Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 17, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1907
Page 2
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THE lOLA BAUX BEt*iSUilK. THCHg^AY EFESiyP, OCTOPZa 17.1807. L L. NMTHRUP, PrHtdMt Nbrthru F. A. NORTHRUP, VIev-PrMidMt. ^. O. P. NORTHRUP, 8«cond VlM-PrM^ ItfMitoryfirtltQiiteiiStatd " Siife Kiiiaf ADeiCtiitj A. U BRUMBAUGH, CMhl«r. Established 1869. IMeil Itik ii llhifi. MELVIN FRONK, Allt. CaBhIVr. ,200,000 of Sodety The Little OI CMIX-.M wlil nif.^i on -Saturday afternoon wiili Miss Kniiici' Coffleld.; '.'Mi I.incdln sin-ft. + •> * Dr. and Mrs. A. V. I .OI I KO siro to on torta'ln a nnmlior of A>rs. JyidS'^'s rol ativas for a week .Mf»nil)Prs of t!i'- party \yho will nrrivc tomorrow ;ini .Mr. and Mrs. K. Cnl.riol. of Krio. Mr. and MrH. J. .\. DIokinson. of Athene. Ohio, Mrs. S. WolU, of nutl «r. Mo. ami. Dr. ('< W Oahricl of Par.-ons. + • + At tho nifotn.s uf I I K- I'nity <'liiii Monday afi.>niiK»n. Mr.-;, .lolm Ki)ii-;t waR appointi^l to ronfor witli a KIOIIII of woTOPn froin other rlitl).s to arrange for a rercptlon to entertain Mrs. W. 0. Wlnlfe. preRidont of the federated clnlis of the second distriet in Knnpns. Tlie Sorosis chih will el fict a representative ioday and tin Current Kveni clill) will rdrilldete t;-.. ll.of so that ilie uieetin^ ran he lielil ' next week. Tile Pro.ure'ssive oliilt ol <ias City, whie!) .Mrs. \V!lf.- organized will join in enlertainim:. •> 'h • Mrs. .•\. I;. Uriiinliaiigh is i;n!eriaiii i'lS the Sorosis olnh toda.v. •:• •> .Miss MaMe .May. i.f Finl S<-(-lt wil! spend ;he week oni\ with .Miss l.innie .\dams. Miss Mary Chanihei^ain <if Ihiin- l.oldt will lie in the eity tomorrow to pr?.slde ;ii .-I nieeiin.i; of the art cliili •'• •> •> Mrs. il. If. .I<iiies is enterlaifiinv the menihcrs of her Sunday Se!u );i: class today. -> + Miss MoCoy. of Kskridi;e. i\a?., is ;i gnest of Mr and Mrs. W. I.. Ilaril<'s. A .J. The PrcKi-i s.sive chih held a study session last evenins at the home <r Mrs. E. T. Wilson in Has City. Th>' program for the occasion was as fol lows: Roll Call—^\'acation Experiences. Lesson—History—Miss GeorKia (;aid ner, leader. Paper—Fall of Home Miss Allr Hose. Critic's Ileport. The chih ilecfed Mrs. C. T Priei' confer with lola clnh members re.:;i;rd Ing a reception for .Mrs. \\'<>I|"<'. Aiiiinr' those present were: .Mrs. Isaac (':ir'. Mrs. F. Wr Frever!. Mrs. M. (h.lde .Mrs. F. S. McKelvey, .Mrs. .1. T Price. Mrs S. It. Swan, .Mrs. Win Smith. Mrs. \V. T>. .Shnfford. Mrs Roy Tayh)r. .Mrs. i: T UVlw.n. .Mi< lone Taylor. Miss i:il;i W.ilii, .Mi-^: Ida Weilh, .Miss l.ohi Carl. .Miss (eor gill Gardner ;ind .Miss Alier- I {(i>.'. <• > + The nieetins 'if the W'tunnns I'ur e'gn Alissioiiar.v sociel.v uf the MeRTodist church <icc;irreil yps terday afternoon at the home of .Mrs. Martha Wrvid. I'm .\orth S.vcamor street. A nnmlier of papers and read- "i.ngs relative te the lesson of the day were "read and details <if the l;ite eon vention at Channto were heard. .Mrs. Card, Mrs. Phillip Heigl? and Miss Kate Coutant.' who were delegates to the meetings each told of the lect'ires and other events so that the aft.'nioou . wa.s especially enjoyable. Diirins ih- social honr .Mrs. Wood serve-i d.-lii- ions refreshments. • * * Mrs. Chas. Cole is home from Colo: rado. where she ^]ii>nt tie- smiiitier months. + • + .M'ss J-Mna \\V^„i. who has ;;iven somi' inieri'stjng recitatii^ins on dif- frrent occasions for the W. C. T. \'. and other societies is spend in a the. ,. week in Parsons, where: she appear : ec on a jiro^iram given dnriiic Hie .\ ir. T. A. <niiv<'nti<-m (h.-re. Miss Nannita Faddis ii-.ivv a iiinsl delightfn! i)arty last evenin;,' for Miss ', Kate Wiyeoff. The giiesis were en; Krtained ai \'rU]>i miti! a l.ite hoin •when -Miss , Faddis s^rv.^d refresh ments. The piests in attendaiic > were Miss Kate Wycoff. Grac*' Reimert. Miss Eva "Rupi). Miss Kth.fl East, M{f-s Lena Lord. .Miss .leanette Tyler and .Miss Efll" Slajip. Register Wilnt AdR Rrluir KeniiKii. rtey thereF ' "Where are you goin%?" • "Opine after a sack of U. Sm PkttUtt Ploiir. M.V wtf.- won't use anything else " Hmwion mngm St Chr. Oo. Look at Our Libbey Cut Glass, Rookwood Pottery and Hand Painted China. Sewall, Jeweler and Opticlafl 104 North Washington. TURdEYSARE SCARCE Local Ociilcrs Worrying Over Thiinks- irlvhig HInl. The turkey man is again to the front, with the prediction that turkeys V. ill he sotnewhat of a rarliy in ihis -.cctimi (if ihe comitry this Thanks- •^iviiiu. Imagine a T!ianl ;s .i;ivliig dln- K-i- wiiln)iit turkey. Xevei theles.; iha: may lie ihe eas.- unless there 11 di'Cided cliange in the pieselit sUlia- poii. Prominent farmers and luca' irodiice ileali-rs st:ite ilial the Id :';r .i is makin;.; itself scare ihis yea .:M I in a measiii-e may 1>.' iiiiniherei 'ii .Dii;; ilie uiissing wlieii the naliona •uliilay r.iiive .-i. It is s;iii| Unil th. (III. v,.-i weailier of the past spr Hi.' •ul an awful crimp in the turkey ouf- :• ok while ii is needless to say whai he pric • will do t(j a man's pocket iMilc. .Sciine thing that the ll.i-'iire •.ill ilnse 10 the :!•• cent mark I.out 'rhanlis.iiiviir.; time. The liiv (ihhle:-.-; will ai h ast sell a; li.'i <'eiitr I po'uid aril! rriuii present indicaliiuis i;o s'Ul hi-hi'i- a:iil ihis mean<a turkeyl-ss •!'haiil;s;;ivirig dinner tr li<- .-iverape iii.-m. leir there is no rea •<on why he cannot shine on d '.u-k liueks are very iileiiiifpl this yiar and i: is prnliahle that many a duck wil iidorn the Tlianl.s.uiviiig lalile wher !; • e '.istoiiiary tnrUey would iisiiall.v ' ]l'acei|. One tiieal poultry dealer said today •iiat ! .• was arraii.fTing in set turki -v' mm »)M,iJioitia as he f.-lt con .'ideii •hat ii:e local ;.npp !y v.-;is insiiaic'':!; Beauty Pins! A Nt ?w Seli-clion J list In nt J W.COFFEY & SON Kxrliislre .|ewi'ler.<«. Kiist Side. SHOT WKALTIIY .>IINKI{. Assassins AKiickcd a Mcxi can in Chlrjigo. Cliica^o. Oct. 17—The jioliee are to lay investigaiin;; an allegi'd aitempi 11 mnrd'-r l-'mile I'anipo who is' o l'.:ivc hei-a a wealthy niiuer of .Mex- CO. Paiiipo claims lie was lir< d ai ;ive times early this mornini,' liv ai !iiidpiiii(!ed man while walkin:^ near .inc (i !i; Park. He declares ihe mai -.iio atie:ii|ited to shoo! Iii:i! is iln ;,inie man who several weeks ago a|. iroaelu'd him sayiii:; he an a:^:en )f President Idaz and offered him fiVf luiiisand dcdiais if hi' wuiild rev .i 'he hiding placi- of a man said ti have Ill -en foremn^i in a j eviiliiii.iiiar\ inOVelllelll. lie refllsi-d ihi- offer, in -aid. and wa^ then 1 hreaiened v.iii dealh. ATTI:M»AN< K IS (;R<MVIN<;. U Incrcas Inlercst in n. r{e»ivi.l Uwz. Th. iiiii-lings at the tl. 14. chiircV ire -..•riiw'ng in ii;if rest .ind in th •uiiiiher <:f accessions. Some <C'Ven o* e'pht have i-xpressed a des're to Iiv< a better life. T!ie sermons of ih< evangelist are forcpful and attracting the attention and comment of tins -ho attenil \\.' is affalde anil ••a.-y of approach and is making many friend?. A chorus class of-:!(i («• nion voices is heitvg formed ti) lead Uf innsic and everyihln;.- promises ;reai Katherlnn. The iiiiliMc is ciriLai •• ihv le.| K.X<'IIA.N';i-.'li—Siiii laxe li.a.ini.- 'nUials \V. I. .M a* Sa ::^-i Fe dei-ot of one taken ca'l Piiotl- iteed. ij ; .N "oith First. .•\ iiariy of •\ taffy little folk are to .MisR Ruth .Mass^nga'e will enter tain a few friends tomorrow evening DOCTORS TO GET BOSY Allen ('ounl> .Modirul As-ioclatiou Will Begin Cnnipnlgn to Make Kxams .More Thorongh. Tite Allen County Medical .Arsocia- tioii may he the lirsi county medical iissociaiion to get into politics and see to it that a higher standard state medical examination lie given. It is also intended to see if some plan <au '.e carried out wiiereoy the state examinations all over the country can' he more uniform, making it possilde for a doctor to practice in one state as well as in anoiher. The .Mien coiiniy association resented the statement of Odeock iif lliej Missojiri hoard of examiners to the^ etTecl that the Kaii^a-; .Medical ex :i"i-, FOR WEDDING GIFrS ftOKHAM SILVER is Ihe standard of excellence. NolU^.'i more apiiropriate or more lasting. We liave a fine assorltnent to select from in Knives and r-'orks. Talde and Dessert Spoons. Te.a .Spoons atid many fancy pieces. .All solid silver, McNElL BROTHERS. i»ir. .MiTciiKi.i. MAIM: HIT. .Meii; III! haiijicn and Kansas h: d niai! sue illation was Inrerior 10 .Missoiirl 'j. and i ihai sitideats who ha.l fai '"'r''''>\'''/"" . . . , , I a l-calnre 01 flnrtors' .Mi^etinic. !)ie .Missouri cxaiiiinai 1011 li.'id lieeii lUissed ihroui'h in It is the ii |iitliou of llie .Allen ('o;inl:. -ociely that the reversi- of the aliove •asc had heeii !;iiov.'ii 10 persons failiau' 10 pass In passed ill .Missouri, ! 'I'lie next Kansas .State .Medical as-; socialion meciiiig is to he held in lol.-i ;ind the .Allen county doctors iuleinl o gi't into politics and see lhai an j ••xcelleiit Imard ol' iNai. liners Is |iii' in. 'or ne.-<i ; ear. : The nieeiiie^ w.-is hehl lasi nii'li; at: 'iiinilioldi am! was aliendcd l ^y l)r; ; Itennick and .Mmire i .f ( riiiu-| Iiridue ul" I..1 ll.iii.e. .Mania, i'.n'.on.' l.od;;e. i ;ey;,.iI,N. Aiiichell aiid (:i.\an| if Iiila. .Afl.'i- Ihe ijieeiin;: tin- doc- j tors Were liealed 10 all oys!er :-iii.|r-i 'ly the lliiniliiildi doeiur.;. The I'arsans Snii says of the • al snciel.\ liaiapiet held there V eek: •One ihin^, liii'.v.'ver. thai I 'le pli'.-isiiie of llie li.'inipiet : iiss v.a^ what I >r. .Mitchell of lola loh! tihont "The l'iiysic::iii and His Aiilo raohile.' lie said lhal he did not prove of a iirofessional man wi. ) \.a- Kkely to li<' calli-d <iiit at any I iiir uf til.' ni^^ht iiuiehasiinr a iiia- chliie of iliis Uiiid. il w;is all ri?ili'. : ceurdin.;; lu lii-. .Mitchell, lo own a'l .-.iiliiinoliiie. hill il should lie used to- SEC. TAFT AT MANILA (ienomlion B<-fore Freedom «'an Come the Filipinos Are TtiliL .Manila. Oei. 17.—Witli an address that deeply impressed a great audience. Secretary Tafi, who arrived here yesterday from Hongkong, formerly opened this morning the Philipiiiiie assemhly. Secretary Taffs speech, wliic-h was in effect a message of good will and friendshi|) from the Cniled States to the i-'ilipinos. was delivered with great earnestness and received with keen eniliiisiasm. He .said in part: (lenilemeii of the Assemhly: i'res i;Ient Itoosevelt has sent me to conviy to all Filipinos coiigratiilaiions upon .•mother step in the enlargetiieiii of self-KOVerninent. His message is intended for every iissemhlyman irre- s|Mviive of his views in ihe electrical camiiaign.' It tissumes loy.-iliy and does not assume that he may not have the wish peaceahly to hriiig • houl a iraiisfcr of soveieiu'iily. hut assumes ihat wliile ihe preseiii '^nv- erninenl endures he wil! uphold i:s :iul liority. I am ex|iected to say someiliing ahoiit the policy of the I'llited States ioward the islands, hut I cannot s|ieak aiiihoriiatively, heeaiise the power to direct the goveniineiit is vested in ihe congress. Tlie iiaiioiial adiiiinisi rat ion's avowed policy under President .Mi-Kinle.v llie w.iy 11 Cenliv had his ;iiitiimnliilr Nilcn TiMi: TO ri;i:si;\T itii.i.s. Raglsler Wint Ads. 1 ^eut a M^rd, il.v Clerk Sa.vs Bills Shoufd lie Filed l« Against City and I•*>)';. City Clerk <'. I-". Wendorf wishes to -all the alieniion of those v.ho may line hills HI iire.-^ea! 10 ihe council •saiiisi tile < iiy. ih::t ihey should le iled hefore tlie Isl and I'lih of each nonlh as the co.;:icil meets on ihe-e li^'hts .-ind can act on the hills ai iiKf. Diherwise the I.ills are nol at- ended to until the next meeting. The lilis should I.e luesenied at the city •lerk's oUice and vouelicrs seca:ed. This ruliir.^ was rei'eiiilv made hy the o-inr-il ' l.'Ultlil\S(i\S ( I.OSEI) LAST VK.IIT. ( iiiiipaii} >\ ill li'o (till on (lie lluad Snndiiy. The Iloliinsoii .Sto<-k compatiy closed its en.::aue ;!i.iii at the Grand las; nii;lil \Mi!i a iierfui-wanc^e (if •Lirili- -Mahania."' The coni|iany v.ill I .e :e or^aiii--:ed and ^o out on the road for sin.sle iii.uiii siaiids. 'I'hey will oper .-ii i'arsons next Sunday. Several luein •lers of Ihe cimiiany have heen in diiriiii; the semmer months .-in;: iiave many frieiiils -.viio wish for iliem a ple.isant season. .A new coni/ati.' is to oiien al the Grand in a few (!:'ys Till' Howe 's mova;? Iiiciur- ^ho^v i^ on toniorruw ni^.^ht .-iiid S :!iiirl .-n •M; I" I Special Showing pf Idtasiire tri|r. only. Dr. .Mitchell, h 1 , . , ,, , . and President Koosevelr is and has heen to govern the island.--, safeguarding the interests and welfare of the Filipinos and hy the sjiread of .u'eiiera! Iirimary and Industrial ediicaiion and the practice of jiolitical eoiitrol to fit llie people to nniiniain a slahle govern iiient. .As this policy of exiendiii.g con- rol continues it must' logically result 'inally ill cnditi.;; the soverei.irnty r< he I'nited States unless hoili peoide •i.cjree to retain ihe lioiid owin.c; 10 mil- Mialiy liencficial trade relations. .None can anticipate t!ie period or (irocess r)f jiolitical jirejiaraiion. Dur- in.i; my last visit I was of the opinion :liat it would l:ike coiisiderahly longer than il geiieraiion. .My views remain iincliaiiged." Mr. Taft referred in detail to the "uiiieroas ohstruclive intliiences and ••.isfortiiues. including Ihe f.-iilnre of 'iiiifress 111 admit Phili|ipine s!ic;:ir iiid lonai^co lo ihe I'nited .Siales fn -i- if duty. He anticiiialed that Ihe next •(ingress would secure a comiiromise restoring the former prosperity , of the !d:iiiiers. hut limitim; the importation. •hiiK allaying the fe.-irs of tin- opimn- •iils of the plan. ndian HaDdwork Consisting of Blankets, Pillows, High Art Leather Goods, Purses, Bags, Ban- r.ers, Leather Dcilies, Moccasins, Post­ ers and Post Card Albumjr, ail direct from Ihe southwestern tribes, suitable for Souvenirs. Come and see them. See North Window Display CONTEST PROHIBITION Take liiii- Iklaliiiinii "Anil" Klenient to .Matter (o »n-sidenl. Guthrie, Okia., Oct. 17. Th- irolilliilifiiiists spiiin;; a surprise y. s- erilay when it w.-is announced hroui;ii their iittorney, Ledru Guthrie if Oklahoma City, thai they will enter I lc:ral proKst for the slate canvassing hoanl a.i;aiiist llie certKicatiiui <if Ihe vote on prohihilion to President Roosevelt. If overruled liy the Iioard (hey will carry the fight to Washiiigton hy filln.:; :i Inief with the altorne.v pennral ask- in.g thai President Kooseve'i issm^ the statehood )iroclaniation as to the iiiiin body of the (•oustitnion, hii! h (dd ing up action on the )iroliihitioii ordin- ince. "I'his, ihey tieclare. will not de- ay statehood, hut will give time for m invesTniatioti of the |e;.;ality of the .'ote on prohiliitioii. Aitoriie;. Giiiiirie said ye.-terday Uiat ae intends to ;ippe;ir llelure Ihe hotird when the iiue^ii -iii of the lertif- 'cation of ihe vote co;pc.^ up am! ask 'or this .-iclion. "1 will prohalil.v hrin.!.; the action in he n.iiiie of Henry Shaffer of I-:i Reuu •• he said, "who has cold storage nlaiils and .aloon properties al! over Oklahohia and who Inu: large liiiam -ial interests involved. "W'e wil! ,-isk the hoard lo p.-i ^s up the prrihihilion vole for fun her l:i- vestiijarion on three priene.l In;!;-: First, Ihat the consliHitional convention did not legally adopt the prohi­ hilion ordinance: second, lhai the or- dlntince was not legally snhmitted to the v'liers of the proposed state, and third, Ihat it did not secure a majority of the legal voles cast mi the propo.'-lthm. ' "If the hoard takes no action we will ijike the matter up wi'h tin- attorney ijeiieral in Wtishingtun " ANtJTIIKB <M AKK IMM'mMim. Violent Shock Fell lit W .ivhinL 'ton To- du.v. Washington, Oct. 17—Another c.irth quake shock of much less violence than that of ye:s!erilay vas re"orded at he weather hiirrau at r.iy: o'clock this morning. PMFESSIONAlDffiECTORY • • • W H ANDERSON, • * H. A. Kwlnsr, S. A. Oard, O. R. Card * Attorney. at -Luw. £>M>U, t ;AH!» & GAKD, * Notary and Stenographer la • * Lawyers. f Office. • * Practice in ail Ccnrla. Phone 455. • • 9% W..Madi.^on. Phooft ^3S. • i • e • • • 1 )K. McMlM.K.N, • Siieclal attention piven to tho • treatment of ull Chronic Uiseaii- • 68 and of Children. • Telephones: Oliice :;2. Itea. 232. • Office In Mrs. Tiirner'.s Hldg„ • West Madison. Phone fi.'i-}. lola. Kans. I)K. KOITII 8. lIAHJIf. Oliice tind itesidenci? over Barren's Drug Store. Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m., 2 to 4 p. ni., 7 lo 8 evenlnga. Sundays hy Appointment. • Phone i;S7. Ttes. 701. .III!. 0. L. COX^ Eye. Kar, and Throat. Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. 31dg. F, II, .iiAuri.v, • Pracl!v-u Llndted to_ Surgery. • IC S. liuckeye. Phone 576. • 3ffice Phone 10S3. DR. R. 0. CIlinSTIAJf. PLysIciau itud Surgeon. Rooms 7 and 8. ' Evans Bidg. Phmie 032. - Fuller Bldg. • DR. GLTAN, • Specialist. • Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat • Glasses Furnished. • RrtS. Tel. 198. Office Tel, lf.3. DR. J. U. PJ'PPER. Dentist. la permanently located over E. C. McClaln'.s Clothing Store, and is prepared to do all kinds ot nri-to-date dental w^ork. fSvening work hy appointment. DR. IV. R. IIEYLMOf. I'hysiciar i Surgeon. • Office N. 1-;. Corner of Square. • Over K. C. Flumhing Co.'s Store. * Res. Tel :;3. Oaice Tel. 502. • • I;R. L. TOZKR, • Ida Infirmary, 202 E. Jackson, We - use X-Ray, Violet Rays, Static. Galvanic aiid Faradis Electricity with vibratory stimulation in nervous and chronic diseases. Phona SSC • • • • • • '. P. L. Lathrop, • Mrs. Bessie G. Lathrop. • OSTFOPATillC PHYSICIANS. • Special attention given to Dls- " eases ot Women and Children. • Over l-'ast Side Hardware. • Oflice 'Plione, Main 468. • Suit the interest of your business— Your Choice will be Iiiteili^ent— HOW .MCCH iS.SATISFACTiON' V/tJlITH TO YOU? D '.i 111! Jircfi-r ircthiKln now liiiL"- li'd date nr ll|' ill cl;ilc U'l-I h. .i!-i 1 u : II ca.- llie fill nr.- f:ir iiiLo A tyjH-.'vrite.r ni.-iiic jii.t piod enoap -ii to >elior flii; I.. C. .'••i.Trii ^ liKos .Tvpf 'Viii -rrii, witii every u-icful, valuable feature inliiiilt, Writi.n^c FSTIiU-U.Y : Sight .> I.I:T i;.s .m:.s-u vnt; TIIK I I, J. • .S r itI 1: D C .\ T A i.n <; i: K L. C. SMITH & BROS. TYPE^ISiTER CO. 812 Delaware St, Kansas City, Mo. Home Made Sausage of all Kinds. Cash Paid for Poultry and Hides OTTO HINZE, UT-TO-DATE MEAT MARKET 115 Hast JHadlson 0^ PERFECTION WiCK OIL STOVE I 0 SAFE CONVENIENT ECONOMim I r Ji alir dim't boixEe It, irrite to THS STANDARD OIL. COMPAhfyJ IIJ Sontli TfaithinKton.—nello 114. £ak!n'» Hardware LivlnqstoD ^ Co t'ontTHctors Bnil lluiitfen. All Icinds ol work a tpeRlalty 9 S«Dtb SycHmorc. Plion» ttSt For Heaters or Ciiiili .Slou-s— iinn tluK lionc Pniinptly. Kil- Try a Wanl Au. In U»«? ReKUtfr. 102 .S. Kenturky. Phone I-'or Sale Cheaii, Good Farm and City See Ihe THE .lAYHAWKEP. LAM) CO. for quick resn.ts. Old Court Houses {9la, Kana. lola Bosiness Mkgt Might Of Oay Samalan renmanhhlp, .\rithmeti.c, Rlot-iitioa Bookkpepint:. EuKlish. Phy.sical Culture-, etc.. Shorthand. Letter Writing. (ieoeral! Contractor, j Flagstone and Cement Sidewalka Curbing a Saecialty., Office lis East Jaelu«ii Ky, mMi. tu.

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