The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 19, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 19, 1947
Page 15
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THURSDAY, JUNE in, 1917 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION MrUon™** P " UM **' "'"•'•'UT. I*. 1 limn ftr lE**-~~~.m.^ *tj 6 Urns, ter U» iwr dlj ~ St U UuiH ii«r llo« p«r day „ 6c flfontfc fcer Una ~~3 JQ^ Ad ordered fur three or *»lt tluijs aud toi-^ed before expiration will be ctiare. --a for tlie iimnbur o/ t(i0«a the ad au- tearcil and ad'uxtuieut of till wade i. , S\5" ilflcd Advcrtlaiuj copy ' « 0 b- nj llcil ABtiirgoni rosldlug oultldo of the city uni^ il^iccoiujiaated by cafllj Kale* Cable b " "'** com *" llcj 'roiu He ab<™. AilTcrtlslnji orrt-^r for trrncalar Inaer- Menu taken the oti^ tlm« raU Ko KHiiouMlbltity vfll be taken for •ore tban out incu.rect Inlertloa .1 auy fl.s»trlcj ad. ' for So/0 Nil',, l,,.,lri,inii. M.'ii ..nly. Ul ic fan c,j:i Wni,me. i-jiun,. ;M..HJ. finulds; clecti-ic Dumps, walor soffoners, Idlclicn sinks, water healers and allic fans. Availahle 1111 lurmcrs forms. Nothing down, \villi paymenls due 1 in one, (wo. or tliree fall |>ayiueiifs. i-K Hardware Co. f> 17 c-k I)' My property in Ciirulliers villc, corner Sixth K Hiffh- lanir^INIary K. Joplin Clark Itlytheville. or ' telephone fi •! pk 7 A few used show cases and flat top display tables and sliiOvintf. J. Aldl Urodks Jr, 107 Kasl i\Fain SI 1'honc 811. r. 2 ck 4f , l , '-'""' '"'"' «"<' Irailcr. $10(>.(J(). AN,, rnrin trnittrs. \Va,l,. A'Hii :<:i|. Vii B ,i. IKvy. lil North. I'll,,,,,. ;|7ri5 BIA'THEVILLE (ARK.)'''COURIER NEWS for Salt h K«lll>ii countfr Ic-o Cream f ri . OJl .r I Illl (SO Khlloil muraxt) i^viii 1 I'li-ftrlc lurav ellovr. 1'Loiie 97 II I,. Mm. Umillii, Ark. I II fl. >'<>rzu ivfritf.'i-mor. Can In- s. ,-u :HiO N. IJivisiuu. 01.1 Colonial Sll Anli'nu^ 1 ' -,- iM'ilnmin Miitr. Hal;. I'liui,,. y-jl, ' -ii • 'M i-lnllilii,!. If )•„,! I,:,,,. anvil,' ..... ',„ 1 Mil. .-Y.' ,,r mil ii.«. ttVM Kn.i Aurtiim ' fii. I'lmiii. y, |. I _ Oil H-i k-71 IK ' .'i. ...... |.li-k >:i,'kK. D X 71'. fl ,.MT^I Jii'svj- lic.-il.'il an, I |,l:i.iii S ,,<. Unit. 'I'll.' Ill-M III-Ull,- ,,f ,;„•!... „„ ,( ...... ,,. k,-t. H. Votir .-t;,linn Ml-uK-^l-- '•lily. Mi.ri-i-i-iK-i-i.: K, ]). lhiiilii.« (iln i'i>iui,aii}. lll.vl!,,'i-i!),-. \.-ui, m«l Hank of n ArkuiiMs. J.Vrr,-.l ('ill, Alt. l-\.i-i.-sl I'il.v HIIK c«ni|i:iny. Kui- , l'*l Chy. Ark. I a ..... I,. | T, Imrii.-i- X.-MM on >k sMM'. ' I:K.T||.-III i-imi!i<uiii. Call •_-, ..... <-|K .'I. -Jl NYsv I.kin \;ln CKM^Nr III/H'KS. I l::i.v I.I Ijy. 1.1. u! fur Imlls,--, n, ,,;i, lilii.ii- ill !:,iv., liuil.liu^. si/i. <;•• x i;" x I-J". ('!.'! |-;ml \Yimi. K1 :'. Mi.x 11 :• i.r ~--i-. :i mit.-s off N ll.vy. 111. W'.-l of I'r.-sl.m linnu-y's Sli.r.- ' •<: HeJ^^Wanted s lFAR»n«ECHANIC~~ Want man familiar \vilh farm : pinvor t'<|iii(iiiK'i!l. Year, round job, house \vilh eleclricify, must be settled, sober man. While Itux '()' Courier News. IS) H; i(> For Rent lU'Jroom. I'll. OM. 1UOA. E. Main Front b,.,lro,in,. rt,nvi>im.,,l I., l.alh. MI-II only. GO'S \V. Mai,,, |il,,,,, 0 .(a;;. l'n-".nr« fur inulua. Lories nn.l I'liuno Blil). li^'J. •I mom I...use willi l.illi Fiiriiiv*i.->l Ciiniili. only. Mr*. K. It. |,l.\vil. Vailii-n. ___^_ 17|ik-'-'l Hi'itronin. roiiveiiteijt it, bath. I'liinit- M2&. fill W. Mull Hi'itroncn. Close ifc. 3ICJ W Wnlnut WE HAtfE fl COMPLETE STOCK AMD WPIL G5UE VQIF PROMPT SERUt«E P L L E P S MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at Fifth—Rlytheville, Ark.—Tel. 4511 8715 __ | The fanuuis Ijriind of Ooulcls Klerlric ininips arc now available at I'lanlers Hardware Co. in arid d> IflOO gallons per !iou,- oapaeity. l.el them ins! all one for you tomorrow. !) ck If • Have sotmMhing jnu rtr>n't nne<] | Tru.lo r „.][ it At Kwo| , s , <01 H . » InlTnatmnal Scliool bus • Qrin-.'ry KNir.. on rrr.s.-roa.l .vi'f. \H,.-rl llo-^s r,.fri«,T,-ilnr f.,r m.'jil-;. A il.MUil-. r.'tnlM-jil CniiNlv. Mi, *:C.IHI IIO Sc. 1 R. .11. li.-rl. Rial,., l.nn.l (M. ' ^ronl lioilrcnin ron Vl-nlonl to t\nth Mm otilv. r>n,1 W. Jlnln. 1'linno 113. |liafiv Chicks. T?lavh>ck Hatchery. Phono 3172. N. Hwy. fil. f! 11 pk 7 11 |-\ll niv ant in nes, some Personal collection, also other used furniture*, office; furniture and balloon silk tent. Mrs. .Tames H. Clark. Rl.v- theville, or phone ").!(;, (';i- rnthcrsville. fi l.; ])k 28 Ml. I'tir.- S7.II3,1. l r-riTK r '\Y K...Tti,, r t .i,' r. irl Hl-Fi'l 1 KDSS S^lr^inxi T.I. ' HMH niri,-.- will, \v M \VillI:,,;,, !„«. lA o:i4-|,k-2I . fine Inr.nlin,, T>ri,.,,,| ,)...),. M ' |j. FariK SI.-. I,.. M,>.. 1'hnnn '2 11 r.: l i-.-lv-^i Wanted to Rent •t or 4 room furnlsTieil or Lir.f.iniiih-vil I'l.artnu'iil Host o/ r.-f,.ru,u-i^ Wri'c W.I,.I). o|o Ci>url«r NVws. Help Wanted rout i™.l i.arl liin.. wnllrf,.. A| M ,lv Ky.-: r,- lliins,.. SU.I.. 1m,. ' Serv/c«i us sliarin'ii :ui,l rel >;iir yimr lairn itiixvt'r, r<-(,'.-ir,llfK.s- nf kinil ,,r si/v <!i'l yours r,-:i,ly iii.w. ,,,„( nvu j,| ||,,. ni.-li. W>> ].ic-k ii|> :ni.l .1, liv,-r. Illv tlmvill,. Ma.-l.i,,,.. BliO],, ^11 H becoml SI. I'll. l.'S-'S. fllfi cV:-7l* MONEY TO LOAN Oo you need i loan tc repii)' or remodel? No down pa> ment, no mortgage, no re* 1 tape. FHA apprciTed ral< 6*. Ask foi detaib. M» lx>xan, R«a!for, phone 203i Lynch Bldif., KlytheTille 9-23-ck--- Oil KloTc H(-i,»ii-. All wort K,mn,iil,-p,i M'JJ nl-.C.'SI Kxnurt rcfriijeralion KOVVICC Cull MuiTf "» RIIS'M Stare. ;!')77. Service giiiir;mleed. ___ l!) pk 2-'! For Sale of Trade o fl. Ai.l,, rruis,.r I,.,,,,.. Irail.-r. sl,.",^, '"in-. B ..... 1 '-..11. lil ir. u. rri,. .,] ,„ >..;, Announcement KI2R rk fi!2R Fi,-i.i I'n' Announcing 'S ELECTRIC SHOP > House Wiring ' Farm Wiring 1 Repairs PrRne 2397 .100 N'orth 5lli Ktrrrt Bob Powell T. W. 'Hop' Neil \AII Work Guaranteed Yn or Appreciated We Deliver Meats Groceries Pastctiri/ed Milk KvvifCs Ice Cream Sweet Cream Food Lockers —Meat Curing— We Make Sausage Frozen Foods Main at 2tst St. Phone 2602 For Hire , Wonted fo Buy PAGE FIFTEEN , „, 5 iii.ini I,,.,,,,,. W ,H loc.,1,.,1 .(. ,,,g,l,.n,, fii'wi-^'^rr'rii"- - u>vv "'" 6-IU It ,,.,,, ,,,,. , Ml . ( ,. ( ,,, B . l.iiii,. I..,,,,.,, .j !,„,[ , ,,,„ .,,,„„ •I ' l' "o ..... "'"' l - l">'''«S «I" f '', J Hi 1 . M..III sin-. -I Cash for wrecked or '.junk automobiles. Wadti Auto Salvage, North U:\vav lil. Loons l.iii-.-. ;„./ 'I'lVnililiV,'! ~.VI-., '"\t\".\. .Illl.. I,,, ,„ f,,,:,,,,.-,,,,.. ri-|,l,,t nnil iiil.lniL- ;,..,1 !..„„> „„ I',,,,,, ),,,,,,|, ,u "l, - .-r inli.n-M. S A, 1-'. Hi,,- . . , .ml,In.'. J.,Im (!. llrivilit. :!UI) K. DIK! SI.. I'f.un.r ti"'.l. Oil l-lik-l For Complete Protection Against All INSURA8LE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glcncoc Hotel BIdg. 124 W. Ash St. PAIR I AND 2 HAY SKIIVIC/I ON ANY MAKl! OH MOD11L. KE- Ll ABL.K WOHKMAN.SIH P. PHONE 2642 We csill for iincl Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Co. Soli's ami SrrvU'i- ICIi SoiiMi I'ir^t SI. LAD!ES---Come to U-DO-ST LAUNDRY and do your family wash on our modern MAYTAG MACHINES. Open 7 A. M. . . . Close ,1:30 I'. M. CJOHU Siitimliiy aL Noon Open each Tuesday and Thursday until 9 p.m. ;i23 North 2ml Street Competent Help and equipment Atlc- iin«t«ly Insured Conlricl Hauling and Misc. Services. Homfl .Service & Storage Oo. IT FAST OR WANT IT GOOD?" Yon ronicni'icr tin- remark of (he liarlirv \vhon 1ho cnstoitiei- lull! him ho wnnlod a (;<n>(l hairrul — in ion "Take your picl;, Mislrr," In- said. "Do yon wanl. it, fast or want it. cnod'.'" Tho sanio i.s Ilm case in car roj'air . . . \vn pride ourselves in Ix-inir ctTii-H-nl, last, and f lioron;.;],, |, u l W c c.'innol affoni to hurry (hroiurh » j<>l> uilhoii', j-ivinj*; it our Kenieinln'r Hiis when your car is in mir .shop for repair and we'll Kalj.sfy you willi a jnl) doiu; rijjlil! ' LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. BUICK Sa/es & Servrce lfVft * 9000 CAUt BKIHO GOOt> PK IC tI FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofiivg Paint 12 -48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. Wo Deliver Phone 0!I1 Wo Guarantee RECAPPING with Hawltinson Treads Lot Your Next Tires Be 'GENERALS Cos( More — Wnvlh More MODINGER TIRE CO. 116 P. M:iln J'hnno M01 Our ports man has recently received so many Chevrolet engines and blocks assemblies he's AZY- AS A and you're crazy too if you think he isn't going to sell them all to somebody at some kind of price . . . even if he loses some money. Look! Here's what you get! Block, cam- shaft, crankshaft, all bearings, connecting rods, pistons, pins, rings and timing gears . . . factory assembled and fitted. Only $142 Complete RIGHT NOW is the best time for you to restore that "new car" or "now truck" performance with one of these new Chevrolet engines. You don't need cash. We'll install tlic new engine cmd do any other repairs you might need and you cent pay for it at your own convenience. Don't Delay — See Us Today CH CHEVROLET CO We Never Close 301 Walnut St. Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Sl/i- T. L. MARRY I;M MISSOURI KT. rn. :m Wivnci! Arri-xvrs i-;vi-:iiv NKIIVI-:. 'I'lssiu-: nmt Alt'l'KltV Ol-' Till-: IIODV—CA\ IT illl.AN' ''''ANTI-ACID'''' This \;ilmal JMi.ii^ri.1 VVulcr, ili-Ui ILHV; li> luslc. I. SI.niuli..<- kidney ,'iHlujt 'i. I'Api-l systi'inU 1 \viisti 1 !t. KctliK'f I'vcrsslvi! uric iir'nl •I. !,rinijii-rali/<: Ihi- )MM].V CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP iM:iln and DU'I^lan Ulythtvllle, Ark, RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY L 1 (All Types Kiccpl (Jancn) ORS. NIES& NIES Cllnlo 5H Main, HI] lln: vlllc, Ark., llitino ZJ'il Sales Dept open til 8 Phone 578 DON EDWARDS Th« Typrwrltrr Mnn" KOVAI., B51IT1I, COKONA »nd KKMINOTON rOKTABLE llll N. HRCONU ST. PHONE S3»a (Kvery Trmmcttnn MUST UK BATISKAOTOKY* I T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Radios and Hcoten Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts I'or^all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Batteries Tires and Tubes Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 DITCH BANK LEVELING f^XfWI RiiDS 1 ' S.J:CX)HEN Contracto ^*>>:>:>^>>>>:>:xxx>:;f;o:yv>;>;>;>;y>>:v>'>:>::»:>;:«:>"»;v>;>>:;»;>"*;x:*^<xxr^ 1 Save 50% Chopping Expense S i I >: IMant Chemically Delinlcd. Pn/y.- Free COTTON HER!) $ >: Save Money- — fi In 10 I.lis. per Acre. Any corn, pea or£ x hean planter will plant these snxuith, slick cotton seed. >! ;Jj Can lie plowed r> In 0 days after planting. >: HOWDKN .11 1! — STONRVI1.1,R 2C — I> p & I, 14 v v V >; For Sale I?y BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP.! Phones 856-857 o>>>>"o:>;;o;>^ 7 'fits /s good, Mom! Afe grid Prisc/'ld was m&rkeyin' with th' bathroom •---''--• —and natv Pap's up there tve:gh', ; n' t himself!

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