Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 23, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 23, 1908
Page 8
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8 THE lOLA DAILT BECOSTEB. FB»AY UESISBy OCTOBEB 23, 1908. JAS. H. GUY SPEAKS TO ADDRESS COLORED VOTERS AT HEADQUARTERS TONIGHT. Hoch to Draw a Big Crowd.—Big Meeting at Humboldt When Bailey Speaks. f Jas. H. Guy, a colored attoruey of Topeka, will address a meeting of colored voters at the headquarters on West MadisoR street tonight. Mr. Guy Is one of the leading colored men of Topeka and is said to be a conrinc Ing talker. A quartette Will furnish music. Tomorrow night Mr. Guy will speak to the colored voters of Bassett. Attorney General Jackson who was here a day or two ago recommended Mr. Guy to the committee. The Repuhlicans are expecting a big meeting next Monday night when (Jovernor Hoch speaks here. The governor is regarded as one of the best orators in the state and has drawn big crowds in his campaign over the state this fall. The"Humboldt Herald says: If the weather is fit tlioro will be a big turnout of Republicans and Demo crats at the Bailey meeting at the opera house. This will be the last meeting of the campaign at which a speaker of state reputation will be present. v Ex-Governor Bailoy has spoken in Humboldt before and is a clear, logical speaker who will please all who hear him. Not only all the Ropubli cans of Humboldt and the surround ing townships should bo present but all veters regardles.s of politics should come out The opera house has been secured and the Humboldt band will furnish mu^ic for tho occasion. Cunningham Reminiscent. There are a few bets in Humboldt between Republicans and Democrats on the election but not many. A number are trying to get as many as possible on each side to agree that the losers shall cleap up the city park. It will be a lot.of fun to see some of the politicians hard at work raking leaves. 'So far no hat or wheelborrow bets have been made. Years ago when Harrison wap elected Jim Skcet era who ran a liquidating establishment In Humboldt, and Doc Fife, who was a well known physician in Humboldt, had a bet up by which the loser was to buy a five dollar hat and then kick it around the square, shouting for the winning candidate. It was up to Skeeters to buy the hat and he did so. lucking it around the square and sliouting. "Hurrah for Harrison" at every kick. Doc was to accompany him and the mud was ihrco inclies deep all around the park- .Tim did liig part all right, but he saw that Doc got as much of the mud as tlio bat and when the round was niadc it was hard to see what color of clotlu-.s I'Uh- cr was wearing.—Huml)oldt Herald. -7"- TO-MORROW, SATURDAY Another big shipment just arrived from New York, ASavingofOne=third on all of These Suits NEW SAMPLE SUITSALE One-third Off All are exclusive models, latest Directoire and Empire effects; blue, green, gray, brown, red and black. All lined with best quality of satins, materials are fine, hard finish Worsted effects and finest chiffon Moraiiibeaux cloths. $15.00 $18.00 $20.00 $25.00 $30J)O $35.00 S.VVE OXE-THIKII SAVE OAE-TIIIKD .s.VVE 0.\E-Tlllltl) SAVE 0\E-THIK1) .SAVE O.XE-THIKIl .SAVE «).>E-THJI{I) >VJIY Sl'FFEU: COBB ON A HONEYIVIOON. Will Play Ball While Touring Japan and Manila. Dertoil. Oct. 20.—That honeymoon trip to Jajian that Ty Cobb announced at the time of his wedding is no myth though it necessarily will be somewhat belated. Word ha^ boon received from Mike Fisher, the San Francisco manager, who is to pilot the team which Cobb will tour the Orient, that plans are comi)leted and that tho schedule is practically tilled. Fisher has an agent who is going over the ground arranging dates and money matters. This man is now in Manila, having completed his work in .lapan some time ago. Ten games have been booked wilfi .Tapanese nines at Tokio, Yokohama, Kobe and Waseda imivorsi6'. The team ift also make the Philip))lnes ant' Honolulu. Cobb says he expects to visit Australia, though the team will not go there. The party leaves San I;rancisco early In November and will return in February. liresilhe llyoiiiei and Kill the Loath >«nic Tatarrh Germs. ULSnCE mnuEt nova mnuB Mix Tone Bros. Cinnamon in equal parts with flour; subject it to any test you please; you'll Hnd it evcti tiiea as strong as ordinary kinds. Strength and quality —always conspicuous characteristics of Tone Bros. Spices—result from unexcelled facilities for selecting, kaudlicg and grinding. Ail of loiiiB..% are semled air-tight; the pure,, rich seasoning properties of the spice are J in the package when it reaches you. Ttere^ietwoiandlsof^ii^*—TOSE'S uid "utAtn." TONE BROS., OM Moines, lowp. a» i(jug as yuu have catarrh ,vour nose will itch, your breath wil lie foul, yon will liawk and spit, and you will do other dissusling thiiig.s beoau .M- you can't help yourself. The trerms of catarrh have sot you in ibcii iiower: they are ccniinually and per- •^itfiomly digging inio and irritating •Jii' mucous membrane of your nose :'.!!tl liiroai. They are now niakiiii; .v(.iir life miserable: iii time Uie.v will t:.ap your entire system of its energy, its sirtnirtii. its vii;or and N^itality. Uut there is one nincdy! that wii: ki'l the ;:ernis and lurt; taiiarrli. and that is ll.vomei, iho .\iisii:»liiu dry air treatmcni. ' i ('has. H. Siienior. tlio drn |;.i ;ist. will guarantee Hyoinei m cure catarrh, or money back. Hon'i del:i> tliit; pleasant aniiseptic trcatnitiit. Urcaihe in Hy- omei and kill the gtrm«. C 'lias. U. Spencer will sell you ;i compicte Hyoniei outfit, including inhaler, for only $l.o<>. it is also guaranteed to cure bronchitis, a.^thma. coughs, coids. hay fovir.and croup. Uil/elts -\«t .Married. The Kansas C'iiy Times KUV.-,: ICd- gar (••Fariner'*'» Fillets, ihe lug Detroit jfitcher. who graduated from tlie Western associntion three years ago. was here for a few; hours yesterday. FJjeAlcft last night for his i home in Wichita. Willets was sold Ito Uctroit by the Wichita manageniejit three .vears ago and he has been one of the Tiger mainstays ever since. | Last season he was out of the game for nearly a month with a sore arm. He pitched in twenty-lour games atid won sixteen of them. } I thiiik that the Tigerii are just us giH )d as the t:ubs. but they certainly outplayed us in the worm's series," lie said. "They worked like a machine, while our boys overlooked a ntimber of bets. I think that we can beat any other team in tbi^! National league, but the Cubs have ii; in on us. And say. they are a great' bimch of fellows. There isn't a bad one »" 'he whole team." There was a report sent iiere from .1.. Ltmis yesterday lo the effect that Willeits was married theie Wednesday.. •Xotliiug doing in lihe matrimonial Hue at present." ht!\ said. '"F notice thai all of the ball players are signing life cotiiracts. but uot for me for a few years." SELL THE CATTLE Twenty-three tattle Ai'ilicted Mllb Tultcrciil(»is to Be C MM I far lU-ii. l-awreace. Kas.. Oci. L'.;.— Oui of herd of 110 d.niry caitie ;it Ibe lliiskoll institute, a government school here for Indians, iwenty-tlnee cows were condenmod yesn rday liocanse of tuber culosis, and foiirieen oiiiers thai art .inspected with hein^ diseased are un- iler brin. The contlfninatit.n and lest' w '.Tf nuidi" li.v I'r. L. It. Itakor at ihi insiance of the government buioan of animal industry. liefore making lii-^ ter-ts. Dr. lUiU^r made i!w rcniaik ihai ihe herd wa.- oiie of llie bist he bad ever seen. |ii the COW .S condei.ined there is no external evidence '•( anything w roi.u;. The tests were made by taking a cow's tenipoialiiro lour or five iim«'s in a single day. Wlit.ii tin; avtra^* temperature w:is ascciiained a tuberculin solution was injected. .Nine hours after the injeeiion the tempcni ture was again taken, and If a ."> to 7 degree increase was nt.;!-; • aninii'l was said to have turbercuku-is in a bad form. The cows c ondenined yesterday will be shipped to Kansiis City and put on the market there lor beef. Sujier- intendent I'ears of Haskell. when asked if thete tul.erculo.s:., latilc could be sold for human con.-uniption. said it was all right if they passed the posl-morten» inspection. St A New Time Card for the Kiily. .Officials of the M. K. & r. railroad are working on a new tune card, which will be issued soon. The new schedule wUl jgive Fort Scott four new trains, but will not affect I<ia.^ Weak little Boys may become fine strong men. Some of the strong men of to-day ~ were sickly boys years ago. Many of tliem received Scott's Emulsion at their mother's knee. This had a power in it that changed them from weak, delicate boys into strong, robtist boys. It has the same power to-day. Boys arid girls who are pale and weak get food and energy out of Scott's Emuision. It makes chikiren grow. - ; SOKJ thU adMrUtcaeiit. totfetticr with nuac of vwer ia wiiidi it appcM. yoMT address aadfaur coitt to caver pectage; aad we wifl scad yom a *iCaavlcteHaadyAtiMaf IkeWivkr u K SC0Tr«BOWN^4iMFtariStreet. Me«rY«* BEGIN ON ELECTRIC LINE. Contracts Are Let for Seven and One- Half Miles in Western Kansas. Uarden City. Kas-. Oct. 2:;.—^.Actual work on tJu- Kansas-Colorado Ifailway and Electrical Transmission company beiian today w!.fii iljf contracts for seven and on<-haIf miles wore let and one crew went to work with fifteen teams. This was on thf norrli branch or Scott line, which will !ie first pushed. F. S.-irgelit. of t'liicagiv aHd ,.,W. .1. Davis. .Ir.. wbo did thc.frfiiutincxti work in the canal zone for the gov.eniment, are now preparing final p!ans*.-^r tbe 2 .00(1 horsepower hon .st- of tlie-wm- paiiy to be locaicil here. A TITLE FOR MR. ELKINS, TOO. I EATS 200 OYSTERS IN AN HOUR. The Italian Will Make the Senator a; Negro Earns Cash Wager and Then Chevalier of Annunciade. NO VOTE ON SENATOR Kun.ous Political ili-adi|uuricr> 1U-- cehinir Lcltcr .<i FDMII \V<iiild-Ue Voters. To |n-k ;i Oct. T-',. —.Miiii.v l-ii.i.-. are being received at bemociatie a!id He- luildican headquarters asking if the name.-^ of ibe different cai;dida!es tor I'nited States senator will appear on the official ballot at the gen«-ri <l tfe*.- ioii. There ;r<enis to In- a .:;eneral iiii pre.>^sion that this will be done. This i.s a mibiake. however, as the elec- iion law. prohibits the printing of any names on a general election ballot ex- <ept those the people vote on directly and the names «it the candidates for pre.sidfiu and vice presie*-!!! For this reason the names of the <-andidaif.s for I'nited Slates senator cauiioi appo .Tr. U<»th H. P. Farrelly. the Demoeratic candidate, and .1. L. Urisiow. the Ke- jiublican candidate for the place." have expressed a willingness that this Xte done. Both are in favor of electing senators by direct vote of the pe<)ple. but the election law i>revents giving he people this oppori unity .\n effort is io be made in tbe next legislature to change the primary and the election laws so that the senator will not be nomiuate«I ui the primary, but will be nominated at the general elec- iou. the same jdau that is in use in Missouri, known as the .•^plit " primary. Buys a Real Meal. Biirlitiuion. N. .1.. Oct. 23.—To win a Home. Oct. 2.:.—The Italian cruiser i ea^i, wager that would enable him to Fieramosco has been ordered to await; ijiiy a .-;ana:v meal a strange negro the Duke of Abinzzi at .New York.'j.t.. ^t.-o raw oysters by actual count whither th- cruiser Etniria also will; „ jti.i:: oise hour at a local restaurant, ije dispatched. It is understood thai A erow.i of fifty persons who watch- the two warships will escort the dnke \.j the stunt cheered when the fellow, and his bride lo Italy. The statement'. unaided, walked into the street with is made also that no member of the;,},,, ea^h be had won in his jtocket. Elkins family will attend the official! ••|joi ;o guess dat will do for supper.' ceremony of tlie transcription of th-isaid the winner of the strange bet. marriago deed in Rome and that when! Senator Elkins visits Italy he will be given the/itle of Chevalier of .\unun- ciade. ^ . "sO I 'll ktip cash for tomorrows grub ' The rai'i'iity with which the negro put away tho oysters which the bet makers say were the largest in the place, ama/.iil tiio witnesses to the foar. The bivalves were served ten Qnarterir Conference. Ke\. Ilernard Kelley will hold the rpiarterly^ services .t '»>^ ^I- H. chuixbi,^-^ ^ ii,^ fellow imt down this week. He wul hold the regular; " •luarterly eonftrenee Saturday iii,-hi, P'^t^- «'f"in tbe hour, sniok- and will preach Sunday moruiii .i:. ing a cigarette between each plaiefuL Will Serve Dinner. The ladies of the .Second Baptist church will serve dinner ou Election day in G. A. R. UalL ^ .Mrs. Booker to Chicago. ^ Mrs. A. R' Booker left for Chicago III., to attend tbe Molar college wherr she will complete her baiir dresain; trade. SOUVENIR "JUST TO REBAIND YOU" SUGARS REFINER'S PRICES Saturday OCTOBER 24 Oatmeals and Plates I.V .^UUITIO.N TO USUAL CHECKS WITH Spices. Extracts. Chocolate, Cocoa. Tapioca. Cornstarcli, Tear Coffee. Etc.

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