Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 22, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1908
Page 2
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THE lOIA DAILT BEGISTEB. THOSDAY ETEyiXG; OCTOBEB 22,1908. L. L. KOBIHBUF. PresldeHl. F. A.90BTnBUF, TlccPresldent D. I*. HOBTHBUP, Sad Tice.Pret't ISTEBE8IF1ID «• TDEE DEPOSITS A. L. BBUMBAUGfl. Csthler. MELtDT FB05K, Asst CuUm, Northrup National Bank NfMit^ry tsr tkt Oiitii SUtei Established 1869. StataifliiMi AUes Ctntj Hifist laik li illii Ci. Assets $l,ZI)0,OM —flfctfrt-rald, .\ul<> LiuT*. •J- •> • OCTOBER. Tie brtlliaiif.v of cliaimin,:; v.cms Octolier's crown, fn red and proiMi marl; iiaiurc's moo And JioM'Mi iMown. As tlio" slio'd !v (>i>|i 1KM- rK-liost >liail Most Koldon siMi. For tlu^so days as iln- ulory ladus. And sniiinirrs ilonr. The Ural anil toil all i>a.--;«-'il awa}. Now "oint's tini'- When Indian snnnti'-r".-; n'stfnl ila> And iir<'<l Ii"a"i.- cliiiu"". \Mien natnrf's passion difs awa>. It:5 fiorcc hi\it si>i>nt. And on ns sliincs tli<> ponll"-' my Of swopt rontont. —Johti ^VinK• in Baltirnor<- Ani<^ri<'an. '>':-<' Y Society. Tfio Y snrjoty will liav tlio M ->>ial raeetin<: on Friday fvenins at ilu' rest, rooms. rinMicJ solemnized last ivcninj; ai tin; home jni Mr. ami .\lr.s. C. U. .Mor-ioon, A**7 l.'^'oinli stroot. wluii ilnir daushti -'r, Ida \va.< vivi'n in n'arria'ro to .Mr. t'!!v;:fr \Vo»d Ol l; 'I tll•^:villl•. (Mily a I 'l 'w cncsts vvcrr a .-^kiM iua!!v nf ili.-ri! Iji 'iii}; from othrr iowi :v 'A!III an- iniiniatfly a ('i |naint <-'.l wiTi; iiii nr zn.'oni. TIM- d <ToraMoi! 'A"ii- |.jnl; and w". ili- with lu'ni|';l.; of' -OKI'.-- and •arnailon.-; cvi -ryWIKM'- I'I til'- ]',ii!nr lnMw >'>'n t\«t> lav?)' win ilo\\-> v\;:- :! iii-ii-. ::V''nt-r\ . )«alli:« •Ia I I- rris a:i.ii:- .! in .-i I'lrannl "im >\'' ...-ilriN -d-rl t> a larq- !iMi-i<T in lia^-! lund. 'I'!"> ;il'!i.- -.''V-\ ••nr'>>->d I'v :;t!'-:i!n« r , "f- pin;> .liit'- rilil'o:' mid at half lia.--t :'r.rii ii'(-!iick wlii 'i- M:.-;s I.ora Cootv-" of I'ai -:-ons-. played ih'- f,<ih fir-rill :nns!.-. Mi^s KHa .Morri-on. si-- r r of !!!•• hi id.-, and Mis.^ Kditli .\|iir- l»hy ;vh;n ;f'i'il and : ild tli'- rihhon-s ro for;!i all a'. !> ii >-iiclusf i.'"- 1 ci lal parly. Mis.; .Morrison was wvarin;; a han isoni" r!r. of whit.-' mull wiUi I;,,.,, ^;irnitiir>-.-^ and <-arri <'d wliiti.' io-.<"- hnds. TliP r-onid"' was aitr>iid<-d hy .Mi.-> I, Mill 'l ':iylor of Pilt.sliii'.ir. and .Mr. S'.iernian Lowe of Ih-onson. and two sinal' cirls. Lillian May and F.?- !')'-r nol.inson. eairi-',! tin- rini; to i {ev. Maeli-au of For' Scott. wlir> re;id tlie n!ari-ia-.;e sfrvii;e. IM-<'vions ffi|i{ the- i-i'i'Mnon-- Miss N'eitie nri>;liain san--: Cnrri" .lacohs Ilond'.s I l.ovo and w' ile t!i'' hridal fon- r| coiiirratulal ions Mi-;*; • ; .Meii'l'dssoin^'s veddlnji I Prom Searchllaht Club. Mrs. Frank Mitehfdl and .Mrs. Clias. Coleman went to Tola today to att'tid the Women's Cltib Federation. TIK-V arc delegates from the Searrlilipht ctnb of this rit.v.—C.arnett News. • • • Social Afternoon. Tie W. C. T. U. will liave a soeinl afternoon and Innelieon tomorrow at! the .Tackson street rest rooms. ports of the state eonventioii will be ;-ead. * * «y In Garnett. Mrs. Clias. Henson who e.-iaie here ye.sterday from Paola. wi -nt to Tola to dav to attetnl tJve Seeond Oistrirt Federation of \Vonion"s <-lnhs. sin will read a paper before tlip mo<'tinfr. —Garnett News. •> Mrs. Prentiss in Ottawn. Mrs. Nohh' Prentiss was in Ottawa toda> a short time e eiiroiiit- to lola to ;itt<>tid the ni'-eiiir.: of the Sorond di-<ti-i<:l led-'ration--<")iiaw;i nepublie. .J. Vlplt Parents. Mr.=^. Pearl Ward and .^on of Men- •>-er. Colorado, are cn.^st.- nf Mrs. Ward's iiarents. Mr. ami Afrs. ('has. Cole. 2'M Nort 'i Bnekeye street. Auditorium TOM (.111 OCNtRAl .SKATING c THE MAN AROUND TOWN When Probate .hidge .L B. Siiui:t eaiue to his office at a rather late hour this mornini; he found an insurrection on his hands. His office is hoa.Iauarters for A. W. Howland. Wm. Bane's. .John Thomas. John Woodiu. et al. Here it is that all questions of church and state are settled. Tte questions are so many and of such Importance that the '"gang" .cathers early that all matters may be disposed before night. r .^.st Smith went down to SavonburR to hear .\ttorney General Fred S. .Tackson and meet til-' voters. He was up a Rood, part of the ni.cht. and hence slept a little !a:e thi.- inorninR. When lie came (o tlie court house this morning, he found Mr. Howland and Mr. Woodin shivering on the seats in the corridor, IndlRnation marking their countenances. Instead of the usual friendly greetinR. "Hello. .Tudge," they turned their backs on hini. They were then waiting for Mr. Barti*l-j wl-<>ii •hey expected to go into executive •session and .Iraft resolutions deiionnr- in? lIu" probate judge. When the indsce was apprised of the insurrection he managed after much persna.-- ion and lavish apology to get a hea- ing and linally succeeded, afti'r stating his mission to Savonbiirg. in making his jwace with them. He fee!s reasonably assured now that 1 wjill not lose th'-ir support at the election. This afteriKion there was a Tuorum and the Civil War wa- r--- WA M TSI TO LOAN—§:..(••»• private money <>n i D^«. -~«. T^^« A ^4-#^«>» farm land at 6 per cent.-.o a i^tnd Co. I WSlllCSS LitteCtOry. W.\XT'El>—Wi . i::ve a heme old 4ady ;:. htlp with hfUf Phone IS. to ii;<.> V. ,;rk. I Saiesiiian Wtiiued. Kxperieiice unnecessary. Jinii per m-jnth and expense.--. Uoyal Cii;ar Co.. Chicagu. I I. DR. MILDKEO CUKTIS • Fbrsician and Snrgcon. * Office over Uu'-reirs Drug Store • Office Phone 551. • Residence -'ll E. Jackson • Phone 5fi9. • • • • • • • • WA.\TF:[J—liiinied ately. dinin.: gir! at I'enii.'^:. Ivania ht-icl. room WANTl-^l!—Live l)usin'-ss man to j»ut in stuck of dry goods and general mdoc: bo.-! small i( in con DBS. KEID & REED, • * Pbfslcions and Surgeons. * * X-Ray and Electrical Appliances. • • Eye, Ear. N'ose and Throat. • • Office Phone 357; Rea. 396. * Phone yjb'. I I • I. WA.VTEU—lola prr .icrty to VK- change for Kansas and .Mi.^iuuri land. (Joldcn \Vi;it Land Co. Office over Iowa Store, lola. Kas. WAXTEP—A ..rst class salesman ro sell our teas, coffees and specialties j direct to the consimier in and around luia. .\ good paying business to right l)arties. Write or call on the Grand DR. .lIclIILl,E>, Sl>ecial attention given to the Ireafment of all Chronic Diseae- ftu and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. Office over Burrell'* Drug Store West .Madison. • • • • Union Tea Co., Topeka. Kas. 7U1 Kansas .weuue, To Federation. Mrs. .1. Uuinbaimh will u-o to lola tomorrow wlic-e sin- wi"l alt'-ii 1 the district convention of Women's Federated clubs. Mrs. Riinibrnigii wa.- a delegate to the bi-ennial con v.nt ion at Boston last .vear and she will make a report of the proceedings to the convention tomorrow. Mrs. C. V. Benton, a prominent worker in the Federation will attend the cniiven tlon and will read an intep'siin .i; i)a per.—Fort Scott Tribune Miss Coopefr Returns. Miss Lora Cooper returned to lier home in Par.eons t!iis nio-ninc. S'he Tvas a guest at the MorrisoiiAV'oo'i •wedding it. A Morrison-Wood. The most beautiful .-niH elaborafe home wedding of t' e fall s«.'ason w as LIBBEY'S CUT GLASS Most lirilliunt Best Cut Lowest Frlfnl Snnfa Fr und M. K. & T. W*atc> Inspectors. Viai Truly.- lib- receiv Coopi-r P^.'i.' march. Tliei-<- all a ;;;ini |'riaie Inni-lieoji hu'-r ill til'- ••voiinir with t.-iliU- rriiii- mings of sTiillax and eaniations an.! f ;i\«>rs of f!i'- si-D - l,iossii :ii-: 'o n;,-;:! 'lie i>ia <-es Th" sis wre. y.v and .\1is. .1 .1. W <io (I. R. iIli.-'<!; Mr. and .Mr.>. \V. A. UoMnsoii. .I(-plin, Mr. :i !:t .Mrs. !|. A. KiK-pti. p .-ei:liH-.-. .Mo.: M: A Slovet-, PiMslilliu; Ifiv. an.! Mi:, .bi!:!- Mac-b 'aii. P;. i^eoii Mios X'.-ra Sim i .^on. .Mel'h. r.-.n': Mi -ci IMiih .\|t-:-M!iv I'aiste .is. r. \ I'nniow. Pit's'. ill. . Miss l.iilii Tavliir. Indipemlcnoc. Mis:; ' ora Coopi'i-. Parsons: Mrs. H. .\. .\riiisi ronu. Mr. and Mrs .1. B. (lill.-im. Mips Loitclia Cillam.MisvI-anma Dmi lap Mrs. i> .-I i<;-:ieioii.s and eliartnin^ yoiir.r wu'nan. jwio eiijo.^r- the friendship of nnm"rous ynnng •loople. She has alw-ay .'!i taken an active part in charitable) work an I churfh affairs. .Mr. Wojxl forni'-r^y lived iti Ida and i.s now located witii the Lanyon Zinc com|irjny at Bar- tlesvile. At home cards read November !.'». Bartlosville, | '> •y' • J Why batl 'i- '\ ith a •^\P:'>.\ pore -cJo:;- •'tnfT so -ip T'le 1-iMier of . I;MI Pose i.•11 I.KI.M".. II can't ciot' rlie )>ores. \I| deal. - . sel i' j ••• .;• Euchre Party. .Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Wliitlak-r will have ti eir Ftiehre <Iiib tonight for an informal party. •:• Maclean? Return. It '-v. and .'\Ir .-i. .bihn Maclean of Foft Scot! f tiirneil lionie toclay. Hev. Macbau p'ifoiu'ed the Morrison Wood marria;e ceremony last night .;. .> j The wonn-n of tin- Preslivterian ohuioh served «iiiiiier to \i larce Jinni- ber i>f -..•ae .sts today in tlte basement of the clitireh The guests were Tola dub women and visiting dele.tntes. Dinner Party. -Mr «nd Mrs. M. F. ^ickly entertained these friends at dinner last evening; Mr. Bert Ohlfebt of Ross- La Harp- Marn.-iict Tholcn to M.iir-/. On .\(n> It'll, r .-lex.-iit!! Mi:-;; .^ia: gar.-t Tbobii will !•• niairi..l t .i Mr Owen l.aii;;aii of Ate', ison Ti.- ccr i-ui{>ny V. ill I e p. rlorni'.d at Hum i-o!dt. tin- iirilt honi.- aii.i tie- <-oii •pi.. T.lll mal.'- tli'.ir home in Emporia . • • ... Miss Travli to Entertain. Mi.'.s TJell" Travi.i is to .rit'-itain toni"lit for .Miss N.lli.- BaK. r. I.ailirop. .Mo., who is a cm-st of .XIrs II. F. Travis. lil'IHK.MH OK FEVER. I> Tlionirht That Ifou>e Flics .Vr< Carrvlng the ni>ca«.e. Cliicat:o. ()v\. I'l'.—Tlie villa.::.- of Maywi od i< s'llfering fi-om an e].l- deiiiic r,f i \plir ,i(| I'.ner. Twerit;.-live •-•.F.'.- have be .'ii reporied in the last "11 da.>s. with one death. S-.-vcal are s:iid lo !>e in a erili<-al e-.iidilion at •li- p;'-.-ei.i iinn-. I; i.-- ihi- li'-li' f of li 'i- .-'lleiil.'. l,./.ir(! f ll'-aitji th:it the ilifeelion h,-is beill i-:Mi .--ed by bdiise fli.-s «-arr.\iiig disease L -eniis from Uie f )esiil:iine..> river. V. hij-h at pre >i -ni is stagnant and low: also f '-oin the nionihs of sewer.-- open- in-' into il 'e stream The milk firti- islurl til the \i !';i .uers and w.-iter froin ii'iiiiieii.a! i-iani hav. !).-. i; anal >:'ei| ami f' :!:id ii> !•••• fiii- fr '-^'Ui .ij^rnis SALESME.V & AOE.VTS— S S $ J.=.0 Oi» psr week and over can be matle sellit.g Ni ?w Campaign .\ove:tie< from now- untll election. Sells to Stored. Conn- fuljjty Fiiir.-!. PicnJcii and Private Faniilie.<c. Complete iine'of samples, charges pre!pa..1 for :1yc. Order todav, CHICAGO fought, the final election return.^; .show,xo/.'r:LTY CO.. 60 Wali.ash Ave., ing .1 urcat victory for Taft w.-.— j Chicago. hroifjhi in and nfln".- g.ii.-"al rontiu'.' " bnsin.-ss transacted SALE ^MlaO0lll»f9OU» I FOB SALE OK 1 K.U»E- Sirifrer •Ti-Ik about the u.-rve of Hill> IJry jS.;win:; Ma.lii.i.- f-.r cow. h<-rse oi an niniiing for president the thir.I l .-orn. .\.-v. Iii.i:l> arm dmp iiea.i. Milim.' and against as strong a man as .Konth Tlrini. i:.'"!. Taft. too. \Mi_.- I (• ain't in the cla-s • —•-•-•=.-:- ——=— Phone GS7. Re«. 701. • DR. I). I* C«Xi Elj-e, Ear, Nose and Throat. • Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. 0. U. W. Bldg. • • • • • • • • • Offlc* Tel. 108.1. NIgbt Tel. 401 ** l»R. R. O. CHRISTliN • Ptafxirian and SnnreoB * Rooms 7 and s. Evans Bldg. • • • • • • • young Tola - kid about fellow I know." town titii •.'•ith a sai'l th ing. ".V f'*w dajs ago .some of th-.' were chatting and the talk run sfho(d I'-aclnrs and fh< ir ages."' FOR EXCHANGE mora { Six Clear La Harpe r» sideurr:-. IT'.'O'i . . , 'and ?:;nnt) C.ish for iii.—chandi.e or 'farm. W. 6. Lenhari. lola. Kas. « K. II, MARTIN. Surgery and Diseases of Women. Office 3rd Residen.e Phone ^76 Office 7 North Jefferson. to !i.- FOR EXCH.\.\C.E—A findy • nprov- continu.Ml. "One of the fellows .-ai^'jed farm. N'eosln. count; . Owner wants, he'd bet a certain lady teacher was of brick busine.s.s propertj. Whita'Kcr \a certain age. One of the ot .-r fel- Donnell. over "Otir Way." Iie.vs tool; issue :ind the debate wax <1 wa-m. Tlure dbln't seem in l.< Hiiy wa> Ip -settle the „,ntier a; we LOST-Gold ring, red and " bite I |i|eht at K. of I didn't hav.^ access to the .voung ladys!'•«'"e<' setting. Kefnrn «. Rii:i>;.r of-'' '^^^ inr.ted. W. £057 and FOUND LOST—Gold .lEWELRS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler, 110 East StreeL Lodge Directory KMt.Iirs OF Lodge .Vo. v.', fice and receive reward. family Bible, so another sugi:<.st.-tl tiiat w<- call up the t'-aclicr ami ask he;- about it. The kid who had d.clar- d the leacVer was of a certain a;;e j blnrt'-d out. 'Well. I ain't afraid fo •i-k he; • Tiie otners hooted him aiidj called him a piker. "Not I.' he said.; and he stepped to the idion.-. c.-iH.d constantly ringing these days. Sep- •.J.M.daf V' - .iii>i br<v- S. iliuruyoou, E. O. Chris Ritter. K. of R. and S. OUI? TELEPHONE cieanesl -jiic of <ar- , . , , tember. yon knfiw. is the time to ha\e |. r up and with voice plainly .^how- ^j^^ summer ing liis eiiibarras.-ment liKiiiire;! a.- to pets. er age. What siie .said w.- don't We are hii;sy. but your ortk-r wj 1 know, but one thing we do know- we;;- prompt and careful attcMiou. that sine then he has k. pt a long liisiaiK-e from the ipustion "f a.. .. on cant even get him to pa.-s an opinion on the age of a horse." ' Phone ns today. TIME GROWS SHORT Registration Book, in Clerk's Office j,^. Closes at 10 O'clock To- ! morrow Night. K.MGHTS OF MACCABEES<- ! Knights of Maccabees of the Worli meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights of each month. J. W. I'osiwalt. commander; R. B. For* Iter, r.jc^rl keeper. W. 0. W.—Camp Xo. 101 meets in K ..f .f P. Hall every Friday night. W. T. S;e»:e. C. C. A. H. Davis, Cltr». VL-itors cordially Invited. 3r. W. A.-The M. W. A. Lodf« meelH every Friday night In M. W. A. MzW. Visiting brothers Invited. F. a jCotriPld. V C. W. A. Cowan, Clerk. ; RWYAL \EI(.'IIRt»R.S.—Ida Cam» JN'o. :'.i'.;>. Uoyal Neighbors, meets seO- oud and fourth Tuesdays of eadl .mouth. Mrs. F: A. Wagner, oractab Mrs. .Mary Uutton. 413 West Stre»li b'ecordcr. . 1 FRATERNAL BROTHERHOOD^-• Fraternal Brotherhood .Xo. 380 meet* , eleventh hour \ot.-rs ^ MU i.-tii, ^"j^tcond and fonrth Thursday of ea<» come in. W 'iiile ti.te is not enou-^ii I month In A. O. I.'. W. Hall. VIsitlflV men who have regist.'i.-d to c .-Hise j "^PmberB cordially Invited. W. H. A»,., i. .»,£. •^^'•son, preeident; Golda Elam, tactmr ; tary. ; clerk will be fmsy and it will be ai _ lOU RUG FACTORY favor now. to him if yon ^ould BUSINESS IS BETTER vllle.- Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Hackney, of T aHarpe. Mrs. Ray Dounon and Mrs. .Tohn Donnan of New^ York, and Mrs. Colds Are AIwa>s Dangerous It's easy I > catch a cold at any season, and hard to get rid of St unless you Ueat it io time wit'a DR.D.JAYNES' ^EXPECTORANT Upon the first sign of a cough or congested cold, go to your druggist and get a bottle of this remedy—the oldest and most reliable known—for Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Pleurisy, Inflammation of the Lungs, and similar diseases. In countless numbers of homes this has been a standard texnedy far 77 yeara. Alt dnisatsu sen It lo SIM, 500 and Sc. iMKtles. Jarat's Tealc TenaUWe Is a •pteodid tonic for adults iwell u • safe Worm Cura for children. Tomorrow night at 1" o.-!oe!.. -our oiilioi-tniiity tct register for the • one ( i!tg .'lection will have pas.sed. If you ire not properly enrolled on fl!f> books in the office of the city <-!erk by that ti^ie. you will nor be p.-rmit- • t.d to vote. If you lose your vot.- if »i .\ati«.nal Ratil..^ Sh will bp due to voiir own negli.genco; . . ... ,„ . , - , , , conniKing lncrea>e oi I»ci.i..»il» and you will have shirked a moral. ' In I.ale Report.s. •>w Fn- you responsibility which vour franchise i as a citizen imposes upon you. If you s" irk the re.-^ponsibllity of regi :4er- iiig and vfittng. you will have no right to complain, when the election is over, that thin;;s did not go the way that they should If "things d 'l not go the way you think they SiioiiM" if will probably leave you in a di.scruntle;! condition and .sorry t' at .\oii dill noi take the part in liie election that is your duty and your right. Ste to it. then, that you register at the earliest possible moment and remind your neichlior who may also be neglecting this import- uif icatter. that he nhonbl not de^ay loTiger for the time in which the i)rivilege may t)e availed grows short. Toilay. tonight until Id tomorrow and tomorrow night until U» and then the books will close. Clerk Wendorff will close the registration I I \V 'a^!iingt..ii. Oct. r:;. -'rte- ab.nrnct 'of rrp :ill.'i of the e.^nditjoii Of tiiO ^.S.'-."^. •national banks under cal! I-r -ncd !•> ! th- conipiroller of the t'irrcTi<-y tr .r stateiiienls a.-• of .S .-ptei!;ber i'.'.. L"'.?, j ! issued rod-n . fiiriiishes e\ id. ii.. > ir, ! the opinion r.f treasury (.ffli-ia;.-. of vastly improved bnsiiiesr* (unditions ' The five it. nis in rti.- i-turns show that .-^ince Febre:iry It, U»OS. the loans and di-pi-siis in the m:- j . lional banks nf the coiintr.v iiav.- in; creased from $t.L'i'i'.::.'>;:,G47 to JfT.'-O.- fil2,731 a differeuc- in a !:"!' ov^r seven monthu of S.:.'>.i "i ''.0"jO. and durin.g the salne peii.rtl in toiu! resources national banks ha \t.- increased $fi;il.i>C".«.<>.>0. The c'.mbined capital stock paid in his advant-ed nearly $2t'.n"".l>'J'.'. and th.- sUriduTti about $fl .i>i»"i.( iMi. The most remarkable of the fatols promptly at K. on the nieht M Oct- ^^.^^ .^^ ,^ individual deposits ober 2:{. not 10:::o nor lu:45. Attend „.hici, have incrca.-^cd during the last your duty now. § seven months from $4.P»5.SH.U8 to l^st night there was a small reg- |4.D4g,135165, a difference of S143,- istratlon. but yesterday more than OOO.OOO. twenty-five enrolled. Today and to- . morrow, it is expected that the ' Register want ti» brfaig^ results. LOW COLONIST RATES TO CALIFORNIA LD MEXICO THE NORTHWEST AND BRITISH COLUMBIA VIA O.V SALE Sept. lsttoOct.3lst l3i for Fall fnforicatioB. CP. Hale.Agt.

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