Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 16, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1907
Page 2
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•ii^L NdKTHRUP. Prealitenc THE lOLA DAILY BEG18TEB. TTEPyESPAY ETEyiXG. OCTOBEB 1«, 1B07. Pi A. NORTH RUP, Viec-PfMldflnt. .. ion O. p. NORTHRUP, Second VliBflPriit. lifMHiry br tit Diitei Stitci State oMaisM ifleiJCiiit; A. L. BRUMBAUGH. Cuhl«r. MELVIN FRONK, AMU'Csahler. EstaUIshed 1869. IMeil laik li llleiCt. of Society Duds. . "Whal uiakulh tht' IJUIMH I.I -io fi;it'; ~ iWliBt must be iK 'w fioiii Bliuih III liiit.' ; DmiM. - .What, *fhen tliu worlil Is Iiaisli and . rouglr. - C^n ward off iniinv :i JvicU and riiir one inaKc a wtnninK Idiiff? Puds. Look at Our Libbcy Cut G]ass, Rook- woj<l I'otlery and Hand P.ilutcd China. Sewall, Jeweler and Optician North WahliuiKloii. Vvhul aiithotli niaid ami ijaiin- lo siiiil" And, kiH;ii llu'ir |i 'ni|i"r.s s«cci tlu(| whll«-? ' ' Duds. Let goiKi'"iis rliiilifs lrani<- siir- round— Away with fjiuu-- hr w.dl Horned,* "* i Let FaBhion's i -()lli'::c vi>ll n'MMind- (N'ow all lo.-cllHT. iili-as 'M DITIXS: — Denver HPimldiraii. + + + Daughters nf llu- Kin;; will nu-.-t in j tho vexiry of ^'l. 'I'imtilli.Vs <diiiirli on Thursday aftfriicnn at half pas; two o'clock. + * + Tho Royal Cliili will .•ntertain e<l on KrldMy afli-'niocii liv .Mrs. Hon- rietta Phlllii>s. i SOCY Mr.s. Bedell Bouri. .'.ii.s r (Ki|n'r coiilrililU ( 1, ii.iisic I D till' I'liiKrani. • 'r. I - • li'(Mir<-s wi.Mf nndi-r tin- aiis pins 111 I'll' Clir sliaii l''nili'avor KI K'I ii.» ai:il !.!<• |ii::(i'cds v.ui In.- added (o il .i •miii'iiu icjiair iMiid. <• • Al'-.-. It. ('. llriiwn and son l.avi-rni- a:i' liniiu- lioiii a wi'd^ in Sawiiiliurs I A (^roiiji 111 ! iiii; a iriji to I h i !'. wh.ii ; I'^mni.-i Calvi- -:• •:• •> Inla wmiH'ii are airaim Kansas City on Novein lln'> will hear .Madaii, «liii will appear in con I'erl on that evenins. • + * + .Miss Me-sii' Howard wli .i was !•• II ntl> 'lei'li'il pies'dein of llu- Y soci e|y is lo li'a\e the eily soon lor at' e.vtended visit with relatives in Texas, iler alpscni'e will necessitate an elec tiiin of M)ni • tiieinln'r to fdl her placi So ihat tile Y nieeling on Thursday Nviil 111- a liii.-iiii >s >t>sion. + * + .Miss .Mr .Mie .\Ia\oii of l,a llarpe wll • '.iirlaiii ;.t ivhist on Thursday pvpii- aftznioon was gpont informally and a uuchcoii wxs served at 3 o'clock. Tho ;UfSt list Is as follows: • Mesdaiiic .\. Wagner. C. Hlldebnuidt, L. Barbier. Nellie Cox. Chas.' Reynolds. C. Oliver. T. O. Ixjus. F. K. Vaughn. ". K. Thompson. C. E. Hutchinson Uati Swart/. W. U'o:!ds. Kate Thoni If!. II. F. .Mc'juru. A. Sei );i ,'l and .\ II. llecox. IOI,.\ .MIM.STFK KAVOKKO. ilv\, .1. IV. (lordoii Klcrl«-d tu Ofllri's at CuiMiMilloii. 'I 'no Tin- .•^ei -oml llaptist cliun-li of lul .i. •ri -l well at ilie .state convention of lial church Kev. .1. W. <:ordon. pa:.or of the lola c-liiiii -li, was elected iiiK -ial • director at the state ineelliiK ii :d was also elected to the oftlco of ici- president. (Iver JG. IHMI was rals- •d this yiMir by the association of churches for iiiissionnry work. FOR WEDDING GiFrs «J<U{IIA.1I SII.VKK Is Ihn slatidai'd of excellence. .Xothll'.u more appropriate or more lasl- ItiK. Wo have a line assortment, to select from in Knives and l-'orks, 'I 'alile and D PSSIM I Spoons Tea Spoons :ind many fancy pieces. .Ml solid silver. IHIc'UIL IRJlHifS. r. ('. UllFAHi NOT II.I,. Ilia .Mail Hid .Not riiiitnic) |iox. .Siuall- ('. «'. <!r,-^; 'oiii lieini; a •luntiifeit inj; inder a small Mill li Fourth : wit) was prevented witness in a famous c.-ise because he w:i-; pox (piarantine at III street, did not suffi'r rom tile diseas" lint was <piaraiitine>l ecaiisi' two pati:Mits had taken the liscase in the house. Dr .1. W. Mo! on said this mornin;; that if no new -.ISIS developed between now :ind In i (-r iiw afleiiiorin III" ipiaraiitiii<' iniM lie raised. CEMENT PLANT BOOMS Ull,l. IUS« r S.S .MILI.KMI .M. Ii 'ci. I!. If. iliirloii to .SpcaL 'roiiiiflil al v. 0. r. U. Ilali. I.J., r illK IMM TOI! AMI ATro.MOUII.K." Mllclitll Uiwi' \(Mcl Toast at TarMiiis .Mectin;:. >r. .1, Bedell ;iiid .Miss .MaiKar.-; are visiUiiK relatives in .Mi>- .J. .May. of dttawa •U eni! Willi .Miss will Un Miss .Mal.le spend the wi nie .Vdanjs. 4. 4. .t. Mrs. .lolin V. Hobrits and .Miss .Maf- garet are home from a visit in Kxi-e:- slor SpriuKs, Mo. i •:• One of the autilni:i weddinns of in ' leresi will oc-ciir on Wcdnesda.^. Of- tober 2;!, In Fredoiiia. Kas.. when Miss (Jeiili- Pollenslieo will lie married to Mr. Snillli The weddiiif. will lie iiniisiially elaliorale and will ho attended liv several \onnir woiiie:i from lolll. Miss Florence .\iitcliell dtitlRhtor of Mr. and .Mrs. .\. .V. .Mitchell, will be maid of honor, and Miss JuHa McClnre will play th- wedding: mtJBlc. The bride to be has vlslltil |,i lola- several times and is one of t!ie • popular cirls of 'be county. : •> '> •> Mr. Herman Fry and Mi.-s Fr> id DoarinT, are giiesl:- <i| .Mr. .-IMI I .Mr.^. ^ George A. Fry. Mrs. C. W. .\danis au-i .\lasiei- Ci-o Leldloff ure -iiieniiinir a few ija- s wi;':! . friends in Humboldt . '> •> V .Miss Kather'ne .loiie.s will siii-iid the week end with her parents. Prof, and Mrs. D. O. .lones. of ICniporia. ,> •> .\.,numlier ot': tin- loia t-'ailier- .n-planning slfort visits to Kansas City and nearby towns next wer^l; t ^i spend the week end. They will visit the To- pcka schools on Fridav. .> + 4." Mr. and Mrs.'Bert .Miller :Mid sup. of . Pefrolla. are visitini.' ndaflM-s '.Mr. and .Mits. Wnlter Wheel-i <il Neodcsha are here for a short visit. Bev. Ellett of the Cbri.-Maii <l,,iii-:i •gave the last of his lect'.sres on 'Wo men of .•'hnkesiicaie • last .•venim; in the aiidilormm of the Cbiistiati church. A lar«e ami apnrei-iative audience was .Mr. ("has. Sniel; H ^y There! "Where arc you goinj;.'" "Coinjj after a sack- of |/, Sm PaimniV \om. My wile won't use anything else." Hmwtom Mig. A Elv, Oo, Til" ii:e>i i-labiiratv' eM-nt of tie v.. eji ill i-hili circles was given MI com H UM II to .Mrs K. .V. Phillips aiii .Mis. W. 1; Hov:a 'iooni who are t. i;i-.e the cit.i s loi) tor ' esideiic -es ll lii r-i-ilies. The I 'l-eption which wa:* •;:\.-ii li.\ the I 'liiiy club, occurred a: lie iKMldsome lesj^lelll-e of .Mr. ami Mrs s. II h-l 1 t'aiiipbe!! I.II .\orlli .lelfer •et. l:;e:iil.ers •• ted ll.. T Tal'.eit. o! Til 111 .Mrs. .Mrs. • i;uests. who S'lrosi.- club Campliell. .Mrs .\. I" Fiiulis;!. wer-' v.-en- <:eo. .M r> S \ Colfiiian. .Mrs. Phdlips and .Mrs. |io;;aliooin. Tile hall wlihdi is spacdous aiid beautifully fiiii;-lied was trimmed 111 llll^e Inalielles ll ^.iilllell llld. till i-'iib s flower. The -itaircas.- was dee I,.led prornseh and the landing wa . with ilie vellow and green. In !;.!• libiai.v and parlor nnmeroiis crow iiiK terus were placed, and the dinlni-' iLeiii w^'s • -iiiil.\ in pinli. white ami rr en. .Mi> Campbell was ass sted i > .Mr- Ti'lberi iind .\lrs. CoffmHii ?x •eiviii:; Tl;.- lab'i' was covered by a !; i -e spi'-iil ;i:id jiraceil by a larm' een I. rpiece of piiili c-ainaiioiis placeii I a ,; li.'d of lerii fronds. The cabinets • lid 'mtfet-; wer.- i !..<-iirate(| with bo t> if till 11;edoiiiiiiating lilossonis liirir.-- the afternoon a number of 1 uli.'s w/Te i -ntertained and the -nests of Imr.or were given an oppor tuiii!.' lo iiiett their many friends oil a ver\ happv occasion. * + * .Mr. and .\lis. W. It Hogaboom will ave >onn Ini llwr liew lionie in Chaiuiie. .Mrs. Hogaboom is a mem In-;- i .f ..••e-.eial clubs in iliis ciiv :nii' i-i-r alis'-ine will lie rei;reit<-i| liy .-i •. !•:•- (• rele el' friends. •:- • •:• .Mr. .11 .(1 .Mrs. Ciia;-. Funk are vivjt .".Ir-^. I'liiik's jiarents in Moran. •*• .\i;-s Pa'li .Metcalf -s .expe(-ted sooii •..1 ,1 •. isit Willi a ^roup of pupils in Ibis cii.\. .% J. .Mi • ISealliee llO\Sei-. «1|.. j lU nl 111 lie ;raiii:ii-.x -eliooj of st.'Ke's liiisi.,i:i; ill a I'-C'-nl lellei- ti, ni-iid.-. tells ol be:- tir.-i weeUs in til 'i:stiti:T on. .Mi.--^ l)o\s e js v-rv much iiif;.iiM'»-d her work and is aiitic- i;i;itjir. ;i s.iee'ssrul term's worl;. + * + • Till- i,.elie.-' .Mii'lc el-lb w:ll have il:i- e,.!i.i mreiin;; of tlie season on ()(•••. I'l L'L' Tile proi:raiii will con- sisi "i! a u n'lp of sol-is anil ;i ii.iper • 111 ' '\ni -ie|.i ;iiiis:e in l-Iuypt." .Mi- \.-Mi.- Ii:ii;!i:iin i;- lio-' oj !e 1 .-'• iiij; ibib teija.*'. •!• %• •> .Ml Illli<-1> ..| itli' drill le;illi iif Ito;-. :ii liliiii-^ .Nil -lii 'i :;an- a siir|iiisi- |.:tii> > e-iei,.!.-!. ariernoiin f-ir tlielr I-:. 111. I 11 .Mr< W. II .Moiilsoii. TI1-- "1 he Iloclor a :id the .Automobile" as Ilie subject of the toast responded o bv Or P. S. .Mitchell of lola at the -JonthtMstern Kansas-.Medical .Vssocia- ion 's niPctiiiK at I'arsoiis yesterdaj. !»r. .Mitchell also in behalf of the visit j iiig diK'tors responded to the address .f welcome, given by the Parsons rep- reseniative. Four .Mien county ph>siciaus. Drs. Mania Keniilck. I'.olton and .Mitclii-ll uid l >r. .lohnson of Cli :iiiule. wont lown in the .Mlt <-hell auto. The ina- liine started from lola al leii o 'clock '.111 .irriM'd ill Parsons ,it ten niiniiles mill iwo. 'I'he reliirn Hip was iitsiness for the reascMi that the rain lefi the roads in such a horrible condl- lon that It w ;is necessary to piil Hie haiiis on the wheels In order to net 'luoiigh. The loI,-i parly started on the rplurii .iji aiiou! twelve o'cluek and did iioi ;ei in lola until live n'elock Ihi-. lOlMillg. The .\lli -ii Counly .Medical society •;)ii "Is III j :o down lo lliimboldl to- ii'.^lii in three of the lida aniomidillos inil will he the miesis of ihe lluai- lold' doctors. The doctors who yps- erday made the trip to Parsons are -i -i tired after the jaunt that some of iheiii may not attend the mcetin?; , iiimboldt tonight. ! 11. I! l;:!rtoii .\ill ili.ciiss til-- I lit tlie .Milb 11:^:111 III the .\ (> 1" W. iiall lotii;-,lr.. The sjiiaki r p !OI!li es 111 .4 VI- siillie li '4ill oil tile (pn -.-iiun or III - Ii '-re.-iftei- in this a.l dies-. He will diseiis^ the Mibjeci frem the slandpoliii of when the niill- eiiiiiiii will be, •vlieie it will be. what it will be ;iml what will be lor. I -;.V(;|,1SII walnuts. Hie jiopiila:- Cliristaias nut. are lo advaiii-.- at least l.v,' •••lit.: nil ilie ]iiiiiiiil. and may peril.•||^ til e\iii Iii:-l-,er llian iliat before .v nt '1- j.^ over. The lirsi of the 'I'l .T crop of that nut was reeeivej le i:a> li>- the lola Fruit (.'ompaiiy. Mvai Jia.v'iis •!. I It isn't the clothes that will get you the opportunity— lYs the man. Still good clothes go a long ways in the helping. There are no better clothes for snap, style and fit than Ms.- Kdna -Ilurley and Mr. Iliflord Tl-ornioii were rpiietly marrieil las; Wednesday by Kev. C'ampbell of (!;is. Wr. ami .Mrs. Thornton have foii'' lo Webb City to make their honi •. F. C .|i nil went to Kansas C i.\ Siui liay night oil business. .Mr. Hanks has been mi the sicU list for a few days. .lames Harve.\ is working at ile- Kaiisas Portland. .Mr. (ilrard Kast\7iMiil is up froni ISourbiin count."!, the uipst of his bro- tiler, .toe. .Mr. Cliirley has sold his farm. .Mr. Craves and family will niov-' to lola in the near (uture. .Ml. Hlllman of lola, -utis a c;iller .Monday of this week. Pacific Coast Daily until Oct. 31 l-'rniii lol.i 111 I'l.-ii til .illy all iminl. in ( alitoriK.i. W ^i-.lini ,4 (.iii ;iii.i' )ri-i;i -n Similar r.iti s 10 hiinilreds ol iiite; iie'- I'.-.i'.le points. Through Tourist Sleepers ] Daily from Kansas City j Th--v ;iri; ti;tir*iii;^lily fiiiifertable nttd [ h.iM- i.-wrv < en-, i.-iiieiii.- uf till; I'al.i. i: I di-i-per al half the cost. Personally Conducted Excursions Twice a Week II \mi b;i\-r n*;-."i:r tr^iveh-d •in eiii- ef the Hiirlinclim s cnnibicli d exi-uisi'ms yen cm li.ivc no idea nl tlii; extra cumfort and cenvi-nieiii'.-. • lluul Enpineerfnii: Company Pushinc I Vinrk on Cimuute riaiiU I iChiitiutc Tribune,I I Work on the Hill Cement plant noith of the city, litis rciiciicd a point where it begins lo make considerable i iMowiiig. and from now on there will be more lo see than the cpiiient foiin- dtitloiis '•lallered over ten or lifleen ' acres of c.roiind. 1.. I,. S.oiic. siipei Inn ndeiil for the Hunt KiigiiiecriiiK eompaiiy of lo';i. which is coiislructliiK and eiiuipplm: ilie plalll. states tliat he expects to lirive it ready for operation In l.'ebrii- iry of next year. Tiip company's i-niiact with Mr. Hill was lo have t'tie _ idaiii al woik bv .liil\ isi of m-xi _; ' 1: li;e'. Iiceii enabled in expcdili hire bec.-.iise it had Ilie eipil;- iiieMi read.v and could send it here as .•-non ;is it was wanted. The rotary 'iiln;.. as a mailer of fact. };ot here 1 Ihe.v were watiti'd. Three of them came in last week, and the other iwii are cijie'led soon. » The kilns will be taken to ilie plant ilii- week, unloaded and pl;n-eil on ilii-ir I'oiindations. riie found:!! ion- Im tlK'in ;iie immense pyrjiinids of I eiiii-.if. leokitiK more like fortilica- lioiis than founihitions. Their con- '-Miiclioii was a very delicate task, l-ut so nicely weje the <-;i!cillalion- iii :rie, startiiii; from a hole in tin •reiitid and biiilditiK up to a lower of leiiieiil twenty feet liijili. that there vas a difference of not more Ihaii hall liie Ireadth of a pencil point lictwei-n 'lie liei'.'ht ii :diould liavi- been, and ilie heiuli! it is conipleted. .\n unloading track has 1 11 laid and an incline built up. aloiii; which the kilns will be moved lo Hiidr rest ing idaces. A hoisting ejigitn- is set \ leady to lielp in Ihe work. I The Hunt conipany was ab'e lo ;:e! the kilns for the pl.tnt here lii-:'au'tf ;:t had placed <in order for them some time a^o. Ordiiiiirily they (raniiot be i seemed short of six months or ;i year, •as ll takes the ni:iliufactnrers llial I Ion;; to turn them out. Work on the warehouse is faiil- v.ei. .•Kivanced. and some idea c.-i.i l.i- obtained as to what the biiildiii:; wi'! lie like. It will be lartliest lo lie iiorlli. ;ind will be "on feet loiii: an-^ ne .iiiy HM> feot wide, with a storage capacity fo rlUI),OiM) btirrels of cetneni The steel Work will probably begin liii:; week. Two hundred men are eni- |i!ii.'ei| on the works now Siiia!' i i.aiH'- biiildillgs are seallciid all ovi-i jilie ','iiiiiids. These arc onlv tr.iti j ; j.-iii afTalrs. put up fiir use a - sliii|i- and -.loir houses. W. n. A.MJKKSON, Allorney-at -iLniT. Notiiiy and Sleiiograplim In f)IIi (p. Phone -trif). H.A. Kwiiiu. y A riard. j;i. It. Card • l.awjcr.H. Practli -e m all TonrtR. \V. M.eli.-i.n. -Ptiontt S'JJ. X* JEIY i!*T e IA IV» 1 )K. .ncMlM-KN, Special attention twvcn te the treatment of all Chronic Diseau- es and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Otttce 32, Res. OfflceMn Mrs. Turner's Hldg., West Madi.'?on. Phone 687. Res. 701, .ItB. 0. I,. ('<*X. Rye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Spectacles }'roperly Fitted. Oincc A. (J. U. W. '.ildg. nmcp Phone lO."!.-!. DR. K. <». CUBISTIAN. rfayslcian and Horgrcon. Rooms T and 8. ISvanR IJldg. Phone .^r.f. lola. Rang. IIK. rBITlI S. nAKJB. fjlllee 4itid l{e:-.idcnce tiver Ijur- ndl's Drug Store. . Omce Hours—10 to.12 a. tn., 2 to A p. ra., 7 to S evenings. .Snnd.•ly.^ liy Aiipointment. V. n. .MARTIN. • I 'r.Kllce Limited to Siirxery. • ir, N P.ii'l.f|yr. Pliono • • • Phone ;*;'.J. Fuller Hldg. UK. OI ,YN\, Sptrialist. Eyo, Kar, N'ose and Throat, (iiasses Furni.'<hpd. BR. W, K. FIKVLMt'N'. Phy.siciiii .V, Siirueon. finirc X. K. CornerNjf Snuaro. Over K.C. Plumbing Co.'s Store, lica. Tid :!S. Ollicl^ Tel. 1 .02. BR. I,. TB/KR. lol.-i Iiilirniiiry, tiVi V. .lackson. We ire X-Pay, V'inlnt. Rayn, Sl.ilie, tialvanic and l'\iradli« Klecf 1 icity Willi vibralory stimulation in nervous ai'id chronic diseases. Pliono .'I.Sfi. 11;:! IB IM:AI»I( KKR Qi rri; ILL. Tjlihuid l>ell klHiHIl JlriMer Fever. Has ! I'.ii lleadielci-r is lyinj; at bis hoiiio •11 l-;ast Lincoln street in a critical .-.iidiiion from a siege of typhoid fe- I r. He reiiiiiied some fiim- ago qii te i i:i rr':m f)kial.oina wh.'re he had been I'lirkiiK for the Readicker Orillina 1 ee.ii;pauy. His illness later developed j ;i ii; lypl'oid l>-ver. .Mr. K"ad:cKer 1 t I'l. a sudden turn for the worse ; evenin:; and is !li;)imh; to be in a d:'.!i; '- -rolls co!ii!i!ion today. I.f I in. f •*" .•1 .ll! , id I hi lll-ll Ihl Ju«« »end mi! « poflol lixliir. Made by Leopold, Splomon & Eiundtmth, Cnicago.; I Sold by one pro- gtinivedealer in rao^ every city. You'll find O-well worth your wbile to look him up. The Junior Department Store Omt yoiir Omm light SupmUom from A W »l»bmah Lamp Oomploto tor 7Bo ((HITI'ARV. .Mis .Mice Colglazier, daii ^hlei^ of .Mr. and .Mrs. .lacob Heath, was bora .\pril i'.ii. IS?::, and ilied October 11 K'liT. ;iKed I years. ."1 months and 1 1 diys Her remaltiH were broiif'.ht from ('•dorado Springs where she died, lo lola her foriiier home for burial She L'lew to womanhood in .\l.eri eoiiniv 1 :iMd ill laiinarv. I.sii.".. was nulled 111 j leanhme to .lames Col^lazier. l -'oiir . hild.-iii were Ixirii to this iitiioii. j l ,:'ie Inns jilld one Kill. The i |l|!e- i preceded her to the 'llory Worlil. j I- li-ave.A her husband and three lit- 1 tie bovs. father, mother, a sister and f.\e biotliers and a host of friends to nil mil her loss. | Mr-^ Colglazier was iield in very . h:'.;'> esteeni anions all who knew her. i Tbe beautiful flowers sent by friends \ 1 I 1:1 (.'olorado show the esteem inj " lii( ll she was held by friends there. I She was c-onverted when but a child j in Hie .M. K. church and .ioinfed tin- C 1 li cliitrcb at Salem aboiii five .M 'ar.; I aeii. in which she was a faithful nieiii- ! ber until death. Her funeral was! C 'liducted October 14. H'nT. from Sii-I lem Chaiiel bv the writer, assisted by • Rev. Walter Crook, and she was laid to I'e-^t iu lola cemeterv. A C F. LANUSBKRRV. H. S. Jun- >, I Soulhwr>lern Piia . /,ir -nt. 823 Main St.. Kansas City, Mo. VCKB I'BST.IIAN Bi:\B. I .less.. 1 Iloliidav Cil's Carried .Mail in Anicri- Karly Baj-. Chii-.i^ii. Oi-t 1 I'l.- .11 llnliiii.i-. . t:ri.\ Iwo .M-;ir- <i|d. j: dead bere. I|<was associated wiili llrotlu-r P.. ii.iaiiiiii 111 till- op-i-alion of the Ponev l';xprps- lor i:iati.\^ years the onlv means of acr- I-.iim tlic mails :icross the western j .aii;s. U.ta. Tel. nrS. fJi'Ibe Tel. DR. .1. ». I 'fMTKR. Benllst. Ii iiermanently loc.-iled over I-;. C. McClaln's Clothing Store, iiMil Is prepared to do all kinds of ti|i-io-dHtc dental work. Kveiiing work by appolntmonl. • • • P. \,. Lalhrop, Mrs. Ilrssle (1. Latlirn|i. BSTKBPATBM; riiAsiciANS. Special -alteiitlon given tn Diseases, of Wometi aii'l ChildrcH, Over -llasi Side ll::irdware. O.'licc 'Phone, .Miilti Hi-S. V Vreiidi tslroliiser Bead. P.iris, Oct. Ii'i. -Morris l,eeu;iy. an eminent French astrolo;;er and ilirce- oir 'd the P;iris observatory, dropped deid .\estcrday diiritii; a meeting of liii- nalional board of French obser- \ itories. We Would Consider It a Pleasure .hi;.t to liav'". you cal'. The faol llinl^oii iiLtd nothing in our line just uow would iu \\\ w;iy detract from the interest we w.)nld lake i-i ; htwinj; you whatevtr you would like l) .scf. Tlierc s a (arefully bought : lock li r . \\<) J ap.s have been permitted to remain iu it. It has li-en kept RI'PLENISHED by FREOIEXT I'UYING. It contains only that of which PURIFIES •THE BLOOD There is no other part of our physical system tipon whicli so much depends as upon the blood. The muscles, ner \-e.s, bones, sinevrs, skin, and other portions of the bcciy are .sustained, developed and enabled to perlorm their diiTcrent duties, they are .supplied with Eourishment and he.-ilthful projiertics through the circulation. In various waj 'S the blood becomes contaminated and polluted. A sluj^.ijish, inactive condition of the system, and torpid .state of the avenues of botlily waste, will leave the rciu.'^e and w.isle matter of the body to sour and form uric and other acids, which arc absorbed into the blood and Klicum.-itism, or some itching; disfiguring^ -.kin i.", the result. Muddy, .sallowcomplexions, eniptions, splotches, pimples, etc.. all .show that some humor li.'i3 taken root in tht circulation and rendered it sour and unlit for nourishing the.body. Theit; is scarcely any discnse which ciunot be traced to the blood. Often the di .fieasc -taintcd blood of parent.^ is handed down to children ami their lives ard a contif.ual battle a.crainst disca .sc in .some form, usually of a scrofulous nature. Rheumatism, Catarrh, Skin T), Sores and Ulcers. Conta.gious Blood Poison, etc.. are all deep-seated blood troubles, and until tiiis vital fluid is piirified tliey cannot be cured. For all bloodd <sea .scs S. S. .S. is thebestrctuedy ever put ui;on tiic market. This .great medicine is m.-idc of roots, herbs and barks of rcco .'Lr ?:i.'.efl blood•purifyin.g and building-up properties. Itgoc;; down into the ctritiiation and removes all p'ei.sons, imptirilics and humors, supplies? llie blood with the healthful prnpertics it needs and completely cures, blood di .'ica .ses of every kind. S. S. .S. cures K!:e!im .iti :;m, Catarrh, Scrofula. Skin Diseases, Sores and Fleers, Contngio ;i .s P.Iood Poison, etc., it purifies the blood. Look "n the blood and trtcdiral advice free. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO.. ATL^TA. CA. / Nome Made Sausage of all Kinds. Paid lor Poultry and Hides OTTO HINZE, UT TO-DAfJ: MliAF MAHKliT 11 < l ;n .sl Mndi'.on Fashion Approves THK POIJCK wete called to the Arcade last Tiight to reqtiest the bowling alley und.^rneath the hotel to c'ose up as the noise kept the lodn- erB awake. It was nearly midnight when the ofHcers answered the call. They asked the proprietor to cloEe "P- « 1? II hn.-i. feceived our every tlay walchfalnf:.-s .•»iid a'tcutiou, Po thit vc are sure that you cini'd .spend an interesting half hour here jubt dh-E- IXG THINGS. J. W. Coffey & Son, EXILISIVK .lEWELEKS. EAST SIDE SQl'AKE. PERFECTION WICK OIL STOVE SAFE CONVENIENT l-CONOMICAL If Jour (I'ltlcrlion't Uarvl'.; t, write to THE STANDARD OU_ COMPANYJ 111 Soatb Washington.—IIPIIO 114. Eahln's Hartfwerc (ins Kit- F«r Healers or ( "ol. ."^1 line Done Promptly. Ui-2 S. Keufucky. Phone LivinQ»ioD ^ Go Contractor* jind Bail4en. ! Air kinds of work a eperlslty » ,>»ii !ith .Sjf«ninr». Ph «ni> JIS* I lur Siile Cheap, (e.o.l Farm and Ciiy Property. See the THE JAYIIAWKEK LA\D CO. i for r;iiick results. Old Court 'Houae, lala, Kans. Ida Bosiness College I?. S, aiLFtlLLAN, . . m «. f I General Cunliactor. might or 0»y Somtlon \ Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks an! Penmanship, Arithmetic. Elocution, Bookkeeping, English. Physical Culture, etc., Shorthand, Letter Writing. Curbing a Specialty. Office 115 East Jaeksoa Ln. Pfcome

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