Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 22, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1908
Page 7
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THE lOlA DAILY BEGISTER THUBSDAY ETESiyG, OCTOBEB 28. 1809. NEWS of the COUNTY 1 PLEASANT TALLEY HILL. Little Frauk Bcnsou was taken sick in school Friday and Saturday broko out with somo kind of a rash but he was not sick, but played ali ot the time. H« had not been any \Miere except to srhool, and they think it cannot be anything he has caught for no one in school has had anything similar. • Mrs. Emma Beahm came home on Sunday from lola, where she has been staying with her haughter. 01- llc Foster and family for a week. John Beahm sold his place to Robert Hart, of lola, and will give up possession the first week in November. He thinks of moving back to California where they spent last summer. George Fabeon who has been here with his sister, Mrs. Benson, returned to his home in Oklahoma this W€ek. Mr. Hohl was Jiere a couple -of days the first of the week looking over the new ho;:.-" that H. H. Shockey is building for him and had it plumbed for gas while ho was here. Mr. and Mrs. E. Baird attended the U. B. Conference in Tola Saturday, but missed going Sunday on account of the rain. Homer Rush will have his sale tlie 25th and goes to Tulare, California, soon after, where they expect to make their home. The new preacher. Rev. Newton Tucker, will preach here next Satur- urday night and Sunday the 4th, instead of the .^rd Sunday in the month. Everybody come out and hear him. Mr. William Baird, siicut Friday night and Ssiturday 'at the himo of Mr. Speaker's farm. The consideration was $50 an acre. Hazel Moure returned to her home in .Morau after a short visit with her sister. Mrs. Abbie Sloan. Mrs. Eva Robb visited over Sunday with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Hoddy who r «^ctM »tly returned from an extended visit in Indiana. The house which Mrs. jRomborger is building on the old Barber place is ncarlng completion. Tlio Railroad company Is haulinc water and putting in tho r<>servoir at the tank at <thc pond 5s dry. Mr.' Minor's were gu»>si.<; at Mr. Ketchem's in Moran Sunday. Jim Rodgers had the misfortune to set a mai-e cut on the barb wire so badly she had to be killed. Saturday and Sunday the third quarterly meeting. Quarterly conference was hfld in Bronson Saturday afternoon. R PV . Ciovdon of Humboldt tal-ins lElder Kcloy's plac<'. Quarterly meeting sorvicr-s at Prairla on Sunday morninp. Tlie Miller-s have dlspo.sed of tbeir ranch and i^-^'f section of pastun- land to a real estate firm in lola. Mrs. Mattock is st.iyius at present with her son Jim and family. Mrs. Barber and daughter of .Morau were visiting at Mr. Lam's last week. A FROST TONIGHT OBSERTER SrHOPPE SAYS THAT IT nILL BE COLDER. RIVER RISES EIGHT FEET VJt ... Good Until Oct. 24 REI'.VIR WORK 0> DAM HA.S BLE\ STOPPED. .MAKES ASTOMSHPrC f rilES. .lIi-o>na Taiilefs. Cure Dyspepsia hy Promptly KeinoTlne the Cause, or Money Back. Dyspepsia cannot l)e cured by taK- ing a digester, t^urh as pepsin, becaiisi' pepsin siiuply digest.s yuiir food ar- iiis old friend Van Fulks north of! t 'r '<^ii<il>-'and ""t «'f the food eith- lola. Mrs. Sadie BrowQ liad a very hard spell of asthma last week, the first she has had since early in the summer. She tried tloing willinut the medicine that slie lias been takiuR all that time to see If it had effected a cure, but it seems to only be keep ing it off while slic takes it. Four of CJrandma Oslmrn's geose lay dead when they jiot up Tuesday morning, and two more are missing. TSTiether some animal killed that many and carried off only two or wliat It was is not known. Tlie dea<I ono.s were not tliree rods from the house. 0— 1 T>"ESLET CHAPEL. a 1 0— -0 Mr.<5. ,loe Read returned Friday from her visit in Oklahoma. T. J. r>augherly left Monday for Indiana on business. .loe Younp came down from Kansa.s City to spend Sunday with home folks. Mr. Clopton took his fat cattle to Kansas City Monday. Rev. Moulesworth, wife and sister, took dinner at Franklin Smith's last Monday and supper with Mr. Young's. Rev. Gordon of Humboldt preached an interestinsj sermon Sunday iiii^ht at the Chapel. On account of a funeral of one of his congregation l;e had to leave before the quarterly conference Monday. Guess wc will have jdenty of stock water now. Mr, E. D. Laury and ."Mr. Tliompson of Moran attended quarterly conference Monday. Mr. .Tohn Rogers wr-iil to lola .Mon- dav for repairs for hi.-< .sorgliimi mil'. Lee Buckley staid nights with Mrs. Clopton while .Mr. Clopton w;is unuc to the city. Fred Olmstead went to Dakota last weekto try his luck on the land draw, ing. AVe hojio l.e was one of tlie Incky ones. • • Miss Vera Olmstead ranie over Friday from lola. and visited home folks tmtil Sunday eveninc. when she I K;turned to her school work. er. for it' has not effect ;it all on starchy food, such as potatoes, rice, oatmeal, bread, etc. There is jusf one way to enie dyspepsia and stoinaeli disorders, trivial or serious, and that Is to tone up or line energy into the stomach walls. ;:o that they will be ;ilde to i)ropirly mix or churn the food. .Mi-o-na tablets cure .>-'touiacli troubles by puling strength ajid energy Into tlie .stcinaeli. They quickly arouse the stomach from its inaction, and in a short time it is able to do its work l>r»,>perly. .Mi-o-na is sticces.-fally iisi-d in vomiting of i >rei ;nancy. in cur and sea sickness. And bear in mind that when the stomach i-^ in Kood condi'i' • >iinsii- patiou disaiiears. alF -i v.-- -ness. patiou disaiM'cars. al .^-o ; . r nc'-s etc. rhas. B. Sjieneer & Co., th • druB- gist. sells Mi-o-iia t:iblets at '>') cents a large box. under a rigid guarantee to do ajl that is claimed for them, or money back. ROUSING REPUBLICAN MEETING Hon. Chas. F. Scott Spoke to a Crowd at Garnett. Big I PRAIKIK ROSE The Ganictt News says: Hon. Chas. V. Scott. Republican candidate for congressman from this district, spoke to a large and enthusiastic audience at the Grand opera house here last night. The rainy weather kei>t many from corning out Init notwithstandiuK tills the largest crowd assembled last iiiRlit of any in the campaign this year. •Mr. Scott discussed the issues of 'lie canijiaign in a clear and concise l;iisiness like manner. All 1 is arguments were sound, lo.tjical and devoid of any political clap-trap. Mr. "Scott not only maile votes for the Republican ticket, but will carry 9, this county by a handsome majority as he deserves to do. Mrs. Strickler entertained lii>r sister. Mrs. Longstreth and children, from Deer Creek M >inity several days la.sjt week. Mrs. Wood and Mrs. Ford spent Moncay with Mrs. Hoil. Robert Rogeri? and wife entertained Lewis Stanley and family on Sim-' d^y. Were Married Here, ,r. R. Moore, of Thayer and .Mis.- Cora Hillpike of Kansas Pity w<>re married yesterday hy .Indue Smith. The iiridf came from Oreuon. and was the first child born in h<'r immediate section. -Mr. .Moore i.s in business at Tl:ayer, where they will make Mr. Humphrey last week pnrchased their kome. When You Buy^ysters Don't Pay For Water Why should you get a pint of Water with every quart of Oysters? Water is cheap—bloats and bleaches the oyster- spoils it! natural flavor. Vou have never known how gooti oysters can be unless you have had Oysters They ar« shucked into air-tight steel cans and shipped direct from the beds- packed with ice around the container, not in contact with the oysters. You get all solid tueatai And how fresh; wholesome, appetizing and delicionsly different they are! . . Ask lor '»S «al8hipt Sense," a booklet containing new and attracUve ways of preparing oyaters. If your dealer doesn't sell "Sealshipt," here are some who do: FREYER BROS; OHO flINZE; OUR WAY The genuine "Sealshipt" Oj-sters are always sold from a Whilft Porcelain Display Case bearing the "Sealshipt" Uade mark in blue. This ia for yonr protection—look for it, The "Sealshipt". Carrier System is patented. Infringe- menta will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. NATIONAL OYSTER CARRIER COMPANY Temperalure Has Fallen From 71 tu II—Bill Shiftless Was >early Drowned Todaj. r " •Purned if it ain't rainic' .vff " Hill Shiftless said as he rolled out of b'^d 'at the home of his cousin. Sam Slothful, this morning. "T never saw the like of it in my life. Here I come to Toly to vindicate the name of Democracy and all f get is a good soakin.' ' Bill had a grouch and refused to eat breakfast even with his cousin and he stalked up town with the air of a man who had been badly Imposed upon. When he reached the first store where there was a crowd which made a noise like good listenars. Bill stcii- ped In. ".Momln", fellers." he said, 'ly way of salutation, 'Still rainin' ain't iiV" "Yes." a man repl:«^d. "I just talking to the engine'>r at the power house over the telephone and he tells me that the river has raised seven feet since yesterday evening at five o'clock. Ulien h« went home at that hour yesterday, the water stood a foot and one-half below low water m.ark. This noon If had risen to five and one-half feet above it." "Guess that raisin' some." Rill said, determined to. have a tongue in the lincual puddle. "Yes. and the men •employed on tlie municipal dam repair work at the power house ha<l to quit work." continued the well informed man. 'that dam is all under -water and the current is rushing by like a mail train behind time." Here Bill showed evidences of his fast and had temper. "Well, don't It beat hens a peckin." h<' criimbP-d. "three days of rain. V\'lint do yon know about it?" "I know that the farmers are all tickled so ranrh that they have laughed so loud the corn's ears are all split." a bystander said. "Oh, shucks." Bill muttered disdainfully, --sr— -T "Fact." said the bystander. "Kansas soil is so fertile that it's started all the seed to growinp—thi.^ Kentle but steady downpour—and now instead of hauling water, they h.ave plenty for the stock risht where the st(«rk is. in the pasture, along the creek and evcr.vwhere. The ponds nnd creelT. are all full. T tell a man. Mrs rain m '-ant a dollar every time a flrop fell." "If that's so." Bill howled, "its a '^ond<•r von didn't K"* yotir head bust•'d in with tlii.« free silver showe". Were s:ettiir too mncli rain. I'm go- in;: back to •Kiiipory.'" Bill n-jilkf-d out wiTliont a far.-".v<II %yoril. M-' WHS f'.' '.'isgusted tha> his liiiiiI 'Mi vocnhuiar^ v.aa wholly'- quat" to cope with the situation. Mut Hill was doomed to h '-ar more rain data. V\'h <Mi !!<• went t" ilic dnpiii tf> ut}\ • I tiek",; tn ••I -"iii |>r,r;.'• h»- o \f>rli''"d ? •onvjT .-.ttimi. It v\a- ln-intc <:i (ri»'d " T I -o lond that liili Jn.-t had »<> lis" n Cnriu .-iiy ec nij'ell .-d him to do so. •'U'ell. : ir. I jn.<-l la '.kin;; m \Vini :>in \. -I. Schop |ie, chi"-!' of 'h" lola weather luireau." a n);iJi wai :.i.v- Ing to his coinpaniwn. hillinir Frost 1 uniirhL ••\V< II. v .har wa.s lie sayin;:? 'bf fompanioii ret 'irned cli <'-;'lly. "One thing wab that the temp '-raiM e htjd fHli»'H fmni 7J :it L" y«i .»i ;rd.'y t'. 11 at 2 ti'd .Tv." Mill i te< !h chati.>red 'Vnd he .Slid that th»;ie ;v..<iid i*. a killing frost tonight.' Hill was a; the point of .liklim the man for a 'lr-an of an overcoat nlien he fainted. With s«mie difficulty he wafi revived and it wa.s discovertnJ that he didn't h <\ve the |»rice of a tick>t and lie was sent l>ack to town I '^Durned if it ain't rainin' yt.' -aid to the man he met on a eo!ti».r. "Y's ;ind lis rained a total of s-ix inches since Sunday morning.' the man said. "In 24 hours we have had S:n inches, in 4S r. 12 inches, with no greater excess in thrte yt-ai j. And the end is not yet." "It'll be the end of me yet." Hi 1 said, us he moved on discousiilately. The longer he walked toward town the madder and more discouraged he grew. He turned resolutely around. "1*11 walk to Eknpory," he declared. When he reached the Neosho river, it was still raining and the river still raising. "Cant bluff me." he muttered between lis teeth, "I dcm't beUere this Wc will continue taking piano certificates until Saturday night. We do this mere'y to stimulate our business and if you hold the certificate you are the LUCKY ONE. Remember, cnly one certificate will apply on each piano. We are taking lots of them. Any certificate from a well known piano house is good with us. The balance you can pay in easy payments if you choose. John V. Roberts Music Co. 13 North Washington [ola, Kansas jSmokelOLABOOSTERl river ha.^ ri/. as imi'-ii ;i 'ii<;- --^ ni wade it." Hill walked in The water uov fiu' J .Su wa-< the dci'th anil cun.-n>. .Ttel i .'•on .-ank mil of ;:ij:ln. I "flhUiied t'r'.ii.'' .1 I ^scner .-;iid. "Ihit: liver has r^i.-i'-d eii ;Iit feet up ilsi- itiinijie and Mill ;;t'ing." And In- fi.>h"d l -.ilL '>iit nitli ;i uup- I.'itng lio<-!c. • i 'iiin "d if il a!:i't iti' yet," Dill spillt »i--d a- le- iv.ieh'jd iht; fciirface. i:\jDov,iifM. ;. u ri.iii >-:-.Irr- KtrX MLBKKrsO .N Bl SY. Mixdi- llu'h Tav I.a IV and I 'riniary K.\tni W«»rk. ti"w ).rini:try ui-.ti iito iipit:i!i'>ii i^>r tht In Tlie .siieaiesi clerieal tasks iluii ;'.:'y county officers in Kansas h:;ve ••\.r had to nndert;ike was crei 'trd year hy pnttin:; tli tax laws time. .\<ine of the rraf nv «-iiiintr officer.s was »r all (••rtain abnii .t jtra'- tical plans for piittin .L; tti<- i ;'-w l .iv into .^ffic-r. ;iiid th '-r--^ wer" ri'-;i;. > aioiiir the litir-. Pr »;i .'?iini; th»' t.ix TO !!': 'or •J!'- '-ovn ly treasurer, tv(:ii undf r 'lie -dii !. TW. was liie meale.'^i cierie.i; t;i.=-): "f tl.o .\e:ir in the offict- of t |ie c;)nni> ci'rk. and this year nn al'iiost CI:I II> H:; aii:ontii of ••\tr;i woik .•iceiiniiil.-tif d t'jr tli-it ofiic'r '•v<r.' wi-k. i.''.iiii';. 'lerk K. K. f'lilhett-on and liih lie;. .it;.-. .Mi - l.-ii.i <'-,iIt'ti' ;.;n. Ii.av- t :tk'!i i -iiii- 'if nil fiii- eMrn uork wit'i rpii.;)(rk ;il>l'^ ritir- and .'•.•coricv. liif;. hav» }!;</! to kp.rtU-^u 'hiT T/ork iiii: day,; in order lo compi'^''^ tax roll.-, l.y jh<' ripie the fa:;c.: are due. i >Mt it is a :-,Tfe K'l.-ss tliiit the t.ix rrdls wii! be ready "n 'h'^ first dn;. flfit tliey uv>- te idcd. l)''f.iii.-«- of lii.- Iia'v- !HK to work at niv;h» Mi. C'iil»ri '..ti lias liei'ii iin ;ililf to nit 'Tid .it;;, of th«^ '{•'•puldiean ni'^e 'itas or ati.i- ofher irriili'-riims thiH fail Thro. Strickl.iod in Town Theodore Strickland, who lias tseen worUine c>n his macadam contract in HuralKddt fo \^nsliii>. came up today. Th" force had to quit work on account of the weather. Al .Vbramc took the contract for eoiibiderablv macadam work in Hmnboldt township some time ago. but .Mr. Strickland took part of it off his hands. Theodore says that all of the .«;treams are high from the recent rains. .1!; il' \i : ' • '.V . ;• d'.lliir PI the TJ-,. ; Th« » •tiiiniitlre at Te;;'!..; da* .Vihriiniii). 'Ill'- t^'p''^'' '--'y^; .'v s;i'' r ii ;iti >v iiiijMjiii!' d iiy ili»- I'r--' Kail -iS s'-r.f.d held a d .Tv al''rti''"ii i'l i':.' '»T'|;f B'-'Anini I" ilis'. II--- P'.'T ; tt -i P'''nii:'iiiiit ••itdi'« lii' i;* fi-rii! ri..ll"i:<' of r:np (>ii;i M jn- CoilPi:" of UiiipiiM i;;;,: nu\ ; of periiii.'Mfpt ••!i!r '\-;ri'.'!'*. I.-iu ruiiuial ii!»-fliiiu- 111' t!i', -y.-u d. I 'lJ .i Ce­ ll.tier N ;i;id ;< in f":.i. .-j > .•'•.,:\ ••<,:i\- mittfe '\v;is ap|ioi!it>J :<> <• f>n- i dowmtnt fund. Ti,-.'<-tiiii'i !ii 'i e i- <•';i; j posj'd of three \'\>--\<\'t:\\\u ; • of the state an I six ay riiei;ii "-r-. in- j cludini,- Dr. .S. I -r -^.-y. 'i (.;'. kt.: Pr 1 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ K. U .faivi.-. Winfield; 'AV '.v. i -.ov.-! inan. Topeka: II. C. V.ilso:-. V.^k'^ney 1 menilifrs of the conimittee appeared lM ;iiil; llit:4 :iiii.ui. .Saiin ;i: .1. W. Cal- to he ot th»' opinion that a quarter of hoiiid. For', Sro't: F,. W. Lc ^is Em- -a miilion. :'.t least, slionid be secured. !(•!•!;'. t'lid .Mr. L 'P.'iph 'H" Iliit 'diln- ;-'>ii iii -.'ini.t r;. «M" 't!'> (•(.iMiiiiittC'" •ti'^iid 'ii ye-''Td •> •.- infeii 'K-, a- did :i! .(• !:-,v. il f. Ciiih-; l?oii. iii'.'d «-:,t cJ" !h' i 'o !lo_<- ni I^niporia. .Vo <i* finite !:i ;irk was piactil hy the eoiiKiiiTttf >e:-tird;iy a.~ a •::<>.'.[ in the '•t.'t 'iv iii'ii! v.otlc. it v .;i ; decided Raw Tur^! B. S. BARNARD SJl-SiC >orll. r.uckcj'- ^^trcet, I'da. han-iti'-, V'ju star' VIL ''^- * nd '"'bli'. T'li) '.h" nsark"! <.-•• • iquare deji. non't i)ay an;. eommlESion or express charges. Uoii 't sell to any triis* or i;ive midd 'cinen .•i .-jy prr -fits anil don 't lia \e any r> crci'. wlien yoti sliip cr '.dl to B. S. BARNARD He Sure Votiie at tile KiV .ht P!;4ve. i:>.t"e V .TK i;ir';e a.=; pOc .-:io! It is p'anned to secure as much as P".=.-!i.le of the endowment in Kansas, and appeals for contributions to s'niice.^ oiit;,ide thr- stare will not Le liuide until the state has h'-en canvassed. The college was founded by tli<- Kansas synod and is controlled t>y a board of trustees elected by the The svnod. Gib Holt in Town. Gib Holt. Democrat!'' candidate for county treasurer, i-; !n town this af temoon. Ft. Scott Man CHsappears. Word has been received in tola statins that a well known man of Ft. Scoft. myaterionsly disapi'cared from his home at noon y. sterday and has not been seen nor has any word been received from him since. His wife and family are reported to be miich alarmed over the disappearance, the huEband having said nothing about leaving to anyone. "Offlcial Seal" Qgars. 3 for 25c. at Burrell's drug store. Special 'on Saturdays, 5 cents straight eriiie Crows Hair juid v/c can PROVE IT! Tbc < :ca* DANDERJiVE Never i oils lo Produce thc >^'!5irci] Rcr alts. I T'-"!;.-r.i r--I . •. .;-rit-i tJir hafr JjlandJ <r •' ti-^SUCS o( fhe scalp, resaltin;; In a contlnuoos ami Jn^rc^iiin? ^ro-vtli ci the halt. Kr-i '•cut*: i*''/ • • ; ;. ;r • :r ail pmtt vl t •. . . - .M../- - , J ., ; • . • .1 I-.- • u-"-'.ti or bj!r In t - •' •• •• rvL«rirr -.a abio- ,\ -i'v :-. :• ' .•• i -^r -'. rf; . : : • : i .-v t-i<- '--pp-J ; •• •. ..r : 1 -.: . - 'i .a.l • • t-i V.'-j e N.-a\; -m -J l.fcps \X »t>. I' :• t'l - f-r-^r-ct !--•:';> in.sioralar Ir-.'.r.. It i-. a -..l-o'-sonr; n =dicin2 . I I".-, »h- K::- cr.c! K.-'?- Eveb a sirall ^ottIc of it wIH put tnorc Kenuine life .In your hair th-::n a gallon of any other hair tonic ever mide. It shows result* from the very Glart. Niw -si. ot evcrv d.-uj; and •'••!'-t lore 'r f^nd; 3 23r: .'0Cii --;J5 .1,C0 . , I I I B« Llan<I«rineiu.u.«e r-iil 1 ~!il*cn'lu Urge Muiple free i*.' F : y!r>::-jrc»ii«!lio«ny.'!ie\rho %' jie - - - • ll\ fel / as \ to Cut This' jiend* •Ids riE «5onp «/atotilo Out \ KEii«lt!3 OaidtriM C IL . Ck!Hl|t. /' with tbetr nume and sdilre** antl lOe la itlrcr ur staiup* ijparposMKi;. /v.

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