Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 21, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1908
Page 3
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THE lOLA BAILT BEfllSTEB, TTEPyESDAT E\£s ^^^e, OCTOBEB IMi. NEWS OF LA ilARPE TJE J. >V. LOWE HOME WAS IQIAKA>TI>EI» TESTEKDAY. MlSSiDAViS HAS SMALLPOX SHIE ATTENDED HU;U SCHOOL .^.VD STAYED AT LOWE HOME. were: Mrs. Edward Mulleuix and' daughter of Wichita, Kas.. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mulleoix and son from Chcrryvale. Kas.. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lawless and family from lola. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Taylor of La Harpe. formerly of Woodson county. Miss Bertha Snodgrass of La Harpc. and Mr. C. \V. Shipley tt lola. Kai. The groom is engaged in the creamery business at lujs Angeles. Calif. They received many beantlful presents. Mr. land .Mrs Williams have made many friends who wish them many happy days of wedded life. They Marted (|n their Journi'v to l^xs .\ugeles. Calif., on October IS. at 11 ot-lork a. ni. They c.Npect lo niuku iliai their fututo homo. Tilt- (It) tottuell Win Hold n> Keiru- lar SrmivMonUil} Session This ** ^ Euninc—Kniuljikun Kallj.^ Sniallpox In Town. Th.: humu rf Mr. asid Mr;-. .1. \V. Low'c wa .-i ((U .'iratitinod yrstprday. Miss Davis who is staying at the Lowe home and attending the high school is suffering from smallpox. On the streets yesterday afternoon iliere was much talk of the dread nutlady lireaking out in the high school, but yfipr careful .inijuiiy it was learned that thre talk was unfounded. True tin- young lady \ attended the high si:li0!.>'. But becailse she was T .t't feeling well she has not attended school sinre last Saturday. And since tlip disease did not develop Until yesterday no one in fchool was exposed. OSTEOPATHY— DI£. W .U. ALBKllJHT. Registered Osteopathic Physician. State Bank Bldg. Phone 145. Only Osteopath In La Harpe. rouncil .Meets TonichL : Tlii- ritv council will meet In regular sessinn this evening. Tliore are a iiuiutirr of Imi'^riunt matters to lie considered. Uebnildlntr l.tiniber Sheds. \Vi <rknieii began ycsieiilay rebiijld- ill,: 111" >tieils Wllii-ll Wi-vr de.-t|-<>\pd tiT the lliakei- Lumber i -(inipaii> l)y tlx" i.'eeiii fire rii.- Id.'^s 'hits been adju'-teil. Ii wij; u <it lie liiiii; before, the entire >aril will l>e ic...tocke(l as lumber li;is l.'ecii ordered. Is .MuUng (•'IMVC Factory. tjeorge Ulnidos lia.s piircliated the .1. W'eit building :iiid today is moving his glove factory. Several new machines will be added as businesi demands. OrEE>'S WARE. We have parchaicd a complete line of up-to-odate Queensware and will add ii to our stock. The store will be double decked to make room for it. Waters k Danforth Drugs and Jewelry. IVrsouals. II. (>. Stephenson and son. Ralph, tieorge G. Kox :ind 1». K. Burford left yesterday for a trip through Colorado •to look at land. Walter Hail, of Bronson. Kas.. wa-- hre yesterday on bu-ine .'S. W. O. Dano returned from Kans:i.> City where In' has been on business for the past several days. Bert Olilfcst came in :eslerday from Hos,-.vil!e. Kas.. to attend the funeral of his uncle. Mr.-<. V. S. HaUii returneil jciierjay from Kansas City wlicro she been visiting liei jiHrents for the |ia-t sev era' w.;eks. l ">r. i:.ilm went to Kansas City 'o nic't Iter. James Mitclicl of Lawrence. Kas.. was here yesterday on a business vsit. WAITING FOR YOU Pia».MFT RELIEF FOK IXDIliES- TIO.N AM» STOMA* 11. Dlapcpsin Stops Fcrnieutation and Rr> stores the DiKCsti^e Juices Helic). Ing Yon Promptly of Stonmch Trouble. Was Well Attended. The Rei)ublican rally in Peets opera houi^e was woll attended last night coilsidering thf» bad weather. .\ complete account of the rally will be found Vi o ''Mr I'jMts of iJie jeiji .r. 1Uniains..Miilleuh. Mr. Clair L<iraine William^ <^f Los Angeles. Calif., and .Miss Kmnia Pearl ^Mul'enix. of Lt' llHrpe. Kas., formerly \ froiii Woodson coiinly. were united in hiarriage at tli'.' luune of tjie brlde'3 pareiiis ai ibe «-orner of Hr<vidway iinil South Second ^ireer. I.n Harpe. Kii->.. on (.»cioltf'r .-(t N o 'elock t'. ni. Tile wedding cerctnony was pronnunc- eil b\ 1<"V. f liainblln of .Moran. Till' bride Wole :i i |re;.. o1 wlilie iini.l "lib liildal lo lu'ilep mid • arrlril a l.-c'iu" "I sMsi 'e <M i ii ;uInns ri brv li.tnd Tin ;;rot'ni v MJ tiie cnveiitional blnrlt. The rooni wa:i deeolnted wjtll f .MIls •.<\\i\ nill .'.V Aft».I- Ibe e"i»;nio|,\ lilld e>illi; r .ltIt i ,ittoll"- Wire :-,'i'J Hl''^ led tlie \<;iy Into (lie dining looni •.^lieir ;i IioiKltiruI -llp- l.rr was awakitu; tl !<'ni »)ii!v the iin- iTi '.diafe friend? ami rei.iijve;.: of the lijide and groom were pre.sen.i. Tlio''e Wail Paper! Is part u! the investment of your house. Does the paper on the rooms satisfy yoijr iast(> in regard to the rest of tli« furnish ings. If not. we wj!! be glad to help >ou change to a ne« color scheme with our new fali pat­ terns winch are very low priced for such high grade line. Call and examine the new fall styles at I.L.QRAEN Th« La Harpe Dragf 1st. \\'li\ ijol start iiou -'oday. .ind forever rid yourself of Stomach trouble iind Indii;>'siion'.' .\ dieied .siotuach ^;4't... (be Itlnes ami Krutiibb's. (•"ivc It a good r :ti. iheii (ake Pane's Dlapen- ftiii (o .-(,irl (lie digestive jui •<•> uort,- llig. 'I'lii re will b." no dyspsp-iii or bell bin:; of or ernrf .-itlouN of nndi i ;e >i>Ml food;-no fi -Mini: like a lumii of '••ad ill tin; sioiniieli or lieartbinii. siek li" iti.icl.e and di/ziiie.-H. and yonr food uill not feinieni and poison your Iirealli wish llauselUl.-^ odors. PajMS Di .ipej.sin costs only ceuls for a l,nr.:;e ease ai any drug store here, and will reiie \e the most obstinate ca.-e < f indigestion and upset stom acli in live minutes. There is nothing el.-e better to lake gas from stomach atid cleanse the K'i ;niaeh ai»d intestines, and besides, jii'' triangle will digest and prepare for assimi.ation into the blood all your, food liie same as a sound, healthy j stomach would do it. Ulien Oiapepsiii works, your stomach rests—gets itself in order, cleans np —and then you feel like eating who !i you come to the table, and wUat yon eat will do you good. •M^toliite relief from all stomach in:.-;<-ry is waiting for you as soon as> you decide to begin taking Diapepsin. Tell your druggist that you want Pape's Diapepsin. because you want to be thoroughly cured of indigestion. AGGIES LOST GAME FOR ZWC TARIFF News if Ihe County Speaker Cannon Has Pledged Himself'i to Work For it In Congress. Jopllii. Mo.. Oct. ;.M.—Speaker Joseph Cnnnon closed a dav of campaign Ing ill til.- Fifteenth district with a meeting In Joplin tonight. The Auditorium, seating "..'on persona, was packed, and thousands were turned away. Speaker Cannon pledged himself to a tariff on zinc and said that if the district elected Charles Morgan to congress he would work with him for a tariff. He denounced as false the claim of Ttcnjas Hackney that he had an arrangement with tli-^ Republicans to cet a .tariff on zinc. Mr. Cannon's special train left here at ton o'clock for Cape Girardeau, where he will speak tomorrow noon. He spoke seventeen times today. P. P. ELDER IMPROVES. Able to Take Nourishment and Is Recovering Use of Limbs. Ottawa, (let. JL—Governor P. F. Elder, who was stricken willi paraly.s- is at his home. <^iZ South Elm street. Saturday night, is creatly improved. He is able to take nourishment. hi.> mind i.^ pe^rfectly clear, and little by little he is rt >covering the use of liis right side, wh?eh was affeetf-d by the stroke. T; e latter. :tlie nliysicians heiieve wa"= the result of crip, with wlijch fiovernor EUbr had been suffering for three weeks. The explanation of the doctors is that a cloi formed on the l.ft si .le of tii.' brain, with the condition of paralysis resulting. TKKKETT KXUONEKATFIL WAVEKLY. Mr. and Mrs. John Conner are the proud pareuts of a fine girl. Mr. and Mrs. Seltters have been on the sick list. Ben Burford is to start for Colorado the :ist. Karl Smith came home from tola to spend Sunday. Mr John Turner met with quite a serious accident with a corn sled cut- ling into his heel. Mrs. I-:. .Nadler is staying at J. Conner 's O- O WEST OF THE RIVEK. Mr. anil Mrs. Fair visited her folks in Linn connfy this state the last of the week. Mr. C. I{. Fl.ike'.^ biother returned ti> his li'.nii' in Coffee county Satur- dai, Clif M<<';!rle; aiel fiimi.* returned ho<ne in Missouri S.-imrdaj C. J. Preston thinks he will visit his' PU'tlK -r's .-i,t>r. .l.iu' Smedle.". thii week I .\'e !fi»- \>.\andei Jtnd ebiidreU are lier<' from Wo<'«ls;.>n cmntj vii;itiug relativ"- ;lii> wr^ek. T. I., hiwson ati-i .1 .^!. Pi>'.;ion re- t'n lied fioin niMtjn^ In ('i-ffe; ;roiinty .Mond:iy V.e are !:lad to Harri-on Steele back from Washington looking so well. .Mr ('. I' t'lark -opi ;i f«U' in lol;i .\Ioiida.i Tom Heardman bought some yearl- wiif in tliis neighborhood .Monday. Hoard of K.MiinhM -rs Dlsnilsocs Chan:e Auulnst Hlin. Kans-.u- ("iiy. Oei '.'o -C W TrirkeM !is-i.-<t;int aitnrne.x i;<',ifr:il of Kansas wliose efforts reunited in el««-ln:; ilie liiliior joints in Kan.-as I 'ii.i. Kas. was e\oiieraied tod;i.\ b; ilie Poriril of three examiners who bi;iid Hie ilj^.- !''iriiinii charges a:;ain.-i biin. .Mr Trlikfit was aecii-ed of makiii", f:il>e statements an<l,-ii!ons .\H nineteen eonnls «<•!•• disnii>.-fd I.IHMI HKPIBIJ(A> POI.I, IMHIKS I.\. The Slate t oniniltlee .Sent «»n< -Icimx Hooks to Record State Poll. Olilaliomn ^^TSHI Foot Ball S«|UHd Won Contest nt .MnnhuttHn Yesterdii.^. .>I ;iM!i ;itt ;iii. Kas, l)<\. .'I. •'I'w em \ fivi Imtidnd lns(\-lun-ed. overeonti d'-ni K. s \. f f'-iU'v eb'-'Ming .in vvercontideti' f* .Me •••!« (b"it ti.;;(ti rfinM"il unmerciliiib her' .\«.jt(rda.» iiftMiir -oi) li> B "Mn )v tf.veu'.. lui't-nng riiii sui'pflmented by fl< "i •"' of b:'.k. fr"ii\ Sovni;>ii ' At tini*- v..'_.4 Hie ;;am" I'l doubt from tjie U\v.>- Okij- boni;i slio-.\e.| her fir: t tonelidow ii o\»r three minutes after pla> be .i:;iii. rhe (.)kiiihoni;ins' line prosed it verir;ili'n ntone wall on tlefeti.-;*-. atid the Aggie.s cotrd not stoj> its on.-'.angbt on t>(- feuse. Ihe backs skiite/l thf .\ggiis' ends for long gain.-; IIK 1 w.ided through their line for distances. One <;f (lie ti.v touchdowns m.ide by 'lie soon- err, was ;i (iM -yard i tin '>\ W ;i ;;l!aijd who was Hie star of the team from .Vorman. Ihe Aggies' only sc>,;re wa-- a field goal drop kicked by B.ires from the lO-jard line, where Oklatioma had lost the ball on a fumble. The Aggies made the reijuired ten yards oiily three times during the entire game. Ok.ahoma made three louehdowii.-, three goals, and one field goal during the first ha f. leaving the field with a 21 lo 0 score in their favor. During the second half the .Aggies played a more eonsistent game, twice holding the Sooners on their goal line. The tJklahotuans scored two touch downs and two goals during this half .Ihearu's warriors were outclassed and defeated by the lurgest score that has been made against the college on |t.s home ground for four years The tiual- score was 'ii to 4 One ihoiisand of the i poji hook.- seni out by the Kepiibiican state central coHimittee have been filled oui and returned lo Topeka. These liivd:- are not open to the pubic, but even if they were there is not a sufficient number of them in to give anything like a definite idea of what is E ;oing firi over the slate. Chairman Dolby .-.lys they indicate that everything is in first class shane. but that he will not be ill a po .-ition to make any jiro- liiciioiis until he has the complete list in. There is a [loII bwk for every vol ing precinct in t !ie state juitl when these are all turned in tli«' conimiiiee will know just about how tliiniis iir^j :;oing. .The Democrjits are making no j poll of Ibis kind and for that reason j iheir prediciici.. .is lo tlo' re.~ult in! this >r;:te c;:;i :rjt b- given niMcii | iv<'ii ;h; 'rii"> ar • e,-i ini:i;in-/ diff '-rt 'iit 'T, until - bto that system has provi<n a failure in the past. ULVMOM*. O O The 111!, eh \needed -rtiit has come at !;i -t i'liil !!ie fanners arc glail. V»'l:i. t .iiiieliler ;in(( wif.- were the i;;ie-t- I'f .Mrs. .Misrj Carpenter last week - i:. <i. Spi,iu:re is \i i'inc with lo-r 'Mt-. Ml and Mrs Harper, who \\\'- iti Colrr .ido. Slie »iil nm.iin venil w ••ek.'< l/,'.r! Cicker.-. wv.w lo Poniona. Kas.. .Sriirday wheie be is vi.-itini: lelatives The I^idie>' .Aid society gave ail oys- t<T .-iipi" r Wednesday evening at the cltiir< h The rect ipts amounted to I 'loii: 'Meven dollars. Those present r»pi rt a good time. Mr. and .Mrs. Chas. Perkins have been spending the past week visiting relative.- and friends at Uiwrence. Kas .Mr. Turner who wat seriousy injured on a corn sled last week, is im- [iroving as well as could be expected Two sons from Missouri have come to help care for their father and lo do the farm work. .Mrs. elms. Dragoo and son Harry who have been away for the past month visiting relatives in Iowa, re- ;i:rne-! Iio :nt> Friday. The Ladies' ,\ld s«»ciety have just been lia. ing the interior tif the chiircli papered and painted and otherwije repaired, adding very much to its app>;i rare e Trojan Safety Powder 31EA?>S JIST WHAT PI SAYS. Better than any other powder on the market. .\o eljccrlne lu Its composition. Does not fre«'Ee no cold. .Absoltii'^ly no dungcr in handling Ise Trojan instend of ijlycerine and save the Ihes "( jour men, and yuur eompany from damage suits C.W.Coverdalc AGE.NT Koora C. Steienson Bldir.—lola We In-ve party who, tak" rement -:o -k ill payment for 7 room, modern 'io (i>". eijsf front, on pa\'ed .street, ex- fr.i gofid barn, ei.sfern. etc.. at the fol- •o-.viii>.' prires: lolji Portland Prefer- r.-l ' iiii per share, tola Portland foiiij.'li $vr>'iit per sh;ir.'. I'nited Kas. Pref», ried $.'>."•.'•'• i)er slitire. Di.\ie Port Ui'n| Combined IIHUKII per share,— CiHiuiii^hrini & Ari'^tt. m n-ir room •6\iU\ gavingi. Bank. "TOO RIDICULOUS TO DENY." r 'le" fAr. OoHey Says Mr. Stubbs Won't Abo'isb Employes' Passes. Topeka. tJct. -I. —For th- purjioif of pr»-judicirig the r.iilroad men of Kansi.^ against W. n. Stubbs. the DiiM 'cratic managers are quietly cir- cu !:ifiiig a siorv amoiiR them that, if elee'e-! .Mr. Stubbs will abolish railroad passe.s for railroad employes 'This story i.s almost too ridiculous fo ill ny." said Chairman DoPey of the R'^publican state committee. "The fact is Stnnb.s helped write the present anti-pass law and saw to it that railroad eipp!oy«5es and their families were exempted from it.> operation. Smbbs i.« In favor of parses for railroad men and their families and will do all he can to p-event the enactment of any law that will deprive them of that privilege." i FOUR DIE ON BOAT. Newburg, N. Y.. Oct. 21.— Four per­ rons perished in tte burning of the HudaoD river steamer. "New Y'ork." at MarvePs shipyard early today. THOS. H. BOWLUS. President J. F. SCOTT. Cashier. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,<D()0.00 DIRECTORS A. W. Beck, L. C. Beatty. A. J. Fulton, W. J. Evan*, j. o. RodQ«r«. W. L. Bartlea. Thos. H. Bcwlus. WIE tSaUt Omi own ORAFTM OM MU imOPUM pomtM BAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM S2 TO |5 PER VEAR. INTEREST PAID ON TIftlE DEPOSITS. BIG MONARCH WELL TO HAVE MORE GAS Another Well on the Maulsbury Farin Which Beau 12.000,00a --Could Not Tube It ! The Humboldt Herald says; The Monarch Portland cement com pany still has its rabbit's foot with It and has been" using It to advantage. Last week another''blg well was found on the Maulsbur>- farm where the twelve million foot gasser was discovered a week or so ago. This we'l is stronger than the first one and is one of the best in the field. It could not be ireasH -e<l by the mercury tulw whicii is able to measure up to \2 million feet. It is impossible to put down the three Inch tubing and the fonr and one-half inch casing was all that could be used. The Monarch plant is coming on rapidly and will be in shai)e to make cement shortly after the first of the year. The machinery has begun to arrive and will be received as fast as the plant is made ready for its erection WAS FIRST OKLAHOMA BABY. Parachute Jumper, Killed at Taloga. Was Born. After Opening. Oklahoma. City. Ok.. Oct. Admire Lewis, killed while attempting to make a parachute jump at Taloga. Ok.. last week, is said to have b»-eii tie first porson t)orn in Oklahoma after the opening in ISSO. His birth occurr»d April 2'\. the opening bcinu the ilay before. The parents reached the townsite «if King fisher otily a lew hour.- before the child was born. The name 'Wdniire " xvas given i Im by .1. v. .\dinirc. one of Oklahoma's oldest and l>est known newspaper ireu. Mr. .\dinlre made a present of l.'O to the parents of the child for the privilege of naming it. THE HAINS BROS. IN COURT. A Charge That a Friend of William Annis Served on the Grand Jury. .Vew "i'ork. Oct.. L'".—Captain Peter C. Haitis. jr.. and his brother. T. I^nkins Hains. were arraigned befor .lustice (larretson in Flushing today on an indictment charging murder in fl e first degree In connection with the death of William E. Annis. .John Mclntyre. counsel for the defendants, demurred to the indictment on 'he cround that the grand jury had not been properly drawn. His prin- ?ipal objection was the presence on the jury of a man said to have been a life long friend of .-Xnnio. The proceedings in court intlicated today tiat T. Jenkins Hains will be tried first. It is understood that District Attoniey Darrin w-ill ask the court to fix Xovember f as the date for the trial. Hnntinv Sea.>»on Seems Very Short. This is the close season on hunters That is. there isn't tnuch that a hunter can shoot at without getting him•elf into trouble. Beginning last Tburs lay. prairie chicken and Biouae are i »rote.-ted aiitil ne.xt fall. This leaves •iothing much for sportsmen to look forward tti until .N' 1.'.. one month lieu<e. when the open season on email starts and the halcjon da\.= .rf Kansas huntsmen and huntswomen '?onint< iue. Tlie open season on duves iptl p'o\er ipited a ntonth a«o. Uighl ::ow an'l until tli" opening of tlie mail s <;-acoi( 'he only game tha' can be legallj ihcif in Kansas consL-ts of •vlld duck, wild cfe^c and wild brant, which doesti't mean much, a.-- the •weather 1» at pre-^'nt an.' >>•!» favorable for water fo-^I day World Condemns FaL The Emiiire ynd Ihe nirecfoire •-own havinc «'on :e to stay fatness is :ic trop—that is to say "not in it." Fat !adies are threatened with being wipeii off rfie may There is one IOOII-IIOIM of t..;i-;i|,p. however, (vr the overfat lad>. Let lur get one of ih»' lar -.:e cas<s nf Miir- mola Prescription Tablets, and 'uhr one after each meal and at bedtime, and pretty soon slie will notice she will be weariiii: the new mode with satisfaction to herself and the '•on- sternation <if her dear enemies. These cases f^f .Marmola Pre.-crip- tion Tablets, which. I-y the wa.v being made strictly i'l aecordance with the famous .Marnit^la PrescrM'iion. are perfectly harn:Iess. cotitain such a generot;a quantity of tablets chat they last a long time and are found to be most economical, costing, as. they do. only cents. They are also a very pleasant method to adopt for they render dieting and exercising entirely unnecessary. .Ml druggists keep th-m or they may be- obtained from the Marnio a Company. Detroit. .Mich. .iSKS FtiR DEMtK HATIt CUNt^RKSS Bryan J»« < wnfldent of Vletory That Mr Sprak« of Lixblation. HamuiondL Ind.. Oct. 20.—Repeating a prophecy made yesterday that be w >ouId be in Washington after March •4tli, W. J. Bryan early morning speech from the rear platform of a .special train made a strong plea for I a Democratic Gongress which w-ould ,ec »-opCrate with blra la securing the remedial leglslatloa vbich democracy demands. A big crowd was on hand to extend him hearty welcome. Second Pipeline From Kansas Fielik to Kansas City has Been Completed. Ottawa. Kas., Oct. 20.— Kansas CItJ gas consumers are now as ready fui a cold snap as they will be this wl» ler. The second pipe line, doubliua the system of supply bctw-cen th« natural gas fields'land Kansas City, is in place. The laying of pipes waJ finished at noon today. Contiections of the new line her* will be made tl is aftcnioon. Gas wit be rowing through the new line \r two or three days. was reported here that the coi> ion at Olathe was .^till to bp niade. but that gas would be flowing through the new- line in two or thrtf days. A double pipe line lad been lal4 from Petrolia to Ottawa and froir Olathe to Kansas City. In order ta complete the double pipe system ir was only necessary; to i>uild froi/ Olathe to Ottawa. This is forty-twf miles by wagon road. But the pip- line runs straight and is only twen tynine and one-half miles long Work be^an .\ugust .t. Bi nec A .sTAKTLIXi STATEMENT. New York Meiiral Anthoritie« f'laiH I>t>p>psla ranses ConsumptioD. The i>ot.( mortem statistics of tUr big New York hospitals show iha? «ome cases of consiimpffon are due t" unchecked dyspepsia, especially wliei: •he victim was predisposed to tubtr- ?iiIosi5- Dvspppsi .-i wears out the body an"! brain, the weakened, irrit.-tble stomach s nimble to digest foo <l. the body doe? lot receive the required nourishment constipation ensues and the victim I* -omcs thin, weak and haggard. As ^ result, the bodv becomes a fertile icbl for the germs of di.-ease to lodg* ind flonriish. Therefore, the person who perniif lyspepsia to progress unhindered k ;iiilty of contributing toward the development of one of tlie most Insidious and fatal diseases known to mankind Dyspepsia is curable if prpperli treated. S..U Burrell. Druggist, sell- I remedy whieh they positively guai- antee will eure indigestion or dyspei/- ;ia or they will pay for all the mcdi- •ine used during the trial. Thi:f ret«- »dy is an nl )solinely new medical dif- "overy atid has l)een named Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets. Certainly no offer could be more fair, and the offc if S. R. Burrell is proof |)Ositive the' 'lexa'l Dyspepsia Tablets are a dependable anrl infallible remedy. In- isniuch as the medicine will cost yotr iothing if it does not benefit you we irge you who are suffering with In- ligestion or dyspepsia to try this remedy. .\ twenty-five cent box of Kexall Dyspepsia Tablets contain.^ •mough medicine for fifteen day^ reatment. Remember Rexall Dyspep- -ia Tablets are only sold In lola by S R. Burrell. The Rexall Store. Wesr Side Square. O 0 LAI{(;E PETROLEr.« OITPIT. Geological Survey Report Shovrn Pho- noniemil Yield in Oklabpma. Washington. Oct. L'l.—The petrole- im production of the Cnited States ir 1907. say.- a geoioiiiral survey report issued yesterday, was characterized br a total output far in excess of any pre\i(ju.> year, an iinpararelled accu- niulatioii tjf j,iocks in spite of whici the price of all grades of oil was kejt at a high level. I'he sen.>aiional developments wert •h'r gtta! increare in the new Illinois Held and tin plicuotnetial yiel 'l If Okkihotna. to-.;eiber with increase ic both (|iiaiitit> !'iid (Mice in California Ibe total p-^odu '.-f was l'36.0J>5.Uoi bai- V'.i- in I'j'.u. au increase over I50S of »;'"'l .;:r':» barrels or more than tbj :v:-<' piodmi "t at!> year up to 1383 r»i- total value nil reased from S?2.- tM.T:;,-. in IXK to li:-<>.l»>0.74D In I90T Ihe av-rai:»> i rie»> df reased only hUutitl). Diirinu' i;'".'. a total of 18.!* J :>.691 barrels of oil were consumed as tuef by the railroads of the Cnited States i.^ a-.:uiti -T I .'...'..'.7.» M 7 Ijarreis in 1906 .Most of the oil eonsuaied was crud» oil. TWL>L ^VILL BE CHEAPER. ' ^>arden Ha»kell Bajs Slxal Ciinpef and mil Lower Price, ropeka. Kas.. Oct. 21.—Wardeo Haskell says that the farmers will bf able to get binding twine cheaper next year than for several years past "W'i have been able lo buy sisal cbeapei this lime." said he "and that meaoF cheaper twine." In regard to the question of ' help' since Oklahoma ha<. begun to take its prisouera away from the Kansas peni- lentiary he said: "Oklahoma took away fiftj- last 'week, and sent up nineteen new ^.ones I don't know why they continue to send new and take old ones back AMieu they take away all their prisoners It will leave us wU^ &00 prisoners That won't be enough io carry on tbf work at the prison If the legislature keeps adding to the work we have tt' I do. There is more and more demand ' for coal all the time, more demand tor brick, and ibe legislature may order another brick road built

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