Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 17, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1907
Page 3
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Woman's ffo woman** happl* neM can he compleM without children; it ii Iter In.itnre to love and want them at much KG as it !• to love the hcao* tifiii and pure. The critical ordeal'throttiifh which the expectant tnother mutt past, howeTer, i» so fraught with dread, pain, tuffering and danger, that the •ery thought of it fills her with apprehension and horror. 'I'liere is no necessity for the reproduction of life to beeitlier painful or diingerous. The use of Mother's Friend so prepares the system forthe comir.gevent that it is safely passed without any danger. This great and wonderful remedy is always applied externally, and has carried thousands of women through the trying crisir. without suffering. Said for free hook coiitilntnK informatloB if yrloeleM ralue to ail expectsuC mottifn. Tke BrmdBaie RtQuIator Co., Atlanta, fia. Mother's WANTED! One hundred couples to follow the crowd to the Rollaway Skating Rink Tonight. North side of the Square. Witness fancy stunts from Stunterville. Keep on the sunny side and be healtliy rorNdL MF.ETrNn WAS NOT nr. PORTANT. MAY POSTPONE FOOT BALL GAME FfRST XrMBER OF THE I .ErTl'RK roi RSE orrrRs TOMOHT. Van) 1M Harpf Pwtple Henrd Ror. Snm SmaU I.ootiiro in lola Last Mirht. CRABB SAYS: We have h h.-.d a reput.-.tio ^ in this locality of ing prescrijciMris with the h!<^ht-.>-t quality goods till- t) at could be SEcr.rtd, and in fiihiij;; them in a way which met with the yppn.'. al of the eniire medical professio' . The same careful work will be continued in the li - ture. The same high quality goods will he used th.-.t have been tised in tlie past. We solicit \oijr patroiiaj:e IV. Crabb, TolBphone 476 PPBSoHmtlon Dpjtggfst Riithv of All KiiiiN i:\ilii>iiu- A|i:irtiMi'iit for I.iiilies Denfcomb Mh House and mineral Well Ij.catcri at iMi > I.-. |"i-cl I I 1'1 Ave. I "lilt Sii ItlK'lllll.'ltUlll. Tills water r<i>ith»lj ( iirc* Stnniarh Tmnltlc ami Xuui: Prof. .1. I,, liislioji, till- •.( ('i-lclinit«-«l MiissairM IIIKI lljilroiiiilli- ht III tlif ConntrT. hi atlciiiliiiiri- i^hiiiir ina<>v:ii.'i'. . >VATI;R siiiri'Kii i\ i IVK ci ( JVI.I.ON HOITI.KS O\|,V, r. OENIOOMB, Prop. Was I .iplit Scs.-iion. 'rht> ooiincll mepihiK last pvpnlnj; was onp of ihe llghtesi sincp ihe pres- f»ni aijininistration has hPeii in i)ow- pr. Thorp was iiraciirally nothlns lie- sides the allnwiiiR of ihp rpjiiilar hills and transacting tlip leKular -spnii- innntlily Imsiness. Mills and Rodftprs .•Jiihjiiiifpd a proposition to ihp city !aKt night wherein' they prnposo to piill tlip casinK from the city ^ns well. NoihinR was donp. the proposition lie- ing laid em the tnhle until the next nif'ptiu}; affpf an iiivestisalioii Is mad". May Poslpniu- (7ainp. All pfTorr was beiti;^ madp yestprday afiernnoii to the foot liall game which was schediilpd for this afternoon lifitwcen the flarpe and Oas City liall teams of this city. The (ias City tpuiii has arrhnKPii a name with a ("Iianiitp tenin for next .Sunday :ir;ern<)(iii ai Clianiile iiiid spveral of ihf l.a llaipp lioys will pla.\ with the '!a.>; ("iiv leani. Kaiisiis Siiniioucr Toiiiirht, 'I'lif Kansas Siiiillowei- will lie the (how at Peer's opera house totli^'ht. This I/ill altlioui,')! it has been produced in this city liefnie. is one of the 'ii'si I'ver seen here. iiavin.« all liie jieciiliar situations to furnish an ev- enin;; ol" pleasiiie lor tlie liesi tliearpr •<ners. The cast is made oi" a irrea' iiitinv lola tiien. II its a piano bargain that you are looking for—you will find it an easy matter to drive a trade with us. We are showing different makes and alJ the different styles made, enabling you to suit yourself, both as to the finish and size and price of the instrument. Cnnip in tothiy and hoar (lii>iii. We will v^iarmifo fan \\\\\ hi> jiloasod. John V. Roberts Piano House KM.LEn AX AKMADHJ-O. el.-cied l..:dlps' ol" tht Klectcil Ofliccrs, The following oflicers were It the last nieetinj; of th<? I-'oreiijn Missionary society Methodist ICpiscopal church. Mrs. Ira M. lienhani. president; .Mr.<. i>oty. vice 'iresidenl; Mrs. McCariy. refordiii.i.' :-;ecreiary: .\Ir.~. .Means, treasurer: .Mrs. Ricltetls. <'orres»)ondi'ii.' Vecre- ;ai>. llhe society \\\\\ m.-i-i %>itli .Mr.---. Holy on their ne.xi iiieeiiim day. the first Tuesday in Novenili.r. Wrnt ITuntliiir. Mr. and .Mrs. ICd. Danforih of this city and Mr .and Mrs. l.eon Wasson of lola spent yesterday flshin.u' and hunt- in.:; on the banks of ihe .Mainiaton .voiniK people will reniiii iliis nfler- yniiii.g people will lireak this after- :ioon. This is a ^•l)od p'ac- for luiiitin.c and nshiuK. Wonderfully and Qiijckl> nlieves ami mres the painful sufferings of women; tci the niaidcn. tin- moilier. ilie woman in middle life it is a friend Indeed. Ijumlieil.- ;n)(| i-veu ihonsatids of .~ickly. frail and delicate women havi- 'u- w ii-siii:i'd to \iu(uous liealih lliiou^h i's use. .So cili you For full informal iOii. i.-^t imoiiiais and a ."uc box of tin' ri-tiiedy free, call iiu MRS, MARY E. BECK, fii; Nortli rir<;t. PIIOHC !»:».'.. folii. Jiaiijiat. Ivocal .M^'r. Tile \Voman'.< .\Iu*ual I'.cu '-fit I'o.. .loli.-i. ill. Ams. wanted. Creiiioiia Orrlirstru Tiiniirur. The Crenonia Orchestra, the first ntinilier of the lecture course, will l>e :it the .Methodist Kpiscofial church this eveninp. The ladies iire e.\pec(ed in this afternoon and will be readv for the entertainment this ••viuilni; This orcliesfra was the fiircfiii^ of the seatMin where henrd last year. It i> a liiimlier of the course which is seldom shown In <'it|ps tin- si/e of I,a Ilnrpe. Frnnkllii Coniily .Man Tliniiirlit H Wan II (iroiind Hiiir. Ottawa. Kas . Or:. \ South American nrniadilio. which uiidouliK-ilij escaped from the incnaK''-''ie of "ar iiuni ti liailey's < ircus it wa^^ h( r." .September and was Uil'. •(I by U'.O.IVisi on his farm one and lUielplf miles south of town. It was dark at the time and .Mr I'o.*^! Ilioii^'lil the aiiiiiial was a wood. hiicl; (u* a Kround hoj: It ilui; a iio'i' "or itself and .Mr. Post uncovered i( When it staruii in run be killed it "If I had bad any id"a it was an urmadilio I woiilii tiav.- captiir-d alive." sad .Mr. Post. "I believe i cculil have cau-.ii .t it wi :lioMt much ('•oiibli'." .Mr. Post ri'coKiii.'.ed Ilic animal after kiliiii.i? it and broni^iii it to town and i)resented it to tile tniiseuiii at Ottawa Universiiy. j'rof. \V. B. \V.1- •icn will mount it and it v .iM be add ,'d to Uie cidlec.ion of siuff-d animals The body of the annai'.illo is a littk .iiore tli::ri a lo j ioitf. ••r.ii is ••oveio-i .vith •'armiuir "plates, <uie overlap l-iiiR the othi-r.' 'i'he lar -'cst one ol .he plates forms a sort of coliai aruiiiid its neck. Tlie h.-ad is small • cry much lik- ituit of an immens. mouse, an<l r< ceiles into the collar The color of i .e animal is dtirk slatt K.-ay. It. is iiossible t.lial ilie .irmtidiMo kill ed by .Mr. Post was one of tli.- 'paii aviied l)y Fred l/ayio-s. who e .vhibit .'d them in (oiineclioii wiili his mov I;K picture .-liow. wliile tr.'ivelini; ovei itje sta ;e. It is said thai one of tlii iiniadiilos owned by .Mr. Hayn.'S es .•aped here alioni a nionili itno. .Mr :Iiiyiies advertisrd ti,e animals a> •;:rav«' r.jbbers." 'i'ln y are. however •Illirely liainili-ss. I'KOPI.K WK KNOW. } Send No Money-Just Send Us Your Name' FRE «rd by Lte tPii mail jou irili rtvelvtf our Heme Eje Test C^td WUD rjn tp-i joar o»n *>M ha tc- *-.;S>-'.» n II en <ione nxhi hew St^i.y Hi:'; > RrTurn Ibi* i«t c»H to -.f niil* iiU tr« bUaLa tH'<^ out »t;d,*i • ;i i *T4 you—rem^BiMr. -ttt-eut J e«rt ef money Ircm >ou—a of SiCburFt Sp*''"iirl*'9 flll*U rith i*si"lv r.hp Irn*- your a*s n'vd JI exactly t;** n^t ffime. « WEtR THESE S«CTACLES CUE W£E« FBEE-S,;'^- T-.T. * ''^^^ cr.i <; i-n !.'!.> arp not »ii:;r«I> Mi.sfa'-tory in i-v^r* w«y. warn M IMID to Ul ti-d ynu B't net OUt ore ftr>r.:.. U V.:r t.M Ws jiWff (& >o.i Ibr-y ire abwl itrly OPf- 7 **»"y for lo'if n ;t^,.y i,m\e nncc if n-'hisg ci5m;^arvd lo Ihe ccnion ihcy jIve your tTts •*!») Ui |] 7i t2d tttt- ro .>i>»n Acj oa rr<ri:l of ihe n;DSey mrl. scad rou FREE a l.a:.<lscrie Sr^T'.-clo f-i f-ne SCJ I r rrio U.-rhrr hned »ith rirh ply?h. Uni « •quar* deat f rrr<o»ii;oQ7 I W^MH it . f.c» i:.' «P are a sqcirr nriutie romrAnr? A <wo«nt lUmp antf ' ''***?Li? '"*>' "^^ >f»-' c/etijht. I K -t worth t-.e money? SliB*"* eye tfouttca wh«*i y ^ nafltectatf qutchiy tnte aefjou* tittstei. \\> ar.-ihe oo'y hr-usf That can fit »:>wucle (rjtr.^s to Vw your fact 0> ma:l—and forifi-i fi;-ui« J-r o^rr) f.l sr- imjor jnt corr^ri lens'-s. E»ery p«r - ' f*^*" aoa'a lice I* ah»IT<J i!jflfrpnfi%—ihp I TSPS niusi t- *piit «( ]JM I^P rf^bi <lis jn«-e (rem li.e e^M »-V or Ihey J>»«» tad « w.,>fi- IPP*.-*. I^T, t u n-.-i^>r:Mp th.*i ito liamti mutt eianiy . .^V '* nrtlT Tbail the »aT tt yrtu EVtPV »» A I R OF SPECTACLES WE HANDLE IS COLD FILLEO AND ABSOLUTELV CUARAKTCED. CtttfUWe yoo twy & pair of C-r^t. .nt Si.<r( Crftto ftaVC and l.n«fs—»rii »I^o b.i> it- pnjH^y aco ai the bead ol thPir rrt<;c:.)>.on »n J ty mtim ol oor scipaiiCr T'f^i Car4 /-/j.^ aad BMhodawecaa f.l >na n^ht tnerr •« your oi*n heme as aceuriTcIy ai / / _ WRITE TODAY. /v*">* .--'^ • D. Ar.d tH:s rninrarj ctr bark up in •- <^^ y' rnrirj vru not crU tiy ihe hithetx / r*'^ E L.1I tod UnowJedpp of op/j,^^ / ••' / ar.d who are recosrtre') %%/S^J? / ns of oor tfiPBliCf lV<.l Tard /jrjr / / Mfi heme Ju*i as aceuriioly ai / / .*' / WELKER & HANCOCK OPTICAL COMPANY.« //\'J-' , •I* Ht* IMIMS %ynmt. KANSAS CITT. MO. ^ •* <' cT«' ll n% »ew here •( our Kacufc C UT oBicr. Ifeiint Sum Sniiill. .-\ ^'reat many l.a llarpe people wlio iieaid Sam Small in this city during the c(uiference went to lola last even- inK and hoard him lecture af -'aiii. T< hear him once is to want lo iiear hini eevry time it is possible to do so. He lectured evening; fui His Majesty. Ilie llevll." l.a llur|ie IMstrlltutcd ("Irciilars. The I'arlter .\mu.semeiii company wliir-h is to be in Jola in liie near future was in this city yestirday dis- irihutins their circulars and ruber ad- •.e-nisiii^r. ihi' features oi ilieir carnivals, 'i'lie carnival company is coni- in^ to lida under the .•lusjiice.w of Uoberis" band of that <'iiy. Ii is hoped thai till- carnival will In- wi-!l atu-nded. ; Persttnals. I .Mrs. Wiiker.son came in y<'-;ierday ' .ifieruoon from Marshaiiown. Iowa. I for a short visit with Tom Thayer bei fore contiiMiini; on her journey tn I ralifornia. where she is to spend the j winter. Mrs. .M. Ilenjamin who has bt-i-n vls- jitins in this city left yesterday for .' Kansas City where slie will visit be! fore n-turnijiK to her honie in the west ] em part of the state. I'lie) \r«' lola Pei>|»lc, and Wlinl Thrj Siij \s ot l-acul Iiilcresl, Wlien an incident like ihe followitii: ucf-iirs liuhi here iit liiuiie. i; is bound lo carry weiKhi with our readers. So many stranj;e occurrences go the rounds of lite (iress; are published a.' facts, tieople ijecoiiie skejitical. On one subject skepticism is rapidly dis appearing. This is due to the actual experience of our citizens .ami their iuibiic utterances re^ardtn.!; fhem. The douliter niiisl doubt no more in the face of such evidence as this. The piiliiic stateinwjt of a reputable citizen liviiif; right at home, (luie whom you can see every day. leaves nr. 'ground for the skeptic to stand on. .John \V. Patterson, employed by MriKhiini H .\fc.VeiI. procers. and liv- insr at L 'ls .\'orth First sirei'i, lola .says: "i-'iu' two years 1 iiinoyi-d wiih aitack.-- of jiain in Ihe itnall of the back. These spells cam< 'in me i.':aduaily and Ilie iiain wqjild increase from day today until tlie attack would disaiipear as i;iystcrioii.-!ly •IS it caaic on. Oilier .symptoms thai were present indicated that my kid- •jeys were out tif order, and tiie recurrence of the aitack iilways jiroved that Ihe caii -e was still ihere. I used Doan's Kidney Pills four years a,?o. procuring: them at f. H. Spencer & Co.'s dru.s; store. This remedy ((iiick- ly banished the pains in my back and 6AS ITEMS LOC .11. FOOT HALL TE.iM WifL PLAY CHANUTE SrVDAT. A URGE CROWD EXPECTED TO 60 XErERAL LA HARPE PLAYERS WILL BE IX LI\E TP. K. T. WII.«ion Has HoiiKlit Liimher la Ercot Rosldonrfs—Per- sonnls. Twenty -fiTti Convprsions. There have l)een iweniy-fi-ve conversions at the revial ineetinRs which are lieing conducted by Rev. Mr. Sherman, the .I(!W evangelisf of Kansas City. The opera house where tlie ineeiinRs are beinp: held is well niled each evening with an interested audience. The evanselist has arran.ijed for special music every evenins. These meeriniis will continue the rest of this week and probably the niost of next week. Will Play Chanute Sunday. The manager of the Cas City foot ball team yesterday completed ar- ranKonients for a foot liall same be- .ween Ihe Gas Ciiy team iind a Chanute team to lie played on the Chantiie ;?ridiroii next Sunday afternoon. The local team will be reinforced by .some if the L:i llarpe players making one .if the fastest teams that evi-r left this •liy. Tile ;;ame probab:y will be a ;ood <uie as the Chanute leatii is considered to be almost if nor Kood Ibis year as it lias been for a iiuiiiber if years. A lar^e crowd of loi-a! rool- •rs will accompany ibi leain to Cba- niite. Ruin Prevents Wiirk. C. C. I.iiccock. of lola. lias been unable to finish niovins a house in .South Cas for the past seviriil weeks because <if the recent rains. He has succeeded in f,' the house to a certain section of the city where it is •.•ery low and wet, and takes a lon.L' • ime to ilry out after rains. He had inst started to work aRain to move the loitse from (his valley Tuesday when it r.ained asain. It would take him uit a very short time to linish iiiovins the house if i( was any [dace bu( where it is at the present time. 3 \\1iy work for ^50 a month when you <an earn irom-%\W lo $2.'<i> a month and expenses as a Tr.iveling Salesman? We will teach you to be one ill ei.nht weeks by niatl and secure you a p<isition with a reliahk* Hrm. .\'o former experience required. Write for free cataioR today, .•\ddress .National Salesmans Traiuiii.i? .Asa"ii. Suite .'Wi' Scarritr r!ld«.. Kansas City. Mo. W.-\.NTIi:n— Oirls to work in restaurant. Good waK'"-s. Kxperienced sirls preferred, .\ddress "Girls" care Register . W.\.\TKn— Man and wife wanted to work on farm. .Address "C" this oflice. W'.AXTKD—Middle a^ed woman for general housework. liUfl South Cottonwood. WA.VTRD—Situ.4tIon; 7 perience in .Rrocery and store. References. years ex- dry jinods Ixickbox AU, Gas. WA.\Ti :n— To buy lady's diamond rin.u: about three-ijiiarter karat. .-Xd- dress XV this otlice. • .MAN WANTS lo do cieanin.:?. Imjuire Ml South Kim street; WANTKD—Ten honest hoys 12 to 14 years old, to distribute aiivertisinfj matter after school. JJrfns reconimen- dfilions. Call before sdiool .Monday til CotttiKe Hotel; ask for .Mr. Dee. WANTKD— Rock loaders at Kunsap PoiUand Cement Plant, Inquire at Quarry at Concrete. WANTED' 'Mlmomllmnmouf \V.\.NTKI»—TyiiewritliiK and clori- .-al work. Room ,'!, old court Iioiisc Itebecca Gcdile. "WANTED— A place for n boy or girl to work for board while attending the lola Business College. Telephone Main 495. FOR SALE'-REAL ESTATt FOR SAI.K— CorMi lilack dirt. Phone $1110 DOWN .-xNO $10 PI:R .MONTH biiys a line 4 room cottage, on 4th street, at only $i;.")ii, which will not build the house alone. Immediate possession if sold at once. iOI..-\ T.,ANI) CO. C L. Evans left yesterdiiy for West i cured all the other distressing symp- 'toms. I never had but one attack after, and I can say that today my back i Mr and Mr.-). Ralph Duncan of .lop-j and kidneys are as strong as ever in lin. .Mo., are visitinc in this city this'my Mfe." Plains. Mo., where he expecis to con- sum;i!e a real estate deal corrora oorc. •*< CM . I week. Try a Want Ad. in the Regls(er I TO rrKE A rOLD IX 0\E DAY ITnke LAX.ATiVE nRO .MO Quinine I Tablets Dniffgists refund money if it fnils 10 cure. K W. GROVIVS KIK uafuiv- In on each box. L'fi"- For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster-Milhurn Co., nuffalo. New York, ole agents ^for the I'nifed SLiios. Renipniher (he name—Doans' and take no other. Rounrlit Liimlier A'csle^day. K. T. Wilson yesterday iiurchased he lumber with which he will erect .lis line residence on .\orih .Main •itreet of the Co<iper Lumber compan.v. I'he contractor will begin immediately ind will rii.vli the work to completion, r /iey hope rn huvi' (he house fiiiislied beffu-e cold Wi-alher. Heard Sam .Small. .•\-lar.ue crowd (U" Gas City people were in lola last eveiiiii.^; and heard '.lev. Stitn Small lecture at the .Meth)dist Episcopal cliurch. Those yho heard him in l.a Harpe last week .vanted to hear him again and others .vho did not liear wrc just as anxious to hear him a.gain because their 'riends had told them so mucii about ihis' led lire. Personals. Miss I.eta Shea who has been ill for •iver.'il days, is s<iiiie better this niorn- iig. Airs, lleasley of Concreio is thtjiight ro be in a very serious condition. She has been ill f<ir several days. E. K. Taylor returned yesterdiiy from Erie. Kansas, where he went on I short business visit Tiicsda.v. .T. R .Ilollinger. formerly of this :dty hut now of Colorado Springs, Col- trado. was in the city yesterday visiting old friend.s. He is enroilte to Pardons. Kansas, on a short business Visit. Mr. and Mr.^. W. H. Martin, of Longton, Kansas, were visiting in this ciiy vesterday afternoon. HEAD OF ELKS IN TOPEKA. Will AHend Cornpr-Stono Laylnir .Manday Mfiht. FOR .SALT-)—4 roomed house, water and sewer connections. $50 cash, $12 a month. Grace Arnold, phone 30G. FOR SALE'MimoaflammouB LOOaE OIREOTORY B KNIfiHTS OP MAGCABBESri- Kulgbta of Maccabees of tbe World' meets In K. P. Htill, second and fonrth Wednesday ufgbts in each liionUi. 7. W. Postwait, commander; R.B^Por- ter, recoi;rf keeper. TV. 0. Camp No. 101 meets In K. of P. Hall every Friday night W, T. Steele, C. C; A-H .DavIa, Cler» Visitors cordially Invited. KXIGIITS OF PYTHIAS.—Neoaho Lodge No. 43 meets every Monday, night at K. of P, HaH. Visiting bro- . thers Invited. "W.S.Thompson, C.C3.; Chris Ritter, K. of R., and S. M. W. A.—The isPv!. A. Lod«« meets every Friday night In M. W. A." hall. Visiting brothers Invited. "W.H.; Anderson, V.C.; W.A.Cowan, Clerk;' ROYAL XEIGHB0R8.—Tola Camlfc .Vo. 365, Roya^ Neighbors, meetii sees- ond and fourth Tuesdays ot efti^ month. 'Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracls; .Mrs. Mary Hutton, 413 West Strert,; Recorder. F. A.A.— Golden Leaf Council- Ife. 1-1 162. F. A. A. meets first and tKIm vV'cdnesday nights fn each montb In K. P. Hall. C. E. Lacey. president;' Miss Mable RhortacU, secretary. FRATERNAL BBOTHERHOODvr- % Fraternal nrotherhood N'o. 380 naeeti; j second and fourth Tue.sdays of'ftacli' J month In A. O. U. W. Hall. WliOO^ J members ' cordlaly Invited. W. It An* ^-i derson, president; Golda Blam, seen* -i cary. ; [ . Jnnlor Order I'nlted American Mi^ g rhnnlrs. —.Meets every Wednesday e¥- - 'iilng at 8 o'clock in K. P. Hall. All visiting niemliers iiiviied, R. A. A'idick, Coiiucelor; C. li. HIack, Hec. Si-crolary. •• - BUSINESSOIREOTORY JKWELl-JRS. R. F. Paricoast, old reliable Jeweler,, 110 .street. STAMMER. Complete court at the beat acbdol for stammerers in America at Oti«> half price this fall and winter. Wlulte for Information at once. McKIe Schtiol for Stammerers. 2"05 East 12th Street Kansas City, Mo. For host and Qnlrke.^t Rcsnlts ase the Register Want Colams. Try B Want Ad. In tk. Beglstei Expert Cloiiies Cleaning", Vttam^ and Repairing. 13 W. Madljon. BUSY-YZ^ZY Work Called for and Delivered, - Tlteatrical Wardrobe a Specialty CLARBHOe A. ROOKWELL, FOR SALE— .Mare. illSO North Main, Gas Cit.v. FOR .SALE OR TR.\Oi:—J'lO shocks of corn. Imiuire at" ihe Otieii l-'artn. C. F. .lu.stic... FOR H.M-E Peanut and poticorn business at ciu-ner of postoHice. Ooitig .good ijiisiness. Present [iroprielor .going into oilier business, inquire at stand. I-'OR SALI-:—Po!ai;<l China Hugh Piper. .Moran, Kans. boars. FOR SALIC OR TRADE—Poj. corn wagon. .'Ill .North Third street, city. I-'OR SAIJC—Folding ;!0:i East street. iii'd; upstairs FOR SALI'>-Gw)d mnre with Call at 'JIO West street. rOR REtn ' MisomlimneouB FOR RENT—Two rooiii house, .North Third street, lola. •.11> I'OR RENT—Nicely f it r n i s li .• d rooms. 41M South Walnut. ..-.'it i Evans Broi^ Of oam. i BooMm, . StMtt—imtyi SchomlMmmitHmm 4evhllmot Svttplimm, fyimw^ltmr SunmUmM, Ottlcm Mfit0tUm. Where quality la main consid- eratloD, we buy the be."5t. Where demands will justify, we carry all grades and prices. W B S O H O H rouf Tfmthfs SOUTH »IDE fQUARii tela. Kanaaa. i .1^ TO R1-:NT—Two furnished for li.ijlit liousekee|(iiig. ".'I '.i Sycamore. » rooms Smilli '•'OR Ri-:.NT—One seven and OIK- four room cottage. Nelson F. Acres. FOR RENT—Three unfurnishoil rooms. Inquire 504 South Riickeye. FOR RENT—Furnished family without children, lefferson. rofuns to IMI .North FOR RE.NT— Furnished rooms for sleeping and iighir hfuisekeepiag. Topeka. Oct. 17.—.luilge A. W. Dana j South Washington. Ol' the Shawnee county district court vill deliver tb«' prnc'pai address at Ihe laying of the cornerstone for th.'^ new Elks' Club liuilding Monday night* ai II o'clock. Preparations in muc'i detail for the event have been arr.ang- en, anil it is probable that the occas ion shall he the most Important in the history of the order in Topeka. The occasion will bo graced tiy th presence of a number of grand lodge officers as follows: I .lohn K. Tener, Charlero', Pa., grand I exalted ruler: Fred C. R- hnson. D:i buque. Iowa, grand secretary: Tho=. P. Mills. Superior, "Wis., .H grand, trustee, and J. U. Sammls. ^V^ter!oo., Towa. chairman grand lodge com in it fee on laws. FOR RE.NT—Furnished house, modern. Apply this oHice. 1 FOR RENT—Furnished down~^airs Vpoms for housekeeping. 316 South" Walnut. STRAYED—White blind pony from 507 North street. !•'. i:. Siniih. Phone 1005. P0L4R BEAR FLOLR Has Stood ihe Test Becatise its the Best Accefjt No Otbeir Wm.Oberioif ,,Agt., . - GRCiCEItT H«atfq«art«ra fof Good Things to Cat Je\e\ihon€ IS# I I I For hwl and Oalrk ^at ReR«l»<i »««• Iha Re»lKl(>r Waul COINIIDI. Its Economy To have yonr Carpets and Rug« cleaned l>y Tbe iola Xflg Factory »t10l^ 51*. ^ V Farms for Sole: 100 acres* improved in spctidn 16, :i. .". miles uortheast of .Moran, also 160 i acres in section I'O oi:e mile and a halt-, east of Geneva. For iirlces. and, term* write the owner. ."^ £.L. MILLER ! Sti:; Peiiton noiilevard, Kansaa'cttykS

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