Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 14, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1907
Page 3
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VETERS COMPAM WILL PKE8ENT -THE KANSAS SUNFLOWER."' TO HEAR REV. SMALL LECTURE J[A>y LA IIAKI'K I'EOI'LK WILL tOME TO H>L\ WEDNKSDVY. .McnS .tft-etiiiir uf flu- H. 1'. <liiinh Was l,Hr »r «'l} Attended Vcs- ti-rdiiy. Always the Oame GAS Cin NEWS ITEMS iU) I oiiucil Will yu -i 'i III lt«-i;iilur S<-««iiiii oil TiM -<id )it Kfciiiiiir. ITS FI6HT IS ENIIED STUDY BIBLE LESSONS W«wt WJII SabmU to Fortat Keni'rre Pollfy. WaBhlngtou, Oct. 14.—Thai the bot- vom has dropped out of the fight ou the government's forest reserve policy by western members of congress Is indicated In a statement made by Sen Pro .«]H >rUT« Slndent .0 W'DI Hare a Xofn HeeUny Tonight. Is be- 1 Cbuileurt'^ thi- World, riif l^- Harpe binli school I <M( I liaM ' leam lasil evpiiinK issuprt a ilialli'ii;:i- »o any team whose avera>:<' «vifrhi is'underone hundred and sixty iKiiitids The liigh f=chooI has a ucml team this >ear and wiih ihe oxixMion.-e a fpw ssamcs .sive lh<Mii lli<'> win he -.lUU- let win from aiiv ii-aiii in lliis si-oiimi of the statf. Thf Imys have l)f»Mi piac- Wlll Assist lola Ministers. Thf' (".as City iiiinisiers liavf <itT<'rt'd thi'ir assistaiid- t(i the lola iicupV whi> ai>' wrukiiitr tn Ipiiislaif ihf ^Sunday aiiiiisi'nu'ui fun of Imsiin'ss. 'lUcy will do all wiiliiii iliciv power to iiilliieiirp Hclng for som.- liiuiv Tli.- mauaiif r.'f"!" ili.- uood. The iilinisiers have has been seiidiiij; out letteis to var- I spolseii several liiiies in favor of the iyus school teams over the siaii-. ask-^ luoveiueiii ami wished the lol.i iiiiii,*s- iijp for f;aines bin hav .i as yei ar- , „.,.^ siicc.-ss iii the work ranged for H name. The great movement which Ing pushed by church people all over i the country for the organization of classes for the study of the science of ator Dixon of Montana, who has just Sunday school teaching. Is to be surt- ' reached Washington to remain for the ed In lola tonight at a* mass meeting winter. Western members cham|)ed"'at the Christian church of those Inthe bit.>i somewhat last winter over the ! teiested In Uible school training, forestry policy and left here on the! In order to secure a diplonia from! spring with bad tastes In their mouths [the National Association of Hlble | Numerous threats were made thai School training, it is necessary to lake they would organize during the sum forty differviit lessons which are as- iiier and come back here next winter signed. The study of the forty Ics- strong enough to upset the govern- sous will re<|uire all winter and at the tiioiits plans. For the jiurpose of map'end of the term all of the studenls are ping out a plan of campaign a bis' recjuii ed to make a grade of seventy- meeiliig of WesHMners was held at ' peiceiit on the (luesticjiis sent out by, Denver last .lutie. Hut the promoters the state snperintendent. .Mr. Kugle. of I slipped a cog. The government sent .\liilene Kansas, before he is entitled iits best log rollers to that convention to ii dipionia. ! and they sot In their work to such an The Rev. Mr. Ellett. pastor oi the {e.vleni ihar the result of the convention (.'hrisiiaii <hiirrh. who is .Mien county jwas .-i dosfall. This practically broke superintendent for ibis v.nrk. believes I the back of the movement. Since then j that several hundred Sunday school jilie governuieiii has. through its field teachers in this coniiiy will lake u|) awnts and its publieity bureau, con- the normal work". M I'ar.sous ii class ducted a s.vsteniatic campaign in favor of is expected and at Wichita L 'OO dm **(ians8s .Siiulloncr" October I7lh. liOCkes •"Kansas Sutitlower.' :Ue ni-i lSe». Leeper I'reMclied. Hev. l^eeper. the new pastor of the lal drama that has been ati ra.liiiL- so i ,-„i„>,, i-rosl,-. teriaii /•liuieh. .-iite!- r^::;:!' w[;r'b:nh:;wi;";n y :;:,',s't:" hou.-^e Thur.sday ui^-ht, ( iTtli • nioriiiim and evening lb.- .services riiis show is manageil by Will I 'eiers | \v.-re e.veepiioually uood >esierda>. of the policy and as a lonseiiueiice the people genrally out here have changed tiicir minds and now really believe 5 that the government's policy Is a good 1 tiling t<n- them . This leaves the poli- :iiciaiis mil on a limb and the only t thing left for tlieiu to do is to fall in one of the members oi ilie lompaio »vbich played at "the ICIeciiie p.irk l.i-; vcar. This bill has beiii shown i:i this city iiefore The band « ill uivr :i eoncerl on till- streei in the aiteiiiooi. The iiiiuisier spoke of many lhiii'.is wliieli niak'-s );;Mod food (oi- ilum^jil iliiie. .\ few of rlie stubborn ones will j portant no doubt try to make a fight but it, will be .-111 iiphiil job and in the end ilie.v will iiicet ignoiiiiiiioiis defeat. Sv Will fonie to lola Wedne»ila). ' Many l«i llarpe people are panning on coming to lida next U'ednes- da.y ni{4ht to hear Itev. Sam Small lec- crowd in the morning and eveii- Klder Weslej Preached. Klder Wesley of lola di-'ivered two sermons at the Christian eliiireh in this city yesterday, lie talked to a I "If 'I'ft to a vote oV the people of tb.e have a!i<.>ady joined the .\lr. ICIIett has i.ssued the follovvliif; i-all fiu- a iiiass meeting tonii;ht i>f those interested. Tlie nptice follows: .Mass Mceling Tonight. .\f ilie Christian clinrch ai eiijbt o'clock tonight will be be'il an im- iiiepting in the inicr:'st of teacher-training in the Hib'e seliool. The plan |)roposed leads to a diploma from I lie .National .\ssociai.oii. This is the great forward niovemeut in Wichita is fotiiiing a 6 Womon'm, MimmBs' and CMMron's O0ais 350 L -lcgaut styles f jr you to select fromi' representing only the correct model.s for fall wear. The La (ideEnian Hiischei- mer Line, of Clevelaud. O.. Is one ol the best lines and 'bought by us early last f pring before the advance in mate»iflls. We want to show you a Co .it. handsomeljr trimmed with velvet and iilk braid, well worth $8 .50, that' we are selling lor $5.00 Black Broadcloth Coat, lined clear through with satin, trimmed with silk braid and velvet, well worth $15.00. Onr price is S 9 BOO Fine Imported Broadcloth, large pear shape or Japanese sleeve, beauiifnlly tritnmed with si k braid in Iront, around the sleeve and in the b-ck. Our price 9t2mOO Other splendid values, $15, $18, $20 and up to $30 A collection d Junior and Misses' Coats in the best styles that can be bought, fiom r $2,Q8 to $13m50 if you ant to save money, we a»k you not to buy until you seo our llnom Fursf Farsf Fur.s ;hat are sprcially designed to meet the most critical requirements. Furs that are stylish and practical for early fall and winter wear and that embrace tne graceful lines so much 'n de- manu by women of d scriminatiiji; ta.ste. Fiora »• '75o to $25»Oa west, who are alYe<'te(i. the forest pol-j lilble leaeblng. 1 icv of the governnieiii would carrv elass of over L ''MI. I'ar.scuis says Iboy Wliat Is tare again They have heard him a number of times iu this city within the past several davs. bin i|ti- only makes them want tci hear him oticiipr. Ho will lecture this' time on His .Vlajosty. the Devil" This I .-i M;r-.- is ".•lUisidpred on.- of ili.- ii.-.-i ,\.; ii,-- tivered by .S.nn ."^mall I'icliin-s Uer<- liood. .\ large crowd attended tlw in.iviiiu picture siiow last Salurilav iiizbi .Man auer Peel of f'i'ei's opera Itmi -i* lia- tiled np an up-lo-datf show boiise lor tlje showing of iiio\iii;; |.i<niii'^ I'^ive Cents was ehavued im >.eui-.; iln- pictul'es. ing. .Mihougb Klder Wesb -V is not preaching regularly now. lie will inea<-b in ibis cit.^ several liiiifs in the near future. Had a fiood Time. .\1JOIII lift.', (i'.is Cir.\ SC I KXI I .•.iiideM.- aiid a imiilber of tlw teachers spelii a ple.isaiii da.i Sal unlay picnieii)}; on tin- liaiik-i III lleor Cn-ik Tliev well' H;irl> in 'In- 'iio! nitm and spent llios! of ihr ibi> Tiny took ilieir diiiiierr- with ilu-tn and ale in Ilir :;riiVf l»r. llHnlcr'« .•siller \vr\ III. .1 K. llnnli'i will :;o 10 Carnen iriis alH'riioon to be near the beilside of his sisiei whose lite is dir-faiied of His si>ier has been ill for some time .Men's'.Meeting Well Vlleuded. Tlinliiens meeting at the .\li! Iiodi.-i I'roiestatit clnircii >eslerd;'> .ifie:- uoOn was attended by a largi'i-mwdof inn Jip,- conditioii was ijoi tlioiiglir .\ouiig and old men. Kv.ingiii^t n <v. 1 si-rioits aiiiil yesterday when she took W. H. Streitenlier^f r gave a vrr> in-! ..,Mddeii;> worse. Mr. Hunier lias been 'eresting and in.-lniclive laik ibe j ;:oiiii; in .md from (larneii tn bis sis- iiieu while Singer I'n-d 1. .-;iii^|,,.r for ilo- jia^i several Wfi-k~. for them. Cornelt llrotiieis oi'lur K'liiri- Ml*' I I oiiiicii iiiesiiiii. ne.\( furnished a short eoneiii 1 meeting began. rersoiials. Mr. and .Mrs. W 11. Hai|»low disli'ic;. wen- in iiie eii day visltiirg friends. '\. 1. Hamilton it-fr >e-iini.i•. ing for Nevada, .'.la. wlie..- lo visil reiaijves .NIr and .Mrs Witlirow ii-'fi M-.-: for Jopliii vvhere tlie.^ will \ (.--'i-i- Coiiiieil Tllesdii}, Tlw liiy eotiiieil will .niefi I Tuesday eveninir in regular s.'ssioli. .\lt llolli:li there wi([ be lliitlull;; of : i:reai imtiortaiu to <ume up at ibis session. Iliete uill be more iliaii usual ! of tin- 11'.^iKai liiisiui'SS 'nii'ie wa.- no .-es.-iiiii on iln; la.-i r";:i;lar ini-eliii:: iiiiilll. governiiieiii would carry by :; til I.' said Senator Dixoii. 'W lirsi the people were inclined to believe that it Would retaid the development of the west and Ihey were disposed III oppose il. Itiii lliey have ; snidied the subject closely and ba\f I ch.iiiwd ilieir mind.-'. 'I'liey now see! .that if the policy is maintained ilieir | |loealilies will be the only ones in Ibe! I iiiled Slates in ten or llfieeii years' ; wUieh will have any liuiber for sale. . • Ity thai lime the price will be a.s high | 'a-i .1 i-.u's back and a vasi aliioiiui of iiioiii". will (low in. When it arrives JI M' V '•Xpect to giM a elliink of il. Til"' Poliiieal leaders oiii oiir way who •tlueatened to iiiaki' the goveriimein ail S(irl> of iroii'ile at the eomiiiK ses- .^inii of congress are now i|nietl> pull- ill?-' ill Ilieir lioiiis and in my jiidg- ! meiii the big tight advertised will noi ' take place." I i Senator Dixon. Iiowcver. says there is still considerable ob.iectioii to ibe lilaii of Secretar.v of tiie Interior , '' Wi-'A to create grazing reserves in the I west. Carfleld wants to pin the ;;ra/. j ing land in reserves siniieiliing like ^ will have not less than :!.'«». lola, going to do'." .Ml go .Kl people are interested in this, and all that ought to be uood. Ctuiie and look into it. ft. II. KI.LKTT. Supeiintendeiit of Nurmal Work for .\1 I PI) County Sunday School. FmM» PEAKI. I> OYSTKHS. I'aloru of hranse's (ale Served With Valuable .Menu. riiiioticeil by the pacUi'rs ainl ov.'r- looked by the <-ool,-- and waiters a viiliiable pearl was brought into tli" Krtinse restaurant on ibe east side or the souare to be served at th:.first call. .\ stranger (anie iii'o ili" restau rant one day this week and ordered snnio raw oysters. Wblle eating bis teeth came in iiontacf with soniothttip lianl. a fair sie/.ed pearl. 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The mad has been asked for i;ag^s that they may reileem ii,..,,, 1, to giv.- ,1 il'iecr route lo the people in fere- it sells for taxes. In soin.' in- Kdwanls addition to Hassetr. Diff;-!-- istahces the company n"gb'iteil to i-r.ees have arisen between some of give the exact d.'scr:i)'.ions. inaUiiig llio.-i- iutevi-sieii iu llie niailer. and eoiiniy 11 ••asm .'r ; the eomniissiotier thouglit it best to the forestry reserves and tlieii least it to stockmen either at so miicli per aere or so much per Jiead per ywir. .While the forestry reserve works iu- dividiia) hardships In many iiistaiiees. -o I In- senator says, ye; ih.- :;razint: n-servfs would bun iii-arl> ever,\; iiod.\ 111 till- case of Ibe fon-stry 1 ••- servi-s be savs. the many who air ,lmit individually should yielil for lie- beiietii of the whole peojile. lliii w ii!i the grazing proposition where everybody claims they will be liurt the government should go slow. The siock- ! men now have a system whleb is HK::- erally satisfactory. Marring a skiriii- I isli I'ow and iben between tin- eow- oieii and the slieep herders lliilms are . very peaceful. It isn't, popular to art- I vocaie a change from a system that Is j satisfactory to one thai is untried. The stockmen regard the scheme of grazing reserve.-- as a step toward goverii- nient regulation of the west'-rn ealile liiisiiiess. AN OLD RUIN FOUND Foundation at Part William Uelicud to He Part of Trading P<»1. l.ea\eiH'.•! Oct. 11'. -Til'- lains ol i'li old sloijc Joiiijilatiiii, almost bur i'^il beiicijth the debr's of unr.'.y years' accumulation, and apparcmly <latin."t bi:ck b«>fore Kansas was open for .set ileliielii lias b.-eii discovered ll^ar Port Wllliam.s, and the o'dest*iiiliabi- tants who have been interviewed In regar^l to the mailer do not r.-eall that lliere has been a biiildiii!; 011 this site within their recolUnMions. or since locality was first settled :n IS.M. 1 The foundation in question is situated on ibo banks t>;' l.iiile Walnut cr.'i-U. a slion distance aoiilh of tlie I'ori AV'illiatii (own site, on land bi^longiiig to Frank IJlnma. or almost on ilie eastern line pear the middle or the iiortiiwpst quarter of ihe southeast oirlline of The unveiling ceremony of the W. I). W. order wiiicli were held in lola ' yesterday afiernoou was a success in • •vi rv way and it is c.-tiniaied thai not less than 1.0(1(1 persons wfre-lue.sent .11 he <-eiiletery when the uiivei.illg look place. • The line of iiitLieli was formed al alMJiii iwo ihjriy on MadL-on avmne in front of the W. (j. W. I<:d:.e .-ooiiis. Headed by tla- lola W. O. W. i,and. the Cherryvale uniform rank, the lola drill team, lula Woodman Circle team, lola Order of l*Jagles and members of Ibe lola W. O. W. lodge and Woodman Circle, marched to tlie cemetery. j There were tiiree iiioiiuiuent.-! iin- »eiled. The first inoniimenl 10 be vis- ' !(<'! was that of (.'lyde Clynii who was • both an Ka.i:le and a W. O. W. Surrounded by hundreds of W. (), W. and Ka«le members Commander W. T. ' Steele opened with llie regular W. O. I W. service. He was followed by a GRABS SAYS: We have long had a reputation in this locality of filling pre'cripti'jiis with the highest qnality goods that could be sccurtd, and 10 fi ling thtm in a way which met with the approval tf the entire mrcii^.-al profession. Tte ^at^lt: cartlul work will trc cnniinued i> the fu- Ittie. '1 he same liigh quality goods will used ths.1 li.ivc been ust-fl iti llic past. We sylicil your i.ait'jiiH^e W. L. Crabb, Telogihona Proscrl *tton Drirtfgfnt f tlie work of lb'' ri'lher tedious. 'def-r the matter for the time. sou. The next moniin.eiii to be nnseiled I • HEALTH OF WOMETT I n this nineU'onlb ivnlury to keep up with the mareli of progre.-vH every power of .woiDuu is strained to its iiliDOHt, and Ibc lax npou her piiysl- eai system is far preatcr titan ever. In the nood oid-fashioDcd days of our jrrandniolhers few druffs vrerc ufce «l in medicines. They relied upon ri.M»is and herbs to cure weaknesses and Ui .seasc. and their kDoitletiffu of roots and herbs was far jfreitler tlian that of '.voiuen today. It was in this sludy of roots and herbs tliat hyiiia K. "Pinkliam, of l..ynu. Mass . discovered and {jave Ui the women of llie world a remedy /~""?~c- K ly more potent and eflieacious than . |MRS» C- u. r J MK aoy combinatioii of drugs. Lydia'E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound i» an honest, tried and true remedy of unquestionable therapeutic value. ' This medicine made from native roots and herbs contains no narcotics «)rotherhannfal drnps and today holds the record for tlie lar^estnnmber of actual cures of female diseases of any medicine the world ha* ever known, and thousands of voluntary testimonials are on tile in the laboratory at Lynn, Mass.. which testify to its wonderfnl value. Mrs. C. E. Fink, of Carnegrie, Pa., writes:—Dear Mrs. Pinkham;— "I •.wish every suflFeringr woman woald take Lydla E. Pinkfaam's Vegetable .Compound and write to you for advice. It has done me a world of good •juid what it has accomplished for me I know it will do for others. ; When women are troubled with Irreg-ularities. Displacements. Ulcer- cation. Inflammation. Backache, Kervous Prostration, tiiey should re"member there is one tried and true remedy, Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege- 't»ble Compound. Mr^. Plnlchatn's Standing Invitation to Women i Women sufTering' from any form of female weakness are Invited to write Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn. Mass. Out of her vast volame of ez- -perience she probably has the very knowledge that will help your case 11- f...r,.1,1 •• ,.1..,. i i'I'larler of s.ctioii II. The I iiiisiin-^r-. It t.artieids dan i.~ adopt-; , . ,. , ... , ..,„..,.., 1 ', , ,,, ,. „' , 'he stone walls is plaiulv tracea.ib spl.^ndid address bv Col. .1. M. .\ielil- ed by eongress the novcrnmein would :.„„j ,.„„„,„v;,,,, „f small building ap-I 1 tell a stockman just where he coii.d par<'iitly ind moro than in by i:; feet izraze his cattle or where hi' could in dlineiisimi with an old fashioned not .and inspectors would be yUUuy/^rouv ,Mvuu-y ou Uu->-nil. \u oxv\or- Col. .Mclii-; a;'oii will s!:oril> bo made ol ilii ruin son made aiiodier addic-s at this i" ">'• ' 'l";."^' I r--rave. The third and last iiumiinKini j w;is ihai of ..\ie.\ander Kay. would bi the range taking a sort of supervisory fiiiitrnl over the siocknien's an'.iirs. This the sK/ckmeu would re.ieiii li is the fear of this tontiugeney has set them agulnDt the sprve |ir<iposition. They siibluil to the forest reserve policy, but will fight the grazing reserve pol- iey to till' last ditch. gave I.ITTI.K 1H» liATK.S IS OKAU. dglil on the o.vact loialion of thi' "de- serlc! trader's bouse." at whi.-li Lew-| ,.„„„„.,,„,,., ^v. Kai.ser Is and (.'lark stopped on .liily J."><i(. •, . ,. ,, --• ; Ins address. \\i'ien Ins address wa.i !completed. Coiiiniaiidcr Steele yaveilie I W O. W. closing service, mil. wav. a sliort distance above the | |,i additcui to the addresses, a selec- head of Cow isdaml ou the •rendered by a mi.ved qnar- shore, it iiiiisi have been at or near , . .... - telle composed <>t .Messrs. Wane ami Steele and .Misses Florence Thompson ntiugency tlitu '. is and (.'lark stopped cm .Inly :'•. J.'^nt. ' he grazing v- ' while tui tiieir famous tilp up the .Mis- j v -iiH re-idv to ><"">-i river. .\s this old trading bous,-. , >. aiH I. ad. ,.„.,.„r,„ ,„ ,,.,vi.., and Clark's joui-i TH03. H. BOWLU8, Cashier. GEO. A. B0WLU3, President. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DIRECTORS A. W. Beck. L. C. Beatty, A. J. Fulton, W. J. Evan«. J. Geo. A. Bowlus, Thos. H. Bowius. n. Rod|«ra, WEtSSUE OUR OWN DRAFTS ON ALL CUROPEAMPOIMTS •AFETY DEPOSIT BOXEB FOR BENT FROM.I2 to |5 PER YtAll. Six-Year-Old Boy Victim «if ri.nsninp- liou. Word was received in fola today of the death of Don Gates. 111=- six year old son of Chas. Gates, at C.arden C ty. The death occitried Sunday island ou the Kansas miisi have been at or near ihe present s'te of I'ort William, this'^''"' being tlie only de.sirabl.^ situation for si'cb an eslablisbnieni wilhln Uie and Mable Williams, distance specified by the explorer. J . 1,1 the neighborhood of fifty Wood^ !,,„.. from Humboldt came up to ar- No man is ever too worliiU's to re. v. Ill it if tin .V desired, as the fcclini; i.^ strong ber^ thaS be should sue- i.'ie as eiwun 111 a wedding. eoliiniii write-up of iiieii leiiil the unveiling services. .MbudUciQue. .X. -M., Oct. 12.—In rt spouse to an inquiry from a New Vork newspaper asking for a state-' cted himself in ordar that he may car- lin ul as 10 au int:^rv:ew following Jiis r:' to a successful couciusiou tile meeting w.ib Presidom Roasevelt at policies he has inaugurated. .Mcuiphis. iu which Governor Curry'\ "Sbonld President Roosev»,;lt refuse' Ol New Me.vico wa~ quoted as sa.vins to accept a reuoraination the people tba! Ihe lu-csident might be a c;:uUl- (.1 N'iw Me.iico will supiwrt whoever Satisfied Customer SIM - ukb/.^ I It's all ri^lii lor as la' e'''rcU»'n; J ^, , , , , . . , land eattti^ : nd lis all right lor th" and thp body is expected to arrive in, ,„ lola this afternoon. The arrange-1 _ nients for file funeral have not yi't been completed, but it will probab- ably occur_ some time tomorrow. The death was due to consumption. Mr. Gates left only a few weeks ago for Garden City, on account of his loy's health, but the change seemed, to do lilni no good, and he slowly sank lower and lower. The funeral will be held at the Presbyterian church tomorrow at two o'clock with Rev. HUscher. pastor of the church, officiating. Interment will probably be made In the naw cemo- tcry. ' • ' '^l^. H.MSII S( ATTEK I KEEK ItUlDtJE. (•omniisthiner> Viewed .McCarlcj Bridge Today. The bridge over Scatter Creek near ; f'etrolia will be completed tomorrow. j .Word to thai effect was brought the j eoinnjissioners today. This bridge is a forty-foot stone ai-ch bridge and was I let in the big bridge contract some , lime ago. The eoinintssioners ibis morning viewed the bridge which the couniy is putting in near McCarleys ford. date for reel.'ciicn. Governor !<,,;.''.;. stnt the following: "Dispaichcs referred to do not (iirote me exactly. My luissiou to the pM'sid-iii was iu regard to siatehood lot -Now .\l-.'xico and other matters oi ;i'ten;ot to 'h's territory, i took oc- «;asioii' to t,-ll the c;:nJi- ( Curry , ihcy believe rying out Boos.-veit. will come nearest to car- tlie policies of President Santa ire Haimay TImt Tabls. " •MfjltTMnuUND. No. 202, Fas. dally 2:23 pa»i No. 204, Pas. dally 2:55 8.ta president that ibe-vo. 2o,S. Pas, dally ex. Sun ..6:50ajn. iKoide of -New .Mexico feel v-rv kind -^'o. nn. Pas. arrives dally .-8:«f)pjn. I, to him. and appreciate he No. 216. Freight. D. ex. Sun 12:01 p^. doing for the West. The president did SOUTHBOUND. No. 801. Pa-s daily .......... 12:4S 6-6-4 is tht only prepvaiion ffut is suitable for use on Gts. or QAsoUne, Cocking %utges, beesuse it Astrays rati, is wier vtd gretse proof, dries in to mtntffes Jtnd Is m >'-itii P^*' X man always remembers a visit to a house by what He had to eai hi It not discuss his candidacy or anything; No. 203, Pas dally 2:0ba.m. relating to the presidential eU^ctiou j ^o. 207 Pas. dally ex. Sun ...8:6»p.n». , No. 209, Pas. departs dally.. .6:2i lajn. ; No. •>(.'; PVelRhi. D. ex. Sun. .12:2^ p.m. "In my opiniou tiie delegation to lb>? j Kopnblicau national convention fron: ,N'ew M.'xlcu will be Instructed for re ! ~ . ,.,, uominatiou of President Roosevelt. Vre vou as active m paymg a bill , . ,. . •aSyou 'Z in collecting on^ due you?^ His own friends here could not pre- EteriSal gratitude is eternal slavery. The 'more wealth-a man has the iouder h s children 'calk. 1iesijit«r M'ants tirlnr malts. ..1 «•

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