Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 21, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1908
Page 5
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THB lOLA DAELT RE6ISTEB,JTEDXESDAT ETEM5G, OCTOBER 81. IWS. ThB Broait Road to Prosperity Is Tho Habit of Saving \ Auybody can save pennies. Now stop a moment and think. Five pennies make a nickle, two nickles make a dime, leu dimes make a dollar—Dollars uuikc hundreds and hun- i drcds make thoiieaude, and—thcrn you are with competence, now you can cease from hard labor and henceforth! the enjoyment of the fruits of a well sjicut life are j-ours. Young man, young woman, do you desire that' this' competence, this luxury shall be yours? If you do, you will at once open an account wilh us, ujr cea^^e adding to that original deposit as opportunity offers. Funrral Sen Ice for Ss. P. Cray. Funeral service for the late S. P. Gray was held this afteruuou at 2:20 in the First M. E. church. Pastor J. y\. Masou offjclailug., Burial «as made in the Tola cemeterv. See the new Post Cards at,MuadU Drug Store. SUrkejr Huiue. I. V Sutrkey. sfcretary oi Uie lola Youu;; Mfu'b Christian Association. rftura«j<i Jiwlay from Ottawa, where he wtiii t<» deliver an address to a coii- vt'nti«)n of Franklin county Sunda> schco! workers. Stmio Savings Bank Ma, Kansam Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights —Oysters any style at Our-way. Still >o ( luf. Tln>i::ili ilii'U.-iia'i daiiy tlu-nrier- are •ifius advanced, there is .still no [K/A- ;ivc clue tuward tiie ideutificatio:i of liic Ulan who »•a^ killed by a tiei^ilit train near Huniljoldt last Kiida.* afternoon. M\ iu'iuesi will be iri'ld b» rii»- CMuner iie.vt Tu'^^.-'lay READ! A few buuilr«-il W s«Tli«D» 1 CTe.<>(eru laud nt $IIHH) niul u|i. GOLDEN WEST UNO CO. Uftice Oii-r Innu .Store. Short Stories — o - ~~ lola Happenkgs Chafean Chocolates, the kind ymi Iiave alway.^ bought at .Mundis Driis ijtnre. has a tieautifu! Passe|>ortaut liiclure with each i>ound l)o.\. Shi |i|ifd Kotari .>tMchine <i. Til" Tnited I:on Works >e.srciduj .-^iiiliped liirep larue rorar.v «-enient nia- cliines to the ceuitnt couipauv «t .Ma son Ci'j. Iowa Thev all say that .Mundis has the newest and best line of post cards ia the city. ^ Thorpe & Dough ^ I'vutrarlorti, EnplDccDi, Snrtejors. Fully o(]uii)|)ed for all kinds of surveying, estlnn^tins. patent drawing.' blue prints, muiis. sidewalks, curbing, and farm drainage. Office OTor "Famons." —Dr. J. B. Pciipir. DenUsU Phooe 163. .Sclio«ini>\er in ra>«<. 'rill' c;i.-e iif rii-' \ IM:IIV : wiiiii;i!i I 'd Willi lire ;<• 'Jus lli.ives" dwfiliiii; luMiff is now; tiial in tlu distii.-i cuiM. •|"lie .-.tari'. 1>;- .\t;ui- uc.\s i;aiii>nii ami I'.owiiian. have iu- tiodiued tl;,M tesiinuMi>. .Mr. Sr!»oi)n i>\fi- tor tile deleiutair. li.ij >ec«ir<'d Ji Milium \'} .I mice Suiai; excludin:; the \vi:t en s; lieineiu of deU-ndaui iii :h>' !i;i;iue ot :i eonl,'>-.ion Hv .llso >tated iliai !!!!• ili':<'ii.-e would be nisani!.\.— fta; ai'i; • !'lalud>Mifr. >ine ltoanl«T> Thi If are just liiio- boarders in ili r.>iiuiy jail now. .tailor Hoover K.rr has the material for a first class ball leani but the season closed just as he col his men ••?is;uiHl up." —,<n(o flaragre and Repair Shop for .all kindH of repairing;. Avlomobile liTrry. rhnne S83. Complete New Front. Worlxiinu liavf eoinpb'teil construct i nii; a new idiu for lli>' Sleeper furni- iHiie stoi". It "iiiakes an attractive ; ai>i"'aiau<e. Use No. 7 Flour Good as any—better than most. Don't Forget Onr MEAT MARKET We handle only the best of Fresb Meats, Smoked and Salt Meats. We Want Your PRODUCE farmers, and will pay the highest market price in cash or trade. Come ; g g^^^^,^ ^ 3 ^^^^^ in and see us. U'e are sole agents for J. M. Horn's COFFEES and TEAS If you will give thii. line a trial you I iu Ctianiit- iivxt w^-.-U— the closing will use no other. jw.-.-iv o: tio- canipai-u .loan (;osi:orn — »j \ ;.): lola. will <;).ak in I I IT - B:yau club rTyer OrOS. Tu-sda.v evv ;iins. and j —Always time to eat at Our Wajr. i F. A. A. Meeting. i Tli'-re will be a re;,'ular meeting •oi tile K. .\. .\ iud;:e toniyht in tii"ir jliaU. i- -Drs. Lalhrop. 0<iteopatlu. Pkoae iSH. llsMe Vwii* l.<>l Mill ftiri;eJ. x» e .-.a.* il .>et. " te >i»'red —Be a Hooster—Homo industry— .Veosho Riv«r Cat at Our Way. Kress People to Meet. C. W. Kres.- .Ir.. New York i'U} . liiul a inembe;- of the tirni of H. Kr<ss (.Vv. le;t for Cartllau<^ .^lo.. Satuiday -vcninc aft-r s;ieiidins tie ay ill IMitsbnr.:. .Mr Kr»-s.v whil. Iier>- arraiigeil for tli-' i oldiiig of a convention of niaiias«'rs of the Ki»s> torts in Pittsbur;: about November 1. The Kress .stor«-.- numb>'r seveijiy- ve an<l the manager of each is '-. N- pected to be iier-.— Pit'sbiir.: H »'U <i- iixllt. John Goshorn at Chanute. Til" l>. iiiocrats are 'o ge^ very busy I'lione 301. 308. lola, Kansa!<. Evans Bros. Pmlmtm, Mtmtlitm^y, OUm mimnk Bo^km mndOtmmm 9€sl—ml Smmpttmm .*» Tsmmm ttm^ Mmppllmm, jMMTvcf Mmpp$lmm attl9m 9mmmllm* Wkere qoallty la mala eonalil- •raUon v« bur the best. Where demanda will JuetUy, we cany mil cradea and prloea. leetk file Iqaer?, Sela, KAM. j h-adtpiar' -IS .l<T.> lJoii,in. I I K - rvnio'-ratic candi- (!,it.' lor viov.-niur. will sp-ak Satiir- ilav ••v-'iiiug Tii-'ii oil .\Ioii.lay b ;o!.- III." .1. • ::o:: II. P. Fa:T»'lly of this !•!!>. \\\'- I)'nio<'iatic nouiiii'-*- fo; i riiitfil rfi.C'-- sfuaToi-. will elos.- his cainpai:.-!! bi iiKtKiiig an address here, lb- -.vil! si'eak ii: Kri>- in x\\>- afternoon, (.'liaii"!' Tril'iint-. —Fresh Oysters—Our Way. Henderson at Saputpa. HoiinT Ibi'.d'rson b'f! this attvr i iiooii fo: .Sai'iiljia. < )K la 0:11:1. wh-r* lie will liiakf Ills iiuiu*' H" !ua.\ not :"<U '.;iin !:;<•:•• JUM uiaii-n; l.i.. i-ut will \>i Jtl'.i'ii- 101 .1 iiKjiitli ,it I':i>f -t'iiaiiutt' JTribuii.-. Stoves Set up and connected. aLso auj other gas Sttttjg. Good work and reasoaable charges. Phone 29. Annouueenient. r)r. Sut'liffe wishes to inform hi^ farni'^r patrons and the public That he liHs resumed the general [practice of medicine, combining It wljth surgery. I Office hours 10 to 11 a. m. to S p. m. 1 to 3 anr Iwo Mrs. Gillihan at Chanute. .vi:s T K. ilillitian of bila. and iter sifter. .Mrs <;. W. Unuhei. of .\ris bt>e. Iowa. I-tt this afternoon for visits ill C.-ilvesiofi. T»'.xa.':.. after hav iiig b.-.n f',.- guest of their brother. .Mr. Uitmar.—Chanute Tribune. TORES' Reoeral Contractor. If you want uie latest and nicest IKJst canls on the market, get them at Mundis drug store. (Mil Small WelL Drillers tor the clt> gas departnieni Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks and ( ^i.^,^,day afTernoon brought in a Curbing a Specialty. -ismall gas weJ on the Purdom lease Pfceae SM. Betimates cheerfqlly given on all work Pfeoiu^ «10. Bee. 409 S. Baekeye. in the west fiebl. —Paper llaaging. Phone 142S. Fred RowdeL (\M»fS tke Camhal 'SmiMU. The Loo* Cornl»al company will fill a jweek'e eng88e ™«nt in Fort Scott otJeDlng Moaday closing tbe sea- Form Vouuir I'eoplfN Hi lie ('la»s Quite a number of younk people of the First Presbyterian c lurch. met last night at the bonie <i' Dr. S. S. Hilscher. on South W'sshingtuu avenue, and orKHnized a Bible class which will l »e one of the regular Sabbath school classes in ibe futur Hit. —Soda Water, the Our Way kind, W. T. Summers to Wellington. Thf Bell Telephoii.- Co.. aft»-;- «ni- 'lo.'iiiig a larg>' forc" of m'-n on n- construction work in this cit.v it>r s'^v- ral inoniiis past, has iiiov*-,! tbt- ;d;.man of consiriieiion. U". T tJuinnit-i-.- and his fore- to W"lliiigioii. wi:Pie will \<m in ,abo.i; six .months itii work similar to that wiiirli ba^ bf-eii doiif litT-.—Pittsburg H»-c;dIigiK. .Mr. Summers once had ciiar::- of a lell construction gang Itt-.e. th —ruunin'.;ham \ .\rnett. (> per rent ntonoy. Belongs to AH of 'Em. \ ivcent i.ssii>- f»r till' Pir-'i:ir;: Headlight says of Col .1. FJ. .Vtciiison if this city, who spent si-vra! ila>s iu-re la.-t we«-lv: .1 \\ .\-''!iisf>ii !•• ola. lias b»-eii visiting .!:;•••: ••nt K 1^«- S to «liieii (1.- b'^loi:;;.- ill Pl'l.v- jiir-'. Me wa> a r'-;>r»'>'ii*at:\• i'> :!i»- :iai:oiial i-om.'iitii^ti of tli- .\ H - T .\ . is i>ast national ;ir»-sid-iit of tli- I'lo- ctivf Hoiu»- rircl.^. and 1.- now >!!• irt-nie [•resid'-n; of ;lf FiaivTi.a: Or- Ifi- of ..\ntl.-rs LETTERS FROM WOMEN About Pe-pu-na. • ft MRS. MAIIALA REID. MR .S. S. L JEWELL. Tbe following ie.-iiin'>nl lis r. pr-s- nt a.mat cvj.- n. u-e of every.-day lile, Th«j are the truthful utterances of ^ woin>*n who iiav- i-et-n ill and have loiiud u r<-;iab:i- r-in< dy in IVmna. > I« ni'Mus a great deal to tbe w-.m-n of .\in-r: a i.. •• at li:ind a remedy capable of givins sm-Ii relief. ConsH- ' psiion. riieuinal :-iii. kidney !r.>iildi-. br..uf:iiiis ,in-: a b..-i i>f ,>ibt-r catarrhal condition.s are rr^lieve.l by Peruua. At lea.-t tb;-5 is wbat tb- women say. They have no ol Jfi in saying su'h things, except t^j rendt-r truibiul lefitimony to th''ir ?-u(Terin:r si-^l»-r--. Peruna i» niakiti;; -ueb frinid-iTTy day. Ii •.•sii:ii.,ny of the people th»t has nia<ie Perun.-i so jastly famou- Chronic Broiichiti&. Mrs.flara !.. M:l:-.-r. i:..x 71.< olnnibia •SiH.. >-.'Hitie. \V.».-ii.. f.-riii-riy vi.f |,r<-s- ideni f.f .><k'H>-.;ay l'"iiairy CliiS. wril,--; **N in-t-o! o!' I'-iiina •-iii-d -ue ••!':! p.-.ri'.icfeil>- .if tii;.-. Til-.'-i- no snjK-rior r'-iiit-dy i!:a: 1 Iciiow- ..f. tbeaiiii-aof IVriiua on tii" va-.i moi.-i ^y-tein of U T T V *i~ \v:y In-ti-li'ia!. Ii iu-'re».-«-s the ti>n»-of i ii- - v-;. ::i and atii- oature to j>erforiii iier lu:i--'i-'ii-. "1 have rei-.>:nin' nii-d it l<« a ntiiiii-r of mv frieiul-. wi;., ..i,^;,!; in to- -am-- hi^h t'Ttnsof it. I !iav.- .-CI la.iilx l,,iiii<i it a jn<,-l ••tb •a«-:ou-. nii-dieine." \er \'Ous. Tired and Weuk. Mrs. rbri»!iua.*«i!i'uk.4;.:i. \Vin«b«w A\e.. IttilTalo, N. V.. wrii'-f: *•! irn.*i •llavip..- I!-: i! I '.riiiKi ii!y-.-lf f.-r many y,-,!is wiiii \r'-'.!.-. ail-l o!.-' —rviti.; i ii b:t- li'iie .>;io-rs of X r .ood Word tor Pe-ru-na. Constipation. Kidney Trouble. Mr-.>. I...I. wfw. 1:. K. U. l.>r.-ei''jrt, ^.j^s. Mahala R^-id, Corbyville. Ont., Canada, wnic-: "Your celebratwl rt-medjes hava b^-n .1 wonderful l»>on to me in my old as;". I have not b<'«-n in so giHKi heBlili f<T tMv a.-.,ua.n:a:..... I .•.•in..i bill *ay a several vvars as now. .M w .ni in :.. i.a 1 ..i !• :i:ri :K • , ..j ^as troubled with constipation. Kctps Perii-nd in the Mouse. ' rb,.„matTsm and kiiiney trotible. A Mr^. .Vfa:. .! :/. 1 >i • 11 i:i.< ::u-.. .iii.i. i.;.;,. „v,.r two years jajto I complete! v wri;-: -Mv i.,i-:.:.nd. -.-u and mv - j^,^ i.^alib. l»eeoDning almost help- io.-is. when a d-ar friend sent me yonr remedies. Perun.i*nd Manalin. ••I beiran to lako them, following tie* • lirei'tioiis on tbe Ironies. I v^ry ^o,>l^ '.H '-an to ti-'-l benetlteii by their nt«, and ••.•niiiiurd to take them. "1 am n,:iw .-ompletely itecovared from til)- atH>v,> nilmeut^. in fact, Iwller ibin I bav b«»-'n for year;" past. '•1 cannot praisd Uie remetiies ii><» bi:;lilr and will alwsyit recommend ihem to others.'' Pe>ru-na in Tablet rem. For two yeara I>r. Hsrtman and bi'. -I i: il—-d V'-iir i:e w ;,y - k- III I :.• :i : :i t i; •J... \ . i w ... U-tn- -.and >v.«a';• li.i II ,:t>-' ot' .r.-.i t.> b-.i;;!i bv m- til!- Iieoi. II--. I' . !l:.rlliiair- \ aiia'.,-' an • and \ k-. r,->'!'l-' a-k a;-.ii-. !:• ui .!.;T.T'11! ina.----. ati.i :ir<- -i;:[>ri-<>! t;i:it I t-.,n <i" all "i tii> ev.TV one snfr-Tinz from syslemie i-a- h«>ti-tw.irk a "H-. a -tt! ttiat I wa-.-iir.-,i tarrh will read Ui:s »ni| |.roiii by it. j hy tio> d ••: . • ..•arrh, M_\ ••I wa-in a verv l,ad i-onditton inile<'«i. tii!:.liaiid w.»- •.i:'d <•;• :»-;ii:ii.i. wiien I l-egHU lo lake P-runa. and my ,iaugni-r .-t .-a:.!.-:!- and .Miarriiof tb-- friends 8' w-:i as iii>-'-!r w.Te very -»oma<^ii. and :iiv -.11 .f ••;i;:irrli ..f tli- miK-ii al!irtn»-d over my i-unditi<>n. 1 ihivuat. \\ b>-n 1 w is 1 wfi;:iii-d l'»i. wa« always n.-rvotir-. . oind not .«,e»^p at iM.i}nii«: n-« I 1 in. \ Dight. my f'H'd did no- ni> tio-xl. and I •• hr. Har:::;..«"-•.••in-.i:--b:iv-.-jTovr-n was alwny- lire<l and w.'ak. i tried 'o I-e rfh-Tb;-.- and v\,.no,-ru' . Tlo-ir assistants have incessantly labored »•» several drt<"tor», hnt found tio relief. e(Te<-t iijM>n tiie -v-;-;n 1- r-ii;arkai If. create Peruna in tablet form, and their "FinaKy I i.M.k two Ix-tti— of P.-runa ,Piruiia •[in-i- ii-rv.-. ;,uil i-a jr-ai strenuou-labors have just lK.en crowne<l and felt like a diiTeren; woman. How- spf-iii--a!! l-rii:-of eiir-.m-. .itarrh. wHh su.'-er->. I'eopla who object to evT. I did n-'t sto;> tii'-r-. bii; keiJt on am v. 1 •. -;;..i -ay tliat 1 i-an l;'in;d m<Hii'-ines can now secure Pe- wi'b ii until 1 h:;d taken ^-v.-ral !«jtil>-s. -afrite y.e.i t 1 :ii •iir-d in f\>ry way ru:ia tablets, whieh represent th* when'I I'll ••omnl-iely .-urfd. and have of catarrii. w i: o wbl. b 1 bad :-utr..-r.(l m»u!.-inal itiirredient.s of Peruua. Fa'-b r»'main»d so ever siuee. I can cat aoid terriMy f..r i-!! y-tr-. I-niiii.t jiiausi ' r:ib;e; i-eiiuivaleut 10 one average dot*e sietp IVBW I you er -Jii^ili for your advice.*' i of Per ana. AITK.MIO.N TK\PPKi:> IIK.VI.KK.>. .tM» Fl K I d'-t;- -;;! in bir;;;. ;ain in;. • 1 i 1 l .ib«'la: I'ri<-f.-. Piompt Kefiiiii-^ ibout .\ov (•ii.'4 !a::> I;e»f. hem ti.'l.i} n..:i.; • ' : • 1.1 : ! .t.ii ;i:i"." 1 ;irr:.': ;o iii;i;u- •<-•>: d t't til,' t,;;-' loi" .'pines' t',; .iriin:; atiil I'tic ii--t !»-id> 1': .• I;.-! and shiii- »o:; ; d>- a;-. w ; i'.- fiii 1;. >. Karnard. -Ite »un- «»H 'rc at I he riuht place." ^\a!icr .l"l:i < t'li-.i:;... .r T: ;l>-i!i>- t; otii 1 .1 1- fr-^-d i;i;fiii\ i [If • .'ur. da> . -iiiii;!.: "ii .. -•• \\-.-:,;::U:M.. ^iiii i.)>«t I'lll. \. \V..-:i.:.-.•.•:! .k-- 11..- .itii-; •- •> 1: .\1,> (' I ': i - V. i :i''-: of .\l:s :ii.i1; i> tiotti- : With Rev. Cuibertsorv i'l'-iiian !:••: mot ,• •• 111 Kl;:;''':!.i T:>-. •• ::• it.-!-.' W. ; M - \h-5 fl.-:-;- (•,..• (•:: - .\1:.- .lohttni hane Motne. !ii:.; K.:;i-- i>;;,- o: hi- ball [da.v- -.': . •!.;. ill da;-^ of th*>:.; t'.i • ••• . r.-tiirned hoiio- < iiicinnaii. Ohio, •iirini; tiie season h..- .-i;::ied uif. with I.':;!' iiiiiaii !;.-\' rf-asoi: He intend • -I >> u.:;i :;..• :-tini lo ("iiUa for a :!!olilhV i:i ;ill fxllibitlott Wa> on ai;io:in; of rhe iKness of Mrs >li. ii I i\..:!. V. liu ii;i.- iiH.'u at the home of her ,,_.[,.;•- :.>. ill- i .a-; ;wi> weeks, he ha> iiii'-s: uiv-:; n;r -b^ trip.—Pttlsbuii: i 't-ad:;-;.- - Kitzircralil >:Mrai ;c and Traii»»«r 1 ». liou'.etieid and piano miMintr: lamrol >l»re lo""! in citj. Phone S.-ii'u • —Merchant's Lunch at Our Way. There is a Difference. Two w.rr.- a:".:'r:ti.r about io- worls. ".-ati.-^ti.-d • aiiit 'itont.'nt- •d. • On- of thorn' said ili- v m-ant 'lo- .>aii'.- tiiiiis. whib- th.- o 'i |"r on-aid rli.-tr in<-a Ili w.-i.- d!lf>-|.-iit and tins iiliisti atioii to ;t;ov.. it: •I am >ati.-tied that .Mik. Ol.tary is flirting with ni> wif-. but I am not contented ovt-r it "—.\t<hi-<.ui Uiobe M arrie* \V 'i" r!i :.v.-; ,. •!i- r:.i;.-<l h..:i wv'A ki.ow:. ::i f : ied ()i-iiiit.-: I" :.• of |„;a y.i iho; . rnitfd l :oii Wo. r.- at lola a: |'t'>-tit. liliht. —Sign painting, .hone U28. Fred Rowden, Kelated >»p«irtiH!r \nle. The llumlioldt kids df-lf-a^'-d th.- lola eievrn by rh" ^<oI»• ,ri ;::: i-;. " at a •:ame of imii ball Samrday aferii<,on Although the honit; lealii on: a«.i.:;b*-d the visitors by a very small maiain. tint not .-o iiiiuli lo makf th- Moie .-f. Ull'^veii. It was do to till- •^•-rl »oik- in.s of the team.—Heral.l —It—Our Way Soda Water. Warner Koaicht Stock. .T. Warner and wife wei»- down from tola Saiunlay. The.v hav.- purchased the J. C Davis stiw-k of furui lure and will move it to Omceptiun Mo., where tbey have a hardwa e store Mr. Davis expects to iw>ve to Portlllas N. M., where h« has bought a farm and where be «ili o|M?n a foruiture store.—Humboldt Herald. ll.-ri-. .r:.-it! ;i.;ir;--. P,: '.^s •••ii:i;M:;» . Ati" ".-'••I 11:. Ilia: - M:r- yii- I 'lrr;- 1- i-on:i--<' •••n; II H A-I-V Check Dt-aftec. :i. b.;.i i v.r. •-.i.ns. Garfield Bro\A<n Here. :: Mi.-vv;. - • ..• 1: !• ' ! t.:ti S.• : -M -tt- ; '. .M-' 'r»; ow ;l '-.-::; a'.^.i" •d v ^lTh H-..d- —Six per cent ra.oney: no commls- lon; no delay.— Smith & Travis. Russell Appoints Judges. It. 1> Ui;.»>.-U. ot i):-a::' t,jv. bar .lotiii'-d (•'Hiiiti <'!••;!. Kmwi. ft rii|l (Hi ' : •• ai>;ioi|ir.-.l tti'- jlId^t•^ a-.'.l • :• r'-:- to- Ita. ar.| and .Mildr.-il T!;- a:- ttu- jud;:- and il-:k> for ffa-i.t I ' A. «"ook. K H .->iafio:>: : I.-.iai- I '•i'-rks .J !:. i -.-i'. I'awson Voun;: For .Mil-^.-d ;.;-ii:i'-: in. jid in:: tin- north iialf 01 O-a:.. to>, ::>bi:. th^ jitdit-s a:.- W M .\|..- VV;:;!,i!., Norton and TKoma- .l;i-! r-oi,. r.-.k.; L. J. -Ai'plf and Wai'.-i .-^'o'lt. Keal K>tate Tniwfer*. l.>dia L folliiis to C.'ii W t.aiif and Sarah l-aiie. lot.- '.< and I" in blo-k Moraii <.*onriileiatio!i $P'" .\l. E. Smith to rallies T .Moi—ai. !.' eel off ^ldr ii.i .". iilfiek ! •^Jrang»- addii.on !., ••.IT I 'r^ r<,iisid.-r- 'ation iwi> Tied Up Car Line. • car liii- was tied up for !.- • • .-ri'tiiay afternoon v.i,..- of a Bassett car •:i- V.o..- ;;; >ii: of the Spen• 1' -'o— W:.;:-- tiie crew was ::i- •!>• '-ar or ,1 id.- crowd wap et-d.' •Loaqe Business Dull. : , :^i-: ,-; for :'. lodpe. »iio iiv»-s • - "hat t::'- election sea• ; - likf all other i • M- -a^s .'v-ryboii.v is talk• ••.';•«:; uiii! -loirr (art- lo hear .i.'o:;; !od;;*'S. When You Buy Oysters Don't Pay For Water ii get a p:i:t r.-' V. :•. .,r r».-,f,^rs ' \\ Why sh..uM > •Ki'h cverv ';r:.irt chra:—bloit- .it'i I. '•.-•r .•y--.r £{. li-^ It- natiin. ti v.- i-.'. • i:.-.»-: k;i >™n bo.v '.'"'•J .thttr'krd :r.-... air tit;lit cci appetizing and deliciotuW Card of Tbaiik^. To oiu kind frit-nd.- and nei;:hi»«ii.- wlio rend.-r»-d u> such valuable ar- sisiauce and s>m|*iithy dnrint; the long bickiieas of oiir dear s^»n and brother .Frank Flake, we extrf'nd our heartfelt thanks and will ever hoTd you' iu grateful rememberance • C. IL FLAKE and FAi^lLY. can- and « dir<;; Iri-tti lb.- 1'-i ivitked with ice amwti/ the > >.nl.i!n.-r. -mt in cainct with the oy-ttr-. You j;?! ^ 4l\ ~.ii'i meats. An<i hovr frtsh. whclesome, different they arc' Ask tor ••Sealihipl Sense," a lo->klef conuining new and attracrtive ways of preparing oysters If your dealer doe^n t scl! •Sealshpt," here are some who do: ^ FREYER BROS; OTTO HINZE; OUR WAY The "Sealshipt" Oysters are always sold fnm • While Porcelain Display Car* hearirj; the ''Sealabipt" trade NATIONAL OYSTER CARRIEjR CO Sooth Norwatic, Coancctinit.

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