Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 21, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1908
Page 4
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THE lOlA DAILT BEOISTIK, ITEPyESPAT ETEyiyp. OCTOBER gt. 190SL Tke lOU DIILT lEfilSTEl CHAS. y. SCOTT. •nt«r«d at tola, Kansas, Postofflce, ai Becood-Claas Matter. '44Tertlsliix Rates Made Knows on - • Application. 8nBsciiim*6 !rBATES. H €>. vrtw la loiB, Gas City. LaBjaa* vllle or LaUarpe. >Be Week .~rr..lO centa <to« Month ..44 cents MM Year 16.00 By Mail. Uii> y««r loBlde cointy IS.00 •ne ymr onlslde coaaly $4 .00 Three Months, In advance 11.00 One Month. In advance .44 tFFICIAL PAPER, CITI OF BAS' SET. Telephone t Business OfiBce ------ 18 Editorial Room - 222 KEITBLRAN TICKET. lor President c»r Tlie liiited States WILLIAM H. TAFT of Ohio. I'or Vice President JAMES S. SHIillMAN of New York. STATE TICKET. jFor Governor W. R. STirBMS of Lawrence. For Lieutenant Uovernor W. .:. KITZGKILVLD cl' lX)dKe City. For Secretar.v of Stale CHAS. K. IMO.NTON of At lira, l-'iir Ainliliii' JAMliiS M. NATKI.N of Kric. I'Vir Treasiii 'M' MAItK Tl'LLV of IndciHMideiiri' I'Vir Allorney (leufrai F. S, .lAfKSON of Kiiri'i<a, l''or SiiiinrlntcndiMii PiililU* lin.lriicllon v.. T. FAIIICIIILI) of ICIIswoilli, I'ur Su |H 'rliiUMuk'ii( Imanaiico C. W. HAU .NFS OsaKo Fll.\. For Stale Printer T. A. MeNIOAL of TopeKa. For It. H. CoininissiiiiHMj GEO. \V. KA .\A\VKI.. F. .1. UYAN C. A. UYKEK. For United Slates Senator J. L. BRISTOW of Salina. For Congressman CHAS. F. SCOTT of lola. For Judge Tliirlv-sevontli District OSCAR FOUST of lola. For State Senator FRAiNK TRAVIS of lola. COOTY TICKET. For Representative W. T. AVATSO.V For County Clerlv R. E. CULBERTSO.X. For Treasurer C. C. AUSHERMA.V. For Register of Deeds R. %. THOMPSO.N'. For County .Attorney H. A. EWI.XG. For Probate Judge J. U. S.MITII. For Sheriff C. O. BOLLl.NGER. For Superintendent of Sciioolk MRS. MAin >E FL'NSTON. l''or Surveyor II. F. PALSTRI.SC.. F «ir Clerk of Court C. E. ADAMS. For Coroner R. O. CHRISTIAN For I'oinnii.-^sioner. Seooml Histrict T. J. ANDERSON For Coniniif-sioner, Tliird Distriil C. A. FRONK. CANNON BRAHO Full flavor and strength arc r.^n- tUi rirtoes Tn pepper: wc test our« Jor both. For example, many peppers you buy give Otf an offensive odor when scalded; that of Tone pepper is pungent aitd inviting. Tone Bros. Spices—all kinds— po>«ess tho:e fine seasoning properties whirh are found only in spii-es of hijh quality. Scaled air-light,' v. i;li no weakening, no exposure to impurities, no losa of Nature's goodness. Tii«r» are two kinds of cplccs- jrONC'8 and ' TONE BROS., Des Moines; Iowa. honor. During the present administration tlie Republican party lias created the tlepa -tmeiit of touunerce and labor and tlie bureau of corporations: ha:; passed the pure food law. tlie employers" liability law. the safety a))- plianco law. the act limiting the workins: hours of railway employes, the ni(!at inspection law. the law niakium the RovernnHMit ivsponsiblo for injur- ifs to its employes and the act for- liiddinn child labor in tl|.- District '.f Columbia. But wlilli' till general Koverniueiit lias done all It is ihrouKh acts of con- Ki'i'^^s, the Republican parlv in the various states has shown ll.^elf the consistent friend of labor. Tln 'ie are ihli'l.N-tlii'cc state labo^' bureaus, and luilv seven of them arc In DemocratIc states; lwcniysi\ out of thirty lie- liublU'an states have such bureaus, while only seven out of the sl.\leeii Deniocratic slates have them. In the uiaper of factory inspection, twenty- three of the thirty Republican states have such laws ami only six out of the sixteen Democratic states safe- muird tlie workiuKiiHin by such lesls- lation. There are twenty-seven states in wliich laws against cdiild labor have been enacted, and of these twen- ty-tl'iee are Republican, jaiid only four Democratic. It may be truthfully said • that the grossest abuses of the system are to be found in Democratic states. I j Then- are twent i limit the hours of and of these lifleen and six Democratic. In j there are anti-sweatshop ' of these states leu afe -one stales which labc r for women, a e Republican twelve states laws: and Republican LABORS BEST FRIEND. C. Journal: luteni;;eut laboring men who are not blinded by iiartisau ," prejudici—and these coiislituti- tlie ?reat uiajorily of the toib-rs of tli'" ••ouiitvy—show no signs of beiii.i!; stampeded into tin- Bryan <;tmp ''-^ i r.-ci'Mi Mr. Gompers. They havi" but to compare the recttrds of.Die two paitics during the pa.=t half century, since the Republican party was ••slablisli- ed. The Republican iiarly. .is .Mr. TaH and the luesident have said, place- its deeds against both the promises :<nd the deeds of the Democratic party. The lirst ei^-ht hour law i-vcr jdaced upon American slattile IiooKs and only two Democratic. In eleven states laws have been en- a-tcd proliibitiiig the discharge of em­ ployes on account of membership in j labor unions. Of these eleven states j ten are Repiiblicau and only one Dem- jocratic. Only one state out of the sl.v- teen rock-ribbed Denioci:a!ic commonwealths, where Ihe Deniocratic friend- shiji for labor should have the fullest •"Xpie.Ksioii. has passed a law |irohibit- in:: the soulless corpor.itinns, which lijite the working man so bitterly and which the Democrats hat.- so loudly, tiiim discharging" men because they belong to labor unions while ten Re- |iul>lica<i stales hiivr sii>-h laws. Oil stniiuht party lims. low can ;iuy intelligent workiiigman vote auainst lli.> party tlijit has ilemon- siratf'd lt>- frieiidliuess for labor, not bv lilataiii and clii-ap cliniiiaign prom- lull by actual laiigible and ef- Tciive legislation".' If'the Democrat- le partx has ena<-t< d no iniporlaiil leg- fisiciisibl. audi defiantly di- L :ainst labor, what legislation has ii I'viT ii'ac-e.l on the slalutii IIIIKKS r-lc;irly .'Old sincC |rel\ in tlie in- l<-ri'..;i of the laboring niaii? political parties: and a member of any legislative body who is i«ot admitled to the counciU uf M>tuc political party about ai^ mucb to do with .--haping Ivgislalion as a buhliwhackcr would have had to do with winning the bat- lie of Gettysburg. Every great nieus- urc of really constructive legislation ever put u|iou the statute books of the United States, was put there with the brand of some political p.iriy upon it. But .Mr. Sheridan is very much niis- lakrii it he thinks that a man who goes into a Iteputdicaii caucus in the House of Representatives is likeiy to he forced l«» supiHtrt soni« nicasurc iiqt in the interest of the people. In the first place ihe Republican party never propot^cs a meai-urc Ilia: is not in the interest of the people. If yoii (luestioa that statement look over tht' statutes of the past fifty years and bring us the law p 'a.ed there by the Republican party that you would repeal. BUI in the second pi.-ici- ilic Republican party iievi-r holds a «-aiicus in-lhe House of Reprcscntaliv-.-s which binds any member of it against his will or his judgiiieiii. «"oiifeieiices arcr belli. «»f cour.^e. to coiisld<'r inipurlant measures, but th<- chairman always states cNplicitly upon opening this conference that any action taken by it will not be binding upon the vote of any meiiilier in the lli>u.-;e. No voter need hesitate, therefore, to <ast his ballot for a Republican candidate for Congress through fear lh:ii a Republic;in caucui, will for.'e hiui to ..--up- Itort some measure inimical to the interest of the pcoide. hoesii'i li look a cood deal 111 (1' ; fiulorn hop" when cvni ibi- licino cratic natlimal chalimaii IN obllgid ;> include .Vew York. Indiana A.VD Oliii In Ills list of ccitain Deiiioi inilc >iatr> In oriler gi-t c.ecloial voic.> luounh lo elect Brxiin.' Soliiebod.x has .-iiggesli-d If alt the canilidalcs for l'rij;<idenl i;ct all the voles that are claimed lor tb<>ni there w'l!l not lie enough to go around The family assortment i >r name-: must have been riiiiuing low when .Ijicob Jacobson. Republiciiii candidate for Governor of .Minnc-ota, was christened. Docs it jvcr occur to Candiditv Bryan iliat then." is any incoiiguit.V in his making tlie giiarant'c of bank deposits ai) issue in ;i coiiiiMy whii-li. only twelve years ago. would lie .-iink iu thCj depths of irredeeuialde |ioverty unless it elected him Pre.-:ideii:'.' WHY SI FFEK: Loath- AS H» PARTY CAliCrsSES. i riic Deiu'iciatic caniljdate ftir Congress in this district everywhere declares that if lie is eleiled In; will not I .no into the |)cmo«-rati<- caucus, but ,wi;i bob! liimsclf free to siipptirt any was put there forty years aiio by a nseasuie that may be In the inieresl of. Republican congress—in IS'JS. <;cii- his con.siituenis. Audi thai pledge eral Grant signed tl:e 1)111. For twen-J suggests two .nn-ries? \ ty years this law applied to tht^'Vast • ] ,,• «i„.rij ;,ii ,|.,t..s n .>t ex- majority of persons controlled by fed-j |„.,.( ^.j ^-jd, ,|,p IHmDcrals. why «ral legislation, and in 1SSS a Reiiub-jjs ),,. ^ «-audidate on the Democratic li-ran congress extended it to letter. ticket".' Kreulhe Hyomel and Kill the lioiue Catarrh (•eriu.'i. Just as long as yoii have catarrh jour no.-e will itcli. voiir breath wiK be foul, you will hawk and spit, and you will do other disgusting tliinus bccuu.-^e you can"! help yourself. The germs of catarrh have got jou in iheir power: iluy jire coiitiuually and pei- sisteiilly digging into and iiritalitii: the mucous nicnilMaiie of ymir nos< and tliroat. The\ are now iiiakiiig .vfliir life ini.-erablc: in time iln-.\ wiil s{ip your entire s\stem of its eiier:;>. its strength, its vigor and vitali!.\. But there is luie remedy ih ;i» wil! kill the germ.-; and c-iire catarrh, and that is liyotiiei. the .\ustralian •li'> air treatmcui. Chas. B. SpeiKci- lite drugei.^i. will guarantee llyomei to cure «-atarrli. m money back, non'i ilela.v ihi.s jilfasaiii !tniisepti«- ticalitient. I'.re.iihe in 1!.^- omei and kill the gerni^. Chas. It. Si«encer will sidl ><iii a coiiipictx Ityiimei ouitii iiicludinu inhaler, for (Hily $I .«M>. |! i.-, ;)|.-=<i gu;ir- i'liiced to cure brouchiiii-. a.-tlima. cimglis, c<»;d^. hay fever aud i roup. carriers. Four years later another- Republican president causeil the eight hour law to extend to cont-act­ ors^ on public works. Yet this is the,that ma> be of interest il> his constltu- "enemy of the working man." the puis," is it because he \ -. If lie intt'iids to Democra'ic caucus "in .may be free lo support Slav out of n lorder that he any nieasure party which Mr. Gomiters says "definitely lines up with t!ie corporate Interests of the country"' .md oppresses ti'e toiling masses. The Republican congresses of Idul and 1903 first made effective the contract labor law, prohibiting the Impor- is afraid the caucus is ijkely to agree measure that will not be Democratic upon some in the Interest of his co'nstituents? It would be interesring to know what answer .Mr. SIK ridan would make to those two quest;i<uis. The truth Is that whejn a candidate t*tlon of foreign laborers. The only for a legialative office declares he will To «Pb asaiast 'ht' n^rallUon of the fed- be independent of afayl iwrty. he is f»ral convict cjutr^ct system were ;elther trying to iet voles under false oast by I)emoc»*ts. The Republican' pretenses or he Is pricIdiMln* in tut- party created "the,hureau of-labor and vance that he will ^cbnipUsh noth- bas elevated mjMiy^ prominent union in£. iThe^oniy ^ay KorernDnaDt. KEPCBLK ANS (ANT I.BSK M»M. Tafl innl Shcriuan Arc CHrr>in-.r Guar antccd Itabbils' Feet. New York. ()< t 2:.- - ".Xnoibfi oimii fif victor.v ill .Vovembi-r w;i.^ tcad'-n-d to .Ml. Taft and inysili at Wilniiiig- loii. Del. "" !-aid Jaim .s S. >;iu-! uiaii .i' Ucpiiblicaii national !:>-:!d>|ii;tr !ei s .\<'': lerdaj. "In tact, tvjo f)f theni." < liiiued the vice pie:-jdcnti;ii iioiniiic-. .IS lie into his isidi- porki t ;iiid produced a ral>liit"s \>n>\. .vbii-ji h,. r»- gaided with every indicaJion of satis fact ion. "A de!<-gatiiin of liejiiw;,it- viii»-is waited uprui Ji dge Tat' .\esi.|,i;,v and ''resented to him I 'lie of ihoe iiia-<ciitii, and later the .>-ame deb-^ation .waited iilion ine- when I arrived jn W'ilniiiig- lon and conferred a .similar lionor iip- »m me. These rabbit'.- f.ei are giiai- anteed to waid oii all pn.M>heiies oi evil made by Democratic spelliunc;i-i> us they were plucked while the moon was In Ihe last cjuarter b> a cross- ;yed darked in a graveyard.'" The Rfiister has just completed an arrangement which will be of special interest to lEe Farmers By this special arrangement we are enabled lo oHer y"u The lola Daily ReDtistcr for a year and the Journal of Aijri- culture for a year for $2.25 The Journal of Aj(riculturc is a weekly publication and treats the followlns« departments: \ Poultry and Bees Women's Page Live Stock The Dsdry Farm and Field Crop Pests and Diseases Fruit and Garden The ret^ular price of The Journal ol Aqirirulture is 50c fl year, but by this special arrangement we are enabled to offer you The lola Register $2.C0 Journal of Agriculture .50 R50 for $2.25 Address all orders and make all money payable to ^ The Ida Daily Register TAFT A WINNER riic iO-publicaii IIcadi|uarlcrs ViiUiing but Cheery >i-ws. Ilu BK.XKFIT OEFK.MJENT PKOI'LKS. .Meet Fbllanthropiiitfi and Edunilurs Inir in New York. I^ke .Mohauk. N. Y.. Oct. 20.—I'hi!- anthroi>i»ts. educators anil others interested in the welfare of the American Indians. Porto Ricaa«. Filipincs and other peop'e under guardianshir of the United States, are saiherinf het^.for .a conference beginling to- ntorrqW to be known as the "lake ^c- iipjik Conference of Friends ajf .Indian — dent J^soijl Chicago, ni.. Oct. <has. .Vagei naiioaai coiiiniii!••vman from .Missouri, wild i.s ill cliJirm- of ibe wc-sicrn head- (|uai!cis during the ab;;enc-e :ii N;\v Ycirk lit (•liairiuaii llitdico.-k. Secn- Wi'Iiani Ilaywani and Seiiaior .Joseph .M. I'ixon i:f .Montana, is proseciitinu a vigiMoiis caiiiptiign. through the speakers" lnireau. .Senator William 1^. Mor.ih v. bo re- pcMied at I'hieago after a bum speaking lour of ilie we.<i. brought word !h :ii ilic-e stales would go Repul>!li-aii l>\ sale iiiajoi ities; ('aiil'oriiia. Oregon. U'asbin^tmi. Idaho. I "tab and ('(donido. riie great issue in the west, lie said, w;i.-- the* ii'iesiion of c-arrying out rresjdeni KrKiKcvcll'.s poli«-ies. In bis 'i|iiiijon ;lie peo(.le (if tbest' si.ite.- have decided that .\|i Taft is the i !s:bl 111,111 lo do Ibis work He •.il\es \"e- v,id;i 10 .Ml". Ml van and sa.\ s that tbc democratic ciiudidafe has a lair liHt 'ce ill .Montana. Stcrecan of .\uri.iil'nre .laiiie.- Wif- •icui. w!io Ii.i. been speaking to ;lie i.iitiieis of lciw:i. .Nelirask;; and Kan-..•is. s.iid Taf; would carry these slates e.i.-ily. Tbe issue which hi- sees is till- oid iiucsiiou of the tariff 11" aid ibai the laiineis are-jifraid thai r Iti.vaii is fb-eied tbe la^xJilir.; iiieu •vi'l lose ilieir jobs ihiotiKb ilie c-!o lit many industries and thus l.e ;:rcai .Vnieijcan iiiarkei will he uvieil .Next 10 this ipieslion lie said. A;.S Hie K'-osevelt lieirshij»—who mild <-ari;. 011 hi.- work toward ciirb- iii.u bad c-orjioi alions'.' «^ .\o matter bow iitiicb iiiiuht 0 '.'o." said tin- r-cietaiy. he v.ill ii»t »e al>ie lo ac-c-oniidis !i tlie-e I '-tonii'- iec;;usi- lie will !ie. hindered liy ili» iiian of his own i>ar;y -ilo- states rijibts dcuioc'iats '" The c-oiiiiiiiiiee has lieeti encouraged ivei lb'- ic^isiiaiioii reiiiriis in I'lii- The (inures show ;: marked in- •rea.-c- ill tjie I(e|iublicaii wards aii'l 1 (onsei('!ei.:; fallitig off In the r)c:iii>- .•:.iiic ward.s. , IllliiMis ]>cditic-al leaders fiaim 011 li- basis ol tliesF figures tbe eeciion :)f Mr. Tafi and <*.o\en)or Deiieen in !iliiiois b,\ mc»re ihan |.>"."'iii vote.s .\ number of I'lucaKo".-- most proiiii- tiKiit business men have issued a stale- uieni saying that in their o|dnion the •|eetic»n of .Mr. Hryan would bring in- Ni '-.nian V.. Mack, chairman of the De- •iiocraMc .National committee, has taken exception to these remarks, claiming thai no one ha.s a right to "foaler •I panic"" in this via>. The dispute hat ••. aned back and forth The business •nen lold .Mr. .Mack that his attitude was an Insult to ilic inielligeiice of the .Vmerican voters. * In this connection an editorial that appeared in ihe New York State Zei- tung. ihe paper owned by the treasur- »r of the demi >cratic campaign fund, s iuteiektlns. Mr. Ridker wrote: "Mr. Bryan's election surely would cauae a disturi>anc^ <a% the industrial ' economic de?e" ' " — ie.>-s dangerous for the country than the election of Mr. liryau. Nothing blotter i-oiiid hii'ipeii fi» the party iban III Kci rid of ibis incubus. Tlie csal is too conservative and level beaded to .uive a tiuijority to a man who oii "ci:iioi :!ii-:iI iiuesMioiis is ignorant and Willi, prompfd iiy his confused no- lioi -s. would grasp the tii.-: opportaui- t .v lo cause a terrible cata.siioplie. Me does i!>)i pcs .^ess leal knowledge or conipiejieiisjon of the (ii -oUIeni.~ with W lr,ll lie serks to colli CI II liiuiself." le 'iiy Wat'ersoii. i:i Ibe hoiiisvilb ("o:; I iei -.loiiiiial if I "eb. L'I. :IISO '•oiitrilniies to tlial liieralirji- iuvv !ii-.-h the deniocratie candidate is conilenin- ;'cl jiy tlie liii; aieii i.f bis I 'vCii party. .\. 1 Wall. •>,.„ uijie.-: • one of Ihe .iriiili.v in isi 'i;. bin not in irnni. I am so seu .-iMe of my lack of deseit that, wbi .e in the c -oni- il 'ir cail!pai;4il I slia'! lalior to elect biiii-still disiiii..;nif;; iiiiii- I siiall not e.vpecl any other than ne.uative resuli.- oiii his adxcni to iioner. nor liieam of c .os ^iim his ibrcshi'ld after bis e- li;-iioii. . IMSI licfore Itryan".- return last siiiiim.i- and liis liad break It .Madison Si;iiaie garden. .Mr. .loiin C Caiiisle said nn-. I know .Mr. Uivai! I kiiow biiii wc;'—I like him but he 110 more idea of tbe respon- siliilities of :;ove! luiient than a chiid." So I'ositive are Si'iiiirnian ISros.. tin liig t"iiica.v :o wooijiini. that the eiec- ii.i •<• .Mr. Hryan nieiitis a liig sump I Ibe w,.< i market, that llte\ liave la- ^eii I ii; a Jl'Hi .iiiiii |iolic-.v wirb the Kii .Iish .vds. "iiMiriiig ibeir w 'lol gjiilist a dccliliiiii: luarke'. The pre- Miiiiiii pair! oil iliis iiisiii atic -e was $1".- iHiii. The wool men believe tiiat in Ilu evi III of liiyatrs elec-tion the .-heeji markets of the .-oiintry wil! be gliit- letl ;:ud the pric-e of.miilloii wil! ;;o down to till- lowest fiKiiie in the bisioix of the i-oiiiiiry. Witbiii len da ;s .ifter the election of .liid'^e Taft. it is luedic'ed that tlie pric -e of breeding ewes will ad\a!ic-e fioiu *I to %'l .1 bead llepoil.- ifc-e|ved !».» I 'i e.sideiil .S. .M. I'iteli of tbe Uailwa.v .Nlell's llide- pejMlilit Taft c- lib iflicite that the railroad ii :eii aie }:ettiim in line for .Mr. "Fatt especia !l\ in the wesiein states, rii'- ie|ioiis are particiilai l.\ eticotir- <i;ing from siieb centers a.- I-imon, I'olorado. Ibjodlaiid. Kansas. I'uelilo, t'jilorado .S|irings. and IMiillipsbnrg, Kansas. Several cliiljs are being or- gaiii/ed in tluse sections oi the coiin- tr>. IJfports from Denver show a market improvenitmt siu.-e .Mr. Tafl's. speech in that city. The same is true in .Nebraska. The Held men working over the .Monon. Pennsylvania and the IJig Four lines in Indiana, rejiort suc-'| ces^fiil trips and increased demanas for lepiiblic-an literature bearing cm the goveriiincnt owner.ship of the railroads. lK>>VA(iKi: QIEE.> CO.\SE>TS. .Vanrhrrita. oi' italj. .\greeN to .Har- riase «f MIwi Cikinti and Dokr. I.>uiidun. Oct. special dispatch froiu Rome, says .Marghertia. Dowager queen of- Italy, has at last :wnse3tcd to tbe marriage uf the duke .of ^briiz£i;and. Katherine Btkins. and THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. Maoafoctnrers, Wholesale and lletaO Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water Htm CoM Stora^ JKeady far Kaslnesa, Phone IIL FRAIW RIDDLE. Mgr. KX(IIA>«.K OK .SEl.I.. List your i»riipcrty with me. I have a large list to match from. .No expeiu^e unless a deal i."? found for you. I have ZW acres la .Neosho county. Kan, to exchange for good lola prci|ierty. J. T. .MILES. Room lit. Old Cenrt House. 4. Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans l/c* Rale, -Vnnual Interest rayiuents received at any tiine without notic-e, and in terest ceases on amount paid Long or Short Time Loans. Cunningham & Arnett STOVESJ >e»v Line of i^as llculiiri; .Sto ^i-x, These stove.s give out a lai g" amcjjunt of from a low pre.-isure of giis supjily See theiii before iiiiying. K.;C. Plumbing ii .>uppl.> 4'i*. •JO Kast Jacki<;n Ove. Phone tJC .1IA(i .iZlN£;) .\.>D PEKiODICAl^ can i»e secured of J. £. Uenderaoa «bo dt,^ala with the publishers an4 (uruishes them at tbe lowedt pnc* pussiUl4 Trial su'jseription to Va* Nurdeaib, S months 25c. Ph.iui« !).V 414 N. Buckeye To Colony. Dr. I. UA JLB, J ^'iieft.a. profes-

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