Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 22, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1908
Page 6
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See our $3.O0 and $5.00 line. It lias no Equal H. A. Jones, Mgr. I BRINO US YOUR PRODUCE I 117-119 West Street BUSINESS iS BETTEft Receipts for Passenger Traffic On Railways Entering Ida Shows Increase. Though tickf^i s.ih-.: liavo shown a decided incrc -ih-.- (inriiit; ;h.- tiin.-o months, the two o.-ii! l:;rc raip has caused an .-ivo?-;' (Iff-roasf iiL n-- celpts in the n<-:uiy a yva.- t'.at ihi- prt^vious year. The numbtr of passengers carried during' tlie year was 7.SSt ».3 :i :5. an in- rr.-a-" nf S2G.1<W or ;>.'.'l per cent over the previous year. ' iwepiion at foreign cliil) ji'Micheon at foreij;ii <!ul>. i:.':"'-L':ii". :::'»'i-i;:'.><i. j WORD FROM HETLING. GO TO CHINA NEXI ' KMini .s and sports t>ii h'v. n. I , ' ; p. ni.. dancing at club tiuMter. 11:"'?-; .V.MEint AN S.VILOHS TO ni' (UFSTS•'^""'»"^'' -"^"^ Hnwo:!:.. Ul.MONT IN HV1» 111 .MOi:. S. l.'«n<'riiiii('nf Hants Hucli Inf «ir- ^ matiou Fruni (oiiiitv TrcaMin-r. i ON AN ICE FLOW I OF KOVALTV, Clancy. Another Ball Player. Says He is Innocent. The Wir'iia KaHlf s:(>^: Cm; ll>-l\ ling, the Wichita player wlio ir. out on; .—'f~ - j bond ill New Mexioo. wh<Te no was. low rate has been in i-ft >ct. according 'am'sted on the ch:ir ,i;<; of as.saultitigj to the agents of railroads entering woman, will att.-nijii to clear him-; lola. silf of il!>- cliarge an.) secure th"! "Passenger naiHr bas -hown a big .-irrest of th-- woman herself. • and a' increase in the tiiiee month:;." j ti-;,in porter on ti e eharge of robbery, an agent said tbi.^ aiv^rtioon. "but pri-j HoMand. manager of the AVieh-: or to that w.- wer.- probably pi l)er.;;,.i toam. ha-: recdved a letter from! cent below the business for the cor-ciaucy. n ball player in .\--wi responding perl .i .l last year. Ptrange..[ :\r ,.xirn. , lather is th- .•ttto:iieyJ but we »n'«iiot getting the long hauls, .-..jiresenling Hetliiu;. Clancy sayhj Local way tioUets show the heaviest ,;i ;,t netling is entirely innocent and' increase. Ti.e b'.;:;i)ie .^s for the pa.v. ,viine was charged a'jainsl him to three nioni"'. will l-'uvrver. eampare • i, j,,,. ,]„, i(,i,i),.ry motive. He .says fnvorabi;. v.ith th - trallle <if t!ie icid, (],;,( Uetling was robbed of $.S1. for tile saiiK' ;f:iel umbr tin- thrn-' Oaney re'nt >'S the affair as fol- cenl fare." ^ 1 lows: Het'iii;: 'ad been in coiiversa In conueetiuu wuli iiils. tin- iMlnw-; ,1,,,, o,,, woman on a passenger Ing from I'r I.. iiw.iMli Post, is lu-|ir.,in in N-w MeNlco. lU- left the teresting: |<oaeli to gn to the .-ninKi-r. leaving his .\crordlng !•> liie •ei-ui ,.f the',.,,.,, i„.i,j,„). Wl\on he retnriie I Ih- Northern Pacilie t !i - omblu-d freH'.l'f n-oney was niissim;. Hetling stispect- and passeug. r bu.iiir;..; lor tlx- year .,,,1 j],,. ju'^ro porter and the woman, showed an iiier-as. of JTuT.l'.tn.f.:;. .^.|,„ sVield themselves, placed the The ?reat ine:,a.-e w .i.; in lie- pas-' ;,s5;:,i,|r rh.-.rpf. against him. senger receipts whic-b tnt.-!)- I .Sl.s.i::::.- Uetlings habe;r-; corpus proee-d- 23S.52 or $1ML'.:;77mnr.' tli .iii ili .it ,.,„ne to trial next Wednesday, of the preceding y.>.;ir. Tii-s wa^ i", Y.'>trrday .lack Holland wired Het spite of tie redue 'ioii to a -Je .Mit rate.'u„„_ a^Uj.,..- what could he done in The freight btisiues; <.f the eoun-^pj.c aid. Hetling replied to wait nn- try fell off to a g-eaf ext -n; during, til after the habeas corpus proceed- jthe year and rei.orted a of .jmrs •^vlK•n he expected to be roleas- $1 ,226,533 .10. - Thi; .i.c;''as.- evident-1 ,.,1. ly came in pa ;t !r.-m t'le smaller amount of fieiibt ha;;I.-1 and from the fact that ti:'- av .-inu-'- haul was also somewhat shortened. To keep within tVe decrease in freight busine.-;s the comi'.any succeeded in lessening i^s operating expense.; in some of the departments, while many of the others show a proportionate increas.->. IiiTlie maintenane-' of way a dcer« ase is noted of over $300,000, while to maintain the orpiip- ment it toow ?i'.i;.''l.r,:i more than the year before. Ceneia) expenses were reduced nearly SK .m .oon. Owing to tlie decrease in th<> transiiortation of lumber an<i ef'-r low elass niat'i"- Arranfreiucnt«i ii»r WwU "Ja<ti at .\.HU»3 -Arriu' Then- ttu Oiiober i'.K The.Chinese will en'eriaJn the men jwith the following program; i ••:30-l I :;;<», base bail: VZ::.iK Intrb- i eon i;{.OU'> mem: l*:oi>-.",:nii. varied ntlsports: 7:0u-Tt:Oit. dinner :'.!id Chinese eiilertainnu III . Tue.eday (Kmpress Dow a .;--er s binii- j Evelyn B. Baldwin Explains Plans for |iuii:'>ai Siekly. deputy (oumy Irca.-- , New Mode of Travel to the liier. is nut in a irwd humor today.' North Pole. : day) —li»:tiu-r _":0 '.i. .reception; l!:::u. final foot ball games: He sa>s the C. S. .government lhinV;s lif has not'.iiiig to do but furnish ihem infiirmaiion. He i.-ceived a l.-iter yes- t'-rday from Me- e«?n.--us department a.-king him to fill oni a long Idarik sheet wi;h iefer<'nce to the assessed \Vashii ;utei:. Oe .t. 'S-. — Kvclyn B. UaMwin. tii-' .\.eMe explorer, was a calbT at.the Wliiie Hou.-^e today, but wa.- uiial>!«- 'o s- th^ president. He eame for tb.- luirpose t)f rlaying before I'resident,lr a novel plan for covering the north pole. d|s- .Vmoy. Monday. yei>i. iA Ciiincse goverunieiii selected .\iiioy as !l:(ni. offic.eis. '•I::',!<-, I'--o i^aiuatlon and indebtedness of Allen exploring i';<' .Arctic regions and d)s , , r- , , ui<^"""'>- ^"''-^ detailed affair lut'cheon: 2;:'0 -l:.'U, final ba.-e ball I ,. . . _ . land re (iiiiM-s no liit.e tim<- \» li'n the Lames: live presentation of cups; •Olll • •nf.f- H. .eiin ni.'ii. and rb. to ilu; port to receive the second s<|uad-j foreign communi'.v entertaiie-d at d'li-j . ^^.^j ;o!i of the ie;in ba'tl>:-iiip f!-et. jner followed t.y gerg'-ous display I 'f 1 . , Th i' ucide a wi.-^i' choice v. i-'.'-jirott cti'd liarbor, the cliiiiaie Mioni <1etoi ;iM- to .\j'rii I iiasurpa-^yd jiartuiN- of bread, [Cliine^<- fireworks. >Ved:iesda.v. .\i !V. 1- tleit. a;iii th'' >eeTiic li.-.i ;i:;. ii| ihe jaiiroiiud j 'lie- spirit exhibited I'y the Chine.-e ing couiitiy al! iiiiiie in juM>iii:.-. ti'elni connection with tin- prcpar.iiioa se I rtion. Tlie second •"iiwaiiroii eoii .-isis oi ihi battleships l .oiiisi.iin. Virgitsia. «)liio .\ll ::;>-ouri. Wi.HM n.-i!i. lilini'is. K«'ii-'bav the ive.ptiiUl ii tiie l;ait!'shi )i ^qii; d- ; i;in. is llto:t ciitlUliendai'le. (•omini'- I sion( r Dr. .Mark ai;il bis assoi !a ;e,: Xv -iedinu-ly | filled blank 'hi - iiiteuiim al'ti-r ha\1: • t'iroiiili the i .'ook.^ and II 0; ; ice. j Not lonu auo lie i'. lived a similar bialik lia: \- w.-s :n:ith more detailed jaml CI :r::ii.\ and. v. i-hing' to give at j iea.->t a litli"' I 'i b:.- ;;!!••• :o ihi- basi­ lic-.-; of the i .flii-.-. I'c never ;;ile!!iplcd til fill .ii out. lie- em- he lerrived I'.aid" iu"-; .<. .loisr.I .\,!:r,i:-; stiiii'. ers ol lie ..\(! .'^riil.-.^ ClaiU". tliieei .ir .Mils••'iiii I'F .\:i • Iliii 'e o:ie of ti-. wliich .lift fioi.i ac: ( : •• Ai lain ii ivliidi has been in • M'-l\ i'le. one of the .bati'i;.- exiiedition, :::id Sir i'urlon .•; the .M.'tropolitan in N-'u York, is to !!>any hiiue ice floes tie- I{ehrii;g sea I 'gions and .-vent vi-ierdo."- -a.-: < ...|r-!l'rab!.\ slio;;. MAYBERRY TO EMPORIA. d(.iie aii 'I are I 'oing • [ihr e\liiliiti'!'i. a credit to ileir <oi;.-, :i'e;. tiy ;i:iil a p"e.i; iiie to their AliHiic'e FOR DISTURBING THE PEACE., ials the rate p.-; freight eaniiiigs ^OOSGG to .Ou'.i. .Additions to the increase of 2i 'i;.i;t ton jirr mile of increased from line made a total iiiil.'s of mi!ea'-e over which trains w.'re operated. The total rev. :i'ie tor p -r.sons and.'i"ti"ire. property cairie! on pa-.;.'n.::er trains was $20.0712.11.77. an iiierea>^e of $1- S69.650.24. or ])'- cent over th Two East lola Boys Were Fined by 'Judge Collins. Frank liufford and "Dutch" Shultz were fine! ST'each in poli-e coui't last evening by .Tud.ce Collins. The defendants were charge. 1 with having been drunk and disorderly. They ])aiij tlie line and were discharged^ from custody. A young man named McClell/in was fined $10 on a charge of peacp disturbance but was given a stay 'of execution pending good behavior. The somewhat unusuti' spoct .Tcle of a mo- tl :er bringing her boy into cou't and iisking that he be punislied was witnessed when Mrs. McClellan .Appeared and sugL -csted to .ludge Gollins that her boy be given a penalty that would serve to restraiti him in the A Woman's Back Hu many aches and pains caused bf weaknesses and falling, or other displace- mentf of the pelvic organs. Other symptoms of female weakness are freqiient headache, dizziness, imaginary specks or dark spots floating before the eyes, gnawing sensation in s.tonlach, dragging or bearing down in low er alxloinlnal or pelvic region, disagreeable drains from pelvic organs, faint spells with general weakness. If any considerable number of the above symptoms are present there is no remedy th%t wiH^lvo quicker relief or a more per- maicnt than Dr. Pierce's Favorite Preao4^m&HSU has a record of over forty years of ctirwSw the most potent ItiviHoratlng tonic an ening ner- vine known to roiedicaljcience.'lt is mada oftne glyceriii extracts' of native medicinal roots found in our forests and contains not a drop of alcohol or harmful, or habk-formingdriigi:. Its ingredients are all printed on the bottle-wrapper and attested under oiith a.s correct. Every ingredient entering Into "Favorite Prescrijition •' has the written endorsement of tho n-.ost eminent me<lieal writers of all the several schools of practice—more valuable than any amount of noh-prof«»ssionaI testimonials—though the latter are not lacking, having been contributed voluntariiy by g.'-ateful patlentj* In numbers to exceed the <!ndorsements given to any other 'medicine extant for the cure of woman's ill?. ~-" You cannot afford to accept any medicine of unknown composition as a substituto for this well proven remedy OK KNOWJ? cxjUFOsmoN, even though tho dealer may make a little more profit thereby. Your interest tn regaining healili is paramount to any sellish interest of hw and It Is an .A. C. Clayton, an East lola barber, was arrester! on a »-liarge of jmain- taining a nuisance l)y permitting persons to drink in his establi.shmciit. He pleaded not guiUy and gave $200 bond for his appearance for trial on November 1". ' . THIS WAS A FIZZLE tiK -ky .-iiid Keari-.irue. under cuiiimand I u.-!! in their eifoti;, towartl.; inik^ag He . t FJear Admir .il William K, Km and aceording to ihe itiie-ian are dM'.> here t)itolier L'o aii'l will i— visitors. In the phm 0;' dect .r.irio 1.-. in.iin until Novem'ii'r 1 j -o f;ir .as poshil'.e, ihe .\aieriean and '111.' <'hinese gov.riliueii; h .lS set l( hilie.'^e cobvs only huv.' b>-'»!l !l. cd. a>i(i'. Ihe Mini of p .i 'i.niiu reals iC. j Tk..» Ciiine.-e reeeti'ioii an>l •iiit i- ioid ?L ";e .iiii>i ) to iii.'.-l Ml.- .'Npi ot ' I .jiii.;. lit will I..- tl i.- 1 i '.ii:! ;• •'hilieL,.- in j ii .iliy'.i eoa.-.i of C.reenUind. i Th.. t !.t • 'r;!... al'.eit three ;ind 1 t li.ilf .\-:'.:s it. t; 'i;- ilrill across. Bf ! csi.iJiiishiri:-- a e.imp of portabl* Goes to Attend~Supcrinlc..dcnts:"""^''^ =^'atierinu logs and cas»- jof oi! o\.r a ilee .Mr. Ilaldwin "»•• I lieves 11 po.<sible t/i iliseover the pf>l— Sill . riiit..ndent M::;. b.-rry of | and mak.> se !.-:iMl !c iiiv.'stigatio^,. nnfl th.> city schools I.taves tomorrow for, secure" photo:;!aphs heretofore iiitoo- f !> i. -liip japi.-idioii eiii. rtainiii:: ili :Iurin:; its visit. The < oTu-iiiit.i charge of ,1 riaii ,:.,tiiii 'n;.- h ;i> s that the Fekiiig uo\cntmeni has si^;-| riified its willin.miess to make tin ad- | Jitional ai)propriation shutt.d the ori;; ' iiKil approiiririiicTi prove inadefpiate at ' so iMjr .nc'I .'t-- i:.' to »;i>I'oria wliere h.- "ill -ttleiid the fourth annuiil meeting of su[iertn- teti'lents of the first ;ind second class cities over t 'te state. Ti :e s.-?.-,ions tainable. ] The party woiibi consist of twent? or twenty-tiv'^ pc^rsons, including scl- • !iaf.:r.ih.-is .-imi arti^^iV. in inconsistent with the Ai>i.-ric:.ii ni.;. .a-e ledd -ach year in th»- state nor-. ;>|.(1 jof elije.ymeiii. Li'aM*^; lileij. U'.it -oa ICiruti. of Huniti .old? ' ; .1 lo Ceo V. .\lathia: iIi.- h.i!f of tin- leirthwe-t Muarter l..!S ;-1 < north b.i f of th .e southw. [iKTrter of :;.-.-2i;-is. !,.;. |;..nd ih Tlmmtis Hi.gati. of Humboldt. .-.Ii-o p-a.-d 10 (.M -o. V. Matni:<s h .'iith li.-iif of the iiortlieasi .('lan r-. except two acres in h.iS till •r of th" n.irilua.-t corner. .Mr. is s.- I<i:ring the leases for one of the Hum- :'ifildl cement plants now under con- >r ruction. The prt-graiii of e.iteif.iianieiit a present planned, i^ as ftdl.iws: (it ing planned to entertain ;;.oiio in.-n ishore at om- time': Thiir;-day. Oct - Arri-.a 1 ..1 battleship s'luadron. Kight p. m.. dinner It .\merican consul .'ite. t'l intiod.iee commanding officers to (•iiine ^e reception committee. Ciiday. Oct. :ai —Chinese . f:ic..!> ;iir.i foreign coji .-als call on ti^ii -siiip. : , ;'::;0-lI:::u a. m foot ball games. I Knicrtain Busiiie>s rollcue Student!., lunchetm on grounds: 2 :::o-} :;:i.. ha.^e , Tonight at the Y. M. C. A.. Physical ball games, r, oio -t;;-0. Chinese Uieat-' ,,i ,.p,.((„. mtertain the sin- ricais. .iiigg;<;r.--. e -e. 7:'.n-I<.:..... Chi-„f ,hc" l .ra Husiness Colle-e. nese dinner and Chinese entertain- -r,,,. vounu' men will be given an il• ; lustration of practical •'gym" work Saturday_K,.ce,,iioi, on b '-.-irH <'hi-\^.|, j,.,, young Itidi^ will wjine:-s. nuse flagship: :>:;•."-11 ::;i. toot ba!' i ,,„. ,„„,.,si,„i, work, a ba.sket I-'::;", luncheon on groMitds <::. i,,.,,, ...^„„. be played and probably nieiil. 2 ::;u-.':nn. hoat r.ic;.;.. .Aiieri-' cans and Chinese. 7:'"'i-l"»:00. Ciii­ ncse dinner and etitc-rtainment ci.enri' . men.) Pcctpone Meeting. Sunday—Day or rest Tea in al-• Tlie meeting of the Aid sochty of ternoon at various Shine .-i. lempies 'the najitist church will occur tomor- Afonda.v—The foreign coiiimniii'y ii>w- at the liome of Mrs. H. Denning, will entertain the offi.-eis on this day 10i'7 l-^ast street. The meeting was with ilie following program: a business college ie::ni -will be organized. 12:0n. I postponed because of the rain today. A Mcetlnn of Colored Democrats at Bassett Last r >light Failed; to Come off. I The colored Democratic mfleting which was billed for Hassett ; last night failed to materialise. Th<i hallj was secured and the meeting jijdver- tised but there were no colored Democrats present at the time the meet- in-r was to open. Mars'; nl .Tim Frederickson came by the imihiing about | S:.')0 o'clock and seeing no om- in the] room p'.if out the lights. Paul| rence .Tones and Rev. F. W. White.; both colored, were here-from Topeka' to address the meeting. j I i "FAKVEir WILL KIT A BE.\ETIICT. The BrideN Parenl-s OMccted. Uni Detriot PHtlier Pidn'f Mind That. 1 Detroit. Mich . Oct. |22.—Intiinatp ; friends of Pitcher Eddie U'illett ojf tho Tigers, learned today that he was iRar| ried last Saturday to Miss Ejnhia! .lenereaux of Hull Quebec, in the i Central Methodist church at AVin Isor. * insuU to yoor Intelligence f<jr him to try jThey will make their home in Depoit.' to palm off upon you a substitute. You j The brides parents, who latelv i ^.-.ine know vhat ycu want and it is his bu8l- I ^ rv„.,.„«. ... n,-„ .^,^,.<^co-^ w'-nLt.-- nesa to supply the article called for. I^*^ *^P1'0S«1 ^^ Ulett b Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pullets ere the 1 attentions to their daughter and sent original "Little Liver Pills" first put tip her to Hull to live with relatives. But IJ ^^rf!^' she returned to Windsor at the ^lose mttch Imitated but never equaled. Little , ^ ^ „ ^ ^^j. 1 . gUfW-QO»ted cranules-'ftasy to t &ka aa ^^^^ ^^^^ season, met Eddie,; and, defied her parents hy marrying Mm Now is the Time you waul that Suit or Overcoat W i:h.,.w }rni all the crre-t style.. .Uil coloi.- o ffli>- ••e :r..on. a'! the n»'vv ••.I'!.".- ot blown tan and mode colors. \'.<o lilu.- atid .blacks made up in pi.1111 er !,iiic.\ models t >>cre<>a (s !>'ain; uals #10.0« to *2-.;.o ?.'..(M) Ir. *•>.;.<> #7 -v» lo We Want to Show YoU Ctie Barclay Shields Clothing CoT^ •THE HOUSE OF (iUAUTI" bulMiiig. at which time about :i hun .lred sap. riiit<.'n.l..nts from over :li.' state ,-tss..n>bl.' and iliseiiss 1!ie various problems constantly recurring in their work ,\ good pro-rain has been arrang- :d for this session. Thursday foro- •:oor! 'vil! b<' spent in visiting the FTmror 1 schools, and Friday fore- U 'lon '! visit in:' the state normal. The l sissioiis will commence Friday tifternoon ami end Sattiniay noon. The princifial address' will be delivered by Nathaniel S. Butler, of Chicago university. .^l FFKAtii: ASStX lAim.N. >aliti>ial .Meeting at itu{iul<> (IOSIMI Ye >1 (rd:iy. U^ing all the "com. Kverv available s :i :ic.. in tli.- h'lilc!- TPL's of tlie l'tiiversit.\ of Kaiisti;; is now beitig used for recitation roonis. The f:>cilities in mauv cas.-s are cn- Hrely inadetpnite to th.' ne .-ds of the !-lasses. FIverv (!..j>art !!'..Tt ai :<l laboratory seen'.s to be lax" ' to meet tie Iiresent demands. With the ab.-olut" Increase in attendance that comes witl; each succ'-f'ding .M -ar the nce.l of a large recitation buiPiini; b-comes all the more inip"'ative. This build-j ing aside from-the purpose of furnish-j ing the necessary reeitation . rooms j can be used for the administration of- j liees. Kent L--inqan Gusv. Mwen I.attgaih '"••iv ^liiiE n !;-!ii. who has been ke^.f h'l-y d-nving ,';ip eng.aiieinent for a year or two. aii- nuiince;; t ;iat his marriag" t.) Aiji--^^ M .Trearet Tholen fd" Humbollt. Kas. tvilt occur .\ov»»mh''r II. The drtrtal co'i |iI.' will visit Mr. !jin -an"s niec.'s and nephew, the Will Lansan children, beffire going to Untporia. where th»».i- '.vill live. The |^iHL -an ehildr-nj are very devoie-l to their Cncl.- (Uv- en. i;o miicii so that tlie.\ .always meet him at the trtiin when he comes to .Alcluson. .and accompati.v !iim fo the train when h."" goes away. Th" liftb: girls h.ive been corresponding with their aunt-elect for some time—Afchi Kon Globe. Chief Found Owner. Cl.ief W'Jiiteheail locate.! rite ov.i;. r of the suit-case foninl under the p:at- form of the OH Well .Supidy e«ni panys warehouse last evening. The j fellow a "crip" one of the fakirs \ who throw their limbs out of joint, ami with a plausible story of the torturing accident, be-^ small sums from the credulous. The fell«>w claimed to havt- concfale.l the suit-case tmd'^r Biitfaio. .\ V . (.)cr. I'l'.—Th.- closing day of the National Woman's Suffrag* convention found tiie delegtites pleas* ed with whar they regard as one ol the most successful gatherings the association has ever had. The deleaates are carryin.:.: home thousands of large posters priiiteil in heavy black type with which to iiiaumirate a "jKistcr campaign." .\n effort will be made beu re election day to place one or moie of the-e po .srers at every election bi'.ith in the cottntry or as close t.> them as ih."' '.aw .-illows. The poster.^ pive th.- liame-i of stales iind foreign (••iiiiKr;. .- in v.-hich women are entiii.d ffr ca--! a ballot f-j"owed by th- ipi.iy: Wre women of this state Icrs e!!t:;.-(! lo a votc." And the word "Wh.'. ill t several inches high.. 1 he r .-poit of tilt- committee on arbitration was rc:id by .Mrs. Lucia .\mLs .Me ;id. caaiiinan of the commit- FOUR GIRLS Rcstorert U> Hoalth by Lydia E. Piukliani'sVejretableCompound. Read What Thry Say. M iss Lillian Ross. NV) T:n>t >4th .Stre<>t. New York, writes: " Lydia E. I'ejkham'-! Vegetable C 'unfK .'ind over- cnine irregularities, pe- rio-Ur suffuNng, and iiprvous heiulaches. aftei *'»erTthinz ets« lia.l failed to help m9, an .l I feel it a duty to l<-t "ili^rs know of it." K:«f liarinfi'ra »g.233f Lafayetro .St.. Denver, Cel.. wriien: "irhanka to Lydia E. Pinkbam's Vfjietable Compound I mn well, aftergnffering for months from ner- yons prostration." j Bliss Marie Stoltzman, of Lanrel, la., writes: "Iwasinamn- ijownconditionandsaf- Ijered fromsnppression. indigestion, and poor fjirculation. Lydia E. Pinkhain's Vegetable Compound made me well and strong." I Mi^ Kllfn M. Olson, of 417 N. £a.-it St., Ke»- wanee. ril ..sav«: " Ly- diaE.I'inkham'sVege- ti»ble Compound cored, the of backache, side ache, and established roy periods, after the Vst l<>cal doctois had failed to help me." FACTS FOR SICK WOMEN. the platform Sunday night it I Poj- thirty years Lydia K Fink! was too heavy to carry further. He j hams Vegetable Compound, madll: explained the presence of the .safe i from it»U at>d herbs, has been th© drills and kev-liob- nippers bv (jrciar-i statuianl ivtuedy for female ill*, ing they were u.sed in wiring chairs! an<lhiis I'-'^ltivelycim^dthouaM^ , . 1 womenwho have beea troubled with tiisplaceiuoiit;;, uiflammation, lilqera- lion, fibroid tumors, in.iegularitie», had not pulled off a job in this terri- j periodic pains, backache, tiiat -beu- tory. and could not t)e held for any-' ' 1:- -^-1 i_ a, thing. He was fina'ly released upon condition that he would leave town in an hour. At last reports the city still owed him forty minutes.—Chanate Stin. ing-dc 'U-ri ff^eling, flatulencj, ind^M- tioa,dizziness.orneFvous prostratio^ Why don't you try it ? Mrs. Pinkham Inviies :«romen to write her, (oi^ She lias guidecL healtia.' 44«Nis^- together. He did not deny beins a crook, but stoutly asserted that he

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