The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on January 29, 1963 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1963
Page 4
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OTTAWA HERALD Pit* Four Tuesday, January 29, 1963 Editorials Not Fat, Just Too Short Over the weekend a member of the Kennedy team predicted in an interview that the President's tax cut proposals would be the major issues before Congress this session. He further predicted they would be passed. We wouldn't bet either way. Already the bloom is off. The word from Washington has it that plans are being laid to tighten exemptions. Such could mean the actual saving to the individual wouldn't be too much. Also, in his budget message, the President cut back non-defense expenditures. He did this to hold his proposed budget below the $100 billion mark. A number of congressmen have indicated there is still too much fat in the budget, and slicing of defense spending is not beyond the realm of possibility. While President Kennedy feels a tax cut would stimulate business, thus increasing in the long run the amount received in taxes, he has a major selling job to do on Congress. The old-fashioned To Your Good Health idea that income should balance with outgo still prevails. You might say Kennedy has adopted the position of the woman who refused to admit to her doctor that she was 20 pounds overweight. The doctor's reply was: "If what you say is true, madam, then according to my height and weight chart, you are six inches too short." Our Readers I would like for some of the old timers of the communities of Peoria and Richter to write to me. My father came from Peoria, and I'm surprised to learn that there is a community close to you by the name of Richter and another by the name of Peoria. If you would print this letter, I'm sure someone will write me and tell me about the Richter families and where names of both communities come from. — T. L. Richter, 708 W. llth, Taylor, Tex. Swell Show, But Will Rainier Like It? No Kerosene For Cough Dr. Molner By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER Dear Dr. Molner: As a child and teen-ager, I was given kerosene and sugar for a cough. Patent medicines were ineffective. I now have the same problem with my children. Is kerosene harmful? It never seemed to hurt me.—T.H. Kerosene is a hydrocarbon, and chemicals of this class are toxic. Years ago we did a lot of things we wouldn't do now, because then we lacked some of our present knowledge. I know that a lot of kerosene and sugar has been swallowed and didn't do any detectable harm, but there is an element of danger in it for some individuals. Today's cough mixture (both the patent medicines and prescription ones) are so much more effective and safer that I would avoid the risk of potentially dangerous ones. To give you a further example of my reasoning, take the famous and tragic thalidomide matter. Thalidomide, it was found after widespread use in Europe, and some in Canada, and a little leakage into the United States, turned out to be very dangerous, not to the users themselves but to babies whose mothers took the drug in the early weeks of pregnancy. The result has been several thousand tragic births — deforemed childen. But there are also thousands of mothers who took thalidomide and yet had normal babies. Using a drug and having no ill effects is not proof that it is harmless. Kerosene, in this in- Byjph This And That Diets for women aren't so much to take off pounds as to provide interesting conversation pieces. Add signs of spring: A neighbor has his screens spread out in his basement and painting them. Congress seems reluctant to cut taxes this year. It fears that the voters wouldn't remember it n e x 1 year when it came time to vote. The Junction City Union reports on the progress of secondary education in that city: "Student objections which developed at the Senior High School, resulting in a boycott of the cafeteria, have been resolved. Warren Settles, principal said use of the student lounge has been restored but that measures have been taken to alleviate corridor congestion which have brought about suspension of the lounge use. The juke box has been moved to a less congested area and chairs have been placed in the gymnasium foyer as well as pingpong tables." It sounds like a lot more fun than history, algebra, or Latin. Unfortunately the fact it now costs a nickle to mail them doesn't discourage people from writing letters to get in their two cents' worth. Somewhere we read that women this winter are knitting themselves little covers to keep their noss warm. Others accomplish the same thing by sticking their noses into somebody else's affairs. A Mtional academy of foreign affairs is proposed, and it seems a splendid suggestion. Here men could be trained for the top ambassadorial posts which later would be denied them in favor ol generous supporters of the party in power. Tlkt census bureau reports there are now close to a million Americans 85 or older. The very number of them has killed what used to be a profitable business for octogenarians. Selling testimonials to patent medicine makers. SHOW OFF HOME - Prince Rainier HI of Monaco and his wife, Princess Grace, are narrators and guides for "A Look at Monaco," special one-hour filmed report to be broadcast in color Sunday, Feb. 17, on Channels 5 and 13. Television Log Channel 4, NBC Channels 5-13, CBS Channel 9, ABC Tuesday stance, is a "drug." It is a chemical of active and sometimes dangerous properties. It harms some people. Others can take it, within small limits, without harm, but too much kereosene could well even be fatal. Medicine is not an exact science. It may never be. We have to abide by the percentages, or risks, or whatever you call it, and as a physician I can't put a "safety" label on something I know to be dangerous in some cases. See my point? Dear Dr. Molner: What kind of examination would I have to go through before my doctor could tell if I have an overactive thyroid gland? Would I have to go to the hospital? Would the treatment be an operation, medicine or shots?—A.H. The usual test is a "B.M.R.," or basal metabolism reading, which means that you go to the doctor in the morning without having eaten anything, and allow time to lie still for perhaps half an hour before the test. The test itself involves a few minutes of breathing through a tube, after which the doctor can measure the rate at which you use up oxygen. Another test, called a "P.B.I." 1 or protein-bound iodine test, done with a small blood sample is regarded as being more specific. And there are still more intricate ones involving isotopes. By and large no, you won't have to go to the hospital; anyway, not for the first couple of tests. Treatment depends on the case: Radioactive isotopes sometimes, or surgery to remove part of the gland. In many instances one of the "anti- thyroid" drugs can be used effectively, taken by mouth. Dear Dr. Molner: Can persons who have had syphilis but been treated for it transmit the disease or infect anyone else? Could they ever become infected again?—Mrs. L.D. With proper treatment, patients in suitable time can be sure of not giving the disease to anyone else. But yes, they can get it again. Hemorrhoids can be cured! If troubled with fissures, fistulas, itching and other'rectal problems, write to Dr. Molner, Box 158. Dundee HI., requesting a copy of the booklet "The Real Cure For Hemorrhoids," enclosing a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 20 cents in coin to cover printing and handling. Auld Lang Syne 25 YEARS AGO Mariettc Bennett, daughter of Mrs. J. Henry Bennett, 609 S. Hickory, was ill with scarlet fever. Gordon Noland was elected president of the junior class at Ottawa High School. A marriage license was issued to Donald S. Hulls, Ottawa, and Frances E. Ware, Lamed. 50 YEARS AGO Asdrubal Reed of the Middle Creek neighborhood brought a hog weighing 600 pounds to Ottawa and sold the animal for $42. He remarked "I've got a bigger one out home," adding, "I raise 'em for size, not beauty." A part of the paving on Main Street between 1st and 2nd Streets was being replaced. The paving had sunk in a number of places where gas lines were installed. Albert Reeder returned to his home in Topeka after a visit here with his mother, Mrs. Belle Reeder. Prayer For Today Our holy and our beautiful house, where our fathers praised thee, is burnd up with fire: and all our pleasant things are laid waste. (Isaiah 64:11.) PRAYER: 0 living God of our fathers, teach us to build and care for churches that are worthy of being called holy and beautiful. Help us to be reverent in our spirit that we may have the blessing of Thy peace. In Christ's name we pray. Amen. 5:00 4—Sea Hunt 9- Yogi Boar 13—Bugs Bunny 6:15 5—Whlrly Birds 5::«l 4—Dragnet 9—Rebel 13—Dr. Ichabod 5:45 5—News 13—Sports 5:55 13—Weather 6:00 5-9—News 6:10 5-9—Weather 6:15 5—Sports 9-News 0:3.-) 5—Speak Op 0:3(1 4—Laramle 5—Stump the Stars 9—Combat 13—Marshall Dillon 7:00 5-13—Lloyd Bridges 7:30 4—Empire 5-13—Bed Skelton 9—Hawaiian Ey» 8:3(1 4—Dick Powell 5-13—Jack Benny 9—Untouchables 9:00 5-13—Garry Moore • :30 4—Englsn O'Toole 9—Special Report 10:00 4-5-B-I3—News 10:10 5-9—Weather 10:15 4—Johnny Carson 5—Movie, "Rulers of the Sea" 9—Steve Allen 10:30 4-13—Sports 13—Lifeline 10:35 . 13—Hawaiian Bye 11:35 13—Peter dun 11:45 9—Man From Cochlse 12:0*1 4—New» 12:05 4—Movie, "Young Scarface* 12:10 5—Speak Op 12:15 5—Movie, "Young Dr. Kildare'» 12:45 9—Newa 1:00 —9Almanae Newsreel 1:05 9—Faith for OUT Times 1:30 4- Oulty Dally Word Wednesday 6:55 4—Dally Word 6:00 4—Continental Classroom (Physicsj 13—Continental Classroom (government) 6:25 5—Profile 6:30 4—Operation Alphabet 13—College of the Air 8:55 5—Farm Fact* 7:00 4—Todaj 5—College ol the Air 13—Rush Hour. 7:30 5—Moment ot Meditation 7:35 5—Cartoonland 7:45 5—King and Odle 7:50 9—Call to Worship 7:55 9—News 8:00 5-13—captain Kangaroo 9—Columbia Lectures 8:30 t—Deputy and Felix • :00 4— Say When V-Jnc.k La Lanne »—Romper Room 13—Calendar 8:35 4—News »:30 4—Play four Hunch 5-13—T Love Lucy 9—Divorce Court 10:00 4—Price IB Right 5-13—McCoys 10:30 4—Concentration 5-13—Pete and Gladys 8—Day In Court WANTED: TRAINEES Men - Women IBM Keypunch operators qualify in 2 weeks. Starting salaries up to $78 per week. Tabulating operators qualify in 6 weeks. Starting salaries up to $100 per week. Rapid advancement. Tuition financed. Training need not interfere with your present employment. Write including Phone No. to: PCMT Box H-64 r-o The Ottawa Herald 10:56 B—Newt U;00 4—Your First Impression 5-13-Love of Life 9- -Jane Wyman 11:25 5-13—News 11:30 4—Truth 01 Consequences 5-13—Search for Tomorrow •—Yours For A Song U .45 5-13—Guiding Light 11:5S 4— Newi 12:00 4—Cartoons . 5—Naws 9—Ernie Fort 13—News 12:10 5—Speak Op 12:15 5—Sports 4—News, Market* 5—Local Interview 13:30 4—Accent '"n 3 "^.. the World Turn* 9— Father Knows Best 1:00 4—Merv Griffin 5-13—Password l'30~ MOVie> Th8 Loclcet " 5-13—House Party 1:55 4—News 2:00 4—Loretta young 5-13—To Tel) The Truth 5-13—News B—News 2:311 4—Best of Groucho S-13—Millionaire .4 Seven Keys 3:00 4—Match Game S-13—Secret Storm 9- Queen Ko> A Day 4—News 3:30 4—Make Room For Daddy 5-13-Edge of Night M VVhn di vou Trust? 4:00 4—Fun Time 5—Cousin Ken's Carnival 8—Torey and Friends 13—News Weather 4:15 13—Turban's Land of Magle 4:30 B—Mickey Mouse Club 8:(Xi 4—Sea Hunt B—Torey and Friends 13—Quick Draw UcGraw 0:15 5-Whlrly Bird* 4:3« 4—Dragnet B—Rebel 13—Scope-Kansas University 5:45 5—New* 13—sports With Dev NelMti 13— Weather 6:00 4—New* 6—New* »—News 13— New* 4—Sport* 5-9—Weather 6:15 4—News with Huntley-Brtnkley 6—Sports 9—New* 13—News 6:23 6—Speak-Up «:30 4—Virginian 5-13—Self Portrait 8—Wagon Train 7:00 9—Going My Way 5-13—Doble OillU 1:30 5-13—Doble Utlll* B—Going My Way 8*00 4—Perry Come 5-13—Beverly Hillbillies S—Dick Van Dyke B—Our Man Biggin* 13—Donn* Reed •:00 4—Eleventh Hour 8-13—Circle Theater Tonight's TV Highlights John Forsythe and Barbara Hale are the two stars who will join the regulars this evening on Mike Stokey's "Stump the Stars" program, which is a revival, so to speak, of the old Pantomime Quiz show. The show is quite entertaining, and sufficiently different from the trail herd- surgical drama • courtroom-family comedy run-of-the-screen offerings to be refreshing. Channel 5, 6:30. Red Skelton's special guests this evening will be Mickey Rooney, and the Paris Sisters, a vocal group. Channels 5 and 13, 7:30. Jack Benny's special guest at 8:30 on Channels 5 and 13 will be Dick Van Dyke. That gal, Carol Burnett, will appear this evening on the Garry Moore show, Channels 5 and 13 at 9. A special will be screened on Channel 9 at 9:30 on the controversy over the usefulness of manned bombers. •—Naked City 10:00 4-5-9-13—News 10:10 5-0-Weatbef 10:15 4—Johnny Carson 5—Movie, "Cleopatra" 8—Steve Allen 13—Weather 10:20 13—SporU 10:30 13—Lifeline 10:35 13—Stoney Burke 11:35 13—Peter Ouno 11:45 9—Man From Cochlse U:(K> 4— News U:05 4—Movie, "Love at Work" 8—News It: 1(1 6—Speak Op W:15 5—Movie, "Alias a Gentleman" 8—News 1:00 8—Almanac Newsreel 1:06 8—Faltb for Our Time* 1:30 4—Oolty Dally Word For the Best DRYERS gas or electric They are Keen as The KEEN Co. 114 S. Main Deaf Man Perfects Tiny Hearing Aid Minneapolis, Minn. — A remarkably tiny hearing aid has been perfected by a man who has been hard of hearing for nearly ten years. This small device has no dangling cords or separate transmitting units and represents a new and unusual design idea in a product to restore natural hearing. It was developed especially for those persons who can hear but can't understand. This new hearing instrument provides "ear-level" hearing with the wearer picking up speech, sounds, television and radio at his ear. Due to the use of transistors, the user cost is extremely low. The instrument weighs only 1 A oz. It is about the size of a sewing thimble — hardly noticeable yet powerful. Send your name and address on a postcard to Hearing Assistance, Dept GDI, 3054 Excelsior Blvd: Minneapolis, Minn. You will be sent full information without any obligation whatsoever. By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Television-Radk) Writer NEW YORK (AP)-NBC's rambling reporter, David Brinkley, spent part of last summer in five of the world's smallest countries, a piece of enterprising television journalism. His filmed report, enlivened by witty, incisive comment, was shown Monday night in one of Brinkley's "Our Man" series. Last season, Brinkley did a similar report on Vienna, with such emphasis on its rich food and leisurely life that "Our Man in Vienna" drew some fire from loyal Viennese. There could be some such repercussion after the Brinkley comments on such tourist landmarks as Monaco and San Marino, where the industries are largely tourists and postage stamps. One complainant might be rival CBS, which has an hour special on Monaco coming up next month Richmond News Couple Moves To Ottawa By MABEL CHANDLER Mr. and Mrs. Bert Stevenson moved Saturday to 601 North Main in Ottawa. Mrs. A. C. Bryan is with her son, Arnold, and family in Shawnee while Mr. Bryan is a patient at the Anderson County Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Al Nilges, who have been with their son, Elmer, and family in Kansas City returned home Monday. Mrs. E. S. Maxey celebrated her 84th birthday, Jan, 27. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Spencer celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary Jan. 27. Phil Fanning visited his sister, Dessie Fanning, Waverly, at the Coffey County Hospital. When she is released she will be cared for at the Golden Age Rest Home there. Mrs. Dan Lickteig and Mrs. Elden Lyon were hostesses at the meeting of St. Therese Pinochle Club Thursday. Twelve were present. New officers chosen are Mrs. Fred Mersman, president; Mrs. Fred Wiesner, secretary, and Mrs. Kate Mersman, treasurer. Arnold Bryan, Shawnee, was called here Wednesday on account of the serious condition of his father, A. C. Bryan, a patient at the Anderson County Hospital. Elden Lyon has returned to his duties at the post office after being absent since Jan. 12 due to illness. Ten women attended the Friendly Circle meeting Thursday at Fellowship Hall. They quilted for Mrs. Florence Coleman. , Mrs. Conrad Hermreck entertained Friday afternoon in recognition of the 9th birthday of her twin sons, Terry and Larry. Present were eight of their schoolmates. Frank J. Gretencord is em ployed as road maintainer for Richmond Township. NOW SHOWING Box office opens 7:00 P.M. Shown 8:00 only COLOSSAL! Time Ma li SAMUEL CHARLTON SOPHIA ^jujuum ff^RUnl BnRR Adults — 91.00 Students I-D's — 75c Children — 50c a guided tour by Princess Gract herself. Brinkley seemed less impressed by Monaco's historic landmarks and glamorous history than by the fact its public information officer is a Hollywood press agent; that NBC couldn't take pictures inside the royal palace—CBS could and did—because Prince Rainier and his princess "sold the television rights to themselves and the palace to the Music Corporation of America" for $300,000; that Rainier financed his wedding to the American movie star by issuing a new postage stamp of the wedding. San Marino was another tiny country on his itinerary whose major income comes from postage stamps and that seasonal activity Brinkley described as "skinning the tourists"—and his attitude seems to be that they deserve skinning. In Andorra he investigated smuggling, to France and Spain, which he called a major industry. He accompanied a pair of smugglers loaded with wine and cigarettes as they started in broad daylight over the mountains to Prance. It was a swell show. Ottawa Herald ««^*v 1962 FIRST IN KANSAS IDS-ID* a. Man Published daily except Sunday MM Holiday*. Second class poitag* M Ot* tawa, Kansas. Robert B. Wellington Editor And Publisher Subscription rates to trade area— By mall, one month 85; three month*. Hi six months, 13.75; one year. 17. Subscription rate* outside trad* area -By mall, one month, tl.M: three months $4.28: els month*. • K.OO: OM year, $16.00. MEMBER or I-HE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Prws i* entitled *»• eluclvely to the use for publication ol •U the local new* printed IB the new*. Paper M wall as all AP new* 4to> ••tab. Ottawa Roller Rink Public Sessions Wed. and Fri. 7:30 to 10:00 Sat. nights 8:00 to 11:00 Private Parties CH 2-9704 Mon., Tues. and Thurs. • Sun Matinee: 1:00 to 3:00 Children 12 and under SWEATERS LOOK,,FEEU/FIT like NEW after Sonitone Dry Cleaning Our modern Sanitone cleaning fluids penetrate the fibres and whisk away every trace of soil. Colors sparkle like new. Our exclusive Soft-Set® finish restores the look of newness. Sweat* ers feel soft and luxurious as new. We block them to size for like-new fit; there's no danger of stretching, shrinking or sagging. Your fine sweaters deserve our expert Sanitone care. Call on ui today for service. BOND'S Royal CLEANERS 125 S. Main

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