The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 1, 1971 · Page 33
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 33

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 1, 1971
Page 33
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r i i i 5 Tacos Mix or Match for only $^ with this coupon A, i 1 QD0G7OGHJ This offer good now through Sat. r Oct. 2 OPEN 10:30 a.m. to Midnight; Fri. & Sat. to 1 a.m. I Teachers Begin to Flex Muscles Page 6 The Hutchinson Newt WASHINGTON (AP) - long considered a soft, somewhat disorganized constituency, the nation's two million school teachers are taking political sitting-up exercises and their muscle is beginning to show. Teacher support was an important factor in several congressional, state legislative and gubernatorial races in November and now the National Education Association is eyeing what it calls the "biggest plum of all—the White House." A result is that elected office holders, led by the president, are showing new concern for teachers. Helen Bain, past president of the NEA, called President Nixan underachiever" at the on in NEA's national convention Detroit last June. The next day White House aides telephoned Detroit suggesting a meeting between Nixon and Donald Morrison, new NEA president. They haven't met yet, but the quick White House reaction to Mrs. Bain's criticism reflects the concern politicians have for new teacher interest in vote- getting. Until a few years ago, teacher groups mostly were active in school-bond issues and an occasional local legislative race. But in 1970 teachers in a number of states got involved in state wide partisan politics and found new power at the polls. Some examples: —The office of Sen. John V. Tunney gave California teachers major credit for his up?et victory over Republican Sen. George Murphy. —Gov. John Gilligan. of Ohio publicly acknowledged teacher help in his victory. —Teachers strongly supported Gov. Reubin Askew of Florida in defeating incumbent Republican Claude Kirk Jr. —Rep. Mike McCormack, D- Wash., with teacher support defeated Catherine May, who had served seven terms in the House of Representatives. The NEA says that in November teachers formally supported six winning governors, eight successful U.S. senatorial candidates, scores of victors n races for the House of Representatives and hundreds of officials elected in local elections. |V /V7c 1971 MsNiught Syndic.!. In;. x^tl~?^yP!!*!!l"!!* ,BfW IN I Plants 'Do Their Thing 9 to Stop Pollution 1** Do you know what nature's m ost effective pollution control device is? The answer is plants. What's more, plants are an excellent air conditioner. But the plants found in a particular place or plants that happen to come up after man has used the land aren't necessarily the best ones to control soil erosion or various types of pollution. The USDA Soil Conservation Service is searching for even better plants. In much of this gtate, grasses are the most important type of plants. This was emphasized on a recent tour that District Conservationist R. G. Cameron, of Hutchinson, made with other SCS personnel of the SCS Plant Materials Center at Manhattan. The center has over 800 Individual collections of grasses and legumes; 200 collections of forbs, and over 330 different species, strains, selections or origins of woody plants being observed and evaluated for a specific conservation use or for a problem solution. "One acre of grass in a good thrifty condition re­ leases about 2,400 gallons of water on a windy summer day through evaporation and transpiration," according to the local district conservationist. "This much evaporation equals the cooling effect of a 70- ton air conditioner," he continued. "Well managed grass is ideal for erosion control, beautification, recreation, and animal forage. Grasses are effective borders, corridors, desilters, and living screens." i "Grasses vary widely within individual species. There may be many types or strains of big bluestem, little bluestem, in- diangrass, or other plants growing within an area of only a few counties or as close as a few rods. These variations are caused by differences' in climate, soil, moisture, exposure, nutrients and other factors affecting their existence. Each plant has a specific place in "doing its thing" — living, competing, and dying as a product of the environment," Cameron said. "Unwise use of plants by man has too often influenced the kinds and amounts of plants and the ecological harmony of Mother Nature. Some term it as "economic and social progress." Unwise use of the resources results in their depletion and contributes to more serious problems that can bs partially solved by the expenditure of tax dollars. It affects each and everyone of us, directly or indirectly. "In the Soil Conservation Service's constant search for better grasses and other plants we are looking for strains of plants that will help solve specific environmental problems on agricultural and non - agricultural lands. We need many kinds of plants for temporary or permanent protection of urban, industrial, and residential development: of transportation systems, home sites, recreational and community service lands; for pollution abatement; for stabilizing critical areas, and for other specific conservation uses which result in resource conservation and enhancement of the environment." Cameron said the most recent grass selected and released by the SCS Plant Materials Center in cooperation with the Agricultural experiment Station and the Agricultural Research Service is Barton western wheatgrass. r i i i VI>JUIfl Hutchinson News 123 N. Main Fri 1ft^U 9 BB wm mm fe 7 STORE 1 318 N. Plum MO 2-9811 mm mm mm mm. 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