Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 15, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 15, 1907
Page 2
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2 ' -IME lOLA DAILY BEOT8TBB. TPE3PAY ETENINCI. OCTOBER 15j IW. ~ . j , _ _ . i,. L. fiORTHRUP, PrMldmt. F. A. N0RTHRUPr^Vie«.KrMMiitt ,^4 D. P. NORTH RUP, 8Mond Vlc^Prnl lefMitorj fir tic DiHel SUtci StitlofKuias Ukatimtj A. L. BRUMBAUQH. CMhiW. MELVIN FRONK ; Aatt.-Cuhlcr. Established 1869. IMeit laik ta AlhtCi. Mr^and Mrs. Uicliaid l.onj: will arrive this woPk for :i vi^K wiili Mr. aiiil Mrs. A. P. Harris. I + • * I Misk Barbara Fry will 1M^'liosuss ofi ber s^wlnK club tomorrow aftoriioon.; Look at Our Libbey Cut Glass, Rookwood Pottery and Hand Painted China. Mrs, Virfjinia .S. friends hcrp. Mr.- I'ved in lola I'i!;!i<T is visitint ; "T r"i *;Sewall, Jeweler and UpticiaB father; n <n. Fisln^r fillod M.'tbd-i ' 104 North Washington. dist pulpit, bill sinco thon has IIIOVPI! ' to Ros.->biir.v. Oira.).!. whor,- sh.> tin« • ^1,,,,.;.,, ,„„<;ip ^-jnb,, roiitribiitPd b.v '^^SMPS. ^Miss i.oia (."oop.T and Mr. Cbas. • - * * * ' .^'mcli/pf. Mrs. Edwin C. Shear.T and dauRli-: * * * ter. oT Kansas Cit.v. .Mo. ar^ ib.', [,.;„,, j,,,,,^ ,„ j-.,,,. gnests of lola frionds. j,.,^ (.i,^. j^,. ^.f,^^. *** .!..:. .:. The various ifciMratcd clubs of the city will Kivp a rocpption soon for Mrs. D. Wiilfp. who ha.<! r.^cently been elected prpsidPiit of the Second district. Mrs. WTolf.^ is a niembor of the Sorosi? cliib. *** Mr. and Mrs. [,. K. \S'iilIar<' ami daughter EnnicP bav,> jioiie to Topcka where thoy arp to reside. .Mr.s. Wal lace spent ibp suninipr at ICUlorado Springs, Mo., but of late has bpph a guest of Mr. and Mrs. .M. F. Sickly. J. .% Mrs. r. II W/icaton is home from n fpwWPolvs" Slav in Excelsior Sprinilr^ Mo. * + + The Moilii!-.-' (bib will iii<-.>t to morrow afl'Tiuv.'n in l.itMc Unilibrs' Chapel. ,y 'Till' rnity flub w;is in s<'.-sioii yt>s- Irrdn.v nfienioon tin' home oi .Mr.>. S A., Coffnian. Tlu' attendance of members wa-;-u;lIl^ual!y larnf and tin- Ics.SOti study was ciilcrcd into willi a Sionipiiiii'' lii'forp Thanksgivin;! iiini' tiip l.itib' Builders will begin tlip [ilans for organizing a new club. Tiie nii'nibpr.s will be the older boys • f tlip Cbapi'l who will unite to make the winier pnjoyable (liroiigh th<" .-Jtudy of sonip subject of benpflt t< .Miss Den ha .Alexaiidpr .-ind o(h PI young la<lips will nssist in tlip or "-'ani/.;iri(Ui. + •«• + M'ss Ib-iilia .\!< xa'.idcr will ?;o to I banulp fomorrow ''m- a w.-ek's visit with frienils .J. •]•))•• Y. I' C. r. of llip Friilpil llr.'tb- nil cbuicli |i;is dccideil to bold tln'ii iiM-.'iliigs on Sunday evening diirhij; llii" tiinp thi' revival meetings are i:' inMiirc"^.-. Of lalp ilipy liavi- nu'l on 'I III Sclav 'Vi-n^ni;. + + + M.idjiiM' Iv IIMI .1 I'.illliii-:ii' wil .M'-i-;ii ;i (if i.U|'il> ill ii'i-ita .i' in-.i:imicnial iiiic--ic ibirJii:: iln fivs \> 1 I 1> • uf N.ivfiiilicr •:• •:• •:• IDEAS TO RAISE MONEY Moiiumrnt Conimlttre >V!II Hare Pu pils Contest—Tonrert hy Lyric Quartette. great ileal of enthnsiasin. Tbp club n;,,,!, ,,, K,,,,,,,,;;,. „ii now beginning a two .vpars' coursp of j„ |,,;., ,,,1.; ,v, .k i.. inM"'ci tb lessons from tbp Bay View poiirsp and r,,,.;,! Wmnans Kc'ier Cnrps. Tbo la tlie cijstom of sppcial papers has b?pn abolished so that niorp time may bp glven-to the Ipsson. Mrs. A. H. Canip bell who represented the clnb at the federation convention in Fort Scott gave a detailed account of the sessions and Miss .Xnnabpl Paddock gavf .1 reading. "Harve Roil" from Brown ing. The afternoon was elo-^ed by a duett rendered by Mr?. Coffinan and Masl.-'r Leo C'ofTman. Rev^ Irwin, of G'^npva. was tb( gtiest-of Mr. and Mrs. I,, r. Mungpi yesterday. * * * Mrs. 1.. C. Mnngpr and Miss Florence are home from a brief visit with relatives in Yates Center. * > • The >Vpinan's Relief Corps will have the regular fortnightly meeting on Friday afternoon in d. A. R. Hall. 1 * • • Mrs. H H. .Tonps will entertain her Sunday school class on Thursday af tcrnoon. •> -t- Th? Methodist Missionary society will meet on Wednesday with Mrs. Abner Wnod. 2'il Xorth Sycamore. ^ .X. Mr; and Mrs. Al Ellis are bom" from "a month's outing in nenver. * * + Mri \V. F. Dewey morniiig from a tbr.-i ir Ertsteni cities. liis arc aiiis arranging a conccii fo I date in'xt monib when ilip l^ndic: .>iic (|ii:ii;iMip v.ill III- ibc j.rinrlpa rail i(in. '.Mrs. .^ \V. l!cck and .Mis .M. F Nrirtliriiii will pfitprtain the Socia Twenty cliili mi l-'riday aflcrf.noii a I '.irs Heck's rcsidPiicp on siree' I On Tliiirxlay i-veniiig wbcn the ^ iociriy is lo meet with .Miss Elva .Mc "all th young iicoplc will consider i iiriii'osiiion concerning a play wliici may be clvrn in the near future. Tb^ V's have intended planning such a: .'Veni for sivpial months tint in the cor|is of ofbcprs and oibc tbiiics made ili<- postpoiicmpiii nec es.sary -I- K' •> .\ of (Grandpa Mylei's rela lives .'lid friend.s gave bim a binlida ^urpiise on Sunday, .\1non5 t!ios present wore Col atid Mr.s. .1. 11. .\tcli ison. Mi.^s Zop .Mcbismi .Mr. .Mylp Atchison, .'dr. and .Mrs. T. E. (llivpr .\I;istcrs Donald and Eugene Olivet Mr, W. M. lladlpy. .Mr. and Mrs. E. W .Myler. Mi>s Martha Myler and Maste .(osepb M.\ler and flrandpa .Myler. It is probable that a patriotic fund r.'ilsing contest will be started ix\ tl lola public schools in the very near future. The committee in charge of tlie work or raising money for the build :i;g of an old soldiers" monument hav iialiiied a plan for a cmitpst whicii will b:- siibmittetl to tin- school board \t the next meoting the first week 11 November The plan is to have each of tb ' see wliicli can raise th uosi money. The building vieloriou •voiild th.'n bp presPiilPd with a fla II soniP handsome jjrize. Such a contpst would, how.-vpi •iiean a great deal of work for tb tcacliprs and so if is possible tlia 'ic board may riilp a.gainst th's !in< nakp arrangenipnis for tlip taki rr o I iiairioiic ."oll.-'ction in the scliools riipre are some -M'"' pupils pnrolb n ilip scbfKits and a donation 01' jusi > cents by Pach of thetn would tnaKi •. collpctloii of $rjn. The monument committee is t •ave a mc'ting Fr day niiibt for th. mrpose of cimpleting the plans fm he raisins of the nnuipy for tb iiontitiiPni. Tlie sabseripl'on blank 'IP now ready anil Saturday morninp iiimediately afn r ilip iiipeting Friday i!.u!'t lb,' iir.'sidrnt of the commitlPi ' K Henderson. .M. F. Saylor. a iiiPin bcr of the pommitiep. and probabl\ wo mor(> interpsled pprsons will slari lilt v.lih tlii> gpnprni subscript Ion pa 'ifrs unioiij: the mcrcbanls of tb •ouiity. In addition ID tii • raising of inoiipy V siibscriptioMs, ilie (•oniiiiit(e<> i>^ No iryini: otlier ways in wliicb 1 iM moni>y for tlip fund. .Vrrnns^PtiiPntr 'avp bppii madp with HIP l.ailii's" I.y •e Quarleti.'. of Emporia. Kaiisas.«fo coiicprt tl) bp giv.-'n in loin on th 11)1 of Novpinbpr. Tlip procppils o ••is will g.) toward IIIP fund. BPII '. Harris, OUP of the members of tin uar'ette, was recently .elected chie •i' siatf of the Women's Relief Corpf 1. the national organization. This I idpeil a very high honor rv>Pi your "To-I>et" stgn wallr about enant. etc? Hardl.r. It 's Just nallc 'P on tbe door casing, and Fome pei le It while most people don' nd you wonder why nobody want uch an Ideal house. Somebody doe ••ant It, and wants It now. Give ttle specific Infonnntlon through th Register real estate co 'mmDs an- •)oe8 It tell people where your vacar louse Is, and how many rooms It has >nd Just how cozy It ia, and ho' •heaply youfl offer it to a gllt-edg on'll probably And that lomebod leht away. ;AXSAS (ITV MILL K\mv SOON he Place and Time of tire Itepubllriii Niilinnal Cnnveiition to He Fixetl. returned month's I .MIS. A. 11 .('.•impbell with a cmeri jiif ladii's from the riiiiy cliili Is en lerlaiiiinc fur .Mrs K S I 'lii !lips to this'"••'>• visi, 1 * * * •| lie |'ri-.~iiyieri;ui iliuir will have ; I I.ejiMil i()nii;lit t(i prepare sppcia; IIIiLsie fill llie .^ulJil.iy .-(TViie .Mis; faillelille .liillis is dlreelfi.- Ilie elioi ' his -eiiMiii and Ilie ;:nllieiiis lire : ji, ... jf j,-<illl.e of IMIiell |''e;isilre In li.e con Rev. ElleH of the christian. phiirc:i ['-•'•-atioii. .Mrs. Clara Craiii;le wh' •w;!!!' givp another of his Ipcturps on j bi..- i:itel> comiilered a cour.-i- of worl Women of Phake.spear? tonicht andj^'-"'' -'\''"'' '''"'•i l !ate>-K.ii:i.\ of Km will take as his subjeet. ".Iiiliet." The ; 1""''=' Miss Eiln;i an extende 1 Parsons. .;• •% Mi'CIain visi; is borne from wHb lelntiv.'S III HeyTharef "Where are you going?" . "jGoing after a sack of U» Sm Paiani Flonr. My wife ' won't use anything else." Hmwion Mllg, A £hrm Oo, m.m.Momum,A0i. will now have charge of thi jpipp organ. .Miss Cran^lp is a iiinsi- (•ian of unusual ability and last Siin- I Ja.^ diiriiiu' Iier iniiial peifornianci ! rendered some dinicu!! and lieaiilifii i voluntaries. I Kegister Uant AdR Hrlng Itesalls. j .Ml.-^S KHITII Shirley (,f Cbanuf j anil .M'^se.- Brace l!:iitley and .N'e! I Blair of .lo|iliu. .Mo., returned bom- jajfter a lew days visi; with .Mr. an I.Mrs. .1. A. Bryant and attending tlii i iinvailiiii; of Civile,T Cuilin's iiioiiii PISO-S CURE A Palnfol Persistent Coiif{h portends serious results ifallowcd to continue unchecked. Constant hacking tears .tlie lungs and ex|>osrs the delicate, inflamed tissues to lai -aginfT consumption. The most obstinate and advanced cough 1^ readily relieved by Pino's No other remedy has such a soothing and healing cffrct' upijii the throat and lungs. For nearly half a ocntury it has cured innunietable cases of roughs and colds and saved many lives. For tliroatand lung affections Plso's Cure Is the Ideal, Remedy Wa.-^hington. Oct. 1.".—Harry S. .\e\ •haiiniati. and Elmer Dover, secretar vill issue a call thi.s week for a'meet ng of tbe republican national con' nittee to determine the time and plac- or holding the next national coiiver Ion. The meeting of the cotiimitie •vill be In Washington some time be wen December 1 and l.'i. .\either the chairman nor the scire ary of the cominiitep will discuss tb irobable chances <ir the various citie .vhich are candidates for the convpn ion. It is concpileil that the li;;ht i letwpen (.'liicai-'o. Kiinsas City and S' '>iuis. It is not believed probabl ler that both St. Louis and Kansai 'ity will seriously conipsi for the ho ir of pntprtaining the national con vention. It will be impossible for th- Missouri national committeemen ii support both cities. Kansas City was Ilrst in the field las the distinct advantagp of hein iri'iiared with a jdacp in which t- lold the convention and the amoun ilready subscribed as a guarante und. Kansas City also has the ad •anta.^e of the certain supptirt of th itates wpst of it. Denver and Seatf- lave Indicated an intention of askln- or ilip convention, but the candidac «f neither is taken sprioiisly. an* vhpn tlipy drop out. their voles naliir lly will go to Kansas City. FLOODS IX BAKfELOMA. Several Per .Kons Drowned and 30.00<' Are Wtihout Employment. Barcplonia. Oct. ITi.—Floods in Ih' .iclnity continue lo be most spriou*- '•'ive persons were drowned and lliirt' hoiisand have been thrown out «' »-ork. The greatpst distrpss is re ported from Manrosl, the birthplace o St. Ignatius, the founder of the So ciety of Jesus. In this village the wat ers have washed eoiintless coffins am' 'jodlee from the cemetries. FOR WEDDING GIFTS r^OItllA.M SILVER is the standard of excellence. Notl,;::g^ more appropriate or more lasting. We have a fiiip assortment to seleci from. in Knives and I'orks. Table and Dessprt Spoons Tea Spoons and many fiiticy pieces. .Ml solid silver. McNElL BROTHERS. DULL FOR THE PASTOR (hlcago'.s After Midnight Crowd IMs- nppolnt^ Him. Chicago, Oct. l.l.—What Rev. Fred- ]erick E. Hopkins expected to see after I midnight in the fashionable restaiir- lants of Cbic'ngo and what he actually I dill see were reconntpd by him to a i laughing congregation which ibron.^ed ! Pilgrim Coiigrp^ational clnircli Suii;day night. ; The address was the last, so .Mr. ' Hopkins announced, in his series of talks on "Woman and Booze." lie took as tbp basi.s for his final address his pxppriencps late Saturday ;iiii;!ii and Sunday morniim. when he s(!ent several hours ai tlie Ponipeiian room of the .Auditorium .\nnex and . i.tnin|s>:i.ners VUIP to (.'ive .lailor ^M) ih>' College Inn. with representatives Per .Miinlli. niorning newspapers. ! A inisi: Koii ifoovEis KKKK. From letters he received fioiu corre conimissiou.'is yester I .spoiideiiis, who wimlil make Baron The couiiiy i::i.\ renienibereil liie .i;ooii Will I .Mulichaiiseii look like n lyni in the which .lailer Hoovr Kerr has bee;: •-eii'le -in of e.xa.irueniiion. .Mr. Hop- ntidiiin;; the county aiMl i,'avp him .I'iii!:.- had expecied to view the follow- raise of $lii oil the niniitli. makin; ' iir-' sivJns at both places mentlonpil; bis salary J.-iii a iiionlli. .Mr. Kerr !< ! i;\i|iiisiie women, siowned in laep or one of lb - best ollicers Hie coiiiit.v; sili; and sbimmcririg with jewels, pxe- cu;i!ig dance niovenipnis on tbe tables. Cirls as fair as Helen of Troy giv- lias ever bad and is iieserv;ng of tb- nciease. The action of the comniiss iniipis will be saiiciiiiiieil by ibos. who know of lae -ood work of tin iailer. ,101!) TF\< IlKliS i:\ \MI\ tTIOV. 'oiinly Siipi-riiilendenl \nnouiire>. Onle -'.Mh and -'lilh iif Thix Monlli. • • * • r^ivw Y ic^ W. H. ANDERSON, • ' H- A. Ewin.g. S. A. Card. GR.Gard AttonVey-at.Law. *• EWlXi. CARD & GABD, Notary and Stenographer In * ' '''"^'T^r.^.,^ Oflice Practice jn all ConrtS. Phoue 455. • i • 9'/^ "^V. Madisou. ' Phons 28S. DK. McMlLLEN, Special attention given to tbe treatment of all Chronic Diseata- es and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 31", Res. 2?.2. Office In Mrs. Turner's Bidg., West Madison. Ci*iiit.\ Supi liuleinliiii .Maude Fiiii> on iinimimces that the t 'acbers' e\ iniination will occur on the 'J.'tli an., 'till of Ibis iiionili. The exatiiinalio:, ^ for all leaeheis wlio wish 10 seciir- .•idlers' certilie.ii' s. T'' ill'-' beholders an upporlunity of fa- iiii,!.tri/iiin themselves with tbe lale~i ere:!iions in Parisian lingeries. .\euesses ilisplayili!; (he last fad in iiioiiopd carters. (cieiy women pleil.L-iii:; wiin-. wil and wieUeiluess oiii of ihi'ir satin slipper.:. \aildevi!l' stars, kickiii;: lials ofl' .lie be;id.v; of niiaiicial magiiaies. Lovely woinpii slooping to folly to ilii> exieiii of tossiii:;CliatupaKiie ^lass 1 ;;t tbe mirrors Woiueii ill $1.111111 gowns .'iiid Jjiio xaiuiiia ; i,,! . leekiiii; graieful repose on the after consiiuiiiii; !wo i|uarls of Phone'687. Res. 701. .DH. 0. L. COX, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. 3ldg. Phone riZi. lola, Kans. DR. EDITH S. IIAUai. OfTice and Residence over Burrell's Drug Store. Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m., 2 to 4 p. m.. 7 to 8 eveninga. Sundays by .Appointment. F. U. MARTEV, Practice Limited to Surgery. 15 N. Buckeye. Phone 576. * « ' I > • • « • Office Phono 108.1. DK; K. 0. CHRISTIAN. • Physician and Surgeon, • Rooms '7 and 8. Evans BIdg. DU. W. R. HEVL.MIX. Piiysiciai i Surgeon. Oflice X. E. Corner of Square. Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'s Store. Res. Tel :!S.' Ollice Tel. 502. iiili will III- colliliicled ny ^i."- '"•H's I i 'mr '•11. .Miss Clifford M 'tcliPll of the Cji • siinkling Itiirgiindy apiece. 'ily scliools 11 l.allarpe .iiid I'lof. II. A. Baki' Bit .Mr. Hopkins explained to his i I o:i-iri galion. ofipit interriipied b.v . I l;iii:bter. thai these were not tbe \ MNK-POI'ND KELT. j 1 hi-iis be saw. at all. V hat he actually did see. said he. wf ;e the following. Old men siiipin.i; hi.nb balls, wbeu I bey should bo ill bed wiib a brick at ilieir feet 10 keep up their circiila- IIOll. Old ^'irls—awfully old. fearfully old — to conceal tbe ravages of , . , lime bv a rei.ewal f)f voiith with the ilteer vvbicli weighed a good nine loiiiids. The beet is about nil; '•'reiik Veiredilile Uww In (tardiMi of Dressier Iteslileuce. .\ niup-poiiud heel grown in iroves ihai lola has favor.ablc soil for 'ardening. .Mr. Henry Desslor today! •PHI lo Ihe Re-risler office a beet rais-' 'd ill bis tiardeu at 710 Easi Vint' Dim and iliree nchi s thick. iind aid of a cocktail. i Fat men with blood.shot eyes and a half or four Phone '.I 'M. Fuller BIdg. DH. C.l.\SS, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Glasses Furnished. * • DR. L. TOZER, * * tola Iillirniury, 202 E. Jackson, * , * We use X-Ray, Violet Rays, * * Sialic., flalvanlc and Faradls * • Electricity with vibratory stlm- * • Illation in nervous and chronic * ' • di:-eases. I 'lione 38(1. RrtS. Tel. 198. Office Tel. 163. DR. J. R. PEPPER. In permanently located over E. C. McClaln's Clothing Store, and is prepared to do all kinds of up-to-date dental work. Evening work by appointment. P. L. LathroD, Mrs. Bessie G. Lathrop. OSTECIPATHIC PHTSICIANS. Special attention given to Diseases of Women and Children. Over East Side^ Hardware. Office 'Phone, Main 4B8. \> KNtil .ISir MXleeii TKAIV WHEIKED. Crsons Killed in Di*asfer \eiir Slirewsberir. '. fal necks eaiing Welsh rarebits. The same fat men trying to utter ,'allaiitries to equal fat women drink iiii^ beer out of steins. I •.^ixly-ilolhir-a-tnouth clerks spend- iiu. ilieir week's salary in aileniplinu 10 be "spfirly."; England. Oct. l.".—A | Yoiinu' girls in faded gray skirls rain made up of pass.-'n^er coaches ' .,,,..1 v;j,iri*alsts talking faiuoiis- ouiiil from .Scotland and the north of jy n thp above Vouths. Cnix'aiid to Bristol left the rails as .\ lot of vuU r persons. t. was entering the station parly here'; Mr. Hopkins characterized the olay. Sixteen pprsons. including t.n peiian room as- "one of tbe most d:in- asseii.cers. were killed, and many in u'eroiis places In the city." while he ••;r'd. The dead and injured are bur- lerined tbe Co lege Inn."a dive." •d bpiiPaih a mass and taimlp of 1 !e said that the 1 o*c,loc]{ closing or- vieckage. The wreck occiirrpil on the diiiancp was violated at tliP CollP.i;e • oiidon <t- Xorthwestern road which In:'- on Ibe occasion of his visit. ••urvps sharply as ir noars SIirew.=- ' ii:ry. There the stand'nc- order do^s ' FOR SALE—San Luis Valbw. Co'o- "ot pxcppil ten mil.'s an hour af that rado. IrrigatPd lands In small tracts, lolnt Disrecarrl of Ilie order is le- "" '""'"h'y paympiits. for Upvpd to liavp caitspil the .lecidPiit. full parlictilars write or call, Wliit- aker * DOIIIIPII. Suit the interest of your business-^ Your Choice will be Intelligent^ HOW MI'CH IS SA'l'I.SF.VCTION WORTH TO YOl>? I)i. yen preftr niil'.iHi-i now going out of date or iip-to-tlate mi-thiuls will c.irry far into the liiliirc :- A typ<nvriti-r made ji!«t good enough to scdlor the L.C. S.VITII & HIIIi.s.TYi-i IVIIiTKi:, V. iI!I cverj- useful, viilis.ible fe.-itiiri; inbuilt j ^j^ nnd Writing KNTIRELV :n SiL'lit:- 1.1: V IS Y ()i- 1 11 H I i.r. II.-. r! IV'M.oc i: E L. C. SMITH & BROS. TYPEWRITER CO. 812 Delaware St., Kansas City, Mo. b= wsa Coffey Makes the Prices! And as far as the quality is con :eriied we are always re idy to ."stand back of every prrcliase made at this store. Just to show you that we lead where prices are concerned, we qnt te the following: i adies' Hunting Case Wmtoh, Gold filled, guaranteed for 20 3 ears, with 15- jeweled Elgin or Wal- tbam moveiDHnt, guaranteed, only StOmBO Oeni'a Hunting Caso Mf«toiSr— guaranteed for 20 years, with 15-jeweled Elgin or Walthan movements, guaranteed, only..., SISm50 J. W. Coffey & Son, Home Made Sausage of all Kinds. Cash Paid for Poultry and Hides OTTO HINZE, UT-TO-DATE MEAT MARKET 113 East Madisoi i' EXJU'SIVE .(KWKLERS, E.\ST SIDE SQr .VRE. PERFECTION WICK FLAME OIL STOVE f SAFE CONVENIENT Fin )NOMtCAL If yonrdealerOon't hjuwile it, writa to THE STANDARD OIL COMPANY III Sontb Wasliingfon.— Ilello 114. FLOWER POTSF .'>. 10, 15 Cents Eakin's Hardware Livinq^tob £/• Co t'untnirtortt mai BaMen. All kinds of work a specialty ! • Snnlh Srcamerfi. Phoai> lUfl I Kor Sale Cheap, fiood Farm and ICiiy Property. SOP the ; THE JAillAWKEH LAIH) CO. IOi» S. Ki-iiturk.r. Phone •li.l.ifor fiuick re^tilfs. Old Court Hpusei " i«la, Kang. Dt'llvi-rcd lo ••iii.v i);irt oC Ilie cit.v. lola Bosiness College Might or Dmy Sesmlan Penmanship, Arlthmetir, Elofution, Bookkeepiiiiu;, English, Pli.vslcal Culture, etc., Shorthand, Letter Writing. 1 R, S, GILFiLLMM, I General Contrtefor.' ' Flagstone and Cement Sldewalki aai ; Curbing a Specialty. <»ffire lis East Jaekaoa Aj%, Pkeu m.

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