Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 12, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 12, 1907
Page 6
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GEItiNG ^ EXPERIENCE T I Lazarro was youHg In experience in ^ the automobllo game, also cnthuslas- So perfect In make^ so simple in use that beginners may work * with it successfully. It makes home baking easy, and gives you tie, this being attributable largely to ' the fact that two meal tickets liart to Si be flnaaced weekly, and that the rent » of the modest little apartment called ^ home was required In advance. Therefore, when a friend Informed blm by telephone that he had a pros- pcctlTo purchaser from a; 'southern city In tow Lazarre lost no Ume in appearing on the scene with: a machine, prepared to give a demonstration. Isn't It Ae dearest machine?" ti- SI>£CIAL SALE: I • |S lt)read, cake and biscuit nicer, better = and less expensive than the baker's. ^ is But to make your home baking = •j^^' successful and perfect you must use ^ ~. Dr. Price's Baking Powder % liHilllGHES MAY SPLIT CoaterMceB ot Tbree SenominaUons Is to AegfB at Clevciand. MBS. rOLGLAZJER IS DEAD. Well Known Lady Passes Away at! Colorado Sprinir^ Mrs. Alice Colglazler. wife of James E. Colglazier. who loft hero a year Cleveland, O., Oct. 12.—Wlih the'ago for thn bonoflt of her hnaltli, died projected u^on of the Congregation-, P^Iday morning nt. rhreo o'clock SSd!?t%SSnra?Z priJclSl Colorado B.n-ings. and tho body will the tronnlal be brought to lola next Sunday for The funeral party will arrive his homo town, and that fatberln-law I • claimed the enthusiastic young woman who had been introduced by the mutual acquaintance as Mrs. Greenbnrg, as they bowled down the avenue. ' Lazarro cheerfully admitted that It was the best thing on wheels. "It must be fine to be able to handle an automobile so skilfully," purred the young woman, who had Insisted on taking a front scat that she might better study the operation of the machine. Lazarre hastened to assure her It was no trick at all, deftly dodging around tho rear of a street car and narrowly missing a pedestrian. But somehow under her admiring gaze ho felt his chest expand and his position assumed added dignity. "Vou see," confldod his companion, "Georgie and I are on our wedding trip—we were married less than a week ago—and Georglo promised to biiy me an automobile. Didn't you, Georgie, dear?" "Sure, little girl," agreed "Georgie." leaning forward and lovingly tapping her on the cheek. "You can have anything yoa want" Lazarre had noticed the prosperous appearance of the couple when he met iliem at the hotel. Tho mutual acquaintance had assured hini that Greenburg was a prominent man in TAE^ORED SUITS TO-NIGHT and MONDAY Fifty New Suits teceived from New York yesterday by express, go oo sale Tonight and Monday at Special Prices. $18.00 Tailored Suits Tomorrow for $15.00 Made in all wool Cheviots, Herringbone worstetLs in Navy Blue, Brown and Black, all '.ip-to-date models, regu- 0 1 C Ofj lir 118.00 values, Tonight and Monday only OlviUU $30.00 Fine Tailored Suits Tomorrow for $25.00 Made in fine Chiffon Broadcloths, fine Unfinished WoTsted.s and high grade Mixtures, in pretty shades of Hr ^iwu, Navy Blue and pretty Novelties, styles up to the minute, coats 2], 27 and 30 inch lengths, some are triiumpd and st >me are plain t^lored tffects, choice of any these $^U.OO Suits, Tonight ^OR (\(\ and Monday, for ^ZulUU matter to be djcclded, the ir onnlal national'conference of the Congrefia-i burial. — — . . ttenaltat churcheB. assembled in Clove';sunday noon over tho S.intu Fe and ^ohen was po.sso«sed of a comfortable land today. Htmdreds of clergy and,,,, ^ . P, ,„p ^°rtune. and not averse to loo.sonlng lay delegates from all sections of tho I*"' ^" Salom Cha .oi "^^^^Vu JZ pur.«.estrlngs when his d.-.ughtor's ^omtrv are here to take nart In tho''''''"' "'^ """^^^ " " InteresU were Involved. There was, d^Uberations of the beimoleni and ^h''"'* ^-''^-'a' f'"''' ^^'^ therefore, apparently little cause for inbsionary organizatioms. jMnong the delegate.<^ expression i!* lola cometcry. Rov. Stanfifld will have charge of the .ser\'lccs. Mrs. divided aa to whether tha proposed un-'Co:glazier was :u years of age and ion of the Congregational body w th has livod in this community all her ^« TJnit«d BreUiren and iMethodist leavos l)e.sidcs her husband, |>rote8tBnt8 is practicable or desirable , ,, ,,,. ,..00 altbopgb the maJori..T appear to fav- ^^""^'^ «'na" ''''"d"'"- ^^a-" the 6r the project Wh^tevar action may daughter of Jacob Hoalh of near Neobe taken, it is considered that the sho Falls and sl.stor of \Y. V. Heath, matter is the most Important that has jj,is cKy, jjr^. Colglazier's death alarm so far as ability to produce tho necessary cash was concerned. The luncheon that followed at the hotel was even more enjoyable than the ride. Under the influence ef dreamy eyes and a musical voice Lazarre almost forgot he was connected with anything so commonplace as the automobile business. Somehow even the subject K"i ;i?tS^^^'der &tL 'U".^»^ ---i dlstasteftjl. and Oreenburg;s irilttee which has.had the matter in fri'^n^s in tins community. Tuber- persistence in asking questions reeard- Charge s'nce the meeting of 1904, held culosis was the cause of death. j Ing the machine annoyed blm. jb pes Moines, la. — — 1 Lazarre was too busily engaged in • Diesptte the apparf?nt majority opin- No honu- Is so ploa.^ant, regardless mentally figuring out. tho "extras" Ion favoring the consolidation, a nura- of the comforts that money will buy. that could be purchased with his comber of the strongeist Congregat'onal as whoa the entire family Is in per- < mission on the sale to note the short- <Jiurche8 have gone on record as bo- feet health. A bottle of Orino Laxa- i age of five dollars in the change he re- fng unalterably opposed to the project tivn Fruit Syrup costs 50 cents. It celved when settling for the luneh- aiid have virtually filed notice that will cure every member of tho family ^^^^ should the union be affected they will of constipation, sick headachf' or stom ; • „„.h„gjneni inereaqed momon- SS^tLX ^"f tronble. Burreirs drug ..tore. , .^^^J TndX ^Sl 'SvIgan" born St^sL MTB.l M-HENRY 1> A STIM. of an.iclpaUon he carelessly tossed '» ffc , , V ,r ^ r, , ' t^he waiter a dollar as though it .^"cSfsidTi^U'osSXs'^al^^^ W. C. T—at E.Don .do and ! ^Wo~^ _ .arisen and It is bel'eved that If tho Made I'nhllo S.^are Talk. ^ad such a Jovely time. -ii»lon plans go through a split in that " denomination will almost certainly ; Eldorado. K.ns.. Oct, 12.—The stale result.: Methodist ProtcBtants. almo.-^.t ^.^p^ji^P ,i,e Womon -s • Christian to a man, favor unj^on. Temperance Union in sossion here is oiio of the largest and host evor hold Many notrd women and A Card. ^is'is to certify that all druggists in tho state, aris authorized to refund your money if loaders in ))Pnevolent work are on Ibley'B Honey anid Tar falls to cure „ program. Miss Myra Mcllcnry. SuT^srhe^S ;-gs ^ind "°p ';eveS ::^he famous join, sma.^her, attended, •eHoua results fi-om a cold. Cures: the convention in the morning ana ^ la-grippe cough and prevents pneu-jmade a round-up of tho town in the ^ mibnlft and consumptlom. opiates. The psdcage. Refuse K. AJfD 1. HAD B .45QrET. IksUIlatioB And Initiation of Xcw i jleaben |Took Place Last >'ight |rhe Knights and Ladles of Security held an enjoyable affair laet night when the officers for the coming term were installed. The • event was attended by between eighty and one hi^adred members of the order. Also dqring the evening four new members w*r taken into the order, Mr. and Mrs. P^,-Mr. Sagner and Ml5b Zella Mc- GQlre. It was late when the work of Initiation and installation wa« completed. '. An elaborate feast was served The following officers were installed: President, 3. L. Harbaugh. First Vice President, J. C. Willey. Pe«ond Vice President. Mrs. E. A. Sta^oer. Praiaet. P. B. Harbaugh, 'Sl^|ander. H. ES. Fowler. aberetary, Eva Fowler. ^OBdnctress, Mrs. J. W. Newman. .{li^atBtant, Mrs. EL J. Brown. 6aard. Charles Tl^pson. 'i^Bttoel, Don Bak^. i was tho parting remark of the lltllo woman, upon whom Lazarro gazed with undisguised admiration. "It was awfully nice of you, and I know:I'll like my automobile too much for anything." "Meet me at the hotel at ten tomorrow morning, and I'll give you a check as a guarantee," whl<;jtere'J Greenburg, as he left. "A few more such sales and 111 make some of those old fellows sit up and take notice," Lazarre confided to That extra summer outfit for He square. She condemned Governor yoa—gaw on© In a window on tho ave- lloch for not enforcing the prohibition • nue as I came along that just hit my liquon law, called the president of the | fancy—and a new hat with big plunK-s W. C. T. r. a hypocrite, paid a nice and a lot of other things." compliment to Mavor .Solig for run-^ And Mrs. Lazarre—practical liitio ning a dry town and said It did not i body-smlled Indulgently at this flight take T. IJ. Murdock long to find what Special Sale of Trimmed Hats To-night, Monday and Tuesday Choice of 35 Beautiful Hats, regular values from $7 50 to $10.00. Special price for the tliree days, choice $5.00 See South Window Display of Hats on sale for Three Days Oiily, Price $5.00 Sne^Vs in °"a '!"ono": ^ ^'"^'"^ ^^'^ '""'^ ''t' that evening .f subsStites lurrelTsi'y "ry. she made a speech on the pub- : ^„„^y ^^^„3 ^ a namby pamby man Governor Hoch Is. The officers of the W. C. T. V. are. President, Mrs. Elizabeth Hutchinson of W'infiold: corresponding secretary, Mrs. Lillian Mlchenor, na !dwln: recording secretary, Mr."?. Alice Young. Eskridge; trcasuror, Mrs. Sadie Lewis. Hutchinson. IF AM. MKH mv* tka aama opmioa there wool^. races, ssd a^n flrH ^ — wonid aitnlt "strife" .(te. a ^u unknown qoanUty. IN'. .;^:«f an aMB trying to marry the rattB— an niea in the sime . ^. fvoC bustoess—ail men advertis- .:.:Vgi .r -Vtea. aa It to now, the race ^^«9!all^M wt«l9 tte best man-^e ^^^.^lairfpat advertiser. A man who does * -*-Wtlse iU competitor to his ^tn -mUM aaiy. He is Uke a .^rftbmit faatt. if he catch ;]t :"la ehaoce only, not -|a' piaa snd action. Tbe tae Reghiter MUCH ILL>ESS IN FAMILY. Ben Kelthley Will Leave for Chicago j Today to .See Kelatives. ot fancy. With buoyant step Lazarre entered the Jiotcl promptly at ten o'clock on the following morning. Nodding fa> mlllarly to an acquaintance or two he walked up to the desk and imiuired for Mr. Greenburg. "Gone," replied the clerk. "W'-w-w-what?" he managed to gxsp. •Gone. Paid his bill and left with his wife last evening." Lazarre's brain whirled. He leaned against the counter. There mtist be some mistake—and the new suit, the hat! "Stung!" he muttered, as the truth dawned on him. And turning on his heel he strodo a'-vay. Mr. Ben Kelthley of Xorth Syca-! more street, is having more than his .share of sickness. Mrs. Kcithly left Grief Drove Him Insane, sis weeks ago for Chicago to nnrso Painful was the scene at the funeral her son who had been taken down of an old woman, named Burgess, with an attack of typhoid fovr r. Mrs. '< "Which took place at Boixwortb, near Keithly nursed him back to health and Northampton. England, recently. Her .u _ V... tt.^ ' Bon, a widower, aged about 4J, who « I , had Jived with his mother sometime, Mrs. Keithly, worn out by nursing' ^,3 ^ p^^^^ed by grief that he sud- the two patients, is now ill and is Inv ^^nly went mad and attempted to such a condition that a telegram was. wrench the coffin lid off with bis sent to Mr. Keithly In lola. asking' handa Police were sent for, and he him to come to Chicago at once. Mr. was with much difficulty conveyed to Keithly expects to leave today for Chi- j the workhouse. riNF .D FOR DELAYI.Vfi .MAIL. Ilailorads DIXO\ HEARD FROM. Must Pay IVhen Traln.s Are Lale. Their; Train Will .Siarf. From Topeka XoTcm- i her 1(» Via Sanfa Fe. Washington, Oct. 3i'.—Tho postnflico , dopartiucnt has inipoKOil thios on rail- 1 road-s contorin;^ in Kansas CUy for ihoi late arrival of mails during tho past three months as f<iIIow.>--: Sanra Ko. for Inic snrvico from Chi- • caso to K;m;.:is Ciry, Si.'.SH.I; Santa Fo. i (Indcpon(:onc-5 '^eporior.l Socroiary Bryant of the InMep .'ml- i onoe c-liili called up tho Star this morning fo announce that the Syl nixoii iidv.Ttisin:; tra.'n fo wliidh In- (IrinMnl '-'iiro pcoplo coutributoil libo;*- nllv, will start from Top.->ka for .lamrs Tht Junior D partmcnt 5lon 60f youf* Oa» light Supmliam from WB« A WmlBbaoh Lamp Gomplmto for 7Bo 1S> W X O «S5 B U R I> J O K for lato sf:rvico bctwoon City , . . and La .I..n,a. $in.r.r.;!: Ml .sKouvi pa -i'"^^n ^"voml.or 10. go'ng by way of citlc ff)r laio .siTVico botwoon S(. Iy)ii-J is and Kansas City, $CZ7; to Ottawa, K:is., $:!i"<; to .\rchIson. Wabash,! tor late si>rvioo from St. I /Oiiis to Kan- j sa .H Ciiy. $i;:!t;i; Hurlington. for lalo st -rvlco 1 )1.-;^00:1 Canioron .-ind Kansas City, ?:MI: & Alton, lato service from Chicago fo Kansas City. $251: Hock l.sIanU. from Kans.ns City to points. $7.">:i. Iho Santa Fo 10 Chioasjo and thonco over tlip Ponn.«ylvania road 10 Jainf -S' town. J. V. Tanner. Ilron .scd aiirtionrer and sale crlor, .M.) >'orth McRea, Gas Citj. KAX-SAS WA>T.S IT.S WATI-R. .SISTERS < OMEST AT CiOI.F. [Asks Supreme Court to Reopen Arkansas River .Suit. National Woman's One Family. Cliic.neo. Ort. .'^i.-tor mot si .'if -vr CRABB SAYS: We have long.had a reputation in this locality of filling prescriptions with the highest quality goods that could be secured, and in filling them in a way which met with the approval of the entire m «rdica1 profession. The same careful work will be continued in' the future. The same high quality goods will, be tjsed that have been used in the; past. We solicit your patronage Topoka. Oct. 12.—The sf.-ito of Kan- Chumplonship in;sas. in its application for a rehearing of the Colorado-Kansa."; Arkansas rivor water suit, today forwarded a brief to the United Ptaies supremo i'l an .-i-hloon hoV (loci.Vmg contos;t; ^^,1^^ a.sking the court fo sofflo the for th.' NaUoual W'omoir.^ ' to.M of its docision -'•o as 10 head otT Championsliiii ar Miiiioihian 'lii'^:-an future coniiovoisios bctwoen tho morning. Y. .-^fojday Ihi' somi finals , ^,atci?. Tho supreme court 00- 1 W. L. Crahh, Telephone 476 Preaartatlpm Druggist cago to be at his wife's bedsido. «ut of Sight. "Out of sight, out of mind," i.^ an ^ . ....j. ^ov' old saying which applies with special i ^'^JZ\7J;, force to a sore, bum or wound that s been treated with Bucklen's Arnica Her Bad Break. "Well," said she, "I bought a .N'oah's ark to-day as a birthday gift for th9 What on earth were you thinking I of?" demanded her husband. "Don't Salve. It's out of sight, out of mind ' you know they're vegetarians?'; for tba adrar^i _ and out of existence. Piles too and chllb'strs disappear under its healing influence. Guaranteed by all drtig- gists. 25c. Of course,-bul what of that?" "Why, that boy is morally certain to put some ot those animals in hi5 mooth, and even swaOow them, per* iMpftf—CatftoUie ttaodard^ad Ttanea^ having detf!-ni.n<vl that tlso title should remain not only In Boston but in tho Ctirtls family the MiFsos H. Parrott and Marcarot Curtis drove off for tho rnomontoiis nonoliiding roimd. mM Water One hundred pounds of Crystal Ice will make 12 gallons ot distilled water suitable for fsmily use. Try it PRANK RIDOLB, Mgr. cidod that Kansas is entitled to its j share of tho water, and that Colorado I shall not take It all. httt failed to f.nd | whore Kansas lad boon damagod. atid therefore Kansas was granted no ro- ; lief. The motion for tho rehearing is made by .Attorney Gononal .iackson. N. i n. Looniis and Senator F. Dnmoiit Smith. rNf'I.E 40E AS A I.RIDIROX .STAR. Speaker Cannon Kicked Off Game at (•alesburg, Oalosburg, 111.. Oct. 12.—'Tncle" .Toe Cannon will make his debut as a gridiron star here today. He has prom ised to kick off at the Lombard-Carth age game as a feature of the Gales» btirg home-coming celebration. GEO. A. B0WLU8, President. TH08. H. QOWLUS, Caddar.^ ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital S30.000.00 OIRBCTORS A. W. Beck. L. C. Beatty. A. J. Pulton, W. J. Evans, J. O. IIodf«ra^ «eo. A. Bowlus, Thos. H. Bovwlus^ WE ISSUE OUR owM DRAFTS OH AU amoPSMrrvi •APETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROIN K to 99 ra|l fry a WHnl AA Af| Ui^.

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