The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 31, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1944
Page 6
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'!,' (ARK.) ^COURIER NEWS Roosevelt Trip , r i <•,-»,. i Brings Charges GOP,Leader Accuses President iOf.Making Political Background r OLD ORCHARD BEACH, Mnlne, Aug 31 (UP)—Representntise Everett Dlrisen p£ Illinois Charged last Hight (hat President Roosevelt Is seeking the presidency under, what he teimed, "false pretenses" Dirksen made the statement In opening the national Republican cajnpatyi m Maine He charged thnt the President used his recent trip to Hawaii for campaign purposes mid that he cal'ed admirals and generals from their Allies to piovlde n political bacliBiound for hlni Dlrksen asserted thnt Mr Rooseselt said he could make the trip because -(lieie were no important •.problems ,011',the. •home (rout. But the Pieddent Ind scaiceh letuincd he added, before the War Pioduc- tion Board blep up, in what he called "the face of the astonished nation." And DlrUen Intmitlcd thnt tile whole affan was singed to get Nelson smd .Wilson out of the v,nj, i\nd bring in .1 young New Denier, J A Krug, who will, "presumably <lo what all the old New Denlois tell htm foi the old New De.ilqrs planned It that wiy 1 Temperatures Atlanta Augusta ' Birmingham Qljarlfictnil .Charlotte Chattanooga . Chicago Cincinnati Denver. , .Detroit" Jacksonville Kansas ,Cit\. Macon Memphis . Miami Monlgomon Now Orleans Now York San Antonio .Savannah Sa,\anrm;i 1 ampa Woshingfon Dallas Houston Jackson Little Rock . Shre^eport Tallahassee High Low 8C 90 70 •83 75 85 SO 87 80 80 87 03 92 95 81 81 90 no 82 74 88 (11 75 fl3 . D2 The Little Foxles THURSDAY, AUGUST SI, J9/J4 It .inigh' seem crazy of these two. fox cubs to get caught and kepi SB pets, but the photo above indicates they re crazy as e fox Cuddling them is Uieir owner, Mrs John Hubbiy of ( Souttport, N C, where her husband, in the Navy, is sla- ' fioned Foxes art so numerous Southport that there is season on th«rn.' .•Endless Chain lof Woe for Nazis > The tremendous nir superiority , of-the Allies is symboHwl hy tl>e apparently endless chain of .Flying .Fortresses ip the photo above. JThcy ,nvo not yet iti.combnl—>)usl i-epliicemonls for the .Army's Oil) Air Force :bdmbcvs which are ;blosUny feeing Nazis. Nulc compai'Dlive size ol-truck, in circle. 'One Man's Meat . . / "Operntjphs Strangle"—the Allied tactic of .knocking out German : ^communications to prevent reinfor.cemciil, supply or-.escapc, is working out .fine in France, ns shown :by photo nt left. Here n Seine River bridge near Mantes, choke point for German traffic tiom .the Pan's trap, is suffering a,dii-ect hit from a USAAFMa- r.vudcr bomber. Bill n siimliu'ly successful bridge-blasting .proved a jinx for .one Yank (ruck driver. ^Speeding along nt-flight, he : conlinued across the bridge, .not knowing it l\ad been bombed,, •with unfortunate result shown in other photo. Schedule For 1 Post Hospital'. Is Announced • Military dependents iit.thc.BAAF may easily secure medical treat-: ment and •hosiilValjzfttian nt the SUitimi Hospital. The medical staff there is unite than willing ti> serve dependents so long us the facilities and unit personnel arc adequate. Numerous instances have occurred, however, in which military dcncn-: dents Imvc abused their ; privllcge.. They are ; not rep'ortlng to the-hos- pitnl on the days and specific hours siit aside for tiiis : purpuse. Ii> order to .insure proper cnix; of! cases, military dependents seeking did must iitlherc to the following schedule: ^Office , Office Hours Days Attending Surgeon J30C-1500 Dally Pcdtalvlc Clinic 1300-lSfJO- <Dutly Obstetrical Clinic 1300-1SOO Friday Eye, EtuvNose nnd Tues. & I'lmwt Clinic 1800 'J'mirs. Military dependents should not go, lo the hospital .and iask -lor -some 1 particular doctor. 'Patients should first iconsult the attending surgeon, Tapt. Albert Duutrich,.and if lur- ,lier consultation nnd treatment are' necessary, he will direct .the patient to the proper clinic or doctor. R«wl Courier mm wuit M* Beer Dealers Asked To-Close On Victory Day LITHE ROCK, Aug. 31-ciosiiig of all wholesale and ret-all beer establishments .In Arkansas on the (Jaj that OKtmany capitulates, has betn requested by J. Hugh Wliar- ton. stule director of Hie Arkansas Ctiiiuultlce of the Brewing Industry Foundation. ikMlera in cities anj communities where Chambers of 'Commeicc and oOier civic organizations are plimiiiDB V-Dfty programs, have' been asked lo cooperate'fully \vltii Hie program committees. In areas where mi specific observance Is planned, Mr. Wharton requesti-il 'beer dt'iilers io close' their eMiilillslinitiilJi when news of Column defeat is flaslni, and remain closed for at least n 24-hour period. Mr. Whnrton has addressed letter la nil wholseale mid retail beer dealers in the state, asking their coopcration. "Victory over Germany will be n Rreit occasion to the thousands of Americans who have loved ones flBMlng in Europe",. Mr. Whnrton wriilc, "but it will not mean -the' ond of the war. The occasion should! l)c one for earnest thanksgiving rather than for unrestrained ccle-' tenon, nnd I ask tlmt you \Kji make if n day of thanksgiving -by r closiiifi your .place.of'business .when' news of victory -is nnnounced, and remiiining closed for st least n 24- limir period, If the news is flushed on Saturday- night, many cities pliin to observe Sunday and Mon- : day as a -holiday, and I suggest thnt you .all do likewise." Limited Athletic Scholarships Recommended For War Vets BIRMINGHAM, Aln., Aug. 31 i UP) r— Southeastern conference icpieseiitatives wound up their posl-\vM footlmll huddle yesterday afternoon with n recommendation that athletes attending college at, gournineiu expense under the Ol Bill of Rights be entitled to athletic scholarships limited to room, hoard and Iftundry., , The conferees agreed that time spent In .the service would not affect n returning veteran's iiUitetic career, and proposed that pre-war college gridiron pnrticSpnliaii oi l r ss than halt a yenr be erased from the veteran's record. Burlier the officials, whose recommendations await final ticlion by the SEC in December, called lor n unified national football rule book based, on a general tightening of regulations. A standing committee wns named to confer with ,other conferences on uniform gridiron rules. The conference proposed that a maximum - of 75 athletic scholarships be awarded by each of its .members on a contract basis comparable to tliat of pro ball clubs, in an effort to eliminate player snatching at the beginning of a season, Under this proposal a player ineligible lo play lor an- flthcr team once tic signed a college contract. Other conference re:ommenda- Uons to emerge were: A rotating schedule of games nr- langea so teams would play all other conference members in a per- iodof ilirec or four years, the rul not to be binding, however, where such conflicts exist as the Alabanm- Auburn loud. A ban on Jreghumn participation- in any inter-collugmtc sports, aimed nt better scholarship to assure eligibility Jtor varsity contests. Thnl teams and players of conference members be extended the right to appeal a penally not only to the SEC executive committee as formerly, but to the conference as n whott. Thnt name "grants in aid" be substituted for "athletic scholar, ship," a misnomer in the conference's opinion. Thai the $10 monthly universlty- . payed salary which formerly furnished players \vipi spending money be abolished. Osceo'ia Couple Has Seven Sams Serving Country , Seven sons In the service of their country is the ;bonst of Mr. ; nml Mrs. Robert O. Walker of Osceola who nre believed ,\n :lmve ihc record in Arkansas for ihe largest nimibcr of SOILS In service. Of tlicsc five are in foreign service. W. Edward Wnlkor is a sea- iiinii, Hist cltiss, now witii the Wavy In the South Pacific; SergL •j'liomns A. Walker k with the At my Air Forces In England; Pfc Cinirles 'W. '-Wulkcr -is in England with the Army; Joe -Lee Walker, stationed :|n -California, as n sea- mim. second class; Dale O. Walker benrs -the some rank in -the 'Navy and now in 'Colorado; Chester A". .Walker, .boatswain's _matc first cluss, Is with the Navy Seabees in tlic Smith Pnclflc and SeigL Bobby I gel more goodslrong cups per pound from LUZIANNE Your Invitation Bur'dette Piantotion Will Have Its SECOND ANNUAL VISITOR'S WEEK from August 27th fo Sept. 3rd Inclusive for all who wish ,to see our extensive variety testing and breedisg work with cotton, corn and Soybeans We have 154 cotton varieties and strains, 238 corn varieties and strains, and 480 soybean varieties and strains under test—all labeled for your study. Come and learn with us how to increase yields for the war effort. Enter Our Cotton Yield Judging Contest Our Herd of Registered Durocs Will Be Available for Your Inspection. Located 8 Miles South of Hlytlieville On U. S. Highway Gl BURDETTE, ARKANSAS C. F. Tompkins Manager Ilitys Sullivan Asst. Manager. G. A. Hale Agronomist Watermelionaires Air Wulkcr is. with tlie Force.! in England. ,Mr. nnd Mrs. Wnlkcr have two Dtlier soils not .eligible for service L 'Swnp coiiihangers lor a bif> hunk of watermelon? Who wouldn't^ And these Now York City kids did, vvlien the Children's Aid Society .made the bargain oftcr lo get wooden hangers lor servicemen at ] llalloran Hospital. The ordinary wire ones just won't bear up under the weight of Gl coats. _, CAK1) (>]•• THANKS We wish to -thank nil .who v;ere so kind nnd sympathetic In the recent loss of ovir wife and Mother. J. M. .Goad Mrs. Joe .Craii; Mn>. Jolm Henru aukc boxes and used house trailer lots arc now taxable in Detroit, the Public Administration Clearing House reports. . It takes n year's food from 155 acres to feed a bomber-building crew for the time It takes to -build n single bomber. Men In Service Klchard V. Oaines, son of Mrs. H. )i. Gain?s of Route 3, Blytlie- v;ile, has completed the course of training and will receive the third class petty offiser's rate, aviation radioman, at the Naval Air Technical Training Center, Memphis, A graduate of Dell High School, Mr. dailies was n farmer prior to en-", tering the Navy in October of lasty year. He received life boot training at San Uiego. Calif. 1'vl. Hilly E. Ford, son of Mrs. Enllie Ford, has arrived in Italy, according to information .received by liis mother. In the Army since Feb. 8, 1944, Private Ford took lib training at Fori McClellan, Ala. BeU uounri rirm want Dr. J. L Guard Optometrist at Guard's Jewelry 209 W. Main H OW TO RUIN DRESSES " . AND LOSE FRIENDS TT'S iHgic how some gfrls lose their •*- fiiuids and luin their chesses because of'perspiration odor and stams. Ant! there's no excuse for it. It's eaijt •to save ilcesscs, if '$ easy to save friends. Use An id, the new cream deatlui- ant ilm helps keep your armjitts i\ty and 10moves the odor'frotn perspiration. AtEid is safe and dependable for these five reasons: 1. Attid docs not irriifltcskin/Does O not rot dresses or men's shires. "I 2. I'revencs untler-arni odor. Helps } , stop pcispir.ujan safely. 3- A pure T white, aruiseptic, stainless vanishing cieam. 4. Wo ViHtring to dry. Gin be ! used right after sliaving. 5. Awarded Approval Seal of Amer^ ican Institute of Launderirig — : harmless to fabric. Use Arrid regularly. Aicirf is the largest selling deodorant. Sold at all stores selling toilet goods — 39c and 59c a jar, u'tus Tax) DON EDWARDS I HOTAU 1111111, OOBONA. AJSD BKMKlaTOB \ in H. tut rntxtt Trmuacttan Hart B* pBom nn HELP WANTED Saleslady, Regular Employment. Experience Preferred. Apply. The Family Shoe Store 312 W. Main ATTENTION Users of Electrofux Cleaners Our bonded factory representative will be in Blytheville this week to give a free inspection on your cleaner. Call G. E. MEAD, Hotel Noble Osceola, Call 279 WE ARE NOW SELLING NEW ELECTROLUX CLEANERS GOOD HEALTH DESERVES THE BEST WATER; Bad Health Demands It Over fiye million American Homes hare ordered the Fatuom ARKA?££ T *"**MIM»M. WATER From HOT BIASES ARKANSAS. H fa reliable-an «d in Ireaimsnl of Arthritis, Eheamattsm, Kidney, Bladder, and many Intestinal disorders. It 5tlmnUtes Kidney elimtaatioa For Particnlars, Free health booklet. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP M*!n A nlrl^.. _. . Main & Brrtherffle, Ait SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS, properly designed, are remembered always. Our flowers are always fresh, and all work Is gua-anteed to please. Let our expert leslgners help you with your flo.-al needs '^FLOWER SHOP • F.T.n, Sen-ice Wc Delivcr Anywhcre Pn. 491 Mrs. J. JL (Mac) Williams, owner Glcncoe BH f . Mrs. Dalton C. Fowlston, B. A. M. S. M. Announces OPENING OF HALL CLASSES In PIANO — ORGAN — VOICE Former New York Organist and Teacher Pupil of Clarence Dickinson President of Union Theological Seminary School of Muslo For Appointment Phone or Write jirj. Da ,, on c . Fowlslon 1101 Chlckasawba ^hone 2M9 Thursday — Friday — And Saturday Nights 9:30 to 1 O'Clock In the Beautiful Blue Room of the HOTEL NOBLE Admission Cac Ind. Tax Sale of " TOYS See our windows for toys at 'greatly reiluceil jirices. The Giff Shop Motlern & Antique Gifts MOSS BRYAN Continuous Show* Etery Day Box Office Opens 1:45 1 Show Starts 2:00 LISTEN TO KLCN :M uo. 12:45 p.m. i;M »J Thursda)' and Friday . GORGEOUS GOLDWYM GlELSI Released through EKQ Radio Fkfurs;, In, Directed by EiiioH NLigsn: AssocialE Producer Don KarJrr.nn OriB^af Screen Ray bv Osr, Cornea* j*Jl=^ Borc^: on- TobsT firjjh _ > Paramount News and Shod Subjert B»t. * Son, Optus each nlfht S-AS; starts 'u Opens Snndij 1:00; SUrU 1:11 nSlonous Shows Sit. ant Smx Rarf»ln Nljtii Every N» honored on the K.iy. Thursdaj- and Friday Selected Short Subject

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