Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 23, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 23, 1908
Page 6
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it For tomorrow and Monday we will name some very special prices on. many desirable lots of merchandise. It will pay you to come earl3\ . ^ SALE OF LAPlEy COATS We are showing the larjrest line of Ladies' Coats. we have ever owned and the prices are amazingly low, considering the splendid finish of the garments, the materials,, and style contained in each. Tomorrow we offer extra special coat values at $5.98, $7,30, $8,95 Bhd $12,50 See them whether you buy or not. Misses* and Childreiv's Coats, none as good shown elsewhere at these prices St.50, $1.98, S2,48, S3.50, S4^98 and up toS9.7S. FOR TOMORROW AND MONDAY $5 Skill values, choice , .$3ui^0 50c and 75c Dress G .oJ-*, jivioil sJyle. yaul • -V "39o iiWomcu\s 5it5 atul St 50 UucWrs'^irls, chfiicc...,.... ,Q8o Jkegul.u I! OiriiJj;. new lijjht grouuils, yard'. tOo Regular 7 uud i>e,Onting I'^kunels, yard So V.»rd wide Percaks, last colors, sale price. fOo Regular 12 i -2c Cottou Batting, per roll .. fOo 40c bleached Table Damatk, special ...,.SSo Regular $5.00 value, black Silk Waists, each $2m98 Good quality bleached and unbleached Mublin, yard Jo O'clock ,.. m. on the l.i.h <lay of No-; J'l^ !-!::^ J^i vember, and then opened, for the construction (including p'.nnibing. gas piping, heating apparatus, electric conduits and wiring), of the U. S. , , . ,, . , . Post Office at in aco.u-d-i l^'^V"'"' 'i^'^^"-,!'""-^"- ance with the drawings and sporifica-' '"^ l.t'l-ul'lnan nomnic-s .or re- tion. copies of which n.a.v L- from i t"«-^-'-a'iv.-. 1 li.- connnitieo the Custodian of ih,.-k.e :;; loia. Kan- "'-'l^ ^-^'l. '^'^^ n^l ITinAI O noDl n il'*?'^ Kansas. Th« oL'. rULllluAL UllOdlrh'"*^ PopuUst Jeadet^ are now so I Wbl I ivnk wvwvii j,|,o:-;,erous.that tiny have uo time to I h'owl calanUty. Jlost of them are back ;in tlie Reptiblicnn party boosting for Koiiui.-, .,,1^ Siubl)s and the rect of th.- the Keiuiblicau ticket. (Hrst PnWi.«hod. Ociobor M. 1 Treasury Depannjent. Ofiire tf the! Super\"isiag .\rchitoct. AVasbingKni. H.' . T , . ,. C. October 12. iH..S.-^>a:ei Propo^^als i *-»>""'- '-"^"•••^l ^ ^ will be received at this office until ! r':'"^!:*'"!""!''^:.'"^'"'^l''';:.! I candidate. . on ihe Democratic nianapers to carry ih" igislaturo has had the desired effect. I! h;is stirred up Republican v.njkei.s in all the cloi^e districts and sas, or at this office, at the discretion ! . of the Supervising' .\rchitect. I)'".' '"' JAMKS IvXOX TAYLOR. .'CSi ^lati iiiilicrvising Architect.. intil ol'.'ctinn niuht. Liy doing so ther-? ii'i dan:.;ri ol ;• l.'ena 'cra 'ic Raw furs! B. S. BARNARD Sii-nm \or(h Hiickt'.M- Street, lolu, Kiiiisas. < You Btarl VIKIII. end riKht. Top llie market, Cet a jiiiuaro deal. Don'i pay atiy commlsHloii or express diarues. l>on'i sell to any trust nr ulve inlihileiiien any I 'roriis and dnti'i have any roincls wl.rii you hlilp or sell to B. S. BARNARD Be Sure You're at the Right Place. Th.- (in;.; — ; .Uepui'Hctiii Mai niaki'.- a .- iil.- :diow55 tlial Tafi is rov.' eontlnu into h':i(!';i!arior.-> and j! •':-.!!iry >lif)\.-ia'r. Ii i is u-oi;;'.; to i-ioie \V. U. Ktii^bs has received direct information tiiat the Kansas City lir qijor houses are plugging for Rev. f.ti tkin for governor. Quo of their old ihliie friends told bim of their activity i.L 'ainbt iiini. Slubbs plainly says that ho will not compromise with crime to be elected governor; but it won't be iHc'osiary. He will t>e elected b.T%» hig r.'.ajorlty. The people of Kansas ill Aeent years, have not been letting til'- Kansas City brewers and whiskey dealers dictate the politics of the state III- niiine the slate olUclals. .votes than .McKiiihy did in K'u') \ 'ill' carried tiie stale by i'.'..i)iiii. The I 1:i!e lii:'.IiaKers lieleve llial Talt'.* Ilia;,;( ii :y will iveti iloul^le .McKiiiley'.-i. The DiMiiocraiIc puliiiiians Itave rj'.ked the slate v .lih a liin' looih eomh In liniies ^t lUidlMt; MMiueWundal that wiintd work to the liijiir.\ <if the Itt piiiiiiemi.s. Not a ilii!!i; iMVe they been ahie III Hiiil. Nil r:<liiiltiisl raiioli it Kansas was ever 1IT«: r i f svaiidal Ihnii till-- preseiii i>iir. !ior lia;< any eve done mine thitii .:s In,the iiiterols of the people. The election of \V. R Sliibbs means a coiiilniiatlon of clean and decent administrations of ih stale Instltvtf ions. 'I'he i>eople know It and (hat 's w!iy he will likely lead (he ticket. This is the lir;-t tinu- since isr»0 that (be Popuilsts have not had a state HEAT In the Right Place At the Rnght Time That's it—where you want il—when you want il—i-nd ii you only knew how easy ?{is to carry from room to room—and how much cheery comfort yon can have wifli a PERFECTION 00 Heater (Equipped with SmokdcM Deviee) You would no longer be without one. "No smoke—no smell '—this is the PtrftttloH maxim. Because the smokeless device is smokeless vou ran have direct, glowing heat from every ounce of oil. Brass font holds \ quarts— burns 9 hours. An ornament anywhere—finished in' jaran and nickel Every heater'warranted. The M^s^/ir%\ <9«<MM *<'^'^pieiMit luprt—« jivej a Irf. 1)M«. ilody lighl. Elquippol willi the iilrd improreJ mitnl Jrah birntr. Mi^i el ku*. nirkd pUteJ. Every limp wmanlcd. • Write our ncaml itency tor dcKriplive drculir il you itKX \aA PcHediea Oit Huler or Riy« Lunp al your doler't. STANDARD OIL'0OMPANY E Kvery scrap of Infonnatloii comlii .i; to Repiihllcan state he.tdiHiarierK In- 'icates that the railrotid employee.^ of ;!ie state are linlUK up for Taft. I'or nvhile the mannpers were uneasy In i;i !it lesiect, hni not so tiny more. ' have ;;iven the <iucstlon .•ai*fiil con.sideration and have Jln.tlly •fi .ehi il the conclusion that the stiresi •Vi .y to have plenty tif work Is to •li't .liidge Taft. Secretary Wilson of the aKriciiltnral lepaitment. produces facts and 11K- ires to show that the ftirmers of the Unlled Stales produce more prodncta an an ncre of .mound under Repuhli- eau rule than under Democratic rule. Cryan is eleritally ridiculing the Idea that Republican rule has anything to Jo with the prosperity of the farmer and says that the Almigltty Is resiion- -ible for good cr«}ps; that he sicnds the lain and tht funshinp, etc.; that the It^nntblicans are net rainmakers nor •lo they have a corner on the sun- ii'r.o. But Secretary Wilson show.s ;liat with the sani»^ sunshine and the .-•anie rain the farmers raibcmore on | speech, winch by the way makes no reference li« the enforcem«-nt of the prohibitory l.iw. This did no? .suit the temperance people bju they asreed to it. thinking the Rev. .1. l>. Hotkin. former presiding elder, would assert his independence and talk a^oui what he desired, after he started." The Democratic romniittce became suspicioui and finally just before the day of the meeting telephoned that .Mr. Botkin could not iili bis engseement. And &e did not. On the other hand .W. R. Stubbs made an afternoon speech before the temperance people and talked lav, enforcement. He stated lha't he was strongly in favor of a rigrid enforcement of the jirohibltory law; that he was a believer In that law and that if elected governor there would be no side-stepping on his part; that all the miichinr>ry of the state government would be used by him to enforce the prohibitory law along with all other laws on the statute book.s. This was what the temperance people wanted,! and they thanked .Mr. Stubbn for his assurance that ihey could depend upon him If elected Oovernor. .'•11.. OLDEST IN COUNTY Uncle Johnny Young, of Humboldt, Was Nine^-two Years of Age. DIGESTIVE GETS WEAK A>B SCARCE ..CAUS- IXG YOUR DfDI€fEStldX. ^ The Herald says: Uncle Johnny Young died at Tiis home in Humboldt Wednesday morning. He was the oldest man living in Humboldt and was one of the oldest in the county, if not the oldest. He was bom Septcmtier 16. and wag 92 years of age September Ifith. . rncle .Johnny*had a sick spell last Saturdar but recovered. This morning he asked his faithful wife to get breakfast for him shortly after four o'clock and she got him up and dressed him. He ate his breakfast and sat in a chair for abotit .... -——^,„ncieni about the he asked to bo put into bed again and ^^^^ elsp t^e family may suf-. An AbsolBte aad Safe Care.TVill Be Found in tbe Ues of Diapepsli| Which Corrects Stomaeb Disorders and Digestion. , If what you just' ate is souring on your stomach or lies like a lump of ead. refusing to digest, or you belch Gas and Eructate sour, undigested food or have a feeling of dizziness. heartburn, fullness, nausea, bad taste in month and stomach headache—this is indigestion. A liiii case of Pape's Diapepsin costs a time while she went' ""'X'"'^ ^("n^s and will thoroughl.v cure her work. Shortly afterwards: the worst-case of dyspepsia, and leave c-^.*f,r.i/TMr o.irkitt house in case after one or two gasps he was dead. Uncle .Johnny, as he was familiarly fer from stomach trouble or indigestion. 11 1 1,- ^.^c 5., m,;,^' -^sk your pharmacist to show you called by everyone, was bom m Ohioj^j^^ formula plainly printed on these in 1S16. He moved to I^nisiana. Pike i ;„j.^pnt^ cases, then you will under- county. Mo., in 1S41 and remained 1 stand why dy--peptic trouble of all there until in l.<;?0 when he came to!ki"tis must o. and why they usually s»»ur stomach or indigestiou Allen countv and worked on a farm in! ',111 five inini::es. (lei a case now and .s.ilem townsrip which was owned by-,.^. Triangule after, your next his brother. His first wife died years meal. They ttre harmless and taste j ^go and he was married to his pres- like candy, though each contains pow- ent wife in 1S7S. All of his near rel-;^'' «-.'f«^f«nt to di.=est and prepare^ for - , , , .assimilaiio*! into the blood all the food atives are dead, except :a daughter.!p^,. ,,e^;,,es. it makes .vou go to who lived in Wai^liinclon. hut whose j the table with a hearty, healthy appe- present addre^j: is not known. Dave For and he ha cws In Oklajioma and Colorado. j.axatives or iivei- pills for biliousness worker*ruusMpatii"! This city wll Mrs. 1 tile; but. what will plJ^ase you most is " r r».. Vi » «i««Jitbai von will fee! that your stomach r",uson of Ottavi4. is a niece.,i„,e„ are clean and fresh, lal s-veral niec«f.> and neph-j,,,„, ^j,„ .^vill •!•.! need to re .sor: to Undo .Johnny was a hard until six or seven years aj:o. when ho hue many DI.Hpepsin 1 . . iraiiks. ;-s Niu!"' pr'M'I'^ will «all them, fell, breaklnu his hip. ht«ii" th-n nej,.„, ^„„ , .,^,^„„ ,,,5^ has been den-ndenl ui>on his faltliful'splendid stoiiiacli pre;-oripiton, tiHi. it wife who with some aid from friend.«!; .vou ever have indt.uesiiun or gasirltls .^n.l the .Nrnvtv ke .M thV-m'in some;'.'"' ^''^V" ' , - ins! one I ri.uitiule or lUauepsin. small degree of comfort. The fuM»ral w;w heb? morniniri Pranks bj l.itthtninir. \ at the lome. The Interment wa.^ Inj l.iv-blnins did siuue mlghiv stratme things a I Mt. HoiH«. I'nclo .John was a member of Curcberland Presbyterian church. —Herald. the ht'tue of U. .1. Davidson on the Old Soi.u rs i>laee north of Hum bi>ult Wednesday evening about seven •^cloek. .\ cloil '.es line hanging about iliiity feet south nf the house betwefJ K'nral.I rimrrh Hiirn«.. j'^^" »was burned to pieces. \fet It was learned here >.ster .!nv fhu I trees wen- /rrf^=Tk \!.iai;ed. KiV (5 a church thirteen ir.i!e< frovi Ktn«MiiI ^ ^"-'"^'•^^' side t>f the houVo and beloncin;; t-. the KiticaM rireuit }•"»''"""" "orih were blown from was struck bv lir-bTuin-.r and Lnrred j ''"•''""="•*-""^ J^""^^ shattered. Yet to tb<^ ground. This chtirch was a i the family- which was at supiier felt I). W. .Mulvune, n.ntional committei- inaii from Kanstis. has Just relumed form a 10-days' trl|i through the I'nat. He visited the Republican hcidiiuar- ters In New York City, the state Re- )>ublicaii headquarters in New York state and the Western .National head- nnarters in Chicago. He states that the olllcinls In charge of the head- tpiarterH in the K;ist are confldeiit that the Republicans will C!u:ry New York. .\ew .lerse.v and Contfectlcut. three slates which have always been in the .lonlitfiil column. He states that the udicials of the western headquarters' were sanguine as to the situation nationally. He told the national committee that Kansas would go for Taft to the tune of 35.000 or 10,000. countrv charge r.f Rev. A. Hark- "? ^'•'•^-'v ""f T/* no <.s. formerlv pastor of the Trinityl^^''^'-** 'j^htnuig had struck the hou3«. church. I-Herald. A pf>" was taken by a state oHiclal •be sani" land under Republican rule|i'f tli^ passengers «»n tne Santa Fe liaii under Democratic, lli.s exjierts i ""'"s" between Topeka and !(ok the cruj) statistics for the i.asi !''•>' other day and the result was JO .vears and divided them into !ii-year!;«''0"t 'he same as all similar i-olls periods. Thev found that in the ut-!'a5cen on trains in Kansas this fall, year i.oriod covering nevelantls last ''"'^"'•P i>assengers. on the administration the farmers onlv pro- train. Of this number SO were for duced f»-l per cent of norma; crops, 'iait. for Br.van. six for Debs, two while while during the l:;si in years for Hisgcn and two who refused to ending in !.%() they produced lOS per vote. cent of normal crops, or 11 i»er cent! • ^ more than for the period covering De-' T'lc Democratic state central com- Now is the Time that 3'ou wapt J Suit or Overcoat W<' show yon all the correct styles and colors o fthe leason, all the new shades of bidwn.*tan and mode colors, bhn's and blacks made up in l>laiii or fatifv HKMIVU-. (MerroaLs Kauu-outs ifKMMI to «28-'.0 . %oM to 838.U0 . !$7^0 to $25.00 We Want to Show YoU Che Bafclay Clothing "TH^ HOUSE OF QrALITY" >=J r\M S A=K S niocralic rule. In other words that the farmers raised one-seventh more crops on the same acreage under Republican rule than under Democratic rule. His explanation is that under Democratic rule, with SO-ceiit wheat, la-cent corn, 10-cent oat.s. :!-cent hogs and -l-cent cattle the farmers were disheartened. It cost them more lo produce their products than they received for them. As a consequence they became carele^^s and didn't pay much Httention to the cultivation of their crops, liut under Republican rule wbeu they were getting good prices for their products they would tend their crops properly and secuio as l)lg yields as possible. The difference In the altitude of the Demofiats atid the Repub:leans to tht ll<luor silualion In Kani>Ms was never more effectually demonstrated than It was In Topeka during the meeting of the Stute Temuerance union. The two candidates foKgovernor W. R. Stubbs and J, U. Uotkln. were Invited to ad- dresu the union. The temperlince peo- Vf^ Wanted to know bow they stood on the subioct of law enforcement. \V. R. Stubbs spoke, but Botklu did not. The Democratic committee Was opposed to Botkin's speaking before the union ffomthff start but the chairman agreed to it It Botkin were tal­ lowed to maite his regular campaign mittee has given up the plan of trying to offset the Taft meeting in Topeka with another Bryan meeting. No oth- -r candidate for office ever received such' a reception as did Taft In Topeka and the Democrats are worried over it. For a time after the. meeting they figured on bringing Bryan back to Tojieka for a speech during the latter ii.irt of the campaign. Before doing an.vthing like that they l)e.gan to investigate and fear has developed that a Bryan meeting might be a fro.^t after the big Taft meeting. Although Bryan will be In Kansas tbe last day of the campaign and has t^vo loutes one running through Topeka. :he committee has decided to seiW him over the other route through the northern part o^ the state. DOFF HATJO G. A.Pl. ^udge Taft Greets Soldiers at Lafayette, Ind.—Many People Saw HIrn. Lafayette. Ind.. Oct 23.—The reception of Judge Taft was another out pouring of peo le. The candidate was driven through the streets in an automobile. The candidate bared his head-when tbe old ^Ij^iers lined up along the public square' and .cheered.

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