The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on November 17, 1964 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 17, 1964
Page 6
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PAGE 6 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Tuesday, Nov. 17, 1964 ? Esther F. Dozier vs. Robert appear and default' judgment appear and default judgement of absolute divorce granted as per decree. In Re Estate of Ed Thompson. Edith. Fishback, executrix. Ante­ nuptial agreement filed and ordered made of record. In Re Estate of Clayton L. O'Banion, Jean Francis, Executrix. Motion for production of -documents granted. Foreign News (Continued from page 2) Economically, the country suffers the usual Communist ' ills" of centralized planning and lack of incentive. Once able to produce, enough grain to feed itself and even to export, it now must import. Despite a conspicuous lack of raw materials, the regime continues to .press a campaign for heavy industry. In Hungary, the average wage is about i,700 forints per month, or something less than $80, just about enough to buy a medium quality man's overcoat. Kemp Methodist M.Y.F. paper drive, Saturday be ginning 10:00 a.m. Anyone wishing to contribute call OS 5-4677. C-37 05 Wouldn't you like to receive this Extra Money at Christmas TOO? You'll enjoy the holidays more next year if you- can be the bountiful .Santa you'd like to be without piling up a lot of Christmas Bills! Set aside a convenient amount each week for next year's holiday expenses in a CHRISTMAS CLUB ACCOUNTI By JESSE BOGUE UP I Financial Editor NEW YORK (UPD—Running one of the world's largest photographic specialty operations over a period of years brings home repeatedly the valfie of service in the specialized irefail operation, said Lou Moss. Moss is chairman' of the board of Willo-Peer Corp., retail division of Berkey Photo, Inc. It operates Peerless camera and the 60-year-old Willoughby's in New York, a Peerless store in Pittsburgh and Peer was formed in October, 1962, to acquire the, photograph ic retail business of Grayson- Robinson. "Department stores, shopping centers, discount houses take some of the low - priced business," said Moss in an interview ' here, "but people who wint a professional or sophisti : cated job come to the camera store." 'Moss said that it was indeed a highly competitive field, and one in which the "extra" touches count in getting and holding a cusomer.- 1 ' .? "We have not only -trained personnel, but are willing to give time and effort to the customer;" he continued. "I feel we give as much care to supervision as to sales; supervisors in our stores are not allowed to sell. And we believe we owe something to the industry, so we're willing not only to make money but to spend money to make it." About 95 per cent of his customers at the big retail operations in New York are men,Aloss continued. "Maybe women feel subconsciously that they want to be the subject for a picture, not the person that takes it." Moss personally likes photography as a hobby; he said he oelieved its growth in recent years was a result of the rise in leisure time, and the attendant blossoming of hcbby operations.- "If they have cameras and sue them, people need have no fear that they will have time on their hands with nothing to o," he said. On The Farm Front CHILD'S FOOT MILEAGE An activeseven-year-old may take as many as 30,000 steps a day, covering a distance of some 10 miles. (Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.) By GAYLORD P. GODWIN United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI) —The Agriculture Department today predicted net farm income in 1965 will total around $12.4 billion, about the same as estimated for 1964 and not far from the §12.5 bilhon of 1963. In a review of the farm income situation, the department said gross farm income in 1965 may be much the same as the ?41.9 billion estimated for 1964. Production expenses may show some increase over the $29.5 billion ,of 1964, but probably much less than usual. The department released its 1965 income prediction as the annual Agricultural Outlook Conference got under way. The conference is essentially a fact finding and fact interpreting workshop during which the department takes a long hard look at the economic health of the country from the standpoint of agriculture. Department economists said the outlook for 1965 points to a. continued record high average of realized net income per farm.' Both farm members and the farm population are expected to continue to decline next year. This would make for record high income, per farm and record high income per capita of"persons living on farms. The economists : said. disposable personal income per capita of the farm population may rise slightly in 1965 because of the relative stability in farm income, continued general economic expansion, and . a further reduction in income tax rates. The department said cash receipts from farm marketings of livestock and-livestock products probably will be higher in 1965 than in 1964. Government payments to farmers also are expected to rise in 1965, but not SPECIAL GUESTS • A quartet from Marion college "were special guests at an evening service - recently at Atlanta Methodist coiirch. Several from the omvmunity attended including Mr. and Mrs. Oren Rector and a group of young people who attend a youth group at Atlanta library on Sunday evenings. Tipton Cbtmty Library open Monday-Wednesday- Friday till 8:00 p.m. C!f HOLLY RED SHOES Holly Red is one of the exciting colors in the f all. line of brushed " pigskin casual • shoes for women. It is a clear and vibrant red which can- be -worn with such striking ; binations as red and - pink, red and yellow and red. with'gray: It is offered in an ankle-high boot '. and .'. iti... medium-height stacked-heel dressy casuals. as much as the big increase from 1963 to 1964. On the other hand, receipb from farm mar­ ketings-of crops next year, likely., will be" lower than in 1964. This assumes average growing conditions in 1965 and a recovery from the reduced yields for some of the 1964 crop. A strong domestic and foreign demand for farm products in 1965 also was predicted. Exports are expected to approach the 1963-64 record. Almanac 'By United Press International' Today is Tuesday, Nov. 17, the 322nd day of 1964 with 44 to follow. The moon is approaching its full phase. The morning stars are Venus, M'JTS and Jupiter. The evening stars are Jupiter and Saturn.- On this day in history: In 1800, Congress C9nvened in Washington for the first time. . In 1869, the Suez Canal in Egypt-was formally, opened. .In 1881,' Samuel Gompers organized-the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions of the U.S. and Canada. In 1963, the Soviet Union released Yale Profesor Frederick Barghoorn who had ben held on spy charges. ' A thought for the day—American writer Mark Twain said: "Soap and education are not as sudden as a massacre,- but they are more deadly in the long run." Johnson (Continued fronj page 1) he might be capable of doing." Thought It Joke Then he asked her to marry him: "I thought it was some kind of a joke," she said later. But she soon found out that Johnson was dead serious. He took her to meet his parents and his boss, the late Rep. Richard M. Kleberg Sr., D-Tex., and he managed to see her every day until he had to return to Washington. When Johnson met her father, the late Thomas Jefferson'Tay­ lor, the old man told ~'her: "Daughter, you've been bringing home a lot of boys. This time you've brought a man." For the next two months Johnson telephoned or wrote his intended nearly every day,", Finally; -Miss Taylor capitulated. Advertise In The Tribune Hospital Notes ADMISSIONS: Mary Jo Tapps, Noblesville; Herman Johnson, Cicero; Harry Plake, Tipton; Lisa Plake, Tipton; Judy Kerfoot, Atlanta; Pearl Hussey, Elwood; Jeff Little, Tipton; Sina Benge, Frankfort; Kafcy Robinson, Tipton; Beverly ^Siggins, Lapel; Loda Walker, Michigantown; Mary Miller, Tipton; Thomas Dwiggins, Michigantown; Garnet Hood,. Windfall; Lucille Yundt, Windfall; Oma Mott, Kempton. DISMISSALS: May Terhune, Tipton; Wilanna Hill, Frankfort; Barbara Headley, Tipton; Esther Jeske, Windfall; Von Hawkins, Kempton; Kenny Humgate,. Tipton; Walter Edwards, Kempton; Verle-Samuels, Anderson. Programs Listed By Homemakers Several holiday programs will •be featured on "Homemakers' Program" broadcast over WBAA , 920 on the dial, during the balance of the month. The programs., which are narrated by Mary Alice Crosson, are presented by the Purdue Cooperative Extension Service and are heard from 10 to 10:30 a.m., Monday through Friday. Holiday programs of interest are: Nov. 18, "The Holiday Turkey"; Nov. 19, "Eating a Variety of {Foods"; Nov. 20, "The Thanksgiving Dinner Menu"; Nov. 26, "Songs of Thanksgiving!'; Nov. 27, "There's Fun in the Finding.", EX-JUDGE DIES GARY, Ind. (UPI) —Ora L. Wildermuth, 82, first city judge of Gary., and former president of the board of trustees of Indiana University, died Monday in Mercy Hospital here. . Wildermuth was municipal judge from 1910 to 1915. He was on the I-U board 27 years from 1S25 to 1952 and served as president from 1938 to 1949. C Investigators . (Continued from cage 15 pending funeral arrangements.' Identification of the victims was made by coroner's deputies assisted by Clark County sheriff's deputies and agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Ford : (Continued from page 1) Famous 80-20 Collision Coverage Protects Your Pocketbook Against $40 and $50 Auto Eepair Bills What If you were Involved In an auto collision that did 40, 50, or 60 dollars damage to your car. How much of the repair bill would your present auto policy, pay? 1 • . Company records show that 65% of all collision losses are small ... less than 75 dollars. That's why Farm Bureau Insurance emphasizes its famous 80-20 collision coverage ... to protect you ' against-the losses that are not covered In most deductible policies. Here's how our 80-20 protection works: You pBy only 20% of the loss, even If It Is only one dollar. Farm Bureau Insurance pays 80°/obf each loss, up to $200 ... and 100% of the loss above that.. The most you can ever pay on one loss is $40, even if your car Is totally demolished.' Here is protection that relieves you of the financial strain of every accident, yet the premium Is comparatively low. That's why 84% of our policyholders who carry collision iRsurance, are protected with this 80-20 collision coverage. ® ! Available through i Auto premiums m»y b* pild annually, »tml- annually—or you may UM th* Thrifty MeBlp plan trhlcb allow* you to lump all your Farm \ - Buraail Inwranct logtthtr, and pay tor It In regular montfily paymtnt* jhat ara aaay on yourbodgaL ' f J : '0«r>pu^pr«4e^ ,«uto ^ppflcy. nplra toon? } S«c yaur'^rRi .Bunwi iMurance agent pilar*. . &v.,-^. k rw*>-!«"' HjtiQt&JSI STRfee -J *S jAOfAA A J SC<«> O UNA'" strikers. William Perrin, presii dent of the striking Association of Western Pulp and iPaper Workers, said his union had so- licitied Hoffa's support and was grateful for the "pat on the back." Irish (Continued from page 4) Dame, the nation's first-ranked football team, defeated MSU 34-7. •Falcon said he had never witnessed a similar incident in 37 years as MSU band director. He also noted, however, he felt manners of the Notre Dame deteriorated sharply in the last few years. MSU has taken its band to South Bend five times in the last 15 years, he said. William C. Moffit, assistant band director and arranger, said the attacks continued until some of the attackers into No- instruments and started defending themselves. They chased some of the attackers into o- tre Dame dormitories. Christmas Greetings By 'Grandma!, Grandma Moses Christmas cards are appearing; again>for the first time in nearly a decade. Hallmark Cards is offering one of her typical New England scenes of a century ago, ."Out for the ; Christmas Tree." No other artist ever achieved such popularity ; on Christmas cards as Grandma, the little old lady who started P a, n«u>« «n her 70's and soared to world-wide fame. She died in 1961 at the age of 101. WINDFALL Mrs. Ted Barrett Miss Rebecca Barrett, a sophomore atj Johnson Bible college near Knoxville, Term., was <a weekend Mr. and guest of her parents, |Mrs. Ted Barrett. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rettierford have received word of the birth of a son, son, and Jeffery Allen; to their wafe, Mr. and Mrs Keith Retherford, of Asnara, Ethopia, jon Monday, November 9. The mother is the former Miss Rita Gross, daughter of Mr. and Elwood. Mrs. Floyd Grass, of Mrs. Dora Legs is ' visiting her son land family, Mr. and Mrs.- Robert Legg, of Kansas City, Moj care of : and assisting - in the their new son, John Mark, born Monday November Mr. and. Mrs. Keith Martin and son,| of near Tipton were recent evening supper guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Martin. Lirfjle New York Mrs. Eugene Kirby fhawti •missed hospital. Friend- has been dis- from 'Tipton County Mr. and, Mrs> Charles Cauble of near JLittle New York, are parents of a girl born Thursday at Tipton County hospital. She is welcomed by three brothers, Bob, Billy and Rickey. Sir. and Mrs! Jack Lee are maternal grandparents.. Mrs. {Clarence' Walker, of Frankfort, spent a few days with Mrs. Emma Thompson. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Straley, of Anderson, were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lonel Atchelly and daughters. NEW YORK '(UPI)—Funeral services will be held Wednesday for Mrs. Walter M. Oestreicher, 85, widow of the managing editor of the old Brooklyn Daily Times. Mrs. Oestriecher's grandson, David J. Oestriecher is overnight cables editor for United Press International and her son, the late John C. Oestriech­ er, was foreign; news' director for International News , Service until he died in 1951. HOPEWELL WSCS I Members of the Hopewell Woman's Society of Christian Service will meet at the home of Mrs. Carlton Barker, route 4 on Thursday morning at 9 a. m. NEW YORK (UPI) — Actor John Emery, 59, a 40-year veteran of the legitimate theater, television and motion pictures, died at home Monday following a lengthy illness. : GROWING ROOM Dresses without belts or definite waistlines will fit comfortably I as a little girl grows taller, sewing experts report. Roomy armholes and shortl sleeves without' cuffs or bands] also have more (growing room Bands hamper arm movement and become tighter as the 'child grows. Deep hems and. ample seams also give growing room —wiUi needed adjustment as the dress becomes too tight, YOUNG LOVE The .most frequent., age o< marriage for high school graduates .is 18. And four out of -five! girls who receive "sweej^earf chests",— cedar hope chests'-^ from their men, are married within, the-year, a recent survey shows. oncircl LETTERHEAD STATIONERY. iridtmad an ideal gift that wBI lie renemberetH BOMBARDED—Israeli children sort out their possessions trom rubble-brought down by Syrian shells striking the roof of their home In the Dan Kibbutz. . (Cubtephoto) URGES REVERSAL WASHINGTON (UPI) —The U. S. poultry and egg industry wants the government to seek reversal of a new, common market increase in chicken and egg import tariffs. The six nations of the market imposed a 10 per cent increase, effective Monday, which raised the total tariff on chickens to nearly 17 cents a pound. The executive 'committee of the International. Trade Development Board said the tariff hike already had resulted in cancellation of orders for millions of pounds of chicken. It urged the United States to retaliate, if necessary, with its own import restrictions. [hunger in the world, i McGovern was the nation's ! first Food-For-Peace director i before he was elected to the Senate. > MORRIS RESIGNS WASHINGTON (UPI) —Army Undersecretary 'Paul R. Ignatius, 44, of Los Angeles will be named assistant secretary of defense for installations and logistics, succeding - Thomas D, Morris. The White House said Monday that President Johnson had accepted Morris' resignation "witlr a great deal of regret." Morris' a 51-year-old Knoxville, Tenn., native, has been influential in the Defense program. It was also announced that ' President Johnson planned to name Ignatius to succeed Morris. SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (UPI) —Funeral services were scheduled this morning in Santa Barbara Cemetery Chapel for Donald, Culross Peattie, well- known author and naturalist. Peattie, 66, died Monday in his home after a lengthy illness. MCGOVERN HONORED WASHINGTON (UPI) -Sen. George S. McGovern, D-S.D., was honored by the American Freedom from Hunger Founda tion Monday night for hisrlead- er-ship in the struggle against FOR FOR Monarch Letter Heads (Ladies) 100 Sheets 9.10 500 Sheets $10.85 } 20 lb. Bond Sales Tax not included OriDER EARLY FOR DELIVERY BEFORE CHRISTMAS Tipton Daily Tribune 20% off TAGS - OFFICE FORMS — WEDDING INVITATIONS — POSTERS. Mfisa "5 V I SIOUX FALLS, S..D. (UPI)— Funeral services were pending today for Mrs. Grace Nelson, 63, editor of the woman's page of the Sioux Falls Argus-Leader for the past nine years. She died Monday. BANGOR, Maine (UPI)—Funeral services will be held here Wednesday for (Frank L. Ames, 71, retired vice-president of the Bangor Daily "News. He died Saturday. DIA N A Ends Tonight 2 Shows At 7, & 9, .P.M. KIM NOVAK in "Of Human Bondage" Opens Tomorrow MATINEE SATURDAY STARTING AT 2 P.M. Cavalry vs. Apache in the last of the great; Indian wars 11 TROY SUZANNE WANE 1BIAH0E PUS W«: A DISTANT TRUMPET Also This Color Hit! Killers '- EXPlOSIUlV /VfH 1 ' IN COLOR' OpensSunday 'BrMgw on *• Rtvar Kwil" OF TIPTON M. . r V„ f O !

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