsity uniform . . . quite a performance and one which definitely stamps the youngster as a boy to follow. We"re just as certain that pappa Sheppard is going to guard and tutor the boy carefully, making sure that such press notices as this do not go to'his head and that Tuesday night's' debut is just a fore- shacow of things to come. Cage Ratings This business of picking so- Blue Devils Open Hopeful Season at Clinton Central Tipton (0-0) POS. Clinton Central (1-0) Moore, Sr., 6'3"— F._ -Thatcher, Sr., 6'1" Smith, Sr M F Stowers, Sr., 5 'ir Boyd, Sr., 6'2" _C._ .Turner, Jr., 6'l'/ 2 " Crouch, Sr., 5'10'"__ G -Berry, Sr., 6'0" Curnutt, Sr., 6'4" G.__ Stroud, Sr., 5'9" COACH: kay Craft COACH: Dick Barr . "I thought our kids were a little jittery, when the game started last week but they got over that in a hurry. It was a good . ball game for the . first called "powers" in advance of ha jf Du t T [thought Wesifield the season is a duboius thing th-ed m the] last two quarters at best no matter whether it is ana we pu u e d away", done by coaches with their eyes speaker was coach Ray open, or by sporswriters biased oi Clinton Central, dis by hometown loyalties. ]cussing Friday night's game How a team fared the previ- jbetween Bulldogs and Tip- ous season has to be one of the', ton > s BI uc Devils, factors for any pre-season fore- He was told that coach Dick cast and this alone makes the Barr was impressed with his foundation shaky. No one can defense and he replied, "Whose accurately forecast how much. Barr Adding. . .everyone knows any team is going to be hurt by' he > s i oa ded this trip out". As- graduation losses nor how much sured aga jri that Barr'had pass- returnees are going to continue" e( j on to his own boys the to improve. - j wor d that they'd have to work • At the moment Tipton is fairly the baU we n to get through the highly regarded. And yet per-j the Bulldog defense coach Craft sonally we think ccach Dick expanded and said, "Well we •3arr faces a tremendous tark have wor k eQ on defense but in replacing the No. 7 boy in iVs cop i e d exactly after Barr's the state and a teammate who „ wn defense and the trouble very well could also have been we . f ace i s that Barr's kids on last year's Indiana All Stars !wor k j t better than we do", but for that crippling injury. Can Barr possibly come up with two boys. capable of even coming On Milan Champs Craft, along with Bobby clo'se to*filling those two pairj PIum P.. was a member of ;that of shoes? Between them they Milan team that won the state accounted for 941 points lasti cham P»°nship in 1954 and ap- season or an average of 45.2 Propriate to his name is . a a game. That alone is enough !«raftsman at the hardwood to win some games. Either the, s P° r 'Tipton defense is going to havej Barr listed the above lineup to improve greatly or coach as a "very tentative" c~o when Barr is going to have to develop informed that the papers had two replacements' capable of to get into print with the line- averaging 22.6 points per game up before he worked his team apiece if Moore, Crouch and out for its final practice and Curnutt just average last year's said there were two .question point output. imarks. The one spot is at Pick Tipton First [center where Dave Quigley, Nevertheless, we just finished Tipton's biggest boy at 6'5" compiling the predictions of tbs may start in place of Boyd who eight conference coaches. A CIC has an arm injury and is play- •wrapup on this voting by the ing with padding over the sore coaches will be written this af-spot; the other is at forward ternoon for release to all con- where Barr is flitting back and ierence papers, but we might forth in his mind between the state here that the final tabula-jlisted starter, Keith Smith and ; on shows Tipton picked to wm;Gary Meyers, a 6'2W senior .the CIC by six of the eight;who really knows how to put coaches with the other two pick-the ball in the basket. The ing Elwood and on the latter! probability is that all seven two, ipton is given the second boys are going to see plenty) spot. |of actibn, and if the game turns One thing, with the.out .the way Kay Craft fears it Devife a marked team from the is going to; the rest of the vars- outset, they are going to know ity "unit '6T' Ron Long, Jim Har- what "pressure" is from thejmon, Jim Hannah, Bill Elliott pressed double worry since he follows the Tipton game with another..- against. Lebanon and its fabulous Rick Mount, but he expressed interest in playing against and comparing that boy with Tipton's own Donnie Curnutt, and said while the two might be a match as far as shooting goes, -he felt Curnutt could probably do "m ore things" than the Lebanon junior. Big Ten Will Be Tight Race (EDITOR'S NOTE: This is another in' a series of dispatches sizing up the nation's college basketball teams.) The Midwest By ED SAINSBURY opening game. As Barr remarked a week ago, if we start off rated, every game will be like a Sectional and Jerry Carter will also be called on. Three Repeaters. The only three upon whom game. Every opponent will be Barr appeared to have no doubt fired up to knock us off. In a were Bill Moore, Don Curnutt way, that will be good for then and Danny Crouch, three start- by Sectional time when it really ers last season who are now counts, the kids will be so used working on "their third consecu- to- pressure that they may be tive varsity basketball letter able to play it as just any other after having served as B-team game. Maybe- they'll be able to starters during their freshmen relax for that one. Here's hop-'seasons. ing I He lists Boyd tentatively as Elsewhere on this page are the the boy to do the "tipping" on results of the UPI all star voting, the starting,jump, but says he This has been done not by the could use three others, Quigley, UPI coaches panel as are the Smith or Curnutt in that role, season ratings, b u t by all; Even .Bill Moore could handle sportswriters of the UPI news services. We know the entire community joins in congratulating Dick Burkhart on being • the only football player .in the entire CIC to make any of the state's top three teams, and congatu- lations also go to the three Tipton backs, Bill. Moore, Dan that assignment although Barr wants his big fellow under the board for his rebounding strength. Trying Too Hard The boys have, for the most part, looked good in practice. That is particularly true of the veterans. Some of the others, knowing the job they face in Crouch and Jim Rumbaugh, [trying to displace the starters, who earned honorable mention at times have shown a along with junior guard Lenniejtouch of over-eagerness which Tragesser. And we know that resulted in wild passes but those boys, along with coach'that's a situation which will John Moses, join in saying clear itself as the season pro- thanks t o th e other varsity|gresses and they gain experi- players whose teamwork made.ence. their recognition possible. LOW-COST UTILITY ANC HOG SHELTERS $259.00 each for a 12' x 21 with hinged end-wall, picked VP at our location 1 and Vi miles North of Highways 22 and 35 on Road 500 E. BILD-M0R BUILDERS INC Butler Agri-Builder R. K. 5, Kokomo ' • • ... f Telephone GL 7-9039 Barr is particularly pleased with the hustle.the entire team is showing for it is that hustle that he is counting on to make Tipton's defense work this year after, losing a pair | such as Harmon and Mcintosh by graduation. The Clinton County coach ex- CAMELOT A CLASSIC ACHIEVEMENT SQ.95 ^F.T.1. . jeweler UPI Sports Writer CHICAGO (UPI) — The Midwest's basketball power will concentrate in the Big Ten this year, but the conference battle could be one of the tightest and most surprising of the past decade. Loyola's George Ireland, who only two years ago won the national title, has "the smallest team in the United States," and while he'll. feature speed and some jumping jacks, it would be phenomenal and completely unexpected for him to advance to the NCAA regional tourney for a third straight year. DePaul, another . tourney team last year, will have 6 feet 10 center Dave Mills and fancy guard Jim Murphy, but Coach Ray Meyer will have a major job filling in around them. New Coach Johnny Dee at ?^otre Dame will have some stars, notably Ron Reed, big Walt Sahm, and Larry Sheffield, but his bench will be weak and he'll lack experienced personnel on the starting five. Most Teams Strong This situation doesn't apply to most of the Big Ten teams. Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota have all starters back. Michigan will have four of the five starters who carried the Wolverines' to third place in the NCAA tournament, and everybody else will. have a nucleus of veterans and some fine sophomore prospects. Michigan logically is the title favorite, with Cazzie Russell, Bill Buntin, Larry Tregoning and Oliver Darden at hand for a tremendous rebounding and scoring combination, and two high school All Americans, Craig Dill, 6 feet 10, and Dennis Bankey,' waiting for a chance to break in. But Illinois has 6 feet 9 Skip Thoren, Bogie Redmon, Don Freeman and Tal Brody again, Indiana has Dick and Tom Van Arsdale as ' well as Jon McGlocklin, and Minnesota keeps Mel Northway, Lou Hudson, Archie Clark, Terry Kunze and Don Yates with a top sophomore prospect, Paul Presthus. Thus it looks like a dogfight for the Big Ten crown. One outsider, though, should be Ohio State, which shared the title with Michigan last year. The Buckeyes lost scoring champion Gary Bradds and only three lettermen return, Dick Ricketts, Jim Shaffer and Bob Dove. Sophomores Ron Sepic and Al Rowley thus get wide tracks toward starting jobs. Sport New Look Iowa has a new coach, Ralph Miller from Wichita, and with six regulars back, headed by Jimmy Rodgers, and some good looking sophomores, the Hawkeye "new look" was expected to cause trouble. Sophomores could lift both Northwestern and Purdue into contention. The Wildcats had their best freshmen team ever with three prep All Americans, Rich Mason, Jim Burns and Jim Cummins, and two regulars are back, Jim Pitts and Don Jackson. Purdue's hopes rest on "development of 6 feet 9 sophomore center Tom Neime- ir, although Ray Eddy has back eight of last year's top nine scorers headed by Dave Schellbase, second in Big Ten scoring. Michigan . State has Stan Washington and Marcus Sanders returning, and Coach Ford- dy Anderson counted on rookies Ted Crary and Joe Johnson to help build up a potent scoring combine, while Wisconsin, last in the league last year, will have added height fromA two j SPORTS PARADE {Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.) By MILTON RICHMAN UPI Sports Writer NEW YORK (UPI)— Pickin' the weekend winners, or football coaches are real funny people. They moan their linemen never get enough publicity, then talk for hours about their quarterbacks. They work all week long on- a "game plan," then start improvising feverishly on Saturday as soon as their team falls behind. And they're old fashioned. The only movies that interest them are silent pictures. They're not likely to change, though, and neither should you if you've- gone this far with Notre Dame, Arkansas and Princeton. All three should preserve their unblemished records this weekend. The East Princeton over Cornell—But not by last year's 51-14 score. Penn State over Pitt—Rip Engle's crew performed like champs last four times out. Yale over Harvard — Eli's have the stronger ground game. Columbia over Brown — Archie Roberts does it again. Dartmouth over Penn—Poor Quakers! This will make it eight in a row. Also: Colgate over Rutgers, Holy Cross over Connecticut, Boston U. over Rhode Island, Boston College over Detroit, Buffalo over Villanova, Delaware over Bucknell and Lehigh over Lafayette. . The Midwest Notre Dame over Iowa—Irish remain No. 1. Ohio -State over Michigan — One break can decide this one. Missouri over Kansas—Miz- zou has the superior line. Illinois over Michigan State —Spartans still not J over the mauling from Notre Dame. Purdue over Indiana—Weak defense hurts Hoosiers. Also: Oklahoma State over Kansas State, Minnesota over Wisconsin, Tulsa over Toledo, Cincinnati over Miami (O.), Wichita-over North Texas State Bowling Green over Xavier (O,), Ohio U. over Marshall and Dayton over Kent State. . The South LSU over Tulane—No upset likely here. Florida over : Florida State— Could be the best game of the day. f .-. Tennessee over Kentucky — Home field gives Vols the edge. Duke over North Carolina — Blue Devils bounce back after losing three straight. Syracuse over West Virginia —Little, Nance and Mahle too much for Mountaineers. Also: Maryland over Virginia, North Carolina State over Wake Forest, Miami (Fla.) over Vanderbilt, George Washington over The Citadel. South Carolina over Clemson, Louisville over Drake and Memphis State over Southern Mississippi- ' . The Southwest Arkansas over Texas Tech— Razorbacks cap a perfect season against a touch Tech team. Fourth - ranked Cornhuskers know that Sooners are pointing for them. Baylor over SMU—Mustangs' pass defenders in for a busy afternoon. Rice over TCU—On form, the Owls appear to be the better ball club. Arizona over -Iowa State — Should be close, though. Also: Arizona State U. over Idaho, and New Mexico State over Texas Western. The West Southern California over UCLA — Bqth teams talking Rose Bowl. Stanford over California—Indians will have to contain Craig Morton, however. Oregon over Oregon State — Flip a coin. Washington over Washington State—Huskies are at their best inside their own league. Utah over Utah State—Utes shooting for a Sun Bowl berth. Also: Air Force over Colorado, Wyoming over Brigham Young, New Mexico over Hawaii and San Jose State over Fresno State. . sophomores, 6 feet S Keith Stelter and 6 feet 9 Tom Schoeneck, and might develop quickly. Coach Johnny Erickson will have Mark Zubor. and Ken Gustafson to furnish know-how too. Htim and Turkey SHOOT Sunday, November 22, 1964 T2 Noon Still Board Only ' 1 Mil* East of Atlanta On County Lin* • .ATLANTA CONSERVATION CLUB PAGE 4

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