Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 16, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1907
Page 3
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•.r. • /6 Women's, Mismes' and Children's Coals .150 t'k.^ant styles lor you to select Irom, representing only thL- loirecl models for lall wear. The I.aiidesman Hliscliei- nier Line, of Cleveland O., w one of tbe best lines and I);jnj;lu hy us early hst sprii.y: hefore the advance in materials. [_^_}. We want to <li<nv von a Colt, haniisnmely trimmed with velvet and (iraid, well worth J-.TO , that we are selling for HtB .OO Hlrak Hn.ndoUth Coat, lined i lear throngh with satin, trimmed uitli silk braid and vclvi i, well wortli $15.00, Oor price i< S9mOO 1 -ine Imported I'.roaddoth. 'i-ir^f. pear shape or'Japanese sleeve, beautitiiriv trimmed with sik braid in front, around the ~leeve and in the iiaek. Our price $12mO0 ^ •'^\^ Other splendid vnlne.s. $1 , $t8, $20 and up to $30 A col'ection oi junior ani Mioses' Coats in the best styles th:it ran he ljin:i^ht, from $2,9aio $13,50 If you v,ani to save moamv, WB ask you not to buy until you see our Una. Furs! FursI Furs that are spjcially 'lesigned to meet the most critical re(|nireincnts. Furs that are stylish and practical for early fall and wititer wear and that embrace liu- j^rjceful lines so much in demand by w^omen o: d;scrnuitKi ::'.Tij taste. Fr-nn 750 to $2SmOO Colored WoolOressGoods^NewFallFabrlcs An immense special purchase '>!' new materials—iticlndi-d are 54 -i:icli i'.ro.idclotli in small invisible plaid design-, vi -ry de-^iraiile tor Tailorei Suits or sep.iratt Skirts, and ^5-inch blue, ;brown, red and green cl;t-rf;s .-iitd p!aisome with small liiirs n; :til—esi>eciall/ apjjropriale for Mis!^es' .ind ChiKh'-ii s i)ie-ses. We i ..::'r al-j a ureit .-.-•ior:nir-n"^ of verv desirable nlain mid fancy Dress Goods. Wc- r .vic \ .)n :in double foI<i materials. and $r .OO iKT • We i ..::'r al-j a L ;reit .".-sor; nir-n"^ of verv desirable plain and -it ii:is >toie ami si -e ;:u- ]•••••.' v ilnes that were ev^r shown tan^e p:.;i'-:iis i-.r ISc, 25 B, 3 S O , 50 O, 650, 75 O \\:u\ c>;<~'-;iei;: J .'.-V '^l l:i:m.i>i''s i>. liiatjij. Sale of Fall Weight Knit Underwear Have •tilt opene ! 1 'iid loi of women's fieeee liaed \"<.;:s and Drawer-;, full size.e, neatly finished. irt.;n • • i 1 f: ixj pc: jj^rtnent. Chilort -us AU A .V isles' ileece lined \'ests and Pants. t:rey and ITL.!::'' : -.rr.-. ixor .i [->- to 50c per };r.r !::-.-!U. Sea Us for Boys' and Men's Undarwear, RICHARDSON'S 2 Doors West of Thomson Hotel 113 East Madison Avenue. WANTED! One hundred couples to follow the crowd to the Rollaway Skating Rink Toni.nht. .Morth side of the Square. Witness fancy stunts from Stuntervillc. Keep on the sunn\ side anil he healthv II its a piano bargain tliitt yoti are lookinjr for— yoti will tind it an easy matter to diivt a trade vritli iis. We are .show jiiig difffTont makes and all jtlie difFerent styles made, en- ;ahliiig you to suit yourself, both as to tile finish and size and price of the instrument. ( iiiiic ill t'liliiy uiul Iii-ar tlw-iii. Ue will iriiiiriintM- TOII will lie |il<':iN<-il. CRABB SAYS: We have long had ; -riiitation in this locality of filling prescriptions wah the highest quality goods that could be secured, and in filling them in a way which met with the ajiprov.i! M the entire medical profe.ssion. The same care::! work will l-e cntinned m the !•.!- tnre. The ^^ame .!<iaiit\ good-; w:ll be U :>ed that li ::ve bveii ii->'.d :;i 'L-c jj.isl. We -oli '-it vi .nr patronage John V. Roberts ' Piano House Hlfill SCHOOL BOYS HAVE ORG.lX. IZF.n A FOOT BALL TEAM. WILL PLAY iOLA NEXf WE(K Flksr \( .MBEK OF LErrCRE < OIRSK IS TO Or( [ R OFT. 17. r<>ini<-li Will Meet In K<iriilflr Ses.iinn '(l«t*^itf;.ChIei«6) andiHenrjr Schndr. ieck (now of New Tork). the former a pupil of Ferdinand David o: tbe Leipzig Conservatory, and aftprwarda cot\- certmeister of Tliomas Orchcsira, Chi- eaRO, and the latter the succes.sor ot David, as head ot the violin department of the Leipzig Conservator.v. She h.iR hpen eminently successful iti onn- fi-ri work and as a director. W'e present again as Mr. .las. -A. .Mo.Mahon. the great baritone. work wirh the Orche.stra was .si> eminently siicces.sfiil last season. The Crpir.ona Orclie.^irii will appeal II ilie Moihodist l-'iiisoopiil ohurc!, •|"lnir.^iay evening.', Octolw;- iTih. It i.s iliP niimlipr of the Icfiiire course. Coiiiicil 'l°<iiii:;tit. 'Chi- city rMMincil <,{ thi.s ciiy will iljci-i ill !i';^iil.n- si-sslun ily^s i-veniiis. .» 1I1MIII;.'1I ilii-if Is no spi^clal hiisiiicss H>/(ini*-liffiirc ilu'in iherpwill he mnre tli.'ii i!i<- iisii.i! n'HUl.-o- liii.^fn'''*.-^. Tliere wiJ I'f MVir:il iliiiifjs III' iniiiiii' iin- piirUilK'i' III riitiic il|i fur rnnsiiliT.ition. K.iii.-,i> Sii;ill'nvi-! 'riinr-il.i.^ niylii. SIM I'd ^ItHl nil 4 iir «i' Flour. 1: 1; i';iriii.'in. <il llic l..r ll.irpc City it:ik<r\. (•iiiiii-inl.- IIMI M.-' IHIIC as 111- '•• .ili^c 111 liiiy llniii' liv IIH" c:ii" lnad aiid li\ .<!> cliiitr.; inaUi- $l'iii. 'hi- iirici- 'if IIH- IIM-,UI finni 111.-' Il,•ll^l•r.^ r>'- iii:iiii llii- s;iiiii'. AliiKi.-l all ullicr l>akiiic> ill .--imilica.-;!!-!'!! Kan.<a.-> have riiiscd I lie p.ico iif a luaf of liread from (Ivi- til .-i .v ci-n:-. .\lr. i'arnian s;.y- iiia» lif has niiicri-il aiuithcr car of I'niir V. iii .h «;!! arrivi- In thirt.\ (I.iv.~ lit.' >auii' |iii<-.' which he -AO' ilic ici. '.\hic!i lii-t c .\ «-.-t.>iilnv I ir>t Flint Kail Tliiir?<da}. T.'i. lii -.-i! fdot l>ii!l :;aiiie of thi- .-^oar .u '.i 111 111- pia .\i 'il ill ihl.s ciiy will In i'liiii-ilay afii-iniiuii nn the .Mac)innalil 0. 1! innili i .f !lii- ii:.\ H lli-u lh>' l.i' lla.'i'- .iilil I.'K- <;a.- rii;. le.illi- luck !iiii;i- Till- uai ;!i> iiiniiii .-i-,- oi he inie r>, Ihe he.-,r ni lie .-.eii h'Te :lii> .seasiil; as filer.• i> a irre;! iie.i' nl livalr.i' lie- I'.v.eil Ihe iwii IiiWI:> al|i| riiiltl will in for hliMii!. The :.::i!iie will he called 11 •iM.v'i .iMic':; il! ihe afteinimn. Raised *iin for Fhunli. The memhers of the Chiisiian Kn- .Icavi.r iif ihp,Chrl>iian church raised $111 III «i) ti.wanl Ihe i-rpeiioii of the lew church. The ainoiui! w.-is raised hy :i coniPst. The iiieiiihprs of ihc ICil- ileavor chiisp sides and ihe one win lalsed Ihe least money musi trc.ii ihi III her .•^le .\ Kaiir-a.-; S;i:i!;ii'.\ er' iipiia !iiiii .-i- Tiiin .-ila.\ iiiL'ht i'ler.; lliifli .Selim.l Find Hull Team. The liov .-i I .f Ihe l.a Harp.' hi,s;l: .ichi.i.i have .iru:aiii/cil a .--irictiy lii^l. .-icIiiKii i.-.iui. There i-; nut a iiienihei iif ilie team will) IS LOi .1 1 ."^'iil.'-.ri; enriii'efl .^'iii iloiiiji ihe re;;iilar wiirl: Till l.a llarpe liii;!i SCIIIKII o-aii; wi., :.i |iiiie ai! niuh >chiiol leaim .••,•.]'•! i::iit ihem ii. .-hm.- .-iune.l .^lau iriilll the supeiriuellih-!;! lif lie •.•iii-'l ii'ilieaiia'.' .•v<-r> sinileii; m li. .Ill .-iirolied piipi!. The icai't i> l-'i.rney. ceiitei e'; ;;auiii: hiek. ri-lu .eiiard: • 1: tackle; l':.-:er . I iulit tackle; ,.;l(l le.'I end. .\1 .V|>. rilllll i".ii.-< Hirit;.-r. l'el;;er. fii!l 1 .1; I . !en li;iil . I lair, riiihi lia'.f Fleeted Ofiirers T<>da>. The I.adies i'.ireicn .Mir.^innary so- ci(t,\ iif tlip .M.-ihofli-t ICpi.-copa. church ]> mectiUK this afrenioon wfti .Mrs. .\IcCany of this ••iiv. The annua, 'leciinii uf ddlcers of ihe '^nclPty will lie held at this meetinu'. Olhcr iiii- piiri.Miii tiu.-iiie.-:- i- lieliii; ir:in>acte:! l(iila>. Ri-iliil ut HelhiidUl I'mliManl Cliiin-li Till- .servjci-.-i iif the .Sahhaih wen ivell attended. Church lilliil lo over llowine in Hi.- ev.jiijiy. The Coriief or ciips!r;i ,is.>isieil willi the niii.sic and the music and .-^incin;,' IPII hy l-:vate.;el- i.-;f fjeis w;is- v.'ry in.~pirifiir Tin mens meeiinv; wa>; a very pieciou.- i>:ie Villi s-hiiiild have lie.ird then. Tell Moiht-r I'll lie Th.^rc" Kvaii.«en-.t .SiroitPnber;;er talk.-d on ihe Mihjf'ci i ,f •"{{ei.'enpraiiiiii.' Thf entire con.cresaiion of tiieii came forward and shuok haiuls with ihe ev;in- .relisr a.-! a token of ginKl wi.-;hes I'm iliP .-^ucces.- Iif ihe mepliim.s. 'Jhe siih jeer I'lir ilie eVeiiim; w;i? 'Tin- Uarvp .<i I.s i' ;ind the Summer l> Knded and \VP .Arc .\iit Sav.-il." The clus.-.-t attention wa.s f;iv,en and iwi. kiwit a" the a'far of prayer fur pardiin. S ;'ar twetiiy-iwo 1 I;IVP prnfe.-;.-seil faith it Serviees every eveliiim this Week a' J"iiion day st-rviccs at L';::ti p. m. I'lipsday and Wednesday at .Methodist Croip.-itaiii church and Thursday an«i ."riday at tlie .Mi *thi»lisi Kpiscupa'i hurch. .\ll are cfirdially inviteil tn hese services. KV .wcKM.sT sTi{i :nT :.\-m :u <:F:R. \V.\\TF:D—Girls to worlc in restaurant. CiHid wages. Ksiierienced girls prpferre.i. .Address '•Girls" care Reg- istpr . \V.\.\T4:Ui -<(ran and wife wanted n- work <in farm. .\ddre,ss ••("' ihisjilhee. WA.N'TKI)—.Middle a ?Pd woman for ,'pnera! hou.sewnrk t"u;t .South I'otton- WfKMl. W.\NTKl)—Situation: 7 year.s ex- [lerience in irroeery and dry iinodi- ;ii)re. [{efcrence .j. l.<jcktiox -414. tias. W.X.N'Ti^D—To hiiy ladys diamond •iii.^': ahoiit ihi-pe-iiiiarier karai .Ad- Ire.-.-^ XY this ollice. M.AN W.WT.S 10 do house cleanins. iifpiire r.iil South ICIni streft. V.A.VTKD-Ten honest hoys 12 to 14 .•ear>; nhl. iii di.-t riliule adverlisInK natier afi.-r schnul. Hrliis recommen- lations. Call liefor.' schooPMnnday at 'iiiiaiip lintel: ask tov .Mr. i)ee. Knights of Maccabee* ot the WolK* V>meets In K. P. Hall. ««u>nd and!fodttkiS''ig Wednesday Bights In each month.'i;F;^^p'| W. Postwait, commander; R. 33. PW^^sJ ter, record keeper. : , • j^^^^fSr W. 1>. W.*—Camp No. 101 meeb ii' K. of P. Hall even Friday night .IC; T. Steele, C. C; A. H. Davia,' aeifr v • Visitors cordially Invited. i • "KxiOHTS 0F~P^IIIA&r-NBO«ho Lodge No. 43 meets every Mandar- night at K. of P Hail. Vlalting hio- thers invited. \V. a Thompson, CiC; Chris Ritter, K. of Rj and 8. | Q 3L A.—The M. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday njght In M.IWi'Vt hall. Visiting brothers Inv!t«L Anderson, V.C: W. .4. Cowan, CMHc . -•I. ' nOYAh NEIGHBOB&—Tola. Cmv^. Xd. 3G5. Royal Neighbors, meet* end and fourth Tuesdays of-. eaAh>e month. Mrs. P. A. Wagner, .oraoto;-' Mrs. Mary Hutton, 4l3 West Streak[Recorder. ,- WA.N'TiCD—Roclc loaders at Kansas "oitland Cement Plant. Juarry at Concreto. fif ANTED' ^imisemllaneoum • \V.\.\T!:iJ—Lai'^-e room and hoard in piivaie family: pay !,-i(od price. .\d- IrP.-s XZ this otiice. \V .\.\T1'.1>— TyiiewriiliiK and cU-ri- •al wnrk. lii.iiiii :;. I.!.I conn house •{eli. cc.-t li'i.lile. F. A. A.—Gplden Leaf Council NdLA*4-„i 462, F. A. 4 nieeis; first and thlrfc inniiir- „, | Wednesday nights la each month Inquire at,,^. p jfaii. • c. B. Lacey. pre«ldent|l ffl 1.MIS9 Mable RhortacH, secretary. '., j.i T RATERNAL BKOXilESHOdli^^^ Fraternal Brotherhood Ko. miMUW i<; second and fourth Tuesdaya of eacbf''C; month In A.O.U.W. HalL JMtl^t ^[B members cordlaly Invited. W'.H.An* dersoh, president; Golda Blam, MCMK-tVo­ tary. . ^ - •. - --^^Ji; W.-A.VTKD—A place for ft hoy or girl o work for board while attending he lola Business College. Telephone Main 4 &r.. Junior Order Tnlted Ainerteai lj»^ff| eliaiilr.x.—.Meets «very Wedneisday: «TrX-*>3 Piling at S o'clock in K. P. Hall. 'All visiting *rapmber3 'invited. R. Widick, Coiincelor; C. Black, Ffeft^r^ Seeretary. f ^OR SALE'^REAL ESTATE l"()i; .--Wl.i:— no.iil hia.k .iir; I'huue Get your seats eaily fur ".\ Kansas stiniliiwer • which -will he at I'epts ijier.i huit:.' Thtir.-(la> iiii;hr. \ utio'] iiand .md nrche.^it'a. Jl'Mi IiOUN A.Vli $111 I'i:il .MO.N'TII. Iiuy..; a line 4 room cmiau'e. n;\ 4th -rivet, ar only Si;.".i). v.-hich will nor h;iil(l the hiiu.-.e alone. Immediate lossessiiiii if siild at nlicc. 101..\ [..A.VII o_ i FOR SALE— 4 roomed house, water ind sewer connections. $".0 cash, $12 I month. Grace Arnold, phone r.OG. FOR SAlE'MlabeUaneoua ] i"OR SAI.K'"OI£ TRAfiK—liiu .shock.-^ of corn. liKiuire at the Otien^ Farm. C. 1'. .lusricp. I'.ake; dates .Miton end hack •!': he-^l -•'-I 'll i..'. l.ich will •llliW liial will he here llli.-i • \ K.-IMN;I.- Suiilluwer.' he .r I 'ei-I-; 111, era llii'l.-^' I'liiir-il.i» !ii:;h; W. L. Grabb, Telophono 476 Prosorlation Druggist •ED. A. 80WLUS, Preslient. TH08. H. B0WLU8, Cashier. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 Henry K. .lones. of Tampa. I'!a. wi:'.-: "I cati tltnrik- Gi.d for, iti.\ ;p |e ...-:.f h .-ri -lri:, .In., t .i V,,':-\'~ Ki 'lll'-;. (••i.-. I •; ;. ^1 ili,.-;i,rs ar.d ail Wiinl.-^ .-f ! ki 'llieV i;i;.-. hill t'.iithih^' il)'l llie iii ..'e .'i, ;-i'.jii i;;.' ! i .i .jk ]"ii'.y'.< K:il:ic.\ l!.ii.- I"i ,:i;- I'lt: t ~ cur.'il liie. all'I I . i:i. mure naia i:i Uiv hack ami .-iMiii 'il' t>. I am I'.J years i.!d. ami if- f.-r.-(J !i)iiu. hut Ihaaks to Ki )!"y'> Ki 1- ne C:ir'- 1 iiM w.-il and can walk am! eiijuv my>e|f. |i. is a pleasure in r-'i - iii'.ime!!.! it tfi tliuse nee(lin '4 a kid:. • iiii ili'iiie •• l',iirre!l's linu' S'' I DIRECTORS ^ A. W. Beck. L. C. Beetty, A. J. Fulton, W. J. Ev»nt, J. 6eo. A. Bovirtuf. Tho«. H. Bowluc wessaue OUR OWN DRAFTS OR ALL EUROPEAR POIRTS •ArtTY DEPOSIT •OXEB FOR RENT FROM |2 to |S PER YEAR. I!(MIM:^ FIT I'r. .111. I.-i « IMI'IM.FH. ideiit*» .Sioi i.n *-Ilo>.pilaI Li»l' Iliirtiird FiMithall Sifiiiid. Cai.'jh:!.!i;e .Ma>-s. fjet ir,.-T!ieii ill re Ri».MV .-l!. .Ir . now imiii; ti.- nKUiy iriiijilev <in li'.- Ilarvanl foot- htil'; s-ipiail lie hceii Iia^iii;.' .Mine' troiililc With his knep for a week, aii'! ii tli> Expier Kame Saturday it wa-; wrenched so that IIP had to he ta!,^n out of the .same! ( rciiinua Orclic-lra. The CiiiciKn..-i l,adie>' Creniona Or ihp.sira Ilie! .li) uvaiiim evpr\vvher'' iri-.-eiii last \'.ir Ii i.- a luivel am! •iiarminu mu-ieal uru'atiiaztidu. cv.-r; i!en!iii-i :i:i arii.-i. pl.iyiiiu .•.\clu-ivel; II. ^'ri .'ll: ia.-triimeiits; heiKe rh- lara.- ' ('i .•uin'i.i." v.-Iiieh siaml.- fo' iie lii-_'!ie.-;t ii.-rfeciitiii ill 111,-' art o' .'iiili'i makiij^r In the hands la' ai in iff ihe vinliii h.-comes a s.iitlfiil me liuui. whiise iniensely emoiinna -iiee.l] s. :s iiiir Very hcarisiriii;;s in -ympaihciic co-vihraiimi The acstli- •lic ch.irm uf ii.< tun.' colur and thi luni.ui i|iia'i'.\ uf its type of music px- 'ii.s the nin.;; suhtl.- piiiutions This •ecuiar ch.iria is ciihaiiced in the work I if ih.' I'M-iiiiina Orche .i -tr;i h> he l.ici 111. II .1:1 th.'ir niii-ic lia.s hpen • airar.-eil ami i rai-.scrih.'il li.» ill- emiiieiir lompdsei. aiiihur am' iimliic'or. .luiiii A I'.ro.-khoven. tc irin;,' mii ihis es.-eniial feature The :iriii;ram ei,ihr:ice« pnpulur selections :"r(im chissie cumposers. and alsu ihe •esi i)f the pupular music of the day whi.-li. ill the I'.l furiii. h.i- in ailil'il artl-i|e ilMrm uf iu:ii. rulu: iml iiai iiiuiii..'!- e\iir.-s..-iun .lessii '.a 'Iwiu 111 iiikl .i .v.ri. liii'iii .-ulii!>' Mil ilifiiui-, >'- .1 L'le.iily irifi.'.l miisic- liii ami a he.iiniful v.unian of I 'harm- iii;; |iersii!ia!i:Sh.- has had the raif idvatita-e uf receiving: \lulin iiistruc- iiiu fri.iii twii lit th" fiirernos' vi..!;!: 'i-aihers uf Germany. S. K. .lacoh-dhii fai llurpe II. S. vs. Inln. The l-a )Iar|)p hi.uh .MIIUOI fuoi hal' team lias arran'-'eil a game of fuoi ha. :o he played on ihe I.ii Hurjie ^'ridir":i line week from today on ihe .Macllun- i.'d 111 111 liorih 'if ihi.-i ci.;,-. .MilimiK.'. i!e lula team is nni a liii;h scliuiil earn il i.-. ciimim.-,ed uf liij;h schoo .-.iiideiiis. The Ui Marpe ti-am is prac- iciiiu' evcr.v aftcriKion gciliii;; rcad.^ ur the '-'ame. The lula tpjim Is alsc Aiirkiiig hard and duiilitless will lie n a cnnilttiim lu ptr an luieresMii-; ra tue. I'OR S.AI.K—Peanut ami popcorn aiisiiip.'^s at corner ot po:siotIici>. l)oiir.r :roi;iJ hii.>;iiiess. Pre.^pnr: proprieiur lining into other htisine.-js. Inquirf- a: -land. n. F. Pancdast. old relUbW J«wilen}.\l •' Hast street. • ' : • ! Ill . STAMMER.; Complete the best achopl^;^ for stammerers in America at "'•^ half price thi^ fall and winter. .llfSlttikv^ for information at once. McKia Sd^t^iP for Stammerers, 2705 East 12th Stjr ^W^^ Kansas City. Mo. ^ - ^'s^ For best an1d Qnlckest Resatt* a8«;|: the Register Want Colams. - • T.-y a Want Ad. la Begbtei FOR SAI.I-:—Kirst ciass Kinihall iryan. u.•^ed shun lime; Phoue l!!:!:;. Expert Clothes Cieanin?, Prcsiinf ailii^^ Repairinf. 13 W. Madison. •'.J,^^'^ U"oik Called for anil Delivered. Theatrical Ws^drobe a Specialty):^ l"Oi; SAI.K —I'.ilaiid Chiiia huars. (uL'h .•\ I'iper. .Muraii. Kaiis. nil! S \I.K Gl! TItADK-l'iip curii .va:;i.n. .'.la .Viirili Th'nl sir.-ei. city. I'<-r >onals. i'arl .StanTiPld left yesterday fur •(ifrc ,\vil|p on a hii.sincss vi.«ii. .MissPs .\'P 11 I.> and Kmrencp Shaffer if Garnptt are visiiing ihe .Mis .5 Uiw- •ence uf I his city. Mrs. .V I). Gie.-,s of Olathe. Kas.. i.- .isiting ai the home of Morris I'atliin n this city ihi.s week. .Mr. ami .Mrs. A. D. Smith left ycs- e;-(lay for Xpvada whprp ihpy will vis I fur several days. 1H)I: SAI.H—iMililiti,:. 'ii:; i:a.-t street. lit'd; upstairs Fori S'Ar.i:—Good mare with ,'al! at. '.'lu W'Phi street. fuai. -OR REmi' Miaomllaaaoun I'OR REXT—Two room house. ."10 Vorlh Third street, lola. I'OU Ri-^XT—i-"oiir ruom hmisp wi;h '•arn. Imiuire H. .Vewion. tll'o .Vorili sValnui srr.-et. TO REXT—Two fiirnishe.l ruonis t'ur liuiu hoiisekepiiing. :'.ii:i rfmitii -Sycamore. Where quality: la aato eratlon, WB bay the best.i demands Will Justify, w« ail graded and fpricea. «r« Mian COUTH-SIDE MUAiB VINOL Our dfliciin> t'od l.iti-r prepiiratinn .Uthout oiL Better than <>ld-fa>liiiin4il <Mid lirer nil and emul>ii»ns ti> restore health for Old people, delicate children, wejili run-down persons, and after sickness, i-olds. conirhs, lironrliitN and all throat and Inns troubles. Try it on onr guarantee. S. n. BIBRELL. I>m(nri>t lola. I'OR RE.\T—One seven and one 'our room cottage. Xel.^ou I-', .\cres. FOR RICXT—Three unfurnishcl rfioms. Impiihe ."04 .South Riickeye. FOR RENT—I-'urnisiiPd rooms to family wiihuut children. i;i»4 .Nurtli Ipfferson. FOR RIC.XT—Fiirni.sliei] rui-.iis for sleeiiing and light iiousekepiiiiii;. ii:;i._. South \V.ishington. FOR REXT—Furnished house, modern. .Apjily this olTice. HOI I.l) .SAVE BEVEM i:. ' <<cnat <ir Curtis of Kansa.s ObJerl<. to i Oetarhnient of Oklahoma. U'.i.^hingron. Oct. l»;—Senator ('has For heitt and Qotrknt Rrtialta air Ihe BeglMer Hant Folnms. Careful Housewives WHEN PUniNG AWAY STOVES Always gWa them • eoat of 6-6>4 to make them mat fireof. It saiiiM ItMlf. Is apptlcd lUu (Mint. Is better tlun inysntsiel for Moves, pipes or wire (oetns. il nukes oUs1t)-0€t look Uttnm. Curtis, of Kansas, aji]) 'ared before the i:;tern;!l r.-vonu.' commissioner tiidav ; 'nd tiiaiie an argument asainst di'tacn ^ iii^' Oklahoma from thi- Kansas' re., •"•iiue di.stricl and aihlinfC It to the .\r- ' kan.-iis district. He s.iid that it was ' rot fair to Republican KansaM io taki- ciilicial husincss away rrom it ami yivp ii to Democratic .Arkansas. H? jinlnr- ei! out that Oklahoma would rather h.- attachpil to Kansas: that the cierks . under civil service would nislike n • move from Kansas to Arkansas, and I that there was not a single good rea- i'OR RENT—Fnrmshed down stairs .ooms for housekeeping. 31ti South Walnut. STRAYED-WTiitP blind puny from} ."i07 XorMi street. V. 11. Smith, i'honc 100.-. Has stood the Te*t; Becafiise itatfie Beafct^; 4ccc(>t ^'^^^^ Wm.Obttdotfi LOST and FOUND LOST—A small triangular shaped fraternity pin. either on North street or on car to La Ifarpe. Liberal r.ternal r.-vonu.' commisaioner tudav j ^,1^^..,^,] 4* QROCEfiVl 1 Tele|ihofoe 1^ I..-ave at this ofTice. I son why th.? chang.^ should be made ! Commissioner Capers took the matter j under advisement. Its Economy To have your Carpets and Rugs cleaaed by Tbeiola Rag Factory lOO acre.s improved In 8ecti(»i< •'. miles northeast ot Moran. acres in sectiiDn 29 one mile and'a]: east of Geneva. For prices and :tV write the owhee. E.L. L 'n2 Benton 'Bonletvari. KatJsisv Mo. • ' : . •••-.-•Mm

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