Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 24, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 24, 1908
Page 7
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1. THE lOLA PAILTJIBgaTEpt SATUBPAY FTEim 8, OCTOBEB gj, Igfe. V - ' Mew Yot^ Sioi^'si Mi^ai Mnii of i Begins Monday morni^ and ctoniSnues for one weekm I Wc always aim to hold this important 'sale about the middle^^oFSeptenfiiber, but the manufecturers were behind in filiin5\ i^nse orders---bou^ht when the season was dullest and pric^^ meant a whittling down pf which makes it all the better lor our custoniers. In fact these Blankets ond these Comforts are ours at less ^than last year' CtirisequenUy we will offer them in this sale at such a price flifference that youMI rub your eyes to see if you have read aright. our im- prices, prices. Sole Agents for the Beocon Blankets It is a laVorite in evefy household where known. This bljinkfel is absolutely sanitary, which cannot be said of the odor- absor blng wool blankets J The Soa« OOJtiswarm without being heavy, quickly aired and moth proof—are«asily washed. Borders i>uaran- tsed fast colots. On sale now.' See north window display. Beacon blankets, lull size in gray, tan and . white, with pretty borders, in this sale, per pair. ,. :.$t,98 Beacon blankets, vou can tell them from wool, fall size, wash easier and more satritary than wool, come in beautiful borders, permanent finish, per pair SZmSO Beacon Blankets, extra large size, iu pretty shades of tan, gray and white, with beauiifur borders, iu this sale, per pahr $3,00 Beacon blankets, in beautiful plaids, extra fine German finish, fast colors, they look like jio.oo wool blank'-:- this, sale, per pair. -p $.1»98 Plain Bml Fancy Outings One lot of Outings in light and dark checks and stripes, also plain, 7*c values, in this sale at .So 50 pieces fancy and plain Outings, iu stripes, checks, plaids and plain, well worth loc, special in this sale 80 75 pieces fancy and plain Outings, beautiful assortment of colorings and plain, in this sale lOo A great variety of fleeced Outings for wrapptrs, in dark and light colors, special in this sale .t2 fr2o Pretty Flannelettes in a great variety of colors, dark and light, single and double faced, beautiful desi^jus, they look like French Flannels, special tSo and IS0 Blankotst BlanketsF 10-4 cotton Blankets in CaO: grey and white, in this 5a!e, per pair - ia-4'Ash\vood B'anktji>. \n yrsy. un and white, 50U German fruish, ler paii 75o , 11-4 extra fine finish c^itton Blankets in gray and while, soft German finish, in thi> ."sale, per pait .^fmOO ir-4 Angora rulton B'ankets. in white onl fiuL* Oermin finish, full si.:e, in this sa'c, per pair Sf'25 I ::-4 Stanhope Cotton Blanket? iu grav un-y, extri large size, fine German finish, in ibis sale, p-ir $ta3S \ r*'-4 Alliance Cotton BJanktU, in grey and while, extra large size,.big enough tor two. Sj>ecial price in thii s-ilc, per pair : ..$tm50 ii-4,Wiiite Wool Bla'nket:;, with pink and blue borders, silk tape binding, in this s,ile. pair $3m80 11-4 all wool Blank^'ti in gray, with pink aad blue borders special, per pair $3m98 11-4 Sycamore Wool P.l-iuktts, in white aud grav, absolutely sanitary, in this sale, pair $SmOO n-4 Palmdale Blankets, silver gray also plaids, strictly all wool, with pretty borders, special price for this sale, per pair $Bm98 11-4 Mount Vernon white Blankeis, made from fine long Australian lamb's wool and steam shrank, in this sale, per. pair $7m50 11-4 Princeton strictly pare wool white Blankets, California lamb's woo!, with beautiful borders, special iu thi- sale, per pair... $8.50 Failure to take advantage of ^ the man J bsirgalsas offered in tiiis aaie means titeioss of doliaram The Beacon Sanitary Crib Blankets ne Heoeasity of a Sanitary Crib Biaotret ia Aitsoiute hlankets absorb odors •Beacon Crib Blanket" Sluflid qu>'t-i won't do Wcolt-r? and are geuerallv unpleasant The " is a light wti;:ht. w.rm and strictly sanitaijy crib covering.. Tbis b'anket cnnies in wuite, pink and bine, in p'-in ard lancv floral dt;?i;;ns It is easily washed, gnaraiiteed fast color, has a wool finish aud yet moths have no use for it. AmSt to See it. Prices for Beacon Crib Filankers range $1.25, $1.50, $2, $2.30 Sale.of Comforts God st^, double Bed Comforts, wiih fancy silkoline er^v- ering in this sale. Special e-rch ..98o Lirce doMb'c: bed Comforts with fancv sitkoline cdv*=ring and.white filling, in this sale, special eacb...^ $1m2S Full large size Ked Corafo-t- extra heavy, filled with white cotton, special in this sale, each $t»BO Large Comfo>^ts with fancv ranbric coveriag and sheet cot- to ; fidmg, baud knotieo, la ti:is sale sjieciaf, .S2»00 Full size bed C.'miorts, b=st grade of white coit'jn filling. iu this sale special, each fancy qniited or baud knotted. $2.SO Extra size Comfor's covered-with fine French I satin, quilted filled with sani'.ary cottoa, special, each .....$3mSO Sole Agents for Ladies' Home Journal Patterns • \ The Store that Never Disappoints Its Customers I ntOAD DAYLIGHT &Vin Oreen,. Colored Teamster, Held • iip THtV-Afternoon by Two W»!ite Men on South Kentucky. Erwin Green, a colored teamster, was held up' on South Kentucky street this afternoon and robbed of |35. The details of the robbery had not been learned at the sheriffs office at press time this afternoon. However, it seems that Green was returning from the couDtr>- and when he readied South. Kentucky street was confronted by two White men who demanded his money. After relieving him of his each Hue men hurried away rhile Green made haste to notify the oIHc- ers. Tlic men arc dt-irribod .-is bfJij^- inediuni sized and both won? top shoes. One of the men wore a light hat while the other bad an auto cap. Slierlff Bollinger said late this afternoon that he had learned that two men answering the description of the I highwaymen were seen in the neigh-' boiiiood of the tola Portland- plant going sonth. "The officers are In pursuit • VoTIey Bail Tonight. The business men's volley ball rc;im will plav in th*^ cym room at the Y. C. A. torlgat. ( Htv, liiirfcoiz on Uasine»!<. .Mrs. f.ufholz. of Yates Cf.atcr. Is in thn n'.y v-day on l»nsiii»-8«. Boy«' Bible Class. Tl:of.' w.-»s a soud attendance and iTiTTfsiin;; Service at tho meeting of f: f boys- Bible clas.s in the Y. M. C A. rooms this afternoon. Sold Elsniore Lots. i W. T. Campbell, administrator of the Bettes estate'^f Elsmore. today closed a deal selling four lots on the business streets of Elsmore. Three large bushiees bouses will be erected on the lots by W. H. Umphrey, Ben C ark and C. L. Moone.v. (iiniiiiT Dipbthfri;! I"n>e. The ToU'v home on Sr.ulii S«coud WHS quarauliucd today. Mr. and .Mrs. Coleys daughter is ill with diphtheria. Ralph Laytod and William Preach left today for Grand Junction, Colo.. to sfitle tlie estate of the late Abel Layton. Mrs. J. W. Huston left | today for Bolikow. Mo.. for.« few daj^s' Tiait before retornior to. luir iKome in DeB> •er. 8be has ben Tfdtias at ibtthamb Form Basket Bail League. .\ innnbtr of southeast Kansas cit les arc planning the organization of a basket "oall leaguo to include Parsons and Fort Scott. An effort will be made to induce Tola to enter a team. • THE MAN AROUND'TOWN •There Is one sin the Democrats are not guilty of this fall." said the man on the street corner this morning. ••And that is tte sin of bettln?. You will meet a Democrat and he will grow enthusiastic over the hopes ot the party and then blurt out, 1 will bet that Bryan carries thi.s stato." ; "'How much will you bet?' .«»ays a^ Republican as he steps up with the; coin ^In his fist. 'Ob. T am not a bet-1 ting man,' says tbe Democrat, 'but If! r was I would certainly tafee^on np.*! Now that is the way with everv Demo-! crat I have seen this fall. None of; them are betting men." BirUis. Tl>e foilowiag births were reported today: Mr. and Mrs, Elmer Taylor. Bassstt. daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Butler, West Madison avenue, daughter: Mr. and Mrs. O. Waite, 817 North WUnut. daughter- Trinity Methodist Church. Attfa >r Trinity Methodist church tomorrow, a United Brethren preacher will preach, both, at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m., tiie p^fttor being absent. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Jnn- lor league at 3 p. m. and E^worth leagiie at 6:30 p. m. •Is this Tbf Reriater office7'" tn- Quired a gentleman over the phone in the editorial room last night. In the voice of a politician Jn d«>spnlr. It was just five minutes before the re?- istration books closied. "Yes. sir." said the reporter. "What ir wanted?" "Well, r want to know if Bill Gnunpy. Jake Kicker and Jim Bullous have reidstered." was the answer in ia confidential tone, indicating that he tl!oagbt he was talkinar to some one who would be especially interested in baring the three citizens above i named registered. The reporter was on the point of tellinsr the bu.'y politician that he had Judge Smljb had fii^ tor ^ifstr "It's tho wron? number, but later reflected too bad It lias rained so'moc^ -70a that h" ro'ild answer tte question cor- cau't h»ve any fun today. Saturday recily without looking on the .'egis- is your day o^f from school and.I wish tration books. He remembered that jt w?!^ so you could ?o nutting or Bii; and Jake and Jim had not been something of the kind." But tbe a great distance removed from the voungsier said. "The rain looked good pie counter of trie • Democratic city to me. It means pumpkin pie." . administration and that It was a cer-" "Pumpkin pie?" asked Judge Smith taiiity that they were registered so he in surprise. I told his interrogator "yes." The man -Well.Jt ik this way. Judge. I live at the othrr end of the phone heaved out on 'the creek. . This high water a slch of reliel tliat played along the washed pumpkins .from i the 'lowlands telephone wire and then hung up the down the stream, and I tow them::U» recciv.-r. ! shore with a pole. I>got a whole lot jof "em the! other day. My! 1 them ^ , . , J . ij' pumpkin pies was good. And what do •Thi? ruin Ir»rks good to me said you think, the other day a boat came tho mischevions boy in the office of ^ ' from Electric park and Judsre Smith t^is morning. The lad j p^nght It and mc and the other^Ids is ^^b.^t f ^oT .e might caM a bad boy had some sport. This boaWM ^^te* becauiie be has once been in Juvenile oiine. JudgeL" court for some prank. But he is not i Then thef Judge laughed and tqltf a bad bbr. inat mtscheviouH. One day. boy he was glad tQ-aae htm c«t- in B moment ,when his better Jndg- ting aIons *'so welL He fd^Md^klaf ment wnvcr»>d. he committed an act. ^ 5© more ou^ftil fa kfs tm^'not not a serlo 'JS before the J...^,. Smith noticed Lis open countenance; _„„ •vi„i- and tbe steady «Ieam In his eye and* alr^hf -Tw tte he didn't send him off to the reform school, but gave him a kind, fatherly I °^„iJ/^f/°^!f™^; • , ^ talk and asked him to be more careful,,. Alright. I Judge, »iid the boT as thereafter. The lad comes In and Te:;l»e Put on rils cap and went wbistUng ports to the. Judge occasionally just j "^"^ «>*8<=«to let the court know how he Is getting along. Today he was ma^iog a visit, for that's ah it was, just a \i. MS* w^** moro Gnrvxiu lu eua UUL. suu nut as crime, and was brought anything that will ouUtrhft vkr- Juvenile officer. Judge,enis feel bad. i Df. Swan to Speak. ©r. Swasi. of Gas City, wiU spealr friendly chat ^tween an old boy and j at the menfs meeting in the T. H. C. ayottngboy. ^ 2x jA. tomorroy afternoon!.

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