Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 15, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 15, 1907
Page 3
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Flftoen Hea H'Ui tinre »>»UI Board at Start. \ -rL *wrence. Kaa., Oct. 15.—I-lfteen mcihbers ot the University of Kansas (QOtball squad will be on the training tAble that is to start today at supper tline. Before last year the K. l". athletic board paid the entire expenses of the trsiininK table. . which begaD Wtb the opening of the FBUSOD and ended Thanksgiving day. Between fifteen and twenty football men were In this way provided with free l>oard through the foot hall seumm. This year the athl<-iic Ixittrd ha^ decided to pay only lialf the exi>en»e> and tbj^ half IUIIKI not pxi-ecd $400. Because uf the small u|ii>r<>iiri.i;ioii It 'iiM thoiixht bext niti to si:iri the tab e Dlitl) lh<* KHH.XOII WJID wi'll HIHIPI VAS. Every athlete on th«» table will pay' $;{.5(t for biuvid that «osts %'A<\. the K. V. athlJ'tlo lioani luiyltiK tin Qjltra *iti a week for •'ach man UH'.. signed to tilt? table. .StndeoU DiMppiiinled. I The K. I', ftndenis are tii>iiiewlia; <i|fcappoinied over the sliowiug niad< by the Jayhawkei- eleven aKaiiist St .Mary's last Samrda.v. There was nothing to rejoice over. The line did i;ood Vfork. but the Kansas Imckfield wa^ woefully weak, especially on offenslvf work. The kicking iw" Porter heiiiei' the JayUawkers <iiii of many a hole Kaunas always Rained ifum ten in thi; ty yards ou an exchange oi jtunis. . Jleed at center showed ItiiiimveC form at pa:$!<iag the l>all. l>uf It i.- ni iBored that be will u"t be kept af tin position. Mllioii may l.e liioii;;hi it from end atid put back at bis old joii Red will go to guard and eitht'v St(>iili eosou will go to the liackheld tr Hoaiie will be used at end. Coach Kennedy is afraid of th.' Ok lahoma team. He acknowledged thai f«ct today. Ue is up In the air aud hardly knows what will lie the l«>s thing to do with his jmpils. If Oklahoma tihould defeat Kansas a: Okl.!- Ifoiua Ctiy Saiiirdsy there would i• ^reat glootu on Atonnt Oread fm a de I feat at the hapds of tlie Soo!iei> is :i tlnng unheard of liy the pre.-^-iu , erallou of'K. f. slndetiis The easy luaniier in whirl-. <.>kla- '.homa disiMjsed of the Chilm •ii In .Indians, and reiKirls from old K I studentti who liave seen lienn\ Ow.n'- squad work this season, liav- lausel the K. r. coaches no liiile iiii-asiiirtss Kennedy has a |)retty goo<i line <ni iln Sooner team and his wau-bvMinl ilii.- veek will be. "You'll have m do lieitei than that or those fellowr will •'••ai you." Swret Practice In Order. U is believed that Oweti.- kin.w- nothing of the s'leiigih or u.-ikne- of the Kansas team. T <i kf«;p lepurL^ from reaching hint secret |.rai ;|<e wit' bt; held on Mcf<jok lield Ue ^lniiin:: '•>- tuorrow afternoon. The s<juad of fifteen iiien will ie.ivf- here Ttiitrsday night for Oklahoma City. A few loyal roo«ers ate e.\|i.-(tP'l to accompany the stitiad but thvre wi!' not be any general pilgrimage on ai count of the inability to <eciit* rai! road rates. The men who will be taken 'i. Oi;- lahoma City will he the <<i;-- win make up the trainitig tal>ie ^<iitj',l They will be .Milton. Reed. sjteiilK iis<ri Crowoll. Rouse. White. Miller. Kov- ter, Dennis. Rice, .\nguey and three more to be selected ftfjui this list. Carlson. Rau.-om. llenue.->»v l,iinl. and Steele. «|^r;fj*^ Every Mother Knows This Remedy Jayne's Carminative Balaam baa for four generationa been recognized everywhere as the aundard remedy for Dyaentcry, Diarrhea, Cholera Morbua, Cholera Infantum, Cramps, Colic, and all Summer Complainla. DF. D. JAYNE'S CAKMI!iATIVE BALSAM ia just IS safe as it ia effective. It stopa pain immediately, and abnoat invariably brings about a sp<<edy recovery. Its remailnble effici-aiey has made it a household necessity wherever there are children. SoU by all dranUts-per bottiab 26 cents. Jayne's Tenia TenaUUt-* aeoUe •ad effective tonic for both, adults and children. Splendid for overcominc tli* cooaequest •uack of dysentery, neat npoa m severe . AtafcWonnCiifa. dAY KKKr FOLLETTK Oil. fVi>ruiisin's -I'rimur} Law Threalen> to Bar Htm From Couientlun. \Vasbin.!;niii .Oct K>—Senator La- •'olleite may i,e confronted with an- jther conte.<i m the tio.\t republican laiiunal coavemioii.. He w-as ""fired"" rom the last and left Chicago feelini- hat he had been wronged. The troii- :ile expected at the approaching con- .•fiiiioii arise.s from the language ol he calls issued by the national com- iiirree. I'nder the call, delegates-at- arge ale i -hnseu h\ state c<invpntions Wisconsin. " utider its |M-iinai'.\ law vhii -h is K')i:e[ie's handiwork, non: nates all caiiilidafes at |irintarie.-i an^ :?veM seletis delegates to iiutiiinal eon- .eiKiiiii- in ilii.s wa.v. Tlie ii.s'ual wor* iOg ot' the call for the iiaiional con-, em Ion which ha.s liven followed evei •ince the i'e|>nl>licaii party ha> called •oiiveiiiloiiK lias provided thai "dele- .'aies-at-iarge shall be electiKl at pop- ilar state and tenltorial conventions o lie held not les.« than ihiiiy days lelnre ilie holdlii:: of the'national fonventiuii " That !-i Kollette wmild not taniel.i -iilimii to lieing forced out of another lonveiiilon is eertaln. lint the national • oniiiiltiee as now organized is ho.s- ;ie to bilii and e.x-Kepresentalive Bab-k. the old eiietiiv of I.,a Follettf^ is the national <otniuifieetu4l| fiom U'ir.- ronsiii. VMY.S V .SHOKT.HJK •>K « 0.^1- Oklnhnma Healers. It N < lalmed. .Mu>t Buy SubitK-t to Uriaj. Guaranteed Cure for Gonsfipation After watching results for sixteen rears, daring wbu:h time many millions of botUes were sold and tbonsands of letters from users were Deceived, the . originators of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pep-j »' "' *• ' "" sia, the ereat nerb laxative compound, ! — fed safe m guaranteeing it in the various MISS IH \ SCOTT diseases of the stomach, liver and bow- Gnthrie. Okia . Oct. i.""..—The people Oi Oklahoma are threatened with a coal fainitie this winter. With coa' op-'nitois refusing to acrejiT urders Irom tli'^ (leale.-.- >-\i-i-\>' tiiose siibjcci lo delay, and at th«* pi"ic-e of <-oal on the .iaie of shipment, the (iiitlook is iiot enrouragiii'.r. I>>iliestie coal is ii">w- selling at tlie iiiiiies at $4 .."<0 and is r.-tailed liy local dealers at 17. -'i" a ton. The dealers lieeii noiilied :ha: the piice will hi laiseil ."",11 r-.-nt.s a ton within a Week, aiivl it is expected before spring coal will he selling at $s.r.(( a ton. One Var ut'o fhi^ .same coal .sold for from IMS.UM'K.IKS pWau nod the (set Uiat eacU jear more ssd Mtc fsBitHrm we uala* It pto.Tes ihst It has the •eritdaimed for iv and vhe letters «e ate con- ^•^'^iSSf.S?SlS?tU'iL*iS«S?d"^.rep,e..,.aUve of the school said: .^Um. of BoyatoD. L T.. coiuiders Or. CkldweU** Srrap PiBiada the twat iszatlTC tonic jga the market beeawe. to use bis O«D vonis. Vh* Jopltai Psilee Chaneten XBT Be roBTlrted bf 1irrek% the .Vrnn- nrniid Plaiit. Joplin. .Mo.. Oct. 15.—Flv? [lersou-s suspecte<i of beint; the persons who dynamite the Joplin News Herald plant on the night of September 13th. were arrested at two o'clock this tPornfng. They are Minnie St Clair. Charlets Smith. W. S. Martin. Bessie Beam and Hazel Ray. alias Hazel Redd. The arrests were made at the house of the St. Clair woman and. acci>rdtcg to the oBlcers. the evidence asainst them is very strong. Min- uit! St. Clair, formerly conducted a resort in .lopUn and all of those ar- resteil ai-»' well known tti police circles. ,i , >VOri.l» T.\.\ IMMAX l,.l>US. <'unxres»niiui Carier Thinks There Should Be ^u Kxi>mptlntt. Outhrle. Okla.. Oct. l.'..—Charles D. Carter, congressinan-eb'ct from the yirvt Oklab<itiia district, the only lu- •llan electr!d to the lower hotise fsoin Oklahoma, stated today that iu addi- "ion to asking for the removal of res- 'r ctions oil Indian lands, he. as an Indian citizen, would ask that all hinds n the Choctaw and Chicka.->aw nations be made taxable. "Practically no laud is taxable in my district at present." he said. 0K(;.(>!%}•: BIBLE I.X.STITITE. leU Jlea fUre DrciM to Mate tJie rra ]eet • Saecess. iicv. Ellett HerfectK a <'«uaty Unraul- ration. .V meeting ot thos.-" interested in ilie forming of a Bible uorinal inst; tion in this county, met last night at the Clirislian church. The meeting was attended by about "> teachers from the lola churches and 7r> of this j fiutnber decided to enter the class. Rev. Ellett. as superintendent, has ordered text books and the class will begin acti\"i? work nest Monday nivhf. it is e.vpected to enlarge the class to T.'i or l"o niemhers in the very near future. IMSJilSSKB <0>SPIII.«'V l.VSh'.'iJ. A meeting ot those interested Iu a Chautauqua for lola next season met last night at the Y. il. C. A. rooms and perfected the arrangements for the securing of an excellent course for next summer. It was decided to have the orgadt- zatioii known a.-i the .\llen County Chauuuqua .Vssociaiion and an etfort will lie made to get the citizens of Gas aud La Harpe and other locations over the county interested in the project. The finance coniuiitiee with Prof. L. H. Wlshard as chairman, suggested the following ))lan for tiuancing the affair which was adopted l>y tlie association. Ten men are to be a|>polnted as a comniliiee. Kacli member of this coniuiittee is to secure four men who will Kiiliscrllie iL'.'i worth of stock. With Ibis plan in enect liiere would lie llf- ly men subscribing for SI'.'.'.u worth of stock which would be u.sed us a guar autee fund and would be used only in case there should be a shortage. In addition to subscribing for %>h worth of stock each tueniber is also expected to take livo_ of the season tickets at $2 each, .\rtef enough tickets have been sold to cover the $'i."JO worth of stock the balance of the tickets will be sold in blocks as has _ I been done ilie last two years. * The tickets this .vear are to be sold at %•! a season ticket and will be transferable. Uisi year the tickets wei"e made iioii-traiisferable which greatly cut down the sale of tickets for the reason that people with large familios did not feel like iiaying for a ticket for each member of the family when it was imiiossible for all to attend at the same titne. .\ coininiiee cousistins of Or. Heyl- miin. Rev. Hilscher. Prof. Wisliard aud .Mr. Siarkey was appoitit'.d as t)ro- grani committee to pick oitt the course. The comroiliee is to corre- sjioiid with the different lecture bureaus for the purpose of getting the best talent possible. The course is to last ten days and ivill be of as high u standard as any ChatitaiKiua given in tola for the last two years. MenilierN ni S\. F. of M. Will >.it Be TrhNl for .Harder. .VFTER THK ItEB.lTEKS. (.;uldfield. Nev., ;;c:. 'T..— (."pun a •lotion of the distrlet attorney. .Indge '.ancdon ;.e.-teri<ay distnissed the :ast's agaitist Vln-enl St. .loiin and other nietuljers «if ih.e W<r>sterii Fed eration of Miners. uccuh«?tl <if u con spiracy to murder SlUet. the iistuii- lani keeper. He ssld several wlt- ne.sses were out of the state and anil the stale could not convict on the evidence at hand. Htirrlman May Be tndlcteil for >pon'»lbHilj oi ra ^e. VIOL.ITKH PROTISIOXS OK Mll.l., Heirs of >el<.»n Morris IMd >ot Wait Fifteen Vear- for .Money, Chicago. Oct. 1.5.—.\ ih'rt.i million will c-ont«-«t was argued and settled out of court was disclosed y •.-,tei"da.v when the last testament of Nelson Morris, the packer, was filed for probate. .\s a result of this remarkable siitiatioti the pi;incipal provision of the will has been nullrfi?d. Instead of ?arryinsr out an arraugenietit wl.ich would have held the bnlU of 111'- estate iu trust for at least fifteen years Washington. Oct. ITi. —Interstate Cotniiierce Commisr-ionor l.ane who went to California in response to re- lurls from the ag.-nt of the commission, ileclarliig the Souiheni Paclfi'; r: 11 road was giving rebates and thitt prfMjf could lie obtained, ban returned. Hr believes that flagrant violation m the law can be proved, mid it is th-^ pies.'Pt utiderstatKlitig that fiie de p;:riment of justice will he requested to pnjsecute those responsible. Wliether Harriman can be indicted ^ill depend upon whether his tespon- Sibility for alleged violations fan 1).- demou.<trated. .Members of the commission believe it can. The law as it now stands provides a two years Sr-ti- tc-ni',' fur i -ach offense. THb" rC .VKR.M.. services ol I.ime-i Eastwood, the ioia man who died stiddenly Satuiday night weie held this afternoon at tliree o'clock from the residence. Slit .\ortb Sjcamorp street, with Rev. .1. M. .Ma-sotl. pastor rhe widow" and her four children nam-'of tlie .MeihtMlist ihurch. in charge, ed iu til? will divided the iiroperly The body is to be shipped tonight lo equally among Uiemselves at once. l-'osier Missouri, for interment. lency, sour stomach, bloated stomach, I " herealMiutv «>( Mr>. Ilartje * >Utcr. beaitbnm.etc. There is an absolute guar- ^!Sy^SitJ!^^SJ !t'JSr ^*''^"°^-9*^ Morristown. N .J.. Oct. 1-'..—Misij Ida wMlsSmipPeiwhidoesooidowbsiUclatBied , , ^. - foelt.. ,Scott, sister of .Mrs. .\uausta Harije. whose husband is siielng for divorce, has suddenly left the seminary where she was enrolled here. .\, _ _ . "H : JftL4M??Lill2i2?°vi-J::.^j?,'^,^.D^^^ a vety remarkable and unfortunate j •siiiri_-iTi.-iT,-ii-i-- i aflair and the Iea.-»t said about if the nt does aU Ton ctaiai for II sod I do not koow of another Medietoe o( itt kind thai does." Mrs. bett, i \!) I am at liberty to say Is 32?lfto tr*lSa- i'hb;r''iSrrted'httiS '•^'^I'O'-rUy. ^rtgy,'g^J!y5^^i!^^{,^Ui ^y»»d»of accompanied by a relative frotn I'Uls- d(antotaadi«(nSOo(ttt^»^'bMte.'°TS£?it I 't ^as not known until recently that '^iS^.^^^'SSSSZ.Z?^^^'^^'^ — way *ltta.dgaaBMtrtpeaad tMTe;oaf*«Ujw weak ' ctmnected aatton. U ii safe to ear that jroo wOl tike U ! Santa Fe Railway TIma TabI*- sad aae tt lecutertr vbes^groa hsve esU for n lasative. It ia espeetaUr snitad to cUldtca and i NORTHBODNS. No. 202, Paa. dally- i:Uv-» No. 204, Paa. daily 3 :Ua.fB No. 208. Pas, daily ex. 8nn ..S :50a .in. No. 210. Paa. arrivaa daily ..StlMpjo. NaaH.Frel<tht.D. «. finn U:01pJ». SOUTHBOUMD. Na301.Paa.daUy U:IS.p.m. So. 203. P»a daily 2:00 tM. No. 20T PM.daily ax. San ...8:MvJC No. 209. Psa. d ^ita d«U7...<:M «JB Masurr«icbt «r «s- Bra- -it.-MMi j, i -^ptM >pi You mrm oordlmUy Inwitmd #o b9 aremmttt mi our mfora to wlimomm m OoHionmtrmilon ofiho OM*Nmm0i Symiom of VtrnloMog Old Floorw, FurmUliro, oto, on r. jTa 9HM§§H 6 ir. The Cbi-NuDiel ^ystcm Is so simple that by its use cv;u a child can do most beautifal grainiog. Any old floor, fall of cracki aod aail holes, caa easily be converted ibto the exact appearance ol expensive hard- wtMd Old furntttire caa be chaoKed to any color with a better appearance than when new. Free sample* while they laht. Lessons free by a special in- sirdctor. ——— — , " • • -^-m>mm-''^ Here are some great values, ffowhere else In lola can CaitT pets and Rugs be found in such acceptable variefyrnor boi(ght at better advantage. RUGS 12 .\xinibster Rngs. sold' elsewhere for $2S .09, here.. ..$2Bm5tliii d $25 9X13 Body Brussells Rugs worth $i>o\ Here this week .-. $27.60 9X12 Bagdad Wiltons, lisually f40 oo Now only.. $34,50 yxi2 Wiltons, regular $50.00 valae.s. Here for ^ $45.00 IhgCain Ca^ . Gootl Floral Pattern Ingrain, yd. ..... .illlf Union Ingrain, regular 50c yd. now.. ••SSH^^ F All wool, with cotton chain, only BtlO All wool, 611ing aad chain.. '93o INGRAIN RUGS. - • Sl/.m from 9^9 to 12x15, Irom .: ._$3a0B/tflf E yaality Linoleum, f> ket wide*, per square yard, D Quality Linoleum, 6 feet wide, per .'^fitjare yard, Stove OH Cloth Squares. I yarJ by i yard M |uare,' at..'. 35o I yd. by r 1 -4 yd. at 55e I 1-2 yd. by 1-^2 yd. at LetDs Figore Yonr Booms for ixmiaster and Wiltoa Carp :t$ with Beiij^^ lEe lola Furniture St#^ LOOK FOR THE FLAG. A. W. BECKi Proprieibi mm ON PAVEMENT Jukunie Siuith .SuiYerr- SkulL Fractured ' .lui'.unii' rfiuitli. the fourt-'..-ii jea"- old son of .Mr. and -Mrs. lieorse tiinilU .M'flr-red a Inicturcd sliiiil aud some bad brtiisi'.s by beinij tlirtuvn from i deliv.'iy WHKoii in the Puii block on i;(itiili htri-et last eveniUK- Vounj; Stnith .saw the wa^on passing; and ran out Into the street and attetnpted to jnnip In. He was ilirown from the uus.'Oii to tlie iiavenient. falling on his htad and fracturing hl.s sl.iill. In sonii^ way as he fell his tronser- r;iii}:lit in tli<? \vh.-;el or some part the nagon ami he. was being dragged over the pavement "when the driver (•i:anfed to ;(X(k back and saw his-pre d caint'iit. He imiufdiateiy Kiopi>ed Ills t.-ani and went to the assistanc.- ci" .\otinB Smith. The driver did not st-e tlie boy ai li-nipt to t:et in the biigpj am! liad ht liot Iiappt-ned to turn his liend back i?niith nilaht have been killed, as th< ti am was on the trot. H? wa.s dra.e- cd biit^a few steps. He is tnuch bet ti-r toda.v. KOlt .S.M-K—IV-aniit and iiopoorn Irttsiiiess at corner of iio.stolhce. Doing uood business. Present pi"opriftor i-'o- ins into otiier business. Impiire at si and. .M.\Y PL.VY FOOTBALL. \AI llarpe Team Mnj Ke Onninixe«i tn .ti-repi rUnllenire Kn»m Ft. KOer. It Is liki'ly that the fatuous l.uHarpi fi-otball team will be organized again 'h.s fall. Manager Wendell Phillips of the "old team yesterday r;*ceived "i ihallrn;:e from tlie Fort Riley team ^ jiniint; to iday In l..aHar|)e c:i Thankssiviiig day. The matter of Oi (.-anlTilpg the team and accepting the challenge will be takan up at otice. the team should be reorfanixed it K likely that apotht-r Chrl.stnia.-i L -MiiH with the ChHiDite H-atn will be :<ri"anKed. It Is possible to v^t'i iiio-,t of tlif piay- rs who (ilayetl in the team last year bark In the (suiiie at!aln this y,-ar and !' l.s believed tliat with leveral w»f>ks iraiiiiiig'under ('. H. DeSauUeg anil ! O, HodKers the leant could be tnad-j t'l •>qu8l that of asvera." .vears aeo ;t I., not likely that eltlier .Mr. DeSaiill- or Mr. Rodger:; could he Induce! to enter the game again but other eood pla.vers can be secured who with the coni|)atent Instruction of these two noted piajera will make, a Sood s'uowlng". Wiarren AUeu. the star of the games !r.Bf year. Is still in Tola and can be secured to either play end or a half back. Everett Rankin who played niiart.=>r is available for the game, anj Pientlss DonaM and Bruner vrho play<;d «rith the team last year are in the Slate University this year and doubt- ICM will play. GRABS SAYS: We have long had a reputation in this^locality of filt-;] iug prefcripiions with the highest qnality goods that?.| could be secured, and in iilling them in a way which.^*' met with the approval 6i the entire medical profession.^^ The same carelul work will be coitittned. in the :,h»r;? lure. . The .same high quality goods will be tised tbjjit have been tised in the pa-st. We solicit your palrop ^Cg W. L. Crabby Tolophone ^79 Pfoaorlntfon i The Junioi^ Dcparim^ht 5iw Get your flas light «mp»l/M from |i>. forrmf Ratlins of .Vll Kin<l«. Denicomb Bath Roose and (i .5110 Feet Deep.) j I-iicated at '4tli and Scotf Ave.'. Kort Scott, Kansas. ThN nater l'u!.)ti)el.v Cures KiieHmatbni, BrigAit's Stomach I'rouhlc and Atnie. ^ I'rof. .1. L. Bishop, the tmn-t ("rieiiratetf .llaKsa^st and Hyi ist ill the t'ltuntry, in attendance- '^itiu;; massage.. IV.VTEIJ .SHIPPEH IS FIVE ( U (.ALLOX BOTTLfS OSLlT. C. DEHJOOMB, Prop* mm MILLS BiiRN Ituhrbuu^b I'lbfC; Mass Jbwf'Pf i<.'oniinued from page 1.1 I Fiiom OM »wfc ^ from 111. explosion at Fotitaiiet wi-;-«' The faaiousj Rohrbau|!h ca8e;;ff:^ felt in this city and at; many iK»int.s in earnest todtiy. A t«r£e an in vicinity. ,\ Crawlordsville. '.'.ri' vltueases are ilown from Ot ^V uillfs fioiii Koii'.anei. the shock wreck testify in thiji caae. An eflfo^^^ ed brirk walls aii'l sank the tilins in a to -dra* . from wXvaai^iaft \U»n- one iritli. ; of the'r^nQWlodgo of S. B.I 'siiKh. over ^ptie proiortyt^ IMate (Jltt*' MIndowH Broken. ar'.s^s. that *ould Indl cal^ itrazil. 111.I. t^ct. i.-,._Three dis- ^vas „o, r^bt liientally *t .tief titict .•^;;.i<>si.-u^ -Ae:.- heard here. Ai:away |certain pWe%i the Plate glass windows in the bus- 1 ,,. (,j,^rty. Th^ sp«ctatore, If ^i^ and r'sidence di.strict were des .means Jtew^ have! ant;"o>ed. -Men left in automobiles f:>r ; ttj. g^^^ tJjB bekt Fontanet 10 aid ti.e injured. i„ state In actkm. • Terre Haute, Oct 15—There wt-:,-! Among those" frpOT Ott8W» ree explcs'ous shortly aft?r nine o'-| {,,"<. tr,a| are Mrs. U.A cock and a fourth one at ten o'clock' fiances Chubbncfc Mr«: in which a number of physicians werejau. ^rs. Xelitefiabbi^ slightly injured, among them Drs. J and Mrs. S. R. Hal Willen aud .Moore of this city. i iams. L- Foyv.^G^A I Clark. 3. K^Maai^; Cbat). Sonstaajt^ 0. M WILL BLACK returned yesterday; from Lyndon. Kansas, where be baa been for a week visiting relatives. KMbttr ITiftnt A *u 1*^^*ir«»* ^ ...^ KegbtcT: .Iftnet-teliri^lrtii*^^

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