Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 15, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 15, 1907
Page 5
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THE lOtA DAttT HECaSTHI, TUESPAY FyEyPTfl. OCTOBEB IS, 1907. lo/a VmloHmaiy HospUmI West Strett, lola, one block fmm square. Diseases oi domesticated animals successfully treated .charges moderateigood bozstallsforpaiieuts Calls answered promptly night or day, 20 years experience. Veterin ary Dentistry a specialty. Honor Graduate of Ontario Veterinary College, Prop. HospitalPhine I0i8 Res. Phone 139 O.FOUSTTO PRESIDE I Will Try Cases for Jud ^e Vlnley In .\oosIio. BRIGHTENS THEJiOHE— The Iil«:rl rri|iiiriilioii for n'finlsli- ill!: Floors, Kiiniiliiif. <'l<-. Ml vizi-s ami (Mtlors. SPENCER'S CITY JfEWg. MolPr Bartier College. Kansas City, Mo. Teaches the trado liy free clinic und c:ire<ul IriFtnirtioiis in few weeks. Positions waitin:; for cvfTyhody who will learn. Write for yariiculars. KHi:!) (UCKI'.I TZ :;H ilimon sii'i-ft. who w;u witli .<:iKill;icix a!"i it :i w Nonh Wa.-h fakfii down "k a::o, re- I)r. J. F. .lameson. (irudunlo .Vuctlon. ei-r and VrliTinarinii. Siili -s or Ciills made nnywlurr. I'hone i:{. lohi, Kiis. l.\" AlUMTION 10 111,' i.ond of CilT McCarlcy. liic i-o;iiiiv ciiiiiiiiis.-jioMiM-.' >i'StfM-(lay aft'Tii'i.iii ( ..Mipi omis.'d fiii ihf lion.Is of ilcniy l,^on^; and Hillv l-'rainp'on. l.>oii.- Hn- coiiniy on a $1 l.ond and I-"i'.inipio:i * (Chanute Trihune.) Juilse .lames W. FInley lias recciv- od word from .lud^c O. Fuust of the AIl'ii fonniy dlslrlct court-thai hf will lie here for a wfck or |pii days hi'jiiniilni; Orloher I'Mli. to try cases in which .ludso Finloy is disfiualiried to sit b^fMiis.' of liaviiiK hpiMi of coiin- .SP! pn-vions t <i his aptioiiifniPiit as di.stiici jiiijiif. Til" NiM)-ho County Mar .\s-o(iaiioii at iis ni'-ctliiu 'I'UPS- day of l.i.'.i Wii 'U whrn rouii convcii- <M| in Krl<-. voii'd to t'Mi-tid an invitation lo .ludili' I-'ousi SoiiH' doiil.t wa.s rxini'-sf.l lasi wi'iU. a^ to ulifihcr .lud '.'i- FoM.-t wo'.nd lo c-onii'. hccaii'!• of llic uii 'a! anion:il of liusi-| nrss lie has in his district. Till r.: will he liut two jury cnst-J •o ciinii- l.('foi-c hini. sni; -. On.i' is ili !iy (iracf Yodt-r of I. .\. M<lioi::ild (,r Vo ;;iT a.-'Us lur $.'1,11111 <lip a••!.•:; 'ii'in:,' I'ri Ho 'li an- dam- 1- a<'iion hroii ^lil Kail'on against ChainitP, dainai.'>>s. which •s Hhc received liy her IHUSP ;'itciied liy iiie Mclionald aii- .7. V. Tanner. Iiren«rd nnctiniicrr und .'•HIC <'rl»T, 'il>'> .\<»rtli .McKea, tiiii f'ity. .lrii(;i-: T.M.COTT will, years auo praciiccMl iiiw in Allen county, died a few d.iys aL 'o at liis Iionie in I-«)s A-il;;eIes. i";i!ifi)r:.ia. .Tiiili;e Talent! is wejl ;iii'iw«-t<i llle o .'ii Jiiiiec- who re- urei to l.avn fif hi.s deaih. WV have a few of those cheap lot? Ipft In Highland Place. Whitaker & nnnnell. liV Till-: hrinL'in:: in a -jood crasser on Uie W. K. Ka:.e\- in easiern iiari of co ;i :ry a new uas lipid may lie opened. A- a lesuit oi ihi- find a niiiiiie -r n!" wejis ni.iy lie (iiilleil in ;ha' vicii.;;,. P. E. Waneh. Dentist Phone Ifo. Oflice OTer Burrell's Drag Store. t"l ,Ai "i)l-: i-ew ; •. all --d who is .'-•ervin^' a si\ lai'n'li.- ii! jai* for viohoiiin of ;!ii law. was (j.-nieii ;i parol l\.iis! y.-.-ieriia;.' lifcn -e presented a ii.tiilon i:i ioialiM^t sieitence prnliLlii'ory • ),y .IndL 'e lie had no' •jular foini. - .Mrs. Canfrell. Plione 10»:. Er> Fri .l.ER. a-i'o tliief. ph-nih^d j:a;li>- in dis'iict cir.-r; yesN-rday t-i !;,l:i:)i: Dr. }'. >. MitcliiMs machiu'- a;. 1 wa.- si -iiiinf.ii to tie- n-fomia'or;. !.> .lM.!:;e O.-ca- Keust. Fal'er will he If.'rei: t'l !!i;tfiiiii.-..n \>y .-^i.efff O 1 f-w l '.ii .J :,u.T i Dr. Remold*. Phone S2fl. He*. «H. Ml! .MR.-: hi'Ilie l;. I'l (Mill Ver^ I e« • I • I \< o r. ui,-- V. W. C.iiitrell ar. wieK.- vi-i: in .N 'ew IN rill II i: ((HI! r. Far Thlv \\" t!. • u,y f;ii:i:.;; .lo>; lav. -i .i .arrest •! i ;i . •]r\\ usual. ll would !'•• - iweruy ai !ii would have -.-u; pxjilnin.s t);.- t: ,,1 <'>v(»ryb*)iiy :^ lo \rrc^l>. 'I liiis Mimlh. • •xe f •u (if pav • nr two :' tax <>r e I,..! n.ade an 1 y uii- r.;:t!i hal! iroiie it •!;:t filie .-n or • !' • lit of:' -nst's I .Iial.-' Collins• i V ^a^ im tlia' poii.TiM I>IM;SSI:I!S SIMM K. Mr. Kicliardsoii II:i» I>iiii<iilly in Find- in'-' Kxperienccd M«ii. Ti!.- H A. Hiehardsoi! l'!..!i,o cjm- prii> i^ h.iviiiii liiffiealiy 'm flijdini I'•cpevieneicl poultry iir.-sseij Inex- pirieiiCe.l jio'iliiv iire^>.ers ran lie :-e- c!:red easily hal .Mr. Kiel.arilson'.^ li'i-^iness i> • cliaijieii r enceri men. ha.s jncrea-. i.f sueli it)aj:iiii!ide and hai he reiiuires experi- The cotnpany'.s husineps i i:;e:,iiy since Mr. U'ctv loiiiohilr and runniiiu awa.v. tlirowin.i; her off. The (illler ca>,e is ihe .<;uil hrouuilt hy ("apt. W. .1. Walker, of Chanute anainsi the ChaiiulP Daily Tribuiu- for .$L.'.'i.'""i daina>.-'''s heraus-- of alle-ed lihei. There are. Imwever. a !ar'.;e nuinhpr of court cases in whicii .hidiie I'inl.'y may not sit. ( VI'T. STUVKK Fl UMSIIKI* UVTV. Ciiiiirihiilcs liii'oriiialiiiii on i:arly III— liirs of Ihiniholdl. Herald. I I' i.- -iuiply impossilile for any l;no\\ leii.'e i .t .Mien c-nun'v • veins lo • -cape T. S. Sto\i 1 i,t In ilie wiiieiip uf ilie history of Humholdi. The Herald stated thai to the hest of '!'e kno''. ledL :e (,f ttie wrl'er .\. Kftll- .• r Ilie iilliy nieniher of ilie old • va company livinir. ('apt. Siover -•ta'ps that il. W. Slpnor. one of the memheis. is s;i!l livin.i; in the ••-tatp of .New York and liiai his cousin is al-o iilive. Tiiese two men were nietiihers oi ihi' coiiijiany wlilid: iiinmlii !he land and induced tlie (ler- maii cnliiii .v :o sefle here. Mr. Simior lias 111)' I II in liiiniholdi for years md If il was not fur the faculiy of ^afit.iin .<:ov.'r to kno'.v e\erythin:; ahuii: o !il 1 rsideiit.-., lli.' f.ic: of lils hpliiu' .tiive wduld noi have lipen known to llnnilioldt iieople. iOLA STATE BANK lET NEW GONTIUCT riiy .Atlomey Oyler WBl RMommend TliHt (Ky L4>t Sonth Walnut rurlilnio: Again. CAPITAL St2,500 IOLA, KANSAS. aiREOTOHMt A. W. Beck. L. K. Horville, J..A, Rohin.son, H. I.. Henderson, J. H. Campbell, Geo. K. Nicholson, Frank Riddle. I'AIIKFIJ'.S IS A Ci.FW SIIOM. \iiiiiveui« Ml ( (inipiiiiy Fomes \evt Week. .1 !'. .\IcCahe. a ropresiMUativp of the I'avker Aniii-enieni i-ompiiny v .hi .'h is lo he in |o;:i >.|ior!!y. I 'aliie ;,i \e -'r-i-.|::> 1.1 ar.aiu'-' ti .-r the eoiii- !.••, if Ilie eii.iipai •. . The I'arker Auo;~. meat people ar'e si'cured •l:in:ii;li Ihe liila Concert hand. The I'.iikir people iii.ide a vi-n to lola two At the meeting of the city council Thnrsda ynight of thi.s week City Attorney F. J. Oyler will recommend thill the city let a new contract for the ciirhini: of South Walniif street and the removinK of the ciirhing which has been placed there hy die American Coiicroic company of inde- liendi'ilce. .\i the last niPcfliiB of the council llcrshel .Myi'rs, the rppre.seiitalivo of the .Xinerican Coiicrele company, was insiructpd lo tear out the curbing and |iiir in new ciiiblu;.' according in the .specji,eat ions. So ftir .\lr. .Myers has taken no steps lo that end. It is very likely that the council will roHinv the sii.i-'gpstion of the city tiitorney in which case it will he up to .Mr. .Myers to show );i,s hand. It has been Ihe coutenlion of Mr. Myer.« till! v .iih the pxcppiion of a few dp- fecis the ciirliing was according lo th' siiccificallons. 8ASKET BALL TOilRNEY Birprtor BUss Is Planning ©ne for T. X. C. A. Teams. .11 iHJK FdiRT \y nr .>inoLDT. Till thp I Ilea' I lend TiihiinP says ioiiov. iu.i; i;f ihe ctinipany; The l';;rker siiows are gone. They :efi for lind.v.e City Siiiid.ay nuuning where iiie,\ sliow all this week. They 'lid ;i p|e.|.,;ii,i :ii)il proli.iahle week hirin;; ilieir slay in our cliy and •'.i:tde many friends her. Ii is one of tile <-leaiiesi and hes! iii.inaged Cur- tiiva! c(ini|ianii on the road and ilie nianai--enieni is uiiliring In lis efforts in kcepiii'.: ii -11, We beciiiiip WPII ac- (I'lainieii with i|iipe a number of the -how p. iiple and found Iheiii all polite coiurc'iiis .ind perl'ecllv In ihelr hnsine.js ' raiisactions. .\s Ihlf was ilieir llr^i opening of ilie seanop it look a few days before some of the shows got to going just rieht. but the people didn't k!(^k; iliey knew the show pr-ople were milking their hest pToris to please them. .Mr. Piirker hiis ihiue luiich to put the slreei fairs on a respectable plane. Tlie greiit success achieved hy his sys- ;e;n of shows proves that he has the awusempnt loving public behind him We ho[)p to see the Parker shows back •iLMin next ypiir. SPONStUiS TO OIKiAMZE. Dniy (Jirls Wlio Have Christened War YesNcIs Eligihle. iUdson 0]i(V|eil lip. c^' .The Standard Ederheimer, Stein Cr>.J^// Do • "I [irclvf I single or (Jotih'c liTCJsUd sii;'..' Do \./: want a l)"i:e s(.-rge or p IJIO k ih < )r are you ]):nti:il to ;;ra^^- -])'.iiu Of in jilanls. -•.!i ;:es Hill checks? Or lio iiu-i'iie to brown-? \Vc \e as wide n mnpL* of patterns, t.ibrics and designs as liic possihle tastes .it d pre- fertiKis rt presented hy all the men i'l this <. ity. Tlifci'.s why we can jilease all; why.we can snrely satisfy yon. Pricts— S10 to S27,50 Barclay-Shields Clothing Co. ChattaniKiga. Teiin.. Oct. 11.—The p -msors of I'licU' Sam's navy are to he organized into a society of naval sponsors. .\i raiiu 'eineiits are going fiirwiird for tills now patriotic society ".'iiich lias no piecedont to follow. I her.' are only H".:'. names ou the list of eligihles and of these only have ' ecu re .Kiieil. Iiy i\ curioiis circumstance no reeard has been kept of the liaiidsnuie young women who have Chris; 'neii the great vessels or 11K >ni :ill. r Liin! oals. The committee in I liiirue anxioii';. however, to hear f; nil ai! .•!ix ;ihles. A iiieeiint: wi 'l he ciiUcd fi>r some : Ilie this winter in Washington to ;.'-ifiei p niiaiieni nr'-'imlzalion. In li.e III-an: nie. a commitfpo headed hy Miss .\niiie Keiiii I'-rasier. of Cliattan- oi fa. il.e ilanir'.tiT of Senator .Tames I! I'ras i-r .iml sponsor of tlii> Ten- v ,. ;,( «-<,ri: ,,n the details o' ifle OI u.iiii:'alIon, —-i.' 11(11.1. \l! nilFAT l\ KANSA.-^. One l.oiiil OiiVred at Thai Price Vrkiin<>iis Cltv. Voterday. ill .\rl:iuisas Ciiy, Oct. 1."..—For the I ] firs' tiiiie in several years wheat to- I day :Miciiii| ihe dollar mark, anrf one ! |i .1.1 W.I- offi red on the local market. ! I: .> ;• .h .ii :i number of farmers i who have been iioldliig their grain for t; fi-'in will now market it. -j I'ricis Iji in \ortli Dakota. l';::i 1. .\". I). Oct. 1."..—Hecaiiso of V '• !i;;.ii prices heinr paid for .ill csr- ie;i 's. .North Hakota fanners, especial iv ihose iif ilie Ued river valley, are 1.ceiv:!:; i .'rea;<'r returns from thair cio 'is tills year tlian for any of thr h-'.si dozen seasons. WHieat is selling at more than $1 per bushel at all sta lii-ns ill Ilie sijili- and at some barley I. .IS alinnsi r-:iched tiiat figure, while flax laiiges iiiu(h higher than those tlsiures. Oats :ind <-«ni are bringini l..g ,L:er prices than ever before. For hest .^nd (jiilrltwjt results os 'i 'lif Il^glster WunI rnlnms. (iiiw Interesting Address at Men's .Meelinir. (IliimlioMr Herald.) .\ laig.^ crowd of men heard Judge roust at Fiissman's H.iII Sunday af ti-rnoon. Ho spoke of tho Influence of Christianity in the tiphuilding of character of a community. . Men's iiiectiiigs and organizations like the Y C. A. were favored and he iirg eii falhers to ntt.^ii .l. with Ilieir sons. After ills address a perraaneni org:iii- iz-aiion was effected. Meetings will he I'.eld each Sunday at Fussman'? Hull and a good speaker secured each tiin.-». x \ll men and hoys are cordially invited to come and help make them a success. Notice Co. I). r. R. W. O. W. are requested to meet at K. P. hall tonight for drill practice to attend Ihe big reception It Cherryvale in lionor of .loseph Cul- leii Root, founder of all Woodcraft, to be given October 2^. 1907, at Cherryvale. Kansas. .\!1 W. O. W. and their faiiillies are renuested lo make prepar iiioiis lo aileiid this meeting and uiike it a gala day. ny order of Capt. V. R.. W. O. W. C. C. CFMMINS. Capt. lOL.V GIRLS NOT HORSEWOMEN. Loral Misses Make Slielit Mistake In Harness. (Humboldt Herald.) Two lola girls caused a lot of fun for the men around Green's livery 'table Thursday afternoon. They n-i-'^hed to water their horse but hal not had much experience with hor.s- e-; or their harness. They drove to the watering trough hut the horsn could not reach the water on account of the chDck rein. They did not know what was the matter, and discussed thp situation. Finally they came to a conclusion and one of the girls got out and undid the crupper. MILL MAKE MISIC l.\ IOLA. 'land of Kansas Siintlower Company Whidi Pla>s at La Harpe to Be Here. It its a piano bnrgain that you are looking for—you will find it an easy matter to drive a trade with us. We are showing different makes and all the different styles made, enabling you to suit yourseff, both as to the finish and size and price of the instrument. Come in today and hear them. Wo will guarantee yon will he pleased. John V. Roberts Piano House HAPTIST COXVENTIOX ENDED. Si.vter-utli Annnitl Session of Colored Raptisis Closed at .Sniina. The si.vteenih annual session of Kansas Uaplist as.sociation closed on Sunday night. October l?,th, at Sallna, This was tlie greatest meeting ever held by the 18,000 colored Haptists In the state of Fine papers and lectures by some of the greatest men and women of the race. Miss Josephine Straughn, of South America of British Guiena. were among the distinguished visitors to the convention. Miss Straughn will in the near future speak at the second Baptist church. Notice of her coming will be ?lven out later. Oftlcers for this year for W. H. and F. .M .S. state convention are: Mrs Emma Gaines. Topeka, president; Mrs. K. A. Wilson. Kansas City, Kansas, reconllng secretary; .Mrs. ii. F. Frailer, Wichita, corresponding secretary: Mrs. J. W. (Jordon, lola, statls- Lician. The convention proper: Rev. E. A. Wilson. D. D.. president; Rev. T. E. Pierce, first vice pre&ident; .f. W. Gordon, second vice president; Rev. C. G. Fish hack, recording secretary: Deacon J. E. Lewis, corresponding secretary. Now for a basket ball toumament Physical Director C. J. Bliss, of the A'. M. C. A. is formulating plans for a basket ball tournament at the T. Bf, C. A. this fall. He expects to offer a pennant to the winning team. The tournament will consist of four or five or possibly as high as eight or tin games and tho team making the hest showing will lie awarded the pen nrnit. ^ .\lr. Bliss has five teams now organized. The teams will probably not be named but will go by numbers oi:ly. The first game of the touma nient i.s to be played next Friday night but it has not yet been decided Just what teams will play at that time. One game will be played every Friday night and other games may be played o 'l other nights in the weelc The following is the lineup of the i.ams which hare been organized: Xo. 1.—^Ed. Heylmun, MarUn Hersh- kowiiz, Alfred Nelson, Floyd Wheeler and Allen captain. No. 2.—Lawrence Nelson, Frank Root, Kyle Pegg, Phillip Rowe, and .•\lbee Heigele captain. Xo. 3.—H. Osborne, W. Osborne, Frank- Peres, Flo.vd Datgh, and Card ner captain. No. 4.—Mnrra.v, Gilbert, Overall, Glenn Core and Harold Fulton cap- fain. Xo. T,. —Curtis Edsrerton, B. Heigele. Ben Heylmun, Victor Jones and Everett Rankin captain. ^HDE INTEREST IN SAPF CASE. People in Nearby Kansas Towns Eager for News. FILED SEVEN GAS LEASES. SaTonburg Getting Ready for Cold Weather. J. O. Xyman has filed seven leases in the register of deeds office to tracts of gas land in the vicinity of Savon- *iurg. Several hundred acres of land ire included in the leases. X.vman is nterested in the gas company at Savoiiliurg and the leases are likely taken to insure good gas siippl.v. "Yes, sir, they held their mouths open and looked at me as if I was .some wonderful thing when some of the people of Parsons learned that I knew something about the Sapp carfe and had actually had charge of the Sapp body for burial." said Claude Culbortson this morning, upon his return from Parsons where he had been visiting over Sunday. Mr. Culbertson says that tho people In Parsons are as much interested Ih the Moran case as they were in the Thaw trial. Like in Allen county the people differ as to opinions, some think Whitlow guilty and others think him Innocent. RETIT.VL SERTICES SUCCESSFUL. Rer. Scherman Preacbes to Audiences at Gas City. The Rev. Mr. Sherman, the converted Jew evangelist, who has for the past week been holding revival s?rvlces at the Baptist church at Gas City, has had exceedingly good results In the two weeks the meetings have been in progress. During the two weeks 23 persons have started for the leading of a better life. The meetings will continue the rest of this week and will close Sunday night with a "big meeting. SOME TWENTY-ONE-FOOT CORN. .\ letter from W,M1 Ppters who was at Electric Park here all summer says 'hat he will be at LaHarpe Thur.s- 'a .e night with the Kansas Sunflow •: coiiipiiny of which he is manager. The compiiiiy carries a liand and or- •hesiia, three lola boys being inein- !• i*s. C. I.. Rutherford, who le;id the lai It band is leading ami Carl Saylor 'ml Todd Ciiiiat.sey are meinbers. Luc -i.' .Mercilith wliose right name is ' nclle Hoffman is also with the com- 'iiin.v. II will b.» rcmemhered that she Ji.incd (he park coinp.iny here nte in I lie season. Tommy Jones, who was Willi thein until Saturday ••.ithi. and who Is now her.^ as a member of the Robinson Stock company, •ays that llic boys intend to play here 'U the streets in the afternoon. WORK PROIiKKSSING M( ELY. Monarch Cement Company Getting Ready for Acti»e Work. IHuinlxddt Herald.) The work on Ilie Monarch Cement company's iilant is getting along nlce- V, Ten men are at work placing the old stone mill in shape for an offce building. It will not be recognized in a month. Superintendent of Construction Willis is here and will move his family here at once. The surveying crew of the Santa Vc were here Thursday and Friday under the direction of W. T. Treleven and look data for the switch and siding room for sixty car.s. It i.s expected that worlf on the plant will begin this week. Frank Fns.-nian Has Display of Com (>rown on RlFor Bottoms. .fHumboldt Herald.) Frank Fussman has on exhibition a lot of corn that tak?s the cake when it conies to size. The stalks are 21 et high and have two large ears on •^ach. The sptd was brought here bv his fatlicr .".1 year;; ago. and has been r-iis-'d continually over since. The "orii matures early and is of early •^rowili. Frank has a statement with the corn in wliich. he s;iys the corn was selected on account of iis size tnd ability to rise aliove any flood that misht come FIRST BIRI.VL IN NEW CEMETERY Grave for Don Gates Locati-d In New Plot. The first burial in the lola cemetery north of town took place this afternoon when the body of little Don Gates, the six year old son of Chas. Gates, a former lola busines.? man, is tc. be interred. The city engineer this morning staked out several of the lots in order that the grave might be located properl.v. The cemetery was pliitte<l some time ago. hut the stakes had not yet been driven. Th? funeral services were held at 2 o'clock from the Presbyterian cliurcli. with Rev. liilscher. pastor of the church in charge of the service. GRAND TONIGHT The Robinson Stock Co, In "LITTLE ALABAMA." Ihf le Iowa Store Specid. Sale on Underwear! Beginning: Monday, Oct. 14 Men's Fleeced Garments 40c Men's Heavy Fleeced Garments.. .50o Men's Union Suits $1.00 Men's All Wool Garments .?1.00 Job lot of Underweiir, 100 garments for 65c Men's lac Garments for 15c Indies' Fleece Lined Union Suits.. 35o Ladies' Fleece Lined Union Suit... 50c Ladies' Heavy Fleece Lined Union Sutis ILOO ChUdren's Union.Suits ...25c, 35c, 50c Misses Black Pants for 35c Ladies' All-Wool Garments $1.00 We iave a large stock and are going to make sacrificing prices, and cordially in-vite you to call and see for yourself. Free music Saturday night by our New Regina. Respectftilly, A; G. Mumma. Call on LEFFJLER When needing anything in the Jewelry line. Special Sale on Breakfast Food Korn Kinks, 6 packages Egg O See, 3 packages 25o Dr. Prices Food,-3 packages 25c Ralston Homing Grits, Z pkgs 25o Pettijohn's Wheat Food, 2 pkg8 ....25o Shredded Wheat Biscuits, 2 pkgs. .26o Life, a wheat food cooked ready to eat, 2 packages 15t FRYER BROS. Qrocrry and Me« Market Phones 308 and 301 ^^The Fashionable Signet The Signet Ring Is a very popular .seller with us just now and we are showing some most excellent values—values that represent the smallest profit prices—in ovals or round tops, plain or etched, with or without precious stones.$3, $4, $B, $5.BO, ofe. ——^-o-rw-r; . TO (IKE .V rOLD IN ONE D.\T --''e L.WATIVK BROMO Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money if it fails to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature is on each box. 25c. Ho. P^c^ 9anta Ft and !V. K. it. T. Watch Inapectort. Tho S.VNTA FE sells HOMESEEK- ERS' tickets ilrst and third Tuesdaya in each month for one fare plus $2.00 for the round trip to certain points West and South West. Returnf llmlt'30 days. One way second class Colonist tickets to Los Angelea and San Francisco and other California points for $26.00 Portland. Oregon, Seattle. Wasb., etc., for S25.30. every day during October. 1907. Please see us for stopover privil-, eges, and so forth. W. E. RALSTON, A|t. DiitiUel Water One hundred pounds of Cryt- tal lea will make 12 galloni of distilled water suitable for family use. Try It Iilalce&CiliStingett FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr.

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