The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on January 30, 1963 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 5

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1963
Page 5
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Ann Landers Don't Apologize For Childlessness Ann Dear Ann Landers: My husband and I are in our late 20's. We've been married seven years, have a lovely home, excellent jobs and are content. For personal reasons which we do not wish to discuss with anyone, we have no children. Our friends all have children and they badger us mercilessly because we have none. TTiey insist something must be drastically wrong with us — that we are selfish and short • sighted. The Stock phrase is, "You don't know what you're missing." They also say we will no doubt end up in the divorce court because a marriage without children is sure to fail. Why don't people leave us alone? I can't see how our childlessness affects them. Please, Ann, print this letter and inform the meddlers that all couples without children are not miserable. And can you tell us how to deal with this problem in the future?-IRATE Dear Irate: I can think of no subject more private or personal than this one. Childless couples owe neither apology nor explanation to outsiders. When the subject comes up, say, "We've beat that topic into the ground, now let's talk about something else." Dear Ann: When I read letters from single girls in love with married men I ache to tell my story. I'm putting it off no longer. Eleven years ago I began an affair with a handsome man. He said his wife had an incurable illness and couldn't live more than two years. I had a fine job, a lovely apart ment and beautiful clothes. Soon I was spending so much time running all over the country to be with him (where no one would see us) that I lost my position and had to take a part time job. Before long I had financial troubles. I was reduced to bargain counter shopping, doing my own hair and skipping the dentist. Then I learned about other women in his life. He was sprinting out of town with his secretary and taking an old flame to dinner. I was crushed. By this time 10 years had passed. His wife never looked better and I never looked worse. I didn't even bother to tell "Mr. Wonderful" goodbye. I left town and am now struggling to make a new life. Perhaps this letter will help other foolish girls who are playing the same game. — PAID IN FULL Dear Paid: Your letter is solid testimony to the high price of low morals. Thank you for putting it down on paper. Dear Ann: Can you help me get rid of an old lush? It wouldn'1 be such a problem if he weren't gfty husband's father. When we feok him in it was supposed to fce "temporary." Three years have passed and he's still here He has had several jobs but spends all of his money on liquor We can't keep a bottle of brandy in the house for friends. He drinks every drop. If we didn' buy him clothes he'd be in rags We set up a charge account for him at the barber shop or he'd never get a haircut. My husband agrees his father should get out but he wants me to tell him; I say it's his place. If something happened to him after I asked him to leave I'd feel responsible. Help, please. — BARBARA Dear Barbara: I admire your forbearance, but what the man needs is help. Nothing in your letter indicates you have tried to straighten out his drinking problem. Instead of having the poor guy out in the street and hoping he loesn't get hit by a bus, why not investigate the rehabilitation acilities in your city? A.A. is n the phone book. Are you going steady? Making marriage plans? If so, send for Ann Landers' booklet, "Before fou Marry — Is It Love Or Sex?" enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a ong, self - addressed, stamped jnvelope. Ann Landers will be glad to lelp you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, elf-addressed envelope. DRAKE'S BAKERY For Rolls-Donuts-Pies and all other bakery products Announce Marriage Announcement has been made of the marriage of Camellia Akin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arch P. Akin, Wagoner, Okla., to Slbert W. Keagy, son of Mr. and Mrs. I. R. Keagy, 830 W. 5th. The wedding was Jan. 19, in St. Paul Methodist Church, Tulsa, Okla. Rev. L. Ralph Patterson jerformed the ceremony. The aide's sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Murdock, were attendants for the couple. The couple is at home at 1321 S. Quaker Ave., Tulsa. Mr. Keagy, a graduate of Ottawa University, is employed by Sherwin- Williams Co., Tulsa. MR. .AND MRS. SYLVESTER L. HESS (Seller Photo) Hornecker-Hess Ceremony Friday Merry Notes Club Meets Connie Mohr entertained the Merry Notes club last evening at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Mohr. Members played piano music and Robin and Terry Mohr and Bradley Grier, Ejuests, played piano selections. Written theory work was supervised by Mrs. M. A. Welty, club sponsor. Refreshments were served to the 18 members and guests by Mrs. Mohr, Connie and Robin. Plan Party For Teacher Children in Miss Germaine Hunsinger's second grade at Garfield School are giving her a bridal shower this evening at the Robert N. Bundy home. The time is 6:45 to 8 p.m. Miss Hunsinger, daughter of Mrs. Paul F. Hunsinger, will be married Feb. 2, in Sacred Heart Catholic Church, to John Arnett, Topeka. Mary Ann Hornecker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hornecker, 1641 S. Main, was married' to Sylvester L. Hess, Friday, at 8 p.m. in Westminster United Presbyterian Church. Parents of the groom are Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Hess, Shawnee. His foster parents are Mr. and Mrs. Francis Button, 620 N. Mulberry. Rev. E. E. Caylor performed the ceremony at the altar decorated with a basket of white mums, palms and candelabra. Sherwin Snyder gave organ music and Mrs. A. H. North sang, "Because," and "The Lord's Prayer." The bride's gown of delustered satin was fashioned with a Florentine neckline trimmed in re-embroidered Alencon lace accented with seed pearls, and long tapered sleeves. The skirt was pleated in front with back gathers falling into a long chapel train. A crown of pearls held the bride's shoulder length veil. The bride carried white roses and stephanotis on a white Bible. Linda Underwood was maid of honor and Opal Nearmeyer was bridesmaid. They wore melon color linen sheath dresses and net veils and carried bouquets of white pompoms. Dale Whiteford, Wellsville, acted as best man. Val Finney, De Soto, was groomsman. Ushers were George Lang, Olathe, and Jack Lederer. Mike and Joyce Lang, Olathe, were ringbear- er and flower girl. The bride's mother wore an aqua two-piece dress with black accessories and white carnation corsage. Mrs. Hess chose a beige knitted ensemble and Mrs. But ton a red two-piece brocade dress. Their corsages were ol white carnations. A three-tier wedding cake decorated with bells and red roses, and a miniature couple, centered the reception table in Fellowship hall. Hostesses were Betty and Patsy Mangum. Serving was Mrs. Richard Pearson with Mrs. Irene Mangum, Mrs. Eddie Boyer and Mrs. David Bird assisting. The couple is at home at 508 S. Locust. The bride, a 1961 gradu ate of Ottawa High School, is employed by Bennett Creamery. The groom is employed' by Reliable Transfer. He graduated from Appanoose High School in 1961 and attended Emporia State Teachers College. Hints From Heloise Blow "Plug" Out Of Vacuum Hose Helnisc Club Lesson About Credit Credit Women's Breakfast Club had a lesson on "Credit Blackouts," by Mrs. H. W. Maloney, Mrs. Cliff Reynolds and Mrs. Evelyn Bledsoe. Mrs. Elsie Garrett was hostess assisted by Miss Alma Schwetizer. Mrs. Hallie Reddick presided and Mrs. Maxine Stephens gave devotions. It was planned to hold a food sale among members at the next meeting. By HELOISE CRUSE Dear Heloise: Our tank style vacuum would not pick up lint at all. I tried to drop a piece of silverware into the hose, but it did no good. The hose was plugged up for sure. I ran outside and put the garden hose at one end and out came the plug of threads, etc. Now our vacuum has all of the suction of a new one. Helen Marcus Now ladies, -v Helen must have / plastic type hose on her tank vacuum. Personally, I would not use this method on a cloth hose. It would take it toe long to dry and might cause mildew or rust. Besides if you used it before it was thoroughly dry, the dust would stick to" the hose itself and probably clog it further. For those who do not have plastic type hoses, here's what I do: I remove the hose from the suction end and place it on the exhaust end of the vacuum cleaner. This way the dust blows itself out. If something has clogged it, hold your hand over the end of the hose for a minute and then let-go! This builds up a vacuum inside the hose and usually blows out anything that is in it. Now gals, don't try to do this in your dining room or living room. It is best done on the back porch. When that wad of stuff does come out, it might be followed by a blast of dust. And if you can get your tank out on the back steps, it's even better. Be sure to hold the hose away from you when blowing and before removing your hand. Heloise Dear Heloise: I sure do wish that someone would tell us how to make paper logs out of old newspapers. Mildres S. Anyone remember? We have no recipe in our files. Please share this with us. Send mail to Heloise c-o this paper. Sure would love it. Heloise Dear Heloise: When my husband or guests THE OTTAWA HERALD K Wednesday, January 30, IMS 9 are late for dinner and my mashed potatoes are ready to be served, I just drain the water off of them (mash if you desire) then place a cotton or linen napkin over them and put the cover back on top of the pot. This way they will remain hot for at least another one-half hour or more. I know this works. Mrs. Glenz Dear Heloise: This may be of interest to mothers who have small children. I keep my soft plastic and rubber animal toys clean (for little mouths) by popping two or three of them into the bathtub with my kids each night! I just rinse them under the hot water and let them dry. Every night different toys are used so they may all be kept clean. It works like a charm! Deedee Dear Heloise: When scalding a chicken I add one teaspoon of soda to the boiling water. The feathers will come off easier and the flesh will be clean and white. Also. . . I slice my bananas with a silver knife and they do not turn dark. Housewife VIEW-MASTER Full-Color Stereo Pictures View^Master packet contains 21 full-color stereo scenes (3 reels)... $1.25 OK PHOTO SERVICE 314 S. Main CH 2-1541 Our Own Special Frosty Malts SELECT DAIRY 1020 N. Main CH 2-1607 Paper-Mate Ball Point PENS Positively Won't Skip 98c John G. Kaiser Drug Store (In Masonic Bldg.) Use Electric Heat Lamps for Scores of Chores! Th« lnfro-r«d H*at lamp is on* of th* most useful tlectric tools en th* farm. It provides low-cost h*at for many important applications. MOBYKIMNHT »tx EMix Sown ROBERT EDMISTON STORES, INC, Will Be CLOSED January 31, 1963 For Inventory OPEN February 1, 1963 MO MOOOINO. Save pigs ... boost your profits with a Heat Lamp pig brooder. Buy to make, a pig brooder prevent* lonei from chill and from crushing by the sow >. . saves 20 per cent more pigs . . . starts then growing faster. fHAWiNO rim. It thaws out pipes, protects pumps and pipes from freezing . . . pro* vides quick heat to dissolve grease in clogged drains. HIAT *OII TNI WORKIINCH. A Heat Lamp gives light and heat for the workbench, thins cold grease and oil, dries fresh paint or glue. MIVINTS MUZI4IPS. Use a Hea't Lamp to keep radiators from freezing ... to make cold motors start easier . . . dry out damp ignition systems. QUICK HIAT IN THI HOMI.* th* farm horn., toot lampi hov* many uwi. Th«y provide h*at for muscular octal and) paint dry stocking! or imoll garment* . . . makt fin* home Mi dry*r». S** us or your dealer for more information on E|*ctric H*al lamps and their applications. KANSAS CITY NUKE! I LIGHT COMPANY For all your "add-on" rooms, choose modern, thrifty, HEATERS! 0 3J Make your unheated rooms liveable this winter... with a wonderful new Gas room heater. You enjoy controlled heat when and where you need it! Rooms that have been added to your home (without the benefit of your present heating system) can be warm and cozy. Even your garage can be heated economically. See the new styles now! WALL UNITS BASEBOARD UNITS WINDOW UNITS SEE YOUR i HEATING CONTRACTOR i The Friendly Star MOTOROLA Bonus Sale Extra Bonus Discounts Extra Bonus Trades Extra Bonus Gifts Buy The Best Buy Motorola for '63 the only TV Set with 23,000 Volts OF PICTURE POWER 1 full year guarantee on all parts and all tubes. f ' ji — Choice of Modern Walnut or Early American Maple Finishes too. NOW ONLY All hand-wired chassis. This chassis is specially designed to operate at low power drain. This means economical oper- _, , _. . . .. . . . . - ,, Mahogany Finish ation plus less heat for add- or 250 wk ed component reliability. with working trade-in. 23" TV plus STEREO HI- («V«tlll Mtf itlHl! 2S3 lit. in. piclurt viiwlni iiti) Automatic record changer Ample record storage Two stereo hi-fi amplifiers Two 8-inch speakers; t Hand-wired TV chassis precision erafted with .modern hand and dip g for long life 329 95 or pay $4.00 ea. wk. Model 23SF10 in Mahogany, Walnut or Blond-grained finishel on genuine hardboard. Dimensions: 30" high, 4254' wide, 18H' deep. THE GAS SERVICE CO. Natural Gas for Home, Business and Industry Also Available with AM-FM Radio GIANT-SIZE '"<f FOAM PILLOWS f 14" 124' Mill fir nltsisi ., TV ir Ibtiilsi ts rtcufe. Annctin * F REE PILLOW • m •• im (As Above) Just For Trying A New Motorola In Your Home This Offer Expires Saturday, Feb. 2nd, 6 P.M.

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