Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 21, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1908
Page 7
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THE lOtA DAILY BEGISTBR VED3fE8PAT ETESTSO, OCTOBEB 21, IMS. "Baking Absolutely PukE Insures delicious, healthful food for every home, every day. The only baking powder made from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar— made from grapes. Safeguards your food against alum and phosphate of. Izme—^harsh mineral acids, which are used in cheaply made powders. r - - ^ r NEWS OF GAS CITY GET COMPETENT MEN. JUDGE FOI ST WILL ADDRESS TJIE .METHODIST HKUI\I^[ERHOOD. HERE NEXT MONDAY NIGHT Both State Chairmen Write Their County Chairmen. HEUISTHATIO .N I.N U.\S (ITY rO.>StDEItED ({IM >I». IS The latter part of the" woik. Chair man .Martin of tho Democratic stiito conunittoc I)i "j;an stMniinn out Inrt-is to Ihi- cyijiily rhalrnii'ii over the Htato \\ariiiiij; ti.i-in to tal<" precautions afainst tlie Kepnblican.s steallnK ll>o eleeiion Novejiilx-r ;>. The warnliiR Went far aiul wltl 'V Tlie I>enioerafa {e <ins.«i |neni;v are wiiL- awalie. It Is evlili>nt liowever. that thl< fear uf the r>>>inoeraile pai;' ' toaofll—Siu'i'lal .Mci'iinir Friduv. •tltlneil I'hair- I limit• chair PIfased the Fannci>. • The farmers whu are in the city today say that the rain last night was very helpful. Water was needed for tieir stock, they say. Had no (jnonim. man tVitlev of the Kejuihl, .-i tee y.<st<'l(lay S «'llt Ollt to ei. . ni.'n this tolceram: "Watch selection of election hojitd.";. Insist on selection of acU%"e. competent and men. Important. J. .v. DOLLEY." Tiis teleprani went to every one of the m .T county chairmen in tlie state ami it is expected to put them on the watch to see that nothins crooked Because a fjiiorum was not present | transpires in the selection of election •re was no meetinir of the I boards. iast night there was no uicotini; of the 1 city council. .\ postponed mecliu'^ will be held P>iday night to transact | LEFT 0.\ JIEK IKMIR.STEP the regular business. .Indep Fou>.t to Speak. .fudge Oscar Foubi of lola will ad- FOU THIS .MOTHER Mrs. \. G. Tuson. of Liverniore. fal.. writes: "1 iijck^d up from my di/or- step one day a iitile book in which I soon l>ecame very much dress the Methodist Brotherhood hereU,,- little ^irl of five years of aL-e'had ne.xt Monday nighi. Ali men iu the! been troubled for a lon^ time with city are invited to attend. Held Ho.v Supper. The Epworth League of rhe . M^'I IM- dist Episcopal league h< !d a bo.^c supper in Rennick's hall last evening. Reirfsfradon l«* ('ood. Registration in this city is considered exceptionally gioil Th-^" regi-.tra­ tion by wards fo'Iow; Hrst ward 21. Second ward Third \'ani llt^ Fourth w;<rd 'V>:.t^>\ JT! FerjonaJh". "^^ !l!isni Sinipsoii of ^»€•'.•d6i !l'.' hire yesterday on InisinE..? -Mrs. .Mary .Stteu. of Burangton. Kas.. who has been l;ere the sue.-t of Ur. and Mrs. S. R. ywan. returned to her l.oni'' la.s* pv» Frank Fraze was in Moran ye-r«r- day on bu~iiie.-s. >'ich Kohl left yesterday {•>:• a trip through western Kansas. John Macou. of Independence. Kas.. was here yesterday on business. loss of appetite, extreme nervousn.-s and undue fatigue. She was al! ruu- d4pwu and in a v <My r|eli<-at»' condition. "Tiiis litf.'f h'.oj,- -.las very coiii;>r>'- hensiveiy written, and told of^the new method ijf ••xtract'iig the nn-diciiip.i • >• nicnts of 'he rod'.- ijver frou! rlie oil. eliminatin:: i!ie oi-nuxious oil which i.^M hard for clii'dVt n TO ;ak<-. '• •.Iu>^i 111'- ;hili:r." said I. 'for nij little liiuiuii'"'-.' i'tid I !';'ai''rii .!-<-:'y nr,it for ;i bo!;!" of Vin-.l. It h *M ;[ed 1i<-! u oiniorujlly SIi- iias gaii ed jraf-id;; i'l fi-^^ ai !i) '-'r-ngth. a:;d lie 'P":^ i!'..t tak" ("id h.i'f so «acil> • I am ex'runely giatefu! fp- 'he ^.-c.'d ir h?.? done her. a:id l hcpt •••'>- FORMER GAS CITY MAN HAS NOT COMMITTED SUICIDE. Writes to the Miiikogee Phoenix From San Francisco.—Expain His Conduct. A report reached here some time ago via .Muskogee thai Pal Lavey, formerly a resident of Oas City, had committed stiiride on account of xome trouble over the sale of souie lots in Oklahoma, for which the purchasers had been ritiable to secure title deeds. The stor>- gained credence 'oivlne to b |8 sudden disappearance from a hotel io the state of Washington and his leay ng his trunks and clothing behi|[d Mm. At the same time it was known that he had been despondent and had threatened to end his life. The following taken from Saturday's Muskogee Phoeni.v is his explanation for his sudden leaving the Wash ington city: Recently a report was circulated to the effect that Pat L-ivey, former a resident of Muskogee, had committed suicide in the west. The rumor spread to San Francisco where it reached the ears of ^Ir. Lavey himself and since he is feeling very much alive he has- tended to write a protest to his friend. Captain Ira L. Reeves of .Muskogee, in which he declares in the memorable language of Mark Twain that the report of death is ereatly exaggerated." Mr. "Lavey's protein asainyt earthly career having been shortened unknown to the party most interested as follows: "San Francisco, Calif., Oct. 12 "Dear Captain: It is true that I left niy hotel in Seattle. Wash., and that I was suffering with a bad arm at the time but I was drinking nothing stronger than water, because the surgeon had forbidden any drinking. Besides I have not taken a drink of of w^hlskey since I left Muskogee and don't intend to take a drink again. T loft the hotel early in the evening Instead of at 2 a. m. From the hotel I went to the home of my phy- siciun where I met an old frjend wl .i> was on his way to Mexico (or what he said wa.>» to be a two weeks' trip. He insisted on jny accompan\ ing liini. The steamer for S.aii Francisco and I /OS .Ajigeles was due to leave port In less than iliirfy minutos so | <all«'d a messencer boy and siiit word to the hotel people to store my stuff unti' ray return. The message was never delivered, hence the report of my death. 'From the wl arf I tried to cet the hotel by phone and failed and a;- I had to rUoh T went on. We cam-^ by boat to 1.0S Angel-s and went from there hy rail to Mexico. T was having a nice time and thought everything was all right and had no means of knowing otherwise til I returned to San Francisco where r found my mail and newspapers containing tie report. It is true that T have been troTi- bled over financial inaUers sinc" the papic knocked me out fair ai^d square but while there's life there's hope and ou know that.I can pull out with half a chance. You also know that I would never commit suicide. WTienever I ie I want to die in dear old Mu.-^kp- ute liie best town on earth. "By the way the trip was profitable u> I have cotten hold of a piece f [i -oferty near the stake of my fri'^nd that promises to be a cold pro• '•ic'T. f am finishing my necotiarions V iri! officials of the Mexican government for full purchase of sani'' and am starting ba-^k Wednesday of this w.-k.' \Al>oii I thins- arranged ;:i .Vev)'*o I wji'^ back for Lome a -fry live rorepf^. Will be ba-k in Alt;3 'Ko:T »-e wfrliiti fh'^•tv da 'S. • PAT la\'t-:y. Brins (Is Your Certificates! We will accept any certtficate yoti have to apply on a Piano pfftchase and allow you Ml value for same on any piano in ovr store. Only one certificate aUowe j on each Piano. We hBvo the very best line of Pianos in Sfeutheaetern Kanses Ml >ni.M V FOK MRS. HVINS. Jotin y. Roberts Music Co. 12 North Washington lola, Strajiee Suit .l'as«-. A ;.ilit i .oe 'A.!-. Iak<n lo polil" he.idt(naiier> ihi.-> iip'riiMig which liar- fVidelllly bevu the proper! J of a bur::lar or ytggnian It was found b.\ Klzia Surgeant and Hairy Sagtier un WILL SUPPORT TAFT A Deniocrat "f Tlilrl) \ear> Stand ing i'lM'yi Uh Rea >«D-. Th- Cuiiiitry n.-d.. Mr. Taft to Roos'^vtlf policies on '•.•!iti. Mioiithiliil. roti;-''vafive but pos i ••.•!! ry ,,u .rh l'--e ;!,Hi).'ijei i) up <• by what h»- . to I..- lb'- b-iT and ; e.rma ~-oot.' of (!,.. I .-.(,:,. and th- uiaili- i:". ••! n:io, :>; upon a 1 of 'u i:i..''!n:io,:i; upon a der the platform of the war.houv of j Chicago, III. 'huAu-r ."I ••-F ! ank II [ i U:M..-O iipitphf and dii 'iiitk -d plan., the Oil Wei' ."^uj.iily c(mipan> on N 'Mlh; .loU '-s. »\ho s. w d ut :.lM i'r.M.l. nt j I'l hav.^ re ~;e .i fcrMr Brj • .Santa Fe avenue. Th- .-uit ca.- had /'^ i-- l-'^en,.! char.-r.-r a .id P 'lrriot- ,, , iisi .uit ro..;iM.e!er G.-n -ral. ..n.i -Ah" i.-in .md ;> a pubii i- ili-r he has be..:, au expensu- oue. If b-,.. 'M-i„...„ j,,,.,,, „i..,i ,„.. 1.. mv \u^^^.M anv. l.-u I r-gard him deiicts on one tad -.f bavm;; b .td :, ; ,ji ,,• j'any lor »ii':t> .-.eai.-. ti.i.. <|. thri'c iniiiai.-; serat <die >l off. j <lar >d bim-.-»lf a warm .--upi ••rur rf The officers broke the loek ami i ''"^f ft. a sign -d iiitervi-w ,:jv.n , , , ,. •lotii*' Reiinblican .\;itioiia! foinnuttee searched the MMf case, finding a num-j ^.^.^.^ ^. bcr of incriminating articles, mclud-; „„.„„.;.,.^, M,. cj^;.,, ...;„i . \u;nv..- iug steel drills for tapping saffs. skc'e j cr.t:i<- i ir':-. Tie- lir. rvi-w i- .TS f..l- (on keys and nippers for turning ke.^s in door locks. It also contained sev era! pocket books, .'-omo clieap jewelr.x and printed cards used by deaf mutes icrai;.^. and cripples in their stalls. A l:iun-' "Fie is a wise. safe, conseivari .i- and , 3.,, „...^ ......... dry ticket from Iiidcpeiidenc*- bore'•'^"'•'i'?^*^"*^ thinker cm economic <iii«-s-!szari'-n .md one by one they hav- 'oeen the name of H. If. Deckman. There ^J^^^""" "^'^ "'"^ 1""'-1 M'fpl-^ '^t thi. coun: ;Mc «eitar<-. irr- ..- i.n.-ouiid and dani :-r "u.^ ro their were .-everal i.;;ors from Kansa.; City! j .j^^ 1,.,^ „,„:<;Uie in;' r. >ts. and riinois points. KviJenily ihe suit j experif rre in public affj'.ira ;>:id has 'Tiif I'-'imrr ••a-e had been Iving under the plar-[ di-^^'i'irced his many impoaaiit publ-e. :,,<..i ,r .v jar;:., b'l^ under tlu- domi form for some days, as a white ^ujpt idu»?es wt I!, faithfully and patnoUea': v: n.,n of Mr. Bryan ir wa^ foreed i lo«t: "l .1. lil wn- ici . M I- Taft i -t -tau-e I ).>•,';. ve hi*-f^iection v.ili miuit' ;uo.- busint-rvs man .i:id to the •,^:\r,'.i'• uen- aii iit.-..ii '.| d .ru .'ruilothinker Oil •'•o;>oiiri 'I 'l' ••^t 'l 'i!- I'n.-«uind \>c- e .t 'j .-i- ;"'•.:(• iji'' i;iJi( » - for the la .sr twe!\e ;va!s or itior" prove it- rtini:t rous f)<eaur>- he tia^ the courage of bis convictions, and has a wonderful spell-binding oratorical power In advoeating and advancing his views, bii' no posifK'H he hn- iak>^n on eco- 1 I .!:;'• f)iu-tion:s for .'tie laii twelve >•;. mil!.'.-- ir be the tariff and on rl.: ."".e hu.- \vobb"ed som.? 1 has stood ih" f .-t of time, fhougbr and investi- was badly mildewed. The authorities V.111 lake the matter up with the sen- d-rs of the letters found in the valise and endeavor to discover the identity of the owner. They think ir likely that he is wallied sorntwher.- else, and if they are given a de.-eriprlon may be able lo pick him up should he return in sc-arch of hi.? properry.— f'hanute Sun. with repeated proofs of his giear ad- hcr. a:id I hcpt ;,•".>- \ >en \nrf' .fiidge Rcfnocd Her Ml- 'ne«!» and Counse! Fees. d ' er .".!o!he! ' who >.'\ ailu'i: cin'i ''.oi v ii' j..- t.. ^.-ij ; ntj e\:I leiK'e and ri,;-* i::'. a t rial VInol is >"ld in I"l;« bj S. K. | R IHT »'!I. Dniirjrl>t. \ inol Fixtures Arc Here Now. T"*i-j -.vori-. on th" Kr-ss I'uildii'i: on til" •ast si'!- is b-dng pu.sli'-d rapidly. TJ:e fixtures hav( a-rived ai.d will be put in place as soon as rhe !"iildinu Is completed. The Bakmg Powdc. Story in a nut-shelL , Adulteration I Cheap Impurity > B«^mg Unheaithfulness ) Powte High Price ) Tnwt IndifTerent Leavening / Bakiiif Residue of Rochelle Salts ) Powder Most Leavening Power ) CALUMET Purest Ingredients > BAKING Moderate Price ) POWDER • f •'••.vL Ocr :i< —The -3pp ;!':'i- 'i-jn -f Mr:- Claudia L. Uaini k.'r ali- 7 ;'"a; itid r -..t :i).«.l f»c.- to delTud a ut* • r divr .r--.' brousht h.v Captain Pet.^r r 11 .'r.. awaiting trial for killing •\ :';•!,! 1'. .\iinis was deii!'>d by .lus- ii .i- f 'Htr 1:1 r >ri'iltlyii :f.,,rerda:. M;: Haiii-" I 'Mue .-t thar ^he h" zr:uir»d •h" <M |,.ti >dv of her childri-n ai.-'o wt- deiij .d. .\:ii!i- w,-.s. named a.-; 'K -r^- .J ,:_-r!(> Carr in his deei.-;ion said 'hat Captain Mains lia.s no iiiean.- from which to pa.; ei ''n»'r ^.'iimony '.T ••ouii- iel U-f', a-' hi- ijlary hif- bet-n .-ii:- j,.-(.ded ^iiic" iii-> jnii.'ri .-ju;;ni.rjir. his own sm?.'! m^p-us are needed for hi.-- onn defen-f. The court alS'.; g,r.e a:- a r»a.-'jn that Mrs. Hains i- in a c'mfoi Tab 't- home wirh h "r par':;rr in .^la---;a <'hu =«-rfi "As lo Ml" tustfl;- of tti" ebildreii." did Justice Carr, a similar erabar- ri>sm"ut, exists. The children are «ifh the father's parents outaide this -rate, and the defendant has no home ia tM-i stare and say.-^ tijat if she ge:a ..ocif.jsion of the children alie will tak<- them ui .Massachusetfc. I feel ic i'ladvisabie at this moment Uj df-^irb the siruatiou." COURT SEES PLOT Sapr^e Body Ob]wU to Oolnc Into Folltlw Tlir«Hf1i Heariog of a B«nk Case. Washington. Oct. 20.— The =uprem<» court of the United Siateti indicated th« disapproval of the efforts to bring tUat court into poUtlcii at thla timei Uy deoylns the notion to advance a hairing In the ca«e of th« Nobl«> Staif batik, of Olctahoma. agatnitt Governor HMtketl and others, lavolvlng the con- iKltutlonallty of the Oklahoma bank deposit mnmtce law. me Heat thai Doesn't go'ap the flue ^ You receive intense, dirccf heal from every ounce of fuel burned—• ihere are no damp chimneys or long pipes loi waste the heal from a PERFECnON Oil Heater 'Equipped wlUi Smokeless Device) Carry il Irom room to room Turn ffic wirk liigf» or low—no imlKei—no smoke—no smell^automahr unokeless device prevents. Brass font InJtls 4 quarts, burns 9 liours. Beautifully (inisked in nicke! or japan. Every heater warranted. just what you want lor tlie long evenings. Made of brass, nickel plated—latest ••n- provftf cenlrjl draft burner. Evcrv lamp warranted If your dealer cannot suppfy the Perfection Oil Healer or Rayo Lamp write our nearest agency "Tiif- I*>'ini 'rr;'.'ic parry wa .-i a SL -ur.iI niina- into ?ateil proois ol ins ^-rear ad- rhe i:n-onnd position of advocating niini.«:trati\-e ^ability. r||.- fr ^e and unlimited coinage of sil- "ffe is a strnns:. forceful. rai ;.-h'- J af 1^: to 1. rhe ado .vtion of which forward man. direet and fiank in hi-= a- :» poiiey of this coanrry meant the speech and ;tci> and wi:hi >iit siinK -r- of busine^.-. tlie cheapening fu ;ie or evasion, lie i.^ a niaa of rhf '.,f 'br- p:irehasintc pou»'r f,f wages and pfo; If. f'l'l of s ;.mpat!iy for iiis f.-ja ':'>>. this cr )iin :ry ir woaid have If-vnen. haiinir oj>preii;iou .ti.-l unfair | rakr.; :-.a!s :o recov.-r from and if we dfaiir.;:;: ar.d d 'vor rii»- be-r ii> i- .v.?'- l-y rf -eeiit "f tiers of Mr. ve!o ;j)!n -nt of thi.-- fountry on J 's-r and iVi^..;, rb'^ 'h"-.iji n:'^;;«>;. virus i^ i ;ti ;I l-eriiy to rh-i farmer, the njerhani'- tXv \i, 1.:- •.-••.iw. fair lints that shall in.-ure everyccc j p.^..^.,, t,.,.-r.r^r} aj;^ far as I his Jii.-r r.nd fair proportion of :hi- | j,.,,,,,- -,.1; ji, his h--r' favors gov- •.•rt.nifiif fiwnersJnp "i railroads, a rank, p.irernai do'-rrin» tf -rally antfg- <.ni-;;f ru ih*^- t»'arhi:i-:-- and be'iefs of ill' 'id |)- ;iiM( -acy. uu-ound and dan- c^'K'i i-ii »fiiiiotiur ;.nd adminlstra- il!).- ill a Government such as ci'id -oral 'v in'-ouiist?!;': with our !•-;'' of i -'.'verifmeat. Mr Bryan favors the guaranteeing I of banks deposits and has committed i '.h- Democranc Party in its platform 3n -3 in his public speeches to this u»!- ^•.•>!.'nd aud dangeroui doctrine. !t m'l -ir b" admirrod tha' on economlr ';•;*--"'•" ••-f^fms rhe farmer, the me- f-ha::'(.. bi:-^:;i»- and the country gen- '-r .i 'y. -iti'-r .^Ir. Bryan io dacg»»rous- •• •iiK-i-.,-! I -r i- wti'ing to mislead I and •br-'j 'en tl>€ir pros- i'-:i':. advf <.ar !i !fr measures which 'rtio-.v.-; -o be 'insouad. merely be- Jy b^cai ^e for the moment his views ?• '-n: ;.opu ar. "? d" -M want to see the prosperity • f ihi.- '• 'in'.-v rjircatened bi unsound exutiiiiKnta; i-ohcies such as Mr. Bry- snr. •.A\~'^r {.r-.ves h^ too prone to i .'iS-:!'-i coniideac? mur.t be main- 'ain« d r>.e factories kept busy and la- ror'Vfcd and tLe farmer must r.o- t-: -^i.Mirbed ii> the prosp'^rity he i: liow -'!,ic>y ;n5 • The f.aliii. rorcefu!. ir-tell!ge_ut and cen:'»rva'ive yirude of .Mr. taft in a!! of the important questions aSecf- iuK the public goed assures us of coiitiiiuet! progress. To risk Mr. B .f -yan is dangerous :o cur business prosperity" Frank H. Jones. Wiiiiford to ieodesha. Emll Wiillford, the Bartiesti'le pitcher, is spending the winter in Neodesha. WiUlford says he will ^e la the same next season. He Is looking Just alfout the <>ame as ever. Cy Kretzer has also been in Xeodesha.—Inde­ pendence Star.

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