Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 16, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1907
Page 4
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Iff tint MM MWB organln- AlanMoa PuMisatlMi iSliTY NEWS ITEMS DAI fOOT BALL TEAM WILL mAT ILA HARPB TOMORROW. TRUSTEES TO TMEET CONSIDEB SUBJECT OF I\- CBEASi[NG PASTOR'S SALARY. 'jCl|rbtIaB| Eadraror of Christian ^thnrrkJEiiterialiifd in la QranKP I list ETenloir. ^••Wlll Vi»y La Harpe Tlinr$dn.r. -The Oas^XMy foot ball team will Hatpe tomorrow afternoon to the tM Harpe team. The f^anie ^Lbe'one.of the best of the TJiftGas City team will be a »:|keaT{er than the La Ilarpe team ieJtmck field biit the La Harpe line /:lie'-s4me heavier than the Gas iF^valL iBut with Moore, Smith and In- the back field for the Gas ^,team,[the;mighty wall of the La ^.^eam fwill have to fall. A mini 3<^tbef local backers will go over ' ijtJ9ar |ie and cheer their heroes on hofiti eatiitetFiaustnbet «t ibi hoard —ill be preseiit The Ladies iiSd of the X. £. Chnnh, The Ladies Aid society of the MKh odiat Episcopal church will meet the church at two oVlock Thursday afternoon. It is hoped every member will be present as there in businesR of importance'to l>o tranaaRted. EnteriainJb Christian Endearflr. The Christian Endeavor of the Chris tian chnrcli of Gas City was entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs John rie<!r of IM Orange last evenlUR. The evening was spcni with games and music. Refre .shmenfH were served to Uie followins .vouns jwople: Misses Cora Smith. iCdna and Ethel Moo ney. Lizzie Drjscol. Clara Troop. Myrtle Ea .stwood. nollie Adams and Alice IJarker of Har|)e,. and Miss Hazel Ball and Mr .s. Churchill of: lola. .Mr. .lohn A. Grimih. Bud Ileevo .s. E. C. John .son. .lohn Ilayle. Ira Temple, Chas. Troop, Everett Eplin?. ilarry Hash, Arthur McAdams and Lee Churchill. Will AHend CarnlTaL Many Gas City people are planning on attending the big carnival which will be held in lola October 21.^t fo 26tli inclusive. The carnival is to be given by the Parker Amusement company under the auspices of Roberts" band of lola. The carnival company has been in lola before and .seen by a number of Gas City people, but many new features have been added since a year ago. . Personals. Mr. and .Mr .s. A. H. Smith left yesterday for W.Miita where they will visit. Arthur Me.Vdams left iliis innrnlng for independence. Kansas, where bo has .iccepied a position with a grocery firm of (hat city. Mabie Snodgrass who w .as hurt last Sunday is .said lo be a great deal better today. Dr. C. W. Rennick went to Par.sons yesterday to attend a meeting of the State Medical .Vssnciation. The W. C. T. r. will give a tea on Friday afternoon at the home of .\Ir.s. E-ikin, L'KI .North McRea. TO .SAVE Hl'RtlX PLACE. i!8 Wni Meet. •of trustees of the Mefh- 'Bjiis^tcpal church of this '•ity'etorv si!aiKhiene<l om eitoe^t irthe church next Thur.sday j ,.,,,.,i,.„|„r now ami tmooa tor the purpose of con.«ider- ' , . , ffft ^wisejlii the pastor-s salary. Thisi <^rtverument N«» Lonirer Interested in .MoTlne IndlansMiodles. \Va ."liiURfou. Oct. HI— Thf tioverii iiu'ui may not aliollsli Huron Place couieicry. in the hear; of Kansas City. Kansas, after all. There has be.-»n a hitch in the proeeeilinps. N'o good title can be secured to the cemetery in Qniiularo, where U was proposed to ir..)<e the Indian bodies. When consress autt :ori /.e.l the r.^niov- al of flic bodies an 1 the sale of Huron place representations were mado that all of the Wyandotte Indians v .er3 favorable to the matter, it now aiMiears that some of thorn are seriously objecting. Had they all ac- ouiesced in the matter the government would have made .«umie n.^w effort to get the title to the new eem- nm it m no', abandon ili<' fUwnauitiuii's a bad thing wiiea a man's got to work for aliviiiff. Seotf* EmuUion h tptendid for rheumatism. The cod JiveroU which Scotf* EmaUicn contains makes red corpuscles faster than die disease can destroy diem. Stiffened joints and mus^ cles become supple. The whole fcneral healdi improves. ASdnrnfatot 80e.Md«ljOt. THE TAFT BANQUET DRY Secretary's RccoptloD Begins With Water Parade at MsHlia. • Manila, Oct. 16.—Secretary Taft arrived at 4:30 p. m. today from Hong Kotig and received an enthusiastic welconte. His reception began with water paiade, headed by Governor Smith, General Wlood and Admira Homjdiill. Tne s3creiary was es corted to the palace by troops and Uistinguisbed Americans and Filipinos and formally welcomed by the mayor and governor general. Thousands I n ed the. streets ah" day. awaitins -Mr Tafi's arrival. Much discussion has be?n caused by the fact that no liquor will be served at the functions in .Mr. Taffs honor lo be given at the pataee. which step said to have been taken at the di r.ciion of the s.n-retary. HEIRESS VICTIM OF PLOT. ma V Mf grmpm Crmmm of Tmr^ mkmoMeiy frem from mlumm: li purest, most eGonomical ifiilof leavening agents iCMCTttiIy<ttafd yoyr food fronralvm. UMow^JBStStsdUsYoBrlavf ud b ]t ih* Btti BUI roa viu nceir* our Hon» E)e T»t Card wtin vti,ch }oa tai iMt your a» «>»• u »c- ctuauly u ii can be dooe neht ii«re la our T ^tif.c Farloit. and il U |»r. fcrtir simple. Reluia ftu lest Car4 lo Bf mh Kil t^r Uinki CUed out ccd w» «-ill scLd rou- . pair, or Sunbuitt Sprcurin llted ^«l «k ntMtljr ibr Ins roar rftt mwd in oxacilr ii>* rlxki aiie frame. < vEtt iiBE.jReittiB «£«££! fia-S;?^'.r.^ r.,T. -^jc.- V—- . it o»e tlWT »» «ot rcUiTlT •atUfaetorr la every »»r. return JH»M U>t Uie nice U •oOilEC-cofavafed «o Ihe coauon Uiey cli-c lovr »JM <k* xvocuoe* are iroun. And ea recdM of, ihe laoaey ve •m, l«MM«MMade Caie o( tee seal (rdla leatker >m«d wim rlib plash. Int riiis a/ •r DMnTk ako« that are are a a«aare RlLiUe csapuyr A twMcnl aUaiB an* •M fMT ejretljM. is it <mtk taa maw/t tH^fa eye tretttus »Kaa /jr m <laawn We :re the oalr boose tkat eaa «t spraacle Irsnwio /. • ,-s--_r--—t «^»e» are ercn bit as ImimtaBi as eofraci lesses. Ewtr per-yV".*" aiiain Isdsai laat n reaiooable ttisi ite hames ausi be eianlr , tWUr>*- tVWyPAiilOF CPECTACLE* WC MANOLC 1%/ y CUAKAMTEEOu And UUs catapur eie baeii up lis /VV ••••m spsmeles m BOI OB ); bar the birhesi /,»V Maal ckin aad IrBovledce of ep-/^« toraaay rora aad who are ta anM af oar srieallfc Test Card j I last as aecwf itir U/ Friends of Helen .Muloney Think Voonir Englishman Was .Vfter the i^Mjm. Sow York, Oct. If,.—That Helen .Maloney is the victim of a carefully ItJanned conspiracy is the belief now held by her clo.-^ iri?nds. Alter days of investigation these persons re inclined to the opinion that in his campaign to induce ner to le.ivc her mily, home and fr-enrts with him Samuel Clrakson. the young Englishman with whom sh.' di.sappeared. had l.e aid of others desirous of sharing he $r;n(>/imi su*. was known to liavi in her po.-^pessinn and a.s much more as the fatnily miKiit be w^illing to .^ive }•) induce him to drop Oiit of .sit ;hl. This fund in tlie form of ne^oti able bowls and stocl-.s of the best market value was .s^iven to Miss Ma loney on her twenty-first birthday, a few months ago. and by her they were placed on deiiosit in a bank, which ccllccted the dividends and interest for her account. Prior to her ds- paiturc the bonds and Ftoelcs were taken up by her and disappeared with her. So far nothing has been found to iiiidcate that the paper.s have been tuni.-d into money, but they are eas- iiy transferable and m'gbt not Khow at the iranfefcr otTsce.s of the several companlC 'S for months. .\ll that was necessary to turn them into cash was AIiss Malouey's siguaturc on tiie back Pi the various instrumenin. That she had besn given this «moiinl of securities was known to all her friends, and it is said that Clarkson learned of It in England soon after he met her. "An the matter stands," said William .1. Fanning, ci/nnsei for Martin .Valoney, the girl 's father, "we are no i.f ar.^r to finding the girl thau^ we were days ago. I'niil she is foiimi we cannot decide what is to bo done. All we are trying to do is (o find her and what her situation is. When we find what has happened we can do cids what is best to do. "It Is not true that the girl has been heard from since her departure from Waldorf. Andrew P. Maloney may learn something in Montreal, or he may go through to Quebec to sea the steamship offices about the couple who left that port on the Empress of l! eland." irS \ QCE.STIOX OF SETEBITT. Flsbt to Test Kansas ProhlbltioB Law to Be Dropped. Washington. Oct. lb.—The supreme conn, of the United States was Inform ed today by. counsel that a compromise would doubtless l)e reached in the cass peniling Involving the constitutionality of the Kansas liquor law. it was stated that the fight to test the constitutionality of this law would bo given up and that the only aues- tion to be determined in the cases filed was as to the severity of ths sentences which have been Imposed for violations. I nthe cases of Kcrscb vs the city of lopeka, on application of connsel for Kersch, a dism'ssai was secured. Foley's Kidney Cure will care any ease of kidney trouble that Is not be> yoni medlcsl aii. BoveU's dnie iitore. (Topeka Capital.) A rtimor. the source of which has not been disclosed, to th« eff.->ct that! Dr. Cro-ss, city chemist of Kansas' City, who Is making the examination of the contents of the stomach of the Idle LuciUH H. Perkins, has failed to find a single trace of morphine or other poison. Is current in legal circles In Kansas City. Dr. Cross will neither confirm nor deny the rumor as be cares to give out no informa tlon regarding the results of his in vestigatlon until he presents his report to the courts. It is also reported in lOinsas City Ihtt the attormutS- for the Mutual Lifu Insurance company, in case Dr. Cross has found no poison, will continue their fight for the cancellation of the policy, setting up the claim that mor- phlna caused Mr. Perkins' death, but that all traces of the poison havo since disappeared from the body. It will be shown by expert testimony that morphine, a vegetable poison, rapidly disappears from the stomach and other parts of the body after death. The attorneys for the insurance company refuse to make known any of their future plans and will not say v,iiat they will do in case no poison has been found. The death of L. H. Perkins followed a fall from the roof of his residence at Lawrence on .lime 1. The Mutual Is suing to cancel a life insurance policy on the ground that the deceased took morphine before going up on the roof, with suicidal intent. The disinterment of the body and examination of the contents of the stomach was ordered by .Indge Smith Wc- Pherson of the United States Circuit Court. A iVERY SIMPLE HOME TEST TO FIND OCT ft TIIE KIDNEYS .\RE INACTIVE OR WF4K. .1 Illffhly Recommended Pre.'^crlptlon of Vegetable InprPilieiits Which .\nyone Can Prepare. A well-known authority states that there are more cases of kidney trouble here now than ever before, while recent reports show that more people succumb each year lo some form of kidney disease than any other cause. Wien there is sickness exiiniiue the tiriue. Rheumatism is only a symp- oin of kidney trouble, li i .i nnlhiii>; more/»r than cvccssivt- iirie a.-id in the blood, which the sliig:;l.'ih. inactive kidneys have failed lo sifi out, leaving it to decompose and settle about the joints and musclOH, causing ntense suffering: frequently resulting in deformity; often reaching ihe heart when death ensues. Pains across the neck, freriuent, painful and suppressed urination and otlier symptoms of weak bladder are not the only signs of kidney trouble; many cases of stomach disease, headache, pain In the heart, inaciivo liver, etc., are but .symptoms: the cause of which can be traced to ffroblrf, clogged kldney.3. The physicalns for the in.surance companies always carefully examine and rej)ort on the coudltii;n of the urine. It is a certain sign of sickness or health of the human bod.v. A test of the urine should be made by ever}' man and woman at least once each year. A simple test is to void a small iiuantity of urine in a bottle or glass and let it stand over night; next morning, if there is a reddish brick- dust sediment, or white, fleecy substance present, either consult some repiilable physician or take a good egctable treatment. The following prescription Is recommended highly these cases, and if desirable Ihe sufferer can mix it at home. Any good prescription pharmacy has the ingredients, which are harmless and Inexpensive: Compound Kargon, one ounce; Fluid Extract Dndelion, one- half ounce; Compound Syrup Sarsa- parllla, three ounces. Shake well and use In teaspoonful doses after each meal and at bedtime. A\'here any of the symptoms enumerated above are present, good results are sure to follow Immediately the use of this simple prescription. REDUCES PRICE OF CEMENT. Can Be Shipped in CUnker Form to Panama. Washington, Oct. 16.—Experiment.? have been conducted on the Isthmus of Panama which promise to reduce by one-third the estimate of cost of cement needed to construct the locks and dams for the isthmian canal. The announcement is made that iho department of locks and dams has found that it will be entirely practicable to procure cement in clinker form, trans port it to the isthmus and crush it acd grind it there. The cooperage cost would thus be avoided. This cost is about onethlrd of the cement proper. Cement is one of the biggest Items in the cost pf the canal. U ROYAL NEIGHBORS 1381 will meet loight I Here are some great values. Nowhere else In lola can Carpets and Rugs be found in such acceptable variety nor bought at better advantage. 9x 12 Tapestry Brussells Rugs, $ 10.50 RUGS 9X12 Axminster Rags, sold elsewhere for I28.00, here $22m50 and $25 9x12 Body Brussells Rugs worth $30, Here this week $27.80 9x12 Bagdad Wiltons, usually $40^00. Now only $34% BO 9x12 Wiltons, regular $50.00 values. Here for $45, GO Ingrain Carpets Good Floral Pattern Ingrain, yd 30o Union Ingrain, regular 5oe yd. now... .43o All wool, with cotton chain, only...... 55o All wool, fllling and chain .B3o INGRAIN RUGS. Sizes from 9x9 to 12x15, from.. .$3mOS up E Quality Linoleum, 6 feet wide, per square yard, D Quality Linoleum, 6 feet wide, per square yard, .50o .6O0 I yard by i yard square, at 35o Stove Oil Cloth Squares. I 1-4 yd. I )y I T -4 yd. at 55o I 1-2 yd. by 1-2- yd. at ;.. ; 75a Let OS Fifare Yonr Kooms for ixminster and Wilton Carpets with Border. lEe Ida Furniture Store LOOK FOR THE FLAG. A. W. BECK, Proprietor lou's n AUSPICES Ot ONE BIG WEEK, OCTOBER 21 to 26 General View of the Street Fair Big Parker Showsl A BIG WEEK OF FUN AND FROLIC Ferris Wheel, Oarry-us-all, Pharaoh's Daughter, Tyrolean Alps, and the World Renowned Direct from the New York Hippodrome, will give TWO FREE OUT-DOOR EXHIBITIONS DAILY "ITe Girl from Bagdad' Is the feature attraction of the Street Fair and is an entirely new production. It is a Musical Comedy, with the elaborate costumes and plot- Miss Clara May Adains is the Soprano: Singer. Frederick Miller, late of Florodora fame, is th^e; Comedian. 30 others. EVERYBODYO fndlf VE A -99^3^^ j ^i ^^^v^

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