Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 16, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1907
Page 6
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i Proteciiori . Hiere is a glaze of fresh eggs and pure granulated sugar on Arbuckles' Ariosa Coffee that does not improve Its appearance, but keeps its aroma and flavor intact; and protects it from contaminating odors and the dust of the store. AliMicldeff Arioia Coffee complies with •B Ae requireinenCs of the Nattonal Pure Food Law»~Ofndal Guarantee No. 2041 J fled i£ Washington—and is pure CofiFee Mended for econrany, flavor and health. Noranilar coffeeis solfl looseby the pound* air under any other name^pr by any other 'POTmis or finnta You have our word for it. that ' can duplicate it or sell any coffee as good for. anything near the same price. !4 &BDOSXiB BaO&. Sim: Skick Ottr tmStlSt «eiBL FROM BAGDAI).» * A Fefttire of tke Parker AmngemeDt (Coffeyvllle Journal.)' Last Tackett's opera liouse "The <Jlrl From Bagdad" was pre•eat«d by Clm Male Adams and Pre<i P. Miller, supported by a comi)any of tweaty-flre people. The bill is an UD- iutia)Iy strong one, plot aud situations «!) being briginal. Miss Adams will be remembered as the prima donna in '^eautltol Bagdad," which appeared here .seaaota befort last. Her work in tbe new production is exceedingly olererand rarely In ColTes-ville is a voice of such clarity and range heard in-raasical comedy. And stmnge to relate. Fred Miller Is a real comedian. His comedy is the (iniet, spontaneous kind and his atidce-np as Seth Snodgrass of Iowa. ' gets tonnier every minute he is on the stage. A chorus of really - good looking girls vho'sing well and dance grace- j fully, destracts not a whit from the •play, and the beauty ot the elabonUe costumes was enhanced by the liberal use ot elctrical effects. As specialties the five AHons more .than pleased the audlonce. They hod .'new features of acrobatic work and I performed with the greatest of grace. Among the other sjieclaltiea were two selections from the Parker band. The [first was an!overture "Neptune's Car, nival," hy Stinson and the second was the grand selection "11 Trovatorc" bv i Verdi. The "Holy City" was simp by i Clara Mate Adams. PILES CUBED IX 6 TO 14 DAYS. POZO lONTMENT is guaranteed to cure any case ot Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles in 6 to 14 days or money refunded. 50c. MR. AND MRS. Chas. Funk went to Moran this morning to visit Mrs. I Funk's parents. ' MRS. DR. A. B. TWADELL is quite ill. CoBTlctoA HuBnraU Biak BoVber lo Take Csie to Saptme Court. 'H'SchlU, Oct le.—Attomeys Adams &' Adams of this city, -who defended Cbaries Arthur, thw young Wichita man who was convicted of attempting t3 rob the Hunhewell bank at that place last spring, announce that the • case will be appealed TO tne supreme court. Arthur was tried at W.f»lHngton. He faced a jury twice the first time it could not agree, ten standing for conviction and one for acquittal. The last trial resulted Jn conviction, after two hours' deliberation by the jurors. It is stated that on the first ballot ten stood for conviction and two for acquittal. Arthur was found la a straw stack north of Caldwell the day after tlio attempted robbery. He was bllndcil and for a time it was thought that h*> would never recover ihls sight. It was claimed that his face was pow- d«>r burned. In explaining thpse thiuRs, Arthur swore on the witness Stand that he fell from a train, striking on his face and that the burns were caused wh.-^n hp fell face downward . In cinders along the railway track. «A CHEAT JfAVAL ATTACK." Lyman Howe's Great Picture Show Here This Week. im Onty One nmltm LuKBtlve Bromo Quinine mmo 7wr MOXLO OVER TO CWXA OOLD m one OAT. iitn^ lonembec the fuU name, fgr'tiito fignatme on cvety box. Look 26c. Wonderfully and Quickly relieves and cures the paiuful sufferings of iromen; to the maiden, the mother, the woman in middle life It Is a friend Indeed. Hundreds and even thousands of sickly, frail and delicate women have been restored to vigorous health through its use. So can you For full laformation, testimonials and a .'iOc box <if the remedy jfree, call on MRS. MARY Cr BEOK, €17 Nortli First Phone MS. lola, KanKgj;. .Xioet] Ugr. The Woman's Alutual Benefit Co., Joliet, III. Agts. wanted. I Great International Peace Confer ences come and go, and still the Great Powers with feverish anxiety are bending their energy and draining their reaoorccB to producing still more terrible forces of destruction. No longer la war merly a science. It has become an art—true—a very grim art. Some of the greafesf. scientists and engineers of all lands are devoting all their researches and geniuses to devising constantly still more devastating arms and ammunition. The culminating result is the tlrst class batleshlp of 1907 each with it.s own army of naval reserves. These floating fortresses each representing an expenditure of several inilllon dollars; each with its own mar\'eious organization, discipline, etc., inspires awe! mingled with admiration. We are awed by the tremendous possibilities—the terrible havoc, the monstrous power of them, as we are forced lo admire the precision and organization of the oSlcers and crews that man them. However, very few people have ever had an opportunity to inspect a battleship and therefore have not experienced the mingled and Indescribable sen satlons which they inspire. Still fewer have seen them in action. Therefore the magnificent Naval Attack to he reproduced by Lyman H. Howe In the Grand on Friday and Saturday ui)ihts.of this week will come n.^ a wonderful revelation of the science and art of a modern naval battle. Ii is beyond question, the greatest naval display ever photographed, and as Mr. Howe controls the sole American rights it can be witnessed only al thi.^ exhibition. Maneuvers , and attack were planned hy the Lords of the .\d- niiraity, Bngland, for review by King Kdward and visitng Royalties and po.i .•ie.s.? an enthralling and vorld-wldc interest. TOURN.VSFVr BF.CINS FKiDAV. Teams One and Two Will Play F<iol Rail. Tlie y. M. C. -V. football tournament •s to oi)cn Friday night with a game between teams one and two. TIte Uneup of the teams has already been decided upon. An admission of ten cents is to ho charged for each of the games. The following is the lineup for Friday nl?hl: Nurab?r 1 Posit Itui •3-. • .-i •-{ Yeu mre oordimiiy InvHetl to be ereeeni mi ear mtere ' ie wiimeme m OemonmtrmtloH f etihe .Gkl'HmmBl ^ymiem ofVmrnimMng matt Oimlalng OMFieorm, Fmrnliure, eie. en OeiebBr17'ia^19» r. 0' SHAMMOH. The Chi-Natnel System is so simple that by its tise even a child can do most beautiftil graining. Any old floor, fall of cracks and nail holes, can easily be con- vetted into the exact appearance of expensive hardwood. Old famittire can be cbangt d to any color witb • better appearance than when new. Free sample* while they la&t. -^I^essona free by a special in- •troctor. Ed Hershkowii/. Alkn A. Nelson Wheeler Al. Hershkowitz V. V (;'. O Number 2 Root Howe Pegg L. Nelson A. llelgele \otice to Onr CD.stomers. We are pleased to announce that Foley's Honey and Tar for coughs, colds and lung troubles Is not affected by the National Pure Food and Drug law as it contains no opiates or other harmful drugs, and we recommend it as a safe remedy for children and adults. Burell's drug store. CAN'T GOILEGT LOAN The Gorernment Can 't CoJIect ILt Jamestown Fair Loan. Washington, Oct. 16.—^Treasury officials admitted today that the million dollar loan by Congress to the Jamestown exposition and the additional money expended from federal funds for construction work at the fair *ili be a loss to the government. The acting secretary ot the treasury, Mr. Edwards, has had imdar consideration for some time the scheme of assuming charge of the exposition and retaining the gate receipts as a part of the government's loan. Under tills arrangemsnt the running expenses would, of course, have to be paid fro mtlie federal till and it was finally concluded that the admission to the grounds were not large enough to meet those expanses. By the act of Congress granthig a loan to the exposition company, the only redress the treasury officials have is to levy on tae receipts. It is understood that there are now between*^ 6 .000 and 7.000 paid admiif ionc to the gronnda dallrr Our Great Annual Sale of Blankets, Comtforts, Outings BEBIHS TO-MORROWI Watch our "Ads" in Tomorrow Evenirig's Papers for Details and Prices. I WE ARE |jAGfNTS| fOR THE IADIESHOMEJOIJRNAI y WE ARE IJAOENTL'I TOR THE . ,DIESn0MEj0URNAl 1^ PATTERNS '^M F MOHTHLY STYLE BOOK fBte ^^a^ Complies with the pure food laws of every state CitUIIIET turn POWDER ^IIEll Til Calumet Is made ot the finest materials poi- nCHLI n stbic to select, and mattes liElit, enfitlr dleested im^m^mm^ Bread. Biscaits or Pastry: tlierefore. It Is recom- ^ mended by Icadlne pbysiclans and chemists. ,CAn|||||IV In nsInsT Calumet you are always asstired of ' fcUiymiBI I a Rood bakine; therefore, there is no waste o{ ^^mmm^m^ material or time. Calumet is pot up in air-tieht cans: it will keep lontrer than any other BaUnK Powder on the market and lta» more, raisins power. -..^jSil^ All liyCT issocarefullyandsclea- WHUIWE 1 tifically prepared that the nentralization o£ the insrredieots is absolutely perfect. Therefore, i^lumit lea vrs no Rocfaell* Salts or Alam In the food. It is cheniieally correct $(,000.00 £!vcn for any substance fn- juriou!: to liealib found in Calumet PRAIKIK VIKW. Qiiiio a nnmlif-r from this vicinity ,TttentIC '<l tlio r .iith anniv«A -sary of Hum l,oI (!r. Mr. Grant Pelphrey and Miss Ida Baker spent Sunday at Mr. and Mrs. Carle \\aibprs. Mr. C. V. Baker is B.-tiins alons vory nicoly Ijuilding his now homo. • Mrs. Williamson has been on the sick list tho past week. There will bo an entertainment at tlip Prarie Viaw sehool house on Friday, Oot. ISth, in the afternoon. Kveiy lody is invited. Mr. Bert B.ikcr is helping li:s I'.p .do build his new hoiuf. DistiUed Water One hundred ponnda of Cry»» tal Ice will maka 12 gallons ot distilled water aaitaUa- tor family use. Try It" ' liilalce&CoMStarageCf FRAfOi RIDDLB. Mffr. -5i ^1 So home is so pleasant, regardless of the comforts that money will buy, as when tho entire family is in perfect health. A bottle of Orino Locative Fniit Syrup costs 50 cents..: It will cure every member of the family of constipation, .«ick headache or stem aril trouble. Burrell'.s drug store. I'l.AN IlKtJ.VTT.V AT PRINCETON, j W. U. Stnhhs lo J. Leorord Brady thr.l ' I..^ (Snibbs) intended to be a candi- jd.ite for the state senate fron* the .ii ffer-sonDouglns district. Brady had aiinenmced his detormlnalion to se-Mc tl-at posittoii at. ilie hands of the Re- p'lblican voiers only a few days a.i»o, am! tho iioiice by Slubh.s was lli;> first inUniation ho was not to be consider- cil tho Suibl)s candi.lato. .Mr. Brady has bad editorial charg.? of Die l.„'(Wrenco .loiij'nal for the two year.-?, and in sea.son and out has br-eii a Stiildjsitp. He wn* considered the Stublis n>outhpiet!o In this community. He served a term in the low- e>- house ot the legislature and tried ff.r another term, l)iit w.i.s defeated ai the primary. Mr. Mitchell had planned to make thft Tacr> for the state senate in this district, hut recently do- ei led t<i go in ac :i5n ror the representative nouiinalioiL. Wlhen Stnbbs told him of ids own plans Brady was surprised and de' Clare.': now that ho will make the race ; for the senate whether Mr. Stubb.t is ; in the race or not. if this condition j of affairs continues. It is certain to cause one of tho most peculiar alignments ever se.^n in this county in local politics. "Andv" Caruf'srie tn WHn <»ss F.vpnf*< H P Mmle I'os.MhIe. rrineeion. N'. .1.. Oei. n;.—.Tust after the footl)nll season clo .^es here, I'rince K.n will have Its fiist r;'Katta on Car- U'-pio lake, and Andrew farnopio. iiif man wl-o made rowing po.sslblo In rrincetoii, will be there to see it. .Mr. and .Mrs. rarnegie offi-red a cup for irterclass eonipellMou :iud on tiiat. day tliO first rai-o fiu- it, will he held. TU-« dale has not been dotorminod, hut it will probably ho nrioui the middle of Xov.^mbor following tho Yale- Princeton game at New Haven. The event is being hold off until after tho elOKO of tlve football season to enable .Tim McCormjc.t. the football captain nnA other gridiron wnrrion, to get into condition in the shellr. Itowing is becoming so enthiisiatlic a sport in Princeton that many of flio graduates are' liecomlng curious a.s to iiow the orange aud black really does look on tho water. A number of th?m took a trip down the Barilan canal yesterday from New York in a steam yacht and arriving at rarnegie lalto spent the afternoon with the aspirants for crow honors. STIKB.S H1.MSKLF T(l lUV, People you know in tola will tell Brady Also Slays on Trnclj for Stjile ;yf)ii that Mi-o-na cures all forms of in- Seuator. digestion and stomach trouble. A.'ik Charles B. Spencer to show you the Lawrence, Kans., Oct. ItV—Some strong guarantee given with every nOc commotion has l)een caused in local political cirilos by th- notinc.alion of Try a Want Ad. In tbe Beclstcr. One frial will convince you that' LiRinveixt will irelieve soreness and sHffness quicker and easier rhan any other preparation sold ^or that purpose. It penetrates to the bone, quickens the blood, drives away fatigue and gives strengRi ond elasticity to the muscles. <^ Tiiousand^ use Stoan's Liniment for rheumatism, neurolgio. toothoehe spHnains. contracted muscles, stiff joints, cuts, bruises, burns, cramp or colic and insect stings ^ PRICE 25i.50t. e^l.00 Ur.Cari S.StoQn.Bo3lon.(1oss.U5. L>5 nnths of AH Kinds. I -Acliisive Apartment for Ladles Beoicomb Bath Rouse and Miaeral Well (1..".0rt Feet. Deep.) Located at -tth and Kcolt Ave.. I'orf Scott,'Kansas. Tlii.<! water r «si(ively fares IMieuniafisni, Rricbt's PIsMse^ Stomach Tronlile ami Agne. Prof. J. L. Bishop, the most Ct'lchraled .Massagist and llydropath- . ist in the Country, in attomiunee givinc mas.sago. WATER SHIPPED IX FIVE (5) (iALI.ON BOTTLES OXLV. r. DEMIOOMB, Prom- Great suffering Is the lot of all women, who neglect the health of their womanly organs. No reason to do so, any more than to neglect a sore threat, colic, or any other disease, that the right kind of medicine will ;cure. Take Wine of eardui for all your womanly Ills. It can never do harm, and is certain to do good. , Mrs. SaOle H. Blair, of Johnson Oty, Tena. writes: "1 had suffered from womanly trotibles for «^ teen mtaths, and had fotirdoctor* but ftey could not help mo, until 1 began to take V^e of CnM. Nov I think lam about well" At aU reliable druggists, in $1.00 bottles. Tryit *3 t 1

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