Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 24, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 24, 1908
Page 4
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tl0 MIU lEI^ oiiiilri8coift fM tOIA PAIty EBWSTBM. 8ATCBPAT KTimC, OCTOBIB H ItW. I SeMbA -CUiu MstUir. A^^ArtUlat Bates Mate Kaon on ' AwMcatiop. / 1 ^dClUPI |0ir BATES. h CttHat HI Iol[^ Oas Ct^y* LaayM' TJUe w I«Haipe. We^....... ; 10 cent* tet Month '/ 44 cents Oft* Tear.......... 16.00 ByMafl. Oht jear faislie eouty..^ ..VM lUkk year eotsMe coaaty HM tli^ Montlu, In adrance 11.00 On* Month, in advance ....^......44 «f^ICIAL PAFEB, cm OF BAS• ^ :.• ^ SET. Telepheaei bvainess Office ------ 18 Editorial Boom • 223 K £PUBUCA.\ TICKET. Fur Presidont of tlio UultcU Stuteu WILLIAM H. TiVFT of Ohio. Kor Vice Prcsldcut JAMES S. SHERMAN of New York. STATE TICKET. Vor Governor W. IL 8TUBBS ot Lawrence. For Lieuteuaut Oovoruor W. .f, FITZGERALD oC Dodgo aty. i -^ir Secretary of Slate CKAS. E. DENTON or Attica. Koj" Auditor JAMES M. NATION of Erie. For Treasurer MARK TULLY of ladependcucc. For AtJorney Geueral F. S. JACKSON of Eureka. For Superintendent Public Instruction E. T. FAIRCHILD of Ellsworth. For Superintendent Insurance 0. W. BARNES Osage Ciiy. For State Printer T. A. McNEAL , of Topeka. For R. R. Commlssiuiiera GEO. W. KANAVEL F. J. RYAN C. A. RYKER. VoT United States Senator J. L. BBISTOW of Sallna. For Congressman CHAS. F. SCOTT of lola. For Judge Thirty-seventh District OSCAR FOUST of lola. For State Senator FRANK TRAVIS ot lola. COnXTY TICKET. For Representative W. T. WATSON For County Clerk R. B. CULBERTSO.N. l'\>r Treasurer C. C. AUSHBR.M.\N. For Rogislor of Deeds R. L. THOMPSON. For County Attorney II. A. EWINt;. For Probate Judge J. B. SMITH. li \>r Sheriff C. O, BOLLINGER. For Superintendent of Schools MRS.AIAUDB TONSTON. For Surveyor H. F. PALSTRl.NG. For Clerk of Court C, E. ADAMS. For Coroner R. O. CHRISTIAN. For CommlHsioner. Second District T. J. ANDERSON. For Coninilssioner. Third'District C. A. FRONK. rnatjUaimM Cliarck. rbtH^GanM, Rev. S. ^. Hilscher, the pastor, will preach aVil a. m. on the subject ' of the "Witnessing Church," and at 7:30 p. m. on the "Law of Truthfulness." There will be good music, congregalional Singing of old songs, and a general cordial welcome to all who will come. The S. S. meets at 9:45 a. m. and in the evening at 6:30 the pastor will lead the C. E. meeting in a study of Persian Missions and conditions In that land. Little BuUdcrs* Chapel. Mrs. E. .V. Jones, superintendent. The Boys Sabbath School at 2 p. m. The regular school at 3 p. m. Evening service at 7:30. IBassett ChspeL William Davis. Superintendent. Sabbath school at S p. m. First Methodist Church. The Sunday school opens at 'J:H. .lunlur League at S p. ni. Epworlh League at C:oU p. m. Preaching services at 11 a. m. by ilie D. S. Rev. B. Kelly. At this service the -com^ninion will be held and candidates for membership received. At 7:30 the pastor, J. .M. Mason, will preach and hold an evangelistic service. Tills evening service opens with u song service and wc arc very desirous for a continuation of the flue cuv- greugtlou aud urge upon each member to be on hand. To all of these services all have a welcome. Come. St. Tlmotlir's Episcopal Church. There will be service and sermon tomorrow nurning at 11 o'clock. Sub- jest of sermon^ "A Personal Question." Special music for the cfferlory. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Holy communion at 7:150. All are cordially invited. REV. J. D. KRUM. U. D. • U. B. Chnrch. Siibbath school at 9:45 a. ui. Preaching at 11 a. ni. Jr. Y. P. C. U. at 3 p. m. Preaching at 7:30. E\2rybody welcome to all serdces. O. G. MISSAMORE. Pastor. Beofrmed Church. Sunday school at 9:45. Preaching at 11 and 7:30. Prayer meeting Wednesday at 7:3{>. Come and welcome. W3I. H. SHULTS. First Church of Christ, Scientists. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Church service at 11 a. m. Subject, "Probation After Death.*' Testimonial meeting Wednesday at 8 p. ra. Services held in Christian Science hall at 110 East Jackson. The hall is ased as a reading room from 2 to 4 each week day. The public is cordially invited to the services and to visit the reading room. MRS. EJUIA E. AD.UIS, Mrst Reader, St. John 's Church. Maijse^ ut 8 and 10:30 a. m. Senuon at 10:30, "The F^iitli of the MlPIons." Sunday school at 2:.'?0 p. m. Vespers. Rosary and Benediction at 7:30 p. m. Sermon at evening service. "The Apostles' Creed." first article. U thero a UodV" Uapthit Church. Sunday school at 9:45 a. lu. .Morning service at II a. m. Senuau, "Fishers of Men." i n. Y. P. U. at C:30 p .im. Evening service at TJr.'tO. Sonnon, "Fleeing Prom God, Yet Too Iloncist to Steal a Ride." ! AV. H. G.VRFIELD, PaKtor. ATWOOD THE OPTIMIST. Brilliant Leavenworth Attorney Sees Star of Hope in a Cloudy Sky. If the address of John H. Atwood. liead of Democratic National speak- er5 bureau, convinces one of any- tliing it is that his optimism fe** .surpasses his cIoq^^nce. And that is saying a good deal too. Mr. Atwood without doubt is one of the most ool- Ished orators in the state. This fact brought out a good crowd, many of whom will vote tlie Republican ticket straight, who wanted to sec - what the brilliant I,ea,venworth attorney could say in behalf of the forlorn cause. ^ Mr. .\twoniI seemed to know exactly what his party herp needed, ord he pave them plenty of it. He d'- vined at once tliat they should have encouragement and the most of his iiiteresting address was taken up in an effort to put hope in thc-breasis and. warm blood in their chilly feet. He told them that Ohio nnd Indiana wero sure for Bryan and that New York would in nil probability give the Nebraskan a hlK majority. Publicity of campslui) funds. President (Roosevelt aud Taft were the principal.questions he discussed. He sqcceeded in amusing a great deal of enthuriasm with his strong climaxes anil sarcasm. He made an snpcal to the laboring class but did not refer at aM to tlie colored voters. , Mr. Atwood went on record some time as to his uosltlon on the colored people and as a result not many of the race were out to hear him. ftvwMv ia TfMre. Prof. O. HliftaiPsey nii>erlt|tendent of the city' BC ^do'ls, left today nnon for EmDoria. to attend a atate onnfer' , enoe 0f dtv adiooT 'snpeifatendeiits; Tlip Cbristian lihurch. Itibio school at 10 a. in. Subject of sermon at II. "How Should I Vote?" [ Junior nieetiug at 3 n. M. Y. P. S. C. K. at 0:30 p. m., Subject of evening ' sermoh. "If." This sennon was postponed from last Sunday night. 11. II. ELLETT. Minister. Second Baptist. To the officers. memberH and friends, take notice that Sunday, October 25 is our special rally day. Let each of us come prepared to pay our dollar. ^nday school at ]0|:0U a. in. Preaching at 11:00 a. m. B. Y. P. U. 6:30 p. nt . Preaching at 8:00 p. ni. TJie public is invited to worship with us. J, V GORDON. Pastor. The First iUifl Only Opportumty to Buy Gossard Less han the Regular Wc have received from our three factories several hundred dozen corsets, which, on examination, we find to have "bleach spots," some the size of a thumb nail, some a trifle larger, some scarcely discernible, nothing more serious than a slight discoloration here and there, which in no way weakens the fabrics or affects the corset. These corsets are fresh, clean ^oods. in latest models, made up to fill our Fall orders, and we must dispose of them at once. Gossard Conets have never sold for less than SBmOO, but because these appear damaged we cannot place them on. sale at the regular price. Wherever fashion reigns and style is appreciated the Gossard Corset is acknowledged to be the finest obtainable. The Gossard Corset models are absolutely essential in the production of the Diredoire styles. Every Corset sold will be fitted with the extreme care exercised by our expert fitters in selling Gossard Conets at regular prices? This Corset Sale begins MONDAY Tlie i;eduction in price we are glad^ to make because we know that those who have hesitated about paying the price for Gossard Coreets will, after securing one of these e.\quisiib garments, never afterward be content to wear anytbiug else. These are but few of ibo improvements that I.'O.SS.VKD COK.SET.S ar- coniplibh in figure-forming. They are the prlucipa! reas^oiis why the dressmakers or the United States almost uuHniinou.sly locomnieud (.OS* SABD rOIlSETJS. The (iUSSAKU COKSET alone gives "the new back." which is essential to a truly lasiiionable appearance. Because the back of the Gossard Corset is fixed and permaueut—it cannot get out of shape, as tire backs of all back- laced corsetj-must do. This sale, which will ljej;!ii .Monday, undoubtedly- will bf ihe only oi>por- tunity otferid fur our paiious lo po.s- .'.ess one of iihcsc pofrless for.-^eis at a reduced price. We urge t -very woman in lola lo take advanta;;*! of this salf. NEW YORK STORE HELPED LONGS OUT. Authorities Sent Destitutes to Coffeyville Home, Y. W. C. [\. Vesper Ber ^•ice at the Young Women's Christian Assoiclation. 201'/^ South ^VaBllington street, at 'i p. ni. Miss Paddock will spei k. Ail women InxlUid. Qnalltjr Versus <ju «H (il}v If thero is un .vwhere that gualiiy counts it's in Oysters.' Tlmt is wliy the wise housekeeper Insists on having "Sealshipt" Oysters. The price sounds higher, but tlio cost actually is lower: because you get solid meats—mi wateK "Sealshlpl" Oyvters ure carefully backed lu atool containers with lc« rjiiind the con* taloere. but not In contact with' the oj-aters. Tills method Intakes a truly astonishing difference I in the flavor and appearance. "Seaishipt" Oysters are as firm as when they came out of the sea, taste like ha|lf-8heU oysters Just opened. | You eat "Seaishipt" kith Indescribable relish because jjou know they are wholesome, fresh .and healthful. Look for the Pure White Porcelain Case bearing the Bide "Sea|shlpt" Trade-Mark—^it is yourj nrotecUoin and guaranty. You wUl find them at onr stores. We always Mve "Sealsbipt" .-^^nrald not lisre wi>l either Undr:- Fnrer-Brothers, Otto Ulnse/ "Dorr Why-" Y ; . The Chanute Sun says: Ti:e ISanta Fe plug brought to Chanute a man and woman who liavc been up against it for a long time. They were a hard working couple and were sent here by the Salvation Army at lola, who assisted Ihcm this far on l^beir way home to Coffeyvllle. The man gave his name as lliMiry Long. His age was SI years. Elfven inontlis ago he was a workman in the employ* of a Coffoyville firm. He had a wife and baby less than a year old. MTien the men were thrown out of work at Coffeyville last fall Mr. Long went to Topeka to hunt work. He found work and sent for his wife and baby. Soon after he was takon down with ty])hoid fevor. His wife did what work she could, but had a small baby, and could »n* iio much. He Was taken to the ho»pital. Shortly after h»' was able to b -ave the hosultat the babv took sick and died. It was buried by the Salvation Army. The man anj wife were reiluccd to Rtricken circumstances. The Army furnished clothinj; nnd did what It could to help the afriicted man. Mr. IMHK an -l bis wife arc jusi "tow veiling able to work nuain. Work •"lis rtiviveil at Colfi'x ville nn .l thi'y have started back where thoy havo friends. Having no money they started nut and walked to Garnett. Upon reaching Ganiott thov weT«» footsort! and could not continue the .Inumey. Tlie citizens there botiglit I hem tickets to lola and from there they were sent to Chanute. Mr. l^ong bunted uo Mayor Gray, who recommended Poor Commissioner Hurt as the proper party to consult. The latter ^^nll8hed the pair a tlckm to Cof- ''''•••'I'o, where they went this afternoon. — Raw Furs! B .S. BARNARD 8:!l -:t :!6 >oHh Buckeye Street, Ivia, Kansas. You start right, end riglit. Top the market. Get a sciuare deal. Uon't pay any commission or express charges. Don't sell to any trust or give middlemen any profits and don't have any regrets when you ship or sell to B .S. BARNARD I Be Sirre You're at the Right Place. I until last year, when Owner Tebeau rai.^ed the 'ante" to 2."> per cent. The terms were cons^idertd high by the respective schools and' after debating whctln^r the annual mi.xnp should take place in Coinmbia or Lawrence. St. Joseph was finally agreed upon. The game was jtlayed there, but ncitiier school was satisfied with ilu- location. The distance to the battle gi-ound nitlit-r discouraged the student body from attending nnd the railroads did not ^ivi- roductd ratt-s. MUST NOT TALK BACK, Katy Employes Receive Order Concerning Watch Inspection. NAMES THE TERMS Xhauks^Tlngr Foot Itall O'ame to lie Played hi .l^sociation Park, Kansas (Ity. HPTTEP THAX SPATUKITirfl. SpanUni; does not cure chlliirpn o' bed-wetting. There Is a constitutional canse for tM^ trouble. Mrs. M. Summers. Box "W. Sonf^ Bend. Ind.. wlH send free to any mother her success(dl home treatment with full Inntrne- tJODS. 'Send no money, bat write her tfvHy if your ehUdren- troabU yoo in wv. Don 't blame tbe drild. th« KaUMs City. Oct. ::i.—The athletic managements of the L'liiversitie.s of Kansas and'.Missouri got together yesterday afternoon In the office of Sen- tttok- .\. I.,. 'Coojier. and Kan .sus City getii the Thanksgiving foot l )ull game. At I least that was' the announcement aft<!r the conference and all tliui remains is the signaUife of the respective munngers "to the contract. The saiiite result was anuouiiced six weeks ago, when W. J. .Moiiilaw. the .Mia- soulrl coach, represented the .Missouri Kchbol. When he returned to Columbia lioH-ever. it was -discovered that he had| no authority to act. In the meait- time the Missouri management has l »een courting a proposition from St. Joseph; Yestercfay's action now set- ties the matter and If nothing intervenes during the night the contract wil| be signed this morning in Senator Cooper's office. Incidentally, it may be remarked thalt the contract |calls for a a-yedr leake at Association park and George telieao. the owner. jis'sdie^Qledt to gel 17^ iwr cent of! ttevSrosis reeMptis. ' sum <l. \'. .Merciiani. watch iuopector for th<' .M. K. & T. railroad and lor the Pacini- and Santa Fe as weM. ha^; received notice of an order recently issued by the Katy at the Parsons office, announcing that, in the future, employes of that company nnist not contend with aa inspector over the merit of a watch, if the inspector declares the watch does not pass the requirements, the employe must surrender the timepiece, accept the one furnished him aud the watch con-> ceniing which there is a contention' will be sent to the chief watch inspector in Chicago wto will decide the controversy. The matter of correct time is held an important one by the Katy and the road is making, a special effort to '. have this feature of Ihe operating department up to a hisli standard. About Mrs. Woods. Clu -sH 'r Woods, a bookkeeper in the office of the I^nj'on-Starr smelter, was luarriei": at lola today, to Miss Ida .Morri.son. of that place. The brld« was formerly a teacuer in the lola high school, and is a most estimable young lady. They are expected in Bartlesville in a few days.—Bartle* vllle Enterprise. Kcgi^le^ naut uds tiring result». Pure Wholesome \Tho8e who believe in quality' 25 Ounces fmr 2d Gents Made from pure^ careiulljr tested materials. Get. a can on tnaU You never saw stuidi cakes and triscoit Tbearl ^opea your eyc&

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