Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 23, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 23, 1908
Page 2
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3 THE lOLA PAUT BEGISTEK, FniPAT ETFM>G. QCTOBFR 20. 19Q5. I. L. 50BIUKUP. PresMeBk V. A. NO&TUBITP, TIce-PrcBldent. D. F. SOBTHBUF, 2id ?lc«>Pres't IMEBEST PAID OB TUT£ DEPOSITS A. L. BBUJIBACtiH. Cuhler. IffMitwj ttr ike Diitel Stttei! Established 1869. Sttte of Kaisii — illei Center 8Il9it Ixak ii AOei fi. Northrup National Bank MELTDi FBO?(K, Asi't CaikiA Assets $U00,000 Sooiefy Gossip GRADUATE —Fllztrt'rald, Auin I. MIT.V . I 'liuiti-. •J- • AUTUMN LEAVES. In the liiisli niirl III" .sili'mt; Of the cliill Octolior iii-.-ht. Sonio wi/.a'rd'Iw'-: \v(!!l<cil his iiiai:i<! With fairy Jinu .Ts lii,'lit. Tlic loavi-s of lii" sinrilv (ial< lr <'t >s Aro sF)Ifn-li(i witli criitisfur icd. And tlio goldon flairs of llio niapl" Are finttcrincr ovcri-.fad. • —A. Wriw. - .1. A 1 Missionary Meetinn. Mrs. If. Denniiij,'. ll 'iT Fa:-;!. <\yi-f't is (entertaining' i)ie Aid so:1v:y i>{ tlic Baptist fiiurc?'. today. KYF.S TKSTHD 1 -KKK cs-cs I'itttd fti aud up SatlsfiirtNiii O'linrantcnl h. .V T, Here for Weddinrj. Tliosf friends v.lio worv h>^v fur V,\o .Morrison-Wood u(-ddinir liavi- IT- tnrnod iiniiif:" Mr .-ii!.' M;:-. .1. .1. Wood. Redlifid: .Mr. rind .MTK. W. A. Roliin.^on. .Tnolin: .Mr. ar 1 Mis. n. .A. "thor day. K,noi)n. Pocniiar. .Mo.: .Mrs. A. Stov- i 'l j'lsr \< f^r. Pittsljiirfr: lU'V. and .Mrs. .Jon:i Mac'oan. Ft. Scott: lli.^s Vi'r:i Sinii- snn.. 'M;-I'li<-rsoti:F..\.( '11 rno\». I'iitsljnr^. Miss l,n!u Taylor. Ir.di-v.i'inli'nci': Miss I-ora CooixT. Parsons. Mr. and 'Mrs. Wood Ifft y.-storday Ail! sorii'ty oi" llic riiil'.'d Droifiroii r:iinicli ysicrday in lin' work room. Soniv lUicoiniilctiil iict-dlc-work was linishod. "* o That Directoire Sash, "i don't Ii!>c t!i().ii> new Dirocfoiro i^^slii'.-: oni' l)it."' said a woman tho 'Tlicy a"o so Imrd to Iviiot I 'i^'hi wav and Ijcsidi-s— iiiey ninl^f nic tliin!c of a dr«>ssinL' :i(iwn. VoM don't fi -'d a liit '(ircL-sc;! n !i' wluMi yon \v«^ar it." .Miss For Mi^r. Baker, r .olli- Tr;!\is V, as liosic^s at for a two wcrk.s' visit in .loidiii. Mo. •'". inlornial card parly last ov.iiin.c. _ rf. Hi -r iionor ,:iUcsi v .;is Miss Xtdlii- Rak- Miss Posisirr Home. or of Latlirop. .Mo., who lins hcou vi:;.Miss Ulancli- I'onsl.-r lias ivMirnr-.i itinir Mrs. Fianl: I . Travis and tli- tn- froni a visit in Idalia. Mo. Sli.- lias 'nii::.' was v. rv infonna! ai:d i lor.c :iitt. Tlu' c:i-.l IrtMfs "•.•r" 'icn lu 'cn alistMit two v .cfj s. •:• Spend Winter in City. \.Miss ICinina Salli'"-- who rici.rlv w<'nt to Kansas City, will ^piml tii.- winter lln-rc with nlaliv<s. DcleontcR Return. < |)>di'irali's front sMrroiiiiilinr. tov a- who w.'ii' hi'i'>' for the clnh coiui'n tion lia\«' ri'fnrin'd lionii'. Mrs. tCiis | tare If. Mrown. of Oliilh"'. w;ts a | of .Mrs. A. H. Cainid.i'll; •A\.An ,M r.^. W. j 1{. ('!iiM<. of Kan.-is Citv. \\hn was I'crc. • Two oilii-r iUii-.! viiHi,- wtnnon who wt-ro at the coinfiuin" vc\i' Mr::. I c:i-.I pit'd until a lati- l;oi:r ii'.-ilis- \\rv,- arrantrcil for ih"~^ fri.'ii Is: Mis;; I."ria T.nrd. Miss S<\\U MaK-r. Misc; nrs= Ih^;.-. Mis. <"no|.-\, .\Ii^;^; l .;i;i<- P>:ii>s. .Mr. :iid Mrs. 1^ 1.. Travis. Mrs. .\larioi!. Tr i\i.v Mr. (^li-nn ("oolfv. Mr. CTII!'-' I.OMI' acr.-. Mr. I'MNI". Cilliait, Mr. Will ('a,- iioy. .Mr. F. W. Un-wstcr. and Mr.^.- W. T. Watsr.n. Their Knost; The Man Around Town, of honor \vi:i be 'K. W. Hoch of To-, Tin- sliocinakcis Khoi» ha.s drawn li«-ka. governor of Kansas, who Is to about as a crowd for the past few ••^•Mcak here snbscimont to il-.e above . ,i;>ys as any political i>arty'.< mcrtinsrs lucntibnod cntcrtaiumfUt. J this f:>I!. IJ^for.' tl.<- late rains sif in ••• ••• I it ! ad been a lont; time since there Mrs. Duncan Home. ; was anything like a .shower. Peojilc .Mrs. h. W. Duncan ha.s returned; wore holes in their shoes without Ifrom a visit in Eldorado Sprinps. .Mo.; knowin.? it. As loon a .s the streets -J* <' i and sidewalks were covcre.l with wat- Po.'toone Party. i they awoke to tin- f.u: that t-ioir Tl»r- .Innior l.eairiie party wliich wai shors n.<'ded niendinj,' and off to th­ ro have l.erii held in Trinity clin:-cli, shoemaker tV.-y hurried. Hnt the other tomorrow afternoon has been postpon-' fi ^liow was there, too. and his neiyh od for one week on account of thejbor and his neichbor's neic^hhor. in weather. j fact the shoe shop can hardly hold t^i. •> •> ' j cnstorner.s. With Miss Hanklns. j \n lola sho. inakf-r said yestenti . Miss IMith Mnrpliv of Parsons who, ••[ h:iven*f been so busy in a .v ^ar. is siiendini: a week in lola. is a i,'uest • My-V: oi> is fnll of shoes and their of Miss Olive Hankins at her liome„wneis standinu: about wondcrin.s:; why north of the city. their footwear hasn't been nu-ndni. Mr=. Beck to Vi.«!it. Some of them want their shoes half Mr.s. E. W. Beck will leav.- .-rlyj oi.-d ami pateb'd in five minutes, next week for a visit with relative.s injPonie of them brou.sht them in today Missouri. " ;;,ii.l think ihev slionld have i ai rhem WAMTSI TO LOAN— $."..000 private money on farm land at 6 per cent.—loia Land Co. Mr-. DcSsulles Cominq Home. j vest.-i':i:.. Ti>-y can t • und'-istaiii .Mr. and Mrs. Ge<ir:^e .M. Ho(:i. ofjwby th" coi)b]er wants fo nnii TVO Whee!<-i- Ikichts received a t'b i;:ain! ,n},',„{p..i lo !z.-^ a dritik or live min- rarly today from tieir dauuliter. .Mrs. jmcs for dinner. TJ;--v are the only ('. .\.H. De.Saulles.' ibar --ho pr-,,:,],. ji- town that have an; tliin-.; to would arrive home tomorrow, .'iis.i ,io." l>'Sau!les is just recoverinv; from a' serious iMiiess. Mr -s. Wolfe Recovering. The many frieiirfs of .Mrs. W. 0. Wolfe will be ulad to l-arn slie is '•"covering slowly. She is aide to 'eave her room at inti-rvals and is i:i >7M 'oviiiir today. Tb" <"!'v fediTaiion has s>-iii a box of eMi ::;-irf ro .^is to and lii:u "fO !r. M,..;. Wolfe aitl ola.- ar.- ex fi iidhi.u- th> i • s> :iipath.\. \ ItVl'TI.ST KI.Ui:i{ Tl 'e tra'.-!i>v. '••an wiio XvW:- fnr.n^ stor!<'s 'iv:": in I'lWii vi 'stenbiy. Ifi- coi a «rnw.| anviii.l iiim in-.i r en to'd tl;c !i!!ovvir': .\ f'lfiiC'a-^ !>ij >i"- cratii" n::'''::' nf N" dr'aska wri< t.nivir.c l!l>' St:'."' ie I'K - inti rrri of •••i!!•• ••'in. Tbi' I '.o\ {"Jrai'e-. Tb- s'-pi'^d at :! e'liJlirrv ' T ".- • ifl'd-: IriW; .t^i latl.'* ;i "r. ar ! .ii'i" lal!:. fori' w::.. a S".i K'J f.n • s. :i ;!:.-.!:! Ili.l? inser:'•' !;:!!• 'io l;i.. li' '. ;-';r!l>i!iu an im 'M ''is I 'l '.ii 'TS i';;:t ' I- Was :;oii!u n .ti- lit.-i- i:r( :it j,i til'- in'' n -v! ot W.\.\'TK!>—An i'ii..;.e T;I. eXperi'Tii-rrl WAXTI^D—Wil i:ivc a hr,m.- i oid iady to help with hi-n.-e wi:rU. Phone l:i. Salf-sm:::i W;inied. E.\i'«riei !Cf un- H'r^ce^sary. J,..,- iu:)niii and e.\- penics. l {ii>;;; Ciuj;- Co. lhie;.i;o. WANTKl.; —!:.;:i.ed=ai;My. din::;:: room L 'iri a.r Pf!itis.\ Ivania liuiel. Bttsiness Directoryr. DIL 3III .DU£n Cl«TIS rii )$iciHii and Snr^eon. Office over .BuTell's Drug Store Oflicc Phone 554. Residence 1*14 E. Jackson Phone .">69. DRS, REip k REID, • PLyv '^icfasis and Sar^eons. • *. X-TJay and Electrical Appliancei. • • Eye, Ear, .N'ose and Throat. • • Office Phone 357; Ree. 396. * \VA.VTi:i)-l .ive {>:i: in .-ti:( k tf dr;. nni.-"; iifit Miiail !ili.Sin ''SS t'.. ^-ci .d- :t :iil !ifii<»ral l'-'Wii ill CO'nit V. \>'''i. .1 l:^^al^ \'.'M '. .btieiti:.-;; P .rVan"" fet'i.v. ii.i;* ii j I'V- Home From Country. I .Ml-, and .Mrs. (,'. .\. l-"roni, ai'' jp .-cied to return led;iv from a bn s at liie cinnitr.v lioiii"- of i-d-t Ki'odirei! to M<;illl> li\ \ i'fl. ' \ .IS It'll eliiwji aiid wi '-'U nmi ;:<-.;ioii .iiul :'Mi "r;il .l.'biliiv. also •' jl-:'"iaiie i.rins.-. \-.r:iia Iv ;-.t; friii.i \.'ii :;o. I saw a c.d 'ie .!r .-i1. '^Wh.. is W:n. .I.,!ini'>;:. P 'i". T p'•• !.! 1 alioii cal'id Viliol .-iiiver- it"d .iiid d.eidi'tl lo viM- ir :i trial, few ,ilid llie results wore niosi UIMI 1 f; illL'. I .\n- :ni I'l'T. I'.'Ii t't. •I Pa \ !• St ill 'i'-'s nr'' • -I- i\-v<\ •• .-: I kid. -.xiio 'ril • n. S .^K'plieiK and No ^il.' Pr- tiss botli ef K .' t'ii.^'. . j lives EntTtai"'; for S '-tci. i .Mrs. I,. W. .Mayherry is i m.-rr.-iri-! iii'j- a few vonne this :itte:-- noon for h-'r sister. Mis; \''ra Si 'i'ii- son. of .McPlierson. Alt;ir Societv. Mr^. .1. .1. Maloiiey. I'lT Soni'.i s; .i -t was hostess of tlie Mtar sor-ii>!\-. an auxiliar.v society of St. .folm's eiiu'cn yes(erd;iy afternoon. TIi" ni "«-iii;'> was, devoted to business. Aid Society Meelinri. Th<'re was a s! ort nu et:!;;: of r!-, Hcr .h Gi'/c.s Rcr.cptif»n. T >"i.-! a. <i. t. L'::.- .Mrs. Iloeb. wit'- of I •' ;:n\ .-r-ior. tod;;y •y.'.v-- u bi.i: v ception :!t • i!i" cxcciiii-. «• re.-;;.Iiiiii\ More !ii:in l.'^i"' in vita! ions -.\ci-i< ont ^fif- t.-iMni: two I)r.t''r.-. I r. .-ai'i.d •} \ .-ireii!:tli an<l :iin iiov f'-idiu;; ne.:: ".il- i!.' wiil." Il-iir,\ I'iiniiiii-.:haii:. ••.'••'•r :i:.ipii>i Clinreb. K 'inu .V. Vinol is 11"! a paltiit iin.-di;-i:it—iia' •1 pn-p;'i .ii ii 'ii . niii]!: i -f ili.- i!;rl' ei-tal ••l<'llie":.< iii' i ,•]-' liv • • enhl: i'iii'd Nii 'ii .' t. nil- ir.n; .".-i iviii.-. \ i-ioi cri-il'-- ;t !,• iii 'y ;• j>'i--tii'-. iiires Hi' ii!c <'r:.':'iis •li ;l ^'j •I•| .'i-d lilak".-- ,1. for if ai'.-I most of tliose i"\it<(^ .'i'-' r,ieli. r"d Idi ml. lit t'lis I;:«MI ;-i! m •liner. Vi.'td ••••> ;{'!•< r;rcii;:i!i i'f iln; 111 "i-ib iv. n. '•".'<•!'-•>'.mki'd and ili-'ii iiat- tentled. Slie was assiv;t"d in ref--i-.-. ins by t 'te wives of oihor'- niHi-- ers. .It; ' vaiii- ;. r blOi .iT' l'\ n!' •. • 1 • ;' bill', .! !•[( i'lt.i ii:-- l.H-1- of ^'i'- .i.-i-f:. ::ipl , •• ' - \'i . un. W; ••: ni lii|. •• "\Vl 'I. I s;| Villi d '-ii • !!• •• lb; .-11 1'.-r Vff. V.I I!." s.-fid tb^ r. eiTt.T if> a eand •!:i:'- T"d.Ty. >.> P.-v eii - ;i ':(i;i!ij: n-:i;Iv .v.-r..- i;i-;ii! m . • (i.iiirv. •f):i ;b<- ii.rri.Ti-* I r.itier it.j 'aid I a Y.A.NTKI)—loia properly to e.\- hai^.U" lor Ka:!s;.s arid .Mi .-M >iiri land. i<;olde:! \Ve.-.l I..ind <'ii. Ofliei- ovc; luwa .-'ioic. lola. Kas. w.\.\'n:r>- A i-.n-, .n;. •;!;..m to ' iir ti-ai. coli"'-e< and spei • jir 'ii 111 liif ciiii-iini'i" in iiuini -i Ir.ja. .\ i;ui>i! p.ivi:i:: busii.t to. i paitii.s. Wriii- itv call en ilie firand liii'i; T 'M Cii:, 70} K;i:!:as .wtiiiie. •l'ii|>ok-i. Kas. SALESMK.N .t A'.'r^.NTS-S $ * T-'-"0 |i T w '•'ck and •>•. i.r rati !e tinide si-'lii.c .\.>w t'tiinpai^n Novc^tie- from i.o'v liiili! eii.(-ti«ui. Sell? to Stfires, FKMU- ly F.iir.-, I'ienics ami Pr:\atc Families, ('innpiete line of srvni'de-. ch:'.r-.;e.; p:r- p.i .1 r -r .-.DC. Order tod.i«'. ClIiCAKO .\0/:-;LTy CO.. 60 Wabash Ave., f'bi - i;;". ^ FOR S/&L £'mi »o &!i »n0otia ^•••••i.i;; .'.iac'litie ti.t i-<j\'.. \iv-. DK. .WcWILLEX. * • Special atierilion uivea to. the • * treatnimit of all Chronic Dlseas- • * C6 and Diseases of Children. • * Telei-hones: Office 3-', Res. 232. • * Office over PnrreH's Drug Stor» • * West .Madison. • » • • • • • • • Rc«. 701. Pi: >in' f.vr. 0. I,. (OX. Eje. K;!r. Nose and Throat. "~ Spectnclea. I'roperly Fitted. OtTic« A. O. U. W. Dldg. Onio Tel. 1053. Night Tel. 40i DK. R. O. CHRISTIAN riij !»iriaii Hnd Sar ^eoB KtK'niy 7 and S. Evans Bidg. • • • ill- .T for idliei-. '-! lia-. ••! Smi: it I 'i'i:: ii':!r!'. ev<--rv nip riliir: 1 I i»r.'i. ."-siTw liifii ai;ii diup iii-d. j'tione \::',. iiead. Ij: -\. and fer '(!.!:-II • ebildfi ii an i old i< .o^s coii:ii aid ••Pti;iu' -.m-X M^^-u-\ rOft RESfS" J^ISOBHstKBOUS I I 'l .r ehrnnie ennub-. crddy and i:-."-i:nl::r!.-. 'ii'til I am abmit ail •r- •:• -:• lemK bin.-. Villi'! i^ nii'-vefibd. . TMs w::lbir ni:il'-s nn-etin ;;s out of Entertain Governor Hor.l'. ' \ii such i .'T '-ons in ibis vii -inii :•.;'- 'be iriesrioii and I can ca 'ch IM ijtie of the so(-iil\ evtits of >I >i"-' a .-ked lo 1 ry Vinol on our iffer to !i;- j ^I '-'P and n-.'-t mv voiee. and at Hi d .-iv i"; a linner tmrly be i:i\.'ii -ii fund ilii-ir ijumi'V if it fails to "i \i- -.-:" I'-.o"- t 'l • 'otiiir f-" six- o'clock nil that i-v'. ait—' l.y isfa.-iion. S. II. I'.urnl!. l)ru ;-'L 'i.-i. lola. M do ih.- same Uiiim. Foil KK.NT—One 7 iiii .i.i lioit--- and one I iionsf. iwt.i blm-k.- from and !'! I'i 'a 'I-. A|i|l:: t" .X'l.oll I' A-.-;-.-, r :i! \v. ;: p.nk Pbonf N... t , , ,. I Wa-iii:r -:i '>n ^cliool; UOIMI U;II»T Otiiir r-'IIo'v IS bav > . _ " P. ». >!AKTI?f, Surgery aud Discaaei of V.Omen. Office and Residcnje Phono 576 Office 7 North Jefferson. JEUT5T.>RS. ,i B. F. Pancoast. old reliable Jeweler, 110 East .Street. Lodge Dircctoiry SUIT SALE 1-1 1;; !;i::Nr- .V L-ii .d le-.m tor of- t'ic'..- or s:o ;i-. .\ii. I.< West Ma'Jisoii. .Vpjdy ill .\('Isi >n I'. .\cer.-. .'.lini-ral V.Vil Park. Pbom- >.'j. I. RMC.HTS OF (vodsc .'.i.'. V. ' ni.Erbt at K. of I i.hers fflTited. W. I'lir'-: Ritter. K. of R. and S. ' • 1. •HI*i uu;:ipou;i, B. Q, FOR SXGHANGE KMiaiTS OF MACCABEES^ _ KniiThts of Maccabees of tho WorH 1 meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourtfc ;:x (U '.-tr 1. 1 ifrnpe si,;,., Km j Saturday nights of eacli month. 1 5:; ( a>b t'.r niei c-'iandise or ; W. Postwait, commander; R. B. Fat* ':iil. jfann. V. O. l.i'nhan. Ioi;i. Kas. FOrc K.NCllA.VCK—A finely iniprov- cer. recor-J keeper. V>. O. W.— Camp No. 101 meets I M Now'.s your rhancc to hiiy nnv suit In the h'.usc rt A i -.ic rcc't:r.lior. ncsidc; liic fcvnlar .^fo(k wc have jusl received and wi !l place on .<talc at spcrial prices ih" br.'t iiiit values %v'c have 5hown (hii -.eajcn. Broadrluth.^. \erves and fancy chevron worsteds in brown, blur, sfrty and green. A'l arc richiy !riamtd, ?atin iinrc'. and perfect fitting g.?rmenfs. Remember ihcsc pr ;cc5 ere lor 5atiMdoy er.d Mcrdi»y f'-rW. .•:;.k .ui.-^int-ss propeity. Uliuakc:- .V:'visitors cordjallv invjtetL >, l...nn .il. over "Our Wa-." I ~ Lodg, LOST ana FOUND l.f^S I ibdd ri'i.r fd MT".I .:ii''ii .i -ni::.::. !£<;u::i tf K-.i ^-ir .•\ ;;H! ; i\f i.-ward [meets every Friday ni?ht in M. W. A. ;Ha»l. Visiting brother^- invited. F. (t V hue iCoHleld. V . 1 III- i I W. A. Cowan. Clerk. • 'If: \\!t til r]i I'l tot t t" Suit:: ill 'l.^>T^ an*' iii^t':-ti:;|.s .j:!!. .{-^ ..;,! --^. $3,85 -tilt in t.jr.; Ij'jii.^.i lbt ::C jiricc . Cil"!'*'.: !il i\ if '"'.'•ir:-- I.'. (_!!t.viLt:;.or:'i Wvr>lci!;;, 'o'or:. bicci bin^v;!. v $15,00 1. .^1 ^1 $25.00 mmmmmmmmmm OUR TELEPHONE KOYM. >KH;III«>KS.—lola Cam» .\"M. IN^VII Xeishl-ors. meets Be*- jpnd and fourth T-jesdays of ea<* .hu>nth. Mr.";. F. A. Wajrner. oracle ;Mr.;. Mary lUuton, 413 West Stre^T. I fverorder. ! "FRATERNAL BROTHEBIIOOD.— !{ra*ernal I^rotherhotnl No. 380 meet* T 'tid .-.nd fourth Thur.'^d.iy of eac* ^vj ; . ... , • month In A. O. (". W. Ilall. VtsltlaiT , f^-;; i:: t:,;^:*-:. bi::;!-^-^- cord .any mnied. w. H.:J? * .a .:,:.Kr i:: • cleaned .IK . arl ; Go:da Elam. i«cr^- a,-" »>•• y. bill ynrr order .ril: I'i'Tnpt and caicin; atteai i<.-n, IIS :<id;jy. , !0|A RUG FACTORY I ; AUDITORIUM TOM(;HT GENERAL j .' i _ 1" SPECIAL PfiiC£S ON AiL BVBNihB ORCSS£S /"'<» ictlmi.i |i. .$9.75 I.' 00 (Ireis.scs rodlutil lo $10.85 17.H) dicjj.^^^vs loduccd l-*.' .$(4.50 i riv ^ts rcd'UTil l-. $16.75 U 1 00 »H .Mb rcdiHc.i to. . S2I.65 •J7 "»0 dt ..«^.-rs Mdnud lo. $22.85 fl-SO.OO dresses rcdnccd It. $24,50 .'^5.00 dreijscs rcdiiccc to $27.85 10.00 drcsfccs reduced to $32.50 RAMS A Y'S 1 1. \\ 1 ,1 1 ! 'I i\ (lUil "'li t .% ..,1 •• • i 1.1 ii In ! In- jil ii r- I b I: " • • lus; l.» iM h '-.iii !i I It.ive i.'.i 'td .i'' m.,> . 1 .ttl.ili-. Ill ill b .iad" K}'.' <t.III. but ".Ifo lirace ,\eii- I b .-Mi- Vii eilii.'i bu>lni>-- ii '.i nr.'.er II I •111 iiii; i;i I r 111 I ^1) ii \\'-,h I,'' ' • I ''';. <• al'.v Ki • il, < 'I hi,S i . !:i.ii d iiiiifi'-ai h"iii« liHviiiK d-.iiini;.-. <\ jth XXMH ili ar I1H , . j i.uic ,-i,;„. . ti iiil'l I.- ..'ii «rti-d to ; h'.' iid'iri--. I'.uk Placf, dr'^ali up le .-j .d' ti '• ;• it -ciioU'? No. J. • NEL.SON F. .\CKiJ.< Try the Re^iMer nuut column. LOW COLONIST RATES TO CALIFORNIA LD MEXICO THE NORTHWEST BRITISH COLUMBIA VIA ON SALi: Sept. 1st to Oct. 31 St \'\ fct FuU lnfr.rn.aUoB. C. P. Hale, Agt. /

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