Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 24, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 24, 1908
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAILT REGI8TEB, SATCBPATi BTEyPC, OCTOBER »> XT*' GRADUATE OPTICIAI iVRS TESTKPURfiHr t^ltBses Fitted $i aud up :' Sktlgftctlon Gn |rnPtct'd ! A. fcJWUMllAPqii. CMktar. eitiU^lMd 1869. MBKhnE^EOHXi AaiPt ;^ til ^i. Inipector*; §9oMfy Oossip j{. ^ ^ —ritzjfcrald, Aoto Lhcrj. • • YOUTH. Now '5 your chance to buyfny sJl in iKc hou« M rbff tfiffic^irl . receivtd and \vlU place on sate at special prices the best suit values we have ih I'liune. I serves pcrfec rr^uFar stock we have just ttiis season. Broadcloths, and fancy chevron worsteds in brown, blur, grry and green. AU are rtclily trimmed, satin lined, and fitting garmenb. Remember these prices are lor Monday only. | SlLiiTINIi cept nal. a position witb tlic State Jour- mm liSi. /I The world is but a g'owiijg roHury, WTiose goldou beads are told day after day. ' Whose shadows dim and scaiTo ijci -i «eptible. But emphasize the ljnv;rtiic«s of each day. It glows unslaiiifd l).v li-ais of ui'-m-^ ory. • Or Life's iiii'vitablc'. (o >u-h of gra;. The world is luit a jsloxVlng rosar.v.\* • Whoa*? sliiniti.? beads are toJd day aftor day. —Beth Slater Whitson In .Miislooa. • '> • , Visit Mrs. Ritter. j MrH. Khu, .MoiManainan nf Wichita. «3rand C'lilof of the Hraud Toiup'c. P>tliian Slstera of ICaiisas. Is lli lh«» city- today in the interest of the local Tentplc of the Order. Slie I as been attending the first district convention •at LaCygno. Kan. Mr.s. McManauuui reports a large and enthusiastic attendance at that convention, and that theOrder Is in a most gratifyiiiK condition all over the State. While in. the city she is the guest of Mrj. \ Chris Ritter. • • • I Home From Convention. | The ^representatives of the Searc!.-. light club, MTS . Mitchell and Mrs. Co'" man. returned this morninp: from Tola where they attended the Second nia- trict Federation of Women's clubn. 1 ISxe meeting was a most interesting^ one although the rejuescntalion was not- as large as they had had at previous federations. Among-the new officers elected for the coming year. >rrs. Coleman was chosen secretary and Mrs. Chas. Henson. of Pnola. treasurer. The next meeting will bo. held at Pleasanton.—Garnett News. 1 . - + * • . ! Miss Je.n.luns Here- ' aiiss Carrie .TenKins of Humbolfll^ Js.fiere for a visit with JJiss Gertrude Fitzgerald and relatives. • * • Postponed Meeting. There were only a few members of. the W. C. T. U. present yesterday' when the meeting was called to order so' it was Redded to postpone the work and social events of the day. There will be a social next Friday at rest rooms. , V • • Business Meeting. The Woman's Christian Temper- 1 ance Union will have a business meet-'small daughters. Margaret, Josephine Ing on the approaching Mondav at the and Eloisc. The entertainment of the dav is to be in keeping with the legends of Witches and Goblins. T!ie house will be darkened and decorated to rej)resent a cave where tin; witches, caldron and other apiiroprl- ate decorations will lie arranged. • * + JFor Mies Sirtipson. Mrs. L. W. Mayberry gave a \ery ' afternoon to Que lot of Suits hi ail coloie aud materials jii worth iip-lo $15.00, sjtii.'i! price .. $9.85 i^.ll rJoUO ami 5uit iu the hou.^r* ^l Choice $2;.r,o Suits thtirc pricey. iu all coloru. Kv»r\ $19,00 - .'Vll $20 00 and ^22 60 Suit3 in liroadclotbf, Scr^c^j^ ClitfvioLs aud VVor ^ledJ^, col(51-s blue, browu, prey aud yifcn. Special price ior t»atiirday and Mo: - C^IR RH dny only . ..iPWiJU til All loO.OO and 135 00 buits go on sale at. $25.00 * « + Mrs. Means Here. Mrs. Hugh Means of Lawrence a guest of her sister Mrs. Chas. jSpencef. s is a SMCtAL PRICES ON ML EyENINQ DRESSES Si2 ^'0 dresbey reduced to. . .$9,75 15 00 dresses reduced lo . .$|0.85 17.00 dresses reduced to. . .$14,50 120.00 dresHes reduced to.. .$|6,75 25.00 dresses reduced to.. .$21,65 27.-50 drestcs reduced lo. $22.85 $30.00 dresses reduced to. .$24.50 35.00 dresses reducee to. $27,85 40.00 dresses reduced to. $32.50 Missionary Meeting, The Missionary Society of the Baptist church was prettily entertained at the home of Mrs. H. Denning, 1107 .East street yesterday. The occasion : was the program of the society and also a farewell for Mrs. Chas. J. Doxsee, tiie president, who is going to ; Kanssa City in two weeks. Tlie roll I of members was called by Mrs. Denning and Miss Ruth Brown gave. a I map talk illustrating the district In Afripa. wuicli the lesson referred to. Afrs. .^rtnur Williamson gave a storjf) • of the life of Paul aud two interesting papers of the afternoon were "The social life of African women." by Mrs. S. J. Farmer, and a paper on the medical superstition of Africa by Mrs. W. j.i. Garfield. ! At luncheon time Mrs. Denning serv rd delicious refreshments aud as a souvenir of the day Mrs. Doxsec was civen a bonbon dish of China with beautiful : decorations of hand work. The members who belong to the society are regretting that Mrs. Doxsee is to leave the citv because of the fklth- fnl rfnd helpful work she has done .whenever the occasion demanded it. • • • To Butler, Mo. • Mr. George Goodenough; of Hutchinson, who lias been visiting bis sister. Mrs. H. Denning, has gpne to Butler, Mo., to visit relatives. • • • Mrs. Smith's Guests Leave. .Mrs. .T. S. Wilson and dau^ters. of Pleasant Hill, Mo., have returned boijie. They were the guests of Mr. ••»nd .Mrs. i Frank E. Smith. 214 Soatb Walnut street. • • • Returns to McPherson. Afr. J. K. Mayberry. of McPherson, J who has s6ent a week with his daugh- .ter. Mrs. ;L. "W. 3Iayberry has return* ed home, i i i From .F '"r>»»rS-.. t Prof. 14 W. -im tonight from E- • IiaS been for several ua-—. i The best and quickest way is Xlic Register want way. PREACH ELECTION SERMONS. JackSou street rest rootnS. All mem bers arc requested to attend. • • * MiM Mltcheir Here, Miss Florence Mitchell of Parioiis. Is speYidlnn;^ the week end with IIT parents. Mr. and Mrs. X. N. MlteUcJl. + •^ + Return to Washburn, Miss Cora Klein will po to Topelca early next month to resume her studies at Wa.shburn college. Miss Klein , was there last season and specia'ized In music. Chlldrens' Party. Mrs. Baxter "D. McClain las sent out Invitations for a Hallowe'en party for twenty friends of her three ' If Tcm i^ead This It-<ii^ be to'feirD that the leading medl- eklTTilten and tieaaherB of all the several Mliools of praiificA rebommend, in tlia strongest temu possible, each and every Ingredient entering into the composition i^t^BlC-'fierce's Golden Medical -Disooveiy fMr .iaie «nre oftweak sttnaach, dfspepsiB, tttarrii'^^^ stomach, "liver complaint," torpid liv«r,-or Ullousaess, chronic bowel ~ tctlpns, and all patacrhal diseases of \.\Bf<^ region, name or nature. It is clsgr« specific remedy for all such chronic «Moiv««iding cases of caUrrhal aifoc- tlqps-and their resnltants, as bronchial, thxbatand lung disease (except consumn- tlon)«ecompamcd with severe coughs. It 9tjQxood .ib>racuJe colds and coughs, " * -"^^•^ne.'of • chrdnte: coses •tt' Is c , ji^ons- in producing per- cores. It contains Black Cherry bark. Golden Seal root, Bloodroot, Stone root, Uaodrake root and Queen's root—all of jthich Are]iighl7 praised as remedies for all aie a$ov8 mebtiOnM isffectiods br so^ jninent medical vriters and teachers as Wof. BalthoUw, ofyVefTerson Ued. Col-, lege; Prof. Uare^ the ^Unly. of Pa.; Mtt Med, , M. D., of Ben- Chicago; Irof. John Cincinnati; ProL John l^of Cincinnati; Prof. ... M;D..of Hahnemann Chicago, and scores of jemlneat ID their several ^ SCOVCTTflS the ^ofhaiiHrtts, ipnpi\a .11:111 lor babft> hoi>-«beraicaUT _ ... iM being nssd _ine Is entirely ttnobjec- _.iides1s a moat osef ul agent J a}I stomach ais trell asbron- , add iDng affections. Thei% liudi(»i anthmlty for it! . "rffie«Dl8covenr«ta ri<h»zt(acto( nuiva, ia^aa^ and rdlable. .-..•s'r-''., pretty party yesterday^ entertain a few.young women for her,.Anss Annabel Paddock will speak at sister. .Miss Vera Simpson, of Mc- the Young Woman's Christian Assoc- Phcrson. The earlier ijiart of the af- iation, 201 South Washington av- ternoon was made pleasant with oon-j„ue. After the devotional hour, there vcrsatlon and a contest «n needlework, j ,5 to bo a social time for becoming The guests also enjoyed a contest m | acquainted: at this time tea will be fUttlBg figures from paper and at tlie served by-lhe high school gymnasium luncheon hour fortunes were found j^irjs who are hostesses throuphout written on slips of paper tied in pa-;the whole afternoon. Any and all per napkins suspended \hy ribbons in, young women are welcome at this ser- the dining room. Among those invit- vice. chooses tills occasion for a frolic and while they are making splendid pro^ mdny matrons also entertain because. gress iu the regular gj'mnastic »vork. of tTie opportunities the da.v off '-rsj for unique decorations and the em-j . prom Colorado, ployment of original ideas for the] .Mr. ;uid .Mrs. W. H. Dovlo of Pueblo, serving of the refreshments. Several | c.ij.vado. are guests of Mr. aud .Mr.j. of the church auxiliaries are to mei-tlK. g. Moore, 420 South Iveutuck.v. i-arly next week to talk about pros-| .j. Miss Cliamberlain Coming. .Miss Mary Chamberlain, of Humboldt, will be in loia early in the On Sun¥av "afternoon "at .V o'clock j week to attend a club meeting and visit friends. pectlve entertainments. • •:• • Mi'ss Paddock to Speak. ed were: Miss Bertla Nettie Bripham .Mis ?3 • * • W. V. A. g>mMasium is now Sickly. Miss; _ Florence Ho-! y bart. Miss Grace Fitzgerald. Miss Cora! a^rangrd for basket ball and the girls Klen, .Miss MaymeAndereon, Miss the high school gym. class were the .losephme Riddle, Miss Vera Simp- grst to practice yesterdav. The var- son. Miss Barbara Fry and Miss 4I- i„„s classes are all looking forward berta Munson. * • • Mr. Hestwood Here. .Mr. Otis Hestwood who has been in! tola for some time as assistant to' W. S. Goodin, secretary of the Kansas Portland Cement company, and who Is Just recovering from an attack of typhoid fever, is arranging to leave soon for New Mexico to spend the winter. Mr. Hestwood has been at the home of bis parents in Wichita for some weeks and is now a guest of his friends at Thistle Club ball here. * • * , Unity Club, Miss Maggie Bedell will entertain the Unity club on Monday afternoon. Mrs. ^loyd Coe and Mrs. A. C. Cntf- llsh who were delegates to the district eonventlon are to give reports of the different sessions and things of interest to their club. * • • Alta Seta Bazaar. The home of Miss Bessie Beck on East street' was transformed Into a bazaar last night when the Alta Seta club of the Presbyterian church sold "confections and cakes and Korved thfir visitors with Japanese lunch-^ eons. The several booths were wro- sided over by members of the club apd t'iough the raiu k-eot: manv people iway the number of patrons was lanse •«nd the evening was vpry pleasant. The" surplus of confections and other articles which were on gale" was sent to the Orphans' Home today. Those Halfowe'en Parties. Next week will probab>y be closed with numerotte informaLand pleas-" ant parties in celdiratioln of all Hallows' Eve. The youogeir set always In Pennsylvania, .Mrs. Frank Riddle is spending two months with relatives in Pennsylvania. She will be at home late in November. ^. .^ <. Art Club. Tbvif ^^ill be a meeting of mem- brra of the Art club on Monday afternoon. Mrs. J. D. Amett will be tho hostess. * * * Home Next Week. .Miv. .\. P. ChaiTes and .MI .---S Ko- salia Charles will arrive home next week frQci their visit in Illinois. Mrs. j tola Ministers Will Discuss Campaign From Pulpit. Charles has spent tlirce months there' and amoug other events has attended lola ministers will preach elecUon a reunion of her college friends whom sermons on some Sunday prior to the battle of the ballots. One of the'ifrst of these will be preached tomorrow irurning in the Christian church by the paster. Rev. R. H. Ellett. His subject will be, "How Should I Vote?" THE SECRET OF DRY CLEANING -•'lie knew many years ago in her old home. • • Card Party. .Mr. and JIcs. C. L. Wiittaker entertained at cuchre<on Thursday even ing for their card club. The game was played progressively at five tables and after cards places were laid for these guests for luncheon: Mr.' ^„_,„4. and Mrs. C. C. Auslienuan. Dr. and ^''"•^ ^""^ «^^'«».Mrs. W. R. Ueylmun. .Mr. and Mrs. 'o? i»a» been closely ipiardedrbecaaiie F. S. Beattie. .Mr. and .Mrs.^A- W. 'there are; blg^ profits made In dry Howlaud. Mrs. Oscar Foust. .Miss clcauinir. Dry cleaning is jnst ks easy Clara Foust. Mrs. Paul Klein, .Miss Cora Klein. .Mr. C. H. DeClute, .Mrs. Merritt Esse. ,Mr. and Mrs. .M. V. Sickly. Dr. and .Mrs. S. A. Coffman. .Mr. and .Mrs. C. L. Whittaker. Miso us ordinary laundering when 70a knoii how. The .secret «f dry cleaning Is la n^lng DIti'-('L£A>'-0, a soap-Uke snb« • 'r •> Deciding on the Furniture, There's a big surprise In store tor Ethel WMtt.;|^ker Miss Ella Whittaker t gasoline and Mr. H. C. Whittaker. ! ^ j^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ like ordiibiry soap does in iriger.'.X good many people bare the Impression the Teens and Twenties In a very.t,,^t ^ Weaning is simply washing short tim.! a space in these columns I, _._^-,| will be uh ..11 over to a description of , ; , ^ ^ . ^. the wcdiling of tolas most popular This ls| H mistake, nashing yonr gir's. She is even now spending ev- goods iu gasoline would be jnst like ery spare moment in the attic drag- j „a»hlnir jour eoods in clear water. Which might be expected to furnisn a., j™"^*^ "f* UKl-LJ^EAJT-O and, idea about tousekeeping or the selec-j prolo, all the dirt is removed^ leav- tion of ap[>otntments fur her home |jng the goods as wlyfteand elenn'in and the groom braved the fire of gossip and went house hunting the other day. Cupid is becoming more energetic since the cold weather came. •> • • Returned to Ottawa. Mrs. Gertrude Sallee EM»T ^V;U . b^'s (hoogh -nashed in soap and water. - A dO -cenf can of ', DRT-CLEAX-0 will do aljout $10 ilrortli of dry clean* ing. Dry; cleaning' not aaly remores ail dirt and grease bat It kills all germs, leaving yoor' goods perfffctly vi.siting her mother. Mrs. F. E., a-septic. ^ . two weeks, returned home Yon w^l find DBT-CLEAX-O the us^ed with best results in washing tiie NO ciob Party. i'^I 'y'* """-^^ was no party for the Violet' wf^ar, silks, ribbons, sauDS, b<tlti]»g. There riub y.-jstiTiiay afternoon hut the memN«=rs will |>robably be entertained next week. * * + Goinn Honie Next Week. Mrs. F .Tnnie McClnre Thistler . of Chapman who is visitlns; her parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. H- M9Clure. is to return to lier tome next week. "rom Humboldt. . Mjs. Wsilter Burtis and Mra. W^lll- iam Jenkins of Humboldt* are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. B. R Brown for the week. " * • V • To Visit Parents. .Mr., Wi'l MeClure. who has latelr t>een with a newspaper at Enid, is f^oendfnx: a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. tV. H. McCHnre. Mr.;. McCInre is enroute to Topeka to ac- Pateam F^ekwDlje hid gloves and eevr .rtbfaig of thl!> kind. G'anuerits washed In DRY- t'LEA )(>o |wlIi wear longer and more iiatisfartorlly as the wool Is not Injured la the least bat .is rendered more flexible thas retalnlBg its life nntll worn ont. In fart it is an economy ta aes It •H wHl fiad UKT.CL£.i>.0 tbe very bestj preparation fai the warM for wasfiiag all waolea goods, nideir. wear, dresses, dress skirts 'aiid-^cry thing aadls W pwr» wool. Tbe gvads wOi wearjlMger aadrke iiMf^s^ ta^MT^ kf«r'tB^lr eoiifr' MB ^plefe^ wen'

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