Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 14, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1907
Page 4
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wk ~3-' CMAHLit t. •OOTT. CIJtftULAtlON 4fiOO. T^V.'.'.V.'.V.V.'.'.T ^.M •anrtar hi ••'^^^ city, LaMrMnrW* <M» l^ntfe, la mOnaiBt,...........^, M M bte, Xuau. FoatoOoa, M aaeoad-dM* auUtar. KatM ](•«• Kaowa M A»- UtaMloa. ^nCIU PIFXB, CITt OF BAS' SET. MIMMII *i AMOOIATBU MIBM. TM Ma O iHy RttfiMar Is • mMiMr m» AWMMM !Pr «M and R«MIVM th« tt» rwfmt i t that ofMt n«wa eraanlsa- mm tm WM lualva Afl«mooa PuMicatlofi It OPENS THIS WEEK First PhUlppinn AHMembly Kead}- to CooTenc. ManilB, Oct. H.—Great Interest is shown In the opening of the first PhUiapioe assembly, which -nrlll take plqce liia viecls., and the' arrtval ot Secretary Taft, which comes at an opportune time in the ioauguratiou of the Philipphic home rule. Already the contending jwlltcal factions are showing great activity and at the caucus recently held, the first breach occurred over a motion to have the as- semUy jproceedings opened with prayer. This was defeated by one vote, on- the broad ground that affairs of church and state'should be Icept distinct. The caucus was attended by forty-eight delegates. The action of the assembly on questions relating to'the political future of the Philippines is expected to be determined largely by the opinion expressed ;by SecreUry Tatt in his address opening the session. This is the "view held by Filipinoes as •well as Aibericans. The latter are genrally in faVor of a specific pronouncement on . Philippine policy. The course of legislative action will depend mainly on the result of the fight of the Gomez radicals for control •; of the national party. The national- 'IstB, when united, exercise .controlling influence,-- but their internal division give the progressive independents the balnce of power. It is r»t llJicly that party spirit will play much part in the assembly's affairs, owing to personal differences wlthiu the jiartics. Guerreio, one of the native leaders of Manila, backs Gomez in his promise to.jBCCure the rejieal of the drastic "Hap 'sedition" laws. If this repeal Is carried through oihor radical measures proI»abIy will follow. Tim con- bcrvativu flenioul declari-s against any extreme legislation and the better class of politicians favor an ultra: conservative course. The governor general and the officials of the Philippine commission expect that the chief activities of the assembly will he devbted to the enactment of lejri.sla- tion lor the gcural iiuprovemeut of the islands. The indications arc tlial Mauui'i Quezon will be the successful candidate for speaker. He is believed to be favorably regarded at Washington and bis election gives assurance that no resolution for the independence of the Pliiiippines will be considered. Quezon is one of the two delegates from Tayabas. He is a lawj-er and'in the last insurrection was a major in the Filipino army. M. w. .V. TO HrsreoLDT. To A»»l»t in Initiating Big Class There. The lola M. Wl A. drill team is planning on going to irumboldt within the next few weeks for the purpose of putting on the work on a class of •candidates In tiic 'Humboldt lodge. The deputies are at work at Hum- Iwldt and the Chanute drill team is to come up I a week from tomorrow and put in a class. The following or two weeks another class will pf gotten together and the lola drill team will go down and put on the work. SOXETHDiG IBOCI THE SEBXOXS DELITEBED BX lOIA XCHSTEBS. EVAH6ElM1niB AT THE U. B. FIBST SEBJKON OF THBEE IVEEKS SEBIES lAST SIGHT: ; j IF ALL men wtFt 9t th» um« opiaioa tben woai/ iw BO boTM ncet, and upon flivt tboosbt. OD* would aitnk "atrlte" irotild b9 u tmknown qoaatlty. M ttaiak «t all men- tiring to nany tbt Mat vonuui—aU men in tbe aune Mse of biuineav— «U men adrertii- Sag. Theo. a« it 1^ BOW. tba rae* won br the' best man—tbe «lev«rest| advertiser. A man who does iuit advertise fa oompetitar to bis ^aigbbor- in- aaau oalr. He ia like • I fliklBS wttbont bait, tf be oatdf itj^mMUam it fa ckaaoe coly. not _ fa. plas mat aaUaa. The eotaaiBS «f taa Stogfater -.— adfar 'An rt» i», Resident Faxtors Spoke to Congrega. tlouit on Subjects of Stirring >aturc. -or ^ ifjeat T>W« adtyotte absrOIas/ua- iMS titer hate \lone sol^ietlilnt tat us. The tliii-d and last oo&CepUon is that the strong owe strengtli to ttaa weak, and the wealthy to the poor. Bcr. BeUtBger's SeraoB. Rev. Bollinger, of Btort Scott, brother of Chas. Bollinger, the Alien county sheriff, made a very forcibls talk yesterday evening at the Meth- CemmlssieBH ot ReTeane Ifokcs TStm BallB9 About .Vkehidk CenpoBBds. Washington, Oct. 14.—The commissioner of the international revenue de- uarlment has rendered a decision relative to the manufacture and sale of ail aged medicinal alcoholic compounds. \Vliere, on analysis, it is found that the said alleged •medicinal odTst church and at the completion | of Rev. Mason's request for Persons J ^^j^^^--^ "suitable" to use as a seeking prayer to come forward, some j^g^g^^gp ^j^^ rtjnimissioncrs hold as fifteen or twenty-flvo persons were; j^^u ^j^y. regietted at the'altar. Rev. Bollinger, .„j.^^^ ^ special tax is reauired for as his subject, "The Drawing Power of Jesus." The morning service was turned over to tho Sunday school, Superiuten- Kev. Ilkks' First Service. The raising of six hands as the roanifvotution ot thu desire of as many people to lead u Christian life, lo considered a very good start for the opening uight of a revival nicet- lug and is the result of the first meeting held by llev. J. W. Uiclis of Ohio. v,ho last night started a thn.ts week's scries at tlie lola UuitoU llrethcrn churcli. Rev. Hicks is the evaugelist wtbo weighs 300 pounds. He is not only a big man physically but also Is a very forcible talker. He has a deep bass voice and is very emououal during his discoui:«e and many times while telling some pathetic story yesterday to illustrate some point, tears would tiidde down his checks. The meetings yesterday were well" attended and the church was well filled at botli the morning and evening services. The meetings are to continue every night this week and special music has bceu prepared for the occasion. Rev. Missamorc, pastor of the church extends an invitation to all. . OB Xfitn Dcceptton. Ruv. L. ~C. Hsnlsh. pastor of the Reformed tihurcb. in his morning sermon spoke of tbe Sunday Closiug question, in connection with h-s sermon, "Tlie Forecast of Judgment Day." Rev. Hami^h explained that by the means of the modern newspaper and the court,, men's lives are revealed to us more than in former years. "The Bible teaches us that it is a sin for a man to have a secret side to Lis life and the teaching ot the scripture is that everj- secret should be revealed," was Rev. Hamish's cxplana- tiou. He however, explained that in the prosent day the people arc no longer keeping their sins secretly but arc violating (he commandments of -God openly. For instance the commandment to keep the Sabbath sacred is not being regarded. The hoarding of money instead of using H for the work of God is another open sin and there arc many other sins of like character. At the evening service Rt-v. Har- niuh s|>oke on tlie subject, "Our Debt to Tiiosc Wiio Need Us." "There arc ihreo conceptions of this sub- jtct," said Rev, Hamlsh. The Barbarian conception was that tbe stroui? owed tho - weak uotlilug but should have everything for themselves. The second conception was that of the Jewish. They belisved'in justice, or the manufacture and sale of alleged medicinal alcoholic comijounds, or for the sale of malt extracts manufactured from feruiuuted liquors, the drugs dent Wsliard giving the oponuig ad-1 used in the manufacture of which arc dre:fs. Afiss Bixlcr spoke of thejuoi sufficient lu amount or character needs of tho primary department, ami (o render the product unfit for use .is Prof. Mayborry told of tho general|a Devera^c o;. in llie case of cordials, need.s (if the Sunday school. H. If. fxtracls and ossenses in which the Jones explained llic liome department;amount of alcohol is greater tjian nrc- work and illustrated how important itjessary to pro^crvi! the iiigrtMlieuts nr was that the old and sick should In;, to < .xtract properties or cut tho oil visited in their homes in order tliatjaii.l Imld ilu- s.-uin' In solution." they might ke«)) up with tho Sunday! -.ManulaiMui ITS nf ulroliolic lutilUin- •clioo! work. aIlIiou«h they able to be out. about the intermediate ceparlraent. (rups. who wish lo avoid a liability for special taxes must satisfy themselves were iin- ai roiiipoiu'i!:,. IIMII oxtrads, llavoriiiK Judge Myler talkod 1 oxlraciK,<'iisrs and soda water sy- "Thc Devil In SocHy." that their i)roducts are within the llm- "Thc Devil ill Society." was tho sub • its herein dcliucd and those who put Ject of R?v. Elk'tt, at the Christian' out alcoliolic compounds of doubtful church yesterday evening. He said i mrdicinul vi'.Iiic or containing a qurs- ihat the devils work In society j^-as j tiouablo proces.^; of alcohol, must do to make pcojUu fond of society feel so at a risk of bPing required to jiay Uiat society with its pleasures was si)ecial taxes for the manufacture and morj important tlmn tho more sur-! sale of tiie same. SPECIAL SALE OF ious work of religion. "Wlhat Do You ThiPk of Chri.str was Rev. Elietfs subject at tlie morning serv'ce. EXTRA WOKK AT POSTOFFRE. C03DIISSI05ERS TO POOR FAR^. .Villi Is Befn^ Welshed and flasslttcd ! This Meet. The Tola ro''t"fflce force as well as Sj a Visit of the post ofBce employees all over thej country arc being overworked—-this-j week by an order from the post offics The county commissioners will go: Qepanment making it necessary to Xot as Inmates, But on Inspection. out to the county farm either this ev cning or tomorrow for the puriwse of inspecting the conditions there. It is the custom of the commissioners to make one visit a month to the place to ascertain what may be needed there. A new plan of running the farm is under consideration and this will be kept in mind during the in- si>ection. weigh and classify every piece of nfall going out from the local office. This work is a big undertaking. Hun dreds of letters go out every day, sev- eial thousand newspapers and any number of packages and other mail. In order to be able to handle this additional work arrangements have been made for an earlier collection from the mail boxes around tbe square. These boxes have been collected from every morning at from C (o C:20, but for the next week the collection will be made at from 5:40 to 6 o'clock, just twenty minutes earlier. It is understood that the number of pieces are being counted and classified in order that the government can get a line on the amount of business that is being done by the post office department. SIVEtt'ALKS LOOK IHFFEKE.NT. Dr. G. C. Glynn saj-s that he has no tlced a decided Improvement In the appearance of tlio sidewalks in this city since tho recent crusadu against the "spltters" was started somu time : ago. The notices which v*ero .issued Boim; time ago, seem to have the desired effect. Dr. Glynn v>ho is ths originator of tho new scheme, says si)ittiug on the sidewalk breeds d<& I ease. The oyster season begins with September and ends with April. The soup season begins with January and ends with December. Therefore Oysterettes ife in season tvery day in every .month of every year. OyHciettes-^yster crackers with ft'title that improves the flavor of oysters, soup and chowder. ' Always fr$th bi moistur* ^ and dust proof paekagss NATIOHAL BISCUIT COMPANY and Mackintoshes! Tuesday Moaning at 8 :30 we place on sale one lot of children's Mackintoshes at a great reduction in price. Colors; blue, red, gray and tan. Sizes from 4 years to 16 years. Your choice of, the lot. Special values in Ladies' Long.Loose Fitting Coats, $4.75 ar .d $3 .85. Wc Hcll Kabo Corsets iu all tlic new styles, from $|toS3.50. lOLA'S CARN VAL AUSPICES OF ONE BIG WEEK, OCTOBER. 21 to 26 10~BIG SHOWS-10 A Big M of Fnn and Frolic! Ferris Wheel, Carry-us-all, Pharaoh's Daughter. Tyrolean A .lp3, and the World Renowned Direct from the New York Hippodrome, will give Two Free OaM-door Exhibitioas Daily 'lEe Girl from Bagdad' Is the feature attraction of the Street Fair and is an entirely new production. It is a Musical Comedy, with thei elaborate costumes and plot. Miss Clara Majr Adams is the Soprano Singer. Frederick P Miller, late of Florodora fame, is the Comedian. 30 others. Everybody Cop and Have a Good Time | ^

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