The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1968 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 13, 1968
Page 3
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— Society News — Fhyllls Reed, Society Editor Ph. PO 8-4461 JBits of News| I . ' B I moitly ptrioneu ...iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit ..Miss Ann Robinson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Rob inson, has returned to Florida State University in Tallahassee where she is a graduate student after visiting friends in Nassau Club Will Meet Tuesday The African Violet Club will meet Tuesday at 2 p.m. in the home of Mrs. M. H. Rodgers. Mrs. Elva Poe will be co- hostess. . Mrs. W. L. Boren will be lead- Miss Katie Scott Becomes Bride Of Michael Hayse Brents Miss Katie Norene Scott became the bride of Michael Hayse Brents, Dec. 30 at 8:30 p.m. in Baptist Memorial Chapel. Parents of the couple are Mrs. Syble Shinault of Steele and the late Mr. Scott and Mr. and Mrl Bill Brents of Blytheville. .Rev. Raymond JoJmson, pastor of the church, officiated the ceremony. Given in marriage by Hal Baker, the bride wore a two- piece white wool suit with a powder blue blouse. She wore a gamellia corsage. Mrs. Emma Holder was pianist and soloist. Miss Ella Dean Woody was the bride's only attendant. She was attired in a navy blue ensemble with a corsage of pink carnations. For her daughter's wedding, Mrs. Shinault chose an orange two-piece suit with black accessories. Mrs. Brents, mother of the groom, wore a medium blue, two-piece wool suit. Both mothers wore white carnation corsages. A reception was held immed- lately following the ceremony in the home of groom's parents. An arrangement of pink flowers centered the bride's table with matching candles. The table was covered with a white cloth overlaid with a white lace cloth. A tiered wedding cake topped with a miniature bride and groom was on one end of the table. Reception assistants were Mrs. Guy Stone and Miss Anita House. Out-of-town guests were from Holland, Steele, St. Louis and Oklahoma. The couple are making their home in Blytheville where Mrs. Brents will attend Blytheville High School at semester. Mr. Brents is attending Cotton Boll Vocational School in Burdette, majoring in architectural drafting. League Plays Thursday First place winners in the Duplicate Bridge League that played Thursday at Shamrock Lanes were Mrs. King Tetley and Mrs. W. A; Affliek. There was a tie for second and third place. The winners were Mrs. John Cherry, Mrs. Foy Etchieson, Jim Roleson and Doug Dorland. The league will play this af- :ernoon at Shamrock'Lanes. Coming Events Monday Tops Club Dell Methodist W.S.C.S. Family Fellowship Supper 7:30 p.m. First Christian Church Episcopal Churchwomen First Methodist Church W.S C.S. Trinity Baptist W.M.U. First Baptist W.M.U. First Methodist Wesleyan Service Guild Rebekah Lodge 18 Joy Rebekah Lodge 57 Tuesday Dell Kiwanis Club Tuesday Dessert Bridge Club Contract Club Tuesday Bridge Club Daughters of the American Colonists Alpha Delta Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi Xi Xi Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi Alpha Alpha Chapter Delta Sigma Phi Lone Oak Extension Homemakers Club Gamma Alpha Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi African Violet Club Byflnvffla (Ark,) Courier Newi - Saturday, January W, 19W - Page TlirH Jaquelyn Reed to Become Bride of Michael G. Greene Jaquelyn Reed of Blytheville today announced her approaching marriage to Airman 1. C. Michael G. Green of Boston, Mass. Mis Reed is die daughter of the late Johnnie Reed and Mrs. Wanda Reed. Airman Greene is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George H. Greene Jr. af Boston. Miss Reed attended Blylhe- ville High School. Airman Greene is a graduate of St. Thomas Aquinas High Schol in Dover, N. H., and Cardinal O'Connell Seminary in Boston. The couple will exchange vows Friday, Jan. 19, at 7 p.m. in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Branurri. New Length Called 'Kneesy' Covers Up Shoitcbming Ironically, this impact on con- flair and the burning of much not from a high coufure house, £rt hfs mSe ' laSUniinUte ^ troversial skirt lengths came Italian Fashion Designers Begin Spring Fashion Shows By LEONORA DODSWOllTH AP Fashion Writer ROME (AP) - While Rome shivers through one of the coldest winters in years, Italian fashion designers turned worn- moving skirt are typical of ths 1930s influence that is likely to be the prevailing mood of these Kalian shows. But since fashion has never yet done a complete doubletake, en's thoughts to warmer j ' ne look lna ' now emerges pays weather in spring-summer fash ion shows opening today. no more than lip service to the bulky styles of 30 years ago. Thirty couture houses are pre- P GS 'g" crs ma .V am "s e 'hem-. senting their creations for the, Ves by renealin e «« hairdos coming season in a program! ? n , ,u Qcessory fads of that era> lasting through Thursday i but these are mere| y the ct ™The ateliers' staffs had been I memal S'mmicks of ^ fashion hard hit by Rome's raging flu I ga , me : . .... . ••epidemic. Designers feared ''"' more important than the,. their collections would not be T M . ° f c !° rtl ! es worn in th « "Bonnie and Clyde" film is the ready on time. But with characteristic Italian By JEAN SPRAIN WILSON AP Fashion Editor NEW YORK (AP) - The na- ion's neglected women, the, <- - "=o mouc ui wide of girth and short of purse, j or even a g a ™en' maker who sible as planned, low has a champion—a man I caters to older women. Herman crystalization of a major fashion change. The silhouette, which in the recent past varied from the- wide and unhampered fashions London designer Hardy Amies [ °, f - th , e caftan craze lo tha as decreed that lees shall h c ! stra 'ght-up-and-down military. I, Blytheville P.T.A. Jr. High School Wednesday Down One Bridge Club 97th ARS Wives Club Great Books Club Town and Country E. H. Club Armorel Baptist W.M.L. Nazarene World Mission Society Dell P.T.A. Thursday Thursday Club Blytheville Jaycettes 7:30 p.m in Jaycee Clubroom Thursday Supper Club Flat Lake E. H. Club Friday Friday Bridge Club Chapter N, P.E.O. Saturday Duplicate Bridge League Shamrock Lanes —. s who believes in covering up her designs for Mr. Mori, an inex- has decreed that legs shall be. hortcomings with longer skirts, pensive house with largely a. cover « d but th e majority of Ita- i y es ' n ,°™ "if '", achleve A new length called "kneesy" junior clientele. ly's top stylists are keeping ! a '™re fitted, shapely look that and sometimes "peekaboo" by! "The length is much better skirts reasonably short. B j no longer ignores the curves of ts designer Stanley Herman.for the woman with heavier! The generally held view is 1 , y undernealn was shown for the first time thighs," he said as three ladies that "Women just won't wear 5 s W1 ", f wel1 marke <i>' Friday at the closing sessions of who had nothing to be ashamed ! maxiskirts in the summer." j even tlny '. an , d dresses WIU sllow the American Designer series of j of came forward in bias-cut I Heinz Riva > the young A US-I f. s ? a !" at . waistlme lor the spring previews. knppsips ! Irian-born desienpr whn etari* msl tlme in vears ' spring previews. The length hits just slightly above the knees. kneesies. The manikins received mendous applause. Today's Woman Has A Beauty Blueprint ! Irian-born designer who starts tre . | the ball rolling in the Rome show, is one who believes that brevity is the soul of chic. He comes out strongly in favor of bared knees, with tunics worn over brief matching skirts or midthigh shorts. Titti Brugnoli, who follows, W,'i Mw.mlRljBeah boslery with ONLT LONG AND LOVELY LEGGERY, entaaeed fcy , lUn-ibowtnc entonta adds fra to a cottame. The upredlctable pattern (left) never to in qtfte .the Mae place « Mh.Iefs.. Light or <Urk, the soiuf«4MtterMd ftocUnf _ . tokeMchtadr Keeping Up Surveys of women's clubs point up that keeping up with the Joneses is considered more important than 10 years ago. While those in the youngest group questioned felt it was important for their husband's sake the middle group thought it important for the children's sake. In the 45-and-over group most said it didn't matter, perhaps because they were the Joneses. Time for Children In a survey of women's clubs, women aged 24-36 felt they didn't have enough time for all they would like to do, while those over 45 said they didn't have enough to do. Women in the middle group, whose children are well past the toddler stage, weren't as strong in their feeling of not having enough time. Spending Husbands seem to control the budget in the 37- to 45-year-old families whereas over 45 the wives take over. The youngsters, 24-36, seem to spend their money jointly. Iron Wrong Side If you "touch up" wash-wear ways iron on the wrong side to prevent surface shine. By PATRICIA KING NEA Beauty Editor NEW YORK — (NEA) - It's no secret that American women are widely envied for their leisure time and much admired for their smart personal appearance and attractive homes. However, any of your friends will tell you that at least four fifths of her time goes into caring for her family. And this eaves her with only a few lours a day for her own personal interests. . It's the shortage of personal ime that leads to a constant search for hdmemaking shortcuts and quick beauty aids. A profile of the average Amer- can woman stolen from statistics of the U. S. Bureau of the Census, reveals that' she is about 30 years old, is married, has two children, aged 6 and under and lives in a city or the suburbs. One out of every three adult women works at least part time for salary and the others are usually active in one o another volunteer group. ' What does this busy careei gal do with her time? Childcare accounts for abou 50 per cent of it, the famil; household gets about 30 per cen of her attention, her husbani about 10 per cent and she has about 10 per cent of her waking hours left for herself. Only a bout 5 per cent is activity or in* terest outside the home. Into these hours she hopefully crams exercise, reading, television, recreation and social activities apart from her family. Also shopping for her own personal needs, hobbies such as making her own clothes, garden- ng or. painting, in addition to he essentials of bathing, makeup, wardrobe care and groom- ng. Of all these girly activities, lair coloring and hair care consume the largest portion of your ime, almost one-fifth of it. Hair preparation time can be educed by eliminating the necessity for setting your hair ach night by using a firm set- ng lotion. And more time can saved by using products that unction dually. With many precious hours pnsumed in caring for your air and hair color, you can agerly seize the best available means to lighten your hair care hore. One company has intro- uced a new 60-second post- hampoo treatment which not nly puts hair into silken conrii- on but has super-setting quali- ies. And what else are you going to do with ladies? your spare time, also opts for a svelte young look. Her slim-fitting, low-waist- ed dresses have fluttery skirts that leave the knees on view. The lowered waist, frequently marked by a belt, and the softly It all adds up to a very womanly look with clothes that cling, • From this close-fitting line, skirts will flutter in a provoca-" live flare. They come Clean To remove stubborn white mineral deposits from glass, cookware, half fill the cook- wear with very hot water and' two tablespoons of vinegar. Boil for a few minutes, then wash ' in hot suds and rinse. After wou remove the skins rom almonds be sure to dry the uts on a kitchen towel. OH, YOU BEAUTIFUL DOLLS . . . and how do yon get that way and keen those gorgeous good looks? This is how: To be well groomed and chic, today's woman counts her every minute to gain time and efficiency in her beauty schedule. Other minutes are gained by using a dual purpose product such as quick hair conditioning and lasting hair setting lotion. Quick methods of hair coloring, faster methods for accurately applying make-up, all contribute to deft and artistkt make-up ..'. the end result * beautiful woman like the three shown here. Potato Cooker You are apt to lose your enthusiasm and energy as the day's cleaning goes on. So, to be sure that each room eventually gets its full due, why not start your cleaning with a different room each week? Potato Cooker An empty coffee tin can makes a perfect oven for bak- ng one potato. Just put the potato in the tin, replace the cover and cook t!ie potato over a ow flame on top of the range. Ban Paint Odor The odor of paint is unpleasant. You can remove the odor while painting if you put one ablespoon of vanilla into one ;allon of paint, t will not harm «• change color of the paint. Your Friendly Theatre OSCEOLA CARD OF THANKS I would like to take this opportunity to thank my many friends and neighbors for their kindness and prayers during the illness and death of my beloved husband, Jack Hawkes. My many thanks to Dr. Elliott, the nurses at Chlckasaw ba Hospital, Cobb Funeral Home, the pallbearers, and to Brother Marvin Holey and Bro, Paul Klrklndall for their wondwful words and prayers. Special thank* also for tht beautiful flowers and th» wonderful muslo and tontt. Oed bleu each of you. Mr*. Jack Hawku LAST TIME TODAY "A COVENANT WITH DEATH" Sun. • Man. * Tues. end • Wed. ROSALIND RUSSELL SANDRA DEE •••••••*••••••»•••••••••••••••••••••••••••*!•• DURING WINTER MONTHS, Matinees wfll start at 1:10 p.m. MONDAYS THRU THURSDAYS (exceptions: National Holidays & Advance Admission Prices). Special Adult Prices 1 to 4 p.m. 75c - Children 35c. Mon. thru Thurs. After 4 p.m. Regular admission 90o & 35c. Friday Saturday & Sunday. Show continous from 2 p.m. 90o & 35c. LAST TIME TODAY (GA) 'THIS WAY WEST" — With Kirk Douglas and Robert Mitchum SUN MOM. (A-MY) TUES. A girl, a boy, a tender, funny, terrible wedding, night TheBtETINGBROTHEISfVoikfai the family COMING SOON TO TRE RITI THE AMBUSHERS — With Dean Martin .TAMING Or THE SHREW - With Eltnbetk Taylor * Hurton COOL RAND LUKE - With mi Newman :

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