Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 22, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1908
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY BEeiSTER THUBSDAY ETEXHiG. OCTOBER 82. 1908. • The Register has just complelcd an aijrangcment which will be of special interest to TBe Farmers By this special arrangenicnt we are enabled to offer you The lola Daily Register tor a year and the Journal of Ajjri- cuiture for a vear for $2.25 The Journal of Agriculture is a weekly publication and treats the following department?: Poultry and Bees Women's Page Live Stock The Dairy Farm and Field Crop Pests and Diseases FruiL and Garden The regular price ol The Journal of Agriculture is 50c a vcar, but hv this special arrangement wc arc enabled to olfcr you The lola Register yiX.O Journal of Agriculture .SO for $2.25 52 .50 Address all orde's and make all money payable to The Io!a Daily Register ^ THE KE<;iSTRATIO\ BOOKS WILL (LOSL HEKE SATIKDAY NMJHT. POLITICS IS A -BILING' NEWS HF U HARPE miNENT DEFECTIONS FROMBRmilGOiillllUE Democratic Leaders from Coas4 to Coast Reject Vagaries of tha Nebraska Weather Vane. t .MEK( HAM SAVS HE IVILI. BE lil.M) \VHi:> KI.KITION IS OVEIL tifurur Klioad> l> IiiNtullinir yvn .Ma- tiiliirrv in Hi.> l.loic Fnrlorj —Ke- puiriuir Aiiotiicr Klocli ut tVurk^. Wlllla PreatUa o« f'klraan '••r« ^ MM Pmldeat Woalit Be • ; Failarv—5o«thern l.lfel«iiK Drmo- i ermta Kepadlatr ' tbr riuidldalr Who Tmmplv* om IIU Idrala t* Catah Votea. Iliist Hriiisur lij N:ituri!:i\. If :.fiii ;ir«' III - iv_.,f; •! iiiii^t so 1/ Sill !iitl;i; ;t:- ?"".)k- :r 1" '••"•'v'ck <>:i S;'.!;ir.|,i> >:\tj:i- Tii>> :« .;:s*r:ition i:i 'Ir- fj'' is DSTEOl'ATJn — DK. W .H. ALUHKiHT. R'^t:-!••! <'il ()=t.-..:,,i;hi<- l'h« si' State I'-:it;',> H'iuz Vhrnt- II''. Or.'.y '!.:•.•;.a;:) 111 La Harjic. AT THE SIGN OF THE ...HAMMER... (Under this "n.?n»linp the R.cister will be pleaded to print l^o Mews oi ita sub- scrft -^rs on any su'.jrK! ''oncernm^ which th^y m:iy to wri!>- If j.iu wish to ki.-it about An/thlnp. or .ijr your view^ on any subjtv-t, tell it thr.i;.:h »h<. I:-'cist«T. Omtribiitor^ shouM (riv" tli-/r n-ir -V'S a 'i <l H-ddr^'Ss-s. th-y will not IH> printxl. ^'l- 1 droaji ali coiijinuuic<itl>>ii9 to ir.^ i;--sistei. ' NEWS OF GAS CITY rol.H K roi HI l\ Tins ( ITV IS ^:\Tl!^.M^:l.^ yriKi. TlU' !'..:!..\v:!.i; it. r ! NO CASE IN THREE WEEKS 1 111. tin 11.1 r I .1' , > ' ' hi- t li;;'' ^ !. .1^. . : » .1 -Hi!' Ill ' \; a . , '..-1 • , 'I I! A ( Hoi: \i ( 1 i i; oi.i iiKsn: \ >Mi.i. lu t>::i. vM^n> i M »S I \ IMN^. ti!><. I iiMi|>ii<'ll, II MNMoiiiiP} l<i liutUi. I r.nti I niiol MiiliN, Viltiri sHfit }In- .s. lii>o! ^iiilt •!!• \ < .'! ril ;n. i ' I :t rn '111 'I ' • ' I 'M I • v:i '.iiiV 1.1 •.%•:..« V. ;. , • I-.:- • >,.ti ran • •' "hi' '•')'• •V» ;r j •tv ^^ -tin. • I'' : ! ' H'= IcaRo :• . ti:i;'r- "f iij'n [ •••• p>l! i in (••>"•• i< . " I'liliii ( •mil »/iiiii. 1 <• i .1 ' tin nt :i f. V. .•a--r» ;:, liii tr> b- . • ] \~ I For twf-.!\f' '.••iii: y-nr^ h> way i;'!";' •• r .i ;;o-, ; "hi- >' ;H :' ^^ wi"' ^"rMt •lian i,"- '.'i-xf. ''f::'>(• V\> !iav. u MAN ••• i;r-,.i .s" a::J ; ^•sa;-. j'."-' !'.•">! r':!i. ' V\'^l?>n lie K'-> };;!,;;•; •JiOf ii^ I EOitiE •••r.,-- f^ii I Hv"'' rha^e him t'.i r'i. i-r^n-r,- '-d.^^e ' i'li^li hit' • :i a raf^ : ! Tiie man 1 ii!':i:! I i-'-i kiv n is j Mr U"i -iiu;] T;i'- j Wc till ii"' '.'•'•s -rn' ><-, | v\ :>'-:ti •;!.• Tiphr ' \\\' want a f'r ^'•o~:fi',';;! iii;t.'.-,| Jii »f af.'.i:'! •n f:::!it: : Whl- d:»-> !rJ- iVii.i .iji'i 'hi' i 'yit'ti rvf'-y littllD draft, | 'ATiatV liPttf'!-. tuot s'^t iiMi HVRRAH KOH Hir, lULI. TAlT" j BA»II ,> ( |o>r Siitiiidaj. It-:.-" : .itii.j; i "i >k- i -i '-'ry -•• .•'•:•'•!''.:•} K\••:.'<•'. J: ::' i.'i'.ick T..; . L- 1 ( limaJ < lull I(iniL-|it. ; -i;- II:..••i:^ ••t (•';••-•! r.;!'' : i)i> >.!i-Iii St I"' 1' III .Mi»\i riiurrli. Tu'- I r;.--.i !': • ^i>> •••riau >•<.•• rh • : isii ^. .1 : :• • !i> iiv 11 ti r- • • • T- :a ; n.r.i:;Mi; y.-.-ti .'.](!;• . ;< t • .1.. :<>u !*• i, . , •••.!,> j'lil-'ilN IN -BiHllK." r.'i'li- • :ti" iiinrifial ^:ii>J. • t of ii ;i ii f tU,- It ii.c;.- cii tlip • •ti .t ii >iiuT> ami ;;it>rri> .-lM ;v..i. U '!!ii -'!s ;i:r V'.:;! I ui.iii :"i'r pi ••-Ul'i'iit Ki .ati I : !•..;'•' i~ aiiiUc! i>i<> ami <-i'Il irnni .It > :-;i'rti iinlil Uito r; ..iii.i;;^. I ui .i ;. .-u i;!aii wlicii ri»c!;i':i is o\'r" I • Jli.l 1 kril a 1li ..|ilM'ir >r.-:rii |a> M -.'i. "I '.'.-ii ; .ill.-its ilii- •^:i!;:; •A -.A l< !\- :\- ir .-.i: I..' iiu .-tfif' I o Srr -.i« M«;il.>. •.• •• • -i i>. -li-'. \i i • J. . • t' . IV .-•>•• : iti rh'-1 .•!< Y-'}'.'. !'T • .'f.! -ui., .-r T--^ • ••• : '•• : -li::-: f. 'til- • • Av.i-u'il lt;*!illiiiir \r« MMi-liiiit rt. ••• : . • . i!- • - '-i-t t; v, r 'I' hi- \- Iirt:- r-:-l(>. il ' ^'I't-.i ,•;(<•:(•.•• lit r«' Mi K'l"i'i- 'i> j">'•! il -'.I' 'I t'tisirifS-. Til" v>i' lir i>'-i(l' .'p. r. li.i; >-\ :i. \; M'-ii I.i;- lu.jriiiii:; VU}, H\ in I 'ool Hall. .., ii ,ii -:i'-i ;i !i -^'i :r-ii<Mti~ i.i. ':i. ii'iuir- \i.-lti-il I,' Uiirpo >>-,'i.i> Ti;.'': iMrt ;.i'J in tii-.- j 'Oo! '• : - I ari't ?1. Tin-;, uink^' tli'ir uii;. l.y lakitti; Uji a ji'nt'Ci'jn af iTulkrti to NrhoiiN. \;i-->- I \' .•• I'^i--; 1. I .1 ;.: •.11^ '111- ••. .u!.!' "i'l!-. i/i i!,r t it.v >i 'r" 1^ -;>,. ••• u! til .?i •I• •,:, I M h; !.M- • \'. . • hrl .u'ii!' • : . ..• i 'I. I • KBKSH ( AMUKS. <!;( •o':'.t('.- and Hon '.'••i.i.- n.nif. tr-'M farior;- r\or> t«(> n »'..k>. ;:. ; "UiiiN it:.'! ha 'l" ;'0 :i ::fl?. T:y tii.-n; WATKUS .V I.WKOIClil l't:i:> .Nu. [v;. ! . I. 1 I .(• •• . • •>'.• I"- •;. v.. M. -'J- I V. it,.;-„ • . . 'il i;. . II f. in; ' 'Ir,- r'".u:-..i! v!:«;• ;'• ,; K-.-j.- <'•• ^\!:. su- v-i- • . • •! :i'-. . i:.- ••' ••• •:ik.t. •.. \:rs. AV. J I 'riti;. r. of \:-:- ;:;.-:..n l.rCIS.K MILMAM, MAIJHIKn. FAMILY FELL INTO A CREEK. Mother and Father Saved Lives by Catching Trees. (.'b«r vair. KAUS .. Oct "1 - Rev.^ Beeve. his wifo and two children werel thrown from a biigj:}- IntoDrum Creek seven miles northwest of hpretoday. The minister, with a babe in hl» ana» and Ws wife saved themselves ^ by cat^)(i&S tTMa. ,1^he boy was drow;q|<.i Trojan Safety .MtA.NS JIST WHAT IT SA\S. ljt-T'?r tiiati aii> "Thrr I'uwd'.r un 'h.? n.iik^t >« (:l\cerine tti il> r«iiup ">iti<Mi. PI >.- ii 'i' fr 'Ti*! ii<> iiiattPi \/'\\ f -i;.' A ^M -iuifl;.! no danut-r Wi h.'.Mi.iiii:. I 'tfl Trvjan injti>;..i I 'f rcririf aiid save the liitv* of your nn *D. and vdiir ronipaiiy fr-iii damaefj »nits. t.W. Cover date V^ENT Boom 6, Strtensott Bidf.—iviM Majtiii Vjin lli-ruen •>! han-ti* rUj t!ii- Toi '-ka. ii>- JIV— Mis.- !.:i<:,. - ir !. ironrlio ri'lf^r and ;I; ri .-.v.-- .Aliirttii Van i ^^.i;r^l. an .n •. . ••.-.A -!:;:;»-r. uf Kan-sa- 'i';-. w.'rr n.^.r-i 'td ill Hrookl .Mi Sfp'* ii.i)'-r 11. W'l' In.-;. 'r:> i't 'fio;.- -ijcr*-; a. •-.-.r and -ix A ^-.-^i:! Tiie iiiarri.i-*- *a.-, ..iin .Hij.'.-d i.-r. .\Ir Vi^ 1 lirrar;. ;i ;.i >:i-: n .i : '•«. .iudrvii;. -krtcli. V.'li 'T" Hf-if- r-.^t Tfii*"."' viiit'en 1'.* <i»ori:<' C:-!-! <>{ ji< «ir-. Mr Van IJi-ii:..:: i .a* j I . t-ii li»»rv .lil wc^'k. .Miill .a 'i ranu- ]fr;iii Okiahciiiii C'i';. 'lyliii nifilit III-, wav of Kai;.-as '.'it). S'iir r »'urhrrt T"'i»'ka V. ;!erda> It w.ii drr.ded tliai llir annt nth e!ii»-nt of tlieir inri! r; le*" s-lt'lid W iiKidr ni i »".'r M;<- Mi,- -ii'l' iul^ ui '.fTi il'"" V;•.'tl'-'.i.;!. iiri Ii*r hnr;-*' and it-i-r. Siir niau" ;l;tr last HiiiJ »?aran< r In \\ i '.ilta la^t I week aud w-ill travel «itli her hus- ; bead, who is io go at oner tu Ihl- cago to begin playing the Croe! skftch on the Orpbeum circuit. )ii |iuirinc Fiiriiaci.*. 1! • : :ili::.l<t 'l,,- « ~,u,..!!ri • , ; • , .1.;. \ \-. --I'.'n ^ l.. nub ••.'>• 'i • ,• .itr k' ' •• ^•, • « »i ')l «l». ., ,.; \;. - .1 c I.. . i't .m ' . 11' ti . 'i. :-• V ;•!'!• w' • .1 I il ' i I( n.i: ,1 '..i! I I 'ri-,-•< •: • • • • . M I .I ,:t I, , \\..' \\,. . • , |,.' f-f ..-V. :., dr I; ' i .11 ... .1 :. i-i: II. ! i ••• . \ • •;• -.i^ . I. . • .. >t. ^^ (•...•.. ;,. • • - • • : •• '• ••"wc I. •:l••^. ".; .\'ii'.,. I-t.ijk':' :::;d Klii .i ••i :•• '.f' \ \-•• \- •• I.a-Ai-:"•>'. K;.- rti ••• • rftnriiin-- tin; wW, \'::'v \v. \ HA.NDMAPrKI). IJ;N f- Mil- r .HM- Milh >fau» l-ia Pfoph-i T'" ni .tti;. ii .ia /.":;- .n.- ii,irid:'-aii ''iiti ;i iiad dark. Thr nnn u .-inj: ra;;.-' - i'.n.-ta:;i n.;.-<;;.'. i.nikin;; "•Tr .1 I.iir.l.n i '.nd ^r.,.i;,i:.j: liftjn? u. in:('' -.-ibiiity. The i.<irk itrh-.s ;ir •-.'••ZH'. ( I^'Vriitiiii: r^frr .-hiui: ; iind i" lii" nii.rtii'.u- -f.ff and iiini.- Piai- ••'.•.A !::iin;eiif.- iniiy rr!:»-f Sci r rearii i!ir r;iiir :r. T D ("•iiininatr h- : lir.s ijii'l a ''(i«-- \> n nr;r' rij.. rii.^ hiidr-.-ys hian'.- K:i!n'-> I'ii:.-. rii .-f. ^it-K k:d•1. - H -d rurr them (le rniancn'Iy. Cim •' II (Ji .ijii: ^!vidtnc<>" .Mr-. I,'!r\ f •-•avc-. of .'>••;; S'ili'.'; fot .oT .'.iJiid .-tr«»rt. lola Ka-.. in hi- f:;..'-in^ 'if :.•<•! wh'^ii si'.'er:.';-' .I'.r.: n ianio aiiti w-^ak ija. k . I (.ro- •'iri-l Ixmn - Kidii«^> fro ;n C V. .-^i • -r.-r A- Co.'s dru;i stor.- and iir- .an :;.-ins th«-ni Th*- ttotil.i*. liiti 'i-dit DO I think !<y a i-TaIn I sur- f-.rJ whir*: iiffin:! Sharp pains •-•auj.'.''' tar ill n.y riitht hip and sradu ally r .vendt>il arrmnd arros.s the fcinall if n.v hark I wa... inid i;p for fAO works and w Iim I wiis ahie to br up. tht» iainfTVFfS .and w»*akn «'S !i miil cinns tr» nie l»*ianV Kidney PIIU «'<j«!f» et«"- ly rid ine if this troubie and thr s-e- Vfrc pain in 'hr liip and bark: has •w\ \ i rrapi .^ar**!] I liavo grvaf COD- Idtiicr III I>< an:i Kidu»-y Pi!!.-' atid am -iid to Si".«• theiu nij recoiiiuistida- For caie !i .v all dealers PriTe cents Foster-.MJlbum Co.. BufTaio. New York, sole agents fur the United States. Rfmember the namer-Doan's—and ^ake no other. Tli»« niiiut—r of pniniinrrt I >>.iTi<>-raf5 «d ovrr thf> roiintry wh.> haVr :in r.oiinrrd tlinr .Irsortion <.f Prvau .-ii.*! havp advi .srd ihrir frirnds to fo' Taft .Tnd Sh'^nh.nn Is a niattrr nf ^ravr ronrrrn \>\ Mr. P.ryan'<« ni .TnujTs. In Kirbiui .inl. \ a., .il.vays a m-ii -riblieu ritttd.*! ."f L>«'iuo',rary. .i Taft ill:sin••s.^ tnrns rjiili has 1" n ..r .::n:ilr .'.d. with hundrrd-of riirn;i-.^r>. and in r ..Tl!iniorr the drfr ii..ri< ..f t'-.idins^ 1 >"ni.- rat< ha.< beiinnr u ^r >i!:.j...t ..f .n daily sr- ri «i in tbr n.-u spjip-r*. rii .-pr trations arr si'-' n tmt Ix-.-iui-s.- ili.-j ar.- ejtreption -Tl in iliis rHnipaicn. bnt l""- nuiSH of i!i '''ir sr.i ~rap!ii. a: :...nif >:• In Clii.-a:;i' .i >rns;itii 'n was • ms -il by Wiliiam I' wh" anr..iMi. ! that hr will pnpiHirt T;ift !n^;tri !.l .>t" Br .van for IV -.-^Mi -nt and D.-r.-.jn in jit*>n'l of Strvrf -on for < • .Mr Pivntis.< lias 1't.rii ;t l >..iiii>Titti.- Irii.t <»r in < "ti!.-:!-.;.! for .-••v>.ial 1 it- was fivi; S» r\ I. r (•..luiiiis.-i.iiuT ntidrr Mayor Ln:iil :r iiUil ims >r\ ..r.ll !! i;.'S 'be<?n I Vai<.»<rati. . n'ldi.h'.tr f'.r jiid ,-r. In IS'.'S lu" uiis ••!>a riii.iii i>r t 'tr I»..nii.- rraiir Stii 'r r ..r %rn;i..i>, H-- was formerly nil anS: t partisan In a t-tt.T iTi.'d- p 'l':i. r>'-'»>ntly .\Ir. rrrnti^i-* .i-arc-- Mr.':tii vi'li !-rrayiii:: his f.'n-.".T< .,t;.l t.-r-ak".; -iT.' jirin- «'iplrs f.T w 111. :i b- tt'KHi '•-i-r I.I \\\^ present . MH.I'.V;" Mr. I'r ^titis.- -I.I ? : "Br .V .lli « I.-i'i -.ii tliar Itr ts r;i.>" : > •y>ati !*iio aiiti .•vt-ifi l«.>.><-w -;t s VCTK. claimir.:; nin. 'i .-f ,i • ••' his «•>«:' I.'s.- t;ia;i :! T—^ ti . •.th« a-.:. I pr-frrr -d Kr;;iM i;,...>,.% M;. <-cs^itr. U" v.-.s my («irty l.>:id-r whom I i!:.ii .i.a.i t'lH . ..nh-l -ai-- f-nt. lis t-^foro !"di. .iftxl. ri »y J:ii -:i !i: P.r>ah is a r .'iir Itr .iiin. t .."t ;iio i.ira; I:.yau of thr jt;?st. Ii;ir lltr rr:il Bryan -if Io nay. i-iirr...jnd. •! iy iho .Mark?. Mnr phys. M.-<;r ;iv.r-. Tascart.*. i ^iill .vati- nnd .lo" 15tti»\s '"I at. .r il .o pn-;"nt day D<-'ino<r:iti.- party, at thr best rouM be but a di.-inal lailiirH.' California f>rmo<-ra»'» for Taft. John J B.).-r. ti. f .T y^-ars otir of tin- most hrii .iatit ..rat'.rs 'if tti.- l>ni.. rratir p.-iny ><f •'alifornla. h.".« r «-.;:s- tered ihi.* yrar .i.- a f{-|>iil»;iran. That registr.ition ha> ;;iv..n thr Drmixriitii manasrr,* a >li.>« k only s .>i ->inil ti> that whirh thry f'-;t ^vil-n thry Irarurd that M. F T.irjiey had d -.-ri -t »d i!»o shifting rausr of P.ryan. "Sly rrgist Tilt ion sp.-ak-« for its-lf." said .Mr. Barrit -W.'i.*!! .i-i ^rd t.i »tatt> tiiy poi;'; - I -;i i I wa.^ a Ur pUMiiMll. Thai IriN tli»- tair" Bnrrrtt prrn. i'l-^l I).m.^-r'tts- dor irlu*.* from .•»:; ih- sitimp-i of falifor nia. Hpa«an« «l a Norih \ apitllnaa. Hrunrd>"«'« of pi («i tiit1ll .it mn.. denf« of arf .i i-> doiM 'rji utrl ftiln 'ivri-.!, nro f.i.'i iiiiii.c lip lor .Iinli ;r 'i^ifi \ rt-o-ni I 'V .ii 'ipio I" .f Si !i.< .\|. Ii .-r. ••ditor of ttir <'liiiri liiiiaii, ..f .\-w \.irU In on illt''rvlr<\ lir >;i\fi, "I itii ti N-'Tth .ilin .-in ;>y i»ir(h i »nd •V • i'"i'lt'.;: I'.'ino.rat T •«liail viitf> \\T. Tat 't h «.<-:iif»' lir it in hi« h'-.i'-r til t'rini: my,. of th" .•>;'.urii i .a .k Uito aliso^ii'r titii .'n with tiir tuiti'ina' tife and to tli «>ir ht.«r..r;." \>'.A'^ n« a <• "i troilinz forrr ;n tho nation, and to d .i whirh v.-oittil fmruortaiiz" uini a-« % (•tatesman. T .-^hall vot" for him sn*** h»* more nearly rrprrsoni^ my ido.-jis <.f govorii- luent. of s (v i .Tl ordT and ornnoniir JK »1- irr tlian .-i.ny !i-in« D^mornr. or .inr man brfor»- the p»'opip to-day. savr iiione Thp-Klor*. Ro ..»P «»ve;t. who i.- la.- only I'rosidfnr \ hav«> Trr voted for. .Mr. Taft ha^ adrnini-tT-d every iru.«t romraitrrd to him by T!I<» nation with an sineio to th" nation's grtod and for tff h:sh '*<T iateros'ta of the people that rompose the nntion.'" Thr RoAt<fr ia Baltiaiar«. Mr. G*^>rg» R Wini.«. formT pr»><«i- dent "t the Poliro Board of BairimTf and I >emu< rat of rhf old srboo; w-:' rast th** flr?t Rppnbliran vote <«lare iir attained his majority. Mr. Wll!";i w ir •otp for Taft. ••I'ndrr no <irruinstan<-€-!« r..>-) .j I voir 'or Bryan." said he. '"for the r.-.?>..n tbat I do .''t '««iiere be is sincv .•. r .id if sincere. \9 c..t a pood man for P v>, d<-"t of the Inlted Srates.". "Hr.w do you ?auge publir »enfl menr?" ^Ir \ViIii.« was a«fced. "Among my rlientele [ know of no one who will vote for Bryan. There is not a Pemoerat who favors him " Another prominent southern r>enio- crat who will vote for Taft \» Mr. v\ X. Garrett, chief tzerntlve offlcer to the receivers of the Seaboard Air Line RaUway Company. Mr. Garrett's reasons for support! the R^ablican candidate are that his the candidate of (he^^lness men and his elactiOD woaljMSe for the bes: iiitercfte of thi* coootiT. Mr. Garrett say* be baa nbUced 'n ~ — !_ « Soothern States and ln.<«tanced Altbaai as one of these. Two men who have always bee:i prominent in Pen-ooratic circles in Bal- tiniore who have nnnotmced that they did not think enough of iSryflo to vote for him. and that they would support Taft instead, are .Mr. John E. Semmea. one of the prominent lawyers of Baltimore and president of the School Board, and .Mr. r >ei){h Bonsai, who In years past has been one of the most a. tire workers in the Democratic party. Both men said that they colild not itand for Bryan and hL« policies. Mr. Bonsafs defection from the ranks of Iv.j«"rae-y was an ««pecial shock to the Bryan men in the .««tate. They had couDt»Hl on him as one of the prize spellbinders dtirin? the coming campaign, and had n.» idea but that be was an anleut .^npportrr of the Democratic noinint.'^a. "When and where will it suit you best to gj >e ;ik during the rcm- in>: fanipaign in behalf of .Mr. Bryan?" .Mr Bryan's friends in .Maryland wrote Siir.i. Whrn .Mr. Bonsai replied thac he intrndrd to vi>t > for Taft the rorre- spondenre reased. Major Bi'-haril .M. N'enable. former presidrni of tbr Baltimore Park Board and our of most prominent Itid>'- prn.lenr Iirmo'-rais in .Maryland, .'laa dr..jjir-d f.«r Taft ;ind against Bryjin "f am for Taft.' s.iid Major \ru.!l>>. "as I do n>«i acrrr with .Mr. Bryuns opinions on the \:irioii< questions now ••onfpiinitip t!>" i.iililir. "He ha .-i \\'-: \\x>- .ii;d:;nipni and prraniont of ii >.t.-ti.-uian .\ sratesnian knows that im nsjittrr how desirabie a rrf .irm may i>»' lip must take short SI.P;>» 'n ar.-oaiplishiii;; it. He knows that it .-aiinot !«• ti..i:.. in a d.ny The pijb-ir niind and tin- ir-w machinrry of adiinn- isrratioii mn.-r t-r rjitriitrd and adiip'r»I t.> intriilii.r sn h r;idi.-ai rbau5»*s as are .'oiU :ii [ird in Mr Bryan's program -v.-!i .-on.-iHliti;; f .ir tbr arsument that be is ri.:!!!." Ualdo .\.-« 'mrr. p---idrnf of ne .National Ex« haiicr B.miv of Baltimore. MTs that alth..iieti b" brlevps lu the tirinripirs of tii.» I>'-mixratl'' party and wo»ild like to .-ast iiis ballot for ih* Iw-mix-raf''- ti-kri. he rinds it imp.:is<iM«? :o sup{xirt Bry;tn ar.-l bis ideas Mr. Nrw..^'iirr Iiarait'-rixed the Bry- .Tn plank in ti 'p I>-nvei- plaffor;:i p^»r nntrriuc d-^ifisits In banks as nohsen- "i.-al and nnnr. »>~sary. HP said the Si -henir sniarke <l of fKiternalisni. and it. not foiind 'Hl iifMtD sound or gii.^i! b'tsi- ness prin.ipl'-s. .Mr. Nr\v.-..mrr said he did rot re- card .^Ir Itryan as the typv- of man to make a satisfa<-t"-y or safe Prrsident. and fett that tb- iiiteres's i!ip 'o;o- iry and the [K »<.|.;r .i wii-.i- wi .ttiil h« far better prrin..tod thi* tinip by the fiertion of .Mr. Taft. in whos»e sani'y. -oiindness atid Iionesty "very one who knows him has tiir tirmost .'onfidenfr Frcflerir is. r<.i:derr. for years prominent New York Ind.»p»'ndent Demi .rrat. has statr.i thiit hr intends to vote for Taft. .1. K .-^tnltli. vire preeident of the .-^ininion-' Har.lwHrr t'ompany of St. Louts, wh-.s- i».iitii*s heretofore has n Iirni.-. r ;i ;i-. bas rome nr.t for Taft. He says many other DemoTSts amon^ I.-nis busiaes.-* men wi'l mark th- r l>.-i!l..:s thr same w.iy \>OT lark \>*«T «|iaper Urarrla Orraa. Th" Itir*-a I .N' V. i ''hronitir. a l>ew«.|.;,|.,.r h»-r.-t.-f'.rr iJriuorratif. hai l>r.>ken With ihar party :»nd<l th« iip (w>.«it ifiii. s.i_\ 111.; •B.-;ir\snc ''M' 'lirrr ,s io hope for'«• iii-'i i .i tbr I »rm«>iri»i'y uii d .T it- ;.r.-. I •; r?filsM>C I" ir i. to iti.. iiii!<nt i-oiiiiiiiu«ilon .if l'opiiii>tii, s... uiii'iit,- roritiptlor and i'.'s. ..|> pr.--..iil.-.| iindri ihc BUf*"' of 1 ».'lil... I'a. \ ttir \' hrollli ,r> tijkrs tia Ktand iitMi .y f. f \\y .tml . S|IIT.I.»U I. for tluKh''n iiiid hl> riititiiti|( iiiatr" TAFT'S SERVICE TO LABOR llr.trnt^il the ol<l Fnallah tni* \t. • amprii>n Ihm t'nli>n Labor I* a « on»plrar>. I Krom th.. Knipona t Kan • Gazette 'lb- <iin:l<' fa.t is thn» nn man baa •Ir-n.. nior" to pla 'p union labor on a S 'lind. .•^iti'ire. iaw-abidinst. respected 'o'tijii: -ban \Vi,li;iin H. Taft by hit d -i isloiis in i;!t...r . as"?. Both employ • is and employed have acknowledged :),.. jijsfirp of hi< de..i.sions and leai^ned to abide by fii '-m. and to-day there \% '•:(•: an inf-ii.:.'nt worker or falr- -ninde.! erT.'fi '.y .T who wotild seek to a!>rM;ai>- ib»^tn. .Iiid^r Tafr ''ftrd labor froM tne d'luior a:id nn '-eriainty as to its tishfs which had t»efore prevented and cave it a standing which it has ever sinie rrtained. and wbirb has prov#d r .nder his rulings, serure against ali attack. The old a.ssumption. derived from Enziand. itist union labor Is a • oiispirary. nnd that workers could be (irevented from leaving railway or other euipl.jymrnt at their will, wat swept away forever by Judge Taft so far as the rn!te»l States is concerned, and when an attempt was made, yeara later, to revive the principle. Judge Taffs drf-i.Hi.jn was quoted iac<reas»fn!!y by tb" labor sid.- to dt'feat the piea. .Mr. Taft was and is labors' friend, because he Is absoltifely Just, nnd would no more permit wrong to tM done to the po«->rest laborer in the land than he wojild to any one else. And the honest, law abiding workers aaka and esfKK ^s no more than this. Bryan, we learn from a Democrat}* contemporary. i« givitig the East a good scare. Bryan's s.^irsis, how«ver. nertr hurt anybody but Bryan.—Philadelphia Press Mr Taft says ttaatj he nanda on Ma record. No particular credit toTtfl ia that. Anybo^'y woald ha gU^d t# atand on tiM kind ofj record bo tJML— Top^ Ca^taL

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