Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 16, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1907
Page 5
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f - • ^ fironi jbi ^Sittiiesticated ( ;, (^dls-ansifered promptly night or ' , diy, 2<) y^rs experience. Veterin- l a.^ Dentistry a specialty. : H^nor Oi^itfiuite OnUrio Veter- Iniry College, Prop. ' Hftspitai Pbane 1068 Res. Phone 139 treats it. Tlcv. Sam Small, the popular G«>or- l.cmrcr will iiJdress an lola aud- i.nro at the Mpihod'.st Episcopal tliurrh this pv<?nln?, on .1 subject V liicli h ;is liwtiiiif very [KJimlar of tli.« maimer in which he- He divides it into thmparts: \\l\o the lJ.-vil HJ IS. Wliat tlie D^vil Ho I.^. ftud Wh^ro tho Devil He is Ooiiig. P ...siileB being in.strun ivp th«' !ecruro is ent.^r 'aluinp. ilrv. ."^niall has LTOWH within past smi>ral yi-ars trotii an oliPoiir»' |;'.s1.ii ,1.1 nin' of ll;'- Uiri-.\ l)0|>:!!;i;- m-'n }lo Is :i iii:ui who liofs was l:up>'lv ti'.rovph liis itif'i! 'In" th.1t flio grt >at r. fnnii "o.ili in liis O .ori ^i.T. .MIIIOMJ!'. h<- lias tlii;;,:;-, fur 'loiriia !i s ,r • l ).-in ri -iiifin'-.i in iliai lias l<'riiir'(l :.n.l w.-rlvi^^i Mi< •• nli I'V'-i rli<' Itiiff'^l I BRIGHTENS; i THE:HOHE— Jlir Idi-ai I'ri'paraliiiii tnr n-linMi ID* Floor'^.i Hnniitiire. i-lr. at SPfiNCER'S mm 1 CITY JTEWl ;ifoIer Oqrber Coltege, Kansas City, TeacUes the trade Ijy free clinic aiul carefni Instrnctions in few weeks. Positions waiiins for everyhody who will learn..i Write for iiarticulars. uInK nr.. !i f. w of ih.- Ill- <i>IiJll:"!iI- (.!' l)l>- c.-ISt- fi. ii V r >.;iiil:iii "Mr .'^niall is w;''y I rtaiiiiiii: in the • LT 'MS Hi >i li-ftm.' was full nf ill :ili! I''>aiiiy and «a- ;iiipl:"l'! \ iU'i -'iiisl' tlirriT. lurit •• i >'::!••::.1 :ri riiiiiiii'rr al (".:i7e:(f. .'•'•>!••. S;:::t" is ;i wf:osc I 'liiriif •, AM .>(lzi'>! -'"''^ ••xii-'i-'lu->- •iilitle tii"- !v .r's :.) •)•.•• ii. r i ><ii'.si.l>>rat:Mii " I .^i.-.tiv (• :y 'l-'ii -i - -.Mr .Sni:;l: is I I." a i'lii -jc 'il ii!i'! T a ri-'iv: • :rr'.- .•'.<.;'i . He i- i in a i :rt -:ii ..-Tr amor.:: imn " N .\v Vr,ik WorM-. ' H-- nsfS mi •.•••s;i.>- li 'i 'es. s :.'alcs .--xtempor' V. iih a I'l'^'-iuv Milt '.t :\iity of dictirm i- 1.1 'ii '.t few men of ;•. •^••',:<TA''>tn. !(•• is :i ra 'iical in iiir.'.icht. 1 !i; a l.iinnris: in expr<^ss- IT; .iiiii ;• traits exnlain ii's ••:;;:::; -nr.'.-,- .•- linl.!;!' ir-cMr The Allen County Catholic Fair wblc bis to be given in lola about the last of \orember and the first of December is to eclipse all the other Catholic fairs which have been held In lola. The chief prize of the fair will be nothing less than the $1000 Fratiklin make automobile wtiich Is now the property of J. D. Amett, manager of the Bell Telephone company In lola. The machine la to be given to the most popular young man In lola. Votes are to be sold and the young n!an receiving the ^highest number of votes will be awarded the machine. 1: is the plan of Father McGulre to have each of the lola papers put up a candidate for the contesL The Arnett machine Is a 10%-horse ower machine and seats four per- son.s comfortably. The Franklin automobile is well known over the coun- fv .IS a very good machine and there will doubtless be a lively contest to Bee who gets the prize. The diamond ring contest which has iH-en a feature of the fair for the last two years, is to be left out this year. There will, however, be a prize of tome kind given for the inost popular yonns lady hui the character of the trize has not yet been decided upon. Wanted—Everybody to know that W. B. Kelley & Son have moved their transfer and storage office to 211 South Washington. Office and Day Phone 290. Residence and night I'hone 17. ' . .THE CQM.Ml.SSiONintS IKIV- instructed janitor Sam t'rnmT.-y ..f iV.- cctlirt hot^^ to piirob.^s,. .i,>\v s.Mfs (< r ilip farmpf ".s rnoin. .<;:ii 'e iU>' t-rio tidn of t{i|> court ho::s<' oM ). 'nchfs in this room. T'if o>iin- idecide<s that a d"--!! s .-at? jinstalltHl. - hi^ve bfeii itfissioneiv shoiild be In m>'-i r:t-.-.i rii !:SMiiiji !iiill resnli.; :i .iji :i !.ii:;i-ci >-il nv iinpronerly treat- i riiid i 'l .'.'s KiiTif-; and Tnr crtivs • ••I- Ti '.ii-; i '!.-:i 'i.i'i' i 'iiu -.;lis and pre- liil- .-i!'' I IS ;''--i;ils. 1: 1^1. sfs yriu no ni'!-' .1 :1 !!i'^ unknown pri';>aratlons "..1! -I;'i;!d Sii-i-' upon iiav^na ihr in :!•.•' ••••Iln-.v jiackriiro. r.'ii- >'•',','• iil';c I-..:-•>. |^»Dr. .T. F. Jame.soii. (.'radnnte .Vnrtion- e«- and TjPterinarian. .SaUts or calls miidc anjrwherc. ^ Phone i:!. I«Ia, Kas. ,R S. HR.V.VETT. ..f l .i .nil.m. i•••Ite ritv itl)day to in'-'-i a p:trt\ t»!'FMVf.' \I!T Ml niO, SMART ON THE STAND Ottawa Judeo a ^Vitness in •laiiirh Case Todaj. Itohr. ' i^inois 15; •6unty land vitU an irfvestmenfji; hero. n who will vi.-w ,\ •• id -a ••!" m ;;i.:; I"J. V. Tjinner. licensed nncHoneer ^|d sale rrler. :Sr> North .VoRea, Vas •-THE Of"FI^I.^I. :iv.-n,:;...s ,,f th- >taticnai li -ai-'U'* ari' now DI : aa.l p|.ow hip Ed. Huelha. h l,:;own tn lo'a peopie as Uoh l.av. sin ni ili.- .•^.'.l.iiii leani. rf .'Je fild Mis-,,iii- V.i!:.'. lea- 1^;?. a: tli'o top witii a HKHI-.H. lii'-Ihaolt. hho a .ssi.-''•! c;-'arly win lilnp tVo world's I !:a,n!|'io!is. ip lo:^lie riiicajlo Cnhs. I 'roi". .Ifdin Wesley Locates in Sle^^-per Riiildlns. Prof. .lohn W.-slot. the artist who iiifiv-d V'C-nMy ;.s fittin? 'ip a -:•!•:;• 1 'r. tii.- s '-roni! >:riiry m" i!:e post ; :l!<.'e 'diiiii::.^'. I'rof. W'esl.-t has lie.n . i-e iiir .1 f'-w w.-.;,-.; iuii li:)s coii- ; .icted for a i'r.>:it d«-al iif work. H^> >\petts M hil.'i h<inie anii 's LOW Tif 111; lip -!'i'!io with i!:.-;ii-;ii.'' f in. : We have a fer of IVIM ^ft in iilsh'.arid Place. bonnelL '. THE PR.VTEnXAL fuion ' f A:;.' ri fA. is tO 'hoIiI a liip ti;.-.;f;ii</r:i.--v 'lii^ht. w;!r-n !.' nev.-. m-ri!' -r-^ a- - to •}>p talita iuTo :i^e nrd-r. T!:- or i-r i- fTl.''o_ pJannii7?~oi! a bic - - -i' •IJ on; tJie •±u<l of -h - Iii.<i:til '•"the ha!!. P. E. ;Waiieh, Dentist. Phone IPS Office oter Burrell's I>rng Slore. Three'ri'-.^- or six pi '-nrt-.- ,i ;;d two i:lii.-tra;e4 s. ii^s. Cr>-.-i •^t;: f(':iiL'?K ..lOHX- 7.. Fl'NK. oi>' of -ho ohU'S" fr.rni«er.s in Foiiih"as!(-!ii Kan-as. ye- Tcrd-ay -sold hi.s ei.ehty acre faiui ;hi'--e arm cne-haJf niii -s .-onth of l.aHarpv- to W". p. Tenij>:-'. of rart'T:.^'^. SU> .Vir. Teifiple will niov.- 1. !::•> firs' 01 .laniKiry .Mr. Fi ;;;i, '. •• y -i dccidi-'! "wiiat ].•• wi:l i'j. JTrs. Cantrell. Phone 1097. W. K: HQGAEOOM is today irov- ; in?r his. hou.s-'h'oid i -f>'-s 'n 'v";-,;,!.::-| wher? be will rna 'i<t 5Tc. HopalKJoiii jias tion wiUi til'- fi'W ( • m- :M f.-'p •I Dr. Beynold*. Phone SM. Reiu tH. A. U BRt 'Mn .MCi! -v. sho Falls- this niorni: - on :, visit. FOR;SALE-r-.s;an I.iiU VAV mdo. Irrlcatod ^ands in -n: we can sell oii mont'.r. .Jiill parllcu:ar.« -.vri-- ".;'<er & Doiuie'l. ;o N- o- 1; fVi'o- p:i'. n.-W. -. fiir r .V ,. Wiii'- ' I .Judge r. A. Sniar:. of Ottawa, wa.'' liio principal witness in the Rohi-- l.ang 'ii cas'' which is now talking U;i tiie time of the district court. Judge .<niart is the executor of the will of .s 14. Rohrl'.ansli over whose estate the ctise arisi-s. Hi> was on t!:e witness s'and for some tini? today giv- itxs evidejice in connection with the V, ill. One of the best attorneys In i':;e state his. answers in cross-examln- .-itiiii and his testimony Riven In •u: attractive way. .Mr. RohrhauKlis ^Ul wa.s read to- in full. It provid.^d for the divis- ii n of Ills property as has been pub- i-i'.-1. One of tlie interesting things •.i<<:ii til" -.vill wa.s that It provided fir a certain sum to oe used In bny- lii; fiowers for the Rohrbaugh lot in •ill- Ottawa cemetery one? each week. .Many depositions were rend today froiii parties In E\-celslor Spring.^ V liere Mr. Rohrhaunh went some time i .-for.' 1I1J 9 death for the h.>nelt of ; i.s h.-alth. which were intended to .s-how that he wa.s not strons mentally and that the deeds he Rave to certain prop.^rty in Ottawa wer.'' therefore voiil. Register Want Ad.«. 1 rent a Word. .\KO;*HO V.4LLET. Ederheimer, Stein Sc Co. X \ t. ti V i A I.ITTI.E ov -r .-. .-.i:.. ih'- .M. ! y. A. Siiri<ed f;.>iiii of!!.; (nr tli '-r ' a?l w.-j*. er. ••.ir ;i! >.MI-' -.zn, bqt since then ti -.i' d iii i;;is lun-n I iijf down to II. -'M". .Must <•'" •!•'; iMin-' '•y has been raise! -lu 'ii-;:!' r. i:!:)!-; • At thn present ral'^ of t 'lr -j- !'i; tb" debt. It win i .'ir i" i'< • n'lri! •>,-. f.uihiiug will ln' pai'i for. j Two pood -rir.2-. -ix tarf -.H tonight at <ri'-'-n: M:I)\ :r- t'i.';i'.r X Card. ! This Is to certify thnr ail druj :2i-sts | are authorized to refund yoisr ni'-.tit-y if : Foiey's Honey and Tar fails to eiire ^o^r cough or cold. Ir .stops tiie' rough, heals the lunss -and preventij serious resuits from a cold. Cures' ~ 'a grippe cough and prevents . pneu- , monla aiid consomptioQ. Contains no opiates. The' genuine is In a yellow I package. Refuse substitutes. Burrell's Becfstcr wiuit Ida Brisg Besalte. Do w,.: pr; !er a single or tl.-Uf) (. '<i.jhti.fl .suit.' Do ><)'. 'vant » b1i:e. .serge or « M u k t '.i i) t? Or .nre you })aTti:il to i::a:.s pl-iu or in j)laiilv ^•-i;'ts Mill checks? Or '••I itiLiiiL- to browns? \Vc ve as wide a r.inge of pat'enis, fabrics and designs as th;; possible tastes and preferences represented by all the men in this city. That's why we can please all; why we can surely satisfy you. Prices— SW to S27.BO Barclay-SlueMs Clothmg Co. earl Six cswte out from town to lie with Mrs. Landsberry. wh'le the iJev. l.,andsberry was at conference a'. Garaett. R. V. Hai? purchased a handsome ( uino for his daughter. Mamie. last uei -k. Clyde Milligan who too 'K typhoid fe- \f-i- in .lune and came home to be err. d f'.r l)y his p:irents. returns to <;l:luhonia this w-eek to gather the 'i .rn croj) h.? had in at that place and • o li; after other interests in connection with the firm. -Ml. and Mrs. Hall, of lola. were at .S T. Enilelds Sunday. .Mrs. Frank Dickey came out from town Friday and remained with .Mrs. Voitn^ during the time Mr. Young \^as at Uiwrence. WlilU- S. T. Enn ?ld was driving (io:i:.- with his family f^om town Sat- iiilay in a hack one of the wheels .-•ddenly rolhip.sed. throwing Mrs. on- H) the groiinl with conulderablo force. ':; f.i':;;!-; her wrist waj; badly Kpraln- e 1 am! she was considerably bruised ei, the body. C'orge Kemuierer Is building a i.-'iod iliree roonie-i house ou his i.:(v' of land. There was a great number of town pi oiile pleasure riding on the west side Snnday aftarnoon. Persimmon patches seemed to have an attraction fur many of them. Jay Riish bought a good span of mules at Humboldt Saturday and he says he now has three good mares to sell. He Is at present hauling his wh.^at at 9^ cents a bushel which Is tiie highest price that has hften paid for wheat in a long time. RrsMer Want kd%. L Mat • ir«t& Whea House Cleaning, Remember Red Cedar Flakes The Moth Pieventativf, and Reflecto Furniture Polish Sold at Burreirf Drugstore West Side Square MAUIJIFI) nK.\D BROTHER'S WIFE. John >V. .Vudcrxon 01 I«iw«. and Jlrs. Mrclnia .\Mderson. 01 Uineonsln, .Married Here. .M. Anilerson. of Desoto, Iowa, ami .Mrs. Virginia V. .\nder.son, of Hawthoino. Wis., w-ere married last > venins at. the court house by Proliate .iiid.e .1. U. .Smith. The l)ride was the v.-iC- of the .icrooni's dead brother. .Mrs. .\nt |.-rsf:n has lu'en visiting her people near Ktnciiirl. .Mr. .Anderson is an old soldi.'I-. 'Die eon.'de will leave for Iowa, after 11 s:\ori visit wuh friends at Kineaid. WANTED—Work l^hone U'tiS. Iiy two girls. MR. H. H. JONES of lola visited last night T. E. Stout and family. .Mr. Johes wa.s formerly county superintendent of Allen county, but at pres ' nt is manager oC an oil well supply house at Delaware, I. T.—Cherryvale Republican. PROF. Mavoerry. sup.->rintendent of the lola c!:y schools, will leave on the :;.'th of ths month for Emporia to attend the state niepfing of city superintendents. On l-tiday Prof. May t.'rry is on the program for an ad• Iress on the stibje-.'t. 'Flexibility in Promotion."' WAT S.MITH, a .«:meUerman. is very ill at St. .John's hos;.'Ital. It is feared iliat peritonitis will set in. Libbey Cut Glass A Most Excellent Gift! We have a large stock of the finest deep cut Cut Glass, the kind that sparkles and icintillates and leaves no doubt in the mind of the novice or expert of itsgeouineand excellent quality. Prices range from S2,&0 UP' F.VT FOLKS FAVOR Home .Mixture That TaJte.x Oif the Fat Rapidly—Causes So Wrinkles—>'o Stomach Ills and Retinlres >'either Dieting >'or Exercise. Too much fat is both uncomfortable and dangerous, but usually fleshy people prefer to put up with its inconvenience rather than punish themselves with the tiresome exercising usually prescribed, or endanger ^eir health by taking the so-called "cures and patent fat "reducers." This self-sacrlflce of comfort and health 16 overabundant fal is entirely unnecessary, however, as .Mr.t. Luella Bl.gper tells us there is a home receipts thai is far superior In every way to anything money will buy for reducing superfluous fleah. It Is said this simple mixture will take the fat off of man or woman at the rati? of at least a couple of pounds a week without even causing wrInkJeK. Moreover If does not disturb the stomach, but Is a good thing for the system, clearing away pimples, and, best of all. It does nor Interfer.' with the diet. You can Mse it and at the same time eat whatever j'ou like. This receipt i .s as follows:— 1-2 ounce Marmola; 1-2 ounce nuid Extract Cascara Aromatic and 3 1-2 ounces of Syrup Simplex. Get these ingredients at any drug store, mix them together at home and take one teasponnful after each meal and at l)edtinie. Mrs. Bigger, as is well known, is a 'amous beauty expert, and whatever ^he recommends is sure to be found eminently .satisfactory. DELEG.VTES TO A. H. T. A. lola Men Went to Parsons for Con* ventlon Today. Th3 lola A. H. T. A. delegates left this morning for Parsons, Kansas, to attend the state convention oif that Association. The lola delegates are coing down with the Idea of securing the next meeting for Tola. The delegates are W. H. McClure, McClelland, John Wood, J. B. Atchison and W. D. Cope. On account of business Mr. Cope was unable to attend. WOULD SET ASIDE JIDCMEM. W. £. Smith Objects to Payment of iViO .Ulmony. Through his attorney E. W. Myler. W. E. Smith yesterday filed a petition i!i the Anderson county court to se' .iside a judgment of $150 for alimony. .Mr. Smith some time ago was sued by his wife for 11 (jivorce. 'She secured the divorce and! was given Judgment for $Io"i as alimony. Mr. Smith in his (eiitlou charges his wife with tinfalth- lu'.ness and for this reasim a.sks to have the Judgment set aside. TALKER .1>D ({LTX> GET RFST. Take I'li Oil Roads ProponltioB Xext Week. Stree( Commissioner J. S. Walker and Dr G. C. Glynn, councilman from the first ward, will go to Humboldt the first of next week where they will<e up the matter of securing oil to be used In making oiled streets ii> this city. C. D. Webster has agreed to give the city of Tola enough oil 10 make a teat of oil streets. They will go there for the purpose of mak ing final arrangements for the moving of the oil and placing it on tha streets. Pae. Po .«Ul Inspector Dead. San Jose. Oct. 16.— George L. Seu- iholdt. formerly Fnlted States postal a P. V V Jt r inspector for a district comprising »uta *^ MU *- « X. trestem states. la dead aged l^'ateb Inapertor. seventy-two years. TO VISIT THE REGISTER. PnpHs of Garfield Boildin? Will learn How a Newspaper Is Pnt Together. Some of the pupils of the Garfield building win this evening know more about the way thai a modern newspaper Is printed than they did this morning, as a bunch of the students will this afternoon be shown through the Register plant by the manager and hear an explanation of the method by which the type is set up by the linotype machines, how the advertisements are set, the,paper is made up and last but not least, the youngsters will get to see the Register's big duplex press print and fold papers at the rate of five or six thousand papers an hour. After the visit to the newspaper of- ftce is made, the students will be re^ quired to write a composition on the subject, "The Modern Newspaper." ....^nta the Crvwrntaf TrinpH MOTIB ? Pletares, taterM- _jMl spectaele. two horn tl world tmrel. BOYS MADE WORK BENCHES. High School Class In Xannal Training Prove AbilHj. The members of the high school class in manual training have proved their ability as well as their willingness to help the public, by manufacturing four new double work benches which are to be used by"the grade pn- pils In the manual training class.' The new benches two weeks ago were rough wood but by two weeks of hard work the high school boys have converted the rough material Into some fine work benches. The new benches will accommodate eight more pupils and will relieve the crowded condition of that department. The board at the beginning of the term had room for sixteen boys but in some of the classes there were seven more than this number enrolled. The school board will save a good many dollars by the diligence of the high school class. ."^ORTHBODND. Vo. 202. Pas. dally 2:22 pa.. N 'o. 204, Pas. daily 2:66 ajn Vo. 208, Pas. daily ex. Sun Vo. 210, Pas. arrives daily ..8:50p.m Vo. 216. Freight, D. ex. Sua 12:01 p .K SOUTHBOUND. Ko. 201. Pa8 .daUy 12:45 p.n No. 203. Pas dally 2:00ajn o 207 Pas. daily ex. Snn ...8:S0pjai Vo. 209. Pas. departs daily...«:20a.m Vo. 216 Freight. D. ex Snn. .12:20 pn RELATIVES IX STRICKEX TOWS. .Mrs. M. E. Stone's Relatives Lire Where Big Explosion Ocenrred. Mrs. N. E. Stone, w-ho lives at 50" South street. Is considerably alarmed about the welfare of her relatives whose home is in CrawfordsvIIIe. Ind Brick wails were shaken down and oth er damage wsa done the city by the power of the explosion of the big nowder house at Terre Haute. Ind., a short distance away. CrawfordsvIIIe is the home of Harry Schleppy who .isited Mrs. Stone In this city last spring and W. D. Griffith, Miss Ruby Schleppy and other relatives of Mrs. 3tone. wvAlBMrriEr lieallsUe torpedo attiuk, VMag S>vbinarbie8,.GaBbMtf !• Aettoa Forlons ArtOIenr Boalwrtant 1000 CooUei laylnff »:]Clle al Jtallniad Track U M WaatM. Dkimond Mlnlar, BbutliVV WMhlng, Cnttfaw. Kte.; Tlctorla Falls, Saaaet aUd KoM light. Elks* Parade, Phlladelpkta, Steir Hunt In France, Taebtlntr Cowes, England and Tireaty other big features. Prkes S5, 3a and Mc*; The SANTA FE sells HO.MESEEK- ERS' tickets first and third Tuesdays in each month for one fare plus $2.00 for the round trip to certain polntE West and South West. Return limit 30 days. One way second class Colonist tickets to Los Angeles and San Fran.ciscc and other California points for 125.00 Portland. Oregon, Seattle. Wash., etc.. for 225.30. every day during October. 1907. Please see us for stopover -privileges, and so forth. W. E. RALSTON, Ait. lowaSttte Special Sale on Underwear! Beginning Monday, Oct. 14 Men's Fleeced Garments 40e Men's Heavy Fleeced Garments.. .EOe Men's Union Suits Men's All Wool Oarments ....|LQO Job lot of Underwear, 100 ^ar> mehts fpr ...66e Men's 25c .Garments for 16c Ladies' Fleece Lined Union Salts. .8So Ladles' Fleece Lined Union Salt...SOo Ladles' Heavy Fleece Lined Union SutlB .|.^.0t Children's Union'Suits ...26c, 36c 60c Misses Black Pants for.: ....86^j. Ladles' Ali-Wodl Garments .....ftiOO We liav6 a large stock a|id} are going to make sacrificui£. prices, and cordially mnvt yon to caU- and see for yoiir^ self. N • Free music Satarday night by onr New Regina. . [[ Respectfully, A. G. Mumnuk BBS- •• Call ou E V F JLS2R When needing an^rtliing in tne Jewedry line. Special Sale OQ 111 Korn Kinks, 6 packages 26a JIgg O See, 3 packages ......S5o Dr. Prices Food, 3 packages .....2So Ralston Homing Grits. 3 pkg8 ....S6e Pettljohtft Wheat Food. 2 pkgs....25o Shredded Wheat Bisctilts. 2-Bkg8..26o r.^lfe. a wheat food cooked^ready to , eat, 2 packages T. 15t FRYER BROS. Orocvry md M«ji» Mlrfctt noMS 308 «Hl #0t. See six moving jpletnres and- baiu' two songs at Crescent tonii^t SCi'^

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