Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 22, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1908
Page 5
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THBIOLi. PAILT MeiSTBH. THTBSDAT ITKflKO. OCTOBEB aa, 1903. llid Ydo Ever Stop to TUok? that the man or woman who saves systematically and arc coaatantly laying aside something for a "rainy day/' that " RAINY DAY NEVER COMES TO THEM. / THE WOLF'S NOSE is forever sniffing at the door uf the individt^al without a bank account. The moment that xvork becomes "slack'* or accident or sickness comes there is disaster. Begin from this very day to save a portion—it need not be a big portion—but more important..a regular portion of your income. We pay three per cent interest, compoun4ed semi annually. State Savings Bank Mm, Kmummm Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights READ! 1 westera bind iit IIOOO «ud up. aOLDEN WEST LAND CO. Ofie^ OTcr luwa Store. Short Stories •BHBBBBOri lola Hapi Thorpe & Hoogh t'vBtnetors, Engiaeen, Sarrejcn. Fully equipped tor all kinds of fOixeylof, estimating, patent draw- lag, blae print!, maps, sidewalks, curbing, and (arm drainage. Ofea Over ^TamoaR." -rDr. J. B. Pepper. Deniist. PJiene ICS. Rankin to Garnett. I'lviretl Hankiii »us up from loUi today transacting buahuts.—Oana'tt W J Use No. 7 Flour Good as any—better than must. Don't Forget Our inEAT MARKET Wu liiandie only tbe best ot Kreob Jieat3< Smoked and Salt Meats. We Want Your PRODUCB farmers, aud will pay the highest market price in cash or trade. Come in and see us^ We are sole agents for J. M. Bum's COFFEES and TEAS If yuu will give tbis line a trial you will use DO other. Fryer Bros. ^oae Ml, 868. lola, Kansas. —SnX9 Garage and Bepair Sk»p for all kinds of repatring. AntemoftDe Urerj. Phone 8M. Jackson at Fort Scott. Attorney General Fred S. Jackson, who lectures at the First M. E. church Sunday evening on law enforcement will nor talk politics in this meeting. He will simply give a layman's sermon in defense of the proposition to violate laws and is expiected to deliver a great address. The politicians will go to beair him though tbe general wants it understood that this isn't "a political meeting? as does the Methodist Brotljcrhood. wiiich brings him here.—Ft. Scott jTribuue. Evans Bros. onimm Smrnrnttmrn Wkora «a»ltt7 la aiata eosiiit- tratloB «• btur tha baat Whara iomandi will Jaitify. wa earry all grtAta ani plcaa. §n» Ilia Muia, lata, —Always time to eat at Our Way. To Attend Wedding. Misft Lulu Taylor went to lola today to attend the wcddin? of a friend, ia which she will bo bridesmaid.-r-ln- depeudeiice Reporter. —Our Oysters. Way. Returned to Port Scott. Itfv. 11. F. Pool ha.s been sent here ii.-i piisior of tile I'nited Brethren church, vice Fiev. resigned. The lola cutilerence announces the appointments'. It is iiqt known whence comes Hev. Pool. "Rex-. .Marsoff has accepted a call in loy^a.—Ft. Sct|it Tribune. j •-Frank S. BeatUe. V. 8. Phona 139. Sherrer Appojinted. The Kansas City Journal of toda.x contains ti.*- lollowinjr ifi ir«; Washington. I). C.. noieo: iJoiiu .\. Sherrer of 'v;a> Cit... lv;iir., i.- appointed chemist in connection with the ;:eo- logical tiurvfv service.; ^Presh Oystera—Oar Way. Bain Blaffcd Deai«crat<^ • L. V. Orton. candidate for cuunly attoruey. was in the city last night. He came up from Humboldt to drire to the country to hold a meeting. The rafu. however, catieed a postponement of the meeting. —Sign painting, phone 1428. Fred Row den. To ei^e Oment Ptaat A delegation of thirteen meii-frotn Wichita, some with their wives, were in the city last evening enroute to Huml>oIdt to look over the progress of the work on the Monarch Portland Cement plant. Several of the men were stockholders while others were prospective Investors in stock. —Merchant'e Lunch at Onr Way.. Key. Maclean Here. Kev. Dr. John .Matleau aud wife went over to lola this nioruiug where Dr. Afaclean will tonight officiate at the wedding of Mr. Chester Wood and Miss Ida .Morrison. .Mr. Woods, fonn- eriy attended high schoo! here and at present is locat»-d at lkirt(e.-;vijle. where he holds u re.-iponsible position in a smelter.—F'l* Scott Tribune —Six per cent money: no eommla- slon; no delay.—Smith ft Trarlt. Morris is llie Indian pitcher W I K. starred with Jopiin in the league a {'few years ago. and who in^pired the sporting reporter to write account? of the Jopiin ;.:anies in Hiawutliu meter. .Morris ha.-^ been workin;.; in the rock quarry Ijere tor several weeks, bni has hvu iinablf to conquer hi? up- petite for booze.—Cliaiiute Sun. —Cnnuingham ic Anett, 6 per rent money. Uut -Samuiy" \s»in. P D.'s. which is poltie couit synoiniiia for plain drunk, werv arraigned before Police Judge Baugh- nian tbis inorniiiK on a charge of drinkiug in a public place. The pair. Sam .Morris and .\. Wesiling. were standing in front of a local drug store absorbing a bottle of bitters when pinched by Patrolman lleddriek. —lasfst «a bsTfiir *'TT. 8.** flear. I>eal .Still Fendiiiz. Tb« Cluinute'Sun-says: The purchase of tbe Wright cormr at .Main street and Lincoln avenue by Kress & Co.. the >»-cent store dealers, is stii) pending. The matter was sent from the Coffeyvll/e branch office to the head oiiices in «,'hica^o and. together fth the recommendation.'', is iitider consideration there. .\t lola. where tlie conipanv ha.- recently concluded to install a branch, the building is being |>ushed to rapid coniiiletion. The fixtures.. which are arriving, are of higitly polished nialiogsny. —Soda Water, tbe Our Way kind. The Post Card in Politics. The post card man is quick to .-ic/.e opportunity. Politics at this time the doirinant theme, hf has caricatured Taft and Bryan and the leading states men of the day and now tH" little .^ou- enir card Is on sale h\ u*arly aM postcard dealei>. —Paper Hanging. Pbone 1428. Fred Rowdec 9toves Set up and connetrted. also aoy other gas fittiog. Good work and reasonable charges. Phone 29. eSM tl« £ail iuksaa Arab Bstifeiataa diaarfall7 gltren on all work C. Mk Ifaa llcnw They all say that .Mundis has the newe.^t and best line of post cards in the city. Death in Shale Pit. In tile sliale pit at Tabic Mound cement plant last night a man supposed to be named Roundsville was found dead The slieriffs office was notified. Investigation showed no signs of violence and ev .-ry indication that heart failure was the cause of the sudden death.—Independence Rei»orter | —It—Our Way Soda Water. Fleharty*$ duod Kpeerd. The pitching averages of the South prii league are out and show that Earl Flcharty. formerly a pitcher with (he lola State league team, won more than half his games with a tail end teaiu. Hirminghaiii. AnaaaaecBieBt. Dr. Sutcliffe wisheis to inform hi: farmer patrons and t^e public that he has resumed the geiieral practice of medicine, combia'ng it with surgery Office hours 10 to 11 a. m.. 1 to 3 an* 7 to 8 p. m. Ur. Heylmaa a F«H. Yesterday's Kansas City Journal contained a pr>em written by Or. W. R. Ileylmun and entitled "Body and Swnl." whicfa ia a credit to Its aatlwr. Dr. HeyiiDiia'a friei^s are' proud of his effort. The County's Lake. The heavy rains of the ,ia.>^' days I'.ave made a laUe of the depiess- ioii at the north side of the court house >ard. During ilie dry weaiher the hole ar the soutliwe.'-: .-ide «as filled and no water eoli'cts ti ere now. Chateau Chocolate?, the kind you have always bought at .Mundis Drug Store, ha.e a iieautifu' Passeportant picture with each pound box. Mr«. Funston Back. .Mr^. .Maude Kunston. county superintendent, is in her office today after having spent several da>s visiting the schools over the county. Siie finds them in good condition. —Be a Booster—Home Industry— Veosho Hirer Cat at Our Way. Bert Ohifeat l» Here. Bert Ohlfest. of Rossville. this state, is iti the citj the guest of Dumont Sicklj. deputy count> treasurer. .Mr. Ohlfest formerly lived at LaHarpe. but lie is now part owner in a store at Rossville. -Dn. Utkrop. 0>teaaatkii. Pkaaa na !• Old ii»ngf Bafldfng. W. O. WooHs ia moving his ice cream factory into the room on West Madison fwnieriy <Hcupled hy the Hastings garage ^ See 'he new Post Cards at Mundi* Drug Store. Gene to Chicago. Mis:i E«tber M. Clark, tbe author of "The Call of Kanass." h&s gone {to Chicagn to spend some time with ffrieads. Slie goes as tte guest of iSeorse R. Peek whose famUy tthe wfil Malt yask Clark la reapiDg the ben- jef ts of ber fame .-^^wrence Woiid. Made in New York The identical styles of / Correct Clothes for Men . Made for fashionable New Yorkers by Can be bought only at this store. The prices are right lola, Kansas Cranberries- Cheaper. | The cranberry crop is said to be POLITICAL GOSSIP \i:.HT lUMi.VltlV.N I'HEA^iA.XTS. Local Political Notes. .Iu <i;;e Collins utiiioubtciilv le-lie'.>> better tlian last season aud tlii.-i sue-' culent sauc" at tiie Tliaiik.;;iving da> table, will (le ill vvidonce in plciirifu ' quantities at tlii> season of rVar-t. l-i.^" year the crop »as ver.v short and ouly: tile trust magnate or I'ltisbtirg stc-l" ''i'"'-" '' king, or the ianiier coiiM cuifij'"^"^ iiiand t'lvui at tiie fea.-!.—^;^lilla Journal. I ^aliiia jMuriial THI^i ^Miat Became »f 1 i a UrtMi- ill Saline Cuuyt}. are nmriiitius •"too t.!iniv;i>us III ir.'-ii- ! Wor«l coiue.-H ill Tae kvi:i>t •;• jhii; ;i „. . . . U-.-naiii Republican who lo.-: ..ut in U « have jiarty who wil lake ceiiieilt t . ... .•>tock In payment for 7 ro-jm. modernj'"^' I '"»'a"es is ^..lug to li.e [)..u.o- house. east front, on paved street, e.v-! crats an-i teiiderin:; his liei|. ;.i .!e- fra irood barn, ci.-fern. etc.-. at the fol- j f^^at li -.e reuiiiar noiniuees 01 the Ue- iowing prices: lola Portland Prefer- 1 -The ;,.-ope, riii,,;: ;or red *L'4.t)'f per .-hare. lola Portland ,. ,. Common iZZM per share. Cnited Kas.i''"' H'-I"'i>i'can to -lu is to F'referred $.*>5.0<^ per share. Dixie Portiget ov.r imo the DeimK -ratic (.arty, j ti|i«ii-4t; rii. v uere almu;. half grown, land Combined JJtW.iJo per share.—I. VJH luan w)ii> o,>e/);\- .savs whai he) Tuo pair i>i what was supposed to Cunningham & .\rn.-tt. in rear rwni ...ui:!-.. ,0 th- respe,-: Stale Savings Bank. ' ^ . _ son.- v( o(>i">sir» i'olHical taiia. Im: .\- Sell iiaii.- Ml plieasaiil .-i' arc U> b'* • .i.iied i.ns.- a .\;!en ci>iint>. the tol- '•iw.a:; :>c «ti. il:e Saiiiia .lournal "ili i 'c III iiitere-: lo Kei:i>ter readers: j , <>• :lie Iluiiiiai iaii plieasauts thai <1 ;<"i >e ill Saline couut> •A.. \va.> auif tcA them can now !>•.• fiiuati Ther.' wa.- a pair of them'' li.iichvd oiii a iiMK 'd ou Dry Creek i.'irili\ve--r t.f the city. A covey of .-•iiall <iiie> was with the pair in lie -uiiHiie;. .\ \iait of the covej Wa:- Seen in .\ugiis: and looked as 011. Funeral of C. V. Petraeus. [a.nian who prer-niis to ! C. V. Petraeus was buried at .Mount and leall.i is anotiier will tioi uain Hope cemetery Sunday at noon, thelti,^. respect ot anvon.- remains having arriied from lola.j Kans.. the place of deatli. earlier in! . ^ . ! ~ , the day. Rev. Weed conducted the! services, wi ich were held at the re-i'"'i* '•'eeiiMy s;,ys :nar jn..s|i.-cts in ceiving vault at tlie cemetery. Mr.l Woodson county lor rl-- Rei.itbliian Petraeus formerly resided in .lopliii. j ,mrt.v we.'-e nev.-r bett.-r. He sa: s rlia* being a metalurgist • aud chemist ot the two candiuai 'S wiiicli Alien cuiiii- great experience. Of .ecent .\eai.s he'j^ , <|.eciallv tiiteie.-te,| -ii). .Iii.!;:.has recided in lola. Su«-essive opei-. j;^^^^. ^..^.^^^^^ ations for cancer caused his death.— Jopiin Herald. In Case of Fire From Engines. Earnest instruction.s have b-eu promulgated by Siip.-i inteiident Barnes of the Southern Kansas, and Superintendent .Mci.ellan of the Eastern division to all engineers, to carefully watch their engines in these times of drotith and high ivinds. TCe engineers are directed that if they •liscover that their engjiit.s are throwing fire they are to stoi> immediately and notify headquarters by wire, waiting for orders.-—Ottawa Kepiib!i<\ -^Fitzgerald .sturage aud rran>fer (u. Household and piano meting: lanrot »l«»re room in i-it«. Phone S.'ii^ Hunting Was Poor. The camping party which spent last weeU in the Flint Hil.-l. in Wood- sou count., retii.-ned SatiKday nighf loaded with -tories of the loads of same rhey >liot. They had i:ood success could not shoot chickens on account of the dry prairies and the dange- of starting prairie fiies. They saw one fire wiiich was stane,i \t\ an eii;;iiit- and traveled fasrer tliaii a liors'- cou'.d run li wipe,! up a nuipber of stacks of iia> before it wa:- finull> under control.—Humboldt Herald Archie Robinson Better. .\rciiie Robinson is gertin;: better Tiie other da> he was able t<i <o out for a short ride and seeiued to eujuy it. Several days asiu. he w-nr iie.xt dooi aud 2ot himself a pitcher of water from the noted well of .Mrs Hamner. whicii i.-* next do<ir tu wh-re the Robinsons live The well is, one of the \ery best ill the town, and .Mr. Robinson i- .-o fond of water tuat he will no: drink anv other The tii>^ wometi lolks who car.- fi->r iiim wer'- all bus.* and to surprise them Mr flobinson Went ovei- and got the water himself, but the exertion was too much for him. and he was no: so Well afterward, tiiough he is now oti the gain again The Robilistens are very appreciative of the »ay .\tchi- son people have treated t eai—.At­ chison trlobe Bowersock a Director. J. D. Bowersoik i.- Oile of the Ue -w directors of ti.e Bank Savings National Life Insurance t -umpan>. which took out a charter :ii Topeka yesterday. The rum|>any is capitalized at S10U.<iov. no one ^ttock.holder b«lag allowed to owD more than $^.Oihi worth of stuck. It is composed largely of Topeka men. Bowensock beiag the only Lawrence director. The new company wilt do an old line life iutfurance Ifusbiess.—lAwrence; Wqrid. rigiit along vvi:li the ii«-|<( r and tiiar .Mien county peoide med not worr.^ about WoodrOii eouuty. ""We never >a»" it fail tiiat as .-ooii as ti.e KepiibHcans allow a th^niocrat to crowd up to tile pie eoujiter. til»' Democrat a: one.' bigiiir to .-iweli up and tai\- 1; ii'>- .'t" s.-rioiisl» Dail.i Insect Doe.- The liis.-.-T :--f.-i- to tli.- county at;tjriie\ or lia.- .-oinelioi'.i .-Ise >;>-ppe.| oil Ti>mm.*'s toes'." jl 'v rile old "ine< were sv^m on the river jlfftoin :h.t.' or fi .iir miles east of |.-^a'iii:i. One wa.~ found where }ii:e ituia'.e was settiug'and they were jliaiiiieil I. lit a:id lafer a small brood j • as di.-covfifil li i> thought that j -oiiie "i :lie :i ;rds sta> along the (Smoky in;i river a; this point. S -.iiie .1! ill- i >id birils Were alx" • !..-rovei td i:p i.Ji tile .Mu.berry about i-ii iiii>.- distant from Salina but iH 'thiii;; ha.- l -eeij heard of any of the yoittii: hatched in that region. I>o"n in Crawford county where th- biids Were introduced by the game i »aideti. tlie pheasants Iiave become so pleiirifiil iliat. the larmers waTlt some >f them taken out of that county and i'laced in other places. The county cierk of Sajine county w iiT have ten pairs sent him by the liaiiie warden for lecfiug out ia this countv this fall. It is expected to place ;he>e in good iocalities for safe- t.i^ and for breeding and especial care :ake!i for their safet.^. Ciiitf i ;.i;..- i.- a ;:iM>'( na:iire.l D.-ni- oi-rat Tile ni-nr of tli- l.ii; UeiiiiliH- cat! rallv. the i»al .aHy of the c:im- iiaign. lie noticed .» ?.uia!l l»<.\ slioot- ins (toman cjiteil.-- iii'o tii>- ci(>v\,i St.'ppiiig 'ip to '• '"1 eomiiiaiiii-d till- boy :it .-built iiit.i 'li.- ai- Tii- ito\ glaiic-iii;; ii;> ,'J liiiii ami wirii ;iii espressioii of- coiif'Miipi ;i>;- th- i^ifi- cial star .-ii.d: Wno in rUe h is doili.^ tiii.-"' I T anui—ii lii.- <hief and -troil-'i awj-. wniio^;; !i;rt:rr action. WHAT IS Htw-Rmo: ENGAGED TO LESLIE NIBLACK. The Governor anl Mr«. Haskeil Announce Dauqhter's Betrothal. •".Utliri-- <Ji.l.i <>e: JJ --(^ow: and .".1.-. i\ .V Ha^^••ii li'da'. iii.ii.i-- fornul aano':i.i'-iiieiit .•ir.ia'-:.-- melif oi th.-i; ita!.2!i!- .Mis- K.-jiiCe.^ I.illiai: to I,-s!;e (Jordoii .\:!>laik. .Misy Ha.-K'.l' i> .1 •• aruiiii- an.: ii-^u- tiful \>niit^ womai; -Mr. Nildack i- t:.e —i-.-r i>: tl... Daii% Leader on. of leading Deiii ociaric ,'ap-rs o: :iie >rat-. aud on- 01 til'- mo-.t piiuiiiueii; Democrats anJ >..ilig ;.:ir;i;-.-s ii>.;i of Okiithouirf. PILES "I h»»» —tSrn4 «uh piles lor Uiirlv tti ^e »n. On* :r <Ar a.-r. :..« Ai>-il t besas C ^K -ar^ti tor c»»3»llBiJJO-j I" ttte '-.ur -w ..f a week I o<>tl<«U the piie. -iMiVi- it ai>d .«t tb« »i>.l nt \tt ta*y ili'i o-'X trvaUiv ue at at!. t:«..c»r«t» hav* I'lfi* *o.i .-..r. .'••r»«. I alst eii»lr»ly .--..r^i .intl t «*i .r i^^yt^'s BkrfUsr. N A D O1?.) X.. U pt«rB^|teiBeiiyCo..Chk:a«owN.Y. »a lIpii^mMLUoinss .V TaideL Taken Internally. That I nre> Plle>. IMes I hemorrhoids! are getting nmie <timiu<in eve:v day. because we iive tv:i'iatiii-al!.v ov.-; eating, overwork in;;, taking litii-..- ev-rcise. gtaduaily caii-iug a deadeiiinir ..f veins and tissue.- ill -h- loner bowe' Blot>d stagnation :- !iie cai;se i..-' j>ilbe. and a condition liiai can ; be permanently i'i;ed w !!. <>!n:uieiiT.-.i I»r I.-cihardf- llem-Hoid is the • ii'. ;ab!ei remedy that cures pile- i) rteeiii:: rii- ciiculaiion. Sold Hiidet i^'Kuaiiiee at Chas. B. Spencer A- <o..- F>rice *: 'l»i. Leunhardt Co. >;aii"u i'. Huifaiii. .X V sn itKs BonaiT HUU>S. Paid >%» i'T I'air oi Vntler» While in i: lola. Til.- ibauiie Siiii .-^a'a: W. R. .Sf ;iOi).-. i epui'.'ii-aii nomiiree for governor was ill lola the otljer day on iH.'iitiea! round.- ^V'a!kiug by a butch- -r shop he r^aw a fine pair of elk airie:.- in tbe window. "I |>eUev'e I'll •^o ill and buy those horua." be 8ai4 to hi- coiupuuion. "I have a pl^ce la m> :il.ra;» ju^r suited for ihem." He s:-pp-d ::iS!de and a;ked the price. • !-it;> doiijirs. " leplied ihe butcher, .-tuppiiig si cin.; .-oine bacon. So-ie- fK;o,.ie ill tile store Started ty ta'k him ju?t tiieti He discussed [•oiiiica! niiitter!- wiiii them __ln his o!>tii. ready -xny but managed to aandwich in l«etween Jiis aentences a nod and a Hord to hi* compaqfcm: "Tell him I'll tak^m. Giv« him that \ fifi>." That s Stuitb*. Incidentall>. tbe horns were formerly owned by Governor Gllck. the original owner gave Glick 123 for thsiu. Tbe horns will -have the dis- tiaciioii now of having been owned by tww ^vernurs. Frank J. Wlson haa leafed to t^e Kansas Natural Gas comp#i|y northwest quarter 38-3$-3Q. the

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