The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1949
Page 7
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1949 BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN Liquor Permits To Be Restricted Revenue Commissioner Places Number on Population Basis LITTLE HOCK, Ark., Oct. «. <AP) —Revenue Commissioner Dean Morley yesterday Issued a regulation setting up a maximum for retail liquor stores based on population. The regulation provides that not mote than one permit shall be is- siiert for each 2,50 population or major fraction in any county. The determination will . be the last regular or special federal cell sus taken in the county. Renewal or transfers of present permits ar not affected. Morley first announc g|!d plans for such a regulation in Wipcech at Fort Smith. He stressed today that the rcgu lalion docs not mean that eac county will have the maximiu number of liquor stores it migl have' vlnder the population formu! lie said that he does not plan t revoke merely because of the popi latlon county any licenses now I • existence. However, if any permit revoked for other cause or volui larily surrendered In such a com ty It wilt not be renewed. Morley said on the'other hand has no Intention of issuing add tional permits merely because county has fewer licenses than i quota. The possible maximum and t Missouri Cotton Group is Active Association Discloses Part it Played in Seed Support Plan nounced, Ronnie F. O'rcenwcll. Executive Vice-Presldent o! tlie Missouri Group, staled that the Association tias been working on cottonseed price support plans since its organization. "As soon as we saw that the Government's loan plan was unworkable lor a majority ot Missouri farmers, the Association led the fight 'or a direct purchase plan such as has been adopted," he said. Kiwaniant Participate In Observance of POHTAGEV1LLE, Mo., Oct. «.— The new developments In Washington in the federal government's .1.1 movement to originate a workable I Nat I, Newspaper Week cottonseed price support plan today brought tovth a disclosure by the | j. \,. Veihoeff, editor of the Couv- Missourl Cotton Producers Associa- I | er flews, sjwke to llic Klwnnte Club lion of their activities In this pro- pie ent'numbcr of licenses by counties include (first column, possibe maximum; second column, existing PC kr^,«as ten. ten; Garland *, M Greene 12- 8. Jefferson 26, 27, M.llel 13.28; MLwtSiPPi 32 41, Ouachlta 12, 12; Phillips 18 2o Pu- Iflski e> 153' St, Francis 14, 14; Se£&»»•»,«; Union 20, 19; Washington 16, 12. I'UMISCOT FAIR TUOrlllES—Miss Jacquclj'n Watkins, of Caruthersville. is shown with trophies which will be awarded winners In the horse races at the American Legion Pair, in Caruthersville this week. Miss Watkins, daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. Chick Walkins. is a lair Board worker. Children's Day at the fair, originally scheduled to be held yesterday will be tomorrow when children will be admitted tree and prices on rides will drop to nine cents. gram. The organization has Its ieadc|iiarlets at Portagcville. The plan adopted Tuesday by the Department of Agriculture calls for the immediate purchase by (he Government of surplus cottonseed at a base price of $46.50 per "ton at the gin, with $3 per ton going to gins for transportation and other services. This move was taken to bolster sagging cottonseed prices paid to farmers, 1'lan Unworkable The first plan tried by the Department invplved loans direct to farmers on farm stored seed, at a rate of $49.50 per ton. The seed, however, could not become eligible for the loan ,u«tll Its moisture con- ent dropped to 11 per cent. This plan has been found almost unworkable, especially in Missouri, where few farmers have proper facilities for storing the seed on their farms, and fewer can wait until the moisture content drops In order to qualify for a loan. Tlie Department of Agriculture, however, is keeping the loan plan In effect and urges farmers to use It whenever they can. The direct cottonseed purchase plan is being used as an emergency measure for this year only, the Department an- mcmboii yasterday as a. part of the ub's observance of National Newspaper Week. prior to his address nominating .cams were appointed by Prcslden O. E. Knudsen, and they will re ;>ort on October 19 with nominee.. for next years officers. Municipal Judge Graham, Sudbur) ^ chairman of team No. 1, and Jin Cleveland Is chairman of team No 2. Rosco Crafton, Harry Bogan an W. C. Gates are other members o team No. 1; and Dr. Milton Webb Gerald Robson and W. D. Tommey re others on team No. J. The Kiwaiilam, In cooperation] 1th Hie Ministerial Alliance's ob- ervancc of "Church Loyalty lonth" distributed "Meet Me in Cluirch Sunday" slickers and look » ensus o( the members to deter- niiie the number actively engaued n church work. Tlie club leaders also urged members io "Gel. Out and Vote" on Oc- obcr 11, when a $200.000 hospital bond Issue will be decided. O. B. Hays, Thomas Stone, Bob Black and Mr. Verhoef! were guests ol the club. ^ —«a^g.^^^^——^"ag*< NEW Bui Opens Week Uayt 7:IM p.m. Matinee Saturday & Suiidaji Mat.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cont Showing Manila, Ark. Shows tVFKV MUHr Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights When disorder «f VHnfr fond Ion MrmlU .poisonous nutter to remain In jour blood, . It may cause nmreini backache, rheumatic pains, leu rains, losi of p«p «nd energy, gel- line up nlshls. nwelllnl. puffinws under the eves, headlines »"J dlizinesj. t recent or scanty naisaees with smarting and burning sometimes show* there is *otu«tnl»* wrong «HhyourkUney»orUa<!Jer. 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The industry calls Uns tthe greatest promotional campaign I -" tin its history. • "~ There are or will be more ads the papers and more comer: „„] on the air about men's hats than ever before. On television, they're sending fashion shows and one clinical program which takes a hat apart and shows how its ""ra'shlon shows with live models are planned by department stores in Chicago, Washlonton, Richmond and many other cities. On the air, here Is talk about the "importance ,ts in the history of freedom! when Greek slaves became l'>'ftee they wore ft felt hat as the '}'" , 1 ?Ipre rt t'cUnt Truman. Danbury, Conn ithe "Hat Capitol of the Country, ha special plans, too. In Albany k,N Y a man-on-the-strect broad I -%caiter is giving away, hats fo 13/eorrect answers about hats. In Phil IJ ! »delphIa and New Britain, Conn iretty models ' and beauty queen nil circulate in the .streets award fflng -free hat certificates to th *"lje t hatted men." %* And in New York, lip and oow '•^SO blocks of Fifth Avenue, th i stores are showing hats worn b -vaiious great men in the past 20 >C3T5 ^YTHEVILLE Wednesday, Oct. ( FAIR GROUNDS Plenty Free Parking 26 THE WORLD ITS FIELD ITS TRIUMPHS REACH BEYOND THE SEAS1 THE COLOSSUS OF ALL AMUSEMENTS « 000 WONDERS FILL- C 3 RINGS, 2 STAGES, GIANT HIPPODROME AND MIGHTY AERIAL ENCLAVE too »tor it — 15» PERFORMHS- Kt WILD MHUts_ MCHUTSCONTWCirT MtN»lIRl[ SI MUS1CUNS- $}M,Mt mwrrtt Th«Y«ir-« Bt.l H|41- in l< <>i« «l««nt «1 Ulni »r«s. Circus. Millions ot P.opls rvval in th* Merri- FHH »f this a n nu*t F.stly. Frolic YM«< »n< Old tr Ik* »««Tlf ST HOIXMT TWICE DAILY 2 1 8 P.M. 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