Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 23, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 23, 1908
Page 7
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The rains the flnt of the week were gripatlyneeded. Slock water was getting low and many were hauling drink ing water. Mr. an^ Mrs. G. D. Cunningham visited relatives In Chanute Sunday. Roy Simmons is working for his bi?t>ther-in-l(iw, Mr. Crate Cunning- lUaude Endicott visited Miss Minnie Altemeier of Toronto, last week. Mr. J..H. Vropman is helping gather Mr.jPatchettXcora. ^ The M. B. A. ladies will give a pie social at the school house Friday night Oct. 30. Everyhpdy. is invited. Girls bring the jiies a|id the boys the price. Remember the date. Emmett Endicott is working for Mr. Altemeier near-Torpnto. - The preaching that jvas to ^je held at the schcol house a lew nights this we^ was postponed. Rpber^-.Dornbergb left Monday for, some pointy in ^Colorado where he has a job for the.wiDter. STOXT PO»T. Our dtQUght is surely broken. It has rained ever, since Saturday off and. on then it just poured down all night Tuesday and Wednesday forenoon and It is started in again Wednesday night. The ponds and branches are all ftiU and the Marmaton river is bank tull. - Mr. Welis of Elsmore was going to ship^hogs TS^ednesday but it rained so tbe farmers couldn't take them in. - Mrs. Henry Sensher of Rocklow. living on the Johnson farm, die^ Mon day of heart trouble. She was laid to rest in the Bronson cemetery Tuesday afternoon. The relatives have the sympathy of this community. Rev. Hibbs of LaHarpe held services at Rocklow Sunday forenoon and afternoon. Mrs. ROss Broughton was out last week soli«itiag-:^fUBdS:-to^-help build a church in Brougon for the Holiness people.- Albert ^urriss is building a new bam. Wallace Hall is ..building quite an addition to his house, which will make it much more convenient Sam Helms and family visited Albert Burris and Walter Sunday. Some say Kansas has lost its old time wind. T think it is returning the way it blew last week for about four, days and ni^tg. Miss Jessie Slake of Kincaid is vis iting at Wallace Hall's. Mrs. Mattocks has improved enongh to go over and visit a while with her son Jim at CHive Branch. Miss Lola Broughton is on the sick Ust this week. ' Mrs. S. D. Brandenburs visited Mrs Bertie Hall Wednesday afternoon. . Wallace, Hall and Kd. Shopshire took.a load of apples to iJiHarpe on Thursday. e of iMber FOR SATURDAY ONLY o.o p 9 o o o 0,9 o o |>p o OkLITXLE BITS OF KA2iS.¥S HITS O O O O A Medley ef Prese, Poetry. -Xews O OOOOOOOOOOCOQOOO LOT !i Alligator Coin Purses. Small Wrist Bags with leather cr chain strap. Beaded purses, values in this lot up to $1.25. Choice 296 LOT 2 Delft Blue Leather Dags ^ith coin attached; Wrisc bags in black and colors with, leather strap oY ring: values in this lot worth up to $150. Choice 496 ivld PArker. of V '^iyrtte. N. Y.. a ran of th« civil wur. who n at ^^ttvRhurt^. says: "The .Koort Where llnllels Flew. Oavld veteran rt >ot _ Electric/Bitters have done Is worth more (ban five hundred dnllars to me. I spent much money doctorlnir for a had case of stomach trouble, to llttli> purpose. I then tried Electric Bltlprii. and they cured me. I now take them as a tonic, and they keep me stroha and well." .lOc at all drugclsts. HABHONT. A big reduction on a few styles in Munsing Union Suits. Owing to the radical change in some of the Munsing garments these numbers will be discontinued. If you wish a medium or ilghtweight garment don*t overlook this opportunity to supply your underwear needs. No." 7'i2Q Union Suit low neck, no sleeves, tight knee, regular 75c value; on sale for oiX' .N'o. 7520 Union Suit bleached, low neck, no sleeves, tight knee, rcgu'ar sizes were JLOO; special j.r.ce 7J)6 • Extra sizes were. JL25: special pricf 986 No. 7620 Union Suit bleached, low neck, no sleeves tight kuee, regular price $L50. Special price .] SI.19 Xo. 7S20 Full IJleachad Jlerccrized. low neck, no algEves. (light kuee. regular price $2.50. Sped;*! :>rice S1.59 We Antioiince an Exti-aordinary Special for SATURDAY ndRNtNQ AT =4 BIG 9c We have arranged a partial list so you mav get an idea of the varied assortment we are offering you at the UNIFORM PRICE OF 9 CENT^. The party at James DIris* Saturday night was well attended. Miss Stanza Ruiiyon visited with Zola. Cloud Saturday night We.are getting plenty of rain at present;, so mutih that it has stopped the farmers from plowing. Mr. Dan Cornell and family. Grand ma Cloud. Miss Stanza Runyon and Zola Cloud visited with Mrs. L. J. Booe and Lex Booe Sunday. . Mr^ Charles Turner entertained at dinner Sunday, her sisters, the Misses McCallions. of Chanute. Miss Zola and Zada Crater and Miss Esta Runyon. Mr. Ix>n Braden and family visited with Frank Booe and family Sunday. Virgie Cloud stayed the latter part of last week with her Grandma Booe. Some of the pipe line boys have to walk to^.their work. They ^rc about five miles awa.v. It seems %s ttough they coiild get board cloger. Tlie Buchanan company has given up the lease on the Davis farm. They are pulling the wells and taking cv er>-thing away. - Zola Cloud visited with Roxie Bon nett W«dnesday pight.. Sam Cornell Is boarding at Pan Cornell's., and .wc ^ridng on the pipe line. Jasper.Comell iriiited,4«laUves at Ub-^ ertK»-Neoshp Falls aaAIola^^ week. r MLiw^ Flossie. Cornell, ^Stanza Ruu' yoB, Golda Crater and Ma]>el Smith were Tlsitorti'at gchool Friday after- nooii. - _v Two of tSr. Troster's diildren and Charley Smith stwteg to 8<iool last .Int.: Extra l.UK^ uiible.iched Turkish Towels, frinized or h»;iumed. worth loc. I^irge size bleached Huckaback Towels red border, or plain white, worth 12»~c and -l."c. Uirge size Linen .\ai>kius. full bleached, figured or plaiu. dainty embroidered corner design, handkvr- chiefs or plaid crossbar or allovcr embroidered, leaf designs. woriU I5o. rillow Top;Fancy lithographed size 24x24 incli*'-'^. irses, worth loC H;»rU CL -mb.-; in plain sh>>ll oc nwia- r.-.-ntcii i 'M '.di. w.Ttli lor and 2."'f. Viok-r Airflirfit Talrum. regtiiar 15c vai'ir. )"i<.klfs. eclvi>. rod. bp.'wn ar.d b'ack Woni'-n's <\ijhm»re (.H'jvrf. in b'-ii-k or white. Tnf ;i!i;'> •jo '.t .-n .^litieab in ['ink. xy\ l'!i:e. Inf.iii!".- riuvli-jtod boofee.s ia pink bleu au<? Iiite. worth 2.':': fiftc-en from. iair on a card. st>le.> to select Fancy Post Cards, rhoice of Thanks giving. Christrcas or New Years, one dozen for Oc. Mi>ses or \V4>rafn "5 bl.ick Hose al! sizes. .V. v.. C. Dc'Hs worth 13c. .\rl Uuni clean* e^erythinj,-. large aize. wenh I5c. Footeaso or new Corn Cure. Fancy I^-iee.> and Einbrci-ierle., P;Ilov.- Ca?"s. Siikoline"-. 36 inches wid^, suitable for comforts and draperi-s. Brass Curtajn Rods, worth l-Sc. Heliotrope De I>oriue or Dutch Sandal. Weed Toilet Soap. GUTHKIE, 0KLAH03Ii CABTIUGE, MISSOUBL 19 LEASES ARE FILED raited 2inr and I'heniiral I 'omptuiy Control of About <1,00U .Veres Gax r^nd. Nlii»'it'»'n leases, covering aboni l.itoo acres of land, were tiled this afternoon ill the r«« order's ofticu. The kases were taken by the I'nlted Zltir and Choinlral romi«any tuid cover land sotUhcast of U-i llarpe. Two of the leases cover T&M) acres. The fet< for filing the leases make ijtiite .i sum This is the laro''^^ number ot lease- to be Hied at one time for seveial months. , HOKSE'S KICK FATAL. A»,el M. Layton Who Pled In «.rand Junction, Colo,.. Vt'a« Buried Hire Today. TO RAISE THE RATE .Vrkan>as Kailroads Will Attempt to IJcttur ^t't'ent Fare In Tl'iit Stale. BIG BKASS fOLLAK II EKE. U. .Mlllrr, of I'hirmro. Is Vislthig His Old Frlfnd <i. • i V .u I i-i Vw). .1 t'.'ket to .1 j">lnt :'i .\rk u::.'... • an I" a man siuti o'.vr :lu' u-;-. ;hoiie lo !he at;ent of a local i -.t ;:v. i\ Ui!> ii:irniuf:. "Is the two- ifrit f;tie .s;ili in effect there?" • V.'.fi. t ih'tk ilrii tile nwd.-* emeriti \::..iri-i. b.ii.i.-ided to uo back M:r(«-ceiil a mile ba^i.-, bU' j V.-.- 1 a Tirkrt to your destin titi.ri ill il<- :v.o cent rale." ^ This i.s iij :<.ret ..-lnB news iu view of th- f".:uv.-:-g from the Fort .Scult Re- irjMicaii- T!"" I tiif'-rs of the P'risco have :t'::i ii-.'ifii.'! tliat the fare of three Funeral service f.-.r .Abe) .M. La; to,,, j^..,.^ re.^.ored in Arkans;is, formerly a resident of this nrv. l/t:t . , . , who removed tf) Colorado and died Oc- " t'-io cent rate, tober 18 ia Grand Junciion. w:!s held The r- w fare, or rather the old one in the Culbertson chaficl this afte'r-'cf tLn «• ••rn:.-. fol'ows the a^rtlou of noon at .3 oc'ock. Tbe service ivas ;j, p_,.. r ,Aiv in restraining the conducted by Rev. 0. G. Mis:imore and i, . • „ burial was liiadc in the lola crnntery.! ^^^^'^^-^^ » Commission Abel Layton is the son of H. l^v- fru;u uiakia?.' .f.-rilve tho two rent ton, ^ well known Solan <vJ;o diet! fare for p.tssei!j:';rs and a !>roiio-td September 3. 190S. He •a^s a hach«*lur. i j-^, j,-f j„ f,t.i^l,i IV .Mil or, of C' vice president of ti!.« C H AcQ. was in town todiy Mr. .MCiler >e;»rs ai;o was a t« l«»j:r!'!'h op»'rator In .Morim. but ro!»»' rapidly until he iiuw draw.? a hund >o!!.<' Mlary. lie Is a brother of Hnrry MIIUT llie ti -avtlliiK siibsinan who is well kiiov. n In loki. Dr. Swan to Speak. Or. Swan of Ga-s City, will speak at tic Snnday afternoon meeting of the Y. M. C. .\. near Grand Junction. ' His father. W. H. I^i.Mon. came here fnwi Mt. Ayr. Iowa, many years ago P!ay Basket Ball. Tii» re '.viil be a ;:ame of basket ba'l lonich* in tb" Y. M. C. .A. jrymnasium; Ladies are invited to be present. Tucker-Robins. Miss Lizzie Tucker and Mr. T. A. Robing, both of Lone Elm township were united in marriage at lola last Wednesday. The bride rosideil with her parents on the old McDowell farm and have h'^-fn residents of the own- ship only a short time and is con-.w- qner.tly a stran.ecr to the writer. The groom is a sou of L. X. Robins and wife, who are old settlors of the town- HAVE FINE STOCKS The lola Stores Are Curry imr luu. sMiiIly High Grade G«(M1S Tills Fall. Ilavt you .-evn ihe now! :;(t <cks on 'l(sii !;i;. in lola st'-res" If -lot vou wll^ b«' asionislied to sri> wh'!' r-.tlij wonderful stoik-^ of j^oods \'^\.\ nirr- |chaut;< aie rarr.vlni:-iiowad:!.. 'riiiif Ava.-) wht 'U lola shoppers felt tb;,' tli-y had to 'f',0 to K .;us3s"ri »y to lux ••\ira fine iiuaity of e•lothin^ .T.d dry ««Md>, furniture, ttc Today ihc observant shopper knows that t'-' lola ! stores are nf»w thoroughly up -to -ilate and carry the identical goods which would attract the exacting i 'uyer in Kansas City or oth^r large markets. "It is the OEIJ way to meet Kascas Citv and other bis city coraoetUion." said one manager today as he pointed to a -Sfc:- of good .5 just uni>aiked. the like of which v.;is never before scc-n in loia Htores. "We buy best there is in the market nowad.i .^s be- c-iiise the peopie of lola not only de- mauds the best and latest i);:,- they know wiiat i.s be-^t and latest." It ij not one ^tore. it is almost every store In-loia that has arisen to th*e 'Un an argument during the Behner murder trial." says the Independence Star, ''an attorney u*fcd'the-fol­ lowing as a Biblical quotation: 'Be sitre- jT )ur sins will ^.nd y6u ouL* There were a few Bible students in the court rccra wh.'. thought that the able attorneys foot bad s'.ipped. This however is u uiistake. U.. is tjnder- stood.ihat the I quotation referred to can be fon;id in the thirteenth chapter of Epileptics. • ship wh'fre he grew to manhood andioccakion and stocked up with, extra acquired the standing of a very ex-; fine ^'oods. -N'ever in the history of acquired emplary patch. young man.—^Klncaid Dis- is that it will h.ive attached a cou- l.>ou Eign <id by the purchaser and which is bio receipt. If the injunction and owned much land in this vicinity.^.^^^1^^ j,j . ^ According 'o the death certificate.' the death of .\bel I.«iyton was due tti an injury received from the kick of a horse, some time ago. He was in-lti.e purchaser of the ticket can se- Jured InternalLv and never recovered rebate, for a moment from the 111 effects ofl . ^ , the accideut I rort bcott people who desire to About two months before the death !'ravel to jiolnts in Arkansas can do «i!.-:.t setileiiitni. and it is decided that the two cent fare Is remunerative of his father. Abel layton visited his relatives in lola. but when tjhe father died. Abels health was such that he could not come to attend the funeral service. Bj \Virbit» Altorne>. .A. L. Goodrich has brought suit in district court against W. T. Huztable et! al., for judgment for $1,850 and for foreclosure of a mortgage. The suit was filed by a Wicjjita attorney. Mrs. George J. Barker, of Lawrence first vice pre«Ident of tho second district convention, has returned to her home. Mrs. Hugh Means of Lawrence, is a guest of her sister, Mrs. Chss.. B. Spencer. = Mrs. Means is returning from a stote D. A. R. convention at Independence. 8o for the ^me rate for thirty days for. according to law. an Interstate rate cannot be changed un^er that time, unless special permission Is per- mitt£d by the Interstate Commerce Commission. [The two-cent rate went into effect Eftortly after it did In .Missouri, which Was June 23 1907. It is held that the 'scarcity In travel and the business depression ha^ made the new traffic restrictions, both freight and pati^eu- ger, unremunerative. Basket Ball Tonight. The usual open night at the Y. M. C. A-.toni^t. Basket ball will be the divertisement and the public is invited. tiie ciiy has there been such rivalry in sliow indows and .store arrangements aij Tt present. NO HELP TO SOIL. To Play Humboldt. The volley ball team at Tola has challenged the business men of Himi-j boldt to a game and they are practlc-. e ^yan Say* Republicans Can't Control ing up for it.—Humboldt Herald. i Dnrbin Is Home. Blaine Durbin. pitcher fpr the Chicago White Sox in the National league is home for the winter, the seaj^n hav ing recently closed. Blaine received $1,400 as his share of the post series receipts, whith. tcgether with his salary for the season, nets him a neat sum for the year's work. He left yesterday afternoon for Miami. Oklahoma, where he will spend some time with his brother. He will return to this city to make his home until tbe opening of next ^eaiH >n.—Ft. Scott Re- ptfblican. The constant dropping water wears away the hardest stone. The constant gnaw of Towser masticates the toughest bon^ The constaint wooing lovef carries away tbe Mushing maid. And the Constant Advertiser is the - man who GETS the trade. Crops. Ravenswood. W. Va.. Oci 22.—.\1- though he did not retire until two o'clock this morning Mr. Bryan was up at sun rise, and shortly afterward addressed a crowd here. Most of the auditors were farmers and the candidate proceeded to puncture the Republican contention, which he said was that tbe farmer owed prosperity to the Republican party, "I can prove to you," he said, "that jthe Republican party has noijiing to do with the ferUlity of the soili or the sunshine or rain. If it did. then there would be a trust on sunshine, a meter on tte sun. The fact that these things are not monopolies Is a conclusive proof that the Republican leaders.ex­ ercise no control over them." The. Kans35 F'ress is telling a sujry of the coTintry editor who went to the city to get. new ideas. WTiile in the city the rural journalist noted that one of tbe iiiK dailies bulletined the serious illness of a [irominent citizen. When he went back home, the editor utilized the idea. DeacOn Jdnes one of the best known men in town was dangerously ill. Placed a^ bulletin in front iof the ofTice. the editor pasted as follows: a. ni.. Deacon Jones seriously ill. 10 a. m.. Dcaccn Jones not expected live. U a. _m.. consultation of doctors oyer Deacon Jones. 12 a. m.. nu hote'fUr Deaton Jones. 1 p. I.!.. Deacon Jones dead anil gone to Heaven. .\ wag who came along shortly after the last bu'- letin had been posted, added the following: 2 p. tn..' Dcacoii Jtncs not yet arrived. Great aiarm in Heaven. .\fter forty-eight years of married life. Mr. and Mrs. Henry U. Wagcor have concluded that it was all a mistake and .Mr. ^Vas;ner is suing for a •iivorc»» in the Bourbcm county dic- trict court. In her cross bill. Mrs. Wiigtier states that her spouse threw things at her and was rri:e!. of which the plaintift" denies. A Leavenworth woman ta led the fire dejpariinetit when sh- found a trying to break into her house. \Mi-n the fireman arrived to find no fir-, there was a hot time. The wo- lar. said that shacalled the fireman i:is;ead of the police because she ihourht the fire laddies could -get there quicker than a club-footed blue coa' O; TT Fort Scott th«: poi;.:e have :rres*cd twfnty-fonr i;?lb.ns of Har- v.:-st consisned to Tiekle French, r al. French will doubtless l)e.tick- '.ed to learn that Police Judge Winkleman has sent the liquor to jail to nwait e.xecution at the order of the court. William Hill Henry Behner and William Lipsey. all charged with mur- ler and a!l of them pleading the "unwritten law" to a greater cr lesser decree as a defense, have been found guilty of the olfense as charged by juries in the Montgcmery county district court, and are facing long terms in the penitentiary. These verdfcts may have the effect of promoting a •aim consideration of the life hereaf- er by all men who contemplate mur- ler and expect to escape the penalty r.y pleadin.? the "unwritten law." the ^aid unwritten law having been just about v.qrked off the ' uuwritteu sta- •oots." CO.IIPLEXIO-V THAT LASTS. Harnitt^s Vreparatlon Better Than Faint and Fowder. Desk Sergeant ill. Tbomss Ratledse: desk sergeant at polled taeadqaarters. Is m and off dnty. ^ / Yon. dear madam, you who are now readtn*: tliU paraKraph .-^'i 'l be Inter- e.-;tei! in ihLs eiisy-to-mako totlfl prep- iration If ymi care for r »ur complexion;— .vou will be partleul.irly Interested If \ou do not approve of the us« if powder aiul paint. We all realixe ih.*»t some alt^ must be given to the skin to keep the complexion clear, white, soft and velvety during tbe try irtK 'uonthH of fall and winter. Ep- l>otoiie iM one of the best known aids to a boautlftil (xunplexion. It is t-bni- p.irittiv.'ly inexpensive and It Is easy to prepare. Get at your druglgutb 2 ounces of Rose Water., 1 ounce of Cologne Spirits aud 4 ounces of Eppo- tone. Take these home and put the Eppot'.ine In a pint of hot water (not boiliagi and after dissolved strain and let co«>l. then add the Rose Water and Cologne Spirits. This excellent face wash -fihculd be applied daily. It is harrr>iess and its use cannot be detected for it does not rub off or show. For preventing or remoivng chaps and rougliness there is nothing so good as Eppotone. SHOULD HUNT WITH CAMERA. Englishman Says Roosebeit Ought to Help Preserve African Game. _ New York. OcL 23.—That a camera instead of a rifle would be* the best arm for President Roosevelt to carry on bis bunting trip to Africa is the opinion of Sim Harry I^'Jofins- ton. who arrived in New •^otk-' fl?om Gngland last night. For fifteen years Sir Harry has been connected with the diplomatic service in Africa and is on a month's visit to America, the fir<)t vacation he has bad, he say^ in years. He states that the oflBcials in Uganda are eagerly anticipating President Roosevelt's visit. "But I'm an enthusiast on the sub- lect of preserving the native animals of any country." said Sir Harry. "And I hope President Roosevelt will not make too much havoc among the big game down there. If I had my say I ?hoT3ld present a telephoto camera instead of a rifle to the president and entreat him to take long range shots with thaL •TEJfeirywhere we witness the- des- tmction-~of birds and animals^ indigenous *to their native soils and I am for preserving tbem rather than destroying them. Africa Is no exception and big game there Is heins slowly eztemliiated.*'

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