Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 21, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1908
Page 6
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"V 6 THE lOLA DIILT BEQISTEB. WEBSESDAY ETE5I5G, OCTOBEB 81.1908. THE MAN AROUND TOWN it. It. Northrup, chairman of the Republican county central commit? tee, yesterday approached his good Democratic friend. Charlie Bowliis, and with Ills face wearing an expression of anxiety, handed him u pamphlet isaylng, "Cliarlle. licre is aonie cam paign literature which 1 would like to have you read. 1 know you are open to conviction and that you arc wlllinf; to study any. Il^o|l(l^itiun bofore you take sides.' Mr, Bowlus ihanUod hiuv profusely and assured the ihairman that he would read it larelully with mind and heart ready to receive tlio truth. Then he pasjxcd down ihc stroot opening the pamphlet as ho walked. Once ojicncd he discovered that Mr. Nonhrup had given him a-campalpn document written in the t?wodii=h lanpuapo. He thought the j<ikr tea f-'ood not to Ici some nno clsr hi on it. so he gave it to County Ti(.•.isiuc'r Sickly, making much the .same elal>orate speech of introduction from :i r)etiiorratic stand- poini as did -Mr. N<ithnii> to liim. Mr. Sickly acc'?inod and apiieared profoundly ]ilca :.«;<l ihai .Mr iV.w'ut; was so 'interested in hi-'ii. A few liouv.-; later Mi-. Hov.iu^ (?av Mr. Sickly and askoil him how lie like* the liferatiiro. "Fine," '.iay;:-, Mi. Sickly, "l read every word of it. O) eciii p I can't ac cept the propofcition ;<.s .voii (itnioorat present it. but I ^re-.\ int. r'\;;rd in it.' Mr. I'owln? wn:- (l'iiii'>l"(iniiilPd tlur Mr. Sickly who i. :• s! iinich ICepul' lican. should to .-;!ea!i n\ ii\e iiiei <lent but after a v,"ir,:e i; (K --.vuo <i i-u h>n that iU-. I'M-iit be like ilviu.-- ands of oihc- . n. o r> ii -iVi d cMiinialm literature. :IM.| ii 'd Uii> v.;ii it in tin first oonu T- lv> i :'Sr :-il. without t :vei opening it. X""" .Mr. Hmvlns fi.L;mc. that the joke is (in Mr. Sickly. Tlieie caiiie v, ;> neirty lieiiur .•! dissension in i • ; In ws iiic.'^! li;if nionious faiiiilie.- .\. rdn.v The mai of the Innu-e is uli.i: tuiclr lie ieiiiie<' a conservaI.\"e K< lie,n. ili.'s wit- is easily what i,- e ::i !;tl .t i .idieal or .e She has been \ev;- lii iii>n\:^ aium: lier hubliy feaiia.:-, tliai lie may IH ••IVrsiiaded" hy jhe Ileni'ie:at^•. Ves tcrday the lins'iaad w.'- \hm:\ \\<wi ai^d met up v.'ii!) a )>:i:'. - ..liie iiirai] The fr:o:ul notieod .t Tai'i Iniiloii oi the lapel of Iiis <-eat and niakiiiu smm remark about it htiran lo finiter i: The two then so;):;rau'u. A .s tlio Republican passcJ Uov.n ttr'.t.t ".i- noticed that his li-'ieiJiiic;!!) frieadj won an expressicn of - i^'p: i.-e. tbt-ii juiv- him the "cold sl ,i -,i:;.:rv. " did iiv' think serici;Fi;' -A if. liowevor. ;ti)(] went on heme. Upon his arrival at the faniil.\ hearthstone Ins v.iie tiavp Iiini OIK glance then thicw up lier liaatis in despair .but on; in.ii ordered hi:: to leave flic Ii(:i.~e. Dc-.n- Huhf^fkia much surjuired iii !;:i hi.s wife ^hro] her finger at rii' !>;it ;i ;;i nn his eo,;; Lookinr d- v.;: liv f :e,i:!.i liiat Den;- ocraiic fr ;e :id !::id ;enii;vcd the Taf-' button and rci.:irrd it with (^iif of Willie, the Ta!l> i The kid abon; tov.ii e:iMed reporter off lo one si'ie ;i dav or two and iin|)aried ili<' '.nf-rnMiinn to hin thai "the club" iwl ,;it i; i.^ he Wonld not teill had eiiuliu ti'd une I'f th' more lui.-^tii'hi.'-n. vnnuci-wi:i lo ;: remote spot iiouti ri mwii (Ui a ni::hi not loilK ;u -,o \xliel>' llie\ )Mit- liini at ihe-spovt of t!" u*\r',; :. MM " l"or hoiiis the youn^ [eil-.n < h.i i ni' a"d dnwii ». hedgo feme .-MI:''' f:<n;: '.ipi; matches and penui-. niider il\e hnib.- for the FuiiM- iii ••mn v .-ni'^ir- bl' hiiu abmit tiiiitiii/.bt in I'te mu); i his search, ll-' .niiyM ii '-me .n ,• hour. "Xo daniai;-.- •! ne." i .'it the lii'l "They ;ui have ;n :;o lln(e,u;b it " Independence Will Plaj- the Triplets JCere >i-st fSundaj Afternoon. This afternoon a foot ball eame was arranged with a team from Indepen dence. Kas.. to be played in this city next Sunday afternoon. The Rame will be called at Electric park at .'!:30 o"clo<k. lnde]iondcnce has played a num.. bcr of games this fall and have matte a pood showing. Over the JonK dis tance telephone this afternoon Hieii manager stated that he wouid secur now men and come prepared to lak the Triplets into ramp. This is taken to mean that the best pla.vers in this part of the state will bo seen in the Independence lineup. Be.sinnini; tomorrow nipht if the weathr:- will perniif. the Triplef.'; will work regularly for the Sunday ?rame The showing mude by the locals last Sunday would indicate that they arc in a class that wil- compare, favorably with the best teams in this part of the state. CHAS. H. GUY TO COME. Colored Attorney of Toacka Here on Friday and Saturday. L. L. Noitbrui). rhairman of the lepubtican coii'My central committee vceivcd word from Sfate Chairmnu 1. N. n.illey at Topeka today, .stat- Hp tb:ii rii;is. II. (!iiy. 3 prominent 'oiored at ;oiiic\v of 'fiat city, would lie:' n lola I'riday iini .i Saturday to vioit be colore.I jipople in the interests of Ttepuhlican party. .A meetin.c: ot ;ie Colored Republican cl'.tli will prob \hlv be arraniied at which Mr. Guy vill deliver an address. AN OLD SETTLER DEAD. Uncle Johnny Young, of tturnboldl Died Last Night. •Tnele .lohnny" Young, an nld .s'-t ler of Hmnboblt. died last nisbt, Mr. Youni; i.- pii-^l seventy years of a'-:?' iiid li;is been a re<;ident of Allen •nnuty for thirty years. For many ve:iis he 1 :is recejveil aid from (h< ^oiiiiiy. Poor Commissioner .W Abams was iiotiRed of his death this nornln.g. The deceased leaves .-m i.ced wife. TORX.IPO IX >EW irEXKI). >ue Pcatli and .Many In.iiirit". at Tucuntsari. Kl Far". Oct. 21.—On^ I 'crMTi wa? tilled, eiiiiueen in.iured and much iroperty de-troved by a tornado at Tucu:nsaii. .\'cw Mexico. h!si nish;. TAFT IS RESTING '{epulilieiin Ciin'iii 'ale Is Spendiuir a Quiet Day at I[nni«- in (incitmali— Miike Three Pars' T"nr. Ciiioiniia 'i. (1. Oil. L 'l. —A d .^.y oi t'>.-<>'nie qiiiei and. lesi is l.ein^ in- In'uid in by .Ind'^e 'i'iif; who ai:aeii lere rlii.-< iiMr aiM:.' . IIHI v.-JH remain iin- ii tonionie.v nii 'i :i'.'iLi. 'Ibice ila,\,-' vorU in liuli.i;ia v, ;!i be:4in 't'iie>vvo\\ i:id eiii} H;'.niril:i. ii ::lr hen ibc Tii(< "lecia! w a' nme l'>r .Nev. Yerlv city Board L^"l Not M""!.. \ iro'til.!- of t;>, i-'nM'e l.l.iory iio;ivi) wbieli w.i- :.' ' li)r lai-' •li-cii' ii:d nnf;,- (•! 11lei a'"coni;' >t taipiv' i'> <>'•;.lia ;i <pi'>v\iin Tlie l :i >aid will pvoieililv Mill lii'''i iinil! til.' eoial 'r;i':-'!ay in iwxt nimitli A Simple Remedy Cardui is a purely vegetable oxtrarf, a simple, Don-intoxi(?ating remedy, rccouuueiided lo girls and .women, of all ages, for womanly pains, irregularity, falling feeliiigs, uervou.siies.'^, %veakncss, and any ether form of"^ sickness, peculiar to females. I, Cravanette Rain C-oats, Silk Riib- berized Coats and Umbrellas CravaneltH Rain Coat«<, worla from $20.00 to $25 UO your choice, (10 Rfl ThurFday OIZluU Cravanette Coats worth from $15.00 up to 820.00, ytmr choice 010 Hfl Thursday ......OlUaUU Cravauelte Coats worth from 88.50 up $10 00, vonr choice (1(1 Thursday. . . WUlUU Silk Rubberized Coats, actual flS.OO v.ilues, to morrow, Thu'ft- ^10 00 day for... OlZiOO Silk Rubberized Coats, actual ?f2.'».00 values, tomorrow, Thurs- oio nn day, for OlOlUU rhildteu's Umbrellas, worth Vnc, ou t^.-ilc Cfln for Jul 7:> ladies' rmbrellas, A, ^ woitK Sl.OO, on / N"^'. £al KU) L .dics' I'mbrella.*;, worth ^12o, on QQn sale 30lf 7."> ladles' I 'UI I .TC H .IS, worth $1.75, for SI.25 r>() J.-idics' l.'iuhrelJa.'--, r.".*:^"';.....$2.fl0 1 :.n ladle:.,' Umbicllcis, worth 00. for .... $2.50 o5 ladies' tiac Umbrellas, r"-'"' $3.00 Sole Agents for Home Jour' nai Paiterna The Store that Never O/ssppoints You TO GROW COTTON \ Fort SciiU .Man Will Hrimr Uivie Neuroo ti> Tenil a l.ariic ( roji .\r.\t Year. Vi:r! .Scot!. Ort. 11.—A. \V. Parker Kis retiiriird frmn n trip of iv,-o months tbroii^ili the southern ^iat<~- Iitri(i;L' nlijch In- inide .^-oiiie eld.'-c ob•'. fvatiuiif- as to tl-e raiuin;; ni '.••>itoii. Mr F;uker has live.J in tlo' ^jouth I -jite-d I'Miion of lii.> life, iitid .-ay.- bo •I'lif .'Ve .s ;;ie Kanb.iR cliiiKile. .'-nil, etc.. - ot .-neb a iiaini<> ilnit <-oiton cm '>•• madf a p ;i.Mn}; c;iiji here. lie i;ivs Ilia' Xaslivi'If. T <"nii . in ll" bean of the cnuo!! eontitry. i.- f'lr- \ mite., iioilli of tl;!.; pii;fii>(i nf Kaii>• ill •iie .i'.e :MIII 'b .i: if llo'v can • • . . .1 t ..i( l^ei.-. ll.- can h"re t'.;, »!!•- t)!".'/ It Fulr'-r h--.- Tnted i>'->»> b''|i)'-''''d .T!''. of laud twc ni 'e - "i!' "t :-">T!i '!-Mn >i:.on wbl'h ,.• v.!'! • , Mil ll' :• ;eili:: • ..l •,.rt ,,ii ;.•..;.)) <•.;•''ijn'-!!' II' win '••'i'. •A' a' niO'1 ie. a c»i!i|.- niaiiii 'V ill! W !e1 !li: fl'".' ill'- 'illtll !<-.:!<ic< M ir'> .i;' ai!» ).t - i/i tli'' <'i ;i''ir riii'on :"'d wi I t|ie iiiaiiei a iiMieu:;:! t'• t. Mr I'.iiloi- iliat he e.:!i iii'ii r:c. • .i h ,i!>' 'if rij!lf>ii -—O G o I o .Mr.<. .Mary Derby and Miss .Mildred Frevert (»f Vates Center, were ;;iie.<ts of .Mr.-. .I.aiicii iJiley fin- l,itt<-r [/.irt ol ;|ie week. .Miss M:;rili;i l|er:liiiat) nf joja wa.- ilie '^iifsis of r'.'iiitive.^ here la.-t we'k. Miss Clara Flrieii li;is returneil fr'>m m extendi'd vi .-it in St. I.onij. .Mr. Oenner ;i:;d di'intliteis. .\Iis -C'>- KatlieMJie inid L';n;i, w'-re in [i >i;t St'- arda.^ Mr.^ A \V Lone kff 'a^t V^^'J f-.r aTl e>'«!;.li'd vi;ii ;ii l.,;iv.-l<>i\. Olvia. Tile ni;uriai:e <>( .Mr. Heniy M-.tu and .Miss Anna Wiikin has i.ce:i aii- iK'tlrifel. TJi<» ive/ldjn;; i'.:!l take )iia-e V.<'!n.-^(|-,\. O't .-Kir :'sili. a" St :\1 ii- lli:\ eloirili .1. O. Crown and fariiil.i nf lo!a \\ -u ^i;'-i- 111 Mv I 'liil Ml.- I.'HI OboiO'-. •1" i :'"'i let' ''t '!','• wii-k Iiiii' .I 'v.iy from this nfii;h.I)(;>rliood a;nn: the fir.-t of .M.irch. Till* fact that S, F. H-j!'..soii has sold !>i? farm leads iis to Veartli;ii we wii; s'.ion loo;-*' aiiiither i -f our substantial citi7 .eiis. ;t ii(.|u aa .^cic ..f :!i'-'ne!. i" will cive him a r-tiu'i "t IMI; O . ';. vetuy-live lie l';ii - '<> (be a'H It Wm Help You Jw Mrs. ^A. C. Beaver, of Unicoi, Route No. 1, Marbleton, Tenn., writes; "J sull'ered with bearing-', down pains, ieet swelled, j^aiu in right side, headache, pains in shoulders, ucrvouL> palpitation, and other troubles I cannot mention, but I took Wiflfl of Cardtd and have found it the best medicine I ever used, for female troubles." Try Cardui. AT ALL DBUa STOBES .M>IMH M\l'I,f: <;KOYr NFXT. i_ A Brp»h}Unn Hall.v fo Held Dpre Toniorro*^ > Ivhi. .\ lie .|>i;blii;ili rai!.- :- t , l,o n,- tijorrow iii>.:ht at North M.ij.''- (JnAv Wini! from ibat \iciii!;\ »),i.s inoriiin:; wa"^ to tlic t-i!'"ei iliai ilitri- v.iniij be a b\i: crew.I i f tlic w-ither i^-!;iiiod. Cciptain Kwkl^ U". H. .\iKb- rson and V. F. F'oi »nce are tb" .s ]>e;<k«-i s. Th»' l'lionoj:rn!!li will I.e laken aldni: ;i !;<I !b" .•uidieciie \\i,l l«c Kiven an oinmr- .•uni;.'- lo hear ';"r;ie <•( Taf;'.: "ecdc^ TALK .VBOFT 1>DIA>S. .innutil F«iiiferpn«-f oi KiJiiratiif* in Session ill Nriv York. Lake Mobonk. N Y. Oet ,'1.-Tin- annual L.)kt; Mohoiil-. conference nf fr!cn<!:> of Indian and other dependent people began here r'>day T'^'la;- fas devoted to Indian affairs. Thursday's s^sslonb will be given up to the Philippines and on Friday Hawaii and Porto Rico will be taken tip. o o I >EOSIIO VAIITV. V H Hiiti-"! oi"l":;'lt a tier. 'ei: b"'i" it ' Fvi'i.r. tt!r>i ii. ll f.i.J.-..,'l fi'iii K:insa- fit\ <)!>• \)y.< }'ni'l"tn". I;r>r e . 'ml w;' bun Kiinr»- tniie ,i .-<i IIT'H.I.' u"t di'tt 11 .itjfl b;id I" .-b'l' * W A- l:a;-.;ei! i-e i a CI.A i'C'-nt!\ {' .lti!-''n viil .1 i>".i ,'ief slimti'- iliinaft'r A ill !v!!n>\. o.i'.ii V KirV.pat: lek. foinier 1 H [>.• — loi .It ibi- place, l'l e;ic!l''l at 'iu- ,]i'iri fi Siiiiil.i:- If-' i: if» .--injiiiii: 111- .I.IIMI i,..'!".; oil \'ii>:il cir,' uit. i He\ Wi.'id. of .Moi;".'' CiTv. ,,r- :i,aii«'.l th's <ir<-uit by rh>^ \ M. ei-n- •^eri-ncc ai b.Ia last w'-ek. II";. liii'ie w;--. at Ceav*'!'.-- .-'Veia' da^s l.i>t week. .Joli'i Fiak''. of Ttaiidei;. a't^nd-'l th'- fiin« ral of Fiatik Fl;ike. hi., nej.b- fiW . w. ek K iVnt'l •lO'l .'^i"'!if .SitiirdTr niirbr at K H Fliob^i P A /; \inofd. I,f:'.ri Bri'es and lu.- :\ t»-r. .\l'e,- linlf.-, will, wrr*' attendiiii: ci.i!iciciiee at lula !a.-t wc-k. ^•^."'ni a nt:rht at C. L .Xrnolds Wheat n -lds that were tint s!;i;litly vi.sible l:ist Week, showed a deep >;rec;i ci ;ilor utier it heiran to rain the first of th.- oresent week A g.tb well of light.flow was drilled ill on Mr.'- Piirdom's pijct Tuesday iPau) Hanson and ton of Nebraika arrived here on Tuesday wLere they will visit .Mr. Hanson's brother, E. F. Hanson, for a short time. J. P. Maxwell baa a touch of California fever, that we fear will take No Prayer Meeting. UfTan.-'- rlie -as mains on North Sycamore str ^'Ot. which is Ix-ins l>av- Od, had to he taken tip. the prayer mc-tinr^ tbat wa- t .i lia\e in-en held in the Uapiisi cLnrcli tJii.i .vening. has t'j be abandon'«l. a'; 'be imilding will b'j witliMui =as AFTEK THK P.ULBOAW 3IL>. Bryan Ohietf.^ to Statements That He Will Fanse Wakes to Be Lower. Ba.ber Sbor> Ch.mgc. Carmain :uid IViril -tt :>•:<• (.to- pri-tor .s of the .\:iJi.-'-iit!c !..irl..-r -saop. liaviiu: inirelia- '1 tie- iiii- us; of W. F. R'-dfearn t.lnft «;i vwciit Opr 'at'O". •".Ii . !>,'•-.•. yi -e ">w iiu;. r •.. lit .Ti] •••i'-:r-.«*i'>u til" *. .ff<iiii ,- i'--i'!t.>i • hi- tiinir'p; \{-y 'i'l.n''-^ tor rr»v*'i V ai-*- ttiniicljt f'» !•» .~'''"-t Newark. O.. Oct. l'l.—Thorough!y aroused by wh.m he termed a ".New menace." tliroiiL:h the jMibiicaiiou today of a pre.-?; di .-^iiaich staling that of­ ficials of the New York Central lines had informed their workmen if the neiimrrats v.«u! rhe c/eetlon there will le a t! !i oer crnt rf-diiction in wages, i.iiierwi,-.- th ^-re would be an in- cr. ase. \'. .r f'ryan in a before break- f.i-t SI cb to .1 vast throni: poured nf ;i Vdlley of criti(-;sm into the lltr- !>ubii<-au party for its campaign tac- li'-s. ANOTilKK lUrMTHERI.V « ASE. Hn'i >e "I S. Wi|l»nr IN Fnder Qnarun- liti-. Fa 'j '-.ed Thiqonh tola .\r']!it». ii(ii".<f III .in«!it forM""m 'lie iviiiia h'-. \\\iU '-I'-a-i'i'iarters in i'!iicaur>. u;>.; in Cb'ioit-- iO 'l;iy on l>iis:ti'-^s. ;-'t!n'ninc t'> Kaii.5;is City .It ii'Mui - Cbaitiit'* Sun L£GAi,S' (tll.-t rubiisb'd Octni.ii .-. r .elS 1 SIIKillFF'S SVI.K. 'I be .^la'<^ of K:]>i^:i:-. .\'''-'t ('•>iin:y. i •-. Ill ttie lii.-trier r..i,ji, "llurty- 1 .1 ;h .Iiidicial (-i trici. -itnnL: tn and fe. Alien c'i 'iiify. S'atc of Kails,c--. .Mal;;i!id rfiiving <i Uiaii (•'iiiipaiiy. 't a!. I'laiiififfs, \s. Oiiv. r Steinrnan. ••f ;i! . l»'-fenna»ifs. I'.y virtue rif an OrdT f<f .-^-'e i -sned l«y tlif <'l«'rk ot ih'.' 'I'biri;.-seventti Jii'licijii f>:-^t! itl <'oi:rt. in and ffir .\!>u CfiiiMv. ST;tre of Kansas, in (he above .ntittftl can-". to liio iJirect- ed and delivfred. i -.^i' on rbe Sevntli day of .\'ovemi"'r. \ I» l'>*<. \i' \« •j'clork A M. of -aid da.^. at the .-oii;!i door of the conn hon-e in the City of lola, Allen County. State of Kansas, offer for sale und sell tt> the highebl bidder, for ca.-h in hand, the following described real estate, to -wit: Lot rhrte tai In ItlncR On*- Hundred and liieveu Ullt City of lola. .\lien County. Kansas Sdid lands and teuementi will be sold without appraisement to satisfy said Order of Sale. C. O. BOLLINGER. Sheriff of AUea County. Kausa* By J. H. KERR, Deputy Sheriff. Sheriff's office. lola. Kansas, Octo- I!'.-" ^'Oni'- '-*f 3 Wilbur in Line,-!!! Park. w->.< 'j'larantmed yesterday after p.v.i! Th'- :-!x'een-.vear-old dauchrer "t Ml- riti .I Mr.: Wilbur i.-; --iftV-ing u< ''tick of diphtheria Her cotidrii'ii. i !Ow-ev >?r. if not thousht to !>•• dauE '-roir-, F .ver-. ;T «>cainion will be t;ike!i p.. (.rcveiii ttse niaiady from .;pr'a '!iii:-' n I'WS TO AIlVEKTISt. Captain H»itlrr Fintl.s Place for Y'juaz lady. <apt :,it, H 'lt'^r now- a firm he li^ver in tjie sayiiij; That it pays t« adverti ^rc " Yc-terday he aaked the evening pa' pers fo call rjie attention of the read- er.s; to lUe fact that there was a yonnt; lady ar Salvation Army headutiarter.- wlio wiiiild like fo get a place in some private family. Captain Butier said this morning that; he had a dozen iii- (|i!iities conreruing the young lady be- foreSiupper time and two persons ap- I'roached him in person this morning He found a place for the young lady in a good family. Registration 2.040. Aceording to a count of the poU books made by City Clerk Sams last night, there are :*,040 Chanute voters; qualified to cast a| ballot at the presidential election next nionth. There are less than 2,4tUi qualified electors in Chanute and ttife count of the clerk shows that onlv a few are yet unregistered'. Since Wedjneaday voters have been placlns their names on the books at the rate of aeveaty-five per 4ay.—Chanute Sun. » -' ^

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