Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 14, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1907
Page 5
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Advertising I'riiuarHj- consists in letting a lot i f f eople know you are fn existence and what excuse you havo for It. ADVERTISING is like throwing a rubber ball; the harder you throw it the QUICKER it comes hack. Don't write a ha f hearted ad—you wouldn't whisp-r to a customer, would y. u? Write a good ad, tell thetruih, I hen p»!t It ill The REGISTER and twenty Ihous and Readers Will List<n WANTED! One hundred couples to follow the crowd to the RoUaway Skal- uig Rink Tonight. North siJe of the Square. Witness fancy stunts from StunterviHe. Keep on the sunny side and be healthy • J I{KV. HIL.SCIIEirs .SLKHOy. Siiii.icct «f Pleasing DJscotirso Was I' 'Tin- Mial (•»)-••' tolB VmiBrinary Hospital West Street, lola, one block fron. squaft. Diseases of donieslicatcil animals successfully treated .fiiarjjtrv moderate,good boxstallsfor jutieut;^ Calls answered promptly ni*;!'.! i day, 20 years experience. Vt!-. ary Deutiblry a specialty. Frank S,Be&1iie, V.S, Honor (jraduatc of Ontario Veterinary College. Prop. Hospital Phone 1068 Res. Phone t3« .Tlrs. Ciintrcll. Phonp 1097. I I M. ICLI .iS wlio bas bfen SOV»T;I I, V'''l ,s iti Oiloraiio visiting, isexiit'clfd I ^-i>iii ?tiiU".' toUii> «>r tomorrow. H£ WILl SHUT OFF 75 );• •. Hi! t'l .T. "f 'he Fi! :t Presby t< ran fiiuvch. tii-uan his E 'jrmon on "'I 'lif Idnal City." yesterday momins: v .lt .'i till- I -'Miiil on tho city of psaro f '-oiii ff<'niy I'ykr'.s "lllue Klow- f.-.'" DurinK 'li'.' <'(nnv-e of liis r""- r.iiiiKs U>-v. II.!s '!;.M- rflrii-.<l to <-ivi<> jirilr I'.inl to ti I' ri 'iiuni iiuivonn.'ii;. .^.••yiii!; tliJii f\i-vy imlilio olliciul .sh'>ii!i| li;s n;it!i of odicf. :inil if hi^ oiiniiKi itiforcf a la«' slioii^rl :';;;c-iul it so l!Mt li'- coiiid. p.-v. Hil vi.licr rt-ri'iri-'l to <; '(ni;!;! iir'ill't'i viti- 'I 'll" M -itnoii \v;i!; nnnsMiill; \i tr. Til'- KiTiiion wa;! iiiiiinally n<'ll fl<llV'fcfl nri 'I «,•|^; icccivfl hy :i '.•.'v-'i- ainl apiHiM i'.<' iimtlrnr •. Dr. Rr;nold!>, Phone 826. Bes. 6H. R-. M CUNNINGHAM, iho lola real, '.'.-tai'' man v-lio liad liis I OK t)roli?n: at Htiiii))oIilt llii.-; u.'.-k. is re|>or^i.'(I as iniicii iH'ftcr (ofliiy. ' ! Uc!tni|H«nts in Uflki- Mu»<t Pay I p. BRIGHTENS THE.HOMD— Till' Ideal Preparnlion fi>r ri-tinLsl)- Uiz ri<i<ir«i, Kiirnitiir*', All sire.s niiil colors. SPENCER'S CITY NEWi. M'dcr HHil>Rr Co!!"'?". Kansas City, M!). Tf'arhcs (he trad'^ hy freo clinic and car'.'fnt instrnrtinnK In few weeks. r'oSltlons wailiup for everybody •Rho will learn. V/rite for particulars. i:. HCNIKU, ol i;>y :iioiK iia. run:- ill J'lla to iv- Dr. J. F. .Iuine.<i(in, (irudiiale Anclinn. eer' aud ^Vterinarlaii. Sales »r rnUs made aiijnliere. I'bnne IS, loin, Kns. O.Win NICII, <.i Cuiit.TNjl!-;, I'nwi. vi.-itiiii; ills t-i.-'i-r. y]tr (' !!. .'.]'nnc. J. V. Tanner. Ifeensed aactfoneer and Mie erier. .Vl.'i >cirtli McKeo, <>'as <llj. Wanted—Kverybody lo know that ; \V. I!. Kellcy & Son have moved (heir; itr;ui;fir and storage ofllce to :JI1' South Washington. OfTiec aud Pay ?h'>ije L'ln). Ite.sideneo and ni;;hl ' "honv 17. MISS .\i.\rnK HtMlvy. 1ifl ;ei s.-il-r at 111'" Craiid thuatrc. lias b>'.'n calh-! to .Mis-sonri hy the S :aa new.s that h<r brother w.-.s not e?:i)3etcd to live. | Tiif i;i.-i'. c ^i .r '.vas this ainrning p'ven a li-.l of .-jliont T.'i residents of I<'!a wild .-ire d«"lin(iuetit in payiim lh"ir hilis. ivitli nrrtei-s to shut Otf tl fir sas i'Uy ClorK Wendorff said Uiis i\iorninu' that it was tinn; people li;irjifd that Ihe'r ;;as hill was diir- lUf (irfl of e\ery month, and that ti.,.y weri' siven nntil (he tenth of ilii- nionili to pay It in hut if it is no! '\ hy that time the gas will be shut off. • FOU S.\LK—San T.nL^ Valley Coo :'ad(i. trriu.iti'd hind-; in sni:i]| trarls •vr- ciii .-oil ii!oni|ilv [iiivnicnis. ffjr 'nl! ii'M.;i I- , rit." or 'a'.l. Whit- in:; tu V •las ("if; :- 111.Ill .-•;itni i.-iy II v.! Mil ("till \'..illl'-d I DI' li'lllSl- WI'llv. IVlDll ••l -;uir.i; ..- I-.!., TiM.-i :n iiiM iiiitiv n.fT. Hiiae I ;.i-..d -n t.| .• I I 'll -i • ro r :ii- !':•.• ••ii V ,j ; . Ill MA-- feet ;>•-••;: Va ...!i Had a ( e!:ar r,: .<\i\: Tnila). ••:i, ;i 1II,.!-.:T .-it th> l;(i!i "! I; . .-ii.'.i.iii.'d :i \iyr -11 '1.1 I Ill !;:.: h"--id and 1 ;• !•"•:•• w liil<' ii:: (••;i;it in^ :;(• '.'if. <'i;,;ii- aluiiil tv.i; .ir ';Mi"iii lie vv;i... ;;t ;iu(| • • • |ii'':i:.i-. "II ;i rr;'- whii-li , ,i vi;i'llri-, : •• th.- ri -ri;.i :•• ; (.l .nv .-.'iMiwiiiu' f i;,'- f'f ;'ij:ii tliiriy ;init|.,|- ;;i|;'|. I 'lM'ir. ,\lr. I . i-y\ I'll i inr -'ii' ; ill! i'.i.' ". a.~ ri'ir,sl\ iiijiii' •) A KJ.VK ja'l; liris lie'-n injported (;oi $.V,0 0\ A »(»M». ( onit(.» terepteil 'lerni-. in .Mil arlcy Suit. '/'ill' ('iMiii.i <-..|n"ii- ;n::r:-- lud.iy :'i-| Ui -;1 «it |i i.'.i- I'li^i '-s ul.ii :;;.vc iKiii'i Cfir Clisr !•> Ill l!ie ((Uileniiil 111" i.ii :id v ,is fur ?>>iiii ilie suvitii"-- oil' Ill iiii.v .l -.i- i-oiiii!\ i7>'ii> whieii '.v .i.s .I'; M U,KK TO KEFOB.MATORy. liilo Thief io Plead (iiiiltr to Kiir- 1 ,'lurj. Kd. Kiiller. who confessed to steal- i.i; Or P. S. .Mitchell's aiitoniohile. »ill I K - S'lii to the reformatory. Ftiil 'T •nivi-l |M timiiiary liejirin'^; in .liidiS'' '!i"r;ir.. cnmt this afternoon and tii;- •;iM' -.vill !;i' di .^iius "d of this afl"r ii 'Cii ill district court. Fuller will d' ^'Miliy ui liiirnlnry ami tiie p;os- "'liioii •ivill veeoiiinK )i >l that he he iJM 'ii a l"i;.i ill the reforni .-ilory. Full '. i.'s only ;jl" III •••.-)is of .i;;!'. and •' f'lriii is yet t 'f's .-ihli> ffir him. ^lale st;\s\Ti<t\Ai. i :vruF :\CK. If!>s Heiruii the .Vairfll Preseen. titui In Karnest. •HI V FVil{ Tisr. r«iineilnieii .May .iirree In Take .Sunday .Irnioeiiieaf Ordinaiire from Tahle. I'ldiii the information to he sectir- iii today the Sunday atnusen'cnt or diranio which was laid on the tahh- ai tl.e la -t mi»'t:nf: of tlie city co 'in ei,. wilt In- up and voted on the mtt'tiiiK of the lity council Thurs- d.'.y nlpht Councilman .T. B. Jones s;i li today tlijit six of the councilmeji would vote to talc" the ordinance from (he (ahl.' so that it could he vot- en on. Tliose who will vote to take till- ordinance from the table are Ci niieilmen (jlynn. V'ez'e. Dennis, .hues. Lemaster:; aiid ,\n )i -ni:an. TakifiK tlif ordinance from the tale- doi -s not nec< ssarily mean that 't w:!! he i(-'s;^ed luit niejiiis that it will (diac to a fair vote. Coimcllman (;;yiiii said today that he was against i; as miieli now as he was at first Inir lie did not care to kill ft by leaving:: it on the table. It is likety that I he council will he evenly divldetl cnmpr'liiiie: the mayor to cast the do- o'-MnK vote. Ill Kiieakins of .Senday ariiii.''ement.'; tiii-: mornitiE Coiinfi.'man Hert Fryer :aiil ll '.at if tiie tli'inr-:! wore inniiov- ;il on Sunday liiey '.vrie iniiiioral on I 'Vi -'-.v d ;iy of the W"^l,- :ind shouM b'"" (-'o-ed then al.-vO. He simsjC'Stii that ai. ordiiiaiic" he [iass<'d prohih'tins 111' lu on f ^M -ry il;iy nf liie \v.->ni; if ih -y' ; MI I I:i 'iii ;r.-il iiitlii'i.'-e "" I niitiiiui 'd Mr. Fryer, "I rto •ml lii 'lieve llie fliendes have a;; had an influence ,TS fillier tliiiii:.'! in our city, whirli are tolerated." He cited a. an exaniide a crowd of young men V. lio liavipened to gRthor on a street ciirner about tho middle of the after- iii;un, wl'.en one should suggest, "Boy: wh M»' will we go this afternoou? "l.eio CO to the p'cture sliow," the others said. "Tli"se hoys," continued .Mr. J-'ryer. "go there and spend an hour or until time to go lionie. It there were i:o thr-atrcs to go to they woiiid r ,n to a ci.^ar s'.ore, because the av< rate young man would not go to church in' the afternoon, where the Would devote the entire afternoon fi.ayii!:; pitch or some other card -ame." OnDKKED MMV FIELD WETEB Sii|ierlnieiifl.'ii( niitledge today or d <M-i -d ihi> lii'l ilgas meter which will he in;:'alled on thi' Young lease wes' <if ihi- cliy. 'I'he city has heen tryin? ii. Ill•^ til" j:,-i:-i nii(rit;lit from .^Ir Yo;iiii; for some time hut failed ani: ti>d:iy decided to order th" meter am.' nie.-i.siire the g.-is a:^ ori.t;inaIIy at'reed Iictwcea tlie city authorities and Mr Young, owner of the lease. WILL LAY WATER PIPE. Workmen are today unloading thf w.-iier pi;!e which will be used in GS- tciidi!)?: the water main on South Wa'i- nut si ret. Since tlie council lias ordered two more blocks of the street tc he paved it is necessary to lay the water pipe before the paving is started. It probably will take the men n-cek to finish the work. Buffl Wood Aud get your supplies of stamped d"--sign.«, points, bulbs and complete outfits Buffiir Drugstore West Side Square I>.-<aiin-. lil. on I i - Til. -VLisir •ii'ird'-r irial euK-ri-d i's luo.-i iiiii.'ut •111 sl .i~" td 'hiv wiii'ii 111'' liciivy :-"i!i--j •if 'li'' '••r.-.'e «"re lii |-|i"il on I -'i-i -i| II Mauiil .ind his wife. The i-i;ilf':< :ii- toillf-y si'lit .1 le |e;:r ,-ilii to .Miss I 'l:Candy of liaylon. Ohio. yesien';iy :>:>:. inu iliiM iiiipor 'aiii di'VclniimiTil.-: r"- f)lliied Ve -r lu -c .^i'iii-e tlier<' ;'( oiiei Mi.;; ''a .'idy i.-; ;i sji -li>i- of .Mrs. F'-i M:i Kill, (he I'tr^l «(fe of M .'i ;,'ii; the •sijUc proiuisov ((I produce two Denver men. oil'' <if whom, it as.sf rts '.vi;i connect Mic.;iirs present wifi- wiili the actual iiiiiidcr The iK-feii:.e as.-err^ lli.i! i!ic.-i' iiii 'ii are frauds and their cv i- de;iie is m ::ii!:!".iclII il-d. TI'AIIIEK.S .>IKr:T .SATIKDAV. •d "li.-. 1 ill- eollimis- I sioinT.- Twi .-iiJt.- i ;..-:iiute <l 1)^' fro miowa hy F.-S. Ueattie and Jack fiie <ou:.r' aiiorney tn r'-eover bonds HorvHie. The animal is of fine stock en h;- .McCarb.y \\er dropiicd. and is very bigli priced. He will bo j l;ept at the H '.'rvili" of lola. farm so-jthwest .We b.i^e :i ff- ''^ ih'.',;»> •henp l'>l-i, left In Highland Place. Whltaker ft Uoiiuell. THO.MAS Price and wife of Rock- \i;ie. III., are in town today. Mr.' Pride Is here looking for a location for a livery stable and It is probable Full Line of Togt Coalm, Cravait' eiie Goata andreo' ular Overooals. 17.50 to $25 00. i 'Kii. .Schiu'irler of Stale I'liiwrsiti Mill Address Tlieni. .\t, thf meeting of the .Mien conn- I' leaci :ers' as-sociaf ion, which occlir.s ni -vi STturitay. in the a^i-'-hiv room o: ihe Hiiuiboidt High ncnooi liua.i, iiii; i'nif. If A. Schwegler. of ICatisa- l "»iiver .sity. will deliver an addres:- 1 'liis me'Ming will coiLSUme the en lire day. Prof. Sehwegler will spe:ik ir. iha afternoon. This will he the second ses .sion of the association Ihi.-: viar. The li.''ogram far the day is a \<iy interest ng one. ' 8W>«E THAT S1TMPIB8. .\ son wart born to Mi*, and .Mri-. Mcoy of .'.13 Norili Stall- btreet yoster- day. Beglstcr Wnt Aii Bring Beiilta. Ladies' Fine Waicltes After ail— in Belectiug a watcli ir :iuy other jewelry—fjuality is tte lii'.'-t con .sideratioD, and you may al- wa3 'H rely upou it that every watch lliat couies front Merchant 's is of that dependable MUalily thai will give a lifetime ut faithful service. As proof that oar prices are always reasonable, we call your attention to thebe ufleriugs; ladies' Hunting Caae Wa*or|»—Gold lilled, guaianteed for 'iO> ears, with 15jeweled Elgin or VValthan niovHiUHnt, guaranteed, only SttmOO Oeni'a Hunting Case Mfa/cA—guaranteed for 20 years, with iS -jeweltd Elgin or Walibao uitjvements, guaranteed, ouly St^mOS Nunt' dispute the worth of out guarant e k. : —-.^.^TT >...-Ci.— —— ir WAS A GREAT WITH THE EXCEPTION OF FIBS1! SET, WAS A CLOSE CONTEST. La<il aud Final Set Went to a Dence, BonIu.s and Storer Winaln? Last Four Games. The second tenuis tourney of Allen county came to an end with tlie rdayin.c of the finals Saturday" evening. The tourney last year did.not irtjuse mucli enthusiasm but this y^ iias been very different. Tliere were identy of entries and no trouble was experienced in getting tlie players jur, to play off their matches. - Many others who have taken no Interest .leretofore in the game have attended all the matches and will more -than likely decorate ^be vai-ious coifrts :iext year with their racquets. Quite a little crowd gathered at the I'eiinsyivania courts to see the finals between Peet and Turner and Bowlus ind Siover. The former two won the ::up last year, but will now have to pass it over to the latter two, who .von by a score of 6—0, G —1. 4—G, and 7—i». With the exception of the first set which Bowlus and StoveV romped iway with, the other seta were close, ho last one going to a deuce. In the •irst set. IJowlua and Stover won six straight games, scoring twenty-four iiointi to their opiionents six. Two of he gameu won were love games. The second set was a pretty contest md It looked for a while a« If Peet iiid Turner would turn tho tables as hey won the first three game.*? easily. low'luK and Stover recovered, how- •ver, and won five straight. Peet and Turner took another aud the next -janie went to a deuce. Turner was H-rving and lost by serving two ioubles, making the set G—4. Points icoreil. Bowlus and Stover 30, Peet md. Turner 24. Bowlus and "Stover won one love gave in this set. The third set went to Peet and Turner C—J. Bowlus and Stover narted off well winning the first two "jut Peet and Turner followed with "our straight. Bowlus and Stover got he ne.xt two which were both deuce ;ames, while Peet and Turner took the folowing two giving them the set. Five of the games in this set were leuce games. Stover and Bowlus 3oa- ng one each by double false serves. Points scored were, Peet aud Turner IT, Bowlus and Stover 34. The fourth and what proved to be he final set was the hardest fought one of all. It went to a deuce and was won hy Bowlus and Stover 7—5. Peet and Turner won the first game ^iaslly and Bowlus and Stover took he second just as easy. The third '.vas a genuine tug or war taking slx- een points to settle. Bowlus and Stover won it. The next two went to Poet and Turner without much trou- •)le. but the following game went into deuce, Bowlus and Stover finally winning it. The next game was a deuce, Peet and Turner winning giv ing them five to Bowlus and Stover's three. One more game would have ;ivcn them the set, but Bowlus and ?tover settled down and took four ?traight, the last game going to a leuco. Four games of t^iis set were leuce games. Bowlus and Stovw scored 46 points 1 Itn tehss cored Mi points in this set and Peet iiid Turner 41. CIRES ALL LAME BACKS. lILv This Simple., Hclpfol Recipe at Home and Try It, Auywajv Get from anv prescription pharmacy the following: Fluid Extract Dandelion, one-hall >iiiice: Comiionnd Kargon. one ounce; I'onipound Syrup Sarsaparlila, three OMUCS. Shake well In a bottle aud take a easpooiiful dose after each meal and at liedtimc. I 'he atjove is considered by an erain nt authority as the finest prescrip- )!i "ver written to relieve backache idiiiry trouble, weak bladder and all inns of urinary difficulties. This niixMiie acts promptly on the ellMiin- i)ivi; tissue.-* of the kidne.vs. enabling hem to filter and strain the uric acid Hnd other waste matter from the blood hi '.'h causes rheutnatlsm. Sfiiiie persons who suffer with the •ifflictions may not feel inclined to place much confidence in thlg simple •uixture. yet those who have tried it ay the results are simply surprising, lie relief being effected without the iichtcst injury to tlie stomach or oth- or .ijans. .Mix some and .give it a trial. It cer- iiinly comes highly recommended. It is the prescription of an eminent au- horit.v. whose entire reputation, it Is r,iW, was established by It. 'm special Sale on : UndeirwiMj^^ • Beginning ' • ..;:Hs^ Monday^ Oct 14 Men's Union Suits Men's Fleeced Garments ..j..... Men's Heavy Fleeced Garments...SOe;^^;^; ............ ,!ii.d^T^ Men 's All "W 'Ool Garments .^..ii.(Ki -!v^^ Job lot of Underwear, 100 gar- f' [ • meats for ......fSfe/^;^ •Men's 25c. Garments for ,...'.1I5«'?'?| Ladies' Fleece Ltaed Unloa Sult «.'.35o ^,-1;' Ladled* Fleece Lined Union Salt.. .'CKI#^^^| Ladies' Heavy Fleece Lined Oidoa. sutiB > ; .....'...litwi!^^^ Children's Union Suits ...25c, 3Sc, { -/^•.^•-('^,^ Misses Black Fonts rftfr .iSo^'i''^ Ladles' Ali-Wobl Garmests ...:.$L0^ We have a larfi^ 'iitp(^^^ are going to make sacrx4'^ prices, and cordially isi^ you to call and see for ybJBr »1 §5 self. • -^.1 :'^-'-i^;% Eespectfnlty, A; 0. on When needing anyUiuitg in ttie Jeyelry Hne. Special Sale on. Korfl Kinks, 6 packages Egg O See, 3 packages .-........>:, Dr. Pricas Food, 3 packages .>..rj Ralston Homing Grits, 3 pkg8 ..i. PetUjohn^s Wheat Food, 2 pkgsr.;-;. Shredded; meat Biscuits, 2 .pkss .'V Life, a wheat, food cooked reajajr ^f eat, Z packages FRYER Grocery and Mea'-Mariei^^^ IRST KILLING FROST Thermometer Registered 29 Degrees Sundaj- Morning. The first killing frost occurred Saturday and Sunday morning when the (hermometer got down as low as 29 degrees. The lowest temperature was reached at 6 o'clock Sunday morning. Tlie frost did but very Uttlo damage. Some of tho late tomatoes sad other smaller vegetables wers killed.: The frost was so heavy that as late a<< ten o'clock Sunday morning tha frost could still be seen In the shad-! «d places. ' • • \ The SANTA FB sella Hi ERS' tickets first and third- in each nionth-for one fare pit for the round trip to certain^ tyest and South West. Eeturn^ days. ; One way second class Colonts^ ets to has Angate and.'Baii and other California points foJ' •• •• ;sfeS : Portland. Oregon, Seattle, Wj etc.. for $25 .30., every day durlnjg^CN^ tober, 1907. ' • • Please see as for stoporor' pr ieges, and so forth. W. E. RilSTON, m One linndratf pawi4i| i taUefcwm:iBali»ia'r distUIed^^ «ytei>. loH. UrnUf fn Its

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