The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 17, 1986 · Page 5
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 5

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1986
Page 5
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Nation/World The Salina Journal Friday, January 17,1986 Page 5 Moons over Uranus Six more found by Voyager probe PASADENA, Calif. (AP) - The Voyager 2 spacecraft has discovered six more moons orbiting Uranus, bringing the total to 12, and NASA said Thursday the planet might have 30 moons altogether, more than any planet in the solar system. "Scientists on the Voyager imaging team found the moons in long- exposure images returned by the spacecraft over the past two weeks," said a statement issued by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The six moons range from 20 miles to 30 miles in diameter, far smaller than the planet's five major moons, which measure from about 310 miles to 1,010 miles across, said Ellis Miner, deputy Voyager project scientist. Because the six newly discovered satellites are outside the nine charcoal-black rings known to orbit Uranus, none of them is a so-called shepherd moon — whose gravitational forces herd the nine known Uranian rings into their narrow shapes, Miner said. He said scientists still expect to find 18 shepherd moons — one on each side of each ring—which would bring to 30 the number of Uranian moons. "That will mean that Uranus has more moons than any of the other planets," Miner said. Saturn now holds the solar system record, with 20 moons, followed by Jupiter with 16, he said. The six moons, designated 1986U1 through 1986U6 until they are formally named, are located between the outermost, or epsilon, ring and moon 1985U1, which previously was the innermost known moon and was discovered by Voyager last month. Miner said the fact that all six of the newly found moons "are clustered right around the same distance from the planet is intriguing. It possibly implies they are a result of a larger satellite that broke up." That theory will be bolstered if Voyager 2's television cameras find the moons have irregular shapes when it makes its closest approach to Uranus and its moons and rings. Uranus' five major moons were discovered by telescopes on Earth. They are Miranda, Ariel, Umbriel, Titania and Oberon. King honored Statue unveiled in Capitol Rotunda WASHINGTON (AP) — Martin Luther King Jr. was enshrined as a national hero Thursday in the Capitol Rotunda as his widow unveiled a brooding, bigger-than-life sculpture of the civil rights leader and urged his countrymen to "turn America into an oasis of freedom and justice." Coretta Scott King pulled a black shroud from the towering bronze bust and looked up silently for a moment at the likeness of her husband's face. Then she turned, smiling broadly, and joined the applause that echoed thunderously inside the Capitol dome. King noted that her husband's bust is the first one of a black American to be installed in "the pantheon of national heroes" in the Capitol, an honor rendered nearly 18 years after King was slain in Memphis, Tenn., on April 4,1968. Surrounded by her four children, several of King's former civil rights associates and members of Congress, King said that' 'my hope is that we'll be reminded of both the dream and the reality" of her husband's goals of social justice and racial harmony. "We have much work yet to do," she said. The dedication of Martin Luther King's bust came four days before Coretta King stands before the bust of her late husband. the first official federal holiday is conducted Monday in observance of his birth 57 years ago. King was born Jan. 15. Among those attending the dedication were Sen. Charles McC. Mathias, R-Md., and former Rep. Jonathan Bingham, D-N.Y., cosponsors of the legislation authorizing a King statue in the halls of Congress, which approved their resolution in December 1982. Mathias said it was fitting that a memorial to King be placed alongside statues of Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln in the Rotunda, but he added: "When you see a lunch counter with black and white Americans eating together, then you see his monument. When you see black and white children playing together in a school yard, then you see his monument. "When you see a bus in Birmingham or a voting booth in Selma, then you see his monument. When you see black Americans and white Americans working together for a better life for all Americans, then you see his monument. "When you see an act of peaceful protest anywhere in the world today, then you see his monument. And when you see any act of justice done or any act of injustice thwarted, then you see his monument." King's birthday will be a patchwork memorial: honored in his home state and cities where he led protests, but ignored in the town where he was slain. In Alabama and Arkansas, King shares the holiday with Gen. Robert E. Lee; Virginia salutes King, Lee and another Confederate general, Stonewall Jackson, at one time. 7 states considered for nuclear waste site WASHINGTON (AP) — The Energy Department Thursday selected seven states as possibilities for a second vault to store highly radioactive nuclear waste for 10,000 years. A dozen candidate sites were chosen in Georgia,. Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Virginia and Wisconsin. The selection set off immediate protests from governors and other officials of most of the seven states and expressions of relief from those not picked. "If it's not a good site, it's to the state's advantage and ours to find that out," Ben Rusche, head of DOE's civilian radioactive waste office, said of the criticism. Congress in 1982 directed the department to plan for two underground repositories, using different geologies if possible, to isolate an expected 140,000 metric tons — 154,000 U.S. tons — of spent reactor fuel, weapons waste and other highly radioactive material. The 12 sites chosen Thursday are granite or other crystalline rock formations — three in Minnesota, two each in Maine, North Carolina and Virginia and one each in New Hampshire, Georgia and Wisconsin. An additional eight sites — five in Minnesota and one each in Georgia, Wisconsin and New Hampshire — were chosen as backups in case any of the front-runners has to be dropped, an event Rusche said was unlikely. Some 215 possibilities in 10 other states — Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, South Carolina and Michigan — were dropped from further consideration. Only one site actually has been authorized by Congress, which would have to approve a second. DOE earlier chose a salt formation in Texas, a basalt formation in Washington state and a tuff formation in Nevada as finalists for the first repository, with a presidential decision scheduled for 1991 on which one to use. Until Congress decides on a second site, the first is limited to 70,000 metric tons, although Rusche said either could hold all expected material. He said it was "not a foregone conclusion" that a second site actually will be decided upon. If a second site is chosen, the decision would come in 1998 for use in about 2006. Some apparently suitable rock formations were ruled out even before the 235 candidates were picked. RALPH WEIGEL Bonds - Insurance Phone 827-29O6 115 East Iron Church of God founder dies at home at age 93 PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — Herbert W. Armstrong — who used radio, television and magazines to spread the word of his 80,000-member Worldwide Church of God — died Thurday after a life as stormy as his evangelistic fervor. Armstrong, 93, _ died at his Pas- Armstrong adena home from "basically just the effects of becoming old, just old age," said church spokesman David Hulme. "He began to suffer with it back in August." Armstrong, founder and first pastor general of the church, was regarded by his followers as an apostle of Jesus Christ. The church received strong financial support that made it a powerful evangelistic organization. The Plain Truth and Quest magazines and hundreds of "The Ambassador Hour" taped television shows are part of the Pasadena-based church's legacy, along with Ambassador College in Pasadena. Church publications are printed in several languages, and the television shows are seen widely in syndication. Joseph K. Tkach, director of church administration for the past six years, was designated earlier this week to follow Armstrong as head of the Pasadena-based church. He is the future of Kansas. His name is Tad Druart. He's 21 years old. And he's one of the Kansas college students who will shape the future of our state. It's for students like Tad- who have talent, desire and a financial need—that Southwestern Bell Telephone is providing up to 40 scholarships to 13 Kansas colleges and universities through the Kansas Independent College Fund. So Kansas students get a chance to continue their education right here in Kansas. But even more importantly, we hope to give them a chance to learn, grow and, in turn, contribute to the future of pur businesses and communities. Because that could make for a brighter future for all of us. We're here to help. Southwestern Bell telephone Maxithins Pads Unscented, Regular, Deodorant •Ultra thin, full protection pads •Reg. 1.74 Eveready Energizer Batteries •"D size •Reg. 1.93 Jergens Bar Soap • Bath size •4.75 oz. bar •Limit 4 M & M Peanuts, M & M Plain •Bonus pack •9.20 oz. •Reg. 1.24 Slim Fast The natural way to lose weight Strawberry 'Hot Cocoa Vanilla 'Choc. Malt Choc. Pudding 16 02. can »Reg. 5.24 Planters Mixed Nuts •Features our bonus pack of 20% more nuts •Netwt. 14.5oz. 3.27 Ice Cube Trays •Each Way lieezes 16 ice cubes • Almond •Durable plastic, easy to use •Reg. 38" All-Purpose Cloths, Dishcloths, Utility Cloths •Package o1 2 • Reg: 1.00 88* Strong Heart Dog Food Beef, Liver, Chicken flavors Net wt. 15 oz. Limit 10 cans •100% pure polyester fiber •Netwt. 12oz. •Limit 4 WAL-MART ADVERTISED MERCHANDISE POLICY-lt is intention lo have every advertised item in slock Howe our il due to any untoreseen reason, an advertised item is not available tor puchase, Wal-Mart will issue a Rain Check on request, loi the merchandise to be purchased at the sale once whenever available. 01 will sell you a similar item al a comparable reduction in price We reserve the right (o limit quantities Limitations void in Npw Mexico Sale Dates: Jan. 17 thru Jan. 19,1986 Location: 2420 S, 9th St. Store Hours: Mon.-Sat. 9 am-9 pm Sunday 12-6 pm

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