Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 14, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1907
Page 2
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1907. F. A. fJpRTHRUF, Vlo*-yrwldij» ^ A. k.;BRttlUAUQH, CaqHm. lifUllMj lif tift SiiM SttitM •* Stitt jf itmi Established 1869. 'lUutltAiiAIIiiCf. MELVIN FftONK^ Asat. Caahlar. ,200,000 Gd$^|» of Soqety I r The Wink of a Girl. TTwai such a wluk as for a iiiouwui ihld One e>c*8 curuk-un 'K-pllis. ivoi jusL \U i brtnk— *Twa6 not a iiifif .flij tii-iiior vl tU-. Hut Buraly, uuipisiaUablv a w1uk: Aud.^too. she siulled ;il me. ;i witcli-i . ing smile; " ; SmaH. wonder iliat I jhould curaptii.-| ' efl,be I * •> —— By her advaucct^. ihciigh they sniacK-; Tli" ; ed of guile— • ! .1 'Ik- Tlie girl T *i)o Jarcii fo siuiltvaud wiul;. i at me. Look at Our Libbcy Cat Glass, Rook- . wood Pottery and Hand Paiulcd China. Sewall, Jeweler afldOpticiu 104 Noith Washington. I iiiiy clul) is in session today lioiiie of -Mrs. S. A. Coffman. .J. •> "r!:e l<<i(tii^t Aid focieiy will be en: ,i\-\\\h\c{\ on Tliursday at the home of mats liardlyi S. .1. Farrnier, 420 South Colboro XI reel. I Till- I'ldKrehsive C'lub nt Uas Cit: vi'l give tlielr fii-st iirograni on WVd- AUvanc3s. did 1 ^ay' ! fair To thus describi- ilic tricks sben wont ; to use hi showing Ikt liearl's love for nje,' , , —m - ' lit sdav cvenjng. MIss Alice Rose will ' her care, , J . .,3 a paper on "The Fall of Rome." A wljik, you SCO, Is ISut an atlded ruso + + To s ^ilc and wave of cliubby. childish j ^,,,„„,(,,,, „r ilTe fVeabyteiiau Work- hand. • i,^ -ocleiv will nicit at 2 ;.!i) fonior To hold my h:-.irt in lovii .K thrall. U.n , „rn,,..;„„„ ,or a brief liusines ....M-tinu-. l.i "papa'ij dirl." "!) free." yoir'I( ^, .•, ; imdpi-stand— ' one if ile s.veial sottlal i -ventb The iittlo uinid wild loylj winked at v.lilili wi'l he -,ven during llie week me. afternoon In the Y. M. C. A. parlors. It had been the hitentiou to have the exhibit of work at this time, but the date has been changed so that a regular program will occur at this time. OBJECT TO LOW GBADE ^ South Cottonwood Kesidentti ThreaU.: leL 'kl .Vctlon If Street Is Chan^eiL A lady representing the residents M South Cottonwood, called on Coun cilmau Bert Fryer this morning and llireatcned to bring an injunction icainst the city if it continued to low er the grade on tliat street for the laving. She says that if the grade s made as low as the survey called for it will ruin the apiiearance of th itreei and effect tlia value of the nopeiTy in thai section of the city. If tlie grade is changed it would ecissitale tin; expenditure of quite 1 Kiini (if niuney us thj curbing is; ul eady down. Ii seems lliut !lie grade is luw biil Councilman Fryer says that ho lias grave doubts as to whether or not it .loiild be raised any and give ih inoper drainage. This matter will li aU -ii up by Ihe council. 10 TAKE AITO TUIl'. llli-ii (iiunly l>liy!«iciuns UIII .\Mind .Hpt'tlni; nt I 'lirMtns. —.\ew York Press. •V * * ; Mrs. A. L Brumbaugh will be ho> tesB of the Sorosis rliil) on Thursday. The program is on ".Material .\meii ca," the nu;nber.s being arranged as fbllo^s: Roll -Call—Natural iteeources of the United States. Staisdanl Oil—Mv:^. .1. D. Whitman. Public Institutions. L^and Stanford University—Mrs. O L. Garlinghouse. Over'- the Tea Cups—Tlie Place vl the Small College in Educatioi». - A iThc Y society will meet on Thursday evening with .Miss Estella Bixler. A large attendance is requested because of the important business which will be voted upon. • .* * Tomorrow afternoon the. Unity club will give a'reception at the home ol Mrs. A. H. Camjibell. lOOC N'ortJi .fef fcrson avenu2. The affair will be iji compliment to -Mrs. Z. N. Phillips. ih( • retired president ot the hostess club . The Sorosis club women will be in eluded in the guest list * * * - .Mr. Chas. .May si)eiit Sunday with his parents in Fort Scott. • •:• •:• • .Miss Flor -Mice Mltcli.-ll. who is teaching in the Parsons high hciiool this year, speni the week- end wifl. her pajent.s Mr. and .Mr.«--. .\. .\ .Mil cjiell. .;. .;. ; Mr. and Mrs. .\. II. Campbell i -n- tcrtain:>d .Miss .\etile Perkins and .Mr. Ghaa. Perkins of Colony vesterday. *** • The Presbyterian .Missionary soci «ty will meet on Thursday nfleni(;oii - hi the church parlors. • * + Mre. :f. A. \V,hecI <T will be liost-v-v of tha Friday Bucliie eltib on Ihe ap preaching Friday at her home in Vvheeler Heights. • •^ • 'I The United Brs'Jiet<ii .\id soeielj •will meet on Thiir.sday aflerno<jn in , the churich. \ Hey There! *'Where are you going?" "Going after a sack of |#. Sm Pfimmi Flour. My v\ ife wpn't;tue anything else." nnler the auspices ot churches will | <ciir <in Thursday evening at be- par-sonage of the Re "orniea church. Rev. and Mrs. Har will give an informal receptior or inenibvM -s of their parish and other lie'^d.s. They will be assisted by UK nil of uflic IS of the diuri-h. •!• •:• .Mr. and Mrs. .\ Cminingham. .Miv. \bn;-r W 'lDoil -Mr.s. Will l.yiell wer I 'litertained at the rouniry linnie of y.v. and MI'S. Kiank .Myer.-; this week. \11 are old. + * * .Misa .Milo I'ick.-l t)f HumlKiUit. wa^ 1 guest of -Ml'^s Christ mas Wilson dnr tl'.e week end to all.-nd a lions' i'rty given to entertain .Miss Wlla '.'cCoy of Kansas Cit.v. On Saturda.^ tvoning .Mi.^s Wilson entertained witl' 1 line jiarly at the Grand. Miss Me Coy is to return to her home in Kansas City toJay after a months' visit with eolleg.- friends in .Mien county • • 1 a-t evening at th:- bride's hom- -ii .Vortli 'street occurred the mar v'iige of .Mrs. Hannah Robertson to »'r. .MaisliaM Hart. The wedding ser >ir.' wa.~ read at eight o'clock by i:. V. .r. M .Mason, pastor of the First 'letliodist Kpiscopal church. Th' rcioiiw we; •> elaborately decovatpii v:th !,'ard<ii flowers. During the cere •uiii .i AleiidlefHOhns wedding iiiarcli was played. .\n elegant luncheon wn.*- •I rvi'il. Til'- guests who were i -nter- ;m!i.'.I b\ Mrs. .\1. MeCarley. Mrs. .1 liiiley. .Mr,-. Flake and .Ml.-;.'* .Mar.^ 'leiiley were Rev. and Mrs. ."Mason h.dg<- and .Mrs. Mougli. .Mr. and .Mrs Powell. Mr. and Mrs. K. Ilalern "dr. and Mrs, Ha7 .z.iid. Mr. and Mrt. li .is UNImii. .Mr. and .Mrs. .hie Hen •y. .Mr. and Mrs. \\ .McCarb-y. .Mr ud .Mrs. i'rank Smith. Mr. ami .Mrs •: Flake. .Mrs. I.. Van Arsdale. Mis- Mary Henley. .Mr. Win. Bishop. Mr iobii Oliver, .Mr. Hoy llazzard. Master Mar-haM Ha/zard. .Mrs. Ora Weddel Mrs Zela Freeman. Misi; Van .^rs •ale. Jtiil); and .Millard Henley. Hazli; Mazzard. Oro Fre,->man and Dorothy I'reenian. .Mr. and Mrs. Hart a're both widely known fo Iolan.s. Mr. Hart was a merchant here for several y ais I'lid during that time won a h;st of Iriends, .Mr--. Hart has lived i" lola for many years and has num loiis friends who will wish her much happiness, * + <• Mr. and ,Mrs. Ui.xler of sul liasl Rroailway siieiii Siindaj in ClianiitP visiting lb dr diiiiiibli-r. .Mrs, Cecil Feunedy, .Mr. and .Mrs KiMinedy are u<!W at lionie to friends at l.i 11 South il'pbland .\ve. Cbaiiute. Ka^. •'• •'• The .Art Club will meet on Friday Are college stylcls designed particularly to interest ycjung men who desire original and snappy clothes. Both models and styles of fabrics are exclusive. You'll find them to be considerably obt of the ordinary and an entirely ntw departure in clothes Imaking. Made u clothu should be made by Leopold, Solomon tc Eitcodmh, < Chicago. Sold by one good clothier io your city. .\ |iarl\ c<nis:stiiig of Dis. Ileiinick, r Gas Ciiy. Bolton. .Martin and .MIl- ell of lola, and .lohnson, of Clia mte. will leave tomorrow morning hi ir. .Mitchell's automobile for Parsons fCansas. to attend the State .Medical -ociety m«?;'ting. The machine will start from Tola about ten o'clock and Hi . Mitchell is going to try to make he trip in two hours which would Ix niakinp a rate of about 2."< miles an hour. \S'ediiesd;iy night the liiacliines of ii-. tJarlinghouse. Dr. .Mitchell and Dr. •»1 inTii will take t!ie lola members of h-> .Mien County .Medical society to limiboldf to attend the regular meet «>f that society. >«Uci-. members of Ihe Fralernal tirdei f .\iiller.s be present at the fiinerul if ISro. .1. .M. Fastwcod Tuesday. Oc- ober 11, at residence, $21 Xortli Syca- iiore al :ip. ni. .\MtKRT UAVIS. SeeV ,\, F. GRANT. I'res. SEW r().>|l'A.\Y TUl'K.SBAV. •race Hnft' Stock Company to Suec(><-<I Robin.wu at (•'rnitd. The Hobin.sun Slock eom|iany wil- •lo.-e its engagemeni liero Wedne-i- lay night and the Graee Huff Clod oiijpany will open an engagemeii; ure on Thursday evening. The Gran luff \ivt>\i'f are r^ald to have a .slroir, •fiiiicaiiy of pla .wT,-!. Till- Uobiiisoii Sloi-k rojupaiiy which will bfglii next .Suinlay traveling ovc '\aMn .i.^, .\Ii.'<sourl and .Nebraska in <iii> light .iiand.s. 'I'liey have se-ured the en ire.-; id t,fveial noted actors. ThN lew roiiipaiiy which in being "rgan- z<-d by .Mr. Itobiiisoii will pre.-<eiit the iiiei' comedy ".\ .lolly .Man'.s Troii- ile.=." This bill brings the house vlierever prodiieird. Robinson will >I.en al I'arsons Sunday night. IHDNT OBEY STRIKE OHDEU.S. rdcgruph Oporatorii in CIcTclaud Are »'vrlchi^ Today. Cleveland. O.. Oct. H.—.NDtwith- otanding a resolution adopted ye.ster- day at a meeting of the local branch of the telegraphers union to cuniinne the strike indelinitelv a number of iicii applied for (heir old (losltions 10- lay and In several instances wer re- instuied. .\mong lliose who returned to Work were two former olliclals in the local union. TO (O.NSIDEK THE CHAlTAl'mA. Oi'JSccr> and Others ln«»>reMed Will Others Inh'reMed .Meet Tonlirhf .\ ineetlng has been calUnl for ••iglif uclcck tonight at the Y. .M. C. A. rooms for the purpose of going ah;?ad with the plans to have an lola Chautauqua ne.xt year. A meeting of the officers of the Chautauqua organ- /ation was held tliis murning at tlie Y.' .M. C. A. rooms and the following notice given out: ".Ml the men who arc interested 'a establishing a Chautauqua assem bly in or near lola are asked to come to the Y .M. C. A. this evening at S o'clock. A number of men met mi'- evening last week and developed a few plans for a Chautauqua. They believed that Ihe project was l>osbible and one that ought to be carried through. .\ temporary organization was effected. The desire now is that 1 great many men gather and discuss this proposition thoroughly. This Is a matter of pride for a city and of the general culture of the people. Come to this meeting." FOR WEDDING GIFTS VOitUAH SILVEU is the standard of excellence. Nothing more appropriate or more lasting. We have a line assortment to select from in Knives and Forks. Table and Dessert Spoons Tea Spoons and many fancy pieces. All solid silver. McNElL BROTHERS. THEJEHmXRS. SO.UE (iOOl) PHE.SS CO.M.MEM. 6a ,>.leru Papers Think Re\. Small'.Lectures (»ood. The press notices of Rev. San Small, wlio is to leciure on "Hiu Ma.i •sty ihe Devil," al the' .Mclhodisl Epi-s -upal church loiuoirow, WediKsda: .iglil. have beiu remarkably good I'lie followiiii; are just a few ol tl' ;.pn ssloiir, of many of Uie eastei jiapers: Kioin l .uylets' "Public -Men of Geor :;la:" "'i'herj is no member of tlii ullilaiy .stair of Ihe governor who i lalf bo well known 10 ihe lieople o .iiorgia and to the country in genefii i;i Uev. and Lieiileiianl-Colonel San, lel Uli t"' Siiiall, journalist and le. i^rer, .naiigelist and so 'dier. wlio hat )een dibtingnished ip many fields •,• .eiixily for more khan thirty year, ii.d is eipially at hunie in the piilpii o •ilitorial saucluiii, or on tiie plallorn •:• Miil .'d liefd." Philndeiiiliia Times-. ".Mr. Small" I etiire last niglu was sup.?rb in a! Is pans— a notable appeal to patriot ism and a graceful example of rar iiid refined oratory." Washin?;ion Post; "There are noi lalf a dozen nun in the country wli. ire e(|nal to him in popular powei \y a public sp.-'aker." Cincinnati Times Star: "it was ua!~uificciu effort, characteristic o; S.iin Small: wonderful in |>ower and oatlios. and during its delivery a hush'! silence of the audience told ho« iiipressively the stirring words wen «,.iiig to th?ir hearts.'' Daily Saratog:an: ".\ny synojisi- •an give but a poor idea of the exceed- I 'r^'V able and cloiiuent discourse; sc •b .>r In stateni'Mit. so strong in ar :iini-n'.. i'ud so beaiHiliil in rhetoric rliat ii sui'U! all before it." Concord. .\. IJ.. .Monitor: ".Marvel- ii 'sly pie.-i>'nted. and told witli feelin- :rd vividiies.-!. Sam Small is a fuscin It n;^ speaker. He is a master o! •iiirraMii. as ^^ell .-is a .^ood judge o' 'ittitifif. .Macon. Ga.. Telemajili: 'His "'Io Mi"iice and grace of dicllon carried Ml - iiiiiiii -iiee with him as one person imI long iiefore the discmirse had >iirineil tr> its iiidsi lomdilng pathos iheie were not many dry eyes In the llillleuce.'' .Vew Y.Jik Heiald: ".Mr. Small is lie of (he 111 (1.-.! niamielle sp •akers o;i llie platl'oriii of till' day. and charm- leople with lliat fi -rvid style of S<iiilli Ml oratory nf wlileli le- is a nalural iia.-ler." The iii3};iiilic2iit afr.sorl- nieiit of WATCHES DIAMONDS and JEWELRY J. W. COFFEY & SON E.\clu!<i(c Jewelers. Eiist Side. THE .ICKY DISAGREEB. Iiisanlli riiarire Airaln>l .Inlin ,\nder. son Dismissed. The jury In the .lohn Anderson ii san ly ease which was hold before Piobale .liidge .1. B. Smith Saturday, c i'lld nut ai ;r< e and the judge dis- Ini ^srd the <a;;e. It was alleged that .Nnderson had iKcn acting very strangely for some time. He was tak en into custo ly by tiie officers one iiifiht last week. There evidence li'trodueed calculated to show that .Vnderson was not n lit person to be a; large. He has ber -n studying nin sic and Christian Science very hard and It is da fined that he hav overtaxed his mind. The jury could not agree. I wo hold tig out for his re- lea .se. and (wo for his conviclinn. TMK llQUY of Mrs. Colglazier-who died last Friday at Colorado Springs urrlvod In lola yesterday afternoon and the funeral services are taking place this afternoon at two o'clock at the Salem church. Interment will taie place In the Cola cemetery. GO&DJINEWS TO MANY .Hvuibers of Twentieth Kansas Hear of Back Pay. Topeka. Oct. 14.— Adjutant General Hughes of the Kansas National guard, lias located sixty-four members 3t the "Twentieth I ^nsas," who have noaey coming to them for the time letween thsir enrollment by the state ir.d their miist«r in by the govern iirnt in the Spanish American war. a all 260 members of this regiment ire beneficiaries ysl of this money, rhc .fournal printed the full list of 260 hrpe days ago. and it was in that lumber that these si.\ty-rour were oiind. General Huches e-xpects to 'ind )>ructically all of the 2CU befof mother ten days passes by. Tlie first letter came from Oklahoma, where a former Twentieth Kan as man said two of those named in the li«t were living. The aftemoon mail brought letters from thirty mem er.s of the reginu-nt living in Kansas. Tiie next day a letter came from •olonnlo. the writer saying that li •ml hs "pal " bought The .Tournal on I train and they were both niention- e .l "for nion.-'y." Two of the rest were Tioni Illinois and the rest from Kan- s;iS. There is money coming to member.^ of the Twenty-first. Twent .v -selond !Uid Twenty-third regiments as well I.-! to menibei-s of the Twentieth. union the call was issued for Span s.h -American war volunteers, four Caii .sas regiments were made np. Af- '••r their enrollment they wore kept '•y the state until the government mistered then) In. The government gave \hi\n back nay for the time of up fo taking them iver. but Kansas did not. Tlie major- ty of tlie states in the Union, how- •ver. iiaid tlie men for this period of tini?. That meant that the soldiar.^ Ml most instances got double pay for the time between their enrolimeni ;iiii| their muster in by the govcrn- isient. After the war congr?ss allow•d a big sum of money for all of thos-^ states that had not been able to pay the soldiers before turning them over to th? government, and Kansas was ••eluded In this equalization act. The sirm of $2.'?.0()0 was secured, after attorneys' fees were paid, fo be distributed as extra pay for the four Kan iK re -jimonts. As quickly a» the mon- aws received here the adjutant ','e :ieiars department set to work to i.iy the nn>ii. The soldi.->rs had of fciiise. scattered, lint most were oiind. This work has been going on fe:- several years. But for several ironlhs past tio claims have been fil- ei'. .\ considerable sum of the $2:;.'s St 111 on hand. General Hughes '1:1s spent the ihr^e weeks in ch eMng up the cnlls and has lonn I that ihere are about iT .n men In eai-i ng'iiieni that have as yet not reei-lv eii ,Mrji pay. or .•ihout l .'inn men 'n ull. He completed a llvt of lho .se iii I he Twunti.'ili Kansas, and fi »nmi L'lJn These were printed In Tlie .fojinia'. and wit bin two dnys he heard from sixty four. Th.' lists fi>r the Twentyfirsi Twenty-escoiid and Twenty-third Kans!,s reKiiiieiiiK are beine completed as li'pidly as possible, and will be civ ei: out to the newspapers' jn; soon a• !i 'y ar," ready. Ii is an old sayinc that every .«ol- lier "earns all that is coming to him - fiiuiiieially even more than anvihing .•l,-;e," (.'IMMVI\(J CHILBRE.X. Vdure In .Hothcrs nf lola, Perh.-ip.s the inns; iiiipoi ia:il jirlii- rilile involved In ilie care of a ehild i- iiroper nonrishiiicnt. How many delicate ebildreii do w- inert on onr street.-- with co 'orlcs? •bci^k:-; and thin little legs and arms. II is verv plain to be seen that rapid i -Towth lakes all their sireligtli and llu'ir Utile bodes are not refeivint' siinirieiii nourishiMi 'iii to make then: \-.ell. strong and robust. We want to .-iav to the pareuis i >f all such ehlldieii In lola ili .it our delicious cod liver and iron in^fiarafion Vinol. wi'l build nii delieafe children fill out hollow cheeks and make them strong, robust and rosy. Vinol makes new vitality, suund flesh and muscle tl .s .sne and imre. rich red blood, and children love if. This is because Vinol Is a delicloii.: tasting cod liver preparation witbo'ii idl. made by a seientir.c evtractlve and concentrating jinx-ess from fresh cods' livers, thus conibin- ing with pppioiiate of Iron all the medicinal, healing, body-building ele- niPiits of cod liver oil. lint no "11. As a liody builder and strength ire- atiir for old people delicale <hlldrnii. Weak run-down persons, after slck- m;ss. and for chronic eongb.s colds bionehllis. and all throat and liiue troubles. Vinol is unexcelled, Trv Vliinl on our offer to return money If ll falls to Kive satisfaction. S. R. Burre I. druggisi. lola, Kannas. PReFESSIONALDIRECTORY • • W. H. i.XDERSON, • Atlorncy-at-IjRw. • Notary and Stenographer In • OlHce. • Phone 4G5. • •\f H. A .Ewing, S, A.Gar .l. G. R. Gard * EWING, GARB & GAUD, • • Lawyers. • : • Practice ill all ConrtS. 9Vi W. Madison. Phonft 233. ^ Mc.>IlLLE>, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. Office in Mrs. Tiirner'a Bldg., West MadiRim. Phone 551. lola, Kans. J )R. EDITH S. HAHJH. Office and Residence over Burrell's Drug Store. Office Hours— 10 to 12 a. m., 2 to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 evenings. Sundays by Appointment. Phone mi. Rca. 701. .DK. 0. L. COX. Eyo, Kar, Nose and Tliroat. Speclacle.o Properly Fitted. OiBco A. O. U. \V. nidg. • I. P. H. .HAKTIiV, • Priictico Llnilted Io SurK«>r7. <* • ii; N. Buckeye. Phone 576. * • 3fflce Phone 1083. • DB. R. 0. CllBISTIAN. • Pbygician and Snrgeon. • Rooma 7 and 8. Evans Bldg. :: DK. W. JL HErt .1IlJX. Pliysieiai k Surgeon. Omce N. K. Corner of Square. Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'s Store. Res. Tel 'J8. Office Tel. 502. • • • ' ,l»B. L. TO/ER. • Phone D:;L'. Fuller Bldg. *• lola Inlirmary, 202 E.Jackson. * • DB. OLTAN, • I • We use X-Ray, Violet Ray.s, • • Specialist. • • static. Galvanic and Faradie • • Eyo. Ear, Nose and Throat •'• Klectricity with vibratory stim- • • Glasses Furnished. • •» nlation in nervous and chronic • • •; • diseases. Phone 386. * Rrtg. Tel. 19?. Office Tel. Ui. DB. J. R. PEPPER. DeulLst. fa permanently located over B. C. McClaln's Clothing Store, and is prepared to do all kinds of up-io-date dental work. Evening work by appointmnnf. P. L. Lathrop. Mrs. Bessie G. Lathrop. OSTEBPATHU; PHYSICIANS. Special ailention given to Diseases of Women and Children. Over Kast Side Hardware. Oflicr 'Phfine, .M .iin J 'iS. • • • • Suit the interest pf your business— Your Choice will be Intelligent— HOW Ml'CH IS SATISFACTION WORTH TO YOU? Do ymi prefer ii?el.'iu«J.-< now going nut id dite or i:j> lo-dalt: nK 'lliiKl-i lhat will carry f;ir into the future ? .\ lyiie-.vnii'- jii .-'ilc jut goml enough ti> icllor llie. I..C'. .'^•irrii & IIkcis.Tvii h tin V . '.i'a i-vrry liHcfiil, \,ilil;ible f "i -atiirc iiil'iiill and Writing EN'TIKEI.V -n Sight ? i.i ,T IS V or rit !•. 1 1.1.1 s 1 n \ i •, D c a 1-v 1. 1><; t k L. C. SMITH & BROS, TYPEWRITER CO. 812 Delaware St., Kansas City, Mo. \\1ien some women haven't any thing else to do, they advertise some household furniture for sale. Home Made Sausai^e of all Kinds. Cash Paid, for Poultry and Hides OTTO HINZE, UT-TO -OArL MfcAT MARKET lis 1-5*1 Madljon PERFECTION WICK FLAME OIL STOVE I SAFE CONVETilENT ECONOMkCAL 1 r jour dcalrr dQa't luuidtc '.t, write toj THS STANDARD OIL COMPANY, III Sotitb WaHhlngton.-IIi'Uo 114. FLOWER POTSf ;.. 10, ir. Irnt^ Eakin'a Hardware lOi .S. Kentucky. Phone m. Delivered to an} part of the city. LivinqsioD ^ Co [ Contractors m»A Ballderti ! All lilndH of work a specialty > .Knntb Sjc «niorf>. I 'buae tt&S ) lor Sale Chuiip. Goul Farm and f ity Property. See !he THE .lAYII.UVKER L .\>D CO. I for (lulclc. resnlts. Old Court House, I«!a. Kans. Try a Wait Ad. ia tte Bcflvter. | lola Bosiness College m§^t Of Day Sommlott Penmanship, Arithmetic. Elocution, Bookkeeping, ^gllsh, .Phyaical Culture, etc., Shorthaiid, Letter Writing. ' General GeBtnetor. ! Flagstone and Cement Sldewalka ani CnrbUic a Spadalty. Ofiee 11& Xut JMkMB Am' Fkraa tH.

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