The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 1, 1971 · Page 37
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 37

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 1, 1971
Page 37
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Hints From Heloise Dear Heloise: I have wanted to write to you for a long time. Like most mothers there never seems to be enough hours in one day, and heaven knows when I do find a spare minute, I like t.o : watch my favorite program or, just relax. ! But today I decided I had procrastinated long enough, so IKM'C is my hint. My brand new vacuum cleaner is a honey, but. it ignores 1 large pieces of paper or toys of till sizes. I found that by taping two bags on the cleaner. I save lime and temper. As I vacuum, I pick up the various objects on the floor and put them in their proper bag. Now, all 1 have to do is put the trash in the trash can, sort out the toys and put them away. I save lots of steps because it is only one trip to each place instead of a million steps each time I pick something up. .Marion ne tides washed with cold water So glad you took time to send us this hint. I know many mothers will start taping bags on their cleaners. Heloise liquid soap (usually used for fine woolens), will not become flimsy? This is a method I've tried ;and I'm delighted with the results. j F certainly enjoy reading your column. A Fan Dear Heloise: When I go home from college to visit. pack my clothes in t h e smaller suitcase and nest it in the largest piece of my set. Then when I return to college, I can bring back needed items that I think of between trips. A College Student Dual-Fuel Conversion System Reasonable Pollution Solution Hutchinson News Friday, Oct. 1. 1971 Page 11 Last year Mayor Kevin White of Boston decided to do something, on a one-man basis, about air pollution. He had a dual- fuel conversion system installed in his private car. and a little later a number of city vehicles in Boston were given the same modification. By Dear Heloise: Did you know nylon net (Send your suggestions to Heloist, caro of The Hutchinjon News, Box No. £!.*-! 190, Hulchinson, Kan.) I J DOUGLAS proudly announces the opening of our new offices at 116 IM. MAIN ST. IN DOWNTOWN HUTCHINSON Come see our new modern facilities, now serving ycur visual needs. Featuring a complete) selection of the most modern eyewear . . . including the new metal framesi Our framei, with the "new look", are now on display: Ovals, Squares, Circles, Metals and Plastics ... all with, the look of high fashion! Put on the new look! Have your visual prescription set in a new modern frame style from Douglas Optical. SINGLE VISION. GLASSES ONE LOW PRICE $18 OUR $18.90 GLASSES INCLUDE: • SIlNGlt VISION CLEAR OP, TIMID LENW.S • YOL'R CHOICE OP i RA'v'F- STHE FROM OUR LARGE SELECTION • CA D R:i\G CA',t CREDIT IS AVAILABLE SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Bring your EYE PHYSICIAN'S (M.D.) or OPTOMETRIST'S prescriptions to be filled in the frame of your choice Sensational Offer! SINGLE VISION CONTACT LENSES Your ChoicB of IS Colors AT NO EXTRA COST! ONLY 65 00 ...PLUS... An Additional Pair of SINGLE VISION CONTACT LENSES $2Q00 FOR ONLY MORE The spare pair can be yours, or a friend's, or a member of your family ... all you do is purchase both pairs at the same time. The prescriptions DO NOT have to be the same, the colors can be different, the extra pair can be for anyone you choose. TOTAL 85 00 TWO PAIR IN HUTCHINSON 116 NORTH MAIN ST. IN WICHITA DOWNTOWN 316 EAST DOUGLAS IN SWEETBRIAR SHPG. CTR. 2040 WEST 21st STREET OPEN ALL DAY MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY austins 800 E. 4TH CLOTHING AND SHOES 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Daily Noon to 6 p.m. Sun. Open REMAINING STOCK KIDS 1 CLOTHES ALL REDUCED DRESSES A #^/Y~/ JEANS SHIRTS V (j^/0 SLACKS TIES *J / BLOUSES NOW IS THE TIME TO SAVE. LADIES 1 WEAR NEW BLOUSES Wide Selection From LADIES' SWEATERS >™ *4W PANT SUITS Ncir - Nice Selection From ^7 * ' DRESSES .... (iond Brands .... Ladies', Misses, Petite From ^9 MEN'S WEAR WESTERN STRAWS vonrc ., *18» MEN'S WESTERN SHIRTS - *~ *4W WESTERN "BOOT TOPPER" PANTS $ 8»« MENS SLACKS str. LC 8 ne g . $9.9« NOW *7^7 FLAIRS $4.88 $5.88 DOUBLE KNIT PANTS FOR MEN And Up — Wide Choice. $1395 From SHOES FOR THE FAMILY MEN'S "TEXAS" HALTER BOOT *20« MEN'S "WAFFLE STOMPER" *16« RED-WHITE-BLUE VINYL SUEDE SHOES LADIES' BOOTS *5» Many New and Stylish Patterns Now in Stock Margaret Dana Tlie installation of a small tank-converter in the trunk of a car — a four-hour job — permits the car driver to switch from gasoline to compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquid natural gas (LNG). Instantly the air pollution factors in each car drops greatly. Carbon monoxide, for instance, is 99 per cent less! This year the experiment is spreading, with some new and interesting developments. It could he the beginning of an important advance in controlling our air pollution. The automobile has been found to be the chief source of air pollution. According to a study made a few years ago by the U.S. Department of Health. Education and Welfare, land vehicles generate over 90 million tons of pollutants every year. All the other sources combined — industry, electric power generation, refuse burning, etc. — add only a small fraction. According to the same research report, internal combustion engines — in our land vehicles — account for 91 per cent of all carbon monoxide in the air, along with other poisonous pollutants. And, of course, as the number of cars and the mileage driven have increased each year since then, so has the air pollution factor. Number of Proposals A number of pollution solutions have been proposed — from such a silly on; a.s banning all cars forever to practical scientific proposals that would alter the fuel for car use. One of the latter is lead-free gasoline, although there is controversy as to whether it damages some types of engines. Then there is liquid petroleum gas (LP- gasi, better known perhaps as propane, which has been used successfully for some years to cut down pollution, especially in fleets of trucks and cars. Before You Buy Milwaukee's entire taxi fleet, for instance, has been operating on propane for some time. So have some 1.500 Transit Authority buses in Chicago. In an effort to keep the Florida air clean, Tampa and Orlando, among other cities, have been testing intensively the use of LP- gas in converted trucks. Now there's no doubt that LP-gas has proved it can decrease the factors in air pollution. But some important further research has shown that the liquefied natural gas — either compressed or as 0«Ui (»»IWKmmimmitlHfll liquid — offers even more advantages. Easier and less bulky storage, for instance in the trunk of the car. m a k e s LNG particularly well -adapted to private-car use. LNG appears also to give greater driving range, smooth driving, greatly reduced maintenance costs, and a reduction of carbon monoxide of about 99 per cent. The Federal government's General Services Administration has been deeply involved in experimenting with new fuels, and has tested LNG for some years. This pa si summer it ordered LNG fueling kits for 560 vehicles and plans to install fueling stations in Boston. San Francisco, Yosemite National Park and other places. Refueling Stations LNG Services of Pittsburgh, the inventor and licensor of the system for using LNG in land-vehicle engines, has several refueling stations in Pittsburgh and plans soon to install others in Atlanta. San Antonio. Seattle and Cincinnati. The San Diego Gas and Electric Co. of San Diego. Calif., the other primary developer of LNG, operates three fueling stations in that city. AH this does not mean to consumers that overnight they can shift to a nonprinting fuel, but it is on its way. For ci'v and town driving, where motor exhaust air pollution is heaviest, to be able to use CNG or LNG in i>rivate car, to say nothing of buses and trucks, could cut poisonous vapors down drastically and quickly. With the dual-fual conversion system, which puts a little tank in the trunk of a car and hooks up a simple connection with the motor and a switch near the driver's hand, we might make a good beginning. But do people really care enough about our environment to go for this rather miraculous idea? The dual-fuel converter costs about $300 and is sold by a national company. Are people interested? I would welcome your letters and opinions on this. ANNUAL SALE Van Raalte Hosiery and Pantyhose 20% OFF Stock-up for a limited time on all Van Raalte styles. Hosiery available in Cinnamon. Drama. Taupe Haze, Charbrown except where indicated. Sizes S9-10, M9-11, L9'/a-ll. SALE 3 PR. 92c 2.76 HOSIERY = 115 Micromcsh. 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