Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 24, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 24, 1908
Page 3
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/ THB TOLA PAB.T BBCBOTBB, 8ATPBDAT gTErPO. OCTOBBB M. IMS. M\^PRy Sectioiiof the store is ready with ab authoritative sbowioe of f^l styles, and evei*y departnieitt Is strabtums ^^lK to maintain its stan- ^ dard in upholding the reputation of this ^tore as beins lola's best place to trade. Exclusiveness'is one orihe fea^tutes^ m c ^ore^nd practical satisfactory economy is the chief feature <^ this ho^se. It is time jow iforiyoi|^to talbuiate yonriall needs. . many departments of the! Fall Silks and Dress Qoods EXCLUSIYE >L'W CQLOKI.NGS TbUi vIcTarit shoniiig of Silkii avA iVpol Ddcss (Joods Ucnion- strate aw.\i Its ' sui>reniat'y In llie ciiiiraclcr and i.complcffiu't-s 0/ its dlsiilays of new Fall Fiih- ric?!, i'liarniiut; novelty weaves and coloriugs are .shown, ciio8> cu after a critical inspectiuu of (lie iiewcMt eoncciitlnus from forciiiosl i:uro|M*au and AnicrJ* rail looui^* The effective new colorhifts and de>ifrns In the kIit xuv and herrhiKlioiie htiliiCK are eN|iveIalyy iiilerexllnir and all ho fairly ]irlce<l at •ir )e, i>Oe, «.".«•, sr,r and ftl.OO per yard. »e ManI »o:i to see the lie*t Vlliie in lllach (iiiaranlred Silkh we iHMe eu>r Nh«)wn for Sr»e, )|il.(HI and )iil.*J.*> |ier >urd. This Is ihv less than Iheir real wurth. riain shades embrace the wUl' est ranffe we lia>e e>er shonn. Fn»m t*iUc to •l.«K) per yard. Fall Millinery Picturesque Modes of the Hour The great larjre hats of aires aroYlike oi'd iiiclures la new frames—are lH 'Iu§r re- is>ued and made still 'more lieaulh'nl and artistic hy the touch of ni«Nieni arU And if it, is a small hat yon nant. )ou «ill find ^ eier» >t>lc here, 'fhin hat shuninp for fall lW\>j ne hope to Im* found worthy of your presence and putronaae. The present show iu^ Inclado the • irr<-ute!«t nunilH -r ne ha<c ever shown and all so fairly priced. Another E^ig Shipment of New Coats rrire» tell and the people (ell (be prkey. That simple line roes far (o. wards cxplaiain? the avnerons dally visitors that rrowd tbb store. Below wc name some speqifir aamples of money tiarlBe opportaaftlcs. Ladies' Black t'oajs, the best values we have ever shoir^, trimmed with pretty silk hrald. velvet and hu((ans. well worth ilJM. sperfail prkc.. Ladles' Flee hersey elegant braded In ccw panel designs nith silk, velvet and liHtlons. with new sleeves made fall, finely (ailored. weU worth $i«JNI. special t9M Ladles Fine, llroadrloth Coat comes hi itronn. navy, hhick and sarment semi-iitted and with empire bwk. bit- est style trimmed with larpe hat- tons ... .»l£.0O, $15.00 and up to tSiM Children's Lidcrdown Coats, neatly (rimmed and warmly lined. s |ie- clal $1.50 Children's Bear Skin Coals, spe- eiaJ l&OO. ^±4» and the pretty cnrly klndii, doable breasted «SJ5 MIsseii Coats $3.50. $5U»0, $7.50 up to $15.00 :i(MI Fairs Warm lilnnkcts from i.'>e pair to the finest all wool blankets up to $7.50 per pair., lloyal IVoreesler Corsets—Best in tlie La::d. I'trtorial l!r-,i«-.> Palterns - Itcconi. mended Alto-.t All Others. arm Ohnrs. new Scarfs; new Wool Hosiery, Knit Skirts, Oulintr Skirls, everrthinif warm for vi inter ion will lind at - KMT UMDERWEAi^ SAlE O'F SP£01AL VALUEf, Wuair^o, ^lisses and Children can be (Ximfortably supplied for fate fall and wint- r st great savings. Ar.y wom -iu de-iring gr>«>i i» iiut-r w«^ii:bt cotton fleeced lined vests, drawers or union t,uits in everv wMght will appreciate ibe spiend-d value ol these low p-lc«|d lines. Vests or Drawers, each SflTo^ 30Of 7So and $1m00m Utiion Suits 6O0, 65o, 75o and $t,OOm Children's Union ^M\x.i25o and 50om 11» £^ai^t ^XGLdls^Oli. LACE CIKTAIXS, SPECLIL YALCE FOR 0>E YflLlEK. The assortment of Lace Curtains, special featured, comprises Nottintr- ham. Cable .Net and Novelty Curtains, all new this falls patterns, jast opened op. specially priced at 75c, 95c, $1.19, $1.50, $2.00, $3.50, $(.50 and $6.50. STOVESf >"cw Line of Gas lleatini? Stoves. TliCbo titovts !;iYc DUfii large amount of 1 k';i ( Iroin .-i low jircssiin- ol' f;as Kupiily. Soo llu'Ui bcroii- bii.Mii;;. K. C. l'lunil)!u;r A: Supply Co. 20 Euhl Jacks'jii Ove. Pliune G5 NEWS OF LA HARPE 1{K(.'1STI{ATI0> BOtlKS CLOSED illKKi; LAST Mt.'IIT AT I« O'CLOCK. fo.'- tlie past fccveeaJ daya the /oot ball gaiDV scheduled helweeu the Triplets .ind ludcpcndcnco. Kas., team wjll bo played Suuday afteriioou at the KIcc- trie park. Siuce the visiting team ii> compo.sed of .some of tliKbest players i;i this part of the slate a Ramc i.j aiiiiciijatod. Trojan Sa Powder MFA>S JIST WHAT IT SAVS. Ilptt«'r lhaii any nthrr powder oti the market. \o k'lycerlne in Its coniposlllon. Kofs not freeze no matter how col«!. .Alisoliitoly no danger In linndlhi^'. I'bc Trojan iusUscI of :;ly «-(Min<.' aud save tlie lives of yonr men-, aud your company from dainai^e suits. C.W.CoverddIc .\.GE ,n T Kooin <5, Stevenson Bidjr.—tphi 512 ELIGIBLE VOTERS TIlFKi: WAS NOT ISCAL HUSH >VIIE.\ BOOKS ( L(»SEI). (>eor;re .Minor Who Kas Worked at Kat) III Tills Cltj Has Iteeeiied a j I'ropiisiliou and (iocs to K. C. 1 BeKlslnitlon Is lien»y. Wlu-n I ho rcKl il ration ln)OkH \\^•f^\ I 'losi'il lasi »v«nlnraiul iho count wys ni;i(!i> it was I'oui d tiitit the i«>j;lalra- iltin was the ht>avicsl l'(jr many ycara. Itiilli poUtk-al parlb's havi- In'on workint; hard ami a lua\y vntr will 'likely li(< fast, 'riic rf«i.>;tialion was heavy from the .start. There v.;is not the usual rush til (he eily rlerk's of; fine lai^l iii;:hl just as the books were lalMjtil to eliijfe at^ lu-arlv ever\ M>ler ihiuJ rr,v:ist<ro)l early. (July bi\ rei,- iH!i!it<l from yesterday afternoon (I. in oVIock last ni)-.hl. The legi.slia- tji.n liy uards fci'lows: First ward I'll. Second ward Third ward ll 'J. l-\>iirili w;ird 17t5: makinj? a total of ol" eli^iible voter.-^ in i I k - city. WeaUier Slopped Drilling. The very inclement weather for ilie pa.-t several day.s h ;i8 stopped 1110 d'-illiiif? for Kas well.-= .^outli of liiis city. However, the ilriUers resumed ancratioiis again today. THEjIOLA ICEAND COLD STORAGE CO. Hani factnrers, Wbelesolo aid Ketoil Dealers. .. CRYSTALilCE And Diifilleil Water irrir C«^M:;Storase t^ij Ut lluaU <)M> Fhoie lit. FRAf# RIDDLE, Mgr. ! In To Flay Sunday. Ki >iic of the hiclement weather ctliu'bo secured of ' , J. £. llenderiton Mho deulb with the pubtishors an^ fufniiihus them at tho lowedt . prlp* l>os8lbIc. Trial 'euljucrlptlou toVui Kordeu's, 3 mouths 25c. r>faoue 98. 414 N. Ouckoye: Th.e constant dropping water wenr^ "away the hardest stone, | Tlie jcobstaut gnaw of Towser' mastl- uates ijje tougnest bone, 'j"he conslaui wooing lover ,curries aw»y the blushing maid, Aud the Constant Advertiser is tiie maa viio GETS the trade. UegMer want ad8 l>ring results.. qcts geatlyyet prompt- W on u\e bowels, cleanses me system e||ectuQlly assists one in ove»xx>mmg labitual consj^ation permanontly. To get its oene- iciol ects buy tbe Genuine. anujacturedi ^ the ^ JioSxiwjpCo. SOLD WI»OIHGnDniCGI9fS-lb(,.40nU t.Hve Dinner Party. .\ dinner party was gl\xii at the liniie of .John 'Too'.e yesterday in honor of his fortieth birtliday. Those prcs I 'ul wore Dr. and Mrs. F. P. Staple- ion. Mr. and Mrs. Clias. Franklin. .Mr. and .Mrs. Chas. Wilson; OSTEOPATHY— DR. AY ,U, aLBIUGUT. Itepistered Osteopathic Physician. State Bank Bldg. Phono 115. Only Osteopath in La IInri>c. "" J-B.'J , KciHilrlnur Telephones. '•li;i an 111 wind tliat blows no oin uoivl." remarked John .MacDonald yes :«.day rt'ieriuKMi. "Tlila rain which !s pi;;iin!,' alums! every «»ne out of hnsinePs lias Mofteneil the ground so that we eiin dl;; po>l holes and repair )iir (ei'Mhoi)" !:>Kt» in." Called Off Uanie. TI h .' Kame between a pick-up team 11 eiiy and the Cniontown. Kas.. etin wiijch was lo have been pla>ed in Ini'.'Utowu. has been «alled off on arrount of tlie bad weather. The game wHl be played at lome futnre date. Jlrhliis: Hone Died. The horse which .Miss fioldie Meeiiin has been drivinj; back and forth from tola to li^r trrhoul .'soulh of this ritj died >e.-:(^rday. The horse was driven pretty hard wveral days ago for a doctor, it lias not been we'l since the liard drive. FRESH CA.MHES. Our Chocolates and Bon ISoas come fre.-^h from factory every two weeks, put up in pounds and half (lound^ Try them. \V.\T1:RS & D.VNFORTH. fjrug.s and Jfwelry. Will Work In Kansa.s t It). t;eorge Minor wJio has been work- inp for the Katy in this cliy»lias received a promotion aud has been trans furred to the 'Kansas City office. He will leave Sunday to take up his new- duties. Penionalti. Trj the KcfdHlrr want rolniuB. Mrs. J. n. Hfli lias returned to her home in I 't. Scott after a week 's visit' hero with her daughter. Mrs. J. F. .Mc(5111. .Mrs. .1. \V. .leukins who has been visiting liere for the past sevcial weeks is visiting in tola this week. She will leave >oon for her home in Pueblo, Colo. F. Marshal of, Kansas City .Mo., was here yesterday on fausiiieas visit, jl C. F. Cleveland, of Hunilibldt. was Jiiii the city yesterday on business, ii A. H. Laycock and family left today O- HOBAN. (twinK to the hard rarns aril wellsK and ponds in this vicinity are now filled lo overflowing. .V fen-day revival service started at the Presbyterian Ichurch .Monday evening couducted l»y Mr. Fluclicr. \V. E. North was on the sick list Friday. \ • The first number of the lecture cour.«e will be given November 3rd elect ion night, when ilie Singers and Players club will give a concert. Ail the numbers will be given in .Mendell's liail j|(s heretofore. The La,U.vou Zinc company received a car of coal at this place. They will drill souihwesi of:town. C. It. llod<ly and wile returned Tues .lay night from a trip in Indiana. .Mr.-*. Myers Is taking a inonlirs vacation from her djities in tlie coinpos- Itor'.-, loom in the: lieraid office. Amon^: ihosi! who attended tiie Par- .ron's fair last week were .Mrs. liiiiley, Gcti. ('«iue and J.' II. Tbompson. .\ coat of j)aiiit was imi on the new K:ity depot .Mouda.v and some inure of the tiling put on the roof ttjis week, but tlie earpeiilerH were forced by the rain !>• rifsi>;t. II. 1:. .Miller went to lo a Frida>. Watch tlie Betrister columns—want and locaL NEWS OF GAS CITY Murphy to Galesburg. Ilr\. o. .S. Murpuy went to Uales- burg this morning where be officiated at the funeral of -Mrs. R. A. L,ant. who died here yesterday morning at her home at -0-1 Oak avenue.—Parsoiis "un. HA>DICAPPED. This Is the Case With People. .Vany lola l\n> many lola citizens are liandi(ra|f ped with a luid back. The unceasing pain cau::es constant misery, making work a burden and stooping or lifting an impossibility. The back aclies at nit'bt. preventing refreshing rest and ill tlie morning is stiff and lame. Piat- rs and liniments laa'y give relief but eat:not reach the c^tuse. To eliminate I k - {'uiiis and achc^ you must cure Che kidi;eys. i) Kidney Pills cure sick kidneys and cure then^ permanently. Can you doulji lo!a evid|*'noc? .Mrs. Lucy Oaveir. of 50:: Sontii Cot toiiwood street. lola. Kas., says: "In he .<;prlng cf IMii when suffering from a lame and iwcak back I procured UoanV KIduiiy Pills from C. R. .<-'fneer & Co's Afaa store and began ustng them. Th!e trouble had btieu brought on I thinki by a strain 1 suffered while liftink. Sharp palne cHUicnt me in niy ri^lit hip and gradu ally extended arounld across the small of my bacic I was laid up for two weeks and when 1 Was altle to be i ^p. the lameness and weakness still clung to me. Doan's Kidikey Pills comp'ete- ly rid me of this trouble and the Severe pain in the ^lip and l>ack fans never reappeared. II have great confidence in Dean's Kidney Pills and am glad to give them! my reconinienda- tlon." For sale by ail dealers. . Price pU for Oklahoma, City, Okla., where they cents. Foster-Milbttm Co.. Butrajo. wUl make their future home. Sew York, sole ageiiU for the Unit^ States. Wat^ tke' Begi8ta> cplumuk—waai Rememlwr the take no otber. name—Doan's—and '-,4. JUDtJES A.\D CLERKS OF ^EC- TIOX HAVE BEEN A.\>Ol'>CED. REGISTRATION BOOKS CLOSED THE .MMBER OF ELIGIBLE VOTERS l.\ CITV LARGEST EVER. The First Lecture Coarse .VunilHT Will Be Noienilier ISHh—i»r. Mc Corory Will Speak—IVrsonals. First Lecture yo\. I»tb. Tlie first lecture on the lecture :uui8c will lie on the evening of .November 19 when W'r. McCorory sprak.-i The iectun-.s will be held iu the Cnil- L 'd Presbyterian church. EXCBANtJE OR SELL. IJst your property with me. I have a large list to match from. No e .^jiense unless a deal is found for you. I have 'JHi acres In Neu- sho county. Ivaa. to exchauge for good lola properly. J. T. MILES. Room 10, Old C«nrt House. Adjourned Meeting. Tlv city council met last evening in adjourned tessicn. However, withuiit 'ransacting any business an adjournment was taken iiutil next Tue?flay light when the routine work will be coiiBldt^red. Real Estate, Insurance . ity and Faun Loans [.•(v. Kate, .\iiiitiiil Interest, i 'a.viiients rcceiveil at :;::y time without i:u^ice. and in teres: ceases on amount paid. Lontr or Short Time Loan;*. Cunninsham & Araett LEQALS' Senate Concurrent fiesoInUoa No. IL A proposition to amend the coitsti- tution relative to the disqualification of judges to hold certain offices. Be it resolved by the Legislature of the State of Kansas, two-thirds of the the Biggest YeL .Mtliough the books have not yet' been balanced it is believed that the members elected to each house there- rtgistration this year is much larger of concurring therein: than ever before. Botli parties have) Section 1. The following proposi- ccen working hard and a big vole will ; tlon to amend the constitution of the likely be cast here. j state of Kansas is hereby submitted ito the qualified electors of-the state Clerks and Jndrcs .Selected. ' for their approval or rejection: That Tlie following list of judges and section 13. article 3. be amended so as clerks have been selected and will act to read as follows:,Sec. 13. The ju»- duriug tlie coming e'ection. November •inl. First ward—Judges. .Asa Stark. Harry Thomas. J. U Hill: Clerks. B. F'. Draptr. E. 15. Carlton. Se<>bnd ward—^Judges. C. M. Thorni»- klus. Thos. Hash. E. E. Wright; Clerk O. W. Lacey. Chas. Troop.- Thlrd ward—Judges. S. K. Rudolph I.. Moomey. T. W'Ulson: Clerka. Harvey Epiing. J. W. Wilgns. Fourth ward—Judges. H. A. ICeni- iner. J. C. McCracken. C. A. Adams; clerks, G. F. Hnk. \V. F. Dennis. North End Chnrch. Regular Subbatli school as ubual. Bllde sclioid at 9:3t). Moruing« service at 11 a. in. Junior at 3 p. m. Senior Young People's prayer meet- submitted to the elecfoifs of thT'atate tices of the supreme court and the judges of ail courts of' record of this state shall, at stated t'mies. receive for their services such compensation as may be provided by law, which, shall not be Increased during their respective terms of office. Such justices or judges shall receive no fees or per- qnisites,*nor hold any Other office.of profit or trust under the authority of the state, or the United States, except the office of judge | of any federal court or justice or judge of a court of this state, during the term of office for which Bucb Injustices aikd Judges shall be elected, nor practice! law in any of the.courts in t^e state during their contlnuauct in office. I . Sec. 2. This proposition shall be Ingr at 7 ^. m. Evening services at at the general election 7:45. Special music by the choir.— th?es In the year 1W8 W. N. Leeper. pastor. jof representa- for their ap- ' uToval'or rejection. The ameiidmeal Fentenals. Try tht) Register nsBt colunn. hereby proposed shall on the official ballot byj be designated the follovlng Ytttle: "The judicial amendment to t ^e Harry Duncan, of Bartle^viile. cauie constitution." and sfialll la yesterday afternoon. He will work or against as {.'rovided here. snch title. O. L. Foster left yesterday for Long Passed the Senate Jaiiuary 2d. 1907 ton. Kas.. cn a business visit | I Passed the House Ma|rch 9. 1907.. F. M. Connett left today for Butler, Approved March 12,^ 1B07. Mo., for a few days visit. His hortie I hereoy certily. that ..... is io,.At|irood. Kas. is a true and correct copy-of .oriftDal Mrs. Wllilain Mcrrifieid who has senate ooncurcent resoluUbn No. beeo ill for the past several days is re now ou file at-my officej ported today as being much better. { & K D.ENTCH$,'. Roy Catltu. hf Bartlesvil'c. is here Secrt tarv[ of SfattA visUirig. .S-9-16-26. ' ' ' ^' be voted foi by; law andei the foregolfie

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