Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 21, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1908
Page 8
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8 - ' • —• - THE lULA DAlLf BEGlStER. W£D>'ESDAT ETEXIN'9, OCTOBER 31,1908. * i, iC: : . • . • • l_ ^ . i • - • 1 • - U'h .HiT^ln-iililr, M'lifiHilf, MilisfHr- lor>. iHTl'iTl niliiiK iHiil |io|Miliir |irlr- IMI. \n riMiKli SCHIIIS to irrlliilc. Mini' siiiu I'lKli'i-nmr I'ils llk«' ii K\n\v iiiMf laiiiiilrriiit; riiiiiiol r<'iii«M(! tiic III. Itiiy a .tKiiiNiiiu! Ciiidii SitJt UIHI .voiril liati^ mt ollirr.' .MIMIC in n ;;lit »r heavy i««-iu;lil coUoii or iiM-iiluiii w<'I({li( w<iul. \ MIIIIM'IIC riHlcrni 'Hr U HIM- of thr iim>s>llif> oi' lliV (tis the rx- IKTiiiK'iitnl MIUKC ). ((nliiiiiry iiiuirr- nriir non 'l tlo, nlicii oiir4' votric lrii><i .lliiiisliiur. Made from the finest Nelert- •Ml TiiriiN—lioUi iMillon Hiiil woolen— iiiMiriiitr eoiiifort iiiiil suliM 'artion to the wearer. WdiiHirs riiioii Suits in «T<'ani <<il- iin-d or j;rt'>. «" iijiular .sizt-s. I'vicf .'»0i; Kxtra larsif sizes in \\\v saiiu- <Hiality Women's MunHiii;; I'anis ur V.^sr.^ in whiiK or crcaiu foiorod. ankle leMRiIi. rcfjulur sizes .'»0r 1^X1.1% iaiKe sizes. <>'»<• One lot iif \V(anens Separate (.;;ir- nienis and union suits in all regular sizes, per garment , '2.'n- Uotneus Mnnsinp I'nion Huits in liulii or lieavy wei^rlii rolton. ankle leiistli. li'iiK sleeves, white or cream colored, jnice $1JM( \\'om "irs Knit (.orsei tovers in all renular sizes, taped neck, lonn sleeves. price '2'tr ami -Vie .\li>hrs .Munsim; riiion Suits in cream colored or white. Thesp sar- nieni.-< ar*- made in size.-. Jjptween pi-r uar- ... #!.»» children's and ladie.s. prici meni ('lil)driMi's cream cojoriid llt-eced !.;oiid (luallix, pants ami vests, size It;. IN. L'li. L'l. L'S. .•ill. price l.'.c. IT'je. -.'Ilr. •JJ'ir. 2:.e. 2T«ir, :i«c. :i--"ae. .-J.-.c. f ltil'ani'.\ hi-avv rililied fleeced wrapper sivie vests sl/.e I vcjir to | \e;ir>;. price Uiiliens Intaiifs (iiiton shirts in cieam color, size I to Ti yrs. prici? IJ.'ie mm Childr^'n's .MunsiiiK nnioii Suits in crcaiu colored or urcy, sizi- '2 .xcars to (i> yoais. all I sizes up to 10 yen IS j '»\\v. l-'iom I:.' to Hi yeiOs VMV Tliese !;arments are iniule in two sep .iitjile styles, otie fur hoys and tli<' other tor niris. the hi»s Karmeiits are full hutvoii front and op Ml crotch, the girl's garments are part open front, small size drop seal iiml lar;:e size itpen eroich. l-'a.x Siiicliin;;.- lor Imv.-. .md »fj Kirls in ^ize lo '.<. f . \ I A ;\ I 'riVe :;.^c, lue, :iOe( J- sj I'nn.v Sioi-kii);;o for hoys and >;irls all sizes. |ji;hi or Inavx weight. (M^'r pair 2."ic Infiai's ric.ini i-olmed wooi hands ; i/c I li. I. price 2 .'n' lnf:iii;'s uuol .stllckin^.•^ in all cid- or.>. .--i/.e I III •;. silk heel and t«ie. price I'uir ..: 2 ;ie <'lii:di ••as heavy ril>h<-d liuh' flf'eced uiiiiMi suits, ^ize I to VI vears..s(ie«-ial values ;(! per .narment 2'»C l)i- Kenton's Sleepinu Garments for children prevents <-olds. maih' in all sizes fiom •_' years to in years, price K.-.r to tjil.lMI * .Modest slee|iin^ Kaiiui-nts for children, all sizes, price .'»«<• rhihlren's hlack Kni; I'anJs in sizes IN to I'l inchfs. pii<ed a I 2.")r \ (•real Sale of (hihlreii's (loth and Hcar^kill Coals at Oiie.FoiirMi and One.llalf Off. (oats, size « to 12 jcars. $;{.IS>. <'hil<lren's I'ancy Olix'M Kersey • loth Coats in ;;reen. tan. hiown. f;i"c> ami red coal?, .•iiiiahle for school wear value.- from Sl..'ii lo $';..'".n. choice of ih- lot ijKJ.IJI Childr'-ii's I'aiK -y .'dixed Cloth Coals. :.;.'<• i; lo VI .\e:!rs III j:ieeii. hrown and r<Mi: \;(iiie, ju oji sa 'o f .ir $2.1:' * » < hiidK'n'- f.i'arskiii Coal.s In red. tiiowii ,iild while, si/,es J to I'w years WMiih on tale for #1,M» Childieiis l-'aiicy Iteaiskin'Coats in wiiiie and coUirs. si/.e •_' to \\ \ears. rei:tilai T."> valiK-. On sale Cllildleli's l!e;ii.-kill Coats in red. iiiowu and white, worth on sale for i>K .vri :i{Y (^(MiDs. I'ancy Cross Stiipe Siii>w[|akr Drap cri<'s in Idiip. red. Kreen and Ko'd. suitable for hed room curtains, price per yard *. 2(le Swiss Curtain uoods :;I ami :;ii iiich- f-s wide, open stripe erosshar and allover designs. I'ricc per yard 10, 12's and l'»e l-'aiicy .\rt Burlaps. :;•'. iuclies wide in lirown. i;rePn. red and hlue. priee per yard ' •-'.'.c riain c((Iored , .Art ISitrlaps. :;ti inches wide in red. Kreen. hrown aii diaii. price per yard I ITfae I Window Shades. ;;•> xTli incli and dark fjreen; price i li^ht . 2:.e I'KICt \l K.S. Side l'..ui.d I'eri-ales. inch''.-, 'i^ Id'* in liim-. i''d aiMl t;i(>. |>rice per yd fOe U(».Mi:>*S (O.ITS. Women's t>onn Semi-fitlini; foats in hrown and Idack. special piice .*.').(M» U omen's Idack. hrown and castor Coais. semi-fitted h.ick. lichly trii.i- med with velvet ami hraid. spe:iil value at $7..'>» Woiifn's hlack ami hrown Coats. I>i-aid'anrl velvet trimmeil. empire or •^eini-litiod hack. |>ri.e $nt.."»0 l.linKEIJ .\S. Klin Cnihrcllas in fan«-y sill .nnd sii\rr sticks, price rtaiti I'mhrellas in si'k and linen tops, natural slicks, special values at .i;l.<Ml Hnd #l..-»« (^rxMf.v.Ms. I.^xtia tiuaiity r)re -;s Ciimham.- in liuht <ir dark colors, plaids. siri |ies and plain ci >lois. price lOe .\pron Ciimhams in hlue hrown and ,:;ree!i. price per yard and 7'-je SlfF-KT.S AM» I 'll.MMV ( V.SKS. Standard Sheets, lorn und h»"m!iied si/e Nlxyo. special price, each ."i.'ic I'epiierell Sheets, lorn and lienmied. si\c NIxHO. iiricp 7.'jc Standaid size l"x;:t; iiuli pillow cases. j;ood i|iialiiy, jirice each ...Hie ISL.V.NKK'rS, COIMI tinaiiiy Ulaiikeis in Ki"y. regular •'.•>i- value, special price pf^i' pair .-.«c 1 Fancy Alligtitor Bags, lcalli«r lined, .^-luall cuiu ])ursc toiiuatch, pi ices, $4 io $t5 IlavH yotir Woolen Dress Goods sponged by I lie spotless sleatn .-qionji^er, per ynrd, lOI.A, I AH IIIStiN AM) I'lnsitritti. KA.XSAS. (U THKIE. (»KI,AIH».M1 AMI lAKTHAt.K, .^IISSOl Kl. %vooi, i»KKss taions. fancy Wend Siiilin*; in dark hiiip. gri'eii and red. '>>*c and (>•'><• valifs. on sale for. yard 3!>e .'•S-iiich plaid and stripe s^jrey cloaking cloth, exira heavy, siiitahie for ••hildren's sdiool <'!<»fiks. worth ?I."u and SI.J.'i yard, speciai price per yard «we Heavy twilled Cloaking in hriulit red and delft hlue for misses and children's jackets, price per yard $Iw« r.roadclotli in hlack. t '?:i. .urey. ^reeii hlue. a'ld hrown. full standard width, extra <|"ality and finish, regular price $I.2.'>. special price per yard 9>«e Skinner's Satin in all colors, wear ;;iiaranteed for two seasons, full inches wide, price per yard .... ilJAi 0p<Ta Satin in ail colors. inches wide, price pcr yard iJI.OO IWack Satin Dncliese. :,'T Indies wide, extra <ii'ality. price per yard flJi't Hearskin in red. hrown and ;;rppn. price per yard $1.1>.1 .Ml w(>(d Uatisfe in hlack and cid- or.-. :;•> inidies wide. |>rice per yard 'tfHr Fancy strip'* Cashmere. ".I inclies wide in hlue and hrnwii. price per yard ({.V .">-'-inch I lerrin;;l>one Panama in l >ro \Mi. hi lie. ,i; I cell and n-d. price per yard $|.M(» O.e lot of Fancy .\riiold Suiiitms in urey. hrown. tan. red and Krceii. worth IT>...v yard, special price per yard lie Fancy Oriental Kitiiona Cloth. ;'.t; imhes wide, worth IJ'tc yard, special price, per yarrl I.'JC HURT THE CREDIT . ioiial hanks all public deposits, nowlseiiator Knox said: j amounting to over SKjo.oiMt.Odii. | "l HIII iioi unkindly dispfiscd tow.ud I Of the proposal to miaraiitce hank I.Mr. Bryan. His personality is en^a;;. That's What James S. Sherman Saysj Bryan Would Do For Country If Elected. idepo.sits. Senator Knox said in part: {in?;, his industry is prodi>;ioiis. hi.s haiikH and tiMis dis- Philadelphia. Oct. ::i—The rnion Ij<?agne <-luh aiirl its quests, tonijihl at the -Academy of Music, enthusiastically greeted .laniis S. Sherman. Re- pulilican vice presidential iiojninee. United States Senator Philander C.!"'^'"1 f'""' 'Pturning ii xp tl.eii Knost and (.wMieral O. O. Howard also spoke at the meetim;. "The careless citizen may ash what great harm Air. Bryan can do if Providence should punish the nation by Ijerniittinp liis election to the presidency." said .Mr. i?herman. "He could bring havo'" to the currency, to the banking syj,tem. and could threaten the ^old standard and ti.e national credit." The speaker descrih ident might appoint the treasury iniuiieal to the fto\A standard and thU8 disturb the flnau- cial conditions. Mr. Sberiuan then detailed how &lr. Bryan, as president, might, cripple the country's'financial system by withdrawing from the nat- AND ROBBED. "If SOUK- Cassie Chadwick I hypno->tah'n!s a.f i.-markalil-. but his sMtes ti/.es the banking fraternity and bor-| maiiship is hui.el. ss." rows from them on false jewe's audi false and my.sterious repivsei^tatioiis'CHLOROFORMED of iilutocratic connections all ili ii'oney the banks jiave borroweil j from tiie people. aii>l she iieslf"t'l« to return it to tin LIQUOR RECEIPTS 10 MILLIONS. An Increase in Total Internal Revenue Collections Last Month, too. ! Unpleasant Experience of A. W. Thompson and Family. The Hnmhtddt Herald sa.^s: A. W. Thompson and family had an depostiors. then the wi.ser hankers of • „„,^^.,„„f ..^j.,., .\,t„„,av «ish. this and the other cities who do uotn,i,,.,. jj,.,. „„ pj.,,,.., ,,„„„.„..j,. lend on that kind of collateral mu.5t take th<j money they have bo|Towed southwest the night a of Huinholiit and during .soiui'oni" ,cnt tile screen from you and me as deposits and pay'from a window in their room and rob it over to the ChadwIck victiijs whoji.ej them after el loroforminu- them had been tr\isied as safe bankiers. JThe sieall son of .Mr. and .Mrs. Thom]."The proposiiloii is improperly j go,, ^woke an.l said he saw someone named, h should be proiuotea as .aj|„ room. Juit they could See lioth- scheme to Insure people against thejj„g j,, moonlight and thought he Washington. Oct. 21.—-Tlu- stan- iiifiit of <;o\I'rnmeiit recipis from internal revenue stiutces for tln' month of .Seiitt-miier sliows a marked improvement over that of August. For the former montk ihe total collections were $:: 1.096,'J.'i6. as against $I'.».o:» 1.- i^ST for .\ngust. Tiie returns from liquors alone for Sei»iember show total collections of $lit.'.i,'>."i.o5*.*. as against $:<.o::i..->H for August. Both months, however, are far below tht; normal. The (or September was $1 - 2'JI.52T. as compared with September. ll'iiT. THE CURE FOR SCROFULA SKKVICES FOK itlSHOP POTTEK, The »ody of Hie l.ate Clergy man Re- Hiowd to Titfany Chapel. New York, Oct. 21.—Orace church was thronged yesterday with dignitaries of the Protestant Kpiscopal church, officers and delegations from many .societies and clergymen when public funeral services were conducted for Bi:shup Henry C. Potter, who died last July. The service was pre- iliminary to the tran.'-fer of the bo<ly I to the cryin of the Tiffany chapel in jthe great cathedral of St. .John the Ulvine. precau- was dreaminiT. They did not awak necessity of using ordinary •rihed how a i.res-jt"""* in selecting places wlieijein to ^„ yoven t.'cloc kth next morn- iit a secretary of j »o ing. Mr. Thomp-sons troii.seis w.-re' "losses of dishonest and Incoujiieient gone with $8.6o. his wife's with banking upon thu^e who had lotblng to do-with trusting the disboucst and incompetent banker for the relief of those who'dld." lu the course of his couclusiou, $9.So was gone and $:;s.i)o that was luider his ]\illow was not found. Mr. Thompson hais no clue but iajrs it to the traiiips that pass along the Katy trades. .Swollen glands alx»iit the neck, weak eyes. i)ale. wa.\y complexions running sores and ulcers, skin diseases, and general poor health, are th itsual ways in which Scrofula is manifested. The disease being deepl; inttjencbed in the bl6o<I often attacks the bones, resulting in White Swelling, or hip;. and the .scrofulous and ttibercular matter so thoroughly destroys the healthful properties of the blood that Scrofula soiuetimes Icruiinates in consniuption. an incurable disease. The entire circulation being contaminated, tlie only way to cure the trouble is to thoroughly purify the I>1O.K1 and restore the circulation to a strong,, healthy state S. .S.'S. is the very best treatment for Scrofula; it renovates the entire blcKxl supply anil drives out the scrofulous and tubercular deposits. S. S. S. is the greatest of all l>loo<l purifiers, and it not only goes right down t-» the very Ixittomof the trr>uble :uid removes the cause,.but it supplies the weak, di.seased blood witli the healthful properties it is in need of. and in this way builds up weak, frail.'scrofulous persons and makes them strong^and healthy. S. S. S. is a gentle, safe, vegetable pteparltion and-is suited forpeisons ol anv age. Book on the bloiod containing information about Scrofula and an; m^ical advice free. , xHB SWIFT SPBCDIC Ca, ATLAKTA, QJL (First Published. October 14. 1W8.> Treasury Department. Office of thn Supervising Architect. Washington. D. C. October IL'. 1908.—Sealed Proposals '.will be receircd at this office until o {o'clock p. lu. on the 16th day of No- |veraber. and then opened, for the con- :struction (including plumbing, gas piping, heating apitaratus. electric conduits and] wiring), of the U. S. Post Office at, lola. Kansas, in accordance with the drawings and specification, copies of which may be had from the Custodian of the site at lola. Kansas, or at this office, at the discretion t)( the Superrisiog Architect. JAMBS KNOX TAYLOU i SuperrisihK Architect. Oct 14-16-l»-?l-23-2«.^' '

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