Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 23, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 23, 1908
Page 5
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THE lOLl DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVEXI>C. OCTOBER 23. 190S. 5 Did Vou Ever Stop to Think? that the man or womau who saves systematically and are constantly laying aside something for a "rainy day," that a RAINY DAY NEVER COMES TO THEM. THE WOLF'S xVOSE is forever sniffing at the door of the individual without a bank account. • The moment that work becomes "slack" or accident or sickness comes there is disaster. Begin from this very day to save a portion—it need not be a big portion—but more important, a regular portion of your income. We pay three per cent interest, compounded semiannually. State Savings Bank lola, Kansas Open from 7 to S p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights READ! A ii-w liuiidrcU >tT(iiMi> >«>. I Motrm land iit ^llMMi und up. GOLDEN WEST UNO CO. Oltk-e tMcr \»\\\x Mtirr. Short Stories O T lola Happenings —Dr. J. R. Trppcr. ViutUt Pbooe 1<S. Thorpe & Boagh CoiitrRctors, tuginevrs, SurTt'vors. Fully eijuiMied for all kinds of surveying, estimating, patent drawing, blue prints, maps, sidewalks, curbing, and farm drainage. Office OTfr "Famons." Only Fifty Left. , r. A •• 1.11' ;i><i •• U'\\ vu'-.i :;i lluiii .'xl.!' tli.i' ;t;.-'',.. 1 ••ui.-;--:fil. VDI - ..i.f III' 111 >t>ii iMliUoT vutf. IC'. ir> -JiiKil! !.il.>- \:\'- l.-'oiiM-- ;.i -II ;.> ••i'- iitlif-.- Ill" r w Sciia:t:i.-r ia:iii .1 •••;•!ituaTt- fiiiniiui; hiui lu la.-; a li.ii ^o: .x' '-.i'- •••••«-ii<i(i nn Xo- \vUiiii-:- :;::ril <»;' (.-uci^..- ihu.-.- «iio ! ;i;iv,- :iiin.-.i -ii.i-- jj.iriv i|;i_\> ;ir:o: I til . ;.MT I. I!I into .-oiii.- otiirr waid • •'(liiiut \u:-'. 111! <-\fvytiii'' t-\>f uiio i.^ a I'ual cin/.-ii <•:(!; ami .-iioiilii K/ j i; :l!>> \r,t\> <uiii;'U'<J vv;!!i ! V.iX --I4:i!uiii.iil! H--:a.M. M. H. Beard and, daiiebters. Viiciuia and Su.«>.— .Vt>o :=h<' oP.-.:. —Fresh Oysters—Our W»y. Flilj Terr*-!!! Vrvui Kunii. Ovt-;- Iin>' |ifr ••••ni of stiiUfiu.- 111 llu' I'liiv.-r.-ity of Kaa.-aS roliie f»om The laiiii !>!• !ri>m lioiiirs in the sinr .l- iei (own.- of ilir .~fai*', Tiie «-i'ii!:(in;il l>rosi'»-rit> rhat 1KI » hit-.-^t^d the .-u'.- has l<!(uij:lK within ivacti of al: ttie citi/.eu.- liif uia.iinificfiit «>i|iiii>iii<-;it uf tlii.< Cleat iiL-tirntioa Tlif iiitv'i.-t- earneMiif-.~> iliat ih.iiaiierizeri the work of rh'- .-tiid--;!;- of Tli>- iiiiiiv: .-ir> is dii»- lo riiis .•iiii'.-!a!i'i .i! •• f-ai-'ir .n —Sign painting. Fred Rowden. phone 142S. \iinn\ Uord lor Krtitiilciiitfli. A 1- i;riiti;liati^!i. ca.-lii'-r of .\..:!.;.N '.itlotKi! liank '>f I0..1, and one of "lie dii >-i-loi.- !>; 'iir- .\.-i>.-lii. Ka!'.- riiart> t'iiiik. w.i- in '!o- <!r> ;;i>' >,v..(iii> M: H: niitii.iii.:ii ..- xf ':!-IV.-;: |M>-:>-il 11. ii :i! i'.ii.K.n,: <i;i.-s 'i -oi ;;h »-.i.-' Ka:i>,t.» ;iaii a of • :>-ndf-d '•\\"\un('- "ii'- !.;i-:!u-> if ijiiiikiiii: H- .•.%:.!.•.---•! ii;:ii.->- f v. ^ [ I'l-iir-'ii :r. ;h>- i .-i!i'.- ii :.-.i ;n '-ii ii'.v.-fU' li:ai:ai:>-!i'-a; "t N >o .-hi> !"aiS;.i:.- liaiik JUI -I ;t !Tl .ii 'ii:ii il.itw-,- iair off .i-- h;!\'- I-• 11 iiiad'- \\v\i .1 v!.-n ;ii T I J - <li ;i;i'- ••! •!!>• 'i .ti .K r - : •• 'o: ~.\^.s->'<\v rrs —Merchants I.unch at Our War. iNlmrue ill N«'»»hii KalK. l>-;.ii.!!.- •:,> :iiilii S.iMiui.n !a .ui'o •imi^i.: hoi;.'- ianu'- ir- r: »-inl l>.-i K-:ir w iio • ,1,. 1I ho -i,. .\;. u-%..: \>-.IIM I •,•.<• .V. "n .1 M •• of I K- O K.. - —Six per cent in-iney: no commit- j sion; no delay.—Smith & Travi». \H»-inN SriKM .I lli-f. \ ii'v;ia:a !!>-.iid « ho is .i-tt ii.!li;-* .-< iioo. Ill ;iT h- lioni'- ll'-a; Lt Itoi t;c);ii •^bl:l^•!.|. li: Saaiid:i> —.\'.-'i.-i.i. I'a::- I'o:- . THREE6BEATYALDES Each an Insurance of^ Complete Satisfaction to the Purchaser of Suit, Overcoat or Raincoat. Men's finest Suits of new browns, mode and green worsted novelty stripes and solid effects, showing all the novelty fabrics, contrasting effects, fancy cuffs and IX)cket.s, and that disrtinct st3-Jes of the DA good tailors. Regular $-io.0<' va^e. ^^|f§UV KAUFMAN GARMENTS Mens hand tailored Suits of brown, tan and olive gr^en and grey worsted, the same .style, the same fit, the same satisfaction that 30U would expect to find onl}' in much more expensive j,^arment. Regular ? 1S 1 lU and ifJU.UU value. See windows Men's ail wool laccy Isuits, black thibetes and un- linishetl worsteds and gray worsted Rain- rfiA «p coats, black liiibet and dre.ssy Raincoats, yhV • 1 regular $li^X' and :?1."..0<'value choice ^^•^V The home of W. L DOUGLAS $3.50 Shoes The Home of J. B. STETSON $3.50 Hals 1; you want th»' lai«-.>' and nicest ..• S:i;i,-.!..- ..i;i!;. -.f ; I'o>' cards on thf uia.'kvt, gt^t them ....u ...i •,, .:. at Mundis drug stora. Use No. 7 Flour t ;o (.'d as aay ^bt.-uer than m-jst. MEAT MARKET We handle only the heit of Fivib Mta'.^, Smoked a.",d Salt .Moats. j —info Garaee and Repair Shop for ' nil kin(l« nf rcpalrlnGT. Antomoblle liTCTT. PhonR S93. rhe HiVh lisill .Neaxiii. { Ti.i- ii :'. r -'M-oii ;~ i-in.-i- a: j ii.iini Tl;- iiiii-nb.i:; M -aso'i i> 'ii.- riinf li;" :iiuoc--nr Totiiiir thiiii: wi:o i ;M- ;:..:r:i'ii a iiKi.T :o leforiii iiitii d»^,-A !i.r breath -Cutiuiiiirham Jk: Ariiett. (* per cent iiioiicy. Mie KvtHriH-d H"iiie. .Mi.-- Vi!-;;iiii,i B-ani v» iio si-.-- i • ia:-i of ;Iif vv ...-k ill lio:ii>- Li'.i; LeIvo> . '1 et>)! tl. J....1 jSa'* ;ti- torii:)on .uroiiiiiiiiut-.l hoiii- h} Mi^ rratik W; i-Ii: —N,-..M... K... I 'OM I T.( •- ;hf oilirr of r'.i>\ We Want Your i— Saiia;. loiinia: PRODUCE farmer.-.' and wiil pay ihe h;^;h-.-.-^t } —Always time to eat at Our Way. market iirice i" ta-ii or trade. Cuine iu and st-e n = We are .-o:e ..i;i:.:.- f '.T J. .M. Hom'.-^ COFFEES and TE.AS If uu will pive .;:ie a trial \o'jj x\ lil ti.-e :iu olh-r. Fryer Bros. IMioiie Ud*'. l"la. Kansas. 1 j Stiil at Humboldt. 1 W Kaia> a:i~ M )M lii.-, t)Uav\a I :.:t!!; ;:OT .i.-ci'b-.I wiiitt h.- \\'^\V- i !'i ill.; '.vi!! i;'ili,r,lv ••lr.:;iu»- ill • •, .il.'.iliu '^~llii-.-^. .ti;:ii:i i!l >oiiir- I •• If. '.V .omj.•(••••!! uirh th- Ilui!, lluiiil.ol.i; liiTal'i. -O 'lr Ov -ters. Way. Evans Bros. ^ I >alinii"s Vie« ..|" It. \ j I ; - -.. I ! • ;i. !";.i 'iia! i I j, ,. h.,'. .• i:ii.v>:i 'A ,i .-i'-f'i of r .iiid a Ongm, mookm, Pmhttm, Stallonmry, Ollm aiank Bookm mndBlam* Mchoot Supplimm Tjrpmwftlm^ MuPotlmm, Ai^Mmc* SuppUmm Off lorn Supplimm Where qaallty li mala eooalil- •ratlon we buy tli» beat lVlx«re demasda will jastUy. w« eury all cradei aad pricM, l «itt Kit fdur*, Itla, EMMM, Stoves —Frank S. Beatrie V. S. Phon« Milliners Ekcited. ;iT o',- f'l thi- niiil;:i>r> .-ro . - m Hinn }:<)]••• It:;.-:- •-.A- \ of Ufvoii^ ua-i :>• iiii; :iri,'.i' '.i i' u.i^ lii-- i CD'.t ; '! :i' .1 'A 1- ii. • \ \:!i :a.'.'" .'i/:in u i> <-.i.i'-.; a .imi ^-'ar; :aij'.'.: o j' r;,.- na-- .-o a.- to !•.:••" t!if ; MI lif',- .noriial ti.a!.- a^'-.i to j.i'.ii i" .iii.i i :iia;.-.;iar.-.'> v^.;.. 1 'f \ . Ill II.•: ;.>- i -ii. 1.1 ii!: a..".- : f--iii;!iin- !-f-aa.- 'i.a^ ii--.-iii,:: :•• .)•••:.• Uij'. •••:i.,,- in.:';-, ( .lUa' -H :n::•>>'.•'.• (!• r Set tij. and comiected. also any."'' other gas fitting- Good work and reasonable charges. Phone 29. Th-- ' -i> That M'.::.di^^ has the ;„'we^- atid b -jt i::ie of i-o ;L card? in the I twlBiaSr^WN i (•(riiiati Orator i ai(i|iai;rti. !!.•• K'i'ii 1) !i an r-'a.'e <•*:..• a. ii.iii- ii.i!'- la- ill;1 a lt,-:ni,ili oia 'ol Aiiii .-,.ri.i| li .f : <-ii;an;d-.' of riit- i\s:L,.:.^n : 1 Kai;>a- Ikit'n.u- .-[•.-vi. in <'ori;;.i;. >t i n»-ii :<-;j! Till- li'-riiia;. .!i >-'-.ili tvi'><:.'hai of i.Iiaiid Kaiddf. General Contrairtor. i^'^''' -^'^ '^"^ Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks and " '• 'oijiii,nr,- Curbing a Specially. ji:..; i:.- t ..-i. to Kaiisa.- f.,; 0S«« 115 East JacksoD Are, ...a.faiut. Thn. j Phone WL _ _ 1,111^ (S. Oilfillaiii OrrHOM Painter mnd Fmitmr Hmmpet E*tiinaiejj cheerfully j;iven cd all wtik rhouo fill). Rrs. \m S. Bucki-K. Brett in Politics. <J C. Hrett was m tJiraril aisd Wa' ii'it the lirsit of the w>;ek witii .Major .\. M. Harvey, who was out on a cam- paigB tour-—Humboldt Herald. •\\.\. e.iti iu, s.i. ;, 01... Mi.- liisi >l--«-^ •A ;,: t.,- .,• l'a\.'o i"r:iia\ miihv M, ,|.,.- !,, A... •J.i'x-w a-sif;niii-'ni.- ii, ,.u.. r —It—Our Wa.v Soda Water. Hftunied t4. FaU*. .M;>. Frank Wright refirned hom« Sunday eveaiug from loia after =peud- iug Saturday and Suuday with Mro —iBSlgt OD haTlnir "F*. S." floir. I'.iaiieiie (J'.vvll-. w llos^ liali.>- v\- oii|i.'ed witii rhat of j'.'iiii: ^.1:11 Vaini. foiuiil liiiiin of killiiiu li!> u;f.- ia>t .-[iiiii--; ill ilif di.-tiic' loi.:. and .-^I'li- ellC'd to)' life t!> :h'- K.ili^,:^ ttiitiaiy. 1- h'liii" a-aia —r ••in »• ClaZ'-Ve See thf iie-v I'o^t Card.- at .Mi.udli Dr'i-^ Store. To Vi.«!it His Brother. H .ii\' llribiii.snii IS ex;i-.1 :i\> Iioiii S'-uriiii ! Mi;"-- .N'ort.i I»aUCita. •<• hi- ;.rot'i> i'ran-. Ri)li;ii.--oii. of ;h;- >-'V) Bougtit a Feed Store. \ ti. 1..I II: :• ;;.-:;a^- .' !J \ •• • • 0:; \:.. - <•::.' • .iM 'i '-^ni tiii.'li.i' '\.-- i'li.-ilir-.-- ; I...A iiii 'I: !> -.v::;, 1. I llil••rIl\atl^ Co -'fainl fo .la I v.;'; ..»* !E :al,'. ^ ~ ' I"-- . -',t ,1 . • • \,- . •• ; S : ••• .li- I • ai .i- . •• it--:.^ .' t • - .'.\ .:,-<• .1'. 'r-- _ .tri-i *; 0.1:: ;o * ' •• -'.t' - :io'.v .:, ^ it /ireralil ^^toraue ami I raii-ier • H<tii»ein'ld ami |iiaii» iin<»ijiir: r;ia'"..M -ii-- kind - M:: lar.:*-*! ri.<'in in eilj. IMmiie XM:. ai'v.iv.- !ii;i:;;i- m' .^Ili!llii.•^ - - .<r.ii.', !ia- a iiea.i'ifii Pa->e;ortanr Praise* '.r.e Triplets. I 'ie 'iltt: •-\ith eae.-l Iiolilld I 'OX 'f ;:..(••..-.> i'm.: . ; ••.i..: '.v :}.~ .1 S ll .-i.t . , • Boiloicjer Was 01 Petro'ia. , ,,• ,. ,, .. ,• " • i.tjaili at noiia : .ir-. . i •.- r •••!.;-jita-io:: v^ii'ii fii-' ;•• ... < .• '.vs- ai:!'---.l tu d-t-r -.A.'. • :,i .. • • aUSpioiot;.- iiar>-. • C-I .: ••• : •• -,1... liac- attoriit V LT.-a-. •l.t; ;. i.i .,iMJv haVP li <t -l. )iV<---:- : • <f^a, wail- K'- .t ••• \.i''l.- tlia* I;.- hav- .1 •••• ti-i ..I • \:>i'.::.i -loirr.!!-- >; .'.1. •>..:, ^j.-a..:- at V\\^T:\- •A • :-• \' \\ —- .I.*-; .^to.* otf ii-'i*•:. • .:• • ••• i ...:r--.^.- I ..alii;t>- 10;• ^ Til- '1'.-•;..:i w,i| tia\>' 11: .l.i ••. .i-d i' l.-. lait .i'''til!- i . - A t:,.- Koof Sh-iu: I' <i ISi'oiii-: • ^»a- ::: - .; •..10.::, 1 '.la:; r-- >:;!i •. i,i>o-: — Pajier Man?inc:. Kr-M Ro-*den Phone HliS. —Oysters any .=ty!e at Ou -rtay.- Visiting Relatives. .Mi.» HIaiiilie Piin.-;-r i- • •• • • to arri^f iieiv to!iio::ow i;om l.lalia. .Mo. wh-i- st..- ha.^ i»'>-i. visiting' .M". anil .Mr- Kraiik i;o!.;ii.-oi. f.>- a-' --M ral \v-.-,> • r> 11.'.nil ;il' a>'-d MV-.; lainS. "I ll.ii- - ••• I • -el -,j io.v- ••. -.: --^-i.r:. !..o: • iiv*-;". .t- I'. A -a:..- : •- ai.iria-.i A:'i; r ':;I--:i-i;i. A New Member. -.-a-'i; ^ !..- s lr>;-t ui.; iii.ii.;'.- T';-- K.- W.i\ -xai'-'i < . • .i •. -< orm.; • •a;.:t.:-.! A -:.a:-- aa: T ,..i-. • 'ii, ;iMi..,t ra- Mof-'-oan-rv r.i,.n: v -.(la: t.- I).-.iln- •! ; • . • ,-.^a: • .• S'li. !a )"A ha.- a iiio.i-.- •{.iiniai; !!• :.'t.;i> i.iia .11 .1 1.,.' —S<ii5a Water, the Our Way kind. AiiUi'At ,;,tr!-. Jackson Rally Postponed. orl :.-..ii S.-,, i"-ai^ : '•• .. \:- .• • i,-i.-:ai S .I.i —la. (: ! •• i(: '1^ - •..: >•;•'•,.. • .a .^a •' a . - •''O » .1 •» .-,"Mi> a' ' • .• . - v. a;:.- •>'.: >'.('•• A- • I: -h-- R-i .M li Ritter Wil! Attend. .1:1 i'..i-:..;ai -^a- ;-:M .a!- ; :•• '.•• I a : ; - Ki; t" r' :ii.ia;. Ill •• • " -• • :o a -: .1! inai :i! i"" • •• ' • •<<-' oa- ,a nil II. 'Ill- : ;>> a''-!:'! a -i'.- .I.r- .n;.' :.• v • • • •••;!!- of K !• .•••.j.-- Th. lo.iu. TI ,„ •., • . \.,:..-^ T::. 1,., •la • 7 .i-.n. I:!IM !- r:i : - ... .,...) r ,.v• •.\ ;.i I-..- • !•• :: i"..; ••;•;:•! }•':.'••:— : II" ; l..,. I'l.r; <'••:. .IV.:: •"• . • Cuil.-d Ka- I': ••^ : !vd J':^ ••• - Div-,- f" •. • .:: .: I ^har- 1: 1.!,a!:- \r \ lo'.lu Put on Koiii tiird«-r.>. .1.'!i': : I •• i"' rd-.:i'.i \ 1- a 1; v-.J ro- •; . \|,.; a: <•!> P-r: aaii ("••• :afir i-"ra;.i:;. > I • i''i: !i u - .Mid .-ona \\-'ii-h>-- w." I ••• •• .1 .:• . •.^:•.•.Il Tl .f fii: :iM.f .r- I'.il a;.d I' wi! i.-- Hi:- :.•.'.. ' i'. ai:t-s of j.ii .ai- i.:-- u ! .1' :;a,!.- • . ii.f It \\\'- ih.i. '.• ••• W'^.k r-'4 ini;.--.- if .i-.i- •••• •• .. .• _ f'.r ti:-- k; !::- A...>. A: I.-. •• • • - a.-ii.'.- • M- .a.'i nr !i<:a: S -.i ' Ci-a;^ .: i .-a'-j 'iT (',11. !••!'.- d :i;:; -oi.- .,1 ir .i | .•^:i; HI d.r.> * ccn'.r - ;,ui;::r I Is. Visiting Here. .Max Ma:i.iii. of l'!iii-a.:o i-- !.•:•» \i^iriii'.: r'!o-..| |{ii !ii!i-on Ooeration. Mr- .-• '• l»-!i;oii' •• Alio-. !•.;•,> ol: Si '.jTa S- I iim; -IV--.- ••.];.'.••. .^-nt 111 0— a'loli a" lii;.i .- a".-l..:3| •ai- iiiori.iai: — -A - AnnwooreiiienL Dr StiT.aiffe wj.-he-; to i.aforiii hi'^ farmer iiairon.s and th** 5 »uhlic that he has resumed the sea-ra! t.ra< liee of niediciue. combin njr it wl:.h surcer.v Office hourr: in to 11 a. ui. 1 to r. and 7 to 8 p m. Ouncan IS Horre. (. \\ l»a:i(jii 1 ;.. d.i-. ;><;••' .\v.-e<iav Iioiii .\l".\i•^•. ( i.t ii' iu- ij» • a tor ~-\-iA. aioa' a- ^Is. Duiicaa iia- ii» .-i. .r Ki:o..i'l" for >oUi'- tini.- —Be a Bo <j5ter —Home Industry— s'eosho River Cat al Our Way. A New Stenographer. M.-- B.-> of,... a i- :a- u-v, u- ij^ra .'ii -r .;. tj... ..m ,. ,,f K U .M^i -r. i .T .li. .Ml .VI M-:> -t-ai >;;iaf:.'-r. ia> air'-y;»-I a ,o -:'i'>i; .if.: •::• !•>;,« r^Tar- Savin.- ..aa.. Qood -Drf. Lathrop. n <(te<iriatlL«, Pboae l«* Got License. John Y Ha.ter aini .M-.> fc^ frey. both colored -ecurei a lie n^e to marry ^'•^lerda^ Wc will continue taking piano certificates until Saturday night. We do this merely to stimulate our business and if you hold the certificate you are the LUCKY ONE. Remember, only one certificate will apply on each piano. * We are taking lots of them. Any certificate from a well known piano house Is good with us. The balance you can pay in easy payments if you choose. John V. Roberts Music Co. 12 North Washington lula, Kansas -,.1.1.13:.,,

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