Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 24, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 24, 1908
Page 6
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16 TEE lOLA. SAILT BKOMTBB. SATTOBAT r^tNCIOBEB 1 jio^m SME OF THE SOU4ME Sonie ^g S^c^l ibr For today and Monday we will name some very special prices on many desirable lots of merchandise. It will pay you to come early. SALE OF LADIES* COATS We are showing the largest line of Ladies' Goats we have ever owned and the prices are amazingly low, considering the splendid finish of the garments, the ma- ten's, fit and style contained in each. Tomorfow we offer extra special coat values at $5,98, $7,50, $8m95 md $12,50 iSee them whether you buy or'not. » Misses* and Children's Coats, none as good shown elsewhere at th*»se prices 5/.50, $1.98, $2M, $3.9Q, $^.98 and up to $^9.73. FOR TODAY AND MONDAY $5 o > Skirl values, clioice , joc and 75c Dreis Goods, guod /S -yle, yard Women's Si -25 and $i 50 Underskirts, choice... Regular 12 I-2C Ou-.iup:, new lijr'nt grounds, yard Regular 7 1-2: ami 8c Outing Fhniiels, yard ....39o tOo .....So Yard wide Percales, last colors, sale price. tOo Regular 12 i-2c Cotton Batting, per roll iOo 40c bleached Table Damark, special 2So Regular $5.00 value, black Silk Waists, each.. $2m9S Good quality bleached and unbleached Mu&linj, yard Bo Install E. L. Combs. Rev. C. C. Russell left this morning for Bcammon, Kas., to attend the installation services of Rev. E. I-. Combs, who has been given fin; pastorate of the Prcsbyte; ia:i church at that place. Rev. Russell, ar; moderator of the Presbytery," \vill have charge of the services.—Cherryvale Republican. V TEST THE OIL RATE Maximum Freight Rate Law to be Tested.—Webster Refinery is Connected. Off to Cuba. ^ • . Johnny Kane, the well known lie'd- er for the Cincinnati Reds of the National ball leasue. who hus been visiting in the city with his wife and parents, for the pas^ few days, expects to leav£ tomorrow nitrhl for Cincinnati, •where he.will join his team for a trip through Florida tand into Havana, Cuba.—Pittsburg Headlight. PIMPLES •'I trlp'l nit k[i.!s or^-Uxi.) r«mf.!loii whirli fiiilml to Oo mo aii3* c"'>tl 1 tiuvf^ fniiiift the ri;;bt lUiiii •t Iti-it. .lly f.-ic" v.£s full of i>ii>>i'lr» »"•! black. h-.iils. Af»»rmliiiii; fnti-ni'U lliey «ll li-ft. 1 aia «oiitjitnl>i|f ili« n<e of ttifiii atiil recuuiiuenttiitc tiM -m ti> n y frlpiiii;. I f<--l llnp when 1 rlso n ths til .riiiue. Uopo u> l::>v«: n chance to rrcummend Kr^il C. WIttcn. ;o Kim St., Newark. N.J. The maximum freight rate law rel-. ..•itive to oils passed l)y the Legislature j • cf l&it5 will be tested by a case filed in j the Supreme Court yesterday, says the Topeka Capital. The case in ouestion is from iMitchell county. J. "W. Tucker of Beloit bought 25 barrels of oil from the Webster Refinery at Humboldt and the oil was shipped over the line of the Missouri Pacific railway company. The charge made , by the railroad compsiny was $15.02; and under the maximum freisht rate} ; law aprlying to oil the freight charge j (should have been only $12. | Tucker paid the bill and secured j t'le oil. then brought a test case in the district court of Mitche'l county for ?5i>(i damages and costs and attorney fees. The district court gaye him a judgment for tic full amount. The Missouri Pacific has appealed the case to the Supreme Court and asks ithat the judgment be reversed. It contends that the maximum freight law as applying to oil is unconstitu- fioual and confiscatory. This Is the first case of this character that has reached t>e Supreme Court since tlie law went into effect. .-ATMARTIC ^.^^ ' • i •• K v. - . t!ii.:rt st.imi'ea ecu. .;;;-:.:.»- .K>i-:cJv Co., Chicajj* cr N.V. 595 .^NKUAL S4LE. TE^i MILLION BOXES LOW COLONIST RATES Ta CALIFqUNIA LD MEXiCO ^ THE I NORTHWEST BRITISH COLUMBIA VIA Fixrrt I'D Office. Dr. W. R. Heylnmn's office" had liCC'.' repapored and otherwise ini- I)roved. the interior prosentinp a^very new appe?ranr.«« OLD SPANISH SV/INDLE. fourth of his fortune of several tousand dollars. : Mr. Sperry paid no attention to the l'?tter furttier than to tell of getting it to the other clerks. But when some ; of the younger and less married of | the grocery force heard it they quit wrapping up soup beans and got their heads togetlxiy. The result was they got a promise from Mr. Sperry that if he would give them 5rt per cent of the ; proceeds they would undertake to got) the f:o-way bag with the precious cer -j tifioates out of hock and rescue the beautiful maiden from her predica-; ment. Then they sent a telegram to Madrid, Spain, as per directions, te'lins the dying man tliat they would take him at his own "offer. The message cost six dollars but they figured that if they could get one-half or one- fourth of several hundred thousand dollars they would still be away to the good: so much so that they would be able to quit dispensing green cucumbers and filling prescriptions for canned tomatoes, and cheese.^ and could retire with a small fortune and the satisfaction of kuowing that they had rescued a helpless maiden from the cold contact with a cruel and unfriendly world. Just about this time F. E. Shoe-' maker, the postmaster, heard of the; Spanish deal and ho remembered' something he read in the Postal Guide for October. He took it over to the store, and when the clerks read it stock In Spanish fortunes and pretty maidens began to depreciate and in less than five seconds they could have been bought on the market for less than it would take to ret a share in the Kelly Motor Company or the Calico railroad. OIK (has. B. Sneni-er & I'o. Declare That IIcm -KdFii Will Cure An? Case of Piles. Hy authority of Dr. J. S. Leeiihardt, Chas. D. Spencer & Co. guarantee that Ilem-Roid. an i internal tablet remedy, will cure any kind of piles, no matter how bad. j Dr. Leonhartll is the celebrated specialist who discovered that the cause of pi'es is internal, and in giving his remedy to th» public, said: "Heni- Ut ::d will be m\d only under a guaran tee thai it will cure any case." SJ for 24 days' treatment. Dr. I.eon- hardt Co.. Station B. Buffalo, .N. Y.. prop. Write for booklet. LOOK AF^ER WIDOWS. Is Being Worked In Various Kansas Counties. ON SALE Sept. Ist tp Oct.3^st Ask for Fall Inloruatlon. IP^P. Hde, ASt. The ChanutP Sun says: If you re- f-eive a letter f-om a re'ative of yours who is dyini; in a Spanish dungeon and he wants to leave yon a large ^•ortune provided you will take care of a daugtter of his who is stranded tn t!-e ancient Kingdom of Castile and ' eon, you had better turn the kind offer down. It wou'd be infinitely better for you to let your unfortunate ifinsmau gradually pine away and die in a inilitai-y fortress, and allow his "banning dauehter to be carried off to the jno'intain fastness by brigands ind let the fortune revert to the ''nanlsh government, than to part •^-ith any considerable sum of -hard earned cash to assist in alleviating tVeir distress. The swindle is one. of the whi.«ker- ed variety and has been exposed repeatedly, but it hlos.soms forth again with perennial regularity, whenever -rons are good in Kansas. One day this week a new comer to Chanute. who is_ of Greek descent and never remembers having any re'atives migrate to Spain, rci'elved the advance feeler of the swindle. He has not replied to the epistle, but will probably receive t'e followup letter 4n duo time. At .Xeodflshu the same scheme was worked with morn miccoss. accordinu! to the . ReKister. There A. C. Sperry, who clerks for Heath * Peterson, received u Irttor postmarked Madrid. 'Spain, and say InK In substance, that a relative of •'•H was nt the twlnti of death In n nrlsnn and that he has a fortune In sloci'S In ti-e United! States but un fortunately hlH valise^ containing the certificates of stock ha-s been seized by the government authorities and he Is In a serious nredicament He does not care for himse'fj It is his daughter: he wants to get her Into the hands of relatives and offers lo send her to America if Mr. sperry will accept her, and to give tin) one- The Cpmmander Sends Out Warning to Veterans. Topeka, Kas., Oct. 24.—In a circular letter issued yesterday by Commander \V. A. Morgan of the Katasas G. A. R. He calls attention of the veterans of^he Civil war to the precautionary measures with which the government has surrounded the law providing for pensions for soldiers* widows. It appears that this law requires the widow to furnish proof that Iter df^i coascrl husband was never married until he married her and half a hundred other things, impossible in many instances. Commander Morgan recommended that the veterans go to a notary and make a sworn statement of all of these facts while they are living so that the widow may have no • rouble in securing her pension after bis death. Awarded higfiest honors by the great World's Expositions^ and proved of superior strength and purity by the official tests. No alum, ho lime phosphates Food officials^ state and national^ with physicians^ condemn the use of alum in fobd^ and deplore and denounce the dishonest methods by which aliim baking poivders are imposed upon the pubUc. " —From Stw Tork Joarnat. TO MIDDLE WEST ARD ROCKY MOURIAIII STATES REPUaUCARS. • f —•— . Yon want Mr. Taft and Mr. Sherman elected, and they cannot b« elected unless the Republican National Vommlttee has sufficient money to pay.the legitimate expenses of the campaign. It costs money to maintain an organization. It requires money to pay for printing^ postage, salaries or stenographers i;>d clerks nt headquarters, traveling expenses of speakers and nuraer <?ns other details that go to make the campaign end successfully. CongreSfJ. is you know, has passed a law making It -unlawful for us tr. solidt money from corporations. We must depend upon the contributions lof individual voters. If every Ra- publican In this Westei -n Divi .«ion would "contribute one dollar to the campaign fund, we will be able to do all the things that the voter* want done; we will be able to e !eet Taft and Sherman. Will yon help?. If so, please send one dollar to fhft chairman of your State Finance Committee, whose name appears in the list following, or send It direct to me and you will receive the official receipt of the RepnbUeas National Committee. Respectfully, / FRED W. UPHAM, Assistant Treatorer. rontrlbutlons may be sent by check or money order to any of the following named cbHirmen of tbe various Statf finance committees: Colorado. Hon. Whitney Xewton. Denver. Idaho, Hon. Frank F. Johnaon, Wallace. Illinois. Col. Frederick H. Smith. PeorU. Iowa. Hon. Lafayette Ywmg. Des Moines. Kansas, Hon. Frank E. Grimes. Topeka. Uichlgaa, Hon. John N. Bagley, Detroit Itfissourl. Hon. O. L.'wiiitelaw, 409 North Second street, 8t Loals. Montana. Hon._ Thomas A. Marlow,, Helena. Nebraska. Ilofi. .Tohn C. Wharton, Omaha. New Mexico. Hon. J. AV. Reynold^ Santa Fe. North Dakota. Hon. .Tames A. Buchanan, Bnchanaa. Oregon, Dr. H. W. Coe, Portland. South D.ikota. Hoa. O. W. Thompson. Vermillion. Washington, Hon. .T,nii:es D. Ilnec. Seattle. Or to Fred W. rpham. .\s»istant Treasurer. 234 Uichlgaa arenm, Chicago, Illiooi .'t. Sumna.y of Wages Earned in Tiiirteen Different Trades in the United States and Europe. Btacksmith*' »r»ckl .T wac^ . Boilermakers' wpehlj Bricblarpr*' wi^klr •»ai:.>. . Carpenterit' wepklv waz» . Corapoaltors* werkly wn««> Hod rtTTiert' wp^klr n-ae- Ir«a fnoulders' wr^kl/ w«s» (Atwrcrs* weekly wa;:e .... Mactalotata'.weekl .T' n-a~e .. Painters', weekly wage Plaml >er8' weekly w.igo . . . fitonectitteni' weekly was*. Stoncoa^jnni' waekly "Uai;e Tout .*. .3 .. 1' 17. 17 » If. . Jl .-<> 7t .SO 3S !--» .!»0 .7'* 70 Great Britain. Trance. Germanr. Belginm. $ 974 S 9.1'J 9 «.»3 or..-: 8.14 «.2» « 4.21 8.3« 6 .a- 4.<» 10 e.^ 7.<>4 6.44 i.S2 8.VT 7.95 4.77 r,i>o 4.OT 2.07 I 'j IS 7.46. 6.30 .r94 .1 70 .V4f» 4.4S 8.07 as» 7.42 7.3.^ «.6r» « 14 5.85 3.26 s>.t':: 7..« 5.83 3.84 *.-7 7.09 5.7« 3.S5 io .;ti> T.-J4 0.64 4.22 $IIS..tI $no..'!0 S79.3i> . $40.30 « 9.10 ( 6.M ( 6.10 $ 3.6« ATtrms* weekly wage t 18.-0 l.V OTilF.K WORDS la tbe li'Ditid f.tatti for erery $1.00 a ci&n earns la rbe 13 trades— He earn< .V» eenta in Great Brltala Ue earns .18 rents la France He earns 34 cents in GenuBr • U« earns cents ta BeieiVB —Takiaic the 4 Riirnpean countriej and areraiflnK them—for er«i7' f l.M the Aaierican workmen earns under Kepuitlicaa protection. I THE ECROrEAX WORKMAN' EAIt.VS 38 CEVTS. TAFT AKO EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY. Hli JDecision in the "Voigbt Case" Torenmner of Present Humane . ' SUtute. • strilcins service to humanity wbicta WUllam H. Taft rendere ^'in hLi judicial 9recr is recalled by Eugene F. Ware, former Commissioner of Pensions, in a letter to the Kansas City Star. Ifr. War* refers to what was known as the *^oigbt case," which was decided bjr Judc* Taft in 1897. Judge Taft'a daclsioD. although orerniled by tko Italtad SUtaa Supremo Oonrt. is Ntlly the pioatsr of it section of the praaent amployers' liabilitr law, which waa'paaacd through the elTorta of Presidort Boosereit ami a Repnbliean Canitsaa. aad. approTed April 22, I90S. VflliM WW U express messenger to-fat-Us-Job, had to sign an MfM"— *-wilaaalng the express eom- paagsfMv IlaMlitir case,, he was In- had a contract w^th the railroad ec^ erapting the railroad froni.^Iiabillty in* the event of injuT3|.to. SO ^^rern messenger. Voigbt w^s serer ^Hy injured, and sued the raHread-foifdamages on the ground of giy )W 'B^lgaace. arguing tliat the railiJMd 'COBqviny could not make a contract' arading its rs> Voight a }udgm«nt sponsibllity. Judge Taft gaT* of fO .000 apd.coaik holding ,tbat th« express company had no right to mako snch contracta;,that ther'war* appria> air*, anreasonable and vajuat. and wer* against publici policy, cad further that the railroad company owed to the exprcas measenger th* aam* paMie daty which it owed to a ^aaaengar. The path blazed waa foUowedHn th* new.Iaw to,, whldi proTldea nilc, r^mlatfoi '< ever, the patpoae shaU'b»to-eoablai> to •nsapt ftsett. .era«taftr«r,'^~-aa^ Kfca-»aW»*--.<l oat by Jndge-Thft |rrhat;aajrj-

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